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Old 11-15-2017, 05:11 PM
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ToA - Character List

Copy and paste your character application here. Please include a link to your character sheet and be sure to make your character sheet public.
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The Wildman
right-aligned image

Character Sheet:

Character Name: Tenzien Runefang

Character Race: Mountain Dwarf

Character Class and Career: Totem Warrior Barbarian / Animal Trapper

Character Background:

Most Dwarves are raised in ordered societies with clan hierarchy and political intrigue spurned on by their magnificent metalwork and tenacious combat prowess. Tenzien is not one of those dwarves. His clan, The Forgotten, were the line breakers of their ancient kin, battle hardened berserkers who charged headlong into any fight to prove their worth. As the dwarven kingdoms began to take shape and became more civilized, The Forgotten found themselves on the fringes of the culture they helped create. No longer welcome in the halls of mountain kings, the clan ventured forth into the wilds to quell the rage that burned in their hearts. Tenzien grew up in the same communal traditions that had by this time lasted his people for centuries. All the adults acted as parents, but Friggya was his favorite. She would put him to sleep at night with stories of talking beasts, tall towers, and fair maidens. As he grew older, Tenzien grew more distant and introverted. Many a night he would sneak out of the camp and go hiking through the nearby forests. It was there he watched and listened to the animals of the wilds, learning all he could. One night he found two abandoned wolf pups and, having found a love for nature, decided to raise them as his own companions, and so the clan named him "Runefang" amongst themselves.

As Tenzien continued to age, he grew wise in the ways of the forest. He roamed far and wide with Freki and Geri exploring the wilds, living off the lands, and guarding mother nature. He built a decent life for himself helping locals harvest lumber and animal skins ethically after a small conflict with a goblin tribe that was performing a mass logging operation. Geri was killed in the conflict and Tenzien wears her paw as a memento around his neck. Tenzien hurried back to his clan once news of the death plague finally reached him, fearful of what he might find. Friggya, the mother he had loved the most, was among those who had returned to cruel death. Tenzien vowed to see her restored to life regardless of what it took to achieve it.

Character Description:

Tenzien seems carved from the very stone of the mountains he travels. He stands roughly 4í 9Ē tall while coils of muscle and sinew fill out his solid frame, strength gained from surviving in wild lands. His skin is a mild bronze from exposure to the sun where it hasnít been covered in runic tattoos. Most depict his connection to nature with beasts and birds while symbols for Freki and Geri adorn his chest. He has a large brow that leads up to a smooth skull save for the wild red hair shaped into a fierce Mohawk. His beard is braided with animal bone and gold ringlets that almost reach his feet and he wields a mighty double headed axe of black iron with dwarven runes carved into the heads. He charges into battle without armor or fear like his ancestors of old.

Character Personality:

Despite his savage appearance, Tenzien isn't the loud and abrasive dullard as many would assume. He will generally have a calm and pensive demeanor, listening to those around him. He tends to mistrust those who were not raised in the wilds as he was, but there have been notable cases of building friendships and some short lived romances within frontier towns that he travels by, but nothing too serious. If he can manage it, the dwarf will use body language, head nods, and looks to convey his meaning, but will speak if he must. He always will rally to the defense of nature and preservation of life, and is a staunch ally of those who do the same. Even when he is deep in his cups, the dwarf is always up beat and good natured, smiling and laughing with the rest of his companions. All manner of kindness is erased from his personality once he is roused to furious anger however, and he will seek his foes without hesitation or mercy. He has recently begun to focus his rage into a more controlled state, a tool to use when he must take the final option in a situation.

Events that introduced you to Syndra Sylvane:

Tenzien's heart raced as flashes of fire and arcane magic flew through the air. The goblin logging camp that he had been scouting out the last week had been attacked in the early morning by a group of adventurers hired by the local magistrate to wipe them out. Unfortunately, the goblin band had been reinforced by a contingent of bugbears and it seemed that the warriors had bitten off more than they could chew. The dwarf was about to turn back and inform the Magistrate of the mistake the party had made when he felt a cold snout brush up against his shoulder. Geri stared at him intently with her deep amber eyes while she let out a soft whine of concern. Tenzien knew then that she wouldn't let him leave without helping the poor band of warriors, and so he gripped his axe haft tighter as he pushed himself over the ridge to rush headlong into battle.

The howls of his wolf-kin echoed in the morning haze as they crashed into the rear lines of the goblins. Fang, claw, and axe all bit deeply into the little creatures flesh as the trio hacked their way to the group. As his axe cleaved a goblin in two, Tenzien saw a female wizard had been knocked to the ground with a bugbear standing over her, mace raised high. She would be dead long before the dwarf could reach her, but he tried anyway. As he rushed forward, Geri appeared as if from no where and tackled the monstrosity to the ground. The scuffle was brief and brutal with the bugbear finally managing to get a hold of the wolf's head and giving it a swift jerk. A yelp rang out faintly as the Geri went limp in the enemy's arms and Tenzien felt his rage boil inside of him as never before. The blood haze took him then and the rest of the battle was a blur of blood and chopped limps.

As combat ended with the few remaining goblins fleeing for their lives, the dwarf sank to his knees next to is dead companion, a dear friend he had raised since they were a mere pup. The female mage made her way over to him and spoke softly, "My name is Syndra, and I wanted to say thank you for helping us." Tenzien looked up to her with sad eyes and gave a soft nod as he turned back to Geri. "Would you mind telling me your name?" Tenzien blinked as he reached out to stroke the wolf's grey fur, silent as the grave. She must have realized she wasn't going to get much more out of him as she said, "Well, your friend saved my life. If you ever need anything in the future, please find me and I will repay this debt." The woman turned to leave and it was then that the barbarian found his voice. "Tenzien Runefang...."

The dwarf burned Geri as was fit for one who had fought with such valor, but kept her paw as a reminder of the cost of doing the right thing.

"We are sons of Durin, and Durin's folk do not flee from a fight. I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me one last time?"

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Character Concept
right-aligned image

Powerless is a slave to power. Law is the tool for the masters.
Deception is the shield just as the hope is the sword for a slave.
Freedom has cost and sacrifices are must.

Name: Seldlyss Freiryn
Race: Half-Elf (Drow)
Class: Warlock
Background: Charlatan

Appearance: Seldlyss is tall and slender, combining the traits of a human and elf. His skin and hair colors are dark. His eyes are hazel. Seldlyss looks like an affluent and sophisticated noble. With the fine and well fitted clothing, Seldlyss is quite attactive.

Personality: In today’s words, Seldlyss is very liberal. He is free-spirited and values individualism. He believes that individual merit is more important than the birth rights. He dislikes the incapable nobles, who rule the poor through their birth rights. He is also frustrated with the poor who simply accepts the bullying from the rich. However, he understands that some capable servants have no choice just like him. He blames this realm and to be free, the only answer is to become more powerful.

Besides of his ambition, Seldlyss is charming and very likable person. He has a way to make people feel better and avoids confrontations. He is cunning and convincing. He does not hesitate lying and deceiving others to achieve his goals.

Background Story - Early Origins: Seldlyss was born from misfortune, and lived a harsh life. Before he was born, a drow elf was sold to a slave master, who later found out that she was pregnant with a child. The slave master, who was attracted to her, was angry but eventually was subdued by her dark beauty. He allowed her to take care of her child, but he was not kind to the child.

Life as a slave was very difficult. Every day, Seldlyss was challenged by cruelty and the demands by his master. Seldlyss disliked his master and all those who forced their power especially toward the servants. Many times, he wanted to run away and be free, but he had to consider his mother. For some reason, his mother never complained and simply accepted her life as a slave. So, Sedlyss learned to deal with the slave master in a different way. He lied and hid his emotions. When he used flattery, he learned how easy it was to deceive his master.

Background Story - Path to Warlock: Seldlyss’s mother was once a cleric of Ghaunadaur, the god of abominations. In the deep underground, she worshiped her god, but her service ended abruptly when she felt in love with a human. Her betrayal angered Ghaunadaur and soon her life was fabricated by her god and was sold as a slave. Ever since then, Ghaunadaur enjoyed watching her suffering.

When Seldlyss came to the age of a young man, Ghaunadaur was interested in Seldlyss. During this time, many drow elves changed their religion and began to worship other deities, who were Ghaunadaur’s rivals. To prevent his rivals becoming more powerful, Ghaunadaur devised a plan, and began to recruit disciples, who could be controlled and used for his purposes. Seldlyss was chosen as one of them.

One day, Seldlyss felt in love with a servant girl. After a magical moment, the servant girl was sold to a slave trader, similar to what happened to his mother many years ago. When Seldlyss found out, his lover was long gone.

Then, Ghaunadaur appeared in Seldlyss’s dreams. Seldlyss saw horrible images of his mother, lover and a child suffering. Then, he heard Ghaunadaur’s voices, “Damn you, damn your mother, and all her offspring. Damn them all for eternity.”

Eventually, Seldlyss learned the meaning and persuaded Ghaunadaur to accept his service in return for the freedom of his family. He was able to convince Ghaunadaur to return his mother to her homeland. However, he was not able to rescue his lover and child. Their locations were not told, but Ghaunadaur promised that they were safe as long as Seldlyss remains faithful and accepts him as his Great Old One.

Events that introduced you to Syndra Sylvane (retired adventurer, wizard and successful merchant): Taking souls of sacrificed is something that Ghaunadaur, the god of abominations, would do. However, someone else is stealing the souls of dead, and this troubles even the god of evil. The events happening in Chult are very unusual and artificial. Whoever or whatever is causing must be stopped.

Ghaunadaur appears to Seldyss in his dreams and instructs him to head to Chult. There, Seldyss is to find Syndra Sylvane, a retired adventurer and merchant. "No room for a failure. You must stop what is happening", says Ghaunadaur while magically transporting a precious amulet to his bedside.

Dressed in rich noble clothing, Seldyss enters Chult. There, he finds an old wizard selling arcane merchandise. With the amulet hanging down from his neck visibly, Seldyss approaches Syndra pretending to looking through the merchandise. The amulet catches the wizard's attention and he begins to question Seldyss about how he acquired it. Seldyss pretends to be surprised and returns his questions back to Syndra. After several back and forth conversations, Seldyss begins to figure out that this amulet is known to Syndra and has significant meaning to him. "Last time I saw that amulet was worn by a dark elf. That was many years ago. Perhaps before you were born. She was so beautiful." When Seldyss hears those words, his face turns blank as if he is seeing a ghost; a rare time when Seldyss loses control of his emotions and finds himself to be speechless.

"Nay, I am not your father. Your mother had her eyes on much better looking guy than me. Yay, THAT PALADIN! Poor fellow. Something really bad happened. Your mother disappeared. Then, somehow he heard that she had a child of his. Ever since then, he had only one thing in his mind; that was to find you and your mother. Poor, poor fellow. Only if he survived just little longer ...", Syndra wipes his tears as he speaks those words. "Yay, now I understand why you are here. You need to rescue your father. His poor soul is stolen along with many others. I am looking for young adventurers. You need to be one of them."

  1. Used the standard array for the ability numbers
  2. Selected DEX and CON as additional Racial Ability modifier
  3. Replaced Skill Versatility with the Drow racial features: Dark Elf Magic, Dark Elf Weapon
  4. Selected Scimitar as the weapon for the Weapon +1 draw from the treasure roll
  5. Bought 2 potion of healing
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My collection of niche/uncommon characters!
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Who is truly a hero?
One who will lay down his life for his friend. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame. For one person. In the dark, where no one will ever know or see.

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Zaadurk Koda
right-aligned image

Character Name: Zaadurk "Zee" Koda
Character Race: Half-Orc
Character Class and Career (i.e. Arcane Tradition, Martial Archetype, etc.): Ranger (Gloom Stalker)
Character Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
Character Description and Personality: Half-Orcs are often mistrusted or looked at as dumb muscle only usable for manual labor or fighting. Zee managed to use that reputation to his advantage and simultaneously ingratiate himself to many of the nobles and city guard by functioning as a thief catcher. He could lurk around parts of the city the guard dare not go late at night unless in force, and he could track fleeing criminals out of the city into the wild beyond the guard's authority or ability to follow. While many people are still wary of him, enough shop keeps and merchants have had goods returned due to his efforts that the common folk mostly tolerate him now. When there aren't many bounties around he makes ends meet hiring himself out as personal security or even as a caravan guard if nothing else is available.
Zee is fairly good natured though he does rely a bit on having a tough guy reputation, at least among criminals. He prefers catching criminals to hunting down/killing people, though often there is no choice.

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right-aligned image
Name: Skygge Ravenfyre
Race: Half-Elf
Class and Career: Paladin 4 / Hexblade 1
Character Background: Soldier
Character Description and Personality:
Skygge had always been ridiculed as being different for her pale skin and white hair, but she has long since resigned herself that one cannot help one's heritage. Instead, she has used her abilities to pursue justice and squash evil wherever it would be, reserving her ire for those who truly deserved to be destroyed. Standing at five and a half feet, her muscular frame would intimidate most folk, and that would be the end of audible comments about her appearance.

Skygge has a daughter suffering from the strange disease that is quickly becoming a plague in her city and in other parts of the country. In a moment of desperation, she has sought the favor of the Raven Queen for guidance and a solution, which was answered by one day finding a weapon that... spoke... to her. She would only hear the voice in her head, but so far, it had led her closer and closer to the source of her problems: the city of Chult.
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ApplicationCharacter Name: Usk
Character Race: Lizardfolk


Character Class and Career: barbarian 3 (bear totem)/druid 2 (circle of the moon)
Character Background: Outlander
Character Description and Personality: Usk grew up as a warrior for his tribe, he was born with great strength and fortitude so naturally he was trained to fight with a relentless tenacity and the ferocity of their bloodlone. However Usk also shared a prodigious connection with nature, he had the strange ability to speak with animals and sense where they were. These were amazing abilities that made Usk one of the best hunters in his tribe.

One day as they returned from a ranging with a great haul of food they arrived to a scene of horror as a group of elven mercenaries had slain their entire tribe down to the last youngling. Usk And his band were immediately captured and forced to endure torture and were one by one executed. Usk and two others were left and it was Usk's turn to taste the blade. As his captors drug him up to the chopping block his panicked mind reached out through his connection to the earth and there was a response deep in his lineage the spirit of an ancient beast reached out and blessed Usk. His body began to swell and shift as he transformed into a massive crocodile dwarfing his would be executioners. The battle was short and bloody, with the surprised elves unable to stop the primal rage that Usk possessed. As he shrank back to his normal form he found that his connection to the earth grew stronger and he was now able to use this power to perform magics and rituals as well as take the shape of beasts, though he has not since been able to summon the form of that most ancient lizard.

Usk is a quiet and wise soul who reveres nature and his connection to the earth. He still fights with that inner fire and ferocity like when he was young but out of combat his wisdom has grown as has his connection to nature. Usk cares not for the trappings of society and has difficulty understanding the concepts of things like manners and money. Usk is a fierce friend though he has a rough exterior once someone proves themselves to him he defends them as if they were a youngling of his tribe. Though he does tend to patronize his companions believing them to be children who need protecting. At the end of the day he believes in the laws of nature, the strong survive and the weak perish, one looks out for their own and protects what is theirs.

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Name: Rudra Stormblower
Race: Dragonborn
Class and Career: Former mercenary (Fighter 1), currently a priest of Mac Lir (Cleric of the Tempest 4)
Character Background: Soldier
Character Description and Personality:
Rudra has eyes that unnerve most folk, even after theyíve gotten used to the hulking mass of dragonborn towering above them. They have been described (almost exclusively after he has left the room) as the sort of eyes that, when fixed upon you, make you feel less like a person and more like a book that heís leafing through. Most people don't notice his dark leather gloves, for which Rudra is silently thankful.

His armor, warhammer, and shield are dark gray with accents of electric blue, the colors of Mac Lir, the god of storms and seas. These armaments did not come to him looking like this, and he secretly ruined several armaments attempting to make them look this way. Many of his fellow servants in the temple have remarked that Rudra should have more powerfully magical tools at his disposal at this junction in his career, but Rudra simply shrugs and remarks that "magical stuff is okay for a bunch of psalm-singin' sissies; I don't need them". Then he tugs at his gloves (which hide years of dye-stains), shrugs, and walks away.

Rudra believes in right and wrong, and only consents to navigate the spaces in between in the service of a greater good. In his eyes, laws are just things that people in power create to ensure they continue to be people in power, and evil is a state of mind inhabited by those who are too selfish and too weak to help others. He fights because he believes that his god has chosen him to fight, which lends a very particular brand of pragmatism to his sensibilities.

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ApplicationCharacter Name: Howard Slandermark
Character Race: Ghostwise Halfling
Character Class and Career: Rogue Scout
Character Background: Archeologist
Character Description and Personality:
Howard Slandermark is slight, even for a halfling. He's never been the best at anything. There was always someone smarter, stronger, faster, or better. That's probably why it was a shock when Holly Hockenbright cast her gaze his way. She flirted with him for weeks, constantly flipping the page he was trying to read as she passed or pulling his hood off his head as she rushed past him in the summer rains. Finally, she came to visit him while he was working at the museum, teasing him about artifacts in front of the tour he was giving. As the crowd departed, she solicited him to meet for a drink after he locked up.

That's really the end of it, as far as he can recall. He doesn't know how his key went missing, why he didn't show up for work for five days, or how so many priceless and historical artifacts went missing. What he does know is that he was blamed and press-ganged into serving with the treasure hunters sent to recover the pieces. He also knows that, despite himself, the past few years adventuring were the best years of his life, and now that he's delivered the last of the known items back to the museum, he's going to go find more.
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