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Old Jun 29th, 2017, 04:50 PM
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Heroes and Heroines

Characters go here.

Make sure to read this regarding character creation and filling out your sheet.

Please post the following

Personality/Description (May be broken apart as desired. Want both parts):
Link to Character Sheet
Link to Dice Roller with Stats
Posting 2 to 3 times a week currently.

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Old Jul 1st, 2017, 12:26 AM
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OODM Good to go.

OOCTransferring my character from the West Marches previous incarnation.

left-aligned image

Name: Graf of the Granite
Race: Earth Genisi
Class: Barbarian
Age: 30

Personality Traits: I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you from a hungry owlbear.

Bonds:I am the last of my tribe, and it is up to me to ensure their names enter legend.

Ideals: Honor. If I dishonor myself, I dishonor my whole clan.

Flaws: I remember every insult I’ve received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who’s ever wronged me.

Background: Graf is the last known surviving member of the Granite clan, a close knit community of earth Genisi barbarians from the cold lands of the continent's northern mountains . While hunting for venison in preparation for the cold winter months, his clan was slain by a natural disaster. Due to heavy rains, a mudslide cascaded from the mountains high above cavernous settlement of clan Granite, sealing all entrances, causing all of his kin to die, unable to breath, suffocating in the darkened halls of their ancestral home.

With prey in hand, Graf had returned home to find nothing, no sights of his home, no survivors, no land marks, nothing at all. Just sheer destruction from a mudslide, the country side leveled by tons upon tons of water, dirt and debris. Even knowing of his races ability to travel through earthy terrain, there was no sight of home nor kid. All of those people, men and women and children, all gone, just gone. Graf had nothing left, nothing but the title of The Last of the Granite.

Alone, and homeless, Graf traveled the land, seeking any possible survivors, seeking any answers, seeking anything at all. But there was nothing for the barbarian, nothing but the open road, nothing but loneliness. Graf traveled west, through settlement after settlement, until he found The West Marches, a place of new beginnings. But should he grasp onto new beginnings? Or continue seeking answers? Perhaps, in this strange place, someone, or something would have answers for him.

Post Rate: +1/Day, I'm never far from my computer.
A monster you'd like to see in this game: The Tarrasque
An item you'd like to see in this game: A sentient greatsword!

Graf's character sheet
Legacy of To The Callhill,
New gameTo The Quarry
I have Sworn the oath of Sangus!

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OODMGood to go.

OOCTransferring character from previous West Marches campaign.

The Gladiator
left-aligned image
Name: Number Nine "The Cirein-crin"
Class: Barbarian
Race: Human (Variant)
Age: 30 years

Bond: I like seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I fight.
Ideal: I look forward to discovering more of the world and finding out what kind of man I am, now that I am free.
Flaw: A scandal prevents me from ever going home again. That kind of trouble seems to follow me around.


Despite spending the majority of his life learning how best to kill a man, Nine is compassionate. He is a bit naive, feels deeply, and is loyal to a fault, but has a temper. This temper turns into a rage that almost completely consumes Nine, but it is also the reason that he is still alive to this day.


Number Nine wasn't born into the muck and piss of the fighting pits, but he might as well have been. He was found by a slave trader at the young age of 12, having washed ashore after accidentally falling overboard of a large transport ship; or at least he thinks it was an accident, it was all a bit blurry. He does not remember much from that time, but knows he and his family were on their way to a new home.

Due to his large size for a boy of his age, Nine had been taken to the fighting pits where he was sold to a wealthy fight promoter. Under the promoter's "care," Nine was stripped of his identity and branded with a number. He was taught to scrap, fight, and survive; something he became fairly good at. Nine learned that fighting for show was not just about killing your opponent, but entertaining your audience as well.

Nine made his debut at the age of 20 and quickly earned a reputation for appearing to tower over his opponents. He wasn't a giant by any means, but the way he fought made it appear so. With a gladius in one hand and cestus in the other, he slashed at his opponent's legs, forcing them to their knees, and would deliver a fatal blow with his fist, crushing their skulls like a colossal creature of legend. With this style, he quickly became known as "Cirein-crin," the Sea Giant. He took pride in this nickname and did his best to maintain it.

After years of fighting, Nine became curious of the outside world. With each new slave that was purchased, he found himself wanting to know more about where they came from and what it was like. His master often accused Nine of being too curious for his own good. Fighting for sport became exhausting and he was determined to escape; and so he did. After an event in a port town, while being praised by his promoter, Nine pulled a sword on his master and held him hostage. This allowed him to escape the guards as he forced the promoter to help him blend into the crowds. In exchange for his life, the promoter helped Nine secure passage onto a ship that would take him far away, to the New Lands and a town called Westhaven.


Now that Nine has escaped, he is determined to learn about the outside world and discover his own identity. He struggles to remember much about his family or where they were headed, but a small part of him hopes that he will run into them somehow. Nine knows that the world revolves around money, so his first act as a free man is to earn a wage so he can explore the land.

Post Rate: +1/Day (During the week)/~1 on weekends
A monster you'd like to see in this game: Chimera/ Hydra
An item you'd like to see in this game: Magical (sentient?) gauntlet he can wield as an off-hand weapon.

[Link to Stat Dice Rolls]
I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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OODMGood to go.

right-aligned image

Hedge-Witch Pronounced: Pith-Eye-LahPythilah

Human - Wizard 1 - Hermit

"I am utterly serene sympathetic, even in the face of disaster."

"I am working on a grand philosophical theory and love sharing my ideas."

Ideal - Live and Let Live. Meddling in the affairs of others only causes trouble.

Bond - I entered seclusion because I loved someone I could not have.

Flaw - I like keeping secrets and wont share them with anyone.

Description: Pythilah has tawny skin from living and exploring long hours in the light of day, though her hair is fair and bright like the gold and silver chips that all adventurers seek. Her eyes contain mysteries, it seems; they're dusky, worldweary, and seem to change in tone by the light of the sun and moon. Pythilah's face, while beautiful and charming, is marked with an apparent tattoo over the left side of her face. An ominous cloud of blue covers her eye, and a azure streak zig-zags from Pythilah's cheek to her chin. Beneath a robe of midnight blue velvet, the witch wears drab common clothes. While tidy, they're well worn from years of travel.

Background: Pythilah was born Brey Gellentara of Nottinborough, daughter of a seamstress and carpenter. Her parents were strict, and she entertained dreams of magic, swords, romance, and intruige - lands far away with tall mountains, fire-breathing dragons, and all the sorts of terrible, beautiful things that the adventurers would speak of at the edges of the world. At the age of sixteen, Brey became aware of a lonesome crone who lived near her village was a known witch, and, despite the warnings of everyone, she snuck away to meet with the old woman. In secret, she became the apprentice of the witch under just one condition - to not interfere in any way with the young man who brought her firewood, berries, and fresh game from the woods daily.

Brey agreed, and her training began. She learned much under the witch's guidance, but each day, when she saw the woodsman, Brey grew increasingly fond of him. One day, she caught his attention with a wave. Another day, she spoke to him, and they exchanged pleasant words. On a third day, she stole away with him for a long walk in the woods - too long, and the witch took notice. They rested at the top of a cliff's edge, overlooking a sea of trees and a glorious sunset. They almost kissed, but before they could, the witch was upon them. The witch struck the woodsman with a charm of a sort. Infuriated, Brey attempted to retaliate against her teacher with the greatest magic in her arsenal. Her teacher's counterspell was devastating. The magic inverted, rebounded; Brey's charm spoiled into a curse. Brey's vision went dark.

When she awoke, it was midnight, and she was alone. The witch's hut was gone, only giant footprints left in it's wake. The woodsman was gone, all left of his existence was his dagger. Her face was marked by magic, and she found that some strange affect surrounded her and her village. Her parents still had a daughter, but it wasn't her... despite their identical names. Her village thought her a stranger, they acted as though they'd never seen her before. Brey was broken, distraught, angry. She abandoned her birth name, and took upon one befitting a witch. Pythilah set out alone into the world.

For years, Pythilah searched far and wide for a way to break her curse. For years after, she followed rumors of witches and hags. For several more years, she just sought stability, companionship, and some sense of a family again. In the end, all her looking was fruitless. Her anger with the witch had long since mellowed. Her sorrow only returned when she realized she couldn't visualize the faces of her family and friends anymore.

Pythilah hadn't actively practiced or supplemented her magic in all those years. All those years of searching - and she had few skills to show for it. Now in her early thirties, Pythilah ventured away from the mainland to the land of her childhood fantasies. If she didn't prosper in the wilds of the West Marches, she would die there... and she was fine with that.

[Link to Character Sheet]

[Link to Dice Roller with Stats]
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Status: Pondering a D&D 5e or PF2 game
Pronouns: Any

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OODMGood to go.

left-aligned image

Name: Adrik Fireforge
Class: Cleric (Forge)
Race: Hill Dwarf
Personality/Description: A craftsman who came to the new continent to look for new materials to work with.
Background: Far Traveler
Link to Character Sheet:
Link to Dice Roller with Stats:
Link to UA article:

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OODMGood to go.

VonnosTransferring character from old campaign.
character info
left-aligned image
Name: Vonnos Alanath

Race/Class: Triton Warlock

Background/Personality/Description:The triton protectorate Vonnos lived with was devastated by a sahuagin attack. He was able to escape as his people were slaughtered. Retreating into the shallows where the aggressors did not think to look, Vonnos avoided detection. His reprieve was to be short lived as a shark began hunting him through the ocean until Vonnos was able to beach himself upon a small island. As luck would have it, a ship carrying adventurers to Westhaven was stopped refilling water casks on the island spotted the exhausted triton. Seeing him as a sign of good luck the crew took Vonnos on and nursed him back to health on the final leg of their journey. Now in Westhaven, Vonnos must forge a path forward for himself in an unknown world full of strange creatures and customs.

Character Motivations/Goals:The tenets of his triton upbringing still hold true with Vonnos. He is convinced it is his natural duty to protect others and battle evil wherever it may lie.

As Vonnos grows more accustomed to surface life, he will try to carve out a place for himself.

pc infoPost Rate: 2-3 per week
A monster you'd like to see in this game: sahuagin, sweet revenge
An item you'd like to see in this game: A trident wieldable by a warlock

dice rolls
I have taken the Oath.

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OODMGood to go.
left-aligned image

right-aligned image

Class: Fighter
Race: Variant Human
Personality/Description: Lothar is a no-nonsense type of guy. His idea of a good day is planting his pike for all the world to see his banner, pulling out his sword, and dispatching some evil creature. Though not a paladin order, The Arcane Knight of Azuth share similiar Honesty. Don't lie or cheat. Let your word be your promise.
Courage. Never fear to act, though caution is wise.
Compassion. Aid others, protect the weak, and punish those who threaten them. Show mercy to your foes, but temper it with wisdom.
Honor. Treat others with fairness, and let your honorable deeds be an example to them. Do as much good as possible while causing the least amount of harm.
Duty. Be responsible for your actions and their consequences, protect those entrusted to your care, and obey those who have just authority over you.
Background: Knight of the Order
Post Rate: I can post multiple times per day.
Creature I'd like to see in the game:Crypt Thing casue you know, what adventurer doesn't have a thing about crypts?
Magic item I'd like to see in this game: Banner of anything. With no army to lead, what the use of carry a banner around if it's not magical.

Link to Character Sheet:
Link to Dice Roller with Stats:

BTW, that's a pic of my familiar, Rowan.

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OODMGood to Go.

left-aligned image

Aelar Singingsword
High Elf Wizard (intention to go Bladesinger)

Aelar was orphaned at a young age (by both elvish and human standards) and grew up in a largely human city in extreme poverty as an outcast due to his racial heritage. His one solace as a youth was a sword and tome - both handed down through the generations of his family. They once had belonged to his grandfather, whom was well known amongst elven culture as a great arcane warrior known as a 'bladesinger'. Aelar spent many nights pouring through this tome and practicing with this sword, but he hasn't quite mastered the art of the fighting style yet - though he is already rather adept at magic wielding.

Character Motivations/Goals:
Aelar sees adventuring as a way to better his lot in life. His primary goal; however, is to become better in his familial fighting style and what better way to achieve this than through practice on the battlefield?

Post Rate: Multiple per day
A monster you'd like to see in this game: No preferences
An item you'd like to see in this game: No preferences

Dice rolls for stats:

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OODMOverall, good to do. Please complete the following:
  • Other possession - weights
  • Feats and Abilities - Druidic Abilities

right-aligned image

Name: Anhelorn
Race: wood elf
Class: druid
Personality: Anhelorn is headstrong and will often leap into action. He feels great honor for himself and his homeland and will anything to retain this and keep his home safe. He has learned over time how to keep most of this in control though is more eager to act than most.
Description: Anhelorn is six feet in height and well fit. He has average strength though more agile than most. He is rarely sick and his presence makes others feel comfortable. He has brown hair that is wrapped into locks, green eyes that seem to resemble the trees of his homeland, and his complexion being almost almond in color. He wears leather clothing, caries a dagger on his hip, and a wooden buckler on his back.
Link to Character Sheet
Link to Dice Roller with Stats

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OODMGood to Go

Traveling Scholar Grauf: Kidnapped, Plagued, and Self-Abominated
left-aligned image
Grauf Clanton

Abominated Triton Sorcerer (Wild Mage)

Personality: He holds a clean demeanor, knowing that his stay in most places will be short. Grauf has been around the block more times that a knife has been to his neck, which is good, since his own care for self preservation dang near hopped ship. The mage is quite the talker and one would think he's a politician or a sweet-talking criminal before giving the thought to an adventuring life-style. His time has been long, but Grauf is more common to find himself roust about and ready for another journey before he'd find himself face-first in a bar table.

Description: Twisted by his own wild magic, Grauf looks the part of a fish-man, one of those rare Triton. This would be a mistake to place him as the once-human lacks any of the social graces or upstanding morals that a Triton would care for. His home is long and far away, and the clothes he brought with him have been rendered moot at this point, raggedy and torn, ready to fall if he hadn't winched a chord around the lot. It isn't uncommon to find a groan coming from the malformed wretch as he lusts after a smoke that his body desperately would like to avoid, being unable to handle the habit he has always had. Though it is commonplace for the man to simply be walking along a new path, cheerily trying to whistle a tune.

Background: Set on his feet from day one, Grauf Clanton was a clean-nosed kid without a care for the typical lifestyle of the common folk. No, his family was a band of traders, venturing town to town trying to find a good deal on their wares and on the location's goods. Having little to do, but wander through the sideroads and streets of each town, Grauf made himself a home where ever it was that he found himself; Nabbing items and trinkets as he did so. What can you say about the law when you can't fathom the value to it?

As he grew up and decided that his time at 'home' was enough, the young Clanton boy took himself by the seat of his pants towards the deep jungles and long coasts of the world. His journeys brought him far, learning many new things about the tribes and towns we came to, of the tundras and plains that he called home. The human could leech off the land as much as he liked, but sometimes the locals were not too kind to the non-native. He's been jailed up by haughty nobles and held up to be eaten by gnolls only in the past couple years.

Actually, the gnoll situation had a lasting effect on him and should be forewarned to defy skipping. In his time, being set about and readied for a meal, the human was put onto the plate of the gnoll wild mage, a fellow by the name of Gnack Eyewretch that cast a bevy of spells upon the man over some amount of weeks in the effort of making him more succulent. This magic turned out to be one of his more poor ideas as the casting lit a torch within Grauf and opened up his own innate magics. In the ensuing chaos formed by the unleashed reservoir, Grauf stole away in the torchlight and pooling magic he was unable to control.

In the morning, when the sun set upon the ground, he had changed. His magics ravaged Grauf's body, turning him from his previous nature to that of a malformed triton. It hurt and his body was foreign. He lacked his human characteristics and ruined his own form with the sputtering wild magic still cascading off of him. It was no good to continue on with his travels if he couldn't take a proper step without flinching, so he slowly made a path towards the nearest civil land.

Weeks later, Gruaf Clanton stumbled into Westhaven, and collapsed in the first inn he found.

Character Sheet
Link to Dice Roller with Stats

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OODMGood to Go.

The Hammer of Kord
left-aligned image
Magnus Stormhammer

Mountain Dwarf Cleric of Kord (Soldier Background)

Personality: As a champion of his deity, Kord, Magnus is every bit as loud and boisterous as would be expected from a follower of The Brawler. He is a simple man who has two great loves in his life; proving his strength and reveling in the glory of victory, whether on the battlefield or the wrestling grounds. He has traveled far and wide, making a living as a mercenary, his presence valued for both his martial strength and divine powers.

While many people use their might for tyrannical purposes, Magnus instead believes that strength should be used to protect those that lack it. He holds no scorn for those weaker than him but he does value bravery above all else. However, he is no mindless brute and understands that discretion is the better part of valour. While winning glory for Kord on the battlefield is his one true purpose, he knows that you should retreat if necessary. It is better to live to fight another day than to die an unnecessary death in the pursuit of eternal glory.

When not on the battlefield Magnus strives to live his life to the fullest. He has a curious sense of wanderlust that is unusual for a Dwarf and he loves throwing himself head first into other cultures. Ideally, he loves to experience new places in familiar surroundings, namely the inside of a tavern. He finds it the ideal place to quench a thirst formed on the battlefield and can often be found, after a few too many ales, loudly challenging others to an arm wrestle or grappling contest.

Description: At a staggering 5'3" tall, Magnus towers above most members of his own kind, yet he still stands shorter than most adolescent humans. What he lacks in height compared to other races he more than makes up for in bulk; Magnus is exceptionally broad of shoulder and thick of chest. From his bulging neck down to his strong arms and powerful legs, he is covered in thick, well-trained muscles. However, his powerful build comes at the cost of his mobility. Many would claim (behind his back of course) that Magnus's poor reflexes and lumbering gait are directly caused by his prized muscles.

Magnus's hair is long and ginger in colour, flowing past his shoulders in an untidy fashion. He takes much more pride in his beard that he has grown down to his chest and wears in an elaborate braided style. His skin is quite tanned from decades of living above-ground and many faint scars can be seen that he makes no attempt to hide.
When expecting combat he wears a suit of old but well-maintained chainmail, with dyed red-leather bindings and bracers. He wears a thick leather belt that is clasped with a large medallion buckle bearing Kord's symbol; a golden gauntlet clutching a lightning bolt. His large metal shield is similarly embossed with the same symbol and he wields a large, heavy looking warhammer with a wooden shaft.

While certainly a fierce looking opponent, Magnus appears quite approachable when not on the battlefield. His face is often plastered with a cheerful, boisterous grin as his booming voice loudly laughs at some joke (quite often his own). He can typically be found in taverns across the land, looking for work or a strong opponent willing to wrestle with him.

Background: Magnus was born to the Stormhammer Clan who for thousands of years had called the Ironcrag Mountains home. They were descended from Dwarves who had been exiled to the surface, for reasons that had been intentionally forgotten, to live their lives among the other surface dwelling races. They were a militaristic people who valued combat prowess and athleticism above all else. Without any mines of their own to make a living from, the Stormhammers sold their services as mercenaries. When each male came of age and was deemed to have passed his training, he would be sent forth into the world to seek combat and send home a portion of his wages to support the clan.

Magnus himself had an auspicious birth, being born during a heavy storm, which the more devout elders saw as a sign from Kord, The Brawler and Lord of Battle. Not all of the Stormhammers had such a strong belief in Kord, but the elders took particular care to instil a keen sense of devotion into Magnus. He would grow to become a particularly strong and powerful warrior, a sign which the elders again attributed to Kord's influence. He excelled in his sparring lessons, he became a champion wrestler and was rumoured to have beaten an Orcish war-chief to death with his bare hands before the age of 50 (ever since he always wore a set of tusks around his neck to add evidence to the story).

While he had spent decades roaming the lands and fighting in more wars than he could remember, bringing glory to both his name and Kord's, he started to grow weary of it all. What was the point in fighting in some petty border dispute one day only to be hired on the opposite side a few years later? He wanted to find some way to make a difference, to use his power to protect those weaker, as Kord asked of him. It was during one night in a tavern after a particularly heavy session of drinking that he decided to travel to Westhaven, where he heard the land was practically overrun with monsters and always looking for strong combatants foolish or crazy enough to willingly risk their lives. It sounded perfect!

Post Rate: Typically 4-6 times a week, often more depending on game speed/post lengths.

Link to Dice Roller with Stats

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OODMGood to go.

Scriss, the Lost and Entranced Kenku
left-aligned image
Kenku Ranger (Revised)

Personality: Due to Kenku's lack of speech, little can be known of Scriss' personality. However, some hints in their physical demeanor can hint at some answers. Scriss pays very much attention to the sky and the general area above them. They can often be found staring at the cieling, eluding to some desire to be higher. Scriss enters a trance-like state during these moments and often does not like to be interrupted.

They seem to be annoyed when having to communicate, as it takes much more work to do than other races. Miscommunications are common and Scriss often doesn't have the patience for it.

While looking skyward may be their favorite past time, Scriss does enjoy a good meal and doesn't shy away from some drinks. They can even resort to pecking at others' food when feeling petty. Scriss isn't very good with manners. They'll even purposely tear fabric off of people to add to their overcoat.

Description: Having been in the wilderness for years, Scriss is and prefers to stay dirty. Their feathers are black, although they're usually covered up by dirt, mud, and a loosely sewn together overcoat. The robe is a collection of rags and torn clothes happened upon in Scriss' journey. It covers a lucky find, a previously shiny set of scale mail. Only the collar can be seen under the overcoat.

Scriss has a long, shiny, black beak. Their eyes are a dark blue with a scruffy crown of feathers stretching down their head. Rather short at 5' 3" and very light.

Background: Scriss was born to a poor family, but a large one. They scraped by to earn food and drink, but not shelter. Scriss lived with hardship throughout their life, always landing in trouble. Yet, Scriss' family kept close and made each other strong. Many still dreamed of one day flying again and some days, the way they made Scriss feel, it almost felt like it was possible.

It had been forbidden to steal from the townsfolk, as the Kenku already had enough problems. The city guard would be too much for them. But Scriss didn't seem to take lessons well, stealing imported fruits and eating them without telling anyone. Scriss' childish mind ran wild after the first successful pickpocket and then escalated slowly.

Soon after Scriss' 12th birthday, they decided to steal right from the wagon importing the goods. So, one evening Scriss snuck into the back of a fruit wagon as it was leaving town. Mesmerised by the amount of juicy fruit, Scriss entered a food frenzy unbeknownst to the coach.

Several hours and many melons later, the wagon came to a stop in front of a farm house. Flatlands as far as the eye could see. When the cart came to a stop, Scriss finally exited the frenzy and looked around. Panicking, Scriss leapt out of the cart, dropping crumbs of fruit as they went.

Lost and alone, Scriss walked for miles until finally collapsing in the dried grass. Passing out from hunger, Scriss finally came to when a vulture tugged on their finger. Surprised but too weak to make any sudden movement, Scriss stood up and looked at the vultures as they took off.

They'd landed near another dead body, a real one, this one being a bull. At their wit's end, Scriss traveled over to the carcass. Watching the birds bite into the meat, Scriss started doing the same. After Scriss' portion was finished, the hunger had subsided.

Entirely lost, Scriss followed the vultures as they traveled, scavenging. This was life for the next many years, learning how to survive through sheer willpower, following the vultures closely. At this point, Scriss and the vultures were able to communicate easily.

Following the vultures eventually lead to the West Marches, where Scriss lost track of the vultures, but elected to stay. Surely they didn't go very far.

Character Sheet
Link to Dice Roller with Stats
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left-aligned image
Name: Harbek Ironhill
Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Paladin

The dwarf is about five feet tall and is stoutly built and with bright red hair. On the first appearance, he looks every inch a fierce dwarven warrior. In battle, his vivid hair is encased in a helmet, and all you can see are thick beard and glittering eyes. Around his neck, he wears the amulet of his deity Clangeddin Silverbeard; the crossed silver battleaxes. Outside of combat, it is evident the Habrek is much more kindly then when you meet him on the battlefield. He has a ready smile, and the glittering eyes suggest a twinkle of both humour and thoughtfulness. His arms are crisscrossed with the scars he received on the battlefield and in the exercise yard. However, the observant will also notice the telltale smudge of ink on his right hand, marking him to be a man of letters.

Harbek is passionate about his service to Clangeddin Silverbeard the dwarven deity of War and wears a silver amulet showing the crossed battle-axes as a symbol of his faith. Harbek is loyal and trusting and will do anything to rid the world of evil. He once trained and armed a village of dwarven farmers with weapons made from hoes and sickles to defeat an attack by some rogue goblins under the thrall of an evil warlock. However, Harbek will not tolerate traitors, and once his favour is lost, it can only be regained by deeds of great bravery and honour.

Harbek is born of the great Ironhill lineage and is fifth in line to the great clan chief Adrik Ironhill. His family own some lucrative mines in the Ironhill mountains, and it is said some 200 dwarves owe the livelihoods to his father, Brottor Ironhill. Harbek was brought up in a wealthy and prominent family, and he has used his wealth to help the poorest and most isolated people in his tribe and has often also helped the isolated human families that live in and amongst the dwarves. Harbek is held in the highest regard by both his family, the nobility and the ordinary folk.

Harbek is definitely of a noble class and expects people to recognise this and pay him the respect he is due, but he also believes this regard should be based on actions and has enormous respect for anyone who promotes good over evil and proves so with their deeds.

Harbek, however, does have one secret. He is an intelligent dwarf who with an excellent education has found himself being drawn into the world of wizardry. The Ironhill clan do not believe in wizardry and believe the only source of magic should be the dwarven deities. Harbek has therefore told no-one about his secret passion and keeps his partially complete spell book hidden inside a book cover entitled ‘The religious beliefs and customs of the Beaverbrook clan: A five-year study.’

Harbek is the eldest son of Brottor and Amber Ironhill, an influential family in the Ironhill clan. The Ironhill clan occupy the Golan Mountain range, and the ten thousand strong community is led by Chief Adrik Ironhill. Brottor and Amber have given Harbek a typical dwarven upbringing including time working in the mines, an education in the temple and plenty of practice at arms in the exercise yard. When Harbek was seventy-five, he enrolled in the Order of Silverbeard Warriors as an acolyte to train to be a paladin. Harbek, though a competent fighter is interested in magic, however, the dwarf lacks the wisdom to be a cleric and hence decided to follow the course of the paladins. He graduated as a fully trained paladin at the age of eighty.

Harbek had been considering his options and had decided that if he goes to the West Marches, he may meet some wizards where he can further his interest in wizardry and also gain favour with his deity by removing the evil beasts that are said to live in those parts.

Link to dice rolls is here

Link to character sheet is here
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ApplicationName: Dietrich von Harlington
Race: Variant Human
Class: Cleric (Life Domain)
right-aligned image

Description: Dietrich von Harlington is a tall human, standing at 6 feet. He is lean and muscular. While he is tending to the services of Chauntea, he looks like just a nice young man, but when he dons his armor, he looks the very part of a warrior. His hair flows to his shoulders and he stands tall and firm, ready to be in the front lines of fighting.
He keeps his facial hair neat and clean, and makes sure to look presentable at all times.

Background:Dietrich was born to the noble family that owns and grants the farmland of Harlington. Being the youngest of three sons, he was to go into the clergy and serve the people, living a comfortable yet humble and educated life. Dietrich became a priest of the Goddess of Agriculture, Chauntea, and immediately felt her favor upon taking the vows. He has felt her gentle push to spread the faith and promote life throughout the lands by bringing an end to agents of death. Dietrich, in his calling, has left to the West Marches to fulfill his mission to Chauntea, feeling it is an area of particular need.

Personality: Dietrich is a devout follower of Chauntea and always tries to be nice. He is outgoing and friendly and loves to give advice to others. He is proper in his speech. However, if he feels he or his family has been insulted, he will not hesitate to let it be known and do all within his power to destroy you.

Character sheet

Stat Rolls

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