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Dramatis Personae

Please repost your characters here, along with a link to your character sheet or stat block once it is complete.

The Good
Anazider - Anazider
Megiddo - Parien Culu
Irishking7777 - Trooper JH-777
Hound - Towa Ben
Xian - Darius Cross
Avner - Trix Starling
Xber - Ariadne Nathos
Moozuba - Kaenos Arren
Enthusiast - Ghen Vool
Hack - Tarook Vortek

The Bad
Craigthulu - HK-XJ IIc
stitchlipped - Vullze Garako
grenadierman - Corporal Pasam Molta
Jeffkevlar - Viv Mukhalas
FlaviusAetius - Crabclaw
sneakybastard - Riel Yuliya Cadera
GeoAvanti - Rensarren Lykka
Bleach d20: Trouble in Paradise (HoF: 2015) [Co-DM] || Purge (HoF: 2017) [GM]

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Name: HK-XJ IIc Hunter Killer Ex Jedi Mark IIc
Name: Sia Lan

Race: Droid: 4th degree droid. HK droid model
Race:Full Body Replacement Cyborg

Class: Soldier. Sentient Droid
Class:Jedi/Soldier Can I still take Sentient Droid?

Physical Description: Using old schematics from the only force user to be both Jedi and Sith at some point in time the Empires Research and Development team began work on a new series of HK droids. The frame and structure were based schematics found in files of the force user Revan that referenced a battle droid called HK-47. Updated with modern processers and imperial armor the HK droids were redeveloped for the Empire.

The average sized frame is covered in grey paint and black accent lines. The Imperial emblem is placed on the right breast where a person’s heart would be. HK-XJ Mark IIc has a long gash covering his emblem that was never fully repaired in the rush to get proper field testing.

Mounted weapons adorn his chassis with larger weapons mounted over the shoulder joint. A standard blaster carbon rifle is holstered at the hip joint with. HK-XJ Mark IIc frame is a weapon with considerable weight and strength behind it.

Personality: HK-XJ IIc is extremely self assured and confident in its ability. An effective hunter IIc using aggressive tactics and causes unnecessary damage to targets and the surrounding area. Deployed in areas of dissidents IIc has proven effective flushing out those who seek to undermine the Galactic Empire. IIc under utilizes his communication unit and speaks briefly, known to dispense more laser blasts than words. A little difficult to control IIc is best deployed solo with a safety net of troops to catch the insects he sends scurrying for safety. Handle with extreme care and avoid getting caught in IIcs cross fire.

Background Sia-Lan Wezz: First apprentice to Apprenticed to Master Lo-Jad. An adequate padawan Sia-Lan Wezz served Master Lo-Jad for five years before being named his first apprentice. While serving as apprentice to Master Lo-Jad for several months, Sia-Lan was joined by Ariadne Nathos. The two were as close as apprentice and padawan could be. Sia often teased the very serious padawan with little pranks, trying to get the younger woman to open up more. Sia took her official duties seriously but was more relaxed adn less formal in closed company. She often relaxed and was less formal when they were traveling on their ship. It was suggested that she use this time to meditate and work on her force techniques.

When the clone wars began her relaxed nature slowed died as battle after battle made her more callous and more distant. At first she grieved for every clone trooper or civillian that died. Being exposed to so much death so fast threw her into a spiral of depression. Sia-Lan kept this well hidden and self medicated her problems with alcohol. The confusion and massive amounts of travel helped her hide this secret from her Master who was often deployed on different planets because of so many conflicting duties. She was aware of the risks that narcotics posed, dulling her reflexes. During battles the dulled senses were a double edged sword. She no longer felt the death of every living being on the battlefield. This meant less nightmares to haunt her dreams and keep her awake.

This also slowed her down and made her less effective in combat. Even when the war was in favor of the republic it was never easy. Many Jedi made mistakes and much of this was assumed to be exhaustion. So Sia-Lan gallantly fought on, swearing she would deal with her personal demons when the fighting was done. Eventually the battles all seemed the same to her, she was deployed on a distant planet by orders from the council for different reasons. "This planet is important to us or to them, we can't let them have it. She used to read the orders but when you started to read between the lines they all read the same. Go her and destroy these droids, so she did.

In her last mission Sia-Lan was fighting in humid forest. Tired and emotionally exhausted it seemed like the last battles were wrapping. Looking forward to actually getting some sleep and not having to fight the next day. Sia-Lan was so detached from the force and the general moral of her troopers that she didn't even sense the rising hostility after Order 66 was issued. Her last remaining memory from that day was one of pain and betrayal.

Waking up in an old medical cruiser, her body was wracked by fire. Every part of her body felt broken and burnt. When she stayed still it was agony, when she moved it was torture. Three men and a woman came to her side and administered pain killers. They told her not to move, not to speak, just sleep and rest. It was impossible to say how long this lasted but she was eventually able to speak and thank those that rescued her.

The two security officers were brothers name Baz and Lenser. They had been been assigned to carry her body bag back to a crematory. Sia-Lan had been lucky enough to land in the hands of two men who were still loyal to the republic and had access to a ship. Getting a nurse and a pilot they smuggled Sia-Lan off the planet and took her into hiding. Her nurse, Cerela, kept the pain bearable with stolen supplies and kept her entertained with stories and jokes. Cerela wouldn't speak about the war and just said they would talk about it latter when they got somewhere safe.

Eventually she was able to give co-ordinates to a hide out that she and Master Lo-Jad had used when other missions went badly. She also asked about Ariadne, wondering if the younger padawan survived. After a moth of bed rest the pilot called back in a panicked state. They had been found and were going to have to make an emergency take off. There were several explosions and the ship launched into space. Cerelia and Baz were not on board. Lenser had used some of the medical supplies to fix his wounds he received but was distraught over his brothers death. He demanded answers and swore vengeance, he was reminiscing about Baz one minute and cursing him the next for being a bit too slow.

Understanding the grief of losing comrades Sia told Lenser about a possible area they could go to. There was an old temple Belsalvis that might be able to shelter them. Other Jedi might remember the location and gather there. When she gave the information Lenser looked at her questioningly until she assured him the temple was still functional. Lenser calmly walked away and the environment in the ship became quiet. A troop of clone troopers marched on the ship and charged her with treason. Before she could even contemplate what was happening a needle had penetrated her arm and she was quickly fading into a comatose state. All she remembered was a blurry man with an all too sharp nose and evil looking in his eye saying "She still be useful. Send her to my lab. We'll find a replacement."

Notes from Doctor Nathan Yurashima

0 IETwo months after the clone wars were finished, referred to as Imperial Era, IE, with Emperor Palpatine taking control of the senate the Galactic Imperial Research & Development Division. Placed under the direction of myself Doctor Nathan Yurashima. With the fall of the Republic the Empire needed armies they could depend on and quickly. Un-pure Alien species and Senate supporters hold too many positions of power within the governing bodies. The Empire needs an army it can trust and the clone troopers are a product of Kamino technology. Training new troops will take time. The mission of the GIRDD is to supplement the remaining clone troopers with reliable military equipment. This was the task given to me, Doctor Nathan Yurashima, Chief Director of GRIDD.

0 IEDesigns for a battle droid used by an Empire of old were discovered. Exceeding 3000 years of age these plans show promise, effective killing machines with a history that the Emperor will appreciate. The plans have been studied and a pilot program for 100 heavy armor battle droids has been approved. Based on the HK model this new generation has been named HK-XJ Mark I, Hunter Killer - Ex Jedi. We eagerly await our first series produced by Colicoid Creation Nest for field testing.

1 IEThe original HK-XJ series was introduced at one year after the clone wars ended in . The combat effectiveness has of these droids surpasses most cheaply made battled droids. Heavily armored the increased durability has improved overall combat effectiveness. Battle tactics used by clone troopers has been uploaded into the combat protocols to help the droids in their combat against insurgents and rogue Jedi.

The first stage of field testing is complete and has been dubbed a failure. Success and failure. HK-XJs were extremely successful putting down armed insurgents and enemies of the Empire. The heavy armor allowed Mark I's to operate in conditions many droids couldn't. Their combat effectiveness against Jedis was less successful. Armed with just the Standard carbine rifle this series of droids fell prey to the Jedis main defense, the light saber. Able to reflect almost all shots, the carbine rifle became the HK-XJs worst enemy, giving them the designation of joker droids. Ten times the cost, same effectiveness. Storm troopers did appreciate not being sent to the front lines against Jedis so the program was given a second and last chance. If the reworked droids failed a second time the researchers would be joining the front lines. GRIDD has been given one chance to correct this oversight.

1 IEThe mark II series were given better defenses and weapons that could not be countered with the by light sabers. There were no technical guards against the force users other powers. Lord Vader was reluctant to give plausible counters to other uses of the force. Modifications and counters were made based on field data collected by the mark I series of jokers. Research Assistant Irin was tasked with contacting Lord Vader for for advice on countering "The Force". His throat was crushed for his lack of faith and that research line has been abandoned.

Colicoid Creation Nest produced the HK-XJ Mark II series with the updated weaponry selected specifically for Jedi. A hundred of these units were produced and sent to the Galactic Imperial Research and Development Department for testing.

The ability to use the force made Jedis hard prey to track down and harder prey to kill. Five of the droids were selected to have heurisitic processors so that they could learn and create better tactics. Original plans involved having each droid lead nine others into combat while fifty remained under the guidance of human commanders at all times. Battle data of Jedi as well as data extracted from interrogated Jedi has been uploaded to their processors. Notes from the Galactic Imperial Intelligence Department will be referred to. This data is considered extremely accurate due to the great care and manipulation tactics of GIID

Interrogation of Prisoner 111345This Jedi pupil was found in a state of near death. So close to death that she was on life support for 26 days before signs of recovery showed. Previously captured Jedi showed extreme resilience to interrogation methods and were difficult to contain. Prisoner #111345, has been selected for a long term soft touch interrogation approach.

After one day of waking poorly prepared medical officers gave medicine to kill pain and dull her mind. The endorphin should make 111345 more susceptible to trust. While asleep she was moved to a dismantled shuttled stored in an unused hanger bay. Over the course of several days she was fed told to be quiet while "rebel" operatives planned to move her safely. In her current condition speech and locomotion are impossible and no questions have been asked.

Two weeks of having 111345 moved from safe location to safe location has worked and she now trusts her keepers. The extensive damage to her body makes a full recovery unlikely. 111345 is completely dependent on those that "saved" her for food, shelter and safety.

She has begun to talk freely of her Master, who is currently alive and evading arrest.. Another Jedi has been named and added to the wanted list. To speed up the interrogation a small battle was staged the ship was "damaged". Two of her captors have been removed from her environment to increase her feelings of desperation and loss.

The time intervals when her ship has been moved are decreasing. In a panicked state 111345 has begun to divulge information regarding possible rebel bases and more names of former Jedi. many have been confirmed dead although some still remain. These names have been checked against the data recovered from the Jedi temple.

When 111345 had confessed all useful information she was promptly drugged and arrested for trial.

Although resilient to aggressive tactics Jedi are too trusting and this interrogation tactic is being recommend where applicable. Ending record.

Top SecretPrisoner 111345 was swiftly tried and executed for treason as an example to other Jedi. Official records will back this information. The prisons body was so badly damaged from the events of order 66 that very little was recognizable. Due to the extents of her injuries she was often covered in bandages and drugged. With proper credits being transferred to the right people it was very easy to have a degenerated beaten and drugged to attend the trial in place of 111345. The former Jedis body was commissioned as part of my experiments to test the limits of what a Jedi can do.

All four limbs were considered functionally useless for battle and thus were removed. Only one armed would have partially recovered. Replacing the limbs with cybernetic parts will greatly enhance her combat abilities. Most of 111345s torso was removed for droid modifications, skin grafts were considered but bio synthetic skin was chosen as it would function better with the cybernetic prosthesis. 111345 is 99.999% mechanical, even her lungs were replaced. Effectively making her a heart and brain.

The trauma from battle and surgery did not help her enfeeble mental state. Based on data from the life support systems Former Jedi Sia-Lan Wezz was partially aware of what was happening during the surgery and did not react well to it. A series of drugs kept her confused and pacified. The heuristic processor was supposed to placed in HK XH IIc was destroyed after the data was uploaded to the cybernetic memory banks. Her brain was connected to the operating system and my greatest creation was almost complete. A droid capable of sensing the force and hunting Jedi in ways that no other droid could. Truly this will test the limits on what life and death truly mean.

Certain techniques were put in place to keep IIc from rebelling. Full access to her former memories are blocked and restricted. A series of drugs were administered during the surgery to keep her alive and make her open to suggestion. While the drugs were administrated a false history was played on her optic sensors with heavy pro empire propaganda. After several weeks of this treatment combined with programming overrides to suppress strong emotions IIc should be field ready. As an extra precation all weapon systems and hostile actions directed towards me will cause the cybernetic enhancements to shut down.

2 IEHK-XJ Mark IIc went berserk approximately two weeks after having the heuristic processor installed. At this point in time the weapon systems had not been activated or supplied with ammunition. This limited the number of causalities to four researchers and three storm troopers that were in the droid hanger. Wall mounted ion cannons targeted and removed the threat before IIc could escape from the hanger. Incident #445876 lasted less than 12 seconds and was reclassified as a successful demonstration of the combat effectiveness of this second series. Armed with only basic appendages IIcs inflicted lethal damage two almost half a dozen personal while being hit with ion and blaster fire.

Among the deceased are: GRIDD personal Vrei Caltrel, Allen Fexive, Taphan Elysar and Nola Lacer. Thee security officers were also killed. Philipp Adram, Rell Parat and Branada Sexton. Phillip Adram is the Admiral Adram, the Admiral has voiced his grief and extreme displeasure with the incident and demanded answers.

IIcs un-expected actions also caused for the HK-JK Mark IId and HK-JK Mark IIe to be left with the standard configuration. IIa and IIb were in the field and search Ord Mantell and Dantooine for Jedis and non-conformists. Each was with a regiment of nine other droids. No similar faults have been detected to date.

Scans of the computer system failed to provide clues as to the cause of Incident #445876. Some corrupted files were found but this is not uncommon after damage from ion cannon blasts. To hasten the commissioning process these files were locked and encrypted rather than being recovered analyzed and deleted. None of the encrypted files were required for IIc to operate in its primary function. No files were connected with combat tactics and it is unlikely that they were involved in the incident. As as safety precuation IIc has not been given a command droid troopers.

Personal Goals:

1: Unlocked the encrypted files. HK-XJ IIc is agitated that parts of his memory bank or locked out. Constantly seeking to better understand himself the idea that he isn't allowed to access all his memory banks makes IIc agitated and aggressive.

Kill Jedi. Why mince words. Jedi and those that harbor them deserve to die.

Play as the droid version of Sia Lan and change sides.

Player Goals: Go to a bar where HK-XJ Mark IIc kind isn’t served.

Blow up a star ship. Space battles are some of the best parts of Star Wars.

Doctor Nathan Yurashima
Chief Director of GRIID and a brilliant researcher and designer. Dr. Yurashima has designed and runs the HK-XJ program. He takes particular pride in his three pets a,b and c. "a" is a digillent hunter who tracks prey with a singular purpose. Given one target IIa will seek his target until it is eliminated. IIb is a patient hunter that sets traps and gathers Information. Selecting areas were targets are most likely to appear IIb will ambush targets. IIc was designed to aggressively pursue those associated with targeted names. This tactic is used to exploit the Jedis feeling of loyalty and altruism. Jeids should come to IIc instead of having to hunt for them.

Admiral Adram
Phillip Adram died in incident #445876. Admiral Adram placed Phillip in the security department for his protection, it was a cushy assignment with little responsibility. After the incident Admiral Adram placed an official grievance and tried to have GRIID shut down. The incident was pardoned and Admiral Adram was forced to take maters into his own hands. Secretly placed a bounty on HK-XJ Mark IIc in the outer rim territories where the Emperors laws are a bit looser. HK-XJ Mark IIc looks exactly like IIa and IIb who were are just as dangerous and have no bounty associated with them. Apply extreme caution.

IIa and IIbIIa and IIb- Part of the same series of HK-XJ Mark II series with heuristic processors. These two droids command nine other similar models where IIc does not.

Sia LanSia Lans interrogation and all data was uploaded to HK-XH IIc's reference files. IIc downloaded the files to the memory bank instead and briefly thought it was Sia Lan. While trying to escape the hanger Sia Lan killed four lab techs and three soldiers. Unable to connect with the force she lost her will to fight.

HK XJ MKIIc is the third 2nd generation droid produced in the HK XJ MKII Jedi Hunting droid series, specifically designed to hunt down and kill Jedi that escaped executive order 66. Deviating from the the standard model HK XJ MKIIc was given a Heuristic process allowing him to learn, along with HK XJ MKIIa and HK XJ MKIIb. No other HK XJ MKII were given a heuristic programming unit after HK XJ MKIIc malfunction. The first video files that he was forced to witness were of Jedi being tortured for information about their peers and secret hideouts. Due to a circuit malfunction that was not recorded HK XJ MKIIc began to empathize with the captive Jedi but could not deviate from his programing. While downloading files on escaped and deceased Jedi an internal error placed files from one Jedi into HK XJ MKIIcs' memory banks instead of reference files. HK XJ MKIIc had seen this Jedi being tortured and synced the files in his memory bank and reference files to convince HK XJ MKIIc that he was in fact the tortured Jedi turned against his friends.

This caused HK XJ MKIIc to go berserk in the Military base where was being stored at. Acting quickly the personal subdued him with an ion canon, incapacitating HK XJ MKIIc. This ion surge corrupted his memory file, stopping access to it. Currently HK XJ MKIIc has been repaired and sent back into service after being re certified for combat use. His memory banks are looking for ways to fix and open the corrupted files to find out what information The Empire has locked away in his system.
When in doubt... explosions.

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Character Creation
left-aligned image
Name: Anazider (just Anazider, formerly Prince Anazider of House Xin'dan)

Race: Falleen

Class: Roguishly handsome good guy (Noble 1 / Scoundrel 4 / Soldier 2 / Ace Pilot 2 / Gunslinger 1)

Physical Description: With a square-cut jaw, and jade-green eyes that just scream heartbreak, Anazider has the good looks of a daytime holodrama star. This fact ironically lead to his making a small, reoccurring appearance on “The Pulsar Diaries”, a daytime holodrama that found brief popularity in the Core Worlds just before the onset of the Clone Wars.

Anazider moves with the swagger of a man that is eternally self-assured of his own success, regardless of his actual track record. He’s generally never to be found without his travel-worn captain’s jacket with the faded squadron insignia over the left breast, and his pair of Greel wood-handled BlasTech DL-18 pistols.

Personality: Seemingly born into the spotlight, Anazider is a natural charmer, even over and above the intoxicating pheromones of his people. Several years on the fringe of galactic society has instilled in him the joy of the bargain, and he treats the mantra “Everything, and everyone, has a price” as a religious edict.

Yet underneath the bravado and cockiness is goodness born from having once been regarded as a hero, and the fracturing cynicism that comes with seeing ones heroes be reborn as villains.

Background: As the first son of one of the Great Houses of the planet Falleen, Anazider was born into a life of wealth and decadence. His father, Prince-Consort Nirraj, is chief executive officer of Xin’dan Transports Unlimited, a custom star yacht design firm that caters to the galaxy’s rich and famous, while his mother, Queen-Regent Anisai was a provincial governor on the Falleen homeworld.

As a youth, Anazider had a gift for acting and oration, a gift that his mother attempted to nurture, but seeking a respectable heir for his holdings, Anazider’s father quickly squashed these artistic pursuits in favor of gravity well racing. Gravity well racing involves using hopped up light freighters and starfighters to race around a star system along, using the gravity wells of the planets and star in the system to slingshot to greater speeds. The races were highly dangerous and incredibly glamorous, and Anazider took to it with seemingly natural aplomb. He became the hit of the Corellian circuit at a young age, and as his popularity grew, sales at his father’s company skyrocketed. Endorsement deals, minor acting roles, and the trappings of celebrity came Anazider’s way, and for a brief time he was able to live (mostly) independent of his father’s shadow.

At the onset of the Clone War, Anazider was competing in the SoroSuub Grand Prix the very day that the Sullust System seceded from the Republic and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. While the system was being placed under siege, Anazider and several of the other racers lead a daring escape that broke the blockade and robbed the CIS of several valuable hostages. As footage of the escape spread throughout the Core, Anazider was contacted by several blockade running outfits, but it was Robelle Harkend and his angels that made the most convincing sell.

Robelle Harkend, the Scourge of the Hydian Way, was a pirate and mercenary that feasted on Republic shipping lanes. The then Captain Harkend was captured in the early stages of the Clone Wars, and given an ultimatum: either serve as a privateer for the Republic or face execution after a quick show trial. Shortly thereafter Harkend’s Angels were born, and they would serve with distinction for the duration of the war.

With the gravity well racing circuit in shambles because of the war, and under duress from his father and a multitude of sponsors, Anazider accepted the invitation to join the Angels and he also agreed to his father’s idea to live holo-stream his missions. At first Anazider was given “blue milk” missions as Harkend used the prince’s minor celebrity to generate bigger payouts for the Angels, but that all changed after a routine supply drop to the Wookie colony on Alaris Prime turned into a desperate fight for survival against Separatist-backed Trandoshan raiders. Anazider joined a small Clone Trooper strike team and their Jedi commander in a series of hit-and-fade strikes against the Trandoshans that culminated in the evacuation of a Wookie clan to Kashyyk ahead of the arrival of a Republic task force.

The live stream of that operation went viral, and the reality holo-series “Emerald Flash” became a hit in the coveted 13-75 gender-amorphous demographic. Throughout the war Anazider, his ever-rotating crew, and the Angels fought, loved, lost, and adventured around the Galaxy and above all else, Anazider became a hero. Harkend became incredibly rich, XTU couldn’t keep up with the demand for Emerald Flash-model transports, but Anazider didn’t care because he had finally broken free and was doing something that mattered.

That is until Order 66 was initiated. He watched firsthand as his former comrades turned on one another and the Jedi were slaughtered en masse. With the new Imperial propaganda machine twisting the Angel’s escapades for their own benefit, and now-Admiral Harkend turning his eye upon him, Anazider fled to his family estate to try and collect himself only to find that his parents had taken an opportunistic turn towards supporting the new Empire. Because of his family’s affluence and the popularity of his prior service, Anazider was offered the opportunity to join the Imperial Navy, but instead he responded by stealing his father’s prototype transport and making for the Outer Rim.

Anazider spent a great deal of time attempting to drink, gamble, and seduce his problems away while on the run until he was finally picked up by Old Denurga and had some sense slapped into him. He’s spent the last few years taking whatever odd-jobs he can manage, while occasionally sticking his thumb in the Empire’s eye, although not yet enough to warrant a great deal of attention. Whenever he’s attracted too much heat, or he gets word that Harkend’s goons have picked up his trail, he makes a run for it, but in this new Empire safe harbor for men of his caliber is becoming increasingly difficult to come by.

Personal Goals: Anazider values his freedom above all else, or so he would have everyone believe. His time as a privateer for the Republic taught him that there was something more to life than the day-to-day petty cruelties of the Falleen court, and there was a greater value in sharing war stories in a cantina with friends than there was in all the vicious boardroom conquests his father’s company had to offer. Deep down, the former prince would give a great deal to feel that way again, but perhaps cynicism has rooted too deeply within his heart, and instead he’ll mostly settle for keeping his ship in the stars and his credit account as full as possible.

Player Goals: I want Anazider to get caught up in the emerging Rebellion, whether he wants to or not. I want him to lie, cheat, and steal his way back into being a hero, along with his new friends.

Above all else, I want have fun and be challenged as much as possible. I'm pretty much open to any plot twist and complication, so definitely don't hold back when you have an idea because I won't. :-P


Admiral Robelle Harkend:

Once called “Helping Hands Harkend” during the Clone Wars, the official Imperial press release states that Robelle Harkend was rewarded for his service during the war with an admiral’s commission in the new Imperial Navy. The truth is that almost immediately after Palpatine’s ascension, Harkend turned on his comrades in the underworld and was instrumental in destroying multiple smuggling rings and pirate fleets, pushing their activities to the Outer Rim.

The epitome of a ruthless opportunist, Admiral Harkend continues his persecution of those criminal elements that don’t operate with the blessing of the Empire. It is bitterly joked in the underworld that Robelle Harkend invented the ambush, and there’s nothing he won’t say, or do, to win a fight.

House Xin’dan:

Originally a minor house, House Xin’dan rose to prominence centuries ago through pragmatic financial acquisitions and ruthless play in the Game of Great Houses on Falleen. The current heads of House Xin’dan are the coldly beautiful Queen-Regent Anisai and the irresistibly charming Prince-Consort Nirraj. Nirraj has added to the incredible fortune of House Xin’dan through his luxury starship design firm, Xin’dan Transports Unlimited, while Queen-Regent Anisai is considered a master hand at Falleen politics.

Their children follow much in the same mold, well… mostly. Nasmine is gaining a reputation as a shrewd, yet fair, business woman while her twin brother Nasair is a genius engineer and heads the design department at XTU. The twins are still fond of their older brother, and have been known to lend him help from time to time, much to the disdain of their parents.

…The less said about the oldest Xin’dan heir, the better.

Old Denurga:

The self-proclaimed “King of Cons”, Old Denurga is a Snivvian of advancing years, but you wouldn’t know it from the degree of zeal and rapidness with which he moves through life. Denurga was second in command of Harkend’s Angels during the Clone Wars, and Anazider’s mentor when he first joined… A point that the old Snivvian is certain to bring up whenever he and Anazider get together.

The only time in Denurga’s life when he hasn’t been scheming were the first few seconds after he was born. Somehow Denurga has come into the ownership of a derelict Lucrehulk Core Ship that he has turned into a shadowport and floating casino. Old Denurga has bribed, swindled, and negotiated with a legion of lowlifes to keep his precious Idiot’s Array spaceworthy, and so far he has managed to always stay one step ahead of Admiral Harkend and his Imperial jackals.

"Emerald Flash"


GM: Frontier's Edge (Archived)
Player: The Emerald Flash (Hall of Fame 2017)|The Mad Prince (Hall of Fame 2013)

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A warrior struggling to remain consequential.

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If only I could resurrect Zenaadriel for the bantz!

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Thanks to Shandra Chan on deviant art for the image.

Vital Statistics
" I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand."

Name: Parien Culu
Age: Average Miraluka lifespan is 84.43
Race: Threats of the Galaxy, pg 31Miraluka
Class: Noble 1/Jedi/Jedi Knight/Jedi Master
Homeworld: Alpheridies
Current Location: Murkhana System, Auril Sector

Physical Description
Slightly below the Miraluka average, Parien stands at an even five feet tall with brown hair that falls nearly to his waist. Slight of build, he wears durable traveler's clothing of quality make. He often wears a full respirator when feasible in order to conceal his eyes- empty sockets that cannot see. His weatherbeaten face at 43 marks him as one who has seen much, though there is no telling just what it was...

Eating dinner with Parien can be an exercise in patience- or in illumination. He memorized many of the parables of the ancient masters during his tenure as Jocasta Nu's padawan, and became convinced that wisdom was to be found in their words. Living by their example, he did his best to extract the true meaning behind all of those sermons, parables, and quotations, and become the best man he could be, regardless of the Force. He felt that by mastering himself, his own emotions, drives, and desires, he could succeed. His difficult life has given him empathy, and his own mistakes are a lesson he does his best to always learn from- mistakes are how we grow. He is an unfettered idealist, but he understands the current realities of the galaxy, and how necessity can sometimes cause people to take a less pure path than might otherwise be done. Expediency is not a sin, but the path to the dark side is paved with good intentions.

His ambitions are few- he wishes simply to better himself, and to aid in the rebuilding of the Jedi Order in secret. He dreams of the tumultuous times to come, and fears that his own abilities will prove but a candle before the hurricane.

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. ~ Washington Irving
Custom Dice Bags

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Assume I am a bear that woke up from a five-year-long nap. Three minutes ago.

That is how I feel.

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JH-777 AKA "Sev"
right-aligned image
Name: Trooper JH-777 aka "Sev. Currently going by the alais of Semaj T'ekcah

Race: Mandalorian Clone

Class: Soldier/ Scout/ Elite Trooper/ Bounty Hunter.

Physical Description: Like everyone of his vat brothers, Sev carries the recognizable face of Jango Fett, which is a problem for someone on the run. He ditched the "high & tight" as soon as he went rogue, preferring it's current middle-length (to his shoulders) form. Hat hair is a major issue now, but for someone who didn't know "fashion" was even a word until two years ago, he's coping well. He's also grown a full beard to help hide his face that he keeps well trimmed, unlike his hair. The only other thing that can tell his face apart from the others is the scar over his left eye, splitting the eyebrow in two. Tackling a Droidika wasn't the smartest thing he's ever done... also not the dumbest.

Personality: It's hard enough to discover yourself in the best of times, but when you've spent 10 years being trained and indoctrinated by the military, 3 years fighting a god forsaken war, and another 2 running from they guys you once considered friends, it's hard to find a moment to sit down and think. And I'm technically still a teenager, even though I look to be in my 30's. The world made sense once, "Go kill bad guys", it was as simple as that. Even easier when most of them were droids who were trying to kill you back. But that line blurred when the commander issued Order 66. Now the alien sitting next to me who had bleed and suffered with me was the bad guy, despite her saving my life no less than ten times.

Sev is still trying to find himself, figure out his new role in the galaxy now that he's turned his back to the Empire. He's had to learn a lot about the galaxy as a whole and just trying to live out side of the barracks where most things you needed were provided by the state. Despite being a battle-hardened killer, he's still just a teenager and prone to some "childish" behavior.

Background: Unlike the vast majority of his vat brothers, Sev's batch was grown with an altered DNA. This particular batch were bred for the Omega project, a batch of troopers designed with better problem solving skills and a greater ability for free thinking, which would help them adapt to the ever evolving battlefield. Omega's were designed to be commandos.

The physical training was much the same, if only just more of it. But there were also classes and written exams involving abstract thought and problem solving. Where the regulars trained to be part of the masses, Omega's trained to be a self-sustaining individual, where he could only rely on himself to achieve mission success.

After graduating, the Omega projects where put into squads of four and sent off for high-risk missions behind enemy lines. The exploits of Delta squad are well revered among the Corps as with many other of these commando squads, but the records of Theta squad, Sev's squad, have all been deleted from the holo-decks.

Theta had been teamed up with a female Twi'lek Jedi named Alema Doneeta. The jokes about what the Theta lads would and wouldn't do with/for her stopped on day one of deployment. The squad had been tasked to aid the resistance on Ryloth and keep them going until the main battle fleet could be deployed to the sector. Upon meeting their supposed contact, Alema sensed right away that it was a trap, CIS had gotten there first. Within seconds of bugging out of the cantina, a pair of Vulture Droids glassed the area, leaving almost no survivors. If she hadn't rushed thrm into a basement shop, there would have been no survivors. After that, Theta shut-up when she talked, and paid attention to every detail.

For three years Theta squad bled along side Alema, sacrificed for the Republic. "Contact" gave his right arm on Felucia, and "LT" his legs while evacuating Excarga, but through it all, all four of the Theta lads made it home every time. All thanks to Alema. Theta squad was the only group that stayed together through it all, the only squad with 100% mission success rate. That is until Order 66 was issued.

Even after all they had been through, they almost did it, they almost put four lasers in her skull. She sensed something, stopped and turned around to see her four most trusted friends in the galaxy leveling their carbines at her. She didn't say a word. No argument. No accusations, no pleading. She just nodded, and went to her knees, accepting her fate. So there they stood for what seemed like an eternity, four itching fingers away from another mission done. The silence was broken when LT's communicator sounded an incoming call. They looked around at each other, knowing what was going to be asked. LT lowered his weapon and answered the call, saying only "We're done here." and sealing their fates.

Taken from Sev's personal journalWe helped Alema up and told her what was happening and came up with a plan to get her off world, Empire be damned. Cato Neimodia was going to be a tough planet to get off, but Theta had faced worse odds. A spaceport with several Arc-170's was near by, but smuggling a twi'lek through and getting her close enough to hop in the pilot seat was the only catch. To our credit, we made it all the way through the perimeter, disabling the turbo-laser air defenses and into to the hanger before someone caught on. She had saved us so many times before, not one of us buckled when it came time to pay the debt back.

We sabotaged as many of the other fighters we could and took up positions to hold the garrison back for as long as we could. As the auto-take-off systems kicked in, I watched her fly away, tears coming down her green cheeks. Then the first bolt glazed over my head and it was time to make good on our promise. We held the base back for two hours. By that time, only Ice and myself were still standing, but we were all still fighting. That's when they rolled the hover tanks in and brought the building down on us.

I'm not sure how long it was until I woke up, or how many days it took me to drag my broken self out of the wreckage, but by the time I had, the garrison had moved along. A scavenger had stumbled over me and took me in. He patched me up and put me on the next flight to the closest base. I hijacked it had bugged out to the outer rim.

The last two years I've been surviving as a local bounty hunter, working under an alias. Slowly I watched the vid screens populate with Wanted Jedi, and several times I saw Alema's name scroll across. Over the years, many of those have been cashed in, but never her's. Month six into hiding, I found my own face scroll across the screen... and Contact's. Which means they eventually dug through the rubble and found enough lack of evidence to believe us alive... which creates problems when all your new friends are one breath away from throughing their own blood to a ranccor if it paid well enough.

So I've kept moving, making sure to never stay put for very long, making sure to stay out of the core systems, and keep to myself. It's not much a a living, but surviving is the only thing I know how to do.

A month ago I received an encrypted transmission, using an old war code. All it gave was a list of coordinates and a name. Alema.

Personal Goals: Sev wants to find Alema, find Contact, and find a way to live without having to look over his shoulder every other minute.

Player Goals: I just want to play this out and see where it goes. I've always been interested in the Stormtrooper (or clone trooper) as a person and interested to see what happens when someone chooses to turn their back on the Empire.

Alema Doneeta - Twi'lek Jedi that fought alongside Theta Squad during the Clone wars. Theta squad helped her escape rather than following through with order 66.

CT-321 aka "Contact" - Former member of Theta squad and Demolitions expert. Believed to still be alive. If that's true or not, who knows.

Moff Tark Yorcot: Yorcot was the brain behind the Omega project. The overwhelming success of the project earned him the rank of Moff when the Republic was reformed. However, when Order 66 was passed down, Theta squad wasn't the only one to go AWOL, and these small acts of rebellion tarnished his good name. He has sworn to hunt down and kill all those that took up arms against their brothers.

- After years of fighting Droids and them trying to kill him, Sev doesn't like or trust Droids.
- Sev is probably in love with Alema, and would do anything for her.
- Sev has been on the run and is near his end. He hasn't decided if given the choice to turn in a friend, and be set free, if that's something he'd do or not.
Oct 28th, UPDATE: Things appear to be settling down. Returning to normally scheduled posting

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Vullze Garako, Anzati Inquisitor

Anzati Noble 3/Jedi 4/Sith Apprentice 3

Who I Am



Who I Once Was

Who I Shall Be


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Jedi Knight Towa Ben
Jedi Knight Towa Ben
right-aligned image
Name: Towa Ben
Race: Human
Class: I actually do not know how to play yet, but this is my dream character.Jedi Knight First attempt at a character sheet.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180
Age: 23
Physical Description:
Towa is well built, athletic man in his early twenties. Standing at 5'11, Towa sports a simple, and short hair cut that always looks like he just rolled out of bed. Despite that his milk-chocolate brown hair is always clean and silky smooth. On the contrast, his face is always clean shaven. Generally, Towa wears simple clothing, the kind of which an common citizen might wear to allow his comings and goings with little question. On days when a Jedi Knight's skills is required, Towa pulls out his traditional Jedi Robes, always proud to display his true colours.

Towa often struggles to follow the Jedi Code. Though it was deeply ingrained into him as a youth, he has had to face many horrible situations he was never prepared for. Yet no matter how horrible the situation, no matter how much mud and blood he was caked in, Towa never lost faith in the force.

To most, Towa is a curt and stern man who grew up giving orders to soldiers. He isn't use to saying please or thank you for every job completed. He gets jobs done quickly, and efficiently. Unfortunately he is not great at small talk which can be a bit of a problem when dealing with civilians.

On rainy days or planets, Towa's left leg aches making him especially irritable and short with people.

My name is Towa, and a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far way... I knew Anakin Skywalker.

Like most Jedi over the past few millennia, on my third rotation, I was taken from my home and brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. I wasn't surprised, I knew from the moment I could form memory where I was destined to be. I was going to try to be a Jedi Knight. I was eight when a new boy joined our class. His name was Anakin Skywalker,
he was 10 and had no experience what so ever being a Jedi Initiate. Needless to say many of the children had a problem with it. According to the teachers, the boy was naturally gifted and an exception had been made. His skills had been evaluated and was thus placed in a group fitting his skill level.

I didn't like him from the start. He whined too much about his mother and this girl he liked. He was just plain creepy. No one shed a tear when Jedi Knight Obi-wan came to remove him from our group a year later. No one in the class expected him to one day be one of the greatest Jedi Generals in a terrible brutal war.

I had just been knighted a month prior to the Battle of Geonosis. Though I was a Knight I still worked closely with my former Master Tarados Gon and was sent with him as a member of Jedi Strike force to kill Count Dooku. In a foolish mistake by Master Yoda, we tossed our battle plan out the window to save Anakin Skywalker and Master Obiwan Kenobi. Of the 212 Jedi that were sent on the mission, only 39 Survived. I was among the survivors though I had taken a blaster shot to the left leg and was out of commission. To this day, it still hurts and is especially rough in the rain. I was medically evacuated first, but Master Gon remained on the surface only to have his Gunship shot down a short while later along with Sora Bulq, and Eeth Koth.

I never really forgave Skywalker or Master Yoda after that day, but I did my duty. I became a Jedi Knight that Master Gon would have been proud of. I racked up countless significant victories through out the war, but no matter what amazing feat I achieved, Skywalker continued to pull magical rainbow-coloured nerfs out of his hat at every engagement. Worse than that, Skywalker was given a Padawan years before he should have been ready. I knew it was a mistake but who was I to question the Council? Again he was given Special treatment when one day he was made a member of the council. How could a Knight sit on the council? It was unjust and it angered me, but every time it did, I would meditate.

I was in one such meditation when Order 66 was given. I was still young, only twenty, my struggle with my emotions was my greatest weakness, and yet it saved my life. Because I was in mediation, I was one with the force, feeling everything around me. From inside my meditation room, I could feel everything happening several decks away. I could feel the sudden hostile shift the entire crew underwent almost simultaneously. I didn't understand what was happening at the time, but I knew I had to leave.

I sealed the door with some code I bought from a slicer on Nar Shadda. It bought me the few precious moments I needed to use the maintenance shafts to get to a Hyperspace capable fighter in the hanger bay. As I moved, I could feel them dying. The Jedi Knights and Masters all across the Galaxy, and every time I felt another light fade, a part of me died along with it. By the time I got to my fighter, I had no sympathy left for the clones I once called friends. I destroyed every fighter in the bay before shooting a hole in the ship and flying free and clear.

I've been on the run ever since, searching for survivors. I of course ditched the fighter the first chance I had and liberated something less conspicuous. Since then, I've taken on a few odd jobs to keep food in my belly and fuel in my ship. I usually work as a body guard or bounty hunter, but I made sure never to take anything that compromised my morals. To hide the fact I was a Jedi, I learned how to use a pistol and kept my light-saber hidden except for in emergencies.

Personal Goals:
Find other Jedi, gather force sensitive children and find a place in uncharted space to rebuild the order.

Player Goals:
I would love some situations that test Towa's resolve to follow the Jedi Code. Obviously Towa has no idea that Skywalker is Vader but if he were to learn such a thing, that could truly test his ability to not give into rage and hate. There is possible love interest to test his resolve to start a new order. Giving him an apprentice to teach could be very interesting.

Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader: Unknown to Towa, his own school chum, Skywalker is in fact Darth Vader, the man in charge of hunting down all the remaining Jedi.

Gung'nyr: A young human waiter on Nar Shaddaa, the planet that never sleeps. Gung'nyr works at one of the most popular dives on the entire planet where all the best smugglers, bounty hunters, and low-lives come to drink. As such Gung'nyr hears many interesting things. Towa and him have an understanding, if any information regarding Jedi or Sith are being circulated, Towa will buy it.

Master Tarados Gon: Towa's deceased master.

"This is where the fun begins."
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Corporal Pasam Molta TK-99262
right-aligned image
Name: Corporal Pasam Molta TK-99262
Race: Human
Class: Level 10 Stormtrooper/Elite Trooper

Physical Description: Corporal Pasam Molta stands six foot tall. Molta is olive-skinned and well-built. He has a pronounced jawline, round face and a wide, aquiline nose. He has numerous scars around his face and body, including a massive burn wound reaching from his lower torso to just past his throat. He keeps his hair shaven to a nice and tight 3-inch mohawk. His right eye has been replaced with a cybernetic implant. The eye colours match, but the right eye never dilates.

His weapons and gear are always well-maintained and in good order. His armor carries wear and tear, just like its owner. It is installed with jump servos.

His right arm is a cybernetic prosthesis. The metal arm is a plated design from shoulder to finger tips. There is no skin grafted to disguise the arm, to reduce maintenance and costs. It is painted in jet black and is specially coated to minimize glare and reflection in the light. It is an older model and its outdated motor system whirs during straining movements and overheats if under extreme stress.

Personality: Pasam Molta loves his job. He craves adventure, excitement, and camaraderie. He's efficient and by-the-books, never one to waste resources any more than he has to.

Corporal Molta fulfills the Stormtrooper's ideals to the tee: He'll sacrifice himself for the Empire and his comrades if need be, and if you ask him to jump, he'll ask, "How high, sir?"

He doesn't hesitate to follow orders, and rarely questions authority.

Pasam believes in personal toil and that there is never an easy way out, not without paying a price.

Corporal Molta hasn't seen his family since he graduated the Academy. He's sent them pictures, wrote letters here and there, but Pasam shirks away from details. He doesn't hold any grudges against the Empire for staining his hands either. He sees it as a necessity. As the saying goes, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few rebel heads.

In his off-time, Pasam Molta indulges in drinking, reading, table and card games alongside the rest of his unit. He's very proud of being a Stormtrooper, and carries himself like one.

He likes to get up close in combat for maximum firepower. He uses thermal detonators liberally to flush his enemies out of defended positions.

Background: Corporal Pasam Molta grew up in a middle-class family and joined the Imperial Academy. He didn't want to be another professional drone in the Galactic City. He wanted to be different from everyone else. He wanted to be a soldier, duty sworn, loyal, and to give back to the Galactic Empire that provided for him and his family.

After graduating into his Stormtrooper armor, they sent Pasam and the 231st Legion to the Empire's outer colonies. The 231st under the command of Major General Toshan swept through the sector, stamping out rebel resistance and enforcing the Emperor's law wherever it proved lacking.

Corporal Pasam Molta's mind never wanted to linger on the consequences of what he was doing. They taught him at the Academy that if he was going to ready bayonets at the jaws of Hell, his comrades won't hesitate to join him.

The sun rose and set. Days turned into months. Months turned into years. Corporal Pasam Molta grew literally, and profesionally. Where his Stormtrooper gear was plain white, was now pockmarked with blaster burns and chipped around the edges. He earned citations and medals on the offense and defense. His highest medal was earned when he jumped on a live thermal detonator. It cost him his arm, a nasty burn wound all around his chest and he speaks with a hoarse voice when he's not using the helmet voice modulator. It is a medal he'd gladly take again if it was in the name of the Emperor and his comrades.

His newest orders are to head to Corellia. There's rumors down the vine that there'll be Jedi to fight. Corporal Molta's never seen a Jedi up close, but he's curious if they really can parry blaster shots mid-flight.

Personal Goals: To be part of the 501st Legion, or an even more elite unit is Pasam Molta's goal. Obtaining glory and prestige.

Player Goals: Blast those rebel scum!


Lieutenant Colonel Gurluko


2nd Battalion's CO, and for reasons unknown dislikes Corporal Molta with a passion. She isn't his direct CO, but she makes daily life hell for Pasam regardless. She sports a blonde undercut tucked under her officer's cap and is also the head hand-to-hand instructor for the division.

Sergeant Larn

In charge of Molta's squad. He's been with the Stormtroopers since the end of the Clone Wars. He always has a story to share and wisdom to dispense to his younger squadmates.

Corporal Renko

Molta's closest friend. Renko is the fire of the squad, brash and always ready to act. He loves to tease and get under people's skins to see how they react. Molta did not see eye-to-eye with Renko when he first joined the squad. Their opposite personalities led into scraps with one another until the day Molta threw himself on a thermal detonator to save Renko.

231st Legion
The 231st Legion specializes in heavy assaults, utilizing armored shock troops and overwhelming firepower to achieve their goals. The 231st Legion is split into 4 regiments including one support regiment to perform backline duties. The Legion is currently led by Major General Torak Toshan.

Corporal Pasam Molta is part of 1st Regiment, 2nd Platoon, Alpha Squad.
Purge as Corporal Pasam Molta

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