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Old Nov 20th, 2017, 06:26 PM
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The Heroes

Post your original application here, as well as a link to your character sheet.

You'll be starting at level one. Stats will be Standard or Point Buy, state which you choose on your character post. You can take the standard or roll for HP, your choice, but if you roll, you have to keep it. You'll be taking standard starting equipment.

Additionally, if you're playing a human, you have the choice between taking a feat and a skill, or +1 to every stat. Say in your post which you choose.
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Tristan Rhyn:
right-aligned image

Name: Tristan Pronounced - Wren, like the bird.Rhyn
Gender/Race: Male Human
Class/Background: Fighter/Hired KillerCriminal
Personality Trait:
  • I don't pay attention to the risk in a situation. Never tell me the odds.
  • The best way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can't do it.
  • Freedom - Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. (Chaotic)
  • People - I’m loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can take a trip down the Styx for all I care. (Neutral)
  • I’m trying to pay off an old debt to an influential person that kept me out of a prison cell. I still owe him.
  • My teenage love died because I challenged her father to a fight. That will never happen again.
  • I have a “His nostrils flare when he is lying.tell” that reveals when I'm lying.
  • An innocent person is in prison for a crime that I committed. I’m okay with that.

Backstory: At a young age, Tristan had a knack for getting into trouble, and being a native of the city of Luskan, it wasn't hard to find such trouble. In his teenage years he quickly picked up skill with long blades and made a reputation for not being afraid to challenge anyone to a fight if he so chose. Falling in the with a small gang of other boys his age, he never went without food or a bed to sleep in, even if it wasn't at his own home. His parents barely knew he was alive, let alone cared for him past a certain age. Then came the day that Tristan found the love of his life, a young girl close to his age and they were madly in love. Being a hotheaded teenager was easy from Tristan's point of view and when his young love claimed that her father was so cruel to her, His first course of action was to put an end to the old sod. The young girl's father was a local blacksmith in Luskan and although he raised his family in an honest manner didn't mean he had any talent with a blade. The fight was still one sided, the blacksmith's above average strength and plain know-how nearly seen Tristan bested just as the guards were filtering onto the narrow street. With the rain and darkness of a normal Luskan night, it took one guard with a slippery glove to accidentally fire off his crossbow while trying to stop the two from killing each other. Tristan realized far too late that the bolt had whizzed past him and his opponent and buried itself in the teenager's young love...Rough hands grabbed at the boy and dragged him down an alley while he was still in shock at the events that had unfolded.

Not two days later, A influential Crime Lord summoned for Tristan and told him of how things were going to go. Tristan would never see the inside of a prison cell, instead he would work for the Crime Lord and the blacksmith would rot in a cell for putting his daughter in danger. Tristan wouldn't have been dumb enough to deny this, after all, that blacksmith had it coming. Tristan became what the crime lord demanded of him, a sword for hire although, the boy became more careful with who he drew a sword on and careful with falling in love, lest he make the same mistake twice.

It was only several years before he ended up making a mistake and crossing the Crime Lord, luckily he only earned himself a worse station, making sure caravans made it along the High Road without trouble. Shipments that the crime lord needed special attention for. Tristan preferred the warmth of a city over this Icewind Dale cold but what choice did he have, he owed the man for keeping him out of prison.

Theme Song:


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left-aligned image

Name: Torelian Mirrorscale
Race: Dragonborn (Gold)
Class: Wizard (Illusionist)
Profession: Far Traveler
Alignment: NG

Personality: Tor's personality is... difficult to nail down. At times he's quiet and introspective, others he's bombastic and ostentatious in his appearance and actions, and yet other times he's cold and calculating. Some of the more recurring traits of his personality are that he's cautious, considerate, and detail-oriented. He displays a love of art, both painted and in theater. In a fight he uses his affinity for illusions to intimidate and disable his foes rather than outright kill them. He works well with others but he can be frustrating to deal with as he shares little about himself or his family. To make up for this closed-off behavior, when given a mission or quest he guarantees its completion and works hard to ensure success.

Bond: "I fight to honor and uphold the Mirrorscale legacy."
Ideal: "I am a secret vanguard against cataclysmic threats."
Flaw: "I was trained for greatness, therefore I am."

Background: The Mirrorscales are a family of Dragonborn stretching back perhaps as far as there have been Dragonborn, first created at the will of mighty dragons. They rose to prominence for outstanding arcane potential and putting that power to use protecting the Material Plane from all manner of world-ending events. Their newest protege is Torelian, specializing in Illusion magic and subterfuge. His training to harness his talents and understand his craft were ruthless. Being forced to practice constantly to be able to identify every branch of magic and be capable of piercing illusions of all kinds through his own willpower and deductive skills. His father and grandfather, Elisar Mirrorscale and Ys'sradoza Mirrorscale III, headed his training while his mother Techiana Steelhide trained his younger brother Kenthra in a more mundane craft. As he possessed the rare trait of having greatly stunted control of arcane energy.

Torelian's training extended to diplomacy missions, spying, and disguises to gather vital information to be used to apply pressure to rising powers or stop potential conflicts. With his help he was able to stop several small-to-medium scale skirmishes from breaking out, stop a rebellion before it became bloody to unseat a heartless madman, and even successfully convinced a herd of Goliaths to combat an adult red dragon that had recently taken up residence in their territory. Wiping out the troublesome barbarian horde and the dragon in the process to ensure a safe trade route through that mountain pass once more.

But now the gold dragon sat jostling in a covered wagon, headed north towards High Road. He had bundled up for the trip and was going over his spellbook as the days dragged on. His parents strongly recommended an alias as he was given the task of looking into growing rumors of the giants returning. Even going so far as to discuss the resurgence of the Storm King himself. Torelian didn't fully understand just how dangerous the Storm King could be, but having giants appearing in many places in the last few months certainly was not something to take lightly. He peered out the front of the covered wagon and saw High Road stretched way out in front of him, knowing that he would need to assemble SOME kind of force to investigate these claims further and squelch these rumors if they prove to be nothing more than skullduggery and exaggerations.

Theme Song: Freedom Call - Warrior
My Get To Know A Gamer thread is up! Ask me things! | My collection of niche/uncommon characters! | The post that netted me 10k RPXP!
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Erys Ravenhue - friendly troubadour
right-aligned image
Erys Ravenhue - NG Female Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (will move into Bard at lvl 2)
Background: Entertainer
Personality Traits: I know a story relevant to almost every situation.
Ideal: People. I like seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I perform. That’s all that matters.
Bond: My instrument is my most treasured possession, and it reminds me of someone I love.
Flaw: I’ll do anything to win fame and renown.
Theme: Huapango by Josť Pablo Moncayo

Life in Conyberry was hard. At least, that’s how I remember it. Even at four years old I was digging in the fields, carrying baskets of fruit, washing and mending. And there was never time for games, so instead, for fun, I would sing. It kept our minds off the work and helped the days pass.

I wasn’t really aware of money at the time, but I knew it was a bad thing. Whenever ma and pa talked about it, they would fight. Sometimes they would throw things. Sometimes they’d just cry together. I remember once I found a silver coin on the road just outside town. I picked it up, cleaned it off, examined it shining in the sunlight, and then I took it and threw it into the river so it wouldn’t make my family sad. Ha! So innocent! It kinda makes me cringe now, thinking about it. I’d learn a lot more about money later, about how it affects people and what it can do, but I’ve never really got away from the idea that it’s... tainted. Maybe even evil. A means to an end, sure, but I always want to wash my hands after handling it.

But I was talking about Conyberry, wasn’t I? Do tell me if I stray from the point, I don’t mind.

Well there was ma and pa, Lily, my older sister, and Marv, my big brother. I was obviously the baby of the bunch. Can you tell? We lived in a little... shack I suppose, but at the time it seemed more than enough. Just a little room where we all slept. There wasn’t even a place to cook, we did that outside when it wasn’t too wet. Now, please don’t think I’m telling you this to get sympathy! Nothing could be further from my mind; I just want you to understand why... well, why they did what they did. I don’t blame them for it. It was the best decision. For all of us. If they hadn’t... I would have been right there in Conyberry to the end, I suppose. Like they were...

I’m okay. I mean, I hardly remember them anyway, just impressions. Pa had the kindest smile. He smiled all the time, even though things were tough. He always smiled when he saw me, and threw me up so high...

Anyway, it was my singing which got me out of there. One day a traveller heard me singing in the field. He stopped, and started strumming a lute, playing along with my song. He made up new bits and I’d build off of them, it was fun. But the farmer thought I wasn’t working hard enough and made pa take me away. The traveller, well I suppose he understood, he waved goodbye and said he’d see me later. And then, two days later pa came into the house. He was crying, but smiling through it. He said I was going to learn to play music! I was so happy, but I could see something was wrong. Ma wouldn’t even look at me, she had her face buried in her apron. I asked what was wrong, but pa said nothing, that I just had to go with the traveller, that he’d take care of me now.

I didn’t want to go, but they wouldn’t let me stay. But it was for the best. I know now that they made the right choice. It can’t have been easy, abandoning their baby...

No, no, I just need a minute.

Okay, so I went with Hugo, he was the traveller, and he really did teach me to play music. He taught me a lot more too, more than my parents ever could have managed. So, like I said, it was for the best. We travelled all over the lands, we’d sing in taverns and great halls, we’d tell stories and enact plays. We saw so much together. But Hugo saw so much more than I thought. When I got older he confided in me; he was getting information about all the places we visited. He showed me how to get into the rooms that were supposed to be private, how to walk so that nobody could hear you.

I don’t know who needed all of the information we collected, but I do know it was fun getting it. There’s a real thrill from being places you’re not supposed to go. Yeah, I can see you know what I mean! That flutter of your heart as someone walks by, that glow of triumph when the lock clicks open. Nothing beats it! Well, nothing a lady should talk about.

Which brings me back to the story, I suppose, because that’s how I ended up getting separated from Hugo. Now, I’d been with him for... oh, I suppose eighteen years. I’d grown up, and I hadn’t been without offers, you know, from boys. Men too, actually. Plenty of grown men saw nothing wrong with trying to get a piece of a young girl. Luckily Hugo wasn’t just a pretty voice. He had a way of defusing the tension in a situation, and, when that didn’t work, he could knock heads. He protected me... well, when I wanted him to. There were a few liaisons that I didn’t let him know about. But this time we were in Waterdeep, we always ended up back there, and we were performing for some merchant house. And there was this boy called Rafe... he was very handsome, straight hair, black as anything you’ve seen. And bright eyes. I think they were blue... maybe green. Not sure, but they were beautiful. And his teeth looked so white when he smiled.

So, he was one of the ones I didn’t want Hugo to know about. We went down to the end of this garden in the courtyard of this merchant family. There was a big wall, then it was the docks at the other side. Nobody was down there, the moon was high, we could hear the waves lapping against the pilings of the dock. But somehow Hugo found us. I’d never seen him so furious! He pulled us apart and threw me towards the house, then he faced Rafe and threatened to cut off his balls. Rafe just smiled, not backing down an inch. At that moment I wanted him more than ever. But light washed over us and some people came out of the house to see what all the noise was. We were forcibly removed from the premises, as they say. And Hugo couldn’t calm himself. I was pissed too, what right did he have to be mad?! I wasn’t doing anything wrong and, in fact, it was none of his business! He just shook his head, looking like he just pitied me. That look made me feel so sick. He just said “He’s a Black Brother”. I still don’t know what he meant, but the way he said it, it was obvious he couldn’t think of a worse curse.

But when we were leaving Waterdeep some men came. Mercenaries. They surrounded us on their horses and bound Hugo in some kind of magic. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to fight, he wanted to protect me, but he couldn’t do anything. I shouted at the men, I asked why they were doing this. They ignored me and rode off with Hugo slung over a horse like a sack. As they went, I heard one of them calling him “Harper scum”.

So now I’m looking for the Harpers, if they really exist. Maybe they can tell me where Hugo is. Maybe they can help me get him back. Or, and I think this is more likely, maybe they can help me get justice for him.

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Name: Jaina Urthadar
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Profession: Acolyte
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Ideal: "If we are strong, no one will be able to harm us."
Bond: "I owe my life to Tempus, for he gave me the strength to save myself as a child."
Flaw: "I wish my heart was not wrapped with iron; I wish I could feel joy and love, all those emotions unafforded to me."

Appearance: Jaina is clad in grim armor, with crimson robes. She has long blond hair and emerald green eyes.

Personality: Jaina is stern and austere, a hard-nosed warrior. And yet, she also has a soft and compassionate side.

Background: Jaina was born in a small town just outside the city of Fireshear, apprenticed at an early age to a dwarven weaponsmith whose weapons were renown throughout the Ten Towns. When Jaina was eight years old, her town was attacked by the Zhentarim. A group of Zhents arrived at the workshop and demanded that the weaponsmith surrender his stock of weapons. When the weaponsmith refused, he was promptly killed by the leader of the Zhents. Jaina grabbed a sword and used the sharpened point to prick her thumb, as she sanctified her prayer with blood. She loudly shouted, "Tempus aid me," as she plunged the sword into the stomach of the Zhent commander, killing the man instantly.

Severely outmatched by the remaining warriors, the girl retreated from the hopeless fight into the countryside. And it was divine fate that Jaina found her way to a temple of Tempus that had been neutrally aiding both sides of the conflict. The High Priest of the temple recognized that Tempus had put his mark upon the girl, so he allowed Jaina into the fortress-like structure to hide from the pursuing Zhents. Jaina was eventually adopted by the High Priest, a man named Todd Urthadar, who fed and clothed the girl, as well as taught her the ideals and dogmas of the Lord of Battles.

Jaina spent a decade learning how to fight, with various weapons, as well as how to channel the divine blessings of Tempus. She eventually left the temple in order to adventure, traversing the Sword Coast, wandering through the north, from Fireshear to Luskan and Mirabar. She eventually found herself working as a mercenary in the City of Splendors. She signed up for the trip to the settlement of Nightstone at the behest of a contact within the Lords' Alliance.

Theme Song: The Doomed by A Perfect Circle

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Sheet InfoI did standard array and standard HP.

Wicklow Forrest
right-aligned image

Name: Wick Forrest
Gender/Race: male/ Half-elf
Class: Rogue (arcane trickster)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Song: Call Me by Shinedown
Background: Criminal
Personality traits: The first thing I do in a new place is note the locations of everything valuable-or where such things could be hidden.
The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it.

Ideal: I steal from the wealthy so that I can help people in need.
Bond: Something important was taken from me, and I aim to steal it back.
Flaw: If there’s a plan, I’ll forget it. If I don’t forget it, I’ll ignore it.

Appearance: Wick stands around six feet in height. Some days he's shorter and other days taller depending on his mood. He was fortunate enough to be able to grow a beard despite his elvish parentage. He thinks it helps him blend in more and hides some of his elvish looks. He had light brown almost ashen hair; grey-blue eyes and ears clothes of various shades of black, blue and grey.

Originally born Wicklow; Wick became Wick at the age of two. His mother finally accepted the fact that her boy would never have a gentlemanly name. Wick was born to his unwed human mother in a halfway house that was run by an old widow that had nothing better to do with her wealth than waste it. At least that’s how the city saw the whole situation. The widow and the women and children she sheltered saw it as a sanctuary. Anywhere from three to fifteen mothers resided at the house at any given time depending on the season.

Wick quickly became close friends with two other children at the half-way house as soon as he was able to walk and fumble through simple words. Penrith “Pen” and Mersey “Mer” were about the same age as Wick and their mothers had taken up semi-permanent residence at the half-way house; cooking, cleaning, laundry and gardening. The three of them became thick as thieves, literally, by the time they were four. Stealing food and scraps of clothe to begin with and quickly escalated to picking pockets, and stealing from shops.

Wick, Pen and Mer out grew the half-way house along with the patience of the local constables. The trio took to roaming the region, city to city until they wore out their welcome before moving on. They occasionally returned to the half-way house to check on their mothers and provide some much needed income.

One day while waiting for his partners in crime at their usual gathering place, neither of the others showed. He returned the next day, and again no one came. Becoming slightly concerned, especially with no word from either, Wick began to canvas their current city of residence. It took several days of tracking and talking to more strangers than he had cared to count, before finally getting a lead. Someone matching Pen’s description had been seen leaving the city with a caravan heading north the day they had planned to meet. There was no mention of Mersey. Clinging to the thread of chance that Pen, and perhaps even Mer, were onto a good ‘business’ opportunity Wick joined on with the next caravan heading north after them.
Beth Quinn
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left-aligned image
Name: Kalia
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class Ranger
Appearance: Kalia has long black hair, pale skin and large green eyes. She is beautiful but always looks like she has a lot on her mind. She wears her fathers bow over her shoulder. He grew an orchard in their village and she learned how to care for it and spent every day with her father, tending to the trees.

One day a group of bandits emerged from the tree's of the surrounding forest. They surrounded Kalia and her father. He managed to fight them long enough to let his daughter escape and get home. Looking over her should as she ran, she saw one of the bandits run his rapier through his throat, killing him, as the other bandits held him down.

Her father was a natural archer and his prized possession was his Legacy Bow, an heirloom in the family. It had painstakingly hand engraved limb bolts and bezels made of solid steel, finely hand carved wolves on the main body and decorative inlays made from gold and silver. The bow was truly magnificent. She lifted it from its hooks on the wall and took it for her own to keep her fathers honour strong.

Personality Trait: She has lost people and after the attacks on Torsh she finds it hard to trust strangers. She is caring and kind but has a streak of rage in her that sometimes surfaces. She finds social situations tough to deal with and will sometimes say things that could be considered offensive by some and funny by others.
Ideal: Kalia believes that the gods won't help people who don't help themselves and she will rely on her own wits and cunning to get her out of serious situations.
Bond: Those who fight beside her are worth fighting for. She would take an arrow for a brother or sister in arms.
History: Kalia came from a small village called Torsh in the region of The Shaar, Faerun. The village was under the constant threat of a vile creature of a man called Titus or The Demon of The Shaar. He extorted the village for its resources and anyone who resisted met a violent death at the hands of his huge mace. One day a group of adventurers came through Torsh, seeking refuge and food. Once they heard of Titus they vowed to stop him. Kalia fell in love with one of the party, a paladin called Jed. He gave her the confidence to stand and fight against the bandits. The ensuing battle caused many deaths but ultimately the bandits were defeated and Titus fell.

After the battle Kalia took Jed to one side and told him a dark secret about her that she made him promise to never tell anyone. The secret kept her from accompanying the party on the rest of their journey but it also meant she could no longer stay in Torsh. She moved to the nearby city of Innarlith where she was finally free to do what her heart yearned for, travel and seek adventure.

Personality: Confident in her archery, wary of people in a position of power or leadership, awkward in social situations.

RP Sample:

"No! Kalia! Please, you must come with us!" yelled her mother as the bandits filtered through the tree line and charged at the village. Kalia was done with hiding though, "Go, I'll be fine. You just make sure that Bella is safe. The last thing that little girl needs to see is more bloodshed. I love you both." with that she was gone with her bow in hand.

Kalia arrived at the battle moments later. She looked to her side to see one of the towns guards, a good man called Jace, calling for mercy as he tried desperately to hold his innards into a wound that had been cleaved into his stomach. Kalia remained strong, loaded an arrow into the bow of her father and took aim. She closed her eyes, and drew in a deep breath. The fighting around her quietened down in her ears as focused her mind. She slowly opened her eyes, let her breath out and released the arrow. It left her weapon with a satisfying twang and sailed through the open air. Her target, a vile looking specimen of a man, had time to catch a glimpse of the incoming missile before it buried itself deep in his throat. He fell to the floor dead, the tip of the arrow protruding from his spine on the back of his neck.

She didn't have time to celebrate. Her eyes fell on something that made the blood run cold in her veins, the man who had been leading these bandits to terrorize this village emerged from the trees. Titus, 'Demon of the Shaar' he called himself, came running through the tree's with his monsterous weapon gripped in both hands, saliva ran from either side of his mouth, his face contorted with pure rage

The Battle of Torsh

Kalias Theme Song: Muse - Hysteria

Kalias Character Sheet:

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Name: Franklin "Knuckles" Oakside
Race: Dwarf
Class: Barbarian
Background: Mercenary Veteran
Alignment: Neutral Good
Songs: Warriors Code, Dropkick Murphys; 3 Shades of Black, Hank Williams III

Personality trait: "I’ve lost too many friends, and I’m slow to make new ones."
Ideal: "When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny."
Bond: "Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind."
Flaw: "I have serious issues with authority."

Appearance: There's no doubt about Franklins heritage. He is in every way an Oakside Dwarf, arms like tree-trunks and a large barreled chest. He sports the signature platinum-blond bushy beard and has light blue eyes that his brothers, father and granddad use to stare down the dangers of the Mountain range they hail from.

Personality and background: Franklin also has the rebellious, independent attitude his family is famous for. Stubborn and proud, these country dwarves don't like to answer to anybody and Franklin is a shining example.

Living fast and playing rough. He loves a drink and a laugh, he like to test his mettle and steel in combat and enjoys long evenings drinking moonshine and playing music. From time to time he gets the wanderlust and goes walkabout. Franklin joined the army for a season but he proved too unruly to handle. He's still wanted for deserting. From there he got together with the Blood-Axes. A mercenary band that seemed a perfect fit for this country rebel.

For a while he was completely in his element, but in time even the leadership of the Bloodaxes started having problems with Franklin. He himself was getting disillusioned by the attitude of the mercy. Franklin didn't like the nasty side some scum liked to show off and many times a fight had to be broken up because Franklin took offense to his comrades behavior.

Franklin liked a good fight, but took no joy in exerting his power over the weak. He hated it when some of them took advantage of simple people. This started to create a rift between him and some of the others. They felt that he was acting like he was better than them, and he simply didn't care who's noses broke under his rock hard knuckles. There were some that shared Franklins point of view, but they were outnumbered and eventually a few of his friends convinced him to leave in the dead of night before a blade found its way into his back.

Franklin spit on the bloodaxes flag, and in stead of leaving silently in the dark he left like a thundering storm. Noses were broken, blood spattered and teeth littered the ground but eventually he left that morning.

Franklin now travels, hiring himself out from time to time. He's looking for a good time and if the blues takes him over he'll make his way back home. But for now he's escorting a caravan investigating a rumour for the Lord's Alliance, and there's wine and gold in his future so he's pretty happy.
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character info
left-aligned image
Name: Hallgrim Woldigger

Song: Answering the call to battle

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Gender: Male

Class: Cleric of Marthammor Duin and Dugmaren Brightmantle (multiclassing into Bard)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Background: Hermit

Personality Trait 1: I connect everything that happens to me to a grand, cosmic plan.

Personality Trait 2: I’m driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.

Ideal: My gifts are meant to be shared with all, not used for my own benefit.

Bond: My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil that only I can destroy.

Flaw: I let my need to win arguments overshadow friendships and harmony.

BackstoryBackstory: Nestled high atop the peaks of the Sword Mountains sits the dwarven hold of Nirn Gurum. A sheltered community of priests and monks more preoccupied with knowledge than with minerals or gems.

Floating citadels and rampaging giants concern most inhabitants of the holding little, except for one low ranking cleric, Hallgrim Woldigger, cannot stand idly by collecting information. He feels compelled to help the ‘tall folk’ from down the mountain.

Before he leaves, the High Priest of Berronar, bequeaths a strange tablet to Hallgrim. Odd symbols adorn the tablet that even the High Priest cannot read but he is certain their meaning to be important in the chaos he feels in his heart is coming.

Outfitting Hallgrim with supplies to see him down the mountain, the High Priest bids the young dwarf good luck as he embarks to discover the secrets of the runes and sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding the emergence of the giants.

RP SampleRP Sample: ”Give me the foresight to see the path before me, Marthammor, and Dugmaren grant me the insight to identify that which will aid me on my quest.”

Hallgrim had been travelling up the Sword Coast for days now, moving in the direction that some fled, toward the floating citadels of the cloud giants. Sitting in a chapel library watching events unfold below was unacceptable to Hallgrim. If events were as dire as they seemed, by Berronar, he would see to the safety of all in the path of such terrible danger.

Why were the giants on the move as they were? They hadn’t been this aggressive in an age. Answers lied to the north so that is where Hallgrim’s path led, danger be damned. The pack on his back was heavier than it would seem but there was an object of great import contained within. The stone tablet the High Priest had given him with the strange marking on the face. The answer to their riddle no doubt was tied in to all this giant nonsense and he was going to solve it by the end as well.

He had taken to sharing stories with a human with the caravan who like hearing about the old dwarven tales. This morning however, they had come to odds over the best method to dispatch a troll.

”Anyone with half a brain knows burning a troll is the only way to truly kill it!” Hallgrim barked in frustration.

”Though one can also use acid.” quipped the human back.

”Acid! And just where do you suppose a feller gets enough acid to kill a troll? Milking black dragons?” Hallgrim roared in rebuttal.

”Don’t be ridiculous, substances such as that are created by sorcerers and wizards easily enough.” the boy answered back.

In a rage, the dwarf stamped his feet and found another camp fire to pass the night, muttering about foolish humans who don’t know the first thing about dampening the regenerative properties of giant kin.

”If yer going to wait around fer a wizard to make acid to splash on a troll, you’ll be dead before you’ve even gotten started! A wizard could summon some…of all the preposterous nonsense!”

Though friends for the better part of the journey, the dwarf and young lad never spoke again the rest of the trip.

Hallgrim Hallgrim Woldigger | Mountain Dwarf Cleric 1 / Bard 4
HP: 38/38 | AC: 14 (16 w/shield) | Current Initiative: | Weapons Readied: Warhammer
Abilities: STR 18 (+4) | DEX 10 (0) | CON 14 (+2) | INT 8 (-1) | WIS 15 (+2) | CHA 13 (+1)
Skills: Arcana +3 | History +3 | Medicine +4 | Religion +1
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Name: Argo the Wolf
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
Background: Outlander
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Neutral

Ideal: "I think success depends on preparing as much as possible in advance."
Bond: "I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves."
Flaw: "I will never fully trust someone other than myself."

Personality: Argo plays his cards very close to the chest. He’s had very few close companions in the past, and what ones he did have are mostly dead, leaving him with a very guarded disposition toward others. He is capable of cooperating for the sake of common goals, but he makes it a point not to show his back to anyone he’s not familiar with.

Argo won’t typically talk about his life with others, and while he is very proficient at what he does, he will not generally boast. Actions speak much louder than words after all.

It’s difficult to pin down Argo’s exact moral code; generally, he doesn’t make it a point to help others if there’s no coin to be made, being a bounty hunter by trade after all. He has little patience for the defenseless, having needed to rely on himself his entire life. That said, Argo despises bullies and opportunists that use their power or influence to subjugate the weak. He may not feel much in the way of pity, but all the same, he will rise to challenge beast and tyrant alike.

Backstory: Not much is known about Argo; certainly not his clan, and his years of hunting dangerous targets have awarded him the simple title of Argo the Wolf.

From a young age, Argo was left with nobody to take care of him; his hatred of bullies would imply that, if he did have any guardians, they were not benevolent ones. In any case, the elf stuck out on his own in his early adolescence, determined to find his own way in the world.

Armed with a fierce tracking ability and skill with a bow, his trade of choice seemed obvious; Argo turned to bounty hunting early and readily as a method of feeding himself. Soon, the elf was fashioning himself with better equipment, taking on bigger marks, and broadening his horizons across further and further lands.

Argo has been at his work for quite a long time. Long enough to have seen too much, and long enough to have forgotten what drove him out into the world in the first place; the pursuit of purpose.

Theme Song: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas
Fight Music: Catch Hell Blues by The White Stripes
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Character Name: Lesley Callister

Race: Human (Variant)

Class: Fighter (Champion)

Alignment: Lawful, Neutral

Background: Soldier

Personality Trait:
-- I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.

-- Responsibility. I do what I must and obey just authority. (Lawful)

-- Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.

-- I made a terrible mistake in battle that cost many lives - and I would do anything to keep that mistake secret.

Backstory: Lesley was born into a family of soldiers, and decided to follow in her ancestors footsteps by becoming one too. She spent a few years protecting her country, but her troubles began when she led her first company into battle.

She made a terrible mistake that cost many lives, and resulted in their being stuck behind enemy lines without any help available. Despite her failure, Lesley came up with a daring plan, convinced the soldiers under her command to execute it, and got out alive - but not before dealing a heavy blow to the enemy. For this, she was nicknamed the Shadow of Kythorn.

Lesley was commended for a job well done, with no one the wiser as to how her company had ended up in that dangerous situation in the first place, and she began to enjoy the fame that her luck had gotten her. Unfortunately, there was one influential figure who found out about her blunder. This person managed to get her assigned on a mission to the far away from the capitol, and threatened Lesley with blackmail should she disagree. The only question now is, why does the blackmailer want her, a renowned warrior, far away?
Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and seek to win. - Sun Tzu

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Sonya Black:
right-aligned image

Character Name: Sonya Black
Race: Point BuyHuman
Class: Sorceress
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Criminal/Urchin
Personality Trait:
-I sleep with my back to a wall or tree, with everything I own wrapped in a bundle in my arms.
-Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. (Chaotic)
-I escaped my life of poverty by robbing an important person, and I’m wanted for it.
-I turn tail and run when things look bad.

Appearance: Sonya stands about 5 feet and eight inches with red hair that she keeps in a messy bun or ponytail. She has pale skin except for the sheen of scales and wears light leather and light cloth clothing, nothing armor grade.

Backstory:The first thing that Sonya remembers is cold and hunger. For whatever reason, likely the strange blood red sheen of scales that covered her stomach, back and shoulders, her parents abandoned her to the gutters of Luskan, forgotten and left to perish. Her very survival as an infant was only thanks to an old, trash-sifting begger woman with a heart bigger than her stomach and just enough hedge magic to fend off those beggers who saw the little infant as real meat for their next meal. When she had grown enough to start moving around on her own, the begger woman started to teach her what little bit of magic she could muster in her advanced age and with the sparse ingredients that she could sift from the garbage, and as of yet unnamed, Sonya found she had a talent for it. In her wanderings about the rat-infested alleys of the city, if someone saw her as an easy target and thought to grab her, they came away with serious acid burns or ringing eardrums and a lesson not to do that again.

More and more as Sonya got older, she would wander away from the broken array of crates that acted as her shelter with the begger woman. As is certain unsavory types are want to do, she was quickly employed by the local gangs as a pickpocket, thief and spy around the city along with most other urchins that lived in the alleys of Luskan. With age, she quickly and easily fell into a dog-eat-dog world, survival depending on more than just grabbing your next meal but even on making allies and not screwing your betters. She was forced to make herself more useful to the gangs so she wasn't discarded as a liability or used and abused like often happens to most young girls. Luckily for her, the more magic she showed, the more valuable she became, even to the point that she gained a mentor who was firm but proper despite his place in the Black Smile Raish. What she didn't realize very quickly was that worth is a double-edged blade, the edge that cut her was that the more valuable she made herself, the harder it was for her to leave.

Over the years, she learned many useful spells from her mentor right up until his death but now she feels the noose closing around her neck. Her destiny is not her own, her freedom forfeit. She has done very bad things for the Black Smile and thus would have enemies on both sides of the law if she were to leave her employer but she wants to go where she wants and that would be anywhere away from this horrible city.

She finds herself in the Cutlass, looking for a group that isn't tied to this city with the tangled webs of it's lies and deceit. A group that can hide her and take her away from here.


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