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Old May 6th, 2015, 10:05 PM
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Ichabod Collins
right-aligned image

Codename: Van Winkle
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Birthdate: February 14th, 1675

High Concept: Not Your Elementary Cryptographer
Trouble: You Don't Know What You Have Til It's Gone
1st: Applicable in both timelines- with the opposite meaningMan Ahead Of His Time
2nd: Re: AliceThe Daughter I Never Had?
3rd: PlaceholderNot A Vampire

1: Referring to a Sherlockian ability to take in a greater amount of information in a shorter amount of time than most people.Quick Read


Ichabod is a son of England, but with tensions high between Protestants and Catholics, nobody likes a man who believes both sides are full of it and that those who have their hands in governing the country should have their heads fully in this world. Whether wealth, family name, or influence from those who have made use of his brain, he was not arrested for blasphemy, but strongly encouraged to relocate somewhere where his views would be less problematic.

While he doesn't appreciate being effectively exiled to the wilderness (the colonies not holding a candle to the civilization of England), he is not brewing in resentment. There's plenty to occupy his attention within the microcosm of the settlements, and with the natives of the land.
*Wishing for idilippy to bring Baldur's Gate back to the site*
ThePrimeQueenOfBlood @ Discord.

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Old Oct 8th, 2015, 07:46 PM
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Nathan Desaguiliers

*OSIRS Notation Start*
Employee File Number: 16-04-67908
Status: Recruit
Rank: 0
Security Level 00
*OSIRS Notation End*

Nathan Desaguiliers

left-aligned image

Nathan is the son of famous scientist John Desaguiliers. He was raised by aristocratic god parents in the French countryside. As a child he was pugnacious, but a leader among his peers. Nathan often jeered at the backwards habits of the French nobility he was surrounded by. He took an interest in the sciences as a way of endearing himself to his mostly absent father. With this in mind he traveled to England, where his father was working for Sir Isaac Newton, to join him in his studies.

One evening, whilst pondering the concept of action over a distance and aching over his childhood home, Nathan observed a shimmering doorway appear in the air which opened up into the very bedroom he had inhabited as a child. Nervously, he stepped through, and found himself in his old home! He hid the manner of his arrival from his god parents, who took his visit as a welcome surprise. The next day, under a tree in a nearby woods, he focused on opening a doorway to his laboratory apartment. He found he could!

Believing himself blessed by God, Nathan showed his ability to his father, who told him to keep it a secret from Newton. John Desaguiliers was then establishing the first Freemason Lodge of England with several other important figures, whom he shared Nathan’s ability with. Seeing his abilities as a means for establishing other lodges and lines of communications with members in the American colonies, the masonic lodge made him a Deacon. Nathan stepped across the ocean to travel and enlist fellow freethinkers to join the masonic traditions.

High Concept: Devout Freethinker
Trouble: Ignorance is shameful
Aspect 1: Dimensions FX
Aspect 2: The pursuit of discovery
Aspect 3: Men of like minds


+4: Rapport
+3: Dimensions FX, Fight
+2: Investigate, Lore, Athletics, Notice
+1: Will, Physique, Resources, Physical Science


Create Portal - Creates a doorway to another place. Spend a fate point.

Natural Charisma - Nathan has a charm that few can deny, once they get to know him. He may attempt to create an advantage with Rapport to establish an aspect with a character, “Friend of Nathan.” He gets a free invoke with that character once per scene until he betrays that friendship.

Get-along brawler - +2 to Rapport rolls for befriending people after fighting them.

Bold-faced Liar - Nathan's open personality and handsome face allows him to pull off some outrageous lies. Uses Rapport instead of Deceive.

Contact - Jacques Prioleau (Mason), Chubby pastor at the Huguenot Church in Charleston.


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Old May 19th, 2016, 06:06 PM
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*OSIRS Notation Start*
Employee File Number: 16-05-68081
Status: Agent
Rank: 1
Security Level 01
*OSIRS Notation End*

Personel File
right-aligned image
Ying Mei Lin
High Aspect: Genius Physicist with an Interest in Fringe Science.
High Trouble: Obsessive, Occasionally Bordering Compulsive Behavior.

Physical: 3; Mental: 4; Fate: 4; Scale: Medium; Consequences: 3

+4 Physical Sciences
+3 Time FX, Will
+2 Fight, Athletics, Dimension FX
+1 Life Sciences, Physique, Investigate, Technical Sciences, Stealth

Aspects: Spacetime Can Be Bent || Not Just a Pretty Face || Failure Is Not an Option

Stunts: Places an aspect on the target that can be used in invokes or compels to repeat or deny an action. Costs 1 Fate point.Hasten/Slow || The laws of physics are absolute. Mei understands how the world works and the laws that govern it. She can use Physical Sciences in place of Investigate to Create an Advantage.Isotropic Multiverse || When Mei is utilizing her martial arts training to Fight either with knives or unarmed she gains a +2 bonus to Attack provided she has knowledge of her opponent's general anatomy and physique. By spending a Fate point Mei Lin can familiarize herself with an opponent whose anatomical details she is unaware about.Pressure Points

Extras: Organization - Hoffmann Institute || Hoffmann Ring

Background: Ying Mei Lin, or simply Mei, was born in a wealthy chinese family 27 years ago. From an early age she was distinguished as a gifted youth, with an abnormally high IQ of 196. Her family, raised her to be exceptional in every way, including a traditional education and training in Wushu, Fu Jow Pai, Hei Hu Quanmartial arts, calligraphy and proper etiquette. However by the time she hit puberty she was quickly pulled into the world of theoretical and experimental physics. She even came to work in the Tsinghua University in Beijing as a lead researcher in fields related to relativistic quantum mechanics and the M-theory.

That was until she begun focusing her research in the Multiverse, cosmic inflation theories and the possibility of bending the fabric of spacetime. She spent 6 long years following what everyone thought was a dead field of study, conducting dangerous experiments -some of which would later prove to be successful- even on herself. Given her already obsessive behavior as well as the fact her superiors weren't inclined to support her claims and goals, Mei quickly descended from a respected scholar to a thorn in the side of the local scientific community. She was fired from the university, stripped of ber budget and funds and branded an outcast. She was even kicked out of her home with her parents ashamed of the disgrace the once upon a time pride of the family had cast upon them.

Mei however, true to her convictions, didn't give up. She fled to the United States where shortly after arriving in South Carolina, she discovered, to her amazement and horror that indeed her past experiments did bear fruit, enabling her to manipulate the fabric of spacetime up to a small degree. She found herself being able to slightly alter the quantum phase of her subatomic particles, enabling her to act faster, swifter and more efficiently. She could also read into the fourth dimensional spacetime grasping it's ebb and flow in a way most people are unable to. Eager to secure funds in an attempt to furthering her research, Mei applied for a job to the newly founded Charleston branch of the Hoffman Institute for the Advancement of Man. Boy did she hit the nail in the head this time...


I am back and ready to go! Holiday craziness is finally over and I'll be catching up in all my games very very soon. Thank you for your patience!

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Old May 19th, 2016, 10:52 PM
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*OSIRS Notation Start*
Employee File Number: 16-05-69216
Status: Agent
Rank: 1
Security Level 01
*OSIRS Notation End*

right-aligned image
H. Gideon Wells
High Aspect: Transcendent Troubleshooter Looking for a Fateful Fix
High Trouble: In Over My Head (Attempting to fix things --- to his perspective --- Wells often finds himself in situations that might not turn out for the best. Which leads him to try and fix that).

Physical: 2; Mental: 3; Fate: 4; Scale: Medium; Consequences: 3

+4 Fate FX;
+3 Shoot, Technical Science;
+2 Computers, Deceive, Notice;
+1 Fight, Investigate, Life FX, Lore, Will.

- Exposed to an unknown artifact

Stunts: The universe loves a clown. Gain +2 to using Fate FX when describing a ridiculous chain of events. Fools Own Luck, -, -.

Background: Wells was just a natural born troubleshooter. Put him up against a problem (aka trouble) and he was bound to find a fix for it. Especially if the trouble was of his own making. Flunked out of college for excessive partying? Join the Air Force! There you can learn all kinds of nifty technical science applications and how to troubleshoot them for a great career. Tired of military life? Join the private sector. Crunched in the job market? Pick up a few odd jobs and new trades to keep you afloat.

A path almost exactly like that led Wells to become a fairly successful speculative fiction author. That is until research into conspiracy theories led him to become "awakened" while tracking down leads into Transhuman DNA Modification and "Alien" Hybrids. (, Now has exposure to an unknown artifact while pursuing a Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory changed his luck and maybe his fate? No problem. The fix: The Hoffmann Institute.


The truth is so important, it is worth lying for.

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Old Mar 12th, 2017, 07:06 PM
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*OSIRS Notation Start*
File Number: 17-06-0442
Status: Recruit
Rank: 0
Security Level 00
*OSIRS Notation End*

Mr (Dr) Luca Anstow

High Aspect: Native American Medicine Man M.D.
High Trouble: Bad Timing Award Winner

Physical: 2; Mental: 3 ; Refresh: 3 ;
Scale: Medium; Consequences: 3

+4 Medical Science
+3 Will, Technical Science
+2 Notice, Survival, Life Science
+1 Shoot, Computer, Investigate, Lore

- Surgery - Reduce a Serious Consequence to a moderate one at a cost
- MacGyver Factor - Use Technical Science to create an aspect +2 to using unlikely items in combination to provide a boon to a situation
- Hacker - provide a +2 bonus to either give or defeat security that is electronic in nature.


From the Great Lakes region or North America, Luca is (for the most part) descended from the indigenous peoples of the area and first wave settlers. His paternal grandparent were polish immigrants arriving during WWII; his grandfather served as a pilot in the navy.

Childhood was idilic. Plenty of time off school to hunt and swim and run and… also having a natural talent for learning he did to not fall behind his more schooled peers.

Languages encountered - English Polish, Algic, Iroquoian and school level French
Other skills: Let's abrogate hunting and general outdoorsy stuff to 'survival'.

Student days were not so easy. He was now surrounded by applied students who also had a talent for learning. The casual drifting was over. It was medical school and he had a navy scholarship to honour. For the first time in his life he had to work just to keep up. There was no time for significant romance.

Languages: Latin (resulting from herbalism/pharmacology/physiology with a little self study of grammar)
Other skills: Medicine, Shooting, Running

Military Service started with the obvious posting to Kingston and exposure to gun shot wounds and quick surgical decisions. Followed by a year back at school to study tropical medicines and a fateful trip to Haiti.

Languages encountered: French Creole
Other Skills Surgery, Tropical Diseases

In Haiti he met his wife. It is a stormy, passionate and intermittent relationship. Trips on leave relating in pregnancy established a pattern that runs to this day. She doesn't let him stay on the island long.

Medicine Sans Frontier. His short service commission discharged and not prospect of a settled life in Haiti Luca volunteered. He studied Arabic and took a post in the Middle East hoping his crazy wife would let him come home once more when he finished that.

Languages encountered: Arabic
Thanks for everything Gary.

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Old Jul 5th, 2017, 08:56 PM
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Charlotte Nodine

*OSIRS Notation Start*
File Number: 17-07-34746
Status: Recruit
Rank: 0
Security Level 00
*OSIRS Notation End*

right-aligned image
Name/ID - Charlotte Nodine
High Concept: Lipstick lesbian intelligence analyst
Trouble: Don't let the law get in the way of the truth.

Physical: 3; Mental: 3; Refresh (Refresh/Current Fate Points): 3/3; Scale: medium; Consequences: 3

+4 - Computer
+3 - Law, burglary
+2 - Physique, athletics, tactical
+1 - Drive, stealth, will, notice
1) Charlotte is a strong proponent of the rights of women and helping women succeed whenever she can - like a sisterhood that she's a part of. As a result, she desires to do her very best work for her sisters.Feminist
2) A report came across her desk one day of an arrest warrant issued for a Dr. Luca Anstow. It seemed frivolous from first glance - a doctor being charged with stealing blood from his own hospital. As she researched the case, she discovered that the doctor had acted to save the life of a street worker and that 'stealing' blood for the operation had saved her life. The 'victim' was another patient who would be using that blood for an elective procedure. So, in the end, the harm that was done, in Charlotte's opinion, was that one patient would have to wait for their elective procedure while the doctor had saved a woman's life. Posing as the doctor's attorney, she made a phone call to the hospital administrator and promised to counter-sue the hospital in a very public forum. Once they realized that they would look like money-grubbing opportunists for taking the side of a rich client over a woman's life, they dropped the charges and buried the story.Just crimes
- Cryptography is ability to encode and decode ciphers and codes. Using this cryptology stunt involves the use of a computer and the Computer Skill gaining a +2 bonus at a cost (1 FP). The type of cryptography covered by this stunt includes anything from simple letter substitutions and mathematical puzzles, to codes utilizing chaos theory and quantum ciphers keys. Use of this stunt can secure a computer file or data sector/drive (single computer core or system drive) at the DC of the character's check.
- Hacking is the ability to break computer codes and bypass computer security for the purposes of gaining access to restricted data or secure computer systems. Hacking can be performed at a computer station that’s physically connected to the data stores in questions, or it can be performed from a distant location by creating a link via a computer network of some kind. Its most often used to retrieve secured data, to enter and take control of a computer system, or to perform some kind of sabotage such as erasing files or introducing a virus of some kind. Provides a +2 bonus to the Computer Skill in these situations.
- Case this Place is the use Burglary in Place of Notice when its possible that burglary skills could be used to spot weakness or missteps in security.

Organization - Hoffmann Institute ; Hoffmann Ring


Charlotte lived a pretty typical, mundane life for the first 25 years. She grew up in a upper-middle class family, was active in school activities, and went to college. Having earned a law degree, she got a job at a government agency as a junior intelligence analyst. One of the cases she worked on was regarding a serial kidnapper who abducted young, virginal women including one of Charlotte's friends. By the strictest definition, lesbians are considered virgins by some people because they haven't had hetro intercourse. So, she qualified for the kidnapper's purposes.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested and charged, but had the charges dismissed because of good lawyer who found a minor technicality that invalidated the DA's case - a breach in the chain of evidence. Looking into his case, Charlotte discovers that it had happened before - he'd been arrested and had to be let go because of some minor legal technicality. The DA considered it a 'cold case' and the team investigating it moves on to more pressing issues.

Frustrated with the system and would allow somebody to go free and not even try them and find out if they're guilty, Charlotte started her own, personal (and illegal) investigation. She follows his movements, broke into his house and computer, and eventually found that he has a previously undiscovered property. Her visit there revealed the situation to be much, much worse than she could have imagined. He and a small cadre of followers were performing a dark rituals using the women he had kidnapped as offerings to whatever power he was trying to summon. Charlotte attempted a rescue but on her own against such odds she was unsuccessful and just had to flee.

When she told a coworker about it to try to enlist help in bringing down the cult, they reacted by telling internal affairs. The writing on the wall was that Charlotte's going to be fired for her actions. She was sent to the unit's shrink who listened to her story about the ritual to try to determine if Charlotte had gone crazy. When she realized that Charlotte was telling the truth, she contacted the Hoffman Institute - both to report the findings and to refer Charlotte as a possible candidate for recruitment who remained surprisingly level-headed despite her contact with supernatural forces.

Charlotte was naturally disillusioned with her previous employer and their inability to resolve the matter and how easily they were hamstrung by simple legal technicalities.


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