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Old May 26th, 2017, 09:43 PM
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The Lost

Please post your character and your character sheet in an NSHEET behind a spoilerbutton.
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Old May 27th, 2017, 01:14 PM
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Application: Gisella Montresque-Fairsun
left-aligned image
Name: Gisella Montresque-Fairsun, though she prefers “Ella.”

Race: Elf

Class: Bard

Background: Noble Musician

Origin: Armont


Character History:

Writing Sample:


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Old May 27th, 2017, 11:20 PM
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The Condemned Berserker, Ebba Aze
left-aligned image
Ebba Aze
Race: Human (V)
Class: Barbarian
Background: Criminal
Origin: Armont

Personality/Description: Having spent her entire life in the slums of Armont, Ebba is just as rugged and tough as her intimidating appearance implies. Years of being constantly on her toes, wary of guards and other criminals, has forced her to mistrust everyone. Ebba has learned to be stubborn and forceful, relying on either brute force or intimidation to get what she wants. She does what she must to survive and doesn't have any foreseeable limits in this motivation, either. Ebba finds it hard to have a good time without getting a little inebriated due to her paranoia. In her mind she feels like a natural leader, but she can often times be too dimwitted to truly lead a group. Won't stop her from trying, though.

Her physique is extremely noticeable. Despite her poor diet, she keeps a constant work out routine. Ebba has long, unkempt, red hair that reaches down below her ass. Her skin is strikingly pale and her cheeks have some freckles. Her eyes are a cold blue.

Character History: Ebba was born to a loving commoner family who had inherited a humble home in Armont from a recently deceased merchant relative. When she was 6, they took the journey into the city. Her father forged steel and they were hoping to start up business in the city. On their way there, however, they encountered a wide-grinning human man. With a quick wit and charismatic swagger, just being around him gave you the sense that he was a simple, jolly fellow. Speaking circles around Ebba's relaxed parents, He masterfully conned the family out of their money and blacksmith tools, leaving nothing for them besides the rations to get to the city. Without realizing what he'd done to them until after he sped off, the gullible couple were left both awestruck and in disbelief.

They had to press on to survive, as their old village was much further away than the city. They soon made it to Armont, finding shelter in their new home. However, due to their lack of ability to generate coin, they soon fell into a financial spiral. Unable to pay their bills, they were kicked out of their home and stripped of their belongings.

Cast into the streets and slums, they begged for food and coin with little luck. With a starving child, Ebba's parents had to resort to stealing to survive. Seemingly by sheer luck or by pure drive to not let their child die, they managed to be exceptionally skilled at thievery. So surprisingly good were they that they kept the act up until Ebba was 16, when they were finally caught by the city guard trying to steal from a street entertainer. They were brought to the chopping block together, beheaded beside one another as Ebba watched from a safe distance.

Alone and scared, Ebba began to crack and reveal the first signs of the rage that made her a barbarian. Stealing an executioner's axe in the dead of night, she brought it back to the slums and proceeded to use the sharp weapon as a sort of bargaining chip. "Get me food and I won't kill you." And it worked! Very soon she got a hang of the role and started a street gang, held together by fear. With this sudden shift in lifestyle, Ebba grew paranoid of those around her. To ensure no upheaval would begin under her feet and topple her, she began a strict workout routine.

Still relatively inexperienced, but boasting muscles few could rival, by age 23 she was an intimidating and commanding gang leader. The gang kept food stores, hidden away from the rest of the city, with Ebba always getting the best and saving the rest for those that do the work. Over years she had experienced murder by her own hands, betrayal from others, and had developed a deeper paranoia and a power lust as a result. She grew up fast out of necessity and it paid off well.

In Character Writing Sample:

No longer active as of 1/26/2018

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Old May 29th, 2017, 12:08 PM
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Nico Hashef, AWOL Thade Imperial Infantry

Name: Nico Hashef
Race: human
Class: Fighter
Background: AWOL Infantry Soldier of Thade. Started as child soldier.
Origin: Thadian Empire
Personality Chaotic Good, At his core he is ISFP - Astute, Sensitive, Laid-back, Quietly watchful, Modest, Caring, Gentle, Loyal, Gives little away, Gets overlooked, Harmonious, Dislikes conflict, Difficult to know. But due to his brutal treatment there is a much more melancholy and stoic reserve with occasional bouts of temper at certain key things [cruelty and bullying]. But the violence isn’t loud and rampagey it is quiet and determined if still completely disproportionate. He is in the process of finding his voice. At the moment he wants to help others and will do so even if it is suicidally dangerous.
Quote: (after getting close to Nico, perhaps a little drunk): "Thade begins in day to day pettiness, cruelty and greed. Best to kill those who feel like Thade before they get their own empire. The world is better without them."
Personality Trait - I’m haunted by memories of war. I can’t get the images of violence out of my mind.
Ideal - Independence. When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny. (Chaotic)
Bond - I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves (now, not in the past).
Flaw - I've gone AWOL (and proud of it), but I expect the Thadian Empire to kill me eventually, lending itself to pessimism. Part of him wouldn't mind if he was killed.
Description: Nico is well built and sturdy with very short dark hair and a body covered in healed scars. He wears chainmail and uses a greatsword. His eyes are a dark brown and most definitely sad. His expression is muted and flat for the most part, smiling an effort even during great kindnesses.


I post less on weekends.

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Old May 29th, 2017, 12:52 PM
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When outside of Gnomish circles: Riz Themin

When around other gnomes: Rizvan Kellen "Greybill" Glimmer Sindry Themin. Names came from parents, aunts, uncles, maternal granparents, and paternal grandparents respectively.

Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard
Background: Guild Artisan
Origin: Armont

The acquisition of knowledge is what matters most. How you get there is an afterthought.

In the business-oriented world of Armont, Rizvan is often described as a “driven” individual. He's a "go-getter," who is "results oriented" and "focused on his work." More politically-minded peers might call him "intense." Of course, these euphemisms are all very, very nice ways of describing a person who people... well, may not want to be so nice about.

In common: Rizvan is obsessive. His desire to establish himself as The Expert on the mechanics and implementation of Arcane Energies has consumed him- to the point where he can think of little else in his daily life. He's not amoral... but he's more willing than most to push the bounds of "right" and "wrong" in his studies. After all- if the end result is something that changes the world, shouldn’t that justify almost any means?





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