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Old Oct 11th, 2017, 04:51 AM
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Students thrust into a Wide World...

Please copy/paste your original character write-ups here.

**EDIT- Also, when you are ready, put a link to your character sheet in your synopsis.

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Old Oct 11th, 2017, 05:00 AM
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Character Application
right-aligned image
Name: Mari Jed'hai
Race: Amphibious, Flesh Chameleon and Hydrated Vitality alternate racials. The idea is that the tie to the plane of water is distant and approaching a more natural evolution to fit in with a mechanized society ruled by humans.Undine
Class: Kineticist
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult Undine ages work funny and I cannot substantiate the period of growth for one that isn't a pure undineequivalent
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Traits: Inspired and Slippery Step
Drawbacks: Anxious





About Me Segment:

Writing Sample

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Old Oct 11th, 2017, 07:07 AM
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Old Oct 11th, 2017, 10:55 AM
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Name: Matthias
Race: appears Human, but really Aasimar (Musetouched, Halo, Scion of Humanity, Incorruptible, Truespeaker variants)
Class: Paladin (Virtuous Bravo, Chosen One archetypes)
Alignment: LG
Sex: Male
Age: appears 12-13, but really 50

Appearance/Personality: A particularly odd sight at the Academy, shorter than most at not even 5 ft. tall and barely cresting 100 pounds, his boyish features make him look like puberty and he only recently met. Rather than "handsome," he is far more likely to be called "adorable" or "cute" ... repeatedly and emphatically by the fair sex (much to his chagrin). His beaming smile and guileless manner only serve to cement this image further. It is hard for him to be taken seriously by friendly folk, while looking like an easy target for the not-so-friendly. The resolute look in his eyes, however, tells a rather different story. His eyes are of the deepest blue, boring into you with an almost uncomfortable intensity, yet not a stern gaze, merely one that feels heavy with the weight of aeons, before softening from his bright smile framed by silvery-golden, shoulder-length hair. It seems to lend his boyish features an almost unearthly beauty and grace, akin to the immortal fey or celestials. This small hint becomes unmistakable once he summons his halo. Its light seems to make his skin glisten and eyes sparkle beguilingly like a fairy prince. Summoning his halo at an inopportune time has led to more unsolicited female attention than he cares to admit.

Even just meeting him, Matthias is plainly a polite, well-mannered boy. But rather than glum or reserved, his cheery smile shows him an unwavering optimist, an indefatigable ray of hope anywhere he goes. Far from 'bubbly' or 'peppy' <shudder>, Matthias is always seen with a smile in the grimmest predicaments. His good cheer is terribly infectious, & at times downright inspiring. This is not to say that he doesn't get angry or indignant; it just takes a lot for him to do so. However, bullying, thuggery, and similar shows of tyranny are easy ways to get on his bad side. Beyond seeing the best of a bad situation, Matthias also looks for the best in others. He tries to urge & encourage others, but he is possessed of the tact to be subtle & gentle about it. Aside from that, it is hard to pin him down. At times, he seems as childish and exuberant as any boy. At others, he has a decorous poise far beyond his apparent age.


Beliefs: Matthias' father was a good and honorable man despite his position, and he imparted that same spirit into his son. Good & right always prevail in the end. Right makes might. Noblesse oblige. The rigorous rule of law, well tempered via insight & compassion, is the best way for a people to live happily in concord & peace. While there are plenty of particular reasons to be sad, you don't need one to be happy. Dreams lift us up and transform us into something better. Based on his trips with his father on business, a lot of people will be depending on him to have the strength, wisdom, and acumen to fill those shoes, but Matthias is unsure if he has it in him.

Desires: Matthias wants to be a heroic adventurer like his father used to be in his youth. When he takes on the "family business," he wants to be the great man everyone needs him to be. He wants to keep in touch with his friends back north, but he is anything but averse to making more.

About Me: I've been a member of this site for many years, more than grateful for the way to find a good group with life being busy as it is. I play for the fun & thrill of heroics and grand tales with like minded enthusiasts. As a PbP player, you are a storyteller, a team player, and (optimally) having fun with both. Where table-top differentiates most from PbP is in how much more time & opportunity you get to reflect and craft your little piece of the story. In this way, the better and more impressive the heroic tale you can all craft together. And with any luck, the more fun you have with it.

"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon."
-G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles (1909), XVII: "The Red Angel"

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Name: Illeryces Wildmane (& Larvamada the eidolon)
Class: Summoner
Race: Half-elf
Gender Female
Age: 27
Allignment: CG
Appearance: Illeryces' exterior takes after the human half of her parentage, the only thing giving away her elven heritage is only found in her pointed ears. The rest of her body isn't marked with the typical elvish slenderness. There aren't any obvious scars on her person. The mixblood covers her body with a set of loose-fitting robes in varying shades of blue.

Larvamada is a quadruped, bearing a strong resemblance to most beetles. The creature's tough exoskeleton is white and has a relief like an ocean, wavy and irregular. The only difference between the two ends of the creature are that the front legs are pointed forward while the hind legs are pointed sideways. The creatures claws fold perfectly over its head when he doesn't need them, with scythe like pincirs when unfolded. The creatures head is surprisingly little and adorned with facial tentacles and bony portrusions under it's head.

Personality: The arts graduate scarcely thinks things through as well as she should, though the girl doesn't care, after all, any place closer to the center of attention is preferable. This dramatic streak lost her a fair few friends, and got her a reputation in her field. The other's can't be blamed, at first the student's curious nature got her into playing with the relationships between people, as people started disliking her this behaviour started spiraling more and more towards cruelty. Currently she's quite adept at inconveniencing others with a few words, a skill she revels in. When not excited by anything she'll usually try to fill her time by reading, making friends (and subsequently losing them) or practicing with either brush or wand, two of her favorite conversational subjects as well. Anyone who pierces through these layers will find a pessimistic, downbeat and scared girl, uneasy to trust new people, but quick to pretend to.

While not the most obvious flaw, her laziness still is an important aspect of the painter's persona, being lazy rather than tired allmost got her kicked out of the academy, were it not for her discovering her inate magical abilities.

The extraplanar has an alien mind that's best compared to an fourteen-year-old boy with the knowledge of an infant, fully aware his physique is impressive. The creature, being relatively new to the material plane is often confused about certain common objects, substances or behaviours. Being trained and taught by a lazy and cruel mistress he knows very well to be serviceable. This behaviour extends to anyone with Illeryces' stamp of approval. His alien mind however might often misunderstand a request by anyone other than his mistress (as the two share a mental link, the communication between the two often is quite good).

Being raised by one as Illeryces Larvamada is often cautious around new people, it lacks the abilities to judge human nature, and often looks to his mistress of guidance.

Outside of his serviceable upbringing Larvamada by nature is a chaotic personality, often simply doing whatever it feels like. While the beast's goals are usually superficial he accomplishes them with great motivation and often without thinking of the consequences.

Background: Illeryces' story starts in the city of pramore, a mountainous trading haven with little legitimate business, yet most of it's citizen's still thrived. Her human father acquired a modest livelyhood by smuggling goods in and out of the major cities, but he wasn't around much. Her elvish mother stayed at home, looking after the youngling in her youth. In her childhood the mixblood usually was found painting or sculpting terrifying monstrosities. Due to her strange hobbies she had very little friends when she grew up, but Illeryces didn't quite care, she was happy.

When the girl grew older she became aware of the white bluff academy, and wanted little more than to study arts at the institution. Her family income however wouldn't be able to afford such luxuries however. As a solution Illeryces snuck off to white bluff town and sat at the windows, studying the classes from the other side. Years went by before anyone found out what she was doing but without being able to hear what was going on the classes were little more than a diversion. This arrangement wouldn't last however, one day she was caught by a herbology professor named Veuln Barkwood. The man demanded to know what was going on. After giving her explanation the man quickly made attempts to set up a scolarship.

In the classes however she recieved little praise, while her work was inspired it lacked the skill her teachers required. Months went by and she made little progress, eventually Barkwood was forced to retract her scolarship unless she could prove her capacity. Days she worked on a sculpture but even she had to admit it was as pretty as a stack of rocks could be. She took to the streets in desperation. There the girl was found by a tiefling named Akrius, Akrius taught magic to the poor who had little else to call thier own, and Illeryces certainly looked the part. Akrius thought her magic, and Illeryces used it to shape the stones to continue her studies. After that, the tiefling helped her on many of her assignments in exchange for acces to forgotten knowledge causing the half elf to rise in skill.

For the last assignment the half elf would have to provide her professor with something truely mindblowing. And both the aspiring artist and her tiefling accomplice were at zero inspiration. Eventually The summoner uncovered a magical tome in the library, allowing the two to summon an outsider, an entity and shape it to their wills. The two were reluctant at first, but they went to work as time was running out, they had mere days to complete the task. When they were done the work was approved, and Illeryces became a prime example of what the school could do. They didn't know the half elf cheated on all of her assignments. When the task was done Illeryces found she was unable to banish the creature back to it's home plane. That, combined with the ban on magic made her life's scenery significantly more diverse

About me segment: I wanted to do a pathfinder game since a long time, this one seems like a really good one, a dedicated DM, a flexible story, Character influence, character development, it looks really good. But, this isn't the "Why do I want this"- segment, its the about me segment. I'm usually a 5e gamer, but I've been wanting to get into PF since quite a while.

I honestly don't really know what you want here, I could say that I really enjoy out-of-the-box problemsolving. (Sold my soul to open a door once). I quite like doing long and elaborate posts, wanna know how long, I'll put in some average samples below (like 7ish/10 with 1 being "you know that sentences exist, good, now try making them" and 10 being "how are you not PoTM yet?"). I'm a writer's block student, currently im stuck on the poetry part of it.

My favorite things? so far I really quite like the RP aspect of my characters, I tend to prefer other PCs to NPCs, the only reason being I usually think PCs have more of a story behind them and I quite prefer talking to the famed and destined heroes to the common rabble. I'll be sure to try out some NPCs though, you seem to be a DM who'd really put a lot of "umph" in them so it should be worth it.
Writing sample:


Illeryces - Aaron - Golarion - Sylva - Anima - Ion
DM: Pokemon Island Expedition

My posting has become better than "generally impossible" I'll get to you, but if I don't you can still NPC me.

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