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Old 04-02-2018, 01:52 AM
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The Inferno Squad


The Night Wasp

Name: Vwanri
Race: Nocturna Elf
Archetype: Sneaky Sniper and assassin
Age: 27

Physical description: Capwa is a striking elf, most notable for her beautiful dark indigo fur that has deep maroon markings swirling about into near-hypnotic whirls and swirls, with the hair on her head buzzed down to match the same length as her body fur, which is all kept merticulously groomed. Large dark eyes constantly watch her surroundings, drinking in every detail available. Her favored clothes are those that get in her way the least, typically form-fitting and lean to match her frame, but when she has to go outside during the day, she throws layer upon layer on, slapping on thee thickest sunglasses, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and wielding a large parasol to boot, anything to try and keep the dreaded sun away from her sensitive eyes and skin.

When working, she sticks to the largest sniper rifle she can get her agile hands on, only rarely falling back to the shotguns she keeps as backup close-range weapons. However, her skills with her longarms translate to being decent with other firearms, and if all she has is an minigun, well, she's willing to manage.

Personality: Capwa's appearance isn't the only thing that changes with the sun, as her personality changes just as drastically. Normally she is quick-witted, sporting a dry sense of humor that matches her not-quite-chatty speech well, and she's always willing to lend advice if asked. Sometimes not even waiting until then. During the day, though, she's downright grouchy, falling into less jest and more insults that sting more than they need to. Even Seattle's rain and clouds don't prevent this, as just the mere knowledge of the sun high above her ruffles her fur in exactly the wrong way.



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Violence for Every Occasion
Tricky Mickey
Alternatively: Bag o' Tricks Micks

right-aligned image
Real Name: Mouse Stevens

Race: Troll

Character Concept: The Tricky Troll
Intended role: Mage, Question Axer

Favorite Item: Her combat axe, 'Critter Gitter'
Least Favorite Food: Spicy food
Favorite Hobbies: Fryin' fools who think they're hot drek
Least Favorite Sensation: Chipping a horn
Favorite Kind of Run: The kind that helps out the Metaphorically; trolls can be the little guy toolittle guy
Least Favorite Kind of Person: Those without red hair

Description: Tricky Mickey is a stereotypical troll by all appearances - muscled up to the gills, horns big enough to hang coats off of, and tall enough that the aforementioned horns have a habit of scratching up the ceiling spackle. And where would a troll be without her cultural decorations - her weapons? Mickey's a simple woman, she likes axes, and it shows. A reinforced titanium-tungsten single-edged axe affectionately names Critter Gitter adorns her back, and along her hips rest hatchets the size of a dwarf's leg, the perfect tool for gittin' critters too uppity to face her on the ground.

Her personality is suitably trollish, perhaps more so than usual, with a disdain for most that would put a misanthrope to shame, and her violent outbursts are particularly sneaky, bursting out of nowhere like an eyedrone from a cyclops. But contrary to her looks, these outbursts are extremely non-troll in origin, the temper tantrums being angry and magical in nature, often catching those expecting a physical confrontation unawares. And for any who might then believe that all Mickey has by way of pain-hander-outers is magic, they're in for even more hurt - they don't call her Tricky Mickey for nothing and those axes aren't for show, so she's just as willing to lop off limbs with her own damn hands if it gets the job done.

However, those around her for long enough will come to realize that Mickey never, ever releases her rage towards anyone with red hair. Hell, she'll be busy apologizing for any fights that happen on the job if the other party's a carrot-top like herself, although she'll still get the job done.



Attached Files
File Type: pdf Mickey.pdf (54.1 KB, 37 views)
File Type: pdf NewMickey.pdf (52.4 KB, 49 views)

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Placeholder. I’ll try to tweak a bit and transfer over my character from the other app thread to here later today.

Raizen, do you need me to write a summary for my backstory, since as it is it very much exceeds 700 words?

Character app:
They think, therefore I am.Real name: Unknown
Adopted name: Bianca Ferreira
Shadow Alias: Dollhouse
Age: 20
Metatype: Homo Sapien
Team Role: Face/Infiltrator/Breaking&Entering specialist
Character Sheet:


Description and personality:
The first thought most people have when seeing Bianca for the first time is "WOW!" This 5ft 8 inch woman is a true Brazilian beauty, with full, brown hair, tanned skin, toned legs of a dancer, flat stomach, and a generous chest. Her melodious voice only adds to the effect. Even with a lot of skin exposed, she seems to be able to hide weapons on her person as onlookers are usually distracted.

She tends to favor fashionable yet provocative clothing, especially while "on-duty" working for Mama Jing. Her silver tongue, as well as her skills at melting away into the shadows, makes her confident that no ordinary riff-raff can truly harm her. People may think she is nothing more than a joy-girl, and that's exactly what Bianca wants them to think as she gets in position to steal the objective or to let the rest of the team inside.

Bianca is outwardly confident, especially when it comes to her voluptuous appearance and her ability to talk her way out of trouble. She usually has a smile on her face. Is it fake? No one can tell. On rare occasions, she shivers and frowns, as if reliving some dark memory or perhaps trying to recall something but unable to. But she usually recovers quickly, and that smile is plastered on her face again. She also *loves* attention, and sometimes can seek it even if it might hinder her or her mission. She is meant for the spotlight, and that can come into conflict with her stealth skillset.

Strangely enough, one thing that her friends and allies never see her do is get ANGRY. Annoyed at times, but never angry.

Background summary: Bianca has amnesia due to extensive time spent as a meat-puppet in a bunraku parlor. She was a covert ops trainee in one of the Big 10 corporations, and was sent out to infiltrate the Mafia. The Mafia caught on, unluckily for Bianca, and captured her. Instead of killing her, they thought this beauty could be better used making money for them in one of their bunraku parlors in Seattle. There, Bianca was brainwashed thanks to those Personachips, and spent at least a year as little more than a slave. Eventually, a bit of independence started seeping back in, but thanks to her (recently acquired) addiction to BTL chips as a form of escapism, she was still kept in line. Eventually, shadowrunners came and busted the bunraku parlor up on an unrelated run (or was it?), and Bianca escaped in the confusion.

Bianca was taken in by a Madame of a popular brothel called the Red Velvet Room, and for once in her life, Bianca had agency. Even as her life stabilized in one way, it destabilized in another. She was beginning to have Blackouts (thanks to her Scorched quality) sometimes when she used BTL chips. Sometimes after one of those episodes where she doesn't remember what happened for the past 6 hours, she'd regain some skill she didn't know she had (like using a monofilament whip). Eventually, she decided to take up shadowrunning so she can collect enough funds and allies, in order to uncover her past.

RP sample: The team had spent some effort to find out who the mistress of the head researcher is. Once that was done, it was a simple matter to use a bit of make-up here, a voice modulation there, and voila! Bianca passes for one Ms. Peggy Nunez (or so she hopes). And tonight, “bring-your-spouse-to-work” day, is the perfect opportunity to make a scene and make sure Mr. and Mrs. Head researcher are NOT in his office, where the team’s decker needs to plant a few devices onto the off-grid computer. The researcher and his wife are already in the building. Showtime.

*Click clack* *click clack* The sounds of her red 6-inch high heels repeat themselves as Bianca walks deliberately across the hard floor towards the reception. This pair of shoes isn’t quiet. But then, it’s not designed to be. Just as a magician wishes for her audience to be distracted by the obvious movements of one hand while the other hand performs the act of legerdemain, Bianca plans on attracting as much attention as she can while the rest of her team gets in position. Besides her heels, there's also the skimpy, barely-there black leather outfit, (synth-leather, of course. She’s not made of credits). It is doing a woefully-inadequate job of containing her body, but doing a spectacular job at turns heads.

As she jiggles and bounces up to the receptionist, she purrs with a practiced (and modulated) voice, “Please let Mr. Peterson know that Peggy, his *significant other*, is here for the day’s activities…” Of course she said this loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. The drek will hit the rotating blades one way or another soon. She just hopes her team can do their part quickly. Bianca doesn’t actually want to use the monofilament whip stored in her finger compartment on an angry wife!

1. Do you have an idea of who Bianca was before?
A. I left this pretty vague on purpose. Originally, when I created this character for the other game (where the GM just disappeared during recruitment), I had planned to just let the GM make this part up and surprise me with it. For this came, I'm thinking that my Bianca was corporate-raised by one of the megacorps through and through, and brought up to one day be one of their elite covert-ops agents. She was still in field-training stage when she was taken by the Mafia, and sent to the bunraku parlor to be re-programmed.

Bianca probably grew up not knowing a lot of freedom in a sense. All she has known is loyalty to the corporation and strict training. One could argue she was just a different sort of slave even before being a meat-puppet.

2. Does she still work in the brothel now? What are her boundaries like after experiencing something like this? I think most people would be repulsed by that whole industry, but she is still hanging around.
A. Yes, Bianca still works at the Red Velvet Room. It is currently located in the Redmond Barrens (likely in or near the Touristville area within the Barrens). Starting with a Notoriety of 3 (for some reason the "Good Looking and Knows It" positive quality raises Notoriety), Bianca and her body are somewhat well-known in the Barrens I assume.

Her boundaries are a bit weird. She doesn’t really have a deep-seated core baseline of “normal” honestly. Not anymore. Thanks to her original personality being almost completely wiped out, and her mental programming involving “enjoying” being a meat-puppet, Bianca’s personal comfort zones are different than your average person. Now, don't get me wrong. She definitely hates slavery, and prizes *agency* very highly. Her beauty is one of the ways she can exercise her newfound agency. Her body lets her get what she wants, and lets her manipulate others. As long as she’s doing this for herself and her own interests, she’s perfectly ok. Bianca is anti-slavery, but sex-positive.

3. She dresses provocatively, how does she respond when someone reacts?
A. She enjoys the attention and she knows being physically admired generally gives her more power, so she generally responds positively. As long as Bianca thinks she is still in control of the situation, she doesn’t discourage such reactions. She has gotten used to wearing next-to-nothing (or nothing, on some occasions) in the Barrens, so she is pretty confident in her ability to get out of trouble.

Extended Background: "Who am I? Why am I? How am I?"

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...but one life to give for my countryName/Primary Alias: Redacted and Burned / Buzzsaw or Buzz
Metatype: Ork
Archetype: Vat Job/Tactician/Combat leader
left-aligned image
Ork, 2.1m (6'10"), 168kg(370lbs). Buzz is big, like toe to toe with a troll big. But despite that he isn't lumbering. His movements are spare, efficient, fluid. There is something strange about the skin stretched over all those muscles. It has a waxy look and the veins that bulge out aren't purplish-blue, they are the same flat skin color as the rest of him. No obvious cyberware: no datajack, cybereyes, replaced limbs, but there is something off about him. His hair is white, high and tight in a military fashion and he carries himself that way too. His body is unnaturally youthful for an ork who is obviously nearing the end of his life. A large scar on his chest can occasionally be seen and hints at a recent surgery. Having been designed as a tool and used like a piece of equipment and having spent most of his life isolated, taking and giving orders, he is stunted emotionally. PTSD? Perhaps. But recent events or maybe this stage of his life have made him critically retrospective and, some might say, soft.

Background: Born like any other metahuman to a mother and father, Buzz could have just entered the military and retired early, had a family, maybe grandkids by now. But that isn't what happened. He did the first part, joining UCAS at the age of 13, but that's where his story diverges from a normal life. Buzz's natural makeup was ideal for a new program, a super soldier experiment. He was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate insertion operative. He was made to survive a land mine in the arctic alone with no gear and continue on to his objective within the time parameters of the mission. He was augmented with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a team of super soldiers to overthrow regimes or even, perhaps, eliminate a dragon. But on his last mission, REDACTED ...are still keeping tabs on Buzz, waiting for the proper time to call in their favor and use this particular asset they stumbled on. Buzz for his part retreated to the Ork Underground and has resorted to Running as a way to repay the monetary debt as one of the SINless masses. He is still hunted by UCAS for either a debriefing and return to duty or a collection of expensive parts, which one of those he is not sure.

RP Sample:

Character Sheet: I've marked everything that is non-core (Chrome Flesh and Run Faster + martial arts from R&G)


I should have been a pair of ragged claws
scuttling across the floors of silent seas

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Name/Primary Alias: Morgan O’Caiside/ Cassidy
Metatype: Orc, you breeder, and proud of it!
Archetype: Razorgirl

left-aligned image

Cassidy is fiercely independent and proud of both her Orcish and Irish heritage. She refuses to be denigrated for being either, and will happily scrap with anyone who refuses to acknowledge her as an equal. She recognizes how short life is, particularly for an orc, and is resolved to live the drek out of every minute of every day. When she laughs, it’s from the gut. When she hates, it’s from her soul. When she makes a friend, she’ll kill herself to defend them and when she makes an enemy….well…

She’s a little quick to spout pro-orc manifestos, but once you get past the bluster, she’s actually a deeply passionate, intensely dedicated woman. She’s determined to prove herself and make her mark on the world, but is smart enough to have learned patience, though some of that education came at a very dear cost.

Appearance & Personality. About average height for an orc, which makes her fairly tall in a crowd. Her short cut red hair helps her stand out a bit more, though you shouldn’t fall for the green eyes…they’re fake. Probably a good idea not to call her out on that, though. Well toned and in good shape, she also has the look of intelligence in her eyes, which also glimmer with pride bordering on cockiness. She’s got a chip on her shoulder for good reason; life hasn’t been easy for her, so she doesn’t have any intention of going easy on Life. She goes at everything she does full throttle, but she’s surprisingly accepting of anyone, including humans (and even elves), who treats her with respect and dignity. She loves a fight, but she doesn’t have a death wish, and isn’t too big on grudges…most of the time.

Background: Morgan was born an orc, in the Orc Underground of Seattle. Her father, a merc for Ares, goblinized into an orc, but was able to continue functioning. He met, and married, her mother, an orc. She grew up listening to the sermons of Preacher, and followed The Church of the New Baptism. During her turbulent teen years, she ran with several orcish/metahuman gangs, mostly the Skraacha and the Trogs, and joined an anti-Humanis branch of the church. She was arrested several times, suffering from anti-orc prejudice from the mostly human police who incarcerated her, which did nothing to improve her tolerance or demeanor. Eventually, through the guidance of her father, and several humans who managed to earn her trust, she lost most of her anti-human sentiments, and returned to the comparatively tolerant views of the New Baptism teachings, though she eventually distanced herself from religion in general. Being an orc with an arrest record limited her opportunities, so she called upon several of her dad’s contacts, and was able to break into the world of running shadows.

RP Sample: Cassidy laughed, tossing her head to flip the shock of red hair. The elf and his buddies glared contemptuously at her, and the orcs and trolls behind her audibly cracked knuckles or drew melee weapons. Nobody drew a gun…not in this stretch of the Plex…that would bring the heat down. But Knight Errant didn’t care much if a bunch of metas ripped each other apart, as long as the breeders didn’t get dragged in.

"Oh, you poor, stupid, dand-"…she stopped herself. No sense in getting all racial if she was going to give this moron a chance to walk away. "Poor, stupid, fragstick. Don’t you see? The corps, the police, the public in general…they want us to fight. It keeps us busy…keeps us weak. They’re scared that if you and me team up, we’ll be too strong. They’re scared we’ll take power from them. They’re scared that we’ll take over. We’re in the same boat, you and me…we’re fighting the wrong people! We’re brother and sister, comrades in arms against…"

The elf had heard enough. "Perhaps it keeps you weak, you inbred, ill-mannered, unwashed blight," the elf retorted, to the chortles of his elven chummers. "And I assure you, if you and I were on the same boat, I would happily scuttle the wretched craft and say a prayer on behalf of the poor fish who were unfortunate enough to feast upon your bloated, green-skinned corpse, (Sperethiel) Willfully stupid fornicator of swine.makkanagee morkhan."

So much for diplomacy. "(Or'zet) Please, say that again.Bi’ce, s’azate ‘om p’oni", she spat back, reaching back to draw a long, curved blade from its sheath. As she did, the elves burst into motion, quick and precise.

They were good, Cassidy had to admit. Skilled, smart, and quick. But there was something to be said for raw hatred and determination.

And trolls. It definitely helped to have trolls on your side. (Irish Gaelic) An open mouth often catches a closed fist!Is minic a gheibhean beal oscailt diog dunta!

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File Type: pdf Cassidy.pdf (96.3 KB, 48 views)

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Follow the WeblinesName/Primary Alias: Antje Jäger / Zahn
Metatype: Dwarf
Archetype: Decker/Rigger

left-aligned image

Description: A Dwarf from Germany, she's taken to dying a little red into her hair to escape the stereotypes a little bit. Would probably clean up very nicely if she wanted to but usually does not, instead she prefers to slap her welding helmet on and work on her drones. Antje used to be what was referred to as a "Spider" in the Shadowrunning Business, a special kind of decker/rigger specifically skilled to interact with a building's automatic defenses. Codes a little bit thanks to training from her last job, and while she's not exactly a Novahot Decker she can usually do what is needed in a pinch. Would prefer not to be the face, not really shy just finds most people not worth the trouble.

Usually very practically minded and surprisingly funny for a German, her street handle is the German word for Gear or Cog as a play on her previous lifestyle. Actually is very prone to sarcastic quips and jokes, it's just that she usually gives them in German so nobody really notices. Her accent is still very thick but she does speak passable English even without langsofts. Treats everything like an engineering problem and it kind of shows.

Background: There's probably no surprise that someone like Antje has a history with Saeder-Krupp. There's very little question that, with the possible exception of some small pockets of Berlin, Saeder-Krupp pretty much owns the country. And just as you'd expect most wage-slaves are ultimately fine with that. The Jäger family was one of them, and Antje got quite the easy ride when her aptitude for drone engineering was found out.

More practically minded then most researchers, Antje eventually got a job as what's referred to as a "Spider" in Shadowrunning circles. And, frankly, she loved it. On paper she was working 80-90 hour work weeks but her job duties were to spend about 10 hours a week tinkering with the drone parts and systems the more theoretically inclined researchers came up with and the rest to hang out in her apartment, play video games, read, tinker, and when there's a security issue at a Saeder-Krupp holding be ready to jack in and assist the automated security systems. From a distance, where her meat was perfectly safe. Able to both Deck and Rig with passable skill, her future in the company looked pretty bright.

Or at least she thought it did. She's still not sure exactly when it happened but one day she discovered that she'd been put into a storage container built to look like her apartment that she couldn't get out of. Fortunately, she didn't panic. Instead she treated it like an engineering problem and improvised some drones out of her home projects and home electronics to escape. On the outside she discovered that her SIN had been burned for no reason she could find.

Apparently a target of some sort of bizarre conspiracy, she took to the shadows to survive. The shadows of Germany aren't as deep as they used to be, but while her criminal knowledge is shallow her engineering knowledge could get her through the day. Now she's ended up in Seattle trying to get a base going to start fighting back to solve the mystery.

RP Sample: "Ich habe die Schnauze voll Scheiße" Antje grumbled after yet another lap around her cage. No, that was how she'd put it, a cage. It was a clever cage, made to look like her apartment in Munich but it was a cage. Antje first noticed it when her "home" network was about 5% slower then it was supposed to be. The "windows" actually trid-screens was a big one too. Finally the front door doesn't open. She almost chuckles that the 5% thing was what tipped her off that something was up but now's not the time to think of it.

Alright, stop - what is she going to do about it? How was she going to escape. Calm, deep breath - think.

"One - Arbeitselektronik. Sie dachten, ich würde es nicht bemerken." she starts with a quiet whisper to herself as she starts fumbling for her toys. The video games were still working, she seemed to even still have limited Matrix connectivity. So clearly the plan was for her to not notice that her meat was trapped. Alright, a weakness in their system.

"Zwei - Niemand hat mich schon unterbrochen. Sie beobachten also nicht sehr genau." she continued. Nobody's interrupted her yet, so whoever did this isn't watching very closely. Maybe they trusted their illusion that much, maybe there was just a lot of Spiders-In-Boxes. Either way, there was some freedom. A quick look and she discovers that she didn't have her own tools, but they did give cheap knock-offs to keep the illusion going. Knock-offs that were still kind of functional.

"Drei - ich habe immer noch Kraft."

Third, this cage had a steady power supply. Maybe it's own batteries or a massive power station. Either way, she just had to tap into that. The start of a plan forms and it's almost a little sad. Because she might be able to get a bypass going by sacrificing her game controller.

A wipe of sweat off of her brow, and she begins.

Karma: 7
Nuyen: 1400

Computers Skill from 2 to 4
Quod Confutat Veritas, Ut Destruatur
Poetice Vivere, Aut Mori Stultitiam - Nullius In Verba
*WARNING* - Slower Posting Until August 7th - *WARNING*

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