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Down Time

New/current downtime earning rulesThe West Marches downtime rules changed on August 28, 2021. Earning money via practicing a profession is no longer possible. To smooth the transition, we've made two exceptions: 1) PCs on adventures as of August 28, 2021, may take their downtime earning when they return. PCs who completed adventures between August 14 and August 28, 2021 may take their downtime earnings. The old rules are in a spoiler button below for use by those players.

LifestyleAll adventures maintain a free lifestyle of modest. The town realizes how important you are so as long as you are on relatively decent behavior inside the walls, most inns, taverns, or other places where you might stay are willing to rent you a room for free. You help bring money in, protect the town, expand it, and more. So a few silvers or coins a day for food and a secure bunk seems like a small thing to cover. You of course can step down the lifestyle ladder, but you don't gain any additional gold for doing so.

Stepping up costs the gold lists per day. If you go on an adventure, you incur the cost per day. If your adventure takes longer than 2 months, the places require a deposit of 1 month. If the adventure takes longer than 6 months, the places require 4 months deposit. Most places are willing to work with adventurers and run a tab for their rooms while they are away.

Downtime DaysAfter completing an adventure you character gains 2 months of down time (60 days).

You can additionally choose to have a character spend additional days working towards a goal. You must declare a character is doing this (not simply leaving and claiming it retroactively). Once you declare the character may not be used in any adventure for 60 days in real life. They may be used in any Role Playing thread, but may not go on adventures until after the 60 days. If you do so, you gain d3+1 months of downtime ((d3+1)*30).

Downtime ActivitiesCrafting: The DMs are currently experimenting with allowing crafting and consumable items (scrolls). Below are the current rules. Based on feedback from the players, we will likely be expanding the rules to allow crafting higher level scrolls and perhaps potions and permanent magical items. While this crafting occurs in town, it doesn't actually use any downtime days.

Please post any actions you are taking (e.g., scribing scrolls, copying spells) in the Scriber's Corner thread so that the DMs can get a sense of what the players are doing.

Currently permitted action(s)
  • Any spellcaster can scribe scrolls (see details below)
  • Wizard's can copy spells from each other and or scrolls

Spell Scroll Crafting
  • Costs full SMP prices, plus the cost of ingredients if spell consumes non-zero cost ingredients.
  • For now, do not worry about crafting speed or downtime.
  • Limited to 3 scrolls per spell caster. Must be different spells
  • Spell Caster must know the spell. Clerics, Druids, and Paladins can scribe be any spell on their respective lists. Wizards can do any spell in their spellbook. Bards, Sorcerers, and Warlocks are limited to known spells (but can have another spellcaster)
  • RAW rules on casting - e.g., must have a scroll in hand, takes spell time (e.g., action, bonus action, reaction). Scroll requires concentration if the spell requires concentration.
  • Can only craft Cantrips (15 gold) and 1st level spells (60 gold).

Non Magical Item Crafting
  • The character will need the appropriate tools and proficiency in those tools to craft the item in question. Weapons and Armor would require Smith's Tools and Smith's Tools Proficiency. However, Leather Armor would require Leatherworker's Tools and Proficiency. Clothing would require Weaver's Tools and Weaver's Tools Proficiency. Other kinds of nonmagical gear will require whatever tool and proficiency is most appropriate for the item in question.
  • The character will need to purchase raw materials equivalent to half of the desired item's total cost in the PHB. (i.e. Plate Armor 1500 gp total cost requires 750 gp in raw materials)
  • To determine how many downtime weeks are required, take the total cost in the PHB and divide by 50. (i.e. Plate Armor 1500 gp divide by 50 equals 30 downtime weeks required to craft)
  • A character can complete multiple items in a workweek if the items' combined total cost in the PHB cost is 50 gp or lower.
  • Multiple characters can combine their efforts based on DM approval. The DMs will use judgement to see if it makes sense. For instance, a tiny item like a ring might only allow for 1 or 2 workers but a large and complex item might allow for 4 or more workers.
  • Everyone who collaborates needs to have the appropriate tool proficiency.

If you desire to craft other magical items (i.e. higher level spells, potions, permanent magical items), please let a DM know in the Ask a DM thread. If there's interest we may look into developing a system for crafting magical items.

Carousing: Your character may hit the town for the night, engaged in a variety of hedonistic activities such as attending parties, binge drinking, gambling, or anything else that helps them cope with the perils they face on their adventures. A carousing character spends money as though maintaining a wealthy lifestyle (28 gp per week). At the end of the period spent carousing, the player rolls percentile dice (1d100) and adds the character’s level, then compares the total to the Carousing table to determine what happens to the character. The Carousing table can be found in the Dungeon Master's Guide in Chapter 6 "Between Adventures" or you can roll and ask a DM to look up the result for you. Once you find out the result you may make a write up detailing your endeavors of the night like a short story. Doing so will fulfill your Downtime Post requirement for your previous adventure and grant your character the result rolled. You may make this roll for every week that you spend carousing up to a maximum of 8 weeks if you spend all 60 days carousing. Deduct 28 gp for each week you engage in Carousing from your character sheet.

Religious Service: Pious characters may want to spend their time in service to their god or worship at your god's temple. This may spread the word of your Deity and gain favor with your god and his or her faithful. Post a write up about your time in religious service. Then, make a religion check verses a DC of 5 + 2d10. If you successfully make the check, your god is pleased with your efforts and you receive inspiration on your next adventure. If you fail to make the check, your god is not satisfied with your efforts and you do not receive inspiration on your next adventure. However, you will at least receive credit for fulfilling your Downtime Post requirement for your previous adventure when you post a write up. Characters must spend a minimum of 30 days in religious service to have the opportunity to receive inspiration as you focus your mind and prayers to cleanse your soul. If your god is not pleased, you may try again for an additional 30 days.

I Need Some Exercise! This downtime activity covers all manner of non-lethal athletic contests such as wrestling, boxing, jousting, and archery. Make a Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity Check (Acrobatics) versus a DC of 5 + 2d10. If you beat the DC you won your contest and word of your victory spreads. Post a write-up describing your thrilling victory or agonizing defeat. Doing so will give you credit for fulfilling your Downtime Post requirement for your previous adventure. If you win your contest, you also receive inspiration for your next adventure. This uses 30 days of downtime as you find an equal opponent, arrange a location, attract people and merchants, and do the fight itself. If you lose, you may try again for an additional 30 days.

Relaxation: Sometimes the best thing for an adventurer is a little down time. You take a month's vacation (30 Downtime days) and just chill out. Characters may even take vacations together! While relaxing, a character gains advantage on saving throws to recover from long-acting diseases and poisons. In addition, for each week of vacation (4 weeks total), a character can end one effect that keeps the character from regaining hit points, or can restore one ability score that has been reduced to less than its normal value. This benefit cannot be used if the harmful effect was caused by a spell or some other magical effect with an ongoing duration. Write a post describing your relaxation to receive the benefits described. Doing so will also give you credit for fulfilling your Downtime Post requirement for your previous adventure.

Recuperating: If you’re affected by a debilitating injury, disease, or poison and you haven’t found a way to get rid of it by the end of an episode or an adventure, you can use downtime to attempt to shake it off. This option is good for characters that don't want to use a full 30 days to relax. After three days of downtime spent recuperating, you can make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, you can choose one of the following results:
  • End one effect on you that prevents you from regaining hit points.
  • For the next 24 hours, gain advantage on saving throws against one disease or poison currently affecting you.
Include this is your downtime post and you will get credit for fulfilling your Downtime Post requirement for your previous adventure.

Research: The time between adventures is a great chance to perform research, gaining insight into mysteries that have unfurled over the course of the campaign. Research can include poring over dusty tomes and crumbling scrolls in a library or buying drinks for the locals to pry rumors and gossip from their lips. If you desire to use your downtime to engage in research, speak to the DM who you just completed an adventure with. That DM will give you further instructions on what checks are required and will let you know what are the results of your research. However, writing a post describing your research efforts will give you credit for fulfilling your Downtime Post requirement for your previous adventure.

Training: You can spend time between adventures learning a new language, training with a set of tools or a new skill. If you want to use training to do anything other than these, please ask a DM.

First, you must find an instructor willing to teach you.

The training lasts for 250 days and costs 1 gp per day. After you spend the requisite amount of time and money, you learn the new language or gain proficiency with the new tool or skill.

If your character desires to engage in any of the following activities, please let a DM know in the Ask a DM thread. The DMs will work together with you to come up with a system that will potentially allow you to be able to engage in this activity.

Building a Stronghold: A character can spend time between adventures building a stronghold. Examples include an Abbey, Guildhall, keep or small castle, noble estate with manor, outpost or fort, palace or large castle, temple, tower, trading post or more!

Training: You can spend downtime days to work toward learning a new language, skill, or set of tools.

Players Choice: Got something you want to do in your downtime that isn't listed here? Let us know in the Ask a DM thread.

Around The FireplaceReminder: Downtime is optional! If your character does not wish to engage in any downtime activity, you may fulfill your post adventure writeup requirement by creating a post in the Around The Fireplace thread. Write a description of your previous adventure in this thread and this also fulfills your post requirements at the end of each adventure.


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Harbek the Paladin
left-aligned image
Harbek stood dressed in a simple white shift, with bare feet, head and hands. He was surrounded by candles and incense. On each side of him where dwarven brothers sworn by the faith as paladins, clerics or priests. They would keep vigil all night long and through the next day. No food or water would pass their lips as their sustenance would come from Clangeddin their God.

We are the servants of Clangeddin,
We will seek out evil and the enemies of the dwarves
and smite them into a thousand pieces.

We are the knights of the light
We will burn day and night brightly
As we expunge from this earth
the servants of evil.

They intoned the articles of their faith as they stared determinedly ahead not moving their bodies but clasping their ceremonial weapons close to their hearts.

The ceremony of the faithful was an ancient tradition of the Paladins of Clangeddin and was repeated wherever clerics, priests, paladins or the faithful gathered. It would be followed by a feast usually but here in Westhaven there were but three of them. However, today was the last day of the month of the Glorysun, and the three comrades would not miss this annual ceremony for anything. Harbek had already decided that afterwards, he would celebrate at the On Your Shield.

The ceremony was beautiful, and as the sun set on the next day, Harbek felt purified and stronger in his faith. He earnestly prayed that he would be able to continue doing Clangeddin' work and that one day the world would be rid of evil.

The next day Harbek dressed in some plain clothes and presented himself at a local poor dwarven family. The family worked at the local forge helping to grind stone into pure iron ore. This was exhausting work, and there were numerous things to do around the house that had not been done by the parents as they were too busy working and looking after the children. In dwarven tradition, the ceremony of the faithful is always followed by alms. Alms can be given in the form of money or time. As the paladin was a bit embarrassed about his current wealth, he had decided to give his time.

He spent the next few days fixing the roof and fire in the house so that when the family lit the hearth fire their little home was not immediately filled with smoke.

He smiled as he worked as fundamentally there was lots of satisfaction to be gained with this sort of manual labour and a far smaller risk of being killed. So all in all a good thing. AS he worked, he thought about his future. In his near death experience he felt Clangedding had told him not to follow the most obvious path, but what did that mean. He could not answer this question and vowed more time was needed in prayer.

As the week came to an end, Harbek was sad to be leaving the family as he had formed a good rapport with both parents and had fallen completely for their delightful children. He needed, however, to return to his prayers at the makeshift temple they had erected.

The next week he spent his days reading the works of Clangeddin and in study with his fellow believers. They debated what Clangeddin had meant when he had through the first prophet declared no soldier of the faith should rest until evil was defeated and no battleaxe was too bloody for the pursuit of goodness. In his prayer, the paladin felt that Clangeddin was drawing him not to follow the traditional paladin path but to explore his curiosity about the art of wizardry and to consider how this could be used to further the faith.

OOCHi Mighty is this OK as my write up for religious service. I was not sure what you wanted
Eourl Thorson
I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Have returned from annual leave just catching up!

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Grauf Clanton
left-aligned image


Shambling together a place that he could call home would be a problem as his entire existence after leaving his home was one of travel. It was not often that Grauf would find himself a place he was comfortable in staying as most civil towns and cities had a structure that he could never get behind. Even before he was malformed, Grauf was more of an animal at heart, living off the land and letting the world move him as he simply wandered and created his maps.

Suffice to say that Westhaven was not his home of choice, with it's walls and wooden buildings that blocked out the sun.

Deciding that if he was going to stay within the general structure of the city for at least a short time, the sorcerer began his preparations of building a small shelter not too far south of the walls. A "Chateau Clanton" or something of the sort. It wasn't hard really, just finding the sticks and a good tree shade, digging out a small fire pit and making a shabby stone-and-stick lean-to. He was much more comfortable like this, even though the walls wouldn't protect him like they were meant to. A campfire and a gentle song at night would always be much more of a comfort than such a cramped town.

Sitting by the fire on one particular night, the cold breeze of the frontier blew by, letting the heat dwindle as his own cold-blood made him lose heat faster. Grauf was unused to his body, the nature of warm-blooded creatures - of humans - allowed for them to simply maintain themselves with a small amount of heat. Their bodies could do the better of the job for them.

"My body used to work that way too," he grumbled as the fish-man got closer to his waning fire and tried his best to stop it's slow end. Across from him, sitting alone on the light backpack he'd always traveled with was the gem, that red, pulsating rock he used and the gnolls had used before him. It was the cause of this. An uncommon glare worked it's way onto the fish-man's face as he sheltered his fire, knowing that the magicks he could release through that crystal would provide more heat. The spell he'd allowed before in the southern woods would be enough.

But still... he glared at the red object and hovered over the fire, getting colder as he did so and watching the life of the light wane and fall. An ashen smoke rose from the firepit as Grauf stared at the logs. His hands shifted to his waist as the cold fully set in again and the darkness returned from it's barred entry now that the fire was gone.

Grabbing his tinderbox once more and a couple logs, he set to remaking his fire. The rhythmic movements of his hands made a soft song as the flint grinded and shot small sparks towards the dry tinder he carried in abundance. Chkk, chkk, chkk... chkk, chkk, chkk... The sparks ground against the tinder, but were unable to light as he stared down, silent, until his impatience made him do something with his agape mouth.

A light whistle to go along with his grinding, a song to be made of such a situation. Crouched over the firepit as he whistled his song, Grauf remembered vividly the times before all this, light jaunts through the forest as he whistled a tune not dissimilar. Those days had been kind to him, but maybe there were better ahead.

"Oh, would you look at that." The sparks lit the tinder and a gentle ember began once more and he began he fanning at the tiny flame. Soon enough, his effort would be rewarded and he could enjoy the night once more, but for now, he would fan the flame and sing his tune.

He would spend some days out in the wild, at home with where he was in the world, though he wasn't moving day-to-day anymore like he used to. Peace was fleeting in the West Marches, so the man took all the time he could to savor his.
OOCThe "Chateau Clanton" described in this is simply a quick and easy lean-to made of natural resources. It isn't defensible at all, but that is where he stays if there are no known goblin bands wandering the area at the time and he's not adventuring.

If anyone wants to relax at his small lean-to they are more than welcome. Grauf is not picky about friends or guests, though they might have to worry about his talkative personality.

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Oskar's body's in town; but his mind is still in the forest
right-aligned image
Back in Westhaven, Oskar Stenehjem, nature cleric of Marthammor Duin, could not let go of what he'd seen outside the walls. He'd ventured forth to cure the diseased woods, but it quickly became apparent that whatever causing the disease was probably beyond his strength, and they never did figure out exactly what was causing it, anyway. As a naturalist, the destruction and sickness disturbed him, and he vowed he would return when he was stronger, that he would see the disease cured.

In the meantime, he slipped a little research into the cause into his day-to-day research for his dream work: Stenehjem's Encyclopedia of the Flora and Fauna of the West Marshes. Each morning he would travel slightly outside the walls of the town -- he was a cautious dwarf, so it was never far at all -- and sit quietly, listening to the birdcalls, closely examining the plants, grasses and flowers, watching any animals that appeared. Whenever possible, he would use his speak with animals and animal friendshipclerical gifts to befriend a bird or mouse or whatnot, and chat with it. They typically weren't very bright, but Oskar didn't mind, asking questions about favorite foods, dangerous animals, weather; asking them to spread their wings or open their beaks so he could study them closely. But he would always slip in questions about the diseased woods -- when it started, what caused it, if it happened regularly in this part of the world, what its effects were. This was Oskar's element, interacting with the animals thoughtfully, quietly.

When the weather was terrible, he would sit inside with his book, studying, or, if he was lucky, borrow a book from elsewhere, but scholarly tomes were not exactly Westhaven's strong point.

The other way he spent his time -- interacting with people -- was more difficult and painful to him. He felt it his duty to hold daily services to his god, Marthammor Duin. There was just about always one or two congregants -- plenty in Westhaven felt a connection to the god of wanderers -- but never more than five or six; Oskar was not good at advertising, and it was a dwarvish god, and so attracted mostly dwarves.

Every day at midday, Oskar would wait for a spell outside the On your shield to see who was attending services that day, and then lead them to a different spot each day for a short service -- on nice days, they might walk outside the walls to a small clearing; on particularly rainy days, they'd even gather in a corner of the pub itself. Oskar was not one for fancy ceremony, and led simple services: brief, traditional but heart felt prayers. He would frequently work his currently befriended animal into a brief sermon: comparing Marthammor Duin's call to wander to the migration of ducks, the simplicity of a mouse's life.

After the service, the congregation would gather at the On your shield for a simple lunch. Oskar spent much time at the inn, but was typically quietly seated at the corner, reading; or appearing to read and listening to the conversation in the pub. If he caught any sign that a patron might know anything about the diseased woods, or be interested in attending one of his services, the shy dwarf would take a moment (and a deep gulp of beer) to steel himself It must be done. It's your duty and approach them, the briefest and awkwardest small talk imaginable leading to his direct questions.

In this way, two months passed quickly, and Oskar grew restless, to explore and study the wildlife further beyond the walls of the town, to test and strengthen himself to one day be able to rid the woods of the illness.

OOCMechanically, he's spending half of his 60 days holding services (for the 50 xp), and half of his 60 days researching -- both general plants and animals for his book (feel free to give this as much or little in game ramification as you want; happy for it to be mostly background for now), but also keeping a feeler out for any information about the diseased woods he may come across. Let me know if this the kind of thing you were looking for, and just in case you want some kind of roll for the research:
Dice Nature check: research for book and into diseased woods:
1d20+5 (10)+5 Total = 15
Dice investigation check: cause of diseased woods, talking to people around town and in pub:
1d20+3 (12)+3 Total = 15

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Fresh from his first adventure in the dangerous wilds, Kieran was itching for a good fight. Witnessing death has shaken him ever so slightly. It wasn't that he hadn't seen death before (he certainly had), but rather that the accompanying Wizard had died on his watch. He wasn't about to let that happen again.

Kieran set about arranging a duel with whoever had the will to challenge him. After investigating a few leads at the taverns and other meeting spots, Kieran identified his challenge: Rhaegar Flameborne, a well-known half-orc gladiator who had heretofore been undefeated in fair combat. His reckless style and massive maul could be easily exploited by the clever and talented ranger; he was perfect.

It didn't take long to arrange the duel; Kieran's investigations were enough to draw the ire of his intended foe, and within a day the formal challenge had arrived in the form of a letter. Kieran merely sharpened his blades and prepared for the fight.

Two weeks later, the day for the fight had finally come. The ring was to be a roughly crafted, improvised gladiatorial ring; it amounted to nothing more than a crudely drawn circle in the rough dirt. Merchants and spectators crowed around to see their beloved (and feared) local gladiator crush an unknown newcomer. Kieran met his foe, and did not flinch at the bestial half-orc's attempts at intimidation; the howling roars and guttural screams would not deter him.

A horn sounded, and Rhaegar rushed to attack without hesitation. Kieran nimbly dodged out of the way, rolling across the dirt. The barbarian continued through his charge, winding up quite a distance away from Kieran; in his rage he didn't see where his foe had gone. The ranger took the opportunity to sneak behind Rhaegar, delivering a nasty flurry of blows to the back of the unsuspecting fighter. The half-orc roared in pain and swung his maul in an arc around him, delivering a solid blow to Kieran's chest; but it would not be enough to knock him down. Kieran leapt backward and, with amazing agility, managed to hurl a spear at Rhaegar's hand, effectively disarming him. From there, it was simple: Kieran took another spear and knocked his foe prone with its hilt, then stood upon him and placed the point at his neck. And, just like that, Kieran had won the fight within moments.

The crowd was stunned, but a moment later they broke into cries and cheering for their new champion. Several attended to Rhaegar's wounds, but the rest crowded around Kieran and offered their congratulations to their new hero. It was not the victory of the century, but Kieran felt certain it would be enough to carry him towards a better reputation in town.

With the next few weeks, Kieran set about a new task: learning to smith. An adoring fan had offered Kieran training at his own forge, and the ranger couldn't refuse; learning to forge armor and weapons would certainly be a great boon. For weeks the pair trained, the smith offering his apprentice the chance to learn the art of blacksmithing and the apprentice teaching the smith a few solid self-defense tactics. The partnership concluded when Kieran was drawn away to another adventure, but it was left with the promise of a continued mutually beneficial relationship.


Current Posting Status: I am currently very sick and unable to frequent the site. Please excuse my (hopefully) brief absence, and auto my characters.
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left-aligned image

Downtime - learning masonry and considering building Celetheril finds a mason who she can live with while she works to learn the art of masonry. She pays Lev Hallson 1gp a day for her schooling and works diligently to make sure that she absorbs the knowledge of the mason as she works alongside him as his apprentice. She uses the time that she gains from not needing to sleep to read in the library about the construction of strongholds and to begin to design a stronghold for herself. She wants to be able to understand that process of building and to be able to contribute herself when the time comes to construct it.
On a typical day, Lev takes her to his latest job building a home for a local farmer. She shapes the raw stones into blocks, for him to finish and fit into the building. The work is hard - they start just after daybreak and work throughout the morning. She makes a few mistakes but these are getting less now. She is starting to be able to feel the stone as Lev has told her to and having the Raven on her shoulder helps her to see the planes within the stone that make it easier to work. The physical labour and the concentration on the task mean that she is running with sweat when Lev calls a halt. They sit in companionable silence as they eat bread and cheese, and drink good clean water. Lev is a quiet man and, apart from occasional instructions, he is happy for there to be no chatter. Then they go back to work. Lev shows her how to create an angled edge to a block abd she continues to carve the blocks be has marked up until just before nightfall. Then they walk back to the house, covered in stone dust, and clean up before a meal and an early night. When she comes out of Trance, she goes to the library to read up on designing towers before returning to Lev's house in time for breakfast and the start of the next day.


Due to some major issues in RL, I am taking a break from RPGX until December.
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Darvin IkkelsonTraining: Learn a new language - Orcish
Int bonus = 2
Total days required to learn = 250 - (10*2) = 230 days. Spending 30 days down time (and 30g)

It was clear to Darvin that these lands were going to be quite dangerous if he didn't know what his enemies were saying. As it was, only one person in his previous party was of interest to him at the current time, so the rogue searched for a teacher that knew Orcish.

OOCI am assuming this can be broken up into chunks and mastered over time, but I won't gain the knowledge proficiency until it is completely mastered.
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A night on the town
left-aligned image
The two made quite the pair as they walked through the streets of Westhaven. The lanky, unwashed, tattoed pirate and the squat, homely lady of the night. Linked arm in arm Uhka radiated a sly smile as the rum continued to work its way through his system. Beatrix, the name the not-so-young lady offered Uhka when he asked, for her part did very well to hide her repulsion the man's intense odor caused as she led him through the back alleys toward their final destination. "How long 'as it been?" the sailor wondered as they stepped over sewage filled streets toward the seedier side of town. It's easy to forget how nice the willing embrace of another can feel when you're adrift at sea for months at a time.

As they advanced further into the back alleys, the sneers and whispers that followed them subsided. In this part of town people didn't have time to worry about what depravity others were up to. "Here's the place." Beatrix let go of Uhka's arm and pointed toward the nondescript building exterior. Before she would enter she made it clear with a gesture of her hand there would need to be some form of payment. The tattooed pirate still smiling slyly looked around at the dank alley he found himself in. With a flick of his thumb, a gold coin was sent flying into the woman's hand and the pair again were linked as they pushed through the door.

"Seven!" The croupier called loudly paying no notice to the two guests entering the room. A small crowd of gamblers groaned in unison as they saw their chips pulled away. Uhka found himself drawn to the corner where the dice game was taking place. Beatrix tried to pull him by the arm to the staircase up to the second floor, but the pirate could not be swayed.

"My money good 'ere?" Uhka asked the croupier holding the last of his few gold coins out toward the man.

"Of course!" Was the instant response from the croupier (better not to let time go by with so many distractions competing for the drunken sailor's last coins). A stack of chips was shoved Uhka's direction and the barmaid was shepherded to bring a stool over for the new patron. Beatrix found her way to a seat a few feet behind the gaming table. She looked a bit exasperated as she wondered how much longer she'd have to endure the pirate before moving on to her next customer.

"'Ats the stuff" Uhka responded as he took a seat on his stool and began stacking his pile of chips. "An' how 'bout a rum" He continued, investing his first chips into a drink from the bar.

The next few hours passed by in a dizzying swirl of activity. The pile of chips in front of Uhka grew and shrank with frigtening rapidity. From time to time he'd throw a few chips back toward Beatrix, she'd stuff them into her purse as she continued to disinterestedly accompany the tattoed man. Disinterested that is until the moments when her companion would score a massive win, at which point she'd sidle beside him to grab a couple of chips for herself. The homely hooker was not the only one sniping the sailor's chips in his drunken revelry. Fellow gamblers and onlookers were able to steal a few with Uhka being none the wiser. And of course the barmaid made frequent visits to exchange a few chips for a refill of his rum. Uhka didn't mind as long as he kept winning, and win he did - at least enough to keep his chip stack afloat even in the face of such spiraling expenses.

The festivities continued until night turned into day. Dawn was breaking and shedding more light on the squalid gambling den and its sordid patrons. The sly, carefree smile Uhka had worn was drooping into a blank sneer, his face exhausted from hours of overstimulation. At its height the game hosted more than a dozen players, and had to turn more willing players away. But now there were just three, beside the croupier, sat down to gamble. The barmaid, whether it was a new one or the same from last night Uhka could no longer tell, refused to keep serving the pirate. "You're through sir." She commanded. The honorific was comically unfitting for the tattooed sailor stinking up the joint.

"Fine." Uhka slurred, upset at being cut off, but too tired to make a fuss. He looked over his shoulder to collect Beatrix and move upstairs, but she had left hours ago when the winning had slowed down. The lanky gambler hiccuped and looked down at his pile of chips, about the same as when he cashed in. His head swayed drunkenly as he lifted it up to its full height and motioned to the croupier to cash him out. After tips and closing his tab the pirate was left with exactly the same amount as he'd entered with. He stumbled a bit as he stood from his stool and staggered toward the door. Exiting the building he had to shield his eyes from the bright light of day. Uhka paused a moment and looked left and right, trying to remember which way he'd come. With a slight shrug (or maybe it was another hiccup) he began meandering left, trying to retrace his path toward the inn.

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Geisis - Downtime: research
left-aligned image
The yellow sun burns in the center of a bright blue sky, sending wave upon wave of heat down. The wet sand underfoot, on the other hand, feels cold as it digs in between her toes. Geisis stands at the beach outside town, her feet trying to find purchase as the rolling waves riding under lacy white foam conspire to take the ground beneath her feet away. The surf stretches as far as the eye can see and she is all alone. Down below, tiny creatures mill about, carrying their conical shells with them, appearing and disappearing underneath the white-gold sand as the water washes over them. The sea gradiates from a pale blue to a deep torquiose further away. At the distance, Geisis sees the white cliffs they had followed on their way to the lagoon. And whatever joy she felt standing close to her beloved homeground melts away, replaced by a heaviness in her heart that she could not explain.

The genasi walks to a rock nearby and perches on top of it. Her indigo hair billows around her head. Throwing pebbles into the water, she looks back at events from the recent past. She had come to the surface to find her place in the world. She wanted to see everything, meet new people, have great adventures.To be free. She wasn't prepared for the violence that entailed, however. In her first expedition, ostensibly to find a new harbor for the town, they had faced killer crabs, vicious pirates and rampaging gnolls. They met most of them with axe and hammer. It was a relief that at least the pirates showed some brains and a deal could be worked out.

At the moment of the encounters, she understood why. It was a matter of self preservation, either kill the gnolls or be killed yourself. She however fails to comprehend the greater reasoning behind it all. The gnolls did not come to their home and attack them. It can be argued that she in fact went to their home and proceeded to obliterate them. Was a harbor really so important? Did the gnolls deserve to be killed just because they were gnolls? Are they classified as evil, and who decides that? What if somehow a group of 'adventurers' had stumbled upon her underwater sanctuary and attacked her and her siblings just because they needed to 'expand'?

There are many questions and she would need them answered if she is to continue on her present path. 'Then why don't you just get the answers? Seems quite simple, no?', a voice calls out from within her. The blue hued woman gets up from her rock and decides to do just that. She brushes off the sand from her garments made of dried seaweed and kelp, and some of her gloom along with it. She makes her way back to Westhaven.

Over the next month or so, Geisis talks to nearly every single person in the settlement, to try and find out what made them make their way over here, what makes them fight. Many are more than willing to share their story. It seemed they really wanted a listener. Some need a little coaxing to open up. A few require the assistance of liquor. But a story slowly emerges.

The oldest settlers came to this land about a hundred years back. A few of their descendents still remain, involved mostly in business activities. Since then, a steady stream of people have reached these shores and new faces still keep showing up. They all left their dwellings in far off lands to come here. Some left a cushy life, some were fleeing persecution. Geisis came to appreciate their need to find a place of their own. More importantly, the fact that each individual had a story, their very own, that mattered. They all strive for something better. And the survival of Westhaven is crucial for that to happen.

Geisis realized her knowledge of the world at large is equivalent to that of a toddler, having so recently emerged from isolation. To have a better understanding of the world and her place in it, she has to learn about it first. So she reads every tome, every shred of information she can find about the world. It is not easy. It's not as if she can walk into a library and start reading up. Still she manages to find what she can, about the world, it's history, culture, religions, the beings that inhabit it and the gods that look over. She does not let up until there is no new information to absorb.

Some time later, Geisis once again finds herself on the beach, perched atop the rock. From a distance, someone might mistake her for a mermaid. A lot has changed since she was here last. She has a much better grasp of what motivates people to do what they do. After spending so much time with the people of Westhaven, many of whom welcomed her to their homes with open arms, she has grown to think of the town as her own. Whereas she was in the doldrums then, now their is a new vigor to fight for the town and its people.

As the sun sets over the ocean, painting the water and the sky alike with shades of crimson and pink, the weight that once bore down on her heart lifts and melts away. 'This', she thinks, 'this is worth fighting for.'

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Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts
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carousing the town
Elamuir returns to town with broderick the two discussing the adventure. "Anhelorn ye owe me a drink and no more of them vines." "Haha, Alright I'll look around town and see what I can do. "

It is then that the two come across the Raven's Nest. A small sailors taven nothing to interesting except sailors telling stories of the sea. The two come walking in and have a seat in a group of sailors. Elamuir nearly knocking over a drink. "Can't believe I'm done with the lady. Worse than any of the kobolds. That was a nice trick with jumping into the pit I thought we'd be slain for sure. Elamuir elbows one of the sailors. This man's like a cat always landing on his feet. A few healing spells and he could have taken out the whole temple by himself. I'll take a drink bar keep."

He continues telling the stories and a few drinks later decides to leave. He nearly makes it out when the barkeep catches him for not paying. Elamuir stumbles and becomes a rat. He runs through the legs of the barkeep confused as to what happened. He begins to run through town as he avoids sailors nearly stepping on him and a few cats trying for some dinner. Upon making it back to his room he curls up on his bed blacking out as he returns to elven form.

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Practicing a Profession: Mercenary
"Most people just assume Mercenary work is nothing more than simply taking someone's money and fighting where they tell you. If only it were that easy."

It's about developing relationships
Brandt took a moment to shine the medals on his new dress uniform. They meant little, the yellow one he awarded himself for not spilling as he ate his morning oats, but they looked somewhat impressive; a tool to be used. He mentally opens his toolbox of smiles and released his most flirty one as the receptionist approached. "Sir Brandt, the Adjutant will see you now. "

Inside the office (clean, organized and a bit drab), a large mustached man stood behind a large oak desk, decorated with orderly stacks of parchment. "Good morning to you Captain." Brandt walked past the chairs and stopped at the edge of the desk reaching his hand out. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Brandt, Captain of the Raven's Eye... you've probably heard of us, yes?" Crossing one leg over his knee, Brandt takes one of the empty chairs.

" I've seen your help needed requests, but not every problem can be solved by whatever drink addled adventurer hears your call. And not every job warrants the expense and risk of sending your own soldiers. " Brandt presses his palms to his chest, making sure to highlight his facade of medals." These are the things you need professionals for, mercenaries. We are opening a branch here in Westhaven and would be more than happy to make ourselves available, should your needs require." Brandt pulls a bottle of fine wine from his satchel and places it on the Captain's desk, earning a glare as neat stacks of paper get moved slightly to make room.
Dice Persuasion:
1d20+3 (10)+3 Total = 13

It's about monetizing any situation to your benefit
Originally Posted by Hooks
Animal Collection! A scholar from the mainland wishes for animals to bring back and study to see how they diverge from the mainland species. Meet him at the Folded Parchment Inn for more information
The brine of sea air permeated the entire area near the docks, and Brandt's destination is no exception. The building itself was in passably acceptable condition. Red paint flecked off the signpost for the Folded Parchment Inn. Using one end of the rectangular crate in his arms, Brandt pushed the door open and stepped inside. A small groan as he realized that room 302 meant the third floor, which now meant navigating several flights of stairs with the unwieldy crate.

"Excuse me, Professor? " He used the toe of his new boots, complete with multicolored leather tassels, to gently knock on the door until a conservatively dressed person answered. "I saw your posting for guides, looking for animals to capture and take home, yes?" Brandt pushed his way in and set his load down on the room's only table." Well, I'm not here for that, quite exactly. You see, though I have not time nor talent in catching I did manage to come across some specimens you may be interested in, to keep you busy until you find some guides."

Brandt waits a moment for comments but, when met with silence, pulls out a crowbar and starts opening the crate . " You see, these may be rare examples of their type. I've been keeping them warm ever since the adults in their herd were killed in an unfortunate hunting accident." He lifts the cover of the crate accompanied by the screech of metal nails being pulled from their wooden home. Five medium size eggs, rest in a bed of straw. "These are from raptors, near as I can tell, what may be the very last of their species. They're carnivorous, the males are bigger.... but that's about all I know of them. Let's say... 1 gold per egg, with an additional 10 later for each one that hatches?"

Dice Persuasion:
1d20+3 (15)+3 Total = 18

It's about knowing what you have, and who may pay you for it
A rich nobleman wishes to charter a group of adventures to take him hunting in the Wild lands. Indulge his fancy and escort him around the wilderness.
"And no kidding, teeth as long as my arm!" the absurdity of his claim was met with a light, gentlemanly laughter. The fire flickered as Brandt, again dressed in his finest apparel, stood near the hearth of the upscale inn. "Of course, I'm no hunter so we didn't go any farther. It's a challenge for someone more man than I." Brandt let the night go on quietly, sipping a watered down wine much more suited to the weight of his purse than the vintages that pass as standard fare here. Once Brandt judged his mark to be well into a second bottle and had waited until he could catch him at a table alone, he made his move.
It's all true, my Lord. Every bit of it."
The mercenary sat down gently, took the noble's bottle and topped off the man's crystal goblet. "You look like a hunter... I bet you could bring back it's teeth. How about I just make you a map... then you can bring back a trophy nobody else in the world can get. Of course, I wouldn't want much for the information... 20 gold, very reasonable."

Dice Persuasion:
1d20+3 (10)+3 Total = 13

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Downtime crafting antitoxins
Anhelorn takes out his new kit and attempts to experiment with it. Anti-toxin that would be an interesting potion to learn. This should help against any poisons the kobolds may use in their traps. Anhelorn spends a week reading and practicing the potion before creating two antitoxins.
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Running a Business
left-aligned image

The adventuring life was much tougher than back on the farm with the cows. Many more discourteous creatures wanting to poke and jab and push you into a swamp of crocodiles. They weren't like the cows, they were simple and peaceful. The memory of the past makes Honeysuckle sigh, that life was gone now, burnt down and ravaged by the orcs.

It was going to be a couple of months til he struck out again, so it was time to make some gold, honestly and without any risk, the old way.
None of The minotaur's livestock was left now, so it was going to have to be vegetables! Fast growing ones that could be harvested and sold in between excursions. After obtaining a good amount of seeds for radishes, green onions, lettuces and baby carrots. Grown in a month and sold the next. Plenty of time before the next adventure! Might even find some time to relax while the crop is sprouting!

OOCHoping to do Running a Business for some gold and Relaxing for the XP. Not sure what I need to roll here for getting gold from the farming.

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Oskar's body's in town; but his mind is still in the forest
right-aligned image
As before, Oskar Stenehjem, nature cleric of Marthammor Duin and would-be naturalist, fell into his usual routine having completed another adventure: each morning spent just outside the city walls, recharging his spirits and studying the wildlife. With winter coming, and the tree branches bare, it was easier to see the various brightly colored birds -- those that hadn't left for warmer climes, that is. Using the gifts of his god, he'd stop and talk to those he found, always sharing a small crumb of food with them, which they were more grateful than usual, these days.

His mind was on wilder animals, however, the crocodiles he spoke with his last adventure, stories of strange bird-like creatures found in caves elsewhere; not to mention the regions he hadn't visited yet -- the mountains, the coast, the grasslands. Sometimes, his dream of finishing Stenehjem's Encyclopedia of the Flora and Fauna of the West Marshes seemed far out of reach. So many places to travel...

He'd return to the tavern for lunch, where had become a familiar sight. People new to leave him alone, mostly, which he appreciated, but even more they were learning what he liked, and when they had interesting stories about a rare animal they had seen, or a question about whether some plant was edible, they would seek him out and talk him. Oskar was even more grateful for this, as it began to give him hope. He couldn't track all the wildlife down himself, but the rest of the population would help him.

After deep consultation and prayer with his god, he posted a note among the job offers in the tavern.

Oskar's note

Help local priest and scholar Oskar Stenehjem in the expansion of knowledge. Writing comprehensive study of the flora and Fauna of the region and needs your help. Donations of any specimens of rare plants or animal remains for study are requested and gladly accepted -- they will be cared for, treated well, and eventually put on display in a yet-to-be-created museum and library. (funds and labor gladly accepted). Monetary reward offered for particularly attractive and rare specimens, too be negotiated.

It was a bit awkward sounding, but then so was Oskar.

His simple religious services continued, as well, the congregation picking up a few extra regulars, retired farmers are appreciated his plan-spoken ways and appreciation of the earth. His displays of charming animals had increased, as he became closer to his deity, he could now Channel divinity feature at level 2charm many animals at once (albeit for a shorter amount of time), and got many townspeople to come to a service or two just to see him charm a murmuration of starlings into making geometric shapes.

He hadn't forgotten his pledge to find and cure the disease in the woods, but when he heard of a party heading out to the sea, he signed up to join on -- his treatise would not be complete without a study of the birds of the shore, the fish of the shallows, the grass at the edge of the beach.

OOCMechanically, he's spending half of his 60 days holding services (for the 50 xp and inspiration), and half of his 60 days researching plants and animals for his book.
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Draxon Yarrow - Sixty days of tomes and tales in WesthavenHis first taste of Clantonia, while lucrative in companions,
left the warlock still confused as to his purpose on this continent. He was pleased that his companions turned out to be capable and reliable,
but he was relieved to return to the walls of Westhaven. Upon their return, Draxon took his leave of the party after splitting their spoils,
seeking lodging and to suss out the sources of information that might provide clues to his purpose here.

He was unsure of the attitudes towards magic in Westhaven though it seemed fairly open, but given his past experience and the nature of his...blessings...he felt it prudent to keep his aptitudes and the identity of his patron to himself. He didn't think even in a place as liberal in its attitudes towards magic as Westhaven, that a witch-born agent of the Raven Queen would exact warm welcome.

Draxon enjoyed many nights at the inn, listening to the bards entertain and relishing the hearty fare. He explained to those that asked that he was a scholar and an explorer, his fascination with the tales of Clantonia stirring his blood and driving him to leave his study in his home to come in search of the unknown. His affable demeanor and light jokes kept his fellow adventurers telling tales of their travels. His subtle questions encouraged them to share more and steered them to the legends and rumors that hinted at the knowledge he sought. While keeping his smile in place, he cast his ears and eyes and those of his sentinel around the inn, seeking. Always seeking. Any hint of the dead returned to life. Whispers of necromancers and those who would cheat his mistress of her due.

When not relaxing, he busied himself in research. In the libraries of the temples and towers of the city. Searching. Learning of the history of this land, such as he could piece together. Seeking hints of ruins and tombs, some long-forgotten lich, some magical item. Often, the libraries were barred to him - he wasn't a priest of this or that order, this tower was reserved only for the wizarding class, that one was for devotees of this god only. But by hook or by crook, he often found his way in - sometimes with a smile and a disarming tale of curiosity, sometimes through deception or outright burglary. But he would not be denied this knowledge.

Why? Why was he here? What treasure or task had brought him to Westhaven?

The autumn was pleasant enough and the time he spent in town began to give him a feel for the city, its adventurers and citizens. But as the days wore on, he still had no clear idea of his mistress's hidden purpose. Calla, while telepathically linked to him, gave no clue to her mission. He became frustrated.

Seeing no other course, he decided to take Brandt up on his offer to join the Raven's Eye. least for now. Fitting, that name. They were headed out at the end of the month, which gave Draxon something to do - stock up, and research the area they were planning to head to.

The vision came three nights before they were scheduled to leave.

The ravine. The caves. The mold. It was all a mirror of the places he'd been in Clantonia so far. As seen through a Shadow's lens.
A plated gauntlet. A frog's skull set in wreath of briars.
A black gem, rough and uncut. Screaming. The gem screamed as it bled a black, arterial blood.
A gateway standing freely in a fairy circle, a kindness of five perched along its top edge. Woven of living blackwood and spruce and bittersweet, the berries black and shriveled.
A burning post, a skeletal mount still tied to the rings.
The rider, little more than a shadow of smoke and feathers, turned to lock gazes with the warlock. It uttered one word...

Draxon Yarrow woke in a sweat, sitting rod-rigid in his bed. The movement should have startled Calla, but she simply stared at the elf.

His mistress was less than clear in her missives to him. But he knew the meanings would come clear as he traveled. And the gem, the gate and the word. These three things were his mission here. But what and where, he did not know....

OOCMechanically, Draxon is using his downtime half to research the area for tales of intelligent undead and any hint of knowledge or artifacts that may be of value to the Raven Queen; half to relax and get to know the town for the 50XP. Using Investigation (researching, poring over maps, books, etc.), Arcana (to identify any hint of celestial influence or meaning tied to the Raven Queen in his research) and Persuasion (to gain access to libraries and traveller's tales)
Dice Persuasion:
d20+3 (11)+3 Total = 14

Dice Investigation:
d20+1 (2)+1 Total = 3

Dice Arcana:
d20+3 (1)+3 Total = 4

~ Oathtaker ~
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