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Old Dec 21st, 2016, 11:37 PM
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Hall of Heroes

Please post your completed character in this thread. The character creation rules are in the first post of the Mechanics thread Here!

Henk: - Scout ~ Hp:10 AC: 1 | Loyalty: 2 | Scouting +1, H&S:+1, VLY: +1 | Long Sword, Long Bow, Light Armor
Renald: - Squire ~ HP:6 AC: 2 | Loyalty:3 | Making Camp +2, Tending horses, Cooking, | Long Sword, Shield, Light Armor
Gnoth: - Aprecntice Wizard: HP: 6 | Loyalty: 3 | Ritual Casting: +2, Counter Spell: +1
Back on track
GM for: Dragon Mountain

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Old Dec 28th, 2016, 04:03 PM
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Oath of Sangus

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Old Jan 3rd, 2017, 12:34 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Rasgar Tolson of the Redoath Clan
Race: Half-orc
Looks: A balding half-ork with wiry black hair pulled into a short ponytail with only slightly protruding tusks. He dresses in a great coat which was at one time of the finest burgundy leather but now is heavily travel stained. He wears it over a rather simple pair of brown leather britches and a mostly white shirt. His feet are clad in heavy dwarven boots almost large enough to serve as a boarding house for halflings. His most unusual piece of attire is the small pair of wire rim glasses which he perches astride the nubbin of a nose that his race is frequently derided for. There is also often a rucksack cast over one shoulder from which several scrolls and books protrude.
Personality: Rasgar is DRIVEN. He is constantly searching for new knowledge and bits of asoteric lore. He knows the prejudices held against his people and is out to disprove them, which gives him quite a chip on his shoulder.
Class: Wizard
Stats: Str(+1), Dex(+1), Con(+1), Wis(+1), Int(+2), Cha(+1), Hit Dice (2d6), Hit Points:6+9=1515
XP: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [>]>> Level up
Skills: Lore, Decipher
Special Abilities: Summoning, White Magic
The Redoath are not my first clan. The Pitgouger lands had once been on the edge of the Imperium, but our hills were rich with gold and iron which the humans coveted. Rather than attack in open warfare, the humans masqueraded as traders and poisoned the Pitgouger warriors, slaughtering like cows any who didn't die outright. The women and children who survived were made to work the mines and do other... unsavory tasks. Slaves in all but name, since that is not allowed in the empire. I was born to the clan at this time, a child of the occupation.
When I was ten years old Nazar, the Blind Seer came to what remained of the Pitgouger clan and saved us. Enraged by the condition of our people, he raised Ra'is, The Black Skull, to destroy the mines and human settlement while he led the surviving orcs to safety. Lord Zirdhan the knight who had set himself up as the local tyrant pursued and eventually caught us, but Nazar fought him to a standstill, Orc sorcery versus Human steel. In the end, just as Zirdhan was about to strike the seer down, Nazar summoned Beli-Mawr, The Blood Sworn and pledged his life to protect our lives. In a flash of brilliant red light our pursuers were gone, just gone, as was Nazar.
That night, Nazar came to me in my dreams, telling me where I had to lead the tribe and what we would have to do. In the morning, there was a shimmering vial of blood laying where the seer had sat in my dream. As Nazar had instructed me, I called out to Garnoc, The Grove Lord and the great spirit lead me and the few surviving Pitgougers to the Redoath clan where Nazar had been the Auk'gurr (Spirit Caller). At first the tribe didn't want to take us in, thinking that we had been corrupted by our years among the Humans, but I was able to summon Nazar's spirit to speak on our behalf and so we became members of the tribe.

Life was not all cream and honey once we were accepted into the Redoath tribe. Being new to the tribe all of us who were old enough were required to pass the trials of adulthood to be viewed as full members regardless of their old status in the Pitgougers and several of the older women died in the attempt. Lucky for me, I had already passed the Auk'gurr-ki (Test of Spirit Calling) by bringing forth Nazar’s spirit before the tribe without going mad or being pulped by the arcane energies required for it. But, while I could do the most dangerous part of the role, I had never been trained as an Auk'gurr and so had no grasp of the finer aspects of the Art.


Vial of the blood of Nazar, Shillelagh (light weapon), Travel clothes, Tent, Reading glasses, Chalk, Parchment, Travel rations, Skin of fermented milk, Pen and pot of ink, 5sp

Gnoth the Apprentice: The third son of Warlord Gorim and Matron Bulak is a weak little whelp that is likely to fail any physical man making ritual. Since the only entirely non-physical challange is the Auk'gurr-ki, the Warlord expects Rasgar to make Gnoth the clan's next Auk'gurr. The Matron has offered Rasgar several favors if Gnoth succeeds and made several not so veiled threats toward his mother Tol should the child fail.

Belethparma is misinformed about the truth concerning the Darkness in the woods and what happened to the elves. I will teach him, once Garnoc allows it.
I worry about the ability of Beldran to survive in the Northern Wilds

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Old Jan 7th, 2017, 04:19 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Belethparma
Race: Half-Elf
Looks: Small in stature (5'4'' 105 lbs), brown hair, facial features of a human but with long pointy elf ears, brown eyes
Personality: Playful, Energetic, Fast talker, Blunt (only because he doesn’t think before speaking like a little child)
Class: Druid
Stats: Str(+0), Dex(+2), Con(+1), Wis(+1), Int(+1), Cha(+2), Hit Dice (2d6), Hit Points (6+9=15), Current Hit Points (15)
XP: [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [ ] [>]>> Level up
Skills: Survival, Stealth
Special Abilities: Shapeshift (Blackbear, Elk), Wild

"The name's Belethparma. That's right, just the one name. I mean, that's all you'll need to remember me by. And plus that's the only name my parents gave me. My father, Beleth, was an elf and he easily seduced my human mother, Parma, when she was just a teenager. When the dark plague was going through the Elven Wood my father sent me and my mother away to live with her family. Sadly, my father wasn't one of the few that survived the dark plague. When I was just a teen I discovered the true origin of the dark plague that took my father's life; my great-grandfather on my mother's side. I ran away from my home and my mother when I discovered this. For years I didn't want to be around humans and I hated the fact that I was half-human. Though I loved my mother I still hated her for being human. I now know I was just being a foolish child. I never meant to hurt her."

"When I left my home I made my way back to the Elven Wood. It wasn't the same as I remembered it to be. It was dark. It was dead. The trees were black as if the dark plague never left their roots. The elves were nowhere to be found. Those that survived appeared to have fled the Elven Wood. But I did find something else living there. Something dark and pure evil. It was a creature that had no form or being. It moved through and within the trees. I was being hunted and I quickly realized how weak and terrified I was. And I quickly realized how much I needed help. That's when Melkar arrived. And great timing too! That creature came close to killing me but that's when this giant bear arrived. Though, it wasn't like a normal bear. When he would swipe with his claws fire would pour from his paws. The creature vanished within the trees and the giant bear changed into an elf; Melkar. He saved my life and also taught me the elven rituals of shapeshifting. I stayed with him for about two years until he revealed to me that he too was just a half-elf. I hated him! Betrayed by another human! Though, I know now I was so wrong. One night while I was supposed to be taking up watch I gathered my things and left Melkar for good."

"When I left Melkar I travelled east. In my travels I have gathered rumors that the elves went east after the dark plague. So I kept traveling east. Which is why I am here now in the Northern Wilds. It was a long trek to make it here in Brekkur and I wouldn't have made it here alone. I came to find that not all humans are like my great-grandfather. In my travels most of the humans I came across held me in high regards assuming I was a pureblood elf. They too heard of the rumors of the dark plague and the hush-hush talk of elves traveling east in the guise of humans and nomads. In search of my elvish half I've made a human friend, Henk Pokter. Well, in reality I pay him to be my friend and my guide."

Equipment:Dagger, Animal Trap, Fishing Pole, Waterskin, Torches (4), Flint/Steel, Rations, 20ft Rope, Tent, Armsman (Henk Pokter - Human), 8 silver
Beldran is a good and honest person. I trust him with my life.
Rasgar is keeping an important secret from me.
Rorimack owes me their life, whether they admit it or not.
When Belethparma met Rorimack it wasn’t a pleasant encounter. Belethparma would always take a stroll through the woods in his bear form, as he usually did, for no one wants to cause problems with a bear. But on this day trouble found Belethparma. He heard some commotion on his walk and he followed. What he found was some nasty looking thugs yelling at something in a tree. And that something was a halfling yelling some crude jokes at the thugs. The thugs were too busy trying to get this halfling that they didn’t even notice the large bear sneaking up behind them. And with a roar the thugs took one glance at Belethparma before they took off running. When it appeared that the thugs weren't’ going to be returning, Belethparma returned to his half-elf form and greeted the halfling in the tree.

How do you picture shapeshifting working? Shapeshifting is a ritual that can only be performed by those with elven blood. Whether pure blood or half-elves. The ability to shapeshift is in all that have elven blood but they can't tap into that ability until trained by a shapeshifter. Most elves, before the dark plague, were shapeshifters. You must 'acquire ' the 'spiritual essence' of the animal that you wish to shapeshift into. Once you acquired the spiritual essence of an animal that animal type in the wild will sense that you are friendly and mean no harm and will not be hostile towards you.
Do you have a favored form? Belethparma is a small half-elf. Not much going for him in terms of strength and height. He tends to shapeshift into much larger animals. He has only acquired the spiritual essence of two animals: Black Bear and Elk.
Is that something you'd pursue to the exclusion of everything else? Belethparma's main goal is finding where the elves went. He will take on tasks that further his goal of finding his elven kin and tasks that he must see out to completion that are in his way.
Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. - Proverbs 27:17

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Old Jan 15th, 2017, 09:50 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Krozar
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Stats: Str(+2), Dex(+1), Con(+1), Wis(+0), Int(+0), Cha(+0), Hit Dice (2d6), Hit Points (6+10+622),
XP: [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [>]>> Level up
Skills: Athletics, Survival
Special Abilities: +6 HPHardy, You always go first and can react when suddenly surprisedReflexes
Equipment: +2, 1d6+2Greatsword & +2, 1d6Dagger 2sp20 Ft rope, 2spBandages, 2spTravel rations, 2spWineskin

Looks: Krozar is tall, over six and half feet tall and heavily muscled under dark complected skin. He has long black hair that he lets fly loose at all times except for the headband that he wears. He bears the scars upon his back from where a puma caught him unawares in his youth but paid the ultimate price for it as Krozar rammed a knife into it's heart.

Personality: Krozar has little sense of humor until he is full of mead and he is capable of making a snap decision in battle that decides whether an opponent lives or dies. He loves women, mead and gold in ample volumes.

Origin: Krozar's people hail from the island of Koss where the city of Atlantis once was, the greatest civilization that ever existed. What befell his people that caused the exodus from the city but now they have fought to make the harsh lands of Naxos their home. The wander from place to place following herds when they have to and make raids upon any foolish enough to wander into their current territory. While his people may seem like bandits or raiders, among them also reside masterful crafters of weapons. This is Krozar's home even if his true origins have been lost and isolated.

History: Krozar grew up a nomad among the plains and forests of Naxos, while keeping out of sight of most of the Imperium's soldiers he hasn't stayed in one place for long. Even the heir to the leadership of his people has not made his life easier. In his adulthood, he has fought as hard as any of his tribe. Krozar seeks his own fame though and while his father lives, he shall always remain in his shadow regardless of his deeds among his tribe.

In his early adulthood, he became a traveler, wanderer and mercenary, wishing to make a name for himself out of the shadow of his father but he knew to remain within the lands to the north of the Northern Divide Mountains where the Imperium had no foothold. While wandering, he ranged far and wide from the Trave river to avoid his tribe but one summer when Imperium activity seemed heavy, Krozar was driven to remain near the river and one day, he stumbled upon a great massacre. Upon searching the remains, Krozar was first able to discern that it was a contingent of Imperium soldiers, likely using the river for trade to the North but then he also found certain belongings that was once possessed by his father. This had been his tribe that was massacred and by Imperium, no less.

Krozar is now surely out of the shadow of his father but now, he finds himself strangely yearning for it as he travels towards the Pass of Brekkur and into Imperium lands in search of his father and his tribe. He hopes that they were only made slaves and that he will find them and free them.

Motivations: Krozar seeks to write his name in the heavens as an indomitable warrior to be reckoned with, to have women thrown at him by the arm full and to sleep on a bed of coins from all the world over and someday to sit on a throne of gold. Or so he tells others, In search of his tribe is his true purpose.


Clear out your inboxes and outboxes!

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left-aligned image
Name:Darthoridan Wysazeiros
Race: Elf
Looks:blond hair, skin as white as snow, silver armor, golden sun laid upon the sheild, pale blue eyes
Personality: darthoridan is righteous and kind to those who choose to do good. He hates evil and those who choose to use subterfuge and deception.
Special Abilities:lay on hands, challenge
Stats: Str(+0), Dex(+3), Con(+0), Wis(+1), Int(+2), Cha(+2), Hit Dice (1d6), Hit Points (6+612),
XP: [X] [X] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [>]>> Level up
Skills: Athletics, Leader
Special Abilities: Lay on Hands, Challenge
Equipment: light armor +1, shield, shortsword (d6), 20ft rope, iron spikes , torches (4), bandages (3), travel rations (5)

Who are your parents? “Greetings so you wish to know of my parents. Mother was a kind woman and great mother teaching me grace and proper etiquette. Father was a knight of the sun. Following in his footsteps I started as a squire learning the history of the knights and our ideals.

What caused you to leave home and seek out a life of adventure? upon knighthood, I was tasked with fighting the darkness and left home with the knowledge of the order upon my shoulders.

Who from your childhood would you hate to run into again; why? I would hate to meet Serilye a drow worhiper of the moon can you believe that she would pray to the darkness only people who would do that look for trouble.

Who from your childhood did you hurt; was it an accident? I hurt galegal hopefully he will forgive me one day for following what I believed to be deceipt that caused him to go from wealthy merchant to begar.

Where did you go that was immediately dangerous to you? The travel south was treacherous and taught me much of life outside of the citadel. I know not the name of the city though the people there were more varied than within the citadel even the guardsmen seemed to take bribes and the poor required thievery for survival. Darkness and shadow seemed to control much out there. The danger came when I came into town with melkalal the guards were terrified and spears were thrown as I approached. Seems his type were not local here and the guards assumed a terror to the city. I tend to have him stay outside the cities now. He prefers it as he can hunt the local creatures instead of being penned like horses.

What did you learn there? I learned to accept the shadow for short times and working with those who may still stand within the shadow to accomplish the greater good. The sun can become clouded so that life may thrive.

Someone showed you how to survive on your own; who was it and how did you betray them? Rainydayas was a human monk though only 50 years of age she seemed to have wisdom much deeper than many I have spoken with. She taught me the lessons I learned of the goodness within the shade. I never meant to fail her but I knew that I must move on. It was during a day of training she had asked me to accomplish a task for her it wasn't too terrible or I believe it wasn't. I had to speak with a half-orc and ask him about his philosophies on peace. Doesn't make sense they have orcish blood why would one choose peace? This is why I simply chose to walk away.

Did you fall in love; did you settle down for a time? Rainydayas was cute but humans and elves simply can't have relations unless the human is young or the elf is old. it just isn't fair for the length of time that most elves live.

If you did settle down, why didn't you stay? I have a task to accomplish I must continue to spread the light of the sun.
What happened when you crossed paths with the Imperial soldiers; why do they want your head? Ah, yes, Imperial soldiers. The worst with bribery. I messed with their racquet making it difficult to continue the bribes.

How does being in the Northern Wilds help you? let's just say the imperial soldiers don't care for me much after shinning the light in their direction to the the amount of 300 gold.

What are you running from/to? When you stare off into the campfire, what do you dream about? The fire is light and the light is truth. one day he will be a hero of both. He sees hiself upon a verdant hill with the sun rising up behind him casting the darkness from his sight.


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