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Old 10-09-2017, 03:26 PM
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Vampiric Cast of Portage

Please place your completed character description in this thread with the following points noted.


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Old 10-21-2017, 04:13 PM
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Name: Adina Menache
Appearance: Adina is generally dressed more stylish than the average Tremere, mostly in black and white, and adorns herself often with pearls from the old world. A heavy mop of dark curls frame her well shaped face. Her eyes are dark brown pools staring blankly out into the real world, which is clearly not as interesting as an academic or occult tome.
Personality: She is reserved, bookish and clearly not well versed in casual conversation, prefering to spout obscure literary quotes or saying very little at all over open challenge or engaging with fellow kindred. While she does not say much she is often found mumbeling to herself in German or archaic Spanish, a habit she clearly picked up in dusty libraries. The downside of her demeanor is that she seem inflexible and gives the impression of being quite a cold fish, her erstwhile personality buried deep down, but on the positive she seems to not be easily emotionally shook.
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Old 10-22-2017, 01:07 AM
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Name: Thomas Brennan

Appearance: Thomas is a rough figure. He's tall and well built, standing at 6' 3" and weighing 188 lbs. He has a handsome visage, with dark brown hair and a moss green eye, and a plain black eyepatch that covers where his left eye used to be. His typical attire isn't fancy at all. Plain t-shirts, an old leather bomber jacket, worn jeans (sometimes old military fatigues), and combat boots.

Personality: Split in two. Most of the time, Thomas is timid, passive and a bit shy. His mind is stuck in the days when he was young, an artist who had adapted to bullying and a hard home life by shutting himself away and releasing it into his art. And then, there is the hidden old man, which carries most of his worst memories. This persona is dark and twisted, dismissive and others and a supreme survivor. While he isn't completely cruel or evil in this part of his split, he does tend closer to dominance here. And it is always this persona that flies into frenzies.
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Old 10-23-2017, 09:02 AM
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Character Name: Margherita Carrara

Appearance: Rita is a lovely young woman of average height who appears to be in her early twenties, usually dressed in fashionable professional attire. Her brown hair and brown eyes, her pale skin with a hint of olive, and even the shape of her face are very Italian, not that she'd suggest anything else. When she dresses up she could easily be mistaken for a model with her graceful neck, slender figure and elegant posture, and she's done a bit of clothed modeling when one of the local artists she features at the gallery is really insistent.

Personality: While Rita is always polite and has a smile for most everyone she's in contact with, there's a certain reservedness in her attitude; she's not timid exactly, just not the life of the party either. She's well spoken and usually has a good deal of information on any of the subjects in her wheelhaus (fine arts, local artists, business, international import/export), but lacks much to offer on most other topics and tends to just listen or nod politely. Since most of her interaction is usually at By the Sea, an art gallery featuring local artists, this doesn't hinder her too much.
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Old 01-29-2018, 10:33 PM
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Name: Yolanda (Yola) Leandros
Age 24 Alive / 15 Dead

Appearance:Yola is a brown-eyed beauty from California, daughter of a greek businessman and a black singer. Her hair is long, thick, and tightly curled-most of it the natural color, but with dramatic blonde highlights added. When worn down, she holds it back with a headband worn like a post-modern crown. Casual wear for her usually means an assortment of yoga pants and athletic tops, or low-rider jeans and a simple blouse, along with sandals, but she is equally at home in a floor-length ballgown or business suit and heels, so long as every article is designer. The one constant of her appearance is a refusal to cover her midriff, and the teardrop shaped opal belly ring thus on display.
Personality: Yola wears the demeanor of a new-age fitness hippie, a charming socialite, or a persuasive negotiator, as appropriate to the situation. Though she strives to present an image of perfection, she has a large well of insecurity in this new world with such higher stakes, where she has to learn the rules all over again.
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Old 04-30-2018, 08:51 PM
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Character Name: Leesa Liddy
right-aligned image

Actual Age: 46, 11 post-embrace. Looks in her early 30s

Actual Age: She is a white mousy-brown-haired woman. She is short, around 5' 2", and on the pear-shaped side. She has wide brown eyes and short hair worn permanently mussy. She is usually dressed in business-professional attire, with sensible slacks, flats, and a comfortable blazer. She is not unattractive, but she clearly puts little stock into her appearance.

Personality: Leesa is a dynamo, and the stereotype of a type-A personality. She seems to constantly be in motion. When she talks, she paces. When she sits, she fidgets and her foot is permanently wiggling and tapping. She speaks emphatically and voluminously, with a cadence that pulls the listener in. Despite her slight build, with her constant motion and overabundant energy, she takes up more space in a room than you'd expect. She can be combative in disagreement, but she is effusive when she thinks that you're a comrade-in-arms (against whatever she happens to currently be up-in-arms about).

(bonus Musical flavor: Sleater-Kinney - Combat rock, or from the same album Light Rail Coyote)
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Old 04-30-2018, 11:41 PM
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Name: Gardener
Age: Gardener has been embraced a bit more than 40 years, from what the city can tell. His disfigurement makes it difficult to tell his age.
Appearance: Always wearing a nice bright blue, purple, green, or pink hoodie and dark blue jeans. Gardener tends to like bright colors that are reminiscent of what you might find on a flower blooming. He does not like to show much of his body, but his fangs protrude over his lower lip, and his face is drawn, with sunken eyes and ears that look curled and rotting. They also appear larger, where the skin on the skull has pulled away. His fingers are long and thin, perfect for tinkering. Unlike some Nosferatu, he tends to keep his nails short and trim, so that he can type.

When he takes on another visage, he tends to use the same one to interact with mortals - a Jeremiah Gardener.

Personality: Gardener doesn't tend to talk much unless his input is requested, or he feels it is excruciatingly important he speak. He will tend to stay in the corner and listen. He is rarely seen without a large Churchill cigar in hand or readily accessible, though they aren't always lit. If he is approached and spoken with, he is a lively conversationalist, and will talk off your ear about any number of subjects.
Gardener has a christmas card list, to whom he sends homemade gift baskets around the holidays. Most Kindred are not on it.
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Old 06-12-2018, 12:42 AM
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Name: Alec TobiasT Thorne

Appearance: Alec certainly doesn't dress for fashion, nor to show off some form of status. If he is wearing something, it was chosen for either practicality or sheer personal preference. This is not to say he dresses in rags, or walks around filthy, as Alec does do his best to present a clean appearance. After all the somewhat worn and outdated leather overcoat often found adorning him falls into the latter category, something he picked up over forty years ago and only survives to this day because of prudent care and cleaning. His dark strands of hair are rather long, and often kept back and bound somewhere over his back if only to keep it from getting in his dark blue eyes when reading. Why he doesn't simply cut it is either a matter he can't be bothered to get around to or perhaps it is something that will remain a mystery.

Personality: While Alec does possess and indeed often display the stereotypical bookish knowledge hoarding mind commonly found in his clan, it is more often than not his honest eagerness for that which he pursues, whatever that may happen to be on any single night, that sets him apart from his fellow kindred. It might not always be openly visible in his expression or body language, unless you happen to just be good at reading people, but it is there in some form or another regarding whichever task or hobby the warlock happens to be undertaking that particular evening. That said, when something unexpected interrupts his focus it can very easy for him to get annoyed at the cause behind it. This feeling could perhaps even lead to outbursts that common sense would normally prevent, such as against ones elders. Just an example, one randomly drawn from the hat, of course.
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