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Old 08-05-2017, 09:10 AM
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23 Oldcrest Rd: The Barands

Please place all character statistics and background information in this thread.



Player Character Race Class Age Active?
Opera Rashid Diya-al-din Human Monk 43 Inactive
BrixNix Tobius Human Rogue 35 Inactive
Giot Jinx "Jinxy" Deepstrider Halfling Wizard 17 Inactive
Skep Oliver & Gia Llewelyn Half-Elf Fighter 25 Active
Ssays Monty Highhall Halfling Bard 30 Active
chubbyninja29 Leofric Human/Ettercap Monk 22 Active
zevonian Shirl Simoneon Tiefling Warlock 20 Active

To Table of Contents

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Name: Oliver & Gia Llewelyn
Race/Subrace: Half-Elves
Class: Fighter (Battlemaster)
Background: Guild Merchant (variant)
Alignment: Neutral Good



Status: Winding down to hiatus
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The BasicsName: Monty Highhall
Race/Subrace: Lightfoot Halfling
Class: Bard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Entertainer of all traditions, master of none, preferably insultory.

ConceptConcept: I think a bard could shine really well here. Clearly others do too! Sorry to make it a crowd. But the idea of being tied to an instrument or poetry has never really appealed to me and I’m not sure I’m a good enough writer not to make it seem too cheesy. We can’t all be Patrick Rothfuss. So here is a Bard that’s a little more diverse with his performances - everything can be a performance. He’s small and ridiculously brave (due to all the luck), mocking people in the middle of combat and lampooning your favorite love song. It’s easier to critique than to create, so you’ll find him a little hackish when he’s trying out his original material. The build is skill-monkey, designed to get into dangerous situations and then get out quickly if he needs to or lying low and buffing.

Description/PersonalityThin for a halfling. Appearing younger than he is has stretched out most of the good will he’s received, so he keeps his handsome face shaven. He’s at least as funny as he is annoying and treats others fairly as long as your definition of fair doesn’t include respect.

BackstoryMonty tells it like this. He doesn’t remember his parents, his home town, or not being able to play the pan flute. “I was a child prodigy! There was no requiem or ballad that I could not turn into a side-splitting joke with my set of ribs.” They do sort of resemble ribs, you have to admit, and he explains that, “Spitting all over these amounts to about the same thing as tickling your ribs, you see!” That somehow makes perfect sense when he says it.

He’s given this explanation hundreds of times, you can tell. The self-deprecation and dysphemism are measured thrice. He starts by playing to your sympathies, explaining that he didn’t so much have patrons as the patrons had him. “I was that young!” They fed and housed him for a while because he entertained the guests. And they kept his tips. “Not that I’d even know what to do with the money at that age!” His performance worked best when it was preceded by a serious musician. The more serious the better. He’d recreate their manner of play and their melodies in a mocking way. As he grew older the more sensitive artists were less amused and more inclined to refuse to play in any place that would have him. “Poor sports!” Audiences too, found it less enduring. So he needed to find a far more charitable set of sponsors.

He found them in the Barands. You’ve heard the name! Good folk, hard working. “They took me in as if I was their own, trained me as they plied their trading business. I learned more than most and I’ll tell you how. I started by learning Three Dragon Ante from their older charity cases. Humans play so many games to pass the time. Cards and dice are just the start! There’s courtship, contracts, dinner parties, and duels, too! Humans build such marvelous rules around everything. When I’ve met others of my kind, they see it as unnecessary complication.” Here he adopts an entirely different voice, clearly mocking a specific Halfling, probably a stout, ‘A fair trade needs no haggle, and the prettiest lass is the one who’ll dance with you!’ I’ve heard them say. But it’s not just that is it? It’s the key! Once you learn the rules of the game, you can play it just as well. Whatever you do, don’t call it a game, put on a serious face.” He winks at you as if you must agree. Maybe you do a little. “Anyway, out on my own now, making the world a better place with what they taught me.”

You hope to bite to the core of the matter by using a phrase he must have seen on the help wanted flyer, “And so you’ve learned to do adding and keep track of inventory?”

“Oh sure! The little pictures are pretend versions of the real things. But you know what helps me keep track? Write a diddie about it! Tell a joke!” He thinks and then snaps his fingers. “Say you’ve made a trade of some grain for some silk. ‘Three bundles of Barley climbed each other up. They put on a fine robe to be king. Fooled not a one, they earned no sup. But they were much preferred by the queen,’” He looks at you with a wordless See?

You scratch your head, pretty sure you don’t see. You just want someone to help you with the books. He’s charming and at least a little smart, but you’re not sure that you could trust someone who thinks of your business as a game. You definitely couldn’t stand to listen to a reckoning of the books in song or joke form.

You stay friendly, “But… isn’t it just easier to write it down? On the ledger?”

He smiles brightly at you and nods, “Oh sure. Much easier. I can do it that way if you’d like.”

You shake your head, “I’m so sorry, Morty. You seem like a good fellow. You’re just not exactly what I’m looking for. And I’d have to build you a shorter counter. I wish you the best of luck.”

He seems to take it much better than you thought he would.

I’ll tell you something you don’t know that explains why. Morty doesn't need your wishes of luck. He knows that he’ll get lucky sooner or later. He always does. The luck won’t last long, but he’ll have some fun, pick up the beginnings of some new skill. So it had always gone since leaving the family to go out on his own. Garis had warned him that not everything was a game or performance but had been understanding as long as Monty played fairly. Monty had since amended that to mean, “play fairly as long as other people do.” “Cheat the cheaters,” he’d say. But it did seem like he met some awfully good cheaters! People could be very sneaky. Some of them were born with huge advantages.

He was pretty good at a million things! But if pressed even he would admit that he wasn’t fantastic at any. So against a fair person or a cheat, he was often outmatched. If he ever wanted to rise from squalor to security, he’d need a task broad enough to match his skillset and probably partners who could see his worth. It would help if they had senses of humors.

But it’s not as though life just hands you opportunities like that. Barring some kind of miraculous intervention, Morty would have to earn such an opportunity by doing something boring for a long time, like delivering messages or balancing ledgers. Odd jobs didn’t seem so unbearable compared to that boredom.

I’ll tell you something else that even he doesn’t know. He’s going to have to remember that some things are too important to treat as a game if he’s going to succeed, and he’s about to receive a letter that reminds him.
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Name: Leofric
Race/Subrace: Human/Ettercap
Class: Monk
Alignment: Neutral Good

Minus the arm canisters

Personality: Curious and Optimistic

RP sample:

from the darkness comes the sound of a chip bag being opened.

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This is the placeholder post. Backstory to be revealed, in theory, in game. I mean as of this posting, the main party doesn't even know my character's name.
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