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Character Profiles


Dr. Helena De Veen is a In Translation, pg 23 (pdf 24)Resilient core book, pg 30 (pdf 32)
players' guide, pg 27 (pdf 29)
Paradox who *while on Earth
core book, pg 78 (pdf 80)
players' guide, pg 65 (pdf 67)
Solves Mysteries.

Helena De Veen - Recursion: Earth
right-aligned image
Stat Pools
Character Type
Allocation (6)
light armor/hour-1
light armor-2
-6 Intellect damage from fumbled check, +5 from recovery roll-1
Points Spent
-2 Effort applied to Vomit Check, -2 Effort applied to Exception vs Alien-4
Reduces the cost of spending points from a stat pool or applying Effort.Edge
Maximum number of levels of Effort Haley can apply to a task. First level costs 3 points, additional levels cost 2 points.Effort
1All pools can be used to apply Effort to Intellect tasks. See Investigator below.*
Deducted from damage taken. Leather Jacket +1.Armor

RECOVERIESBonus recovery from Resilient1 action1 action10 min1 hr10 hrs
5 d6 per day+5 INT----


Trained Skills, Abilities, and Revisions
  • (T) Paradox: Tier 1, Knowledgeable
    Haley was a Professor of Forensic Sciences at MIT when she had her accident. She still is, though much of her teaching is done remotely over the Internet these days, unless she feels like being present in class. Most people gloss over her leaning on the digital options as a courtesy due her handicap, they're not aware it also makes chasing potential Strange activity much easier.
  • (T) Paradox: Tier 1
    You are trained in general topics regarding The Strange, which allows you to attempt to understand and identify related phenomena, including the effect of a particular cypher. Strange training is sometimes called Strange knowledge or Strange lore.
    Strange Training
  • (T) Resilient: Tier 1, Skill
    You're almost unstoppable. You are trained in Might defense tasks.
    Might Defense
  • (T) Resilient: Tier 1, Skill
    You're almost unflappable. You are trained in Intellect defense tasks.
    Intellect Defense
  • (T) Solves Mysteries: Tier 1
    Finding the clues is the first step in solving a mystery. You are trained in perception. Enabler.

  • Paradox
    You can bear three cyphers at a time.
    Expert Cypher Use
  • Paradox: Tier 1
    You can use light weapons without penalty. If you wield a medium weapon, increase the difficulty by one step. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by two steps.
    Practiced with Light Weapons
  • Paradox: Tier 1
    You can participate in the process of traveling to another recursion. Each time you do, you can choose to initiate, hasten, or ease a translation. If you choose to hasten or ease the process, someone else must initiate the translation. As a paradox, you are most effective at initiating a translation. This initiation advantage provides you with additional opportunities during the process of translating. In order to translate, you must know the recursion you are translating to exists. The GM will decide if you have enough information to confirm its existence and determine what level of difficulty is needed to reach the destination. Action to initiate.
    Translation, When a paradox makes a translation roll, she gets one automatic retry on a failed translation roll. So when a paradox attempts to translate to Earth (which is level 5) and fails to roll a 15 or higher, she can immediately roll again without having to first roll on the Translation Failure table. On her second roll, she can choose to use Effort, or not, regardless of whether she used any on the initial roll. If she fails a second time on the same translation attempt, itís time to get out the d100.initiation advantage
  • Resilient: Tier 1
    You can make an extra recovery roll each day. This roll is just one action. So each day you can make two recovery rolls that each take one action, one roll that takes ten minutes, a fourth roll that takes one hour, and a fifth roll that requires ten hours of rest.
  • Solves Mysteries: Tier 1
    To really shine as an investigator, you must engage your mind and body in your deductions. You can spend points from your Might Pool, Speed Pool, or Intellect Pool to apply levels of Effort to any Intellect-based task. Enabler.

  • Paradox, Tier 1:
    You can temporarily bend the fundamental force of gravity on a creature or object (no larger than yourself) that is within long range. The target's level can be no more than 2 above your tier. On a successful attack, an affected target floats an immediate distance over the ground for one round. A levitating target hovers just above the ground, able to take actions, but unable to gain purchase through physical contact.
    Levitate (2 Intellect points)
  • You pick one creature within long range. The target is jolted by a confluence of fundamental forces for 4 points of damage. If the target you select is not native to the recursion where you attack it, its senses are overwhelmed. On a successful attack, in addition to taking 4 points of damage, it cannot act on its next turn. Once exposed to this revision, a non-native creature normally canít be affected by the sense-overwhelming portion of this attack again for several hours. Action.Exception (1 Intellect point - 1 Edge = free)

  • (I) Resilient:
    You're hardy, but not necessarily strong. The difficulty of any task involving moving, bending, or breaking things is increased by one step.
    Hardy, not Strong (aka in a wheelchair)
  • (I) Resilient:
    You have a lot of willpower and mental fortitude, but you're not necessarily smart. The difficulty of any task involving knowledge or figuring out problems or puzzles is increased by one step.
    Willpower, not Smarts

  • Wheelchair, Motorized
  • Wheelchair, Lightweight Folding (folds down to become her carryon)
  • Street Clothes
  • Leather Jacket (Light, 1 point Armor, 1 Might/hour and -2 Speed while worn)
  • Light Pistol (Light (1-), Short Range, 2 points ranged)
  • Tactical Pen (Light (1-), 2 points melee), includes penlight and glass breaker
  • Laptop Computer, clips down to tray table attachment to wheelchair
  • Flashlight (bright light immediate range, dim light short range)
  • Utility Knife
  • iPhone X
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by ItsaVerb
    I also include the concept of 'Estate-Comm', my own creation which is just a simple radio-and-satellite communications platform that lets characters communicate with each other from different locations, and also to interface with Estate HQ, subject to similar restrictions as a satellite radio (i.e. in a building made of thick concrete and steel, you might not be able to reach The Estate, while the radio will still work to speak to each other.) All characters have one.
    -GM, OOC page 3
  • Wifi network hub for motion sensor, hidden camera, hidden micAutomated "smart home" kit, encrypted, incorporated into wheelchair and linked to her iPhone.
  • Forensics Field Kit
  • Compact Tool Kit
  • ? scout drone for "personal and journalism purposes"?

  • One unanchored item your size or smaller within long range is drawn immediately to the device. This takes one round. The item has no momentum when it arrives.Attractor (Occultic Cypher)
    • Earth: Black leather glove
    • Ardeyn: Gold ring with a red gem
    • Ruk: Palm graft
  • Decreases the difficulty of the next action taken by three steps.Stim (Anoetic Cypher)
    • Earth: Small can or bottle of ingestible liquid
    • Ardeyn: Bronze bracers
    • Ruk: Adhesive patch that activates when slapped

  • $300, Jack Starting Equipment

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~George Bernard Shaw

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left-aligned image

Name: Lazarus Lancelot Keeler Aka. Windrider

Age: 27

Race: Human

Gender: Male, very very male like probably comes off to much so.

Education: This is not a measure of intellect, it's a synopsis of what the character knows most about, and how they came upon that knowledge. You may find this helps provide good grounding for a profession or character history.

Profession: My profession? Merchandise Transportation Specialist? Well its always evolving but lets go with Ace Pilot for now aye Awe fine... Smuggler I'm a blood Smuggler! How'd I start out.. well I was living on the streets down in Scruvytown when I noticed a nice couple walking straight toward an alley where they were goin' to get their throats cut. I couldn't see the sense in lettin' that happen so I stepped in and showed them the safe way 'round, and wouldn't ya know he gave me a gold coin for my trouble. Well I wasn't too slow on the take so I started doing it more until I heard the real money was down at the docks. So I saved up my coins for a nicer set a clothes and got me start as a Guide down there for the various travelers who came into port.

I didn't take long for the right kind of people to notice me and ask me to drop off this or that while I was showin' folks around. As I grew they were less willing to let me show 'em around but there were more willin' to let me help with my newly found transportation service. I fell in with Wednesday and got me self a good route.

Once I'd gathered up enough coin I bought my way onto a flier working for Lovesgrove. He taught me everything I know about flyin' that is before the Captains got to him and Wednesday got back to me. He decided my skills would best be used makin runs to Liberty with a ship he stole of some unsuspecting schlep. I'd probably still be employed if I didn't drop his cargo avoiding some of those serpent people. I don't care what he says, no way I'm gettin close to those bastards, he doesn't know them like I do...

Family: Unless you are the trope-tastic exiled orphan murder hobo from a land far away (and I really urge you NOT to be), your character has some family. A mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins. You don't have to enumerate your whole family tree, but do include those that are important. Have you played a character before that is a parent? Would you like to?!?


Gwendolyn Brack- Daughter of Mattihias Brack of the Noble House Brack she got got caught up with the Daughters of the Guild where she met Windrider at the Rusty Hook. They had promised to wed one day when they grew up as they became infatuated with each other, but after an incident in which she was almost sacraficed to the Serpent people when they put their heads where it didn't belong her father dragged her out of the Docks and got them a manor in Old City. It was so big that not even Lazarous Lancelot Keeler could get over the gates. It was then that he promised himself to take to the skies so he could fly over any gate.

Selina Octavia Glass Aka the Looking Glass - a Whore who works in one of the Backrooms of the Rusty Hook. They had spent more than one evening together to fill the empty place in Windriders heart. She has gotten the nickname the Lookin' Glass as she is one of the more attractive girls at the Rusty Hook.

Cecil Lovesgrove A man of Western decent who took Windrider under his wing and taught him everything he knows about Aerial Nautical Flight. The two worked hand in hand for a bit before they had a run in with the Captains Council.

Keemo Glideweaver - Also served under Lovesgrove and now works at the Docks as a broker for various smuggling operations. He had managed to leave Lovesgroves crew before the incident with the Captains Council.

Who Do You Love? Myself of course. No one greater for me than me as they say, right? What do you mean who says that? Anyone with a lick of sense and thats me. You keep the girls away from my heart and I'll be just fine. Love 'em than leave 'em... oh please don't tell my Ma I said that okay? Yes she is alive and I plan on keepin' it that way, anyone who says a word against her will have me to deal with! (He would never admit it but Windrider holds a special place in his heart for his first childhood infatuation Gwendolyn Brack)

Who Do You Hate? My name, I mean seriously who names their kid Lazarus Lancelot?? I pretty much want to shoot anyone who sorts it out. My ma obviously read way to many of those stories of Knights in shining armor and all the godly books and what not. What did all that hope get her? Nada... but a hungry child living on the streets. So yeah screw that name and all the hope that comes with it. If it had worked would I be on the run from Mister Wednesday? No probably not. Now there is a man I wouldn't mind putting a bullet in. One shipment goes wrong and he's sending Red Alice after me, hell I could have sworn we were friends. I'd like nothing better than to show that two face skum the salt of the earth.

Challenge/Struggle There might be a tiny price on my head, true it might say dead or alive, but its not that bad. I mean there are really big important struggles here in Freeport right? Look at the slavery and then there's the other slavery no one talks about with the ones Wednesday and the others binds into service by putting debts over their head. Whose there to stand up for the little guy?

Vices, Quirks, Demons These are your ‘bad’ behaviors. Pride, pride is very vary bad but no one is this good, I mean seriously have you seen me fly? I also have a tendency to take risks now and again but I don't believe in odds or some hokey religion I believe in me. It might get me in a mess sometimes but its worth it. I've been told I'm a bit cynical and I spend way too much time on my hair, but in my defense it is really really good hair. I also have this tendency to sort of bend the rules to my benefit, I blame a society of vagrants that raised me. Its only natural to bend the rules to survive when you need food, what was that? I don't need food? What's your point?

Connection to Other Character(s)

What I Want An airship. Or at least to own his own airship, with all the bells and whistle of a luxury liner that he could host fine dinner parties for the elite and hob nob with them and what not. Be a legitimate business person and all that.
ďAll the truth in the world is held in stories.Ē
― Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear

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WIPName: Mercedette, aka Lady Mercy d'Ambrose

Age: Seventy-two years. Approximately a human sixteen-year old.

Race:Effectively a 3/4 Elf

Gender: Slightly androgynous female

Education:Random things- whatever she's gotten people to talk to her about.

Profession: Mercy is an entertainer, performing song, dance, and harp-music, though generally not all at the same time. While more of a hobby, she also is not above running the occasional scam on someone she feels 'deserves it'.

Family:Mercy's only living relative is her mother, an elven courtesan who has been in poor health since Mercy's birth. The identity of the girl's father remains a mystery to her, and probably will remain so, as he was one of countess customers. Though not related by blood, most of her mother's coworkers are like aunts to Mercy.

Friends/Acquaintances:If you ask Mercy, everyone is her friend. Except that guy, he exploits his workers. And that guy, he stiffs the barmaids. And the Madame is nobody's friend.

Who Do You Love?

Who Do You Hate? The Madame is at the top of this short list, but her would-be successor Natalia is Mercy's personal rival.

Challenge/Struggle Mercy loves her mother, but she's always been eaten up by curiosity about who her father might be, and all the questions that go along with that. She's also extremely paranoid about getting into a romantic relationship, because without knowing half of who she is, she can't be sure she isn't related to any of the people she meets.

Vices, Quirks, Demons

Connection to Other Character(s)

What I Want

Still no phone, but power at home again.

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right-aligned image
Name: Magdelnina(Meg-dehl-Nine-ah)* Yarrowling aka Nina

Age: 25

Race: Human

Gender: Female, not that she thinks about it very much

Education: Nina's education was utterly hands on and feet first. Granted learning how to read, write and count was extremely important when your family's profession included professional swindling, snake oils and fraud. With the expectation that their daughter would follow the steps of her brothers, father, mother, grandparents and assorted other relations, basic schooling was drilled into Nina whether she liked it or not. Beyond the skills taught by her family, her fascination with all things which go BOOM or FLASH has lead her to a self taught level of understanding, mostly trial by error and thus far all of her body parts are still attached as well, win-win in her mind.

Profession: A simple person might call Nina a thief, but that would be, as already stated, a very simple outlook on the intricate details of Nina's main source of income. Professional Acquirer who can get into anywhere.... that might be the title given if any should actually ask Nina what is that she does. One then might assume that Nina has an amazing ability to pick locks or some such discrete talent, one tends not to truly understand just how Nina goes about her jobs until ones ears are left ringing. Explosives, smoke bombs, stink bombs, flash, bangs... the list goes on and on as Nina continually tries out new things and remixes old, much to the chagrin of her targets.

Nina is more or less a walking disaster for hire, who also manages to accomplish most the tasks she is given. Granted her reputation is now such that when one seeks her out for a job, they already have in mind that they do want the target of the job to be also possibly blown to smithereens, blinded, deafened, or any assorted combinations there-in. Nina does have the ability to do things smaller, and if she is really pressed, will behave 'better', though in truth half the time anything she takes on is more for her own amusement than any real need for work. Really, she could steal what she needs to get by at any time, but being paid to do it, that is so much more fun.

Family: Nina would rather she could call herself an orphan, in fact from time to time, when bored, will invent a creative story about just how she came to be an orphan, should someone ask of her past. Anything other than to admit that she both has a living family AND that they are not on speaking terms. The attempt to explain how she is the black sheep of the family to follow up with the fact that it is not because she is a thief, but because she is not a fraud-scam-manipulating sort of person. Her decision to not become just one more in a long line of professional snake-oil salesmen and women did not go over well with her family, and Nina found herself forced to fend for herself at the tender age of 18. Okay maybe that was not so tender, but she was still rejected by her parents and brothers, a faux doctor, fortune teller, card shark and general sleazy swindler... in order.

Her family is out there, in fact she could just drop by any of the places that they typically work and say hello if she wanted to, not that they would acknowledge her, nor that she actually wanted to. As said, it might have been easier for her if she was an orphan, if only because then she would not have to wonder what sort of trouble they have gotten in to, nor need to double check anytime an impending hanging or other some such punishment was about to be carried out on someone who fits the general unsavoury sort that her family is.

Ricky Jones: She is pretty sure his name is as real as his official job. While he claims to work as a clerk at a local inn, Nina is confident it is more that the man uses the place to fence his stolen goods. That being said, he is a source of laughter and amusement, as well as potential jobs, and considering that Nina's circle of those she trusts is relatively small to nil, that he has managed to gain her trust, even if only as far as she can throw him, they have managed to maintain a friendship along with a business relationship.

Wrenah Starlay: Wren and Nina grew up on the same little hovel of a street. There had always been rumours that Wrenah was not entirely human, rumours that within that particular end of town could have ended poorly, if not for Nina's fast friendship and utter refusal to back down to both bullies of her own peer group as well as any adults that targeted the petite girl Nina had taken under her wing. On Nina's casting out from her family, Wrenah had followed Nina to her new abode, a small run down shack tucked in between other odds and ends of neglected buildings. While thievery and other assorted miscreant activity did not suit Wrenah, neither did it bother her that her best friend engaged in such. Currently Wrenah is a seamstress and one of growing reputation for her skill and fine needle work. The two are still fast friends even if Wrenah now lives in slightly better situation and the two appear as utter opposites.

One Eyed Harry: Not actually his name, that would be the boring one of William Laurenchent. Nina will never say it to his face, but she is confident that the grizzled old smuggler is more than aware of what the girl calls him behind his back. Gruff. stern and over all rough around the edges, he is somewhat amused by the trouble that Nina often finds herself playing about in, and more often then not, is the source of whatever path it was that lead her to the trouble. Nina runs frequent jobs for him, and William also is a contact for her elsewhere on the docks, letting others know of her particular skill sets and where to reach her should she be needed.

Who Do You Love?
Wrenah Starlay: She is Nina's deepest friend and possibly the only one that she utterly trusts irregardless of the situation. Nina has always endeavoured to protect Wrenah from the big-bag-wide world, and even as adults, still views herself the smaller woman's protector.

Miss Chiff the Third: Creativity for her work does not extend to her naming of pets. Miss Chiff the Third is quite obviously the third in what may end up as a long line of pet rats. Probably a combination of the fact that the creatures are highly trainable and clever as well as the fact that they are a low effort pet has drawn Nina to the creatures. The current reincarnation is a scant pound of grey fur, white tipped ears and the standard beady eyes. Nina adores the creature despite how some may respond and it is usually on her person somewhere.

Who Do You Hate?
Nathaniel Writgite: Sometimes your worst enemy is someone you stumble across in your adult life, tweak the wrong person or some other such thing, but Nathaniel has been a source if hatred since, well as long as Nina can remember. A key leader in the bullies who had targeted Wrenah, Nathaniel moved in to the place Nina vacated when dismissed from her familial associations. Charming, smooth talking, swindling, back stabber, no good... oh her list goes on and on and he never misses a chance to try to instigate trouble, be it with her work or on the streets. If she had the chance, a little bomb between the shoulderblades would solve everything, but it seems he also thinks a knife in hers might be suitable, and thus the pair continue their cautious dance, eventually one of them must make a mistep.

Nathaniel Writgite, need she say more. He is out there and he has made it clear that he wants her disposed of, or at least maimed enough that she can no longer work. Exactly why has undoubtedly a wild, varied response, but in the end, Nina always has him on her mind, wary and alert for the time that he might seek to take advantage of a situation and carry out his fixation.

Vices, Quirks, Demons
-Nina is a survivalist, she is not beyond the dirty back stab, the quick exit or any other assorted 'dishonourable' activities, nor does she understand why anyone would be upset with her if she left them hanging in a rough situation.
-Nina has a thing for sparkles, not necessarily valuable bobbles, just something that will catch her eye, distract her and possibly drive her to pocked it, be it a shiny stone, a bit of twisted metal or yes, even a chain or ring, though the latter two are less likely. The trouble is, the time needed to pocket even the most innocuous item, may not fit into the time line of what else is currently on the go.
-Nina tends to chew her lower lip when working on anything 'serious', a habit which is also a give away as she tends to also chew it when she is scheming something as well.

Connection to Other Character(s)
-A job here or there with Windrider has come through time and again, and she currently has been doing some casual work for the man now that he has acquired his own ship. Nina would not exactly say that she trusts him, but he does pay, and that is always a great start.
-Barnaby Mason... oh she knows the name and has to admit that from time to time she has needed a minor abrasion or two patched up after a detonation went bad or perhaps the former owners of the items she was to acquire, did not want to be former ones. Thankfully thus far it hasn't been anything too serious, and the man has done a decent enough job, really he does better than she would at least, so that is a plus?
-Mercedette: A vaguely familiar face in a crowd, most likely due to being both at Dr Mason's at the same time for obviously very different reasons.

What I Want As much as Nina claims her independence and no need for the jobs offered her, she does need a source of income and after laying low the last two months after the authorities nearly caught she and the last crew she had worked with during a 'redistribution of goods'. funds are low and worse, she is bored, so very bored. Nina desperately needs something to do, and hopefully the something will also pad her pockets with more that the lint which fill them now.
Best Wishes to all: No longer active on site 3 Dec '20

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Barnaby MasonBarnaby is a ____ Adept who _______
left-aligned image

Age: 40
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
STAT POOLMight Speed Intellect
Character Type 7 9 12
Allocation 2 4
Points Spent  
Edge 1
Abilities and SuchGenius: You have an Intellect Edge of 1, a Might Edge of 0, and a Speed Edge of 0.

Expert Cypher Use: You can bear three cyphers at a time.

You can use light weapons without penalty. If you wield a medium weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase it by two steps. You also start with one light weapon of your choice. Enabler.Practiced With Light Weapons

You cause a willing creatureís fingers to lengthen into claws and her teeth to grow into fangs. The effect lasts for ten minutes. The damage dealt by the targetís unarmed strikes increases to 4 points. Action.Sculpt Flesh (2 Intellect points)

You scan an area equal in size to a 10-foot (3 m) cube, including all objects or creatures within that area. The area must be within short range. Scanning a creature or object always reveals its level (a measure of how powerful, dangerous, or difficult it is). Many materials and energy fields prevent or resist scanning. Action.Scan (2 Intellect points)

You modify how a willing creature within short range reflects light for one minute. The target rapidly shifts between its normal appearance and a blot of darkness. The target has an asset on Speed defense rolls until the effect wears off. Action to initiate.Distortion (2 Intellect points)

EquipmentStarting Equipment: Appropriate clothing, plus two expensive items, two moderately priced items, and up to four inexpensive items of your choice.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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