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Old May 6th, 2017, 03:10 PM
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The gun slingers and the travelers

Please copy your application over to this thread (complete with RP sample).

Add to your character with your three Wushu character traits here. I want everyone to follow the suggested structure in the Wushu character rules. That is to say, your three traits should be:
Motivation: Level 5. Why does this character fight? This trait should be specific, such that it might only kick in a climactic scene.
Action!: Level 4. This is your basic fighting trait.
Occupation: Level 3. Doesn't have to strictly be an occupation. Something non-combat that your character is good at.
Weakness: OPTIONAL - If you take a weakness, you may take a second non-combat trait at Level 3.

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Old May 8th, 2017, 05:15 AM
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Ren Tempo, the Impossible DeadeyeCharacter Name: Ren Tempo

Brief Character Overview: Ren is a thin, pale, stick of a young man, covered in lean, wiry muscle. From what he can guess about his age, he would say he's about 20 or so. Ren's dirty blonde hair messily frames his face, while his bright green eyes nearly have to peek through his bangs in order to look around him.
Ren doesn't have a particularly large wardrobe, or even really a wardrobe at all, preferring the simple combination of black cargo pants and a lightly-armored brown jacket over a simple green shirt. This is, however, Ren's more "casual" choice of clothes. When he has time to prepare for a fight or assignment, Ren tends to swap out the jacket in favor of an old beaten-up police vest, while covering his face and head in old bandages and a pair of goggles to serve as a mask.
Ren is overall a quiet young man, preferring actions over words, and frequently attempting to take a path other than violence to solve his problems. Regardless of how often this fails, and how adept Ren may be at combat, he will still attempt to find another solution. Unless of course, someone else draws first..

Brief Character Background: If you were to ask Ren about his history, he would give you the excuse that he doesn't remember any of it, that he has amnesia, that he doesn't even know how old he really is.

This is a lie.

Well, mostly a lie anyway...

In reality, Ren knows precisely where he came from. Several hundred miles away from the Temple, there existed an underground bunker, one which before the end of the old world, was full of scientists and lab technicians. In this underground safehouse, these men and women of science grew children in vats, then tweaked their genes, all in the effort to create the next generation of soldier.

When Ren awoke in this facility, he found himself entirely alone, not a single soul in sight. After breaking out of his containment vat, Ren found no scientists, no signs of any kind of a fight, but many rows of shattered clone vats, all of them empty. Ren only learned where he was after reading nearly every piece of paper in the facility.

When he did learn however, Ren took all the supplies he could, and ran. He wandered the wastes for about two years, taking on odd jobs and shooting up plenty of bandits, before he happened upon the temple. Managing to impress it's students with his (un)natural skill with the weapons, Ren was admitted, and was finally relieved to have found a purpose for himself.

Studying the rifle, and honing his already impressive abilities, Ren soon became one of the temple's best sharpshooters. His sense for angles of ricochet, bullet drop, and hand-to-hand combat were impeccable, and he used them to the fullest.

To this day, only the temple's masters know of Ren's true origins, and even then not all of them. For the moment, they have honored his choice to share his secret with only them. If it were to get out, there's no telling what would happen...

Questions: Oh, come on now! Post-Apocalyptic, crazy, action-packed gunslinging is quite possibly the best combination I have ever been made aware of. Frankly, I don't know how you don't have more applicants! Aside from this whole thing seeming right up my particular alley, I'm also fairly interested in this system. It seems fairly rules-light, which is always something I take interest in. So long as things are fast and crazy, I think I'll have plenty of fun.

RP Sample: "Hm. This guy just never shuts up... Let me see here..." Ren talked to himself while observing the goings-on in the town below. It helped to steady him a bit, just to hear his own voice.
Ren stared down the scope of his rifle at the setting of the village, carefully taking note of every little detail.
"Twelve hostages, six thugs, five buldings - empty, and one very self-assured washout... Eh, I've had more exciting work days. These guys just make it too easy."
Ren picked over the items that were lying around the gang, taking note of anything particularly sturdy...
And then he had it! It was so simple, he still wondered how everyone else couldn't see it the way he did. All he had to do was put the bullet right there. Ren cracked open the breach of his rifle to slide in a single round. It would be more than enough.
In a split-second after he pulled the trigger, it would be over, and he was getting bored listening to this "Tiger" person's rantings. Ren lined up the sight with his target, took in a deep breath...
And squeezed.
The bullet left Ren's rifle before beginning it's 300 meter long journey to it's first stop. The first in line was one of the Tiger's men on the far right. The bullet caught in the back of his skull, dragging all kinds of brain matter with it, as it continued onwards to hit something else.
A frying pan.
One of the village's citizens had been so kind to hang up their pan outside, and it presented a perfect opportunity to begin the mad process of Ren's famous Ricochet shot. The bullet rung off the frying pan, before bouncing to fly through another goon's head, then to 'ting' off a mug that had been placed on top of a barrel. Mug, to head, to lantern, another head, off Tiger's handgun, another goon, and finally, bouncing off a door's hinges.
Once the shot had finished it's course, the sound of the weapon firing had just reached Red Tiger, along with the bullet knocking his prized weapon out of his hand. Each of his six men fell over, dead, so perfectly that synchronized dancers couldn't have done it better. His hands shaking, his men dead, and the villagers standing up, Red Tiger still had one trick up his sleeve...
"You haven't seen the last of me! Mark my words, I will be back! And with even more men! You will fall!"
He was running away... The old, grey haired former master was running away! The temple wouldn't have to give him anything for this one, the genuine laughter from seeing the once great master run away with a wet streak running down his leg would be more than enough payment...

Motivation: 5 - I Must Save This World From Itself
Action: 4 - Built to Destroy
Occupation: 3 - Engineering Perfection / Born Stalker
Weakness: 1 - My Word Is My Bond
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Old May 8th, 2017, 05:01 PM
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ApplicationCharacter name: Rojeena “Ro” Kolachapati

5 – "You done wrong by somebody."
4 – Frontier brawler
3 – Songstress
3 – Survivalist
1 – Talk first, draw second

Brief character overview: Trained at the Palace Remington since she was a teenager, Rojeena embodies the spirit of “Frontier Justice”, representing the gruff ruggedness of the American West that the surviving tales portray. A land where guns do the talking; flashy flips and a hail of bullets are all well and good, but the true cowboy holds his ground, his draw quick and his aim true. He fights for what is right, because he must. This is the only way Ro knows to keep the peace in her world.

Brief character background: Rojeena’s father was the marshall of a quiet farming town in the remains of Nepal. To say he was a bit of a Wild West nut would be an understatement; what little wealth he acquired was wasted on transforming his parlor into a saloon – including, somehow, an authentic American player piano, likely the only one on the continent. She tolerated the often-repeated stories of Billy the Kid and Wyatt Erp well enough, but the piano was the only piece of interest to the young girl, and she taught herself to play it. Though her father frequently voiced his interest in sending her to Palace Remington (a personal dream he thought to fulfill through his daughter), Ro wished only to play and sing, to restore some normalcy to this struggling world. After all, surely music was the way to tame the wild beast.

When she was in her mid-teens, the town became a target for a group of outlaws, living in the nearby mountains. They hit the town repeatedly, stealing food and rustling cattle. The townspeople were too afraid to act; only Ro’s father dared stand up to them, and for his efforts, his house was set aflame, and he was mortally wounded.

The piano, along with Ro’s ideals, went up in smoke that day. Justice could not be bought so easily; it could only be earned – and she would earn it. The honorable Remingtons couldn’t deny a dying man his last request, and as her father finally breathed his last, her life as a singer ended, and her life as a slinger began.

Why does this game interest you? I haven’t played anything beyond D&D 5e, which I enjoy, but it’s difficult to be creative in combat when your best option is to just swing your sword repeatedly. I want to start thinking outside the box, and Wushu seems like a great way to do it. Also, c’mon, Gun-Fu? Yes, please.


'Til next time, folks.
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Old Aug 9th, 2017, 11:21 AM
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Character name: Morgan "Phoenix" Guaire
Brief character overview: Morgan isn't a gunslinger, he knows how to shoot a gun but can't accurately pull off gunfighting and acrobatics at the same time. What he does know is acrobatics and martial arts, these he combined with his later acquired skill in firebreathing to become quite a devastating opponent.

Brief character background, including: When did the character join the temple? What brought the character to the temple, and why was he/she admitted? What did the character do before joining the temple? Morgan joined the temple of smith and wesson at a young age (±10 years), he needed a way to defend himself from the dangers of this post-apocalyptic world like raiders. He excelled at the close combat training and acrobatics but never really could manage to shoot his guns accurately while preforming his feats of acrobatics. Therefore he was kicked out into the streets after a few years, his master couldn't teach him any more.

Morgan wasn't convinced he would be able to defend himself so he headed to ironstone, a relatively safe settlement, or so it was advertised. In reality it was a hive of scum, pickpockets were more common than flies and those who were wary enough not to get stolen got cheated in the cities many gambling rigs. Ofcourse there was entertainment too, women were sold, alcohol to drink, there was music, noise compared to what standards people used to have but standards tended to fade. Quite some street performers as well, most noticably to Morgan, fire-eaters, the moment he saw them perform their tricks he was spellbound. In several months he learned the skill, all while racking up a gambling debt. Eventually the rigs bruisers came for him while Morgan was working on his show, he found out that day that fire is an effective tool in dispatching adversaries.
Questions for you: Why does this game interest you? I feel like this game would allow me to pull off some cool stunts, I'm down for that.
RP Sample:

5 - Self-preservation
4 - Soaring phoenix style
3 - Chemistry / "I might know a guy"
1 - Afraid of water
Illeryces - Aaron - Akamo'ahi
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Old Aug 9th, 2017, 04:35 PM
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Character Name: Leigh “Wren” Harper

Brief Character Overview:

Brief Character Background:

RP Sample:

Why does this game interest you?: “…we're using a mechanics-lite system called Wushu that lends itself to over-the-top action sequences; it's really easy to learn. Theme is "Gun-Fu" in a post-apocalyptic setting.”
Um…over-the-top post-apocalyptic Gun-Fu? And you ask why this interests me??

5 – “Everybody’s looking for a deal.”
4 – Brutally effective
3 – Trader
3 – Gambler
1 – Soft spot for kids
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