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Old 08-22-2017, 09:58 PM
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The Mercenary Pilots

About this ThreadPlayers should post in this thread. Your post should contain the following:
  1. A link to your character sheet. (Google Docs Template, Example Sheet)
  2. Character art, if any exists.
  3. Most of your application, with the supplimental section, background information, and any RP sample(s) you provided stripped out.



Adjusting to relocation and new job. I appreciate your patience.
--[ A Guide to Applications ]--

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Old 08-22-2017, 10:13 PM
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Lennox Finlay McAlister
right-aligned image

Full Name: Lennox Finlay McAlister.
Date of Birth: 15th March 2874 (32).
Story/Thematic Role: Disgraced former military officer (Commander 3rd Rate) struggling to make peace with his past mistake and maintain what's left of his tarnished code of honour.
Preferred Piloting role: Dogfighting, strafing runs, scouting.

Call Sign: To Be Determined.

Description: Lennox is a dark-haired caucasian male in his early to mid-thirties, He has strong features and a confident expression, projecting himself as cool and collected. Developing worry-lines and a reserved smile that rarely lifts the corners of his mouth tell their own story. His left arm is cybernetic, legacy of an old injury.

Lennox carries himself as he believes an officer should behave, even now. Because he doesn't want to show weakness, he keeps his personal affairs to himself and remains a private person even when directly questioned. In spite of this he can't seem to avoid getting drawn into other people's dramas. Whenever his team seems to be falling apart around him he does everything he can to patch them back together.

In spite of Lennox's togetherness, those close to him and blessed with sufficient powers of insight probably realise he has troubles of his own. While he's hardly a lush, he does drink more than he should in the privacy of his own quarters. He does so for regret as much as for pleasure, and sometimes to block out recurring nightmares of the corpses of children, and of dying alone in the cold emptiness of space.

Though the passage of centuries has rendered Scottish culture nearly extinct, Lennox is proud of his bloodline and has a special fondness for whisky (though he can't afford the ludicrous sum that a bottle of true Scottish whisky or scotch now fetch on the market). He has a few private traditions that he keeps every year on the dates of old Scottish celebrations: he always opens up a fresh bottle of whisky every Burns Day, and drinks to the souls of departed comrades on All Souls Day.


Player: Vullze (Purge: Hall of Fame 2017)
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Old 08-22-2017, 10:42 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Katerina Yevgeniya Polzin, "Kat", "Kitty", "Katya"
Date of Birth: 2874-02-21 (age 32)
Story/Thematic Role: Token madwoman who used to be a well-respected explorer
Preferred Piloting Role: Support, Salvage, maybe Sensors

Call Sign: Cheshire

Description: There's nothing immediately off-putting in Kat's appearance; she's on the younger side of middle age and dresses the way most people out here dress: for function, not style. Her long, grey-threaded brown hair is always braided, though not severely. Her green eyes see more than they should. Yet there's definitely something off about her. Which came first, the changes to her personality or the oddness, it's hard to say, but the end result is still the same. She has near-manic bouts of energy, during which she can be very defensive, if not outright aggressive. Then she has euphoric swings during which nothing anyone says or does could bother her, and it's not unheard of for her to wander around in the nude, and to hell with what anyone thinks. Lastly, though currently rare, her depressed days. She's convinced no one believes a thing she says, accurate or otherwise, and this might be concerning if there wasn't a desperate attempt to connect with others around her involved. It's enough that some people don't look closer than "she's mad". Yet those who spend more time with her tend to find that she's hyper-intelligent, for all she's often doubting what her mind tries to tell her, and Torq, the scavenger mechanic who hooked her up with her current employment, swears Kat isn't mad at all, just misunderstood. Even by the people who might share blood ties but who aren't her family, if the rumors are true.


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Old 08-23-2017, 03:24 AM
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left-aligned image

Full Name: Ezekiel 'Zeke' Peregrine (Sheet)
Date of Birth: September 17th, 2879 (27 years old)

Story/Thematic Role: Ugly as sin and quick as a whip, he's good at doing bad things and bad at talking nice.

Preferred Piloting Role: Sniping and Stealth, preferably. Capable in Direct Combat and Scouting.

Call Sign: Handsome

Appearance: Ezekiel Peregrine, or Zeke, is not a pleasant man to look at. His visage is the stuff of nightmares, with its obvious deformation and bulbous features. His messy, tawny hair is kept short and he always keeps himself clean shaven. His eyes are a clear blue-grey, almost like mist, and they show his emotions whether he likes it or not, though he doesn't often look people directly in the eye. His pudgy face shows a mixture of masculine and unfortunate features, including very large ears and a square jaw.

And if you thought his face was unfortunate, then his body is even more extreme. If his form wasn't twisted, he'd be a very respectable six foot tall. Yet most people only see him down, so he only seems to be about half that height. His back is bent and hunched, his left leg is at least a foot too short, and his left arm is unusually long and burly - an usually rests on the ground as if it's his de facto leg. His frame is sturdy and strong, and though he isn't musclebound by any means, the way he holds himself does suggest a bit of strength. Watching him move is especially interesting, as he's surprisingly fast and agile, working both legs and arm together to move somewhat like a spider. His clothes are typical of a mercenary scout's attire, though the worn material does bunch up strangely in places. And when he needs them, he carries his tools and Not a true heavy weapon.heavy blaster pistol.

Personality: Zeke has a mercurial nature at times, which largely depends on his mood. He has a streak of shyness to him, at least to those he doesn't know very well. He doesn't like the way that strangers look at him, at times, so on those days he does his best to fade into the background. Zeke also has a chip on his shoulder and has a tendency to get surly and stubborn - even mean at times. But his hard upbringing made him a hard man, and he's more like his father than he realizes. He places a lot of value in hard work and doing a good job, no matter what the task is. And he isn't very tolerant of those who can't pull their own weight, feeling that if he can do things with his deformity, then nobody has an excuse.

He learned, in his time as a lone pirate and smuggler, to value his deformity and the underestimation that came with it. Those years honed his ability to move silently, to disguise himself and his vessel, and with his quick reflexes, he came to expect a lot of success from himself. All of this gave Zeke a great deal of pride. He never learned how to deal with most people though without using intimidation, so he can be harsh sometimes, and lacks quite a few social graces. But, with the mercenary company on the "Rusting Carrier", he's found the desire to be friendly to people for the first time, and he's extremely loyal to those he considers his friends. He doesn't possess much more than average intelligence, though he does love the quiet time he gets in order to contemplate different things. His thoughts are big, and possibly beyond him in some ways, and he can be a bit gullible to those who breach his inner walls.

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Old 08-23-2017, 11:02 AM
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right-aligned image

Full Name: Cassiopeia Andromeda Rosemarie Bettencourt

Date of Birth: April 8, 2874 (32)

Story/Thematic Role: Something that involves swindling talking to people, making connections, getting work, and, really, keeping the crew's best foot forward. Cassie is a real phenom at PR (Years of experience with her own) and would be ideal to keep the crew's rep in the green. Even if she has to hack into someone's systems and falsify a few reports to do it.Honest.

Preferred Piloting role: Long range combat, sensors

Call Sign: "Let's not be so clichéd as to go for the obvious, here, huh? Else I'm sticking you with 'Yellow'."


She's a fresh, clean face, and a riot of red hair mostly held in a ponytail. A long, assessing look that takes you in from head to toe, before her face cracks into an easy smile. Casual clothes and an easy introduction. "Cass. Or Cassie. Nice t'meetcha." Is that your ship? Hey. She knows someone the next system over that might have parts for that model, and she definitely knows someone with that holovid you were talking about last night - she'll send it over later.

"Administer! You. Are. A riot!" Now she's dressed to kill - a high slitted skirt and higher heels. Jewelry flashing everywhere with skin to match. A neat coiffure and perfect makeup. Soon as the ship's her's again - soon as the sot's shoved off and the airlock's sealed, she's a disgusted sigh and a muttering of discontent. Good thing she didn't do that after talking with you, right? ....right?

Cassiopeia knows how to use appearances to her advantage - knows how to the play the game. It's why she plays nice - when she "Anyone can act right for five minutes, unless they're a complete neanderthal...or a drunk, a druggie...an idiot."has to. And it better not be for long - else the polite bleeds into a sickly sweet almost-condescending mess of irritation. If you're rude, that polite polish melts all the quicker, and she'll match you lick for lick. You ignore her? She hasn't got the time for you either. Once she knows you, count on her to be a straight shooter - anything less is for strangers.

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Old 08-23-2017, 08:33 PM
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right-aligned image

Full name: Felicity Anne Quinne
Date of Birth: October 3, 2875, 31 years old
Thematic Role: Sarcastic mechanic solving all your problems, whether asked or not. What, you didn't want that fixed? / Keeping the peace and keeping the pieces together.
Preferred Piloting Role: Direct combat

Call Sign:

Felicity is the sort of woman that most easily over-look, being neither stunning nor plain, though she could easily become either should she choose to take more or less care of her looks. She stands at five foot six inches tall, weighing approximately 165 pounds of lean muscle, with her ears, nose and eyebrows all pierced. Felicity's eyes are a light green and her natural hair colour is actually a pale blonde, though more often than not her hair is an assortment of colours ranging from pink, blue and red to green or purple. A shaggy pixie cut keeps her hair out of her face and thus machines, while her slim but muscular build allows her to both get into smaller spaces and move anything that needs adjustments, regardless of size. There truly is little anything lady-like about her, from a more 'masculine' cut to her jacket and pants, her standard military boots , assorted belts, buckles and pockets decorating her clothing to her often rough and possibly rude tendencies in her speech.

Felicity has always been a bit rough around the edges, quick to speak up but sometimes a bit slow to have put thought into the words coming out of her mouth. She has a weak filter on her opinions, though has been trying to work on her language. After filling up three 'swear-jars' and handing them over to Fred, she has come up with endless creative ways to express herself. Her current round of 'swears' includes "Ratti-tatti", "In a pig's hole", and "Fuhsheegadang", the last saved for the most 'serious' of cases. In truth, despite her character flaws, she has a deep sense of loyalty to those she works with. Even when cursing them out, Felicity is actually worried about them and trying to do her best to keep everything working and everyone in one piece.

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Old 08-23-2017, 11:56 PM
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Joshua, the Rattanai Veteran who Needs No Weapon

Full Name: Joshua-Tri Vaelantis
Date of Birth: 2871 (35)
Story/Thematic Role: Sharp eyes, Sharp mind. Harder fists to cave you in.
Preferred Piloting role: Heavy Gunner, Long Ranged Bombardments. Can pilot in a pinch, but finding a chair that fits him is difficult.

Call Sign:

Joshua stands tall even amongst other Rattanai, standing head to toe at 3.5 meters and having the proper bulk to wrestle a Terran Bull into submission in mere moments. Covered in dark crimson fur along his leathery skin, as well as spines that seem as sharp as knives along his shoulder and back, Joshua's figure imposes and impresses many of those that have the pleasure of meeting him. He often stands at attention, reflexes high-strung and perception sharpened like any fighter that has seen too many battles to count; with hands locked behind his back in a military stance ready to take or give orders as they come. Over time once you get to know Joshua, his demeanor shifts from that of a simple soldier and fighter to that of a sharp tactician; with eyes that seem to bore into your skull during conversations and a rapier wit that can defend itself against any attacks physical or verbal. Otherwise, Joshua is an impeccable specimen of Rattanai physicality, only disrupted by the fact that he wears some sort of clothing at all times. Both an attempt to fit in with the human crew he runs with as a method of distinguishing his now personal life from his old one. The tailoring done is often hand-done and shoddy due to the lack of properly fitting gear in his size, but he wears it with pride nonetheless

While being a former pit fighter has left some scars on Joshua not only physically but mentally as well, he takes great pride in his ability to bring himself back up from the bottom to where he stands now. His long solitude into swift socialization in the Confederacy leaves a personality shift that is a bit difficult to comprehend. Many are often unnerved by those piercing eyes that seem to track exactly what you mean to do, while his strength and size means that any attempt at being socially friendly could lead to injury to the receiving party. Due to this Joshua finds himself being more reserved or guarded around those that do not know him, and he takes great pride in being able to restrain both the rage and great strength attributed to his kind.

He is protective to those he considers friend and family, and while many of his racial sociopathic tendencies towards compassion shine through, those select few that he considers worth his attention may as well have an eternal guardian amongst them. He will stop at nothing to defend those he thinks are worthy of his attention, much to his own detriment in the end.

Swear upon the oath, and may your adventures be fruitful
Update 07/05/18: Quick update on my situation; TL;DR: I'll be back soon
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