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Old May 19th, 2016, 11:44 AM
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The Friends of Greycastle

Post your characters here, once they've been approved by me!

In Repose

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Clawmarked, now played by Captain Radio
Gukan Clawmarked Titaniadaoro

fomerly known as

Gukan Godsmasher Vekalimaraooka


Interview With A GoliathA timber rattling series of knocks threatened to remove the door form its hinges. When the Master beckoned, Gukan Clawmarked Titaniadaoro entered the room. The big goliath stooped low to avoid the doorframe but was unsuccessful. His bald head crashed into the lentil, ducking lower he entered the room rubbing his bald grey head. In a powerful deep voice he said, “Me noggin got a flogging but me is alright.”

Looking down at the seated Master, the Goliath said, "Me Gukan Clawmarked Titaniadaoro. Once me warrior now me warlock. You call me Clawmarked."

The Master said, "Please take a seat Clawmarked."

Clawmarked went to sit opposite the Master, the stout stool immediately snapped under the prodigious weight of the big goliath, who crashed to floor. The Master looked on stunned as Clawmarked got to his feet and said, “Don’t worry me not hurt, happens all the time.”

The Master said, “Tell me about yourself, Clawmarked.”

Yous can see me is big. Big even for Goliath. Have big muscles. C’mon touch, you feel.” Clawmarked struck a pose showing off his behemoth biceps. The Master felt obliged to stand and touch the bulging muscles, they looked and felt like small boulders. The Goliath smiled and continued, “Me skin is grey but me not sick. Me have no hair on me noggin like all Goliath men. Me eyes are green like a scummy pond and me face is pretty cause me still young. Me dress in fur top and bottoms me Ma make me.”

The Master smiled, there was something enchanting about this big man but he need to know more about him. “What kind of person are you? Do you get along well with other people? What are your strengths and your weaknesses?”

“Me is happy-go-lucky, me is friend to everyone. You not my friend then you in big trouble. Me not weak, you felt me muscles.”

“I mean what aren’t you good at?”

“Me sorry, me not real smart but me get by.”

“How did you come to be here?”

“Me walk long way.”

“Where did you walk from? Did anything happen on the way?”

“Is long story. Me started in mountains. Me tribe in mountains call me Gukan Godsmasher Vekalimaraooka. Me practice for Goat-Ball and me throw real hard. Kavaki, Ram-Lord good God but statue can’t dodge, me knock its head off. Tribe real mad, but me too nice to exile. Me told to go x-ploor lowlands and come back when me is older with not so much e-ner-gee,” Clawmarked said with an increasing hangdog expression.

“Go on Clawmarked, finish your story,” the Master said, surprising himself with his unusually high level of empathy.

The goliath swallowed his emotion and continued, “Me wander down the mountains and in forest me run into bear. Me put up good fight but bear be good fighter. Me lost me sword and bear still had claws. You see scars here on me chest, bear made ‘em. Me bleeding real bad then Twinkly Lady come and save me.”

“Tell me about the Twinkly Lady,” the Master urged.

“She heal me with her magics, she tell me Gukan Godsmasher Vekalimaraooka dead and now me Gukan Clawmarked Titaniadaoro. Twinkly lady told me to fight Dragon Cult, they real bad. She give me magics and tell me she give me new sword when I kill some of the Cult. When I get new sword, she will give me new name. Me will kill lots of Cult, me want good name,” Clawmakred concluded with his barrel-like chest puffed out.

The Master stood and offered his hand and said, “Well you want to kill lots of Cults, you’ve come to the right place.”

SummaryName: Gukan Clawmarked Titaniadaoro
Race: Goliath
Class: Warlock - Archfey Patron
Appearance: 8 foot tall, 340 pounds of pure muscles. Grey skin, bright green eyes, bald head and dressed in furs and hides.
Personality: Naive with low intelligence but very likable. Slow to anger but had to stop once on the boil.
Background: Sent to the lowlands by his tribe to avoid anymore accidents. Clawmarked's life was saved after a bear attack by Titania, Queen of the Seelie Court. He pledged his service to her and was sent to help destroy the Dragon Cult.

Character Sheet

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Name: Evendur Greycastle
Race: Human
Class: Fighter (two-weapon, Battle Master)
Background: City Watch




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Male High Elf Wizard
Sage, Researcher
Appearance & Personality:
RP sample:


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Rhokax Soulreader
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Rhokax Soulreader, Dragonborn War Cleric

Name: Rhokax (Kimbatuul) Soulreader

Race: Dragonborn, Silver

Class: War Cleric

Homeland: Djerad Thymar, Tymanther

Deity: Bahamut

Description: Rhokax Kimbatuul, an exiled believer. Silver-blue scales, with his tendrils decorated with several strips of woven cloth wrapped around each to emulate the wild-nature of one of his comrades in arms. He learned the technique from a half-orc, and appreciated how it made him appear more intimidating in combat. His armour is a mixture of Platinum Cadre colours, with the Scythe flavouring of local embellishments, such as the scabbard, the shield, belt, and "hair" piece.

--- Short Term: To avenge those who slayed his comrades during his capture.
--- Long Term: Find effective ways of combating the Cult of the Dragon, and to eventually find evidence that supports the Platinum Cadre’s beliefs to his people, and perhaps one day being welcomed back into his clan.

Contacts: 1) Beiran Springreaper, Male Half-Elf Commander of the Scythes of Beiran, the mercenary company Rhokax joined.

2) Captain Palma Goldtree, Female Human Captain of Beregost’s Flaming Fists company, who Rhokax travelled to meet and learn about their fights with the Cult of the Dragon. This was where his company lent aid but were wiped out as far as Rhokax knows.

General History: Born in 1463 to a Kimbatuul clutch within the capital of Tymanther, Djerad Thymar, the dragonborn who would become Rhokax screeched as he burst from his egg, exhibiting the silver-blue scales prized by the clan which indicated an individual who would rise as an elite member of their clan. Growing quickly as dragonborn do, the quiet infant was given the childname, Soulreader, for his piercing golden eyes could see the true intentions of his peers and elders even from a young age.

Trained in the ways of the warrior, the child took up the name Rhokax when he came of age, and by his 16th year was a fierce warrior and leader within Clan Kimbatuul’s military. His skill with a battleaxe, and his ability to read the flow of battle saw him rise as a squad commander during the war with the Ash Giants in 1476. Taking part in the battles where the Platinum Cadre leant their aid, he watched as their warriors, working in the service of this dragon-god Bahamut, pushed back against the forces of the evil Green-Dragon Skuthosin. Without their aid the battle would have surely been lost. Rhokax couldn’t help but feel drawn to the imagery and power of Bahamut. A dragon, something to be hated by his people, was offering protection and a path to honour his clan and people that he thought only possible through disciplined combat.

Deciding on his course, he approached Clan Kimbatuul’s elders to voice his intention of joining the Platinum Cadre. After witnessing first hand the evil that can exist in dragons, he was eager to find the good dragons that may aid in the defence of their nation. The elders, however, held to their prejudiced beliefs, and warned Rhokax of his potential choice; if he pursued this path they would have no choice but to exile him from Clan Kimbatuul. Rhokax argued that to no longer commit himself to what he felt was a just cause for the sake of his clan’s safety and longevity, would make him unworthy for any other task within the clan. With a great deal of respect for the 16 year old dragonborn’s commitment, but a deep mourning for what they were compelled to do, the elders exiled Kimbatuul Rhokax from Clan Kimbatuul, and their capital city of Djerad Thymar. Rhokax Soulreader, pained to go by his Clan’s name now that he lived in exile, left to find his purpose with the Platinum Cadre.

With the Platinum Cadre, he continued his martial prowess, rising in the ranks of that organization as fast, if not quicker, than he did within his former clan. Eventually he presented himself to Protector Medrash, the leader of the Platinum Cadre, and requested that he leave on special assignment to learn and incorporate new strategies and tactics in fighting the Cult of the Dragon, a rising force that likely sought to influence or destroy Tymanther at some point. Medrash couldn’t provide any men or resources for the mission, but asked Rhokax to keep the Cadre informed of his progress wherever it may lead him.

Rhokax decided to leave and pursue any leads in the kingdom of Cormyr first, since their cultural reverence of dragons may prove to be a positive jumping-off point for the dragonborn. Certainly leaving the prejudiced sections of the city would prove to be refreshing in regards to dragons. Taking a ship from Tymanther, he sailed to Cormyr where he found himself a little out of his element. While he was polite and soft-spoken, the presence of a dragonborn in these lands usually came with the assumption that he was either a mercenary or a thug for hire. At the time, he was neither of these things, and finding leads on any of his goals was proving to be difficult beyond imagining. His funds were also dwindling to the point where he would have to resort to begging if he did not find a means to earn coin soon.

Resigned to the idea that he’d have to use his martial abilities to make his way on his quest, he sought out any openings to serve in mercenary companies. Rhokax was very particular about which companies he sought membership in; he wasn’t going to commit banditry, and he wasn’t interested in propping up petty nobility or enforcing for a spineless merchant. Since joining the Platinum Cadre he had come to appreciate the teachings of Bahamut. They resonated with his own sense of moral deeds, and he was determined to uphold them in any way he could through his deeds. Unfortunately that left him with few options, namely one: Beiran Springreaper and his band of mercenaries known as the Scythes of Beiran. Upon meeting the man, Rhokax felt that the name sounded more impressive than the small band of individuals he saw gathered before him.

Mercenary Company was stretching the term to the limits, as there were only five of them including Beiran, a wiry half-elf man who was quick with his feet and his tongue. Resigned to the only group that met his most important criteria, Rhokax signed on with the request that they continue to move from town to town, aiding in his own quest for information regarding the Cult of the Dragon. Beiran, eager to have a hulking dragonborn as part of his “company” was quick to accept his offer.

This began a nearly ten-year journey which led Rhokax from the small band that was the Scythes of Beiran, into the full company of men who fought under Beiran and his five lieutenants, one of which became Rhokax. The dragonborn was integral to the company’s formation, with his sound tactics in battle and martial prowess earning Beiran a name for himself as a tough group of mercenaries who could get the job done, and who were highly selective of their clients. Potential employers knew not to waste their time with the Scythes if their motives were anything less than noble or just. Rhokax grew as well, drawn to the power of Bahamut, he found himself drawing on divine powers he had only witnessed Medrash wielding during the wars fought years prior. This only made the Scythes prestige grow across the land. Eventually Rhokax heard whisperings here and there and determined that the famous Flaming Fists of Baldur’s gate had encountered the Cult of the Dragon and won against them a number of times.

There was conflict in Rhokax’ heart however, as he had heard of the Tymanther-Unther war back home. While it had resolved, he knew a new war was just on the horizon, and perhaps he could better serve his people back home, fighting against the incursion of his home. His messages to the Cadre always came back with the request to continue his journey and return once he felt confident in his abilities to counter the tactics of the Cult and make the Platinum Cadre that much more effective a fighting force for Tymanther. With reservations, Rhokax continued. With the company sending units of men to different regions to help cover costs and begin to fund a base of operations, Rhokax asked Beiran to join him on his journey to Baldur’s gate, to introduce the dragonborn to the Flaming Fists as a fellow mercenary commander, and to facilitate an exchange of knowledge. Beiran agreed, bringing his own unit, and Rhokax with his, to earn some gold along the way.

Recent History: Rhokax and Beiran with their men arrived at Baldur’s Gate, and were directed to Beregost to speak with Captain Palma Goldtree, the Flaming Fist commander of the town who supposedly had the greatest amount of experience in combating the Cult through regional maneuvers and tracking.

Upon arrival at Beregost, Rhokax had only a day of speaking with the Captain when the town came under attack by the Cult. Aiding in the defence of the town with their own men, all commanders were surprised by the ferocity of the attack, and the armed force they were facing. Captain Goldtree hadn’t experienced such a confrontation before, and with the Scythes aid was just holding out to protect Beregost from the worst.

Rhokax led his men from the front as usual, urging them forward and swinging his battleaxe to great effect, felling kobolds and cultists as they came, but it was not enough. Rhokax watched as his men fell around him, barely able to keep some standing as they came closer and closer. He could see Beiran fighting for his life nearby, and the half-elf took a mortal blow to his back, the enemy moving past to seek a new opponent, their eyes falling on Rhokar. Yelling out in defiance, the dragonborn cleric of bahamut threw out his power, seeking to heal one of his oldest friends, but felt a slam to the back of his head which caused a flash in front of his eyes, and a numbness to overcome his body, falling towards the blood-soaked ground below. Darkness enveloped his consciousness, and he had no idea how many of his men were alive or dead, or whether Beiran was saved by Rhokar’s last-ditch aid.

He awoke to his arms bound in chains, his armor and weaponry stripped of his person, and alone of anyone he could rely on. Rhokar found himself a captive of the Cult.
PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Kayne Cyire / Torm / Donovan Whistler
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
Real Life hitting harder and harder. Working on updates as soon as I can, please have pity (patience) on me!

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Name: Sora
Race: Air Genasi
Class: Monk
Background: Far Traveller

Sora is naturally inquisitive, especially now that she has found her way so far from home. She wants to see all of the wonders of this new land, even the more terrifying places. Perhaps she wants to see those places even more than the safe ones.

While Sora is rather small and unassuming, she has no problem standing up for herself. She will speak out when she thinks that the people around her are behaving in a way she thinks is foolish and make sure they know what she thinks the best course of action is, even if it goes against the consensus. She does not, however, want to lead and is happy to follow the instructions of others, so long as those instructions do not put others in danger needlessly.

Having grown up in a foreign land, Sora has a number of personality quirks that others may find strange. She has different assumptions from those around her concerning personal space, blithely invading others' space in innocence, or reacting to the ignorant invasion of her own. She also begins or ends her day with small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around her. Finally, she occasionally pretends not to understand the local language in order to avoid interactions she would rather not have. She tries not to do it too often, but it has gotten her out of some uncomfortable situations in the past.

  • Grew up as part of a travelling carnival
  • Worked with the knife thrower, learned how to juggle, and was one of the people who ran the shell game (+3 Dex, total; Sleight of Hand proficiency)
  • She also helped look after the other carnies' children (+1 Cha)
  • She was well like, but a bit annoying, as she also had bit of trivia that she wanted to share (+1 Int)
  • After a series of unexplained murders in one of the towns the carnival was in, her people were accused and persecuted, but she and some others were taken in and hidden by the local clergy (+1 Wis)
  • During this time, she had to learn how to read people - tell friend from foe - and how to keep an eye out for people who may have been tailing her or obvious traps (+1 Wis; Perception and Insight proficiency)
  • In order to protect her and her people, they had to separate to be harder to track and Sora went to a monastery with an enlightened monk (+1 Wis)
  • At the monastery, she was able to train with the monks (+2 Dex, Acrobatic proficiency) and she taught herself how to play the flute and painting (+1 Cha, Flute and Painter's Supplies proficiency)
  • However, a year ago, she began to have horrible nightmares about the end of the world and headed out for Greenest (Adventure Hook)
  • She bought passage on a ship headed west
  • The ship did not take her the whole way to Greenest, and she had to spend months in the wilds to make it all the way (+1 Wis)
  • She arrives around the time that the fallen are being laid to rest


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Name: Dane
Race: Human
Class: Rogue (Assassin)
Background: Criminal (Infiltrator)
Homeland: Mosstone, Tethyr

Traits: I am relaxed by nature. In a rural environment my cares tend to wash away. However, if I am in the city I get nervous and tense. There is no such thing as a fair trade. People always seek to gain something from me, so I expect to be cheated.
Bond: The title of Scythe is mine... for now. It is to be seen if this is simply a new cage.
Ideal: There is no meaning to why we exist, so why not live life to the fullest and do what you want?
Flaw: I would like to think that lying comes naturally to me, but it's obvious my lies are terrible to any outside observer.

Backstory: I was once a part of a mercenary group out of Baldur's Gate. The Flaming Fist.

When I was young they were the only thing around. Farmers had sons and merchants hate footpads so I was pulled off the streets and given a couple coppers to assist the Flaming Fist. Since I never really had parents, I was scooped up just like many others to join someone else's war down in Tethyr. If I had brothers it's possible they were the bastards I learned to fight beside. All I know is that by the time we were ready to fight, the war had been won and we were irrelevant. Instead, all the Fist were in Baldur's Gate becoming protectors of the lords and ladies.

My experience with that place led me to despise working in big cities, in governments. It wasn't battle. There was no thrill in cleaning up a Gate pisser causing mischief. No grit or gold. And all Marshal Ravengard wanted was that city. My fist was used for ink on parchment, blood on pavement, not anything more. I saw what was coming and broke my ties with them as soon as they became noble dogs, as soon as the silvers I had were heavy enough. My name would never bear the seal of those politicians; it would never be bound to a cause beyond my own desires. The roads became my home. No walls and a problem at every side.

There were several banners I fell under. Some on the Sword Coast, further north, east, and at one point a ship, but that didn't last long. Each I left behind when things went inky or to blight. Due to this I gained a rather distasteful moniker: Bannerless Dane. At first it was a laugh, but it fit my way of life.

I was Bannerless Dane. One man against the world.

Those that Significantly Effected Dane--
  • Lythra Grutuk was an orc mercenary that Dane spent more time with than any. A ranger like him and only a bit less of a scoundrel, he had to run from her after getting too close, saying he'd stay and scout for the Scythes. He misses her and doesn't know where she is ever since the battle in Beregost.
  • The Band of Seven Arms was a group Dane was with before the Scythes that, after stealing from and being caught in a lie, beat him within an inch of his life and stripped him of all his possessions. It is the only band he's been in that he didn't get an emblem from. He has a grudge to say the least.

Hopes, Fears and Secrets--
  • Hope: My life has always bent to coin. Copper for the Fist, silver for myself, and gold for the dragon. Coin won't make me better, but I think I know someone who can.
  • Hope: Someone named Barnabas is in danger because of my greed. I will save them.
  • Fear: My honor has bound me to a cause. A group. I know the weakness that this sort of connection will bring.
  • Fear: I've heard the words of Sehanine and know them to be true. My "story" is unchanged for now.
  • Secret: I regard the emblems I've gained as memories and look at them in secret when I want to get lost in the past. I don't like people to think me emotional, so I hide this sentimentality.


Character Sheet--

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Name: Puma (doesn't really use his birth name much)
Concept: Human Circle of the Moon Druid (Emerald Enclave)

Appearance: When looking like the species of his birth, Puma is a tall and tanned younger man in his mid-twenties. His hair is jet black, but seems to have differing brown undertones that sometimes are revealed when he's messed it up by running his hand through his hair repeatedly. His eyes are a light amber, bordering on yellow. The clothes he wears are the clothes of an outlander who visits towns, but rarely stays in them. Any leather looks tanned by hand, and there is a collar of fluffy fur that might be fox fur under all the uncleaned detritus that could land on it and not be brushed off by someone who is unused to thinking of what others see of him.

Personality: Puma had once been a curious boy with enough energy to play and explore with other children, and when he's invested in a situation, he often displays all of those qualities. The key is to hook his interest, and the change from outlander to compatriot is overwhelming. As a wanderer his social qualities don't get much use, and the internal sort of focus where his mind is aware of what's going on around him but more interested in thinking about something else can cause him some grief when not alone. Druidic circles have a certain way about making individuals welcome to do their individual thing as they feel the need, which he has been unable to quite grasp in his individual travels. It's hard to bow out of a conversation when you don't know how. Most of his social understanding ceased at age 14, so he does come off mildly inept around total strangers.

Flaw: The orphan mentality in Puma is strong, a clear sense of focusing on what is needed for survival and where and how to get it. There's a certain pride involved in being able to take care of oneself in the Misty Forest or wherever his feet take him, as well as a withdrawn side, always the outsider, looking in. Both emotions can make him do things he wouldn't usually.


Motivations: From the moment that his mother died, the woodlands have been his home. He fits better there than anywhere else. Over time he met those with druidic powers like himself, numbering among various races that had all ended up in the Misty Forest. He objects to anything that would harm woodlands, or nature in general. Survival is one thing. The encroachment of people who didn't need what they took was another. This included him almost automatically when he met an envoy of the Emerald Enclave by the name of Storn in the woods who gradually opened up about what it was he did, and told stories of High Forest in the north. It took him some time to get there and visit the great tree the other had mentioned, but by the time he left, he was an initiate of the Enclave. They let him wander where he would, but messages did come to him of things they wanted him to do.

Goals: There's a little boy who never knew his father deep within Puma. He thinks he's accepted everything that goes with it, but it's still there, a tiny hole in his heart that never closed. Family is something he wants, yet doesn't truly understand how to have. He's a wanderer, much like his father had been, and unless he found a woman willing to wander with him, it seemed unlikely that he would find a family that he could remain with -- and he would not have a child and abandon him, he just wouldn't. He has seen druids who lived in the Misty Forest, mostly settled but still with range, yet that doesn't call to him quite yet. It may take the right woman to truly make him settle down.

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