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Old 08-21-2018, 12:57 AM
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Silver Guardians: Babylon City Roster

Character Sheets go here.
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Current Characters: Barthal, Fezaliax, Galileo, Thorin, Vesden,

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right-aligned image

Callsign: Wildcard

Real Name: Tommy Santos

Abilities: A genetic test can confirm that Tommy doesn't register as a metahuman, but little else about his powers is known for sure. He claims that they're a form of punishment, a preview of what awaits him when he dies. What is known for sure is that a "cursed" deck of playing cards has bonded to Tommy's skin, supposedly by the Devil himself.

Tommy Santos is considered a very talented card player, specializing in Poker. Frankly, the only reason you haven't seen him on TV is that he figures if he maintains a relatively low profile he can get away with occasionally cheating. Tommy's light and practiced fingers give him the slight-of-hand skill on par with professional stage magicians and he can throw playing cards with great accuracy even without his powers. He's also a gifted liar with a criminal record, though nothing more serious then pick-pocketing and confidence ploys. He's a con artist and a thief, sure - but he's not a murderer.

Since bonding with "The Deck of Dead Men's Hands", Tommy has received limited forms of Telekinesis and ESP, namely to the Cards in his skin. He claims the cards aren't just bonded to his skin but to his mind and soul as well letting him do things like move them around with his mind, project his senses through them, even temporarily embue them with extra properties like making them tougher, or flammable, or supernaturally sharp. Tommy is also now noticeably tougher and heals faster then a normal human though nowhere near Scrapper levels.

Disadvantages: Tommy's a drinker, a drug user (though nowadays nothing heavier then weed), a womanizer, a liar, and above all a gambler. It's hard to find a vice he hasn't at least dabbled in. It's enough that mystical entities consider his soul marked as a sinner. He does find it particularly difficult to resist his vices of choice, especially gambling and lying.

The use of Tommy's powers also causes him a shocking amount of pain. Not enough to prevent him from using them but only because he has gotten used to some of it, and he's felt worse. It looks like Tommy has tattoos of a full deck of demonic playing cards covering most of his body, especially when he isn't using his powers. If you really pay attention you'd notice that the cards "shuffle", individual cards appearing to trade places with each other.

Incredibly, Tommy can actually produce the cards in his full-body tattoo. It looks like suddenly there's a gap in the artwork revealing raw, red skin and he's now actually physically holding the card in his hand. When he puts the card back, or it seemingly goes back on it's own, it replaces it's place on his tattoo and he clearly feels a burning sensation. Supposedly the cards in the deck were made from the souls of other gamblers, so he doesn't have total control over them.

BioTommy Santos never really had a chance as an upright citizen. His father was part of a gang that committed a string of B&E robberies up and down the East Coast, his mother a stripper. In fairness they weren't full-on abusive, but they were really awful parents. Really all they did for him was accidentally teach him that his wits will serve him better then brawn or his looks, and that if you keep a low profile you'll get away with more. He was going to be just another sob story of Hart "Heartbreak" Avenue until things took a turn for the strange.

He later learned they're called Crossroads Demons. Evil entities that specialize in making deals, deals where the normal asking price is one's soul. He'd heard the stories. Sometimes, someone out at night will wander into "Aces Avenue and Eighth Street", suddenly find themselves all alone in a silent intersection that's somehow in the middle of Babylon. There you'll meet someone with Red Eyes who will offer to grant you a wish, in exchange for your soul. He didn't believe the stories until it happened to him, and a beautiful woman with Red Eyes named "Nikki" offered him a deal. Tommy was smart, and smelled a con that was too good to be true. So instead of agreeing, he turned and ran.

Then the other stories started to trickle in of suckers who took the deal on the intersection of "Aces and Eighth". Stories of people getting what seems like their fondest wish, but somehow it keeps getting them killed horribly. Tommy was just going to do what his instincts told him to do and lay low, even thought things would be alright when suddenly when his neighborhood actually managed to go three days without a major crime being committed. Until everyone in his neighborhood started getting the same dreams night after night, dreams of hellfire and damnation. It was the family on the apartment above his. All of them made a deal, their souls in exchange for Peace at last on "Heartbreak". Including the Children.

Tommy likes to think what he did next was a little bit heroic. He figured "Nikki" had come for him once, she'd come for him again. He started looking for "Aces Avenue and Eighth Street" on purpose, not to make a deal but put down a wager. "Nikki" was so amused at the idea of a Mortal thinking they can beat Demons at Poker that she agreed to the terms, if he brought his own buy-in. So he tricked the congregation at St. Micheal's Church on 26th into agreeing to chip in their souls. He did say just a little bit heroic.

The game itself was played at a private table in the Casino of Souls itself, and incredibly Tommy Santos actually cleaned out all of his demonic opponents, voiding all contracts and freeing "Heartbeak" Avenue from it's demon predator at the Crossroads. However, he accomplished this by Cheating and while his opponents didn't catch him the Devil himself did. Surprisingly the Devil let the victory stand, a reward for having the unmitigated gall to even try to cheat at cards in Hell, but not without a price.

Tommy Santos was in Hell only for the time it took to complete one more hand of poker and the demons were careful to not actually kill him, but it was enough time that most of his skin was flayed off and replaced by the cards of the demonic Deck of Dead Men's Hands. It was only a couple minutes, but it was long enough to know that he absolutely has to be a good man from this point on. He absolutely has to somehow make the cut into Heaven - because if he goes to Hell when he dies his suffering will be legendary even by their standards. The problem is that he doesn't actually know how to be a good person, but maybe these "Silver Guardians" could show him how. Of course he lied on his application and during his audition, but they were just little ones. Promise. Hell, he mostly just was glossing over how he cheated in the Casino of Souls. It was enough that the Silver Guardians are taking him on as a contingent member. He gets the paycheck, the training, cheap rent on some in-house quarters - a lot of the perks and less of the responsibility. He doesn't get to vote at meetings, but so what? He usually doesn't even go to those anyway.

Really he just needs them to keep him alive long enough for him to think of a con out of this problem. Surely there has to be something...

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Call Sign: Eclipse
Name: Aluren
Age: 16
Powers Aluren's powers are derived from the eldritch denizens of dimensions beyond our own. With much training and discipline she has been able to channel this power into predictable, useful effects... Defense proof against attacks that arent' very determined, and shield against those that are. She can be bourne up in flight, able to match the speed limit on most two-lane highways. She has no need for sleep, food, drink, or even air. Her wounds knit together in a wriggling knot of rather off-putting green tentacles. She is able to speak both to the living and the dead, the living finding her words nigh-irresistable. Even objects can be swayed, allowing her to pass where they would bar others from doing so.

She is able to project real-seeming figments that fool the eye, the ear, and even touch... Or visions of the place from which her powers are derived, leaving the viewer in a state of shock. With a hand's gesture she can crush, stretch, or twist a target with painful contortions based on the physics of the Beyond.

While she is able to channel this energy, it is not... A hundred percent... Controlled. Driblets of power can escape her grasp, generally sowing chaos in the surrounding area to her detriment.

Background Aluren was born into a cult in rural Texas. Her birthdate, the momentary eclipse, and her bloodline made her birth auspicious indeed, and she was shepherded as the future of the religious fantatics, destined to increase their lot in some nebulously-prophesied fashion. Her education was passable if basic outside of the cult's confusing dogma, but her experience of the outside world was nearly nonexistant. On her tenth birthday another auspice led the cult's leaders to perform a ritual, to infuse her with an actual being from the beyond. The ritual was interrupted by the Houston Guardians, the girl spirited away as it became apparent she was possessed of significant power.

Orion took her on as a ward, teaching her the ways of magic, helping her to channel her power and discipline herself against it's tendancy to wriggle free. Now sixteen, she has made the journey with him form Houston to Babylon, eagerly awaiting her opportunity to prove herself as a provisional member of the new chapter.

Appearance and Personality A beautiful child grew into a beautiful young woman, though her eyes hold just a hint of madness that some might find unsettling. She is cheerful and curious, knowing that she still has a lot to learn but not letting setbacks dampen her spirit. she is more than a bit unprepared for daily life outside of supervision, such as simply walking around town without a chaperone.

One more bad decision and I think I'll own the full set.

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left-aligned image
Callsign: Longarm

Real Name: Nathan Trent

Abilities: Longarm has an incredible Healing factor that allowed him to survive the experimentation that gave him his other powers. A combination of alien tech, experimental nanobytes, and mad science lead to the graphing of a strange organic metal onto his arms allowing him not only to shape it into various technical devices, but also to integrate with machines and even travel through them.

Nathan Trent was a mutant enlisted in the US military who got the attention of his superior officers due to his uncanny ability to recover after injury. Quickly coined his healing factor he became the subject of much speculation and soon was involved in a Black Ops team. After a few tours abroad they brought him to the military base near Babylon city where they had partnered with a company called Xan Corporation for a new project. They had brought the covert Black Ops team in for consultation, or so they believed. It was when his team showed up for that meeting everything went to crap.

The memories come in flashes and what happened is not quite clear, other than the fact that the screwed him and his entire team. Each of them had been Mutant in someway, they called them Shadowforce, but each and every one of them died in those experiments, all of them but Nathan. He was the lucky one because he escaped during one of the procedures. They had misjudged his recovery and ability with the newfound technology grafted onto him. Breaking out of the tank with a crash he made a break for it finding any shelter he could.

Once free the cat was out of the bag as it were. Xan Corporation did not want word getting out that they had killed American soldiers and whether they had consent was another matter entirely. In interest of their own protection they conviced the military not to pursue Nathan as long as he couldn't remember what happened.

Nathan was lost, but luckily Orion was there to give him direction. A way to serve the nation without having to do with the ones who had put him through hell. He vowed to make the most out of what they gave him and one day expose the truth of what happened, but in order for anyone to believe him he would first have to make a name for himself.


Longarm POR file
"Let's bring the dwarf... as my friend Grindo always used to say it isn't a party without a dwarf! Oh and that scary old man... not sure why you're here, pretty sure you will probably die, but I also don't think you understand a word of what I'm saying so lets do this!

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left-aligned image

left-aligned image

Real Name: Richard De Marco

Hero Alias: Dr. D.A.N.

Hero Origin: Technology in the wrong hand now in the right ones

Battle Type: psychic gadgeteer/CQC


Strengths: Gathering information, Inspiring others, and Helping people become better people.

Weaknesses:As with all great minds, he can find the flaws in others and help them overcome weaknesses that they place upon themselves, but he can not do the same for himself.

Dr. D.A.N. - PL 9

Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 1, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 3, Awareness 3, Presence 3

Benefit, Wealth 3 (millionare), Defensive Roll 6, Equipment 6, Hide in Plain Sight, Inventor, Teamwork (free)

Acrobatics 1 (+2), Athletics 3 (+3), Expertise: Emotion Augmentation Tech 6 (+9), Insight 3 (+6), Investigation 3 (+6), Perception 4 (+7), Persuasion 4 (+7), Stealth 4 (+5), Technology 7 (+10), Vehicles 5 (+5)

DAN Belt: Burst Area Damage 9 (DC 24; Alternate Resistance (no cost): Will, Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, DC 19, Incurable, Subtle 2: undetectable)

DAN Emitter (Removable)
Happy Blast: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 9 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Prone, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Will, DC 19; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 19, Cumulative, Custom 4: Armor Piercing 2, Subtle)
Mad Blast: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 9 (1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Compelled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 19; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 19, Cumulative, Custom 4: Armor Piercing 2, Subtle)
Sad Blast: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 9 (1st degree: Entranced, 2nd degree: Immobile, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Will, DC 19; Cone Area: 60 feet cone, DC 19, Cumulative, Custom 4: Armor Piercing 2, Subtle)

DAN Mask: Immunity 8 (Removable, Custom: EA Effects 1, Environmental Conditions (All), Suffocation (All))

Armored Car
Strength 8, Defense -4, Toughness 12, Size Huge
Powers: Speed: Speed 5 (Speed: 60 miles/hour, 900 feet/round)

Stately Manor
Toughness 10, Size Huge
Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed 1, Garage, Gym, Infirmary, Laboratory, Living Space, Power System, Security System 2, Workshop

Initiative +1
DAN Belt: Burst Area Damage 9 (DC Will 24)
Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
Happy Blast: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 9 (DC Will 19)
Mad Blast: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 9 (DC Will 19)
Sad Blast: Cumulative Cone Area Affliction 9 (DC Will 19)
Throw, +0 (DC 15)
Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)

Native Language

Dodge 7, Parry 6, Fortitude 6, Toughness 8/2, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 24 + Powers 54 + Advantages 17 + Skills 20 (40 ranks) + Defenses 19 = 134
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Hikialani Mizuki
Codename: Chimera
PL: 9 (135)
Victory Points: 1
Exp: 0/0

Appearance and PersonalityKia has unconsciously shaped herself to resemble a blend of her adopted parents, and now appears to be exactly the Polynesian/Japanese mix she would have been if she'd been naturally born to them. She is small of stature, slim and athletic of build, with long slightly wavy black hair and expressive dark brown eyes. Kia prefers comfortable, informal clothes whenever possible, though she's not above google-eying an especially pretty dress. She is irrepressibly upbeat in attitude and rarely seen without a smile on her face. Somehow, against all odds, she's managed to make it through high school and beyond with that sunny disposition intact, dodging teenage angst by a country mile. Even so, despite having a virtual armada of friendly acquaintances, Kia carefully curates her actual, deep friendships to a mere handful at a time. Any more than that just gets too exhausting, because there is virtually nothing she wouldn't do for one. She loves playing physical sports and running, but her favorite activity of all is swimming, especially in the ocean. Not only for the simple pleasure of exploring and seeing the spectacles, but for the quiet moments of solitude it affords her.

HistoryLets get the obvious part out of the way up front. Kia's not human. Chimps have more in common with human beings than she does, genetically speaking. She is the result of a renegade scientists attempt to create a human 'chimera;' a fusion of genetic traits from different species. In this case though, clearly there were many other changes made than simply packing a human genome with extra traits. When Project: Chimera was discovered and disbanded, two of the researchers 'appropriated' the human(ish) final product just ahead of the funding corporation's decision to do a full coverup, including destruction of all 'materials,' including Kia.

For a time, they kept their heads down with assumed identities, staying in Hawaii where the mother's family lived and could offer help. Finally the heat died down to the point where they could talk to the company, and through a combination of carrot (promising to send the company information about Kia as she grew) and stick (threatening to expose the company and its disastrous research project), they won themselves and Kia freedom from pursuit. Kia herself doesn't remember much of that beyond just the vague memory that they moved around a lot and mom and dad always seemed scared when she was little.

Kia's family was quite normal then, growing up. She herself was considerably less so. Her powers manifested early on, in reaction to immediate dangers she experienced with specific adaptations. Gills when she almost drowned, extra arms when she was about to fall while climbing, and so on. On talking to her parents about it, Kia learned more of her own origins, and explored her abilities more systematically...eventually growing to master using them consciously. She maintained the fiction of normalcy through high school, but once she graduated Kia decided she was tired of that. It wasn't like she was the only person with powers in the world, after all. So Kia took the name Chimera and started a 'career' as the 'Protector of the Isles,' in Hawaii. Though she did fight crime, the truth was a lot of it was just making public appearances and managing social media. Hawaii didn't have any 'villains' operating in it after all.

Kia's incredible positivity, general adorability, and demonstrated ability to juggle the demands of popular acclaim and crime-fighting simultaneously put her on the short list for inclusion when the hunt was on for a new Silver Guardians team. At first there was some uncertainty that she'd be willing to leave Hawaii...but with some cajoling and consideration, she agreed to head to the mainland to start the next phase of her career.

AbilitiesKia's body is in a very peculiar state of constant renewal. Her cells are continually dividing, almost like cancers...but then excess cells are almost immediately consumed again. Her shapeshifting is accomplished by somehow causing the new generation of cells to express new traits, then replace the old ones. This happens nearly in real time, with new body structures growing visibly. Another consequence of this is that she is incredibly difficult to injure. Damaged cells are immediately consumed and replaced by her body as part of her normal existence. Most injuries close nearly immediately. More severe damage can take several seconds or more to completely recover from. The exact mechanism by which Kia's desires cause new genetic expressions to take place is unclear, but it seems that she has access to a very wide range of traits coded into her uniquely crafted DNA. It's extremely likely that she's only just begun to truly explore what's possible.


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Real Name: Lady Lorena Aquaria Neptunia

Hero Alias: Thresher

Hero Origin: Atlantean

Battle Type: Atlantean warrior

Biography: Lorena came to the surface world as part of an effort by her aunt, the Queen of Atlantis, to build better relations with the air breathers. A member of the Royal family, but not in the direct line of succession, it was felt that Lorena would be the best choice for this effort. Lorena had long expressed curiosity about the surface world after making contact with a number of surface dwellers who needed rescuing or protection.

Now 26, Lorena has spent six years in the surface world. She has grown acclimated to this new world, though there are a number of things that still amaze, or confuse (or anger) her.

Strengths: In addition to her ability to fully function underwater, Lorena is highly skilled in the arts of armed and unarmed combat, based on years of combat training. Lorena was also taught the arts of court behavior and diplomacy, giving her the skills to operate and navigate most social situations with ease.

Weaknesses: Lorena is still a representative of Atlantis, and is subject to all the responsibilities, dangers, taunts and insults from the surface world towards her kingdom. She usually weathers these gracefully. However, her temper shows when faced with ecological damage to the ocean from the surface world.

Thresher - PL 9/135
Strength 7, Stamina 7, Agility 4, Dexterity 3, Fighting 5, Intellect 2, Awareness 3, Presence 2

Animal Empathy, Attractive 1, Defensive Roll 1, Evasion 1, Favored Environment (Aquatic), Improved Initiative, Benefit 1: (member of Atlantean royal family), Language 1 (Atlantean)

Trident: Strength-based Damage 2, Dangerous, Disarming

Acrobatics +7 (3) Athletics +8 (1), Close Combat: Unarmed/Trident +9 (4), Ranged Combat: Trident +9 (6), Deception +2, Insight +8 (5), Intimidation +6 (5), Perception +10 (7), Persuasion +10 (8) Stealth +8 (4)

Aquatic Adaptation Immunity to: cold, pressure, suffocation (drowning); Low Light vision; sonar, Environmental adaptation: aquatic
Swimming 120 mph
Fast Healing Regeneration 2
Marine Telepathy Limited to marine mammals

Trident Easily removable, Strength based Damage 2, Reach (5 ft)

Initiative +8
Trident: Strength-based Damage 2 +5 (DC 24) Crit: 19-20
Grab, +5 (DC special 17)
Throw, +3 (DC 22)
Unarmed, +5 (DC 22)

Dodge: 9
Parry: 9
Fortitude: 9
Toughness 8/7 (defensive roll)
Will: 9


Enemy: Being a member of the Atlantean royal family comes with both benefits and hazards. Unfortunately, this includes a number of enemies of both the kingdom and the royal family itself who would love nothing better than to cause pain and anguish by attacking Lorena.

Fame: Lorena did her best to maintain a low profile before joining the Silver Guardians, especially her royal linage. However, Lorena never hid the fact that she is Atlantean. Now that she is on there team, she is hounded by both well-wishers and protesters.

Responsibility: Lorena is still expected to represent the interests and needs of Atlantis on the surface.

English, Atlantean

Power Points
Abilities 66 + Powers 23 + Advantages 8 + Skills 20 (40 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 135

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