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Old 10-06-2017, 10:36 AM
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The Cast

Post your apps and character sheets here please.
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You must pay the iron price
Colin Blacktyde

left-aligned image
Colin Blacktyde, Ironborn reaver and son in the minor house of Blacktyde. An impressive bulk of a man who intimidates everyone but the stoutest of heart. A natural seaman and warrior, Colin spent many a day and night raiding along the coasts of Westeros in one of his father's ships. He has been rumored to be able to split an armored man's skull, shield and breastplate all in one stroke. For this reason his reputation has grown and he is feared from the Winterhaven to Kingslanding.

Name: Colin Blacktyde
Gender: M
Age: 24
Role: Ambitious Killer
Description: Tall, well-muscled, tatooed and scarred Reaver from the Iron Isles.
Personality: Loud, Intimidating but very Charismatic
Background: Son of a Minor Lord
RP Example:
During Lucan Hightower's search for brave men to lead his campaigns, Colin decided to pay the iron price and jump ship. He attended the games and put on such a show that no one would face him. A squire from House Gardener actually wet himself when the reaver screamed his battle cry. That day, the rich young noble invited the Ironborn to eat at his table and discuss raiding into the nearby lands drawing off forces while his main army attacked elsewhere.


I've Taken the Oath of Sangus

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Derya Blodwell

Name: Derya Blodwell
Age: 35
Role: Reaver Captain
Personality: Beloved by his men, though tends to be off-putting to non-Ironborn due to his blunt nature and lack of patience for civilized conversation. A true father to his crew, he is happiest when at sea, pillaging and braving wild storms.

Background: Born the third child of House Blodwell, he has long since abandoned any notions of overthrowing his older siblings, and instead prefers to command ships. A skilled warrior and captain, he's led a successful life of reaving and piracy.

  • Agility: 4
  • Animal Handling: 1
  • Athletics: 4 (Swim: 2B)
  • Awareness: 4
  • Cunning: 3
  • Deception: 3
  • Endurance: 4
  • Fighting: 5 (Long Blades: 4B)
  • Healing: 1
  • Language: 2
  • Knowledge: 2
  • Marksmanship: 3
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Status: 3
  • Stealth: 3
  • Survival: 2
  • Thievery: 3
  • Warfare: 4 (Command: 2B)
  • Will: 4 (Courage: 2B)

  • Blood of the Ironmen
  • Lucky
  • Inspiring
  • Flaw-Athletics
  • Threatening

Intrigue Defense: 10
Composure: 12

Combat Defense: 11 (Armored: 9)
Health: 12
Base Movement: 4/16 (Armored: 3/9)

Destiny Points: 1



Luinil Alqualond - Wood Elf Ranger, Desert of Desolation
Berilac "Berry" Fairbairn - Halfling Ranger, Priestess

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Old 10-06-2017, 01:23 PM
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right-aligned image
An uncharacteristically calm Wymond

Name: Wymond Blodwell

Age: 38 (Middle Age)

Role: Fighter





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Man-Eater Magdelaine

right-aligned image

Name: "Man-Eater" Magdelaine [INPUT_SURNAME_VARIABLE]
Age: 51.
Role: Fighter, Leader, Matriarch



RP Sample:

Loyalty: Before all else, family. Despite her reprehensible impulses, Magdelaine can be a very sentimental and affectionate person. She values the family name, and wishes for it to carry on to a time when she herself is forgotten.

Character sheet

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right-aligned image
"Behind those blood red lips lies a fork tongue that splits honeyed words laced with venom. This woman is poison..."

Margaery is closest thing this unsettling creature has to a common name. It was a name chosen by her wet nurse, as her father refused to name her and her mother (a Sister of Silence taken as a salt wife) died in captivity without uttering a word. Ironborn never refer to her name but instead by superstitious titles such as the "Witch", "Salt Hag", "Necromancer", "Blind Seer" or combination other peculiar titles.

Unknown, appears to be in her thirties. (Middle Age)

Witch. A mysterious manipulator of the subtle supernatural that permeates Westeros. The more superstitious say she holds unnatural powers of suggestion whilst others claim she can take the form of beasts. Mostly a character involved with diplomacy, cunning, intrigue and religion. Technically the cousin of the Blodwell brothers.

It was most unfortunate that when a crew of bold fishermen from a small village west of Seaguard desecrated an ancient shrine to the Drowned God dating back to the time of King Harwyn Hardhand, word of their sacrilegious vandalism was quickly picked up by a passing Ironborn vessel. Outraged by their brazen blasphemy and open disrespect, Lord Wybert’s younger brother, Wex Blodwell mounted a vicious reprisal raid against the village. Within the coastal settlement was a minor septry which was particularly targeted by the Ironborn's retribution. Its modest riches were plundered and it's Septons either humiliated or killed. However, among things stolen that day was young Silent Sister, whom had been lodging at the septry. Upon first sight Wex became infatuated with the young priestess and took her as his unwilling Salt Wife. Even in captivity she refused to break her sacred vows and speak a single word. This, however, did little deter Wex whom was completely smitten with his captive. Although unrequited, he showed her a depth of affection that had not been seen before or seen since from the man. The Silent Sister was kept on Iron Islands for a little over a year, until she passed away from complications in child birth. As she lay dying, she used her last breathes to break her vow of silence and curse Wex and his kin. She called upon the Seven to bring ruin to House Blodwell, words that haunt the entire family to this day.

When the Silent Sister died during a complicated childbirth, she left behind a blind daughter. Wex believed to be this an ill omen. It was the Silent Sister's piercing blue eyes that first drew him to her and now her milky eyed daughter resembles her mother in every way bar that. He begrudgingly kept the bastard girl as a ward as he believed it will bring him even more bad luck if he killed her. Rabid superstition had driven Wex to treat Margaery with disdain and caution and as a result, Margaery quickly become a pariah within the Blodwell household and the greater Ironborn community. The grim girl whole heartily embraced her role as an outcast. Throughout her youth she presented herself as unsettlingly as possible in the presence of others. From the time she could speak, she was renowned spitting back superstitious nonsense to fuel pious paranoia, announcing cryptic prophesies and playing on the miseries of others. Whilst she was frequently ignored, she had a devastating effect on those with weak wills or troubled minds, in particular Wex.

Margaery was just fourteen when her father committed suicide. In the feast hall of his brother Wybert’s castle, Wex haphazardly slit his own wrists whilst the rest of the household slept. Such a cowardly act would have once been seen as an unfathomable end for such a proud Ironborn man, however his demeanour over the last decade had degraded into an uncharacteristically sombre husk. Many were quick to place the blame on Margery, accusing the young pariah of driving her hated father to his untimely death through black magic. Through her cryptic words she neither confirmed nor denied the accusations, which only furthered the family and community’s growing fear of her. Most saw it as a vindication of their belief that this morbid girl was in fact a witch.

What followed for Margaery was solemn life, wandering the Iron Isles alone as an outcast. As the years past, the initial fear of the blind seer slowly turned to morbid curiosity. The Ironborn people give a certain level of curious reverence for the supernatural and even a begrudging respect to anything that could inspire such an unnatural dread. The brave and desperate would seek out the infamous witch to hear her sinister prophecies and have her bestow her eerie blessings. Most Drowned Men accepted her as some sort of agent of the Drowned God, although in what aspect she represented their divine patron they cannot yet be sure. Even minor lords slated their pious curiosity by hosting the unsettling woman, although one way or another she was never in their company for long. The exception to this was Rodrik Harlaw, also known as Rodrik the Reader, whom hosted the supposed witch for three years. It is said that he is the only man to ever solve the riddle of the blind seer, although he appears less than open to sharing his discovers.


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Old 03-01-2018, 06:13 AM
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Jaron Blackpyke Role: Fighter/Leader
Age: 58 (old)

Background events:
- Significant deed
- Falsely accused of wrongdoing
- Travelled across the narrow sea for a time
Goal: Wealth
Motivation: Stability
Virtue: Honest
Vice: Wrathful


Skill/Speciality Score
Agility 3D
* Dodge 1
Agility 3D
* Dodge 1
Animal Handling 3D
Athletics 3D
* Run 2
* Strength 3
Awareness 3D
Cunning 3D
Deception 3D
Endurance 4D
Fighting 5D
* Axes 4
Healing 3D
Knowledge 2D
Language 2D
Marksmanship 1D (old age)
Persuasion 3D
* Convince 1
* Incite 1
Status 3D
Stealth 1D (old age)
Survival 3D
Thievery 1D
Warfare 5D
* Command 2
* Strategy 2
Will 4D

Intrigue defense: 8 (3+3+2)
Composure: 12

Combat defense: 6 (3+3+3-3)
Health: 12

AR: 7 (6 scale +1 benefit)
- Mattock 7 (Athletics+1 + 3 (powerful))
- Dagger 1 (Athletics-2)

Movement: 4 (4 -1 bulk +1Run)

Destiny points: 1

- Axe fighter
- Armor Mastery

- Haughty (starting)
- Bound to the bottle (taken for +1 Destiny Point)

- 6 Golden dragons
- 53 silver stags
- Dagger
- Common Clothes, Boots
- Mattock
- Scale armor
- Tent, pavillion
- Backpack
- Flask
- Traveller's garb
- Noble's garb (torn)
- Flint and steel
- 5 Torches
- 2 Ropes
- Lamp
- Whetstone
- 2 Waterskins

BackgroundJaron Blackpyke was born the only son of Heurod Blackpyke and his rock wife Sanya, the sister of Magdelaine Blodwell's mother. Heurod was a raider at heart, a firm believer in the Old Ways, and worked to instill that same sense of respect for the Drowned God in his son. When Jaron reached the age of fifteen, his father took him along aboard his ship, the Gray Pike, to plunder the Disputed Lands in Essos. Brought up in a house where violence was rewarded, Jaron took to the raiding life almost instantly. For five years he secured a place on his father's ship, plundering the coasts of Essos, the Stepstones and at times even Westerosi fishing villages. Then his father was killed during a boarding action against a Tyrosh merchant vessel, and Jaron was made captain of the Gray Pike.

Where his father had been content to raid smaller settlements and ships, Jaron desired wealthier targets. As an unproven captain, he gathered gold and plunder from the same targets his father had sought out, but eventually he began hiring the services of pirates , building himself a small fleet of cutthroats and thieves. With moer than one ship under his command, Jaron turned his raids against ever richer victims, each one more dangerous than the last. It was a profitable venture, and in time Jaron replaced the lowly pirate crews with Ironborn, proving himself a capable naval commander as well as a ruthless warrior.

For fourteen years, Jaron led his ships up and down the narrow sea, the mere mention of his name striking fear in the hearts of would-be targets. But then came the war of the Ninepenny kings, and king Jaehaerys II Targaryen commanded the Ironborn fleet- including Jaron- to assist in taking down his foes. It soon became apparent that the Ironborn were meant to serve as little more than meatshields for the Targaryens and the Lannisters, and Jaron, unwilling to risk his fleet just so others could claim victory, decided to leave the front. Instead he turned his attentions to Tyrosh- captured by the Ninepenny Kings, the city had few soldiers to defend itself. Most had either died protecting the city against the Ninepenny kings, or had joined their conquerors to fight the Targaryens at the Stepstones. With the Free City defenseless, Jaron wasted no time in attacking it, and stealing much of the city's wealth.

The unfortunate result of Jaron's disobedience was that the king, already vexed by the loss of his Hand during the battle, declared Jaron and all those who sailed with him as traitors to the crown, who had abandoned their post. The fact that Jaron had struck a vicious blow against one of the Ninepenny Kings' strongholds mattered little. Jaron was forced to flee, taking his crews and ships to Essos rather than face the wrath of the Targaryen king.

Needless to say, without a home to return to, Jaron's finances and crew dwindled quickly. He returned to the life of a pirate, his fellow Ironborn slowly dying out and replaced with the scum of Essos. For over twenty years, Jaron was not welcome back in Westeros. Still, he remained Ironborn, and remained a strong supporter of the Old Way. He refused to pay his pirates in gold- instead he promised them that they could keep whatever they raided, as long as they paid him tribute. Those who stood against him, or tried to take his captaincy from him, were executed according to the practices of the Old Way- drowned, unceremoniously. He took no less than seven salt wives, with whom he had a total of nineteen children- all of which drowned during their baptism.

And then the day came. House Targaryen fell. Those who had wanted him dead were now themselves dead, slain during Robert's Rebellion. This provided Jaron a chance to return, and claim his rightful place on the Iron Islands. He drowned each of his salt wives as a sacrifice to the Drowned God and, considering his voyage sufficiently blessed, set sail for home.

PersonalityJaron Blackpyke is a cruel, vicious man, utterly devoted to the Drowned God and the Old Way. An able captain and warrior both, Jaron lords over his crew and ship with an iron fist, allowing them their freedoms as long as they adhere to his rules. Anyone breaking those rules, however, is drowned as punishment. Yet he instills loyalty in his men by virtue of his successes, his honesty, and his willingness to carry out an unending number of raids.

Despite his cruelty, Jaron is no fool. In fact he is quite clever, and his desire to plunder is not born from greed, but from a desire to secure a stable life for himself. He desires to be wealthy, but he isn't interested in gold per se, instead measuring wealth by the number of thralls under his command. He leads his crew from the front in every raid, but not as an unthinking berserker- instead he surveys the battlefield with a cold hatred in his dark eyes, identifying the weak points in his opponents' defenses, and striking them with a merciless yet calculated viciousness.

Jaron is entirely without humour or compassion, and takes his devotion to the Old Way serious. His salt wives lived comfortably aboard his ship- moreso than they would have in whatever wretched mudhole he had plucked them from- but he never showed them love or kindness, which he felt were pointless. Instead he offered them protection, and true to his word he kept his crew from ever laying a finger on them. He treated them fairly, but when the time came, had no compunctions about drowning them or their children.

AppearanceDespite his advanced age, Jaron is a physically imposing man, tall and broad-shouldered, with a drooping, hawkish nose and dark, perpetually hateful eyes underneath bushy brows. His greying black hair is unkempt, and reaches down to his shoulder- only during ceremonies does he bother to braid them with seaweed, as the priests of the Drowned God so often do. A thin stubble adorns his cheeks and chin, and his face is marred by a scar going down from his right temple to his jawline.

He still wears the armor of his youth, a masterfully forged suit of scale mail which has obviously been damaged and repaired by less skilled blacksmiths over the years. He still wears the black overcoat of the Ironborn, with a dark vest, brown pantaloons and black boots underneath, but has had to replace these clothes on several occassions, demanding his tailors to create exact copies of his old clothing.

While Jaron is still strong, the years have taken their toll in other ways. His eyesight has deteriorated- not much, but enough to make him less than effective at marksmanship. A slight tremor in his fingers renders him unsuited for fine manipulation. And while he is as strong-willed as ever he sometimes needs to calm his nerves with cheap drink- and as cruel as he can be when sober, he is aggressive when drunk, which is why he prefers to drink in solitude. After all, it would not do to show weakness.
Characters: Jennifer, Mhurren, Vall, Selanet, Baleir
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