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The Unconscious Minds

Please go ahead and post your characters and character sheets below.


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CharacterName: "GRIDLOCK" Art Axel, at least as far as his word can be trusted.

Alias: Tom Richard Harrison
Physical Description: Tall, slim to the point of being frail. He wears his dark hair a little long to hide the jack. He wears sunglasses all day and night, indoors and out, to hide the chrome eyes. He wears an easy smirking grin at all times, at least those brief moments reprieve between running his motor mouth.

Personality"Goooood Moooornin' boys and girls! It! Is! A! Beud-e-ful day here in the grand old city of Seattle! It is a balmy twelve degrees out -- only mostly rainy -- with streaks of wonderful sunshine between. You! Are! Listening to GRID Radio, coming in on your commlink, direct secure connection, where available. Ha Ha!"

"Let's go to the Action Drone Traffic Report. We've got 'Flyby' on the flyby, brought to you by the good folks at Cyberspace Designs! Lemme jack in here. One sec."

"Looks like the city grid is green, highways and surface streets moving just fine going into the morning commute. But we have a major traffic jam scheduled for... let's see here. Seven fifteen on the dot. There's going to be a four or five car pileup on the Five just south of Jackson. It's going to shut down everything northbound on the Five, Including crossing over the bridge. That's going to be followed, about three minutes later, by a wreck on the Alaskan Way Viaduct."

"Folks, I don't have to tell ya, this is going to shut down everything coming in to Downtown from the South. It is going to be a mess. So listen, you've got... Five minutes now to get through there before everything comes to a grinding halt. And get into position as it were."

"If you're caught behind it, in say hypothetically a armoured convoy crossing over from Mercer Island, you're going to have to divert onto surface streets, either at Rainier or Seattle Boulevard. But by the time you get there, listen, it's already going to be a parking lot! Ha ha!"

"So as we're waitin' for the ambush, I'm going to leave you with 'Heartstopper' by Plasmadrive Overload. This is Gridlock, and remember, I am the traffic!"
The only shame about being locked up in the rigger cocoon, was that everybody else couldn't see his wide sparkling grin.


"Why do I do it?" He shrugged, smirk not fading in the slightest. "Let me explain something to you. Traffic, it's the heart of a city, it's the lifeblood, the veins. You control that, you've got the city's heart in your hand. If I die tomorrow, I'll die a happy man, knowing for... what, five years? Six? I was the master of Seattle. Even if they didn't know it!" He flashed a grin, flipping his shades back down to cover the chrome eyes. "And I'll tell ya, it was a hell of a ride while it lasted."

"The money's nice. Buys more toys. And working with some good dekkers is a treat too... All the more toys they can turn over to my service!"

"Don't get me wrong, the rest of the riggin' is good fun too! Getting in. Flying high. Staying unseen. Letting nothing get out from under your eye. But nothing quite beats the feeling of making the traffic dance. Making the traffic sing."

"Now... how about we get at it!"

BackstoryGridlock's history is a mystery, just the way he likes to keep it. He never talks about his life before getting into running. The secret is, is because it was so god dang boring. Seriously, listening through the first twenty some years of his life would be like watching paint dry, chip, and peel. Happy home. Goody toe shoes kid. Caring parents. Rich. Living in the lap of luxury.

The money wasn't entirely what you'd call... legitimate. So his folks didn't like being pinned down by the man. He was probably the only kid in first grade with a fake SIN. Suited him just fine.

He got the best education, straddling the line in tech college between mechanics, engineering, electronics, and cybernetics. Nothing new and shiny escaped his notice. Then his parents died. Certain folks didn't like his folks sliding in to their... lucrative businesses.

Tragic right? Horrible thing to happen to a kid? Shrug. He dealt with it. He got over it. It happens right? Certainly isn't still carrying that old baggage around, at least as much as he lets on.

Anyway, all the cash and gear fell to him. What else do you do but get into rigging and running? And he's never looked back. With those fat stacks of cash, he could have retired before he even needing to get a job, lived his life easy. Not for him. Boring. No sir, running and rigging suited him just fine. He's happy to be in it just for the hell of it.

Contacts and Relationships
Brex - Minotaur - Mechanic

Local mechanic and scrapper, Brex is good to get simple stuff from. Beat up old security drones, parts, old cars. Really terribly useful for his aims. He's also one of Gridlock's best friends, spending much of their downtime together out on the town.

"Dealership" - Ork - Supply Sargent

Whatever he can't get from Brex, he has Dealership. The newest drones, guns, flashy vehicles. Absolutely whatever he wants, as long as the cash in his bank balance is good for it. Sometimes, he's even able to arrange a trade.

Jannet West - Human - Division Police Commander

So all of Gridlock's activities over the last five years haven't gone off without a hitch. On one occasion... or two... or... well, a few times, he's wound up running into Jannet West, serving with Seattle Police. Luckily, she's never caught him for anything more than speeding a little over the limit, straying a little too close to restricted zones, and owning some... just slightly less than legal gear. In return for excusing his minor infractions, she's got him to do some difficult dirtywork for the precinct.

Last name: E, First name: M - Troll - Fixer

M. E. worked with his folks, on occasion at least. Her contact was one of the first he found, and she was a good route to get him into the shadow business. As much as she wants to keep everything professional, cold, detached, as much as she wants to restrict information to just the job, as much as she hates it, Gridlock has managed to get passed her defenses. He came to her as a kid who'd just lost his parents, needing all the help he could get. And Gridlock caught on to that sympathy and was only too happy to play up his plight.

SEEK - Emergent Xenosapient A.I. - Infobroker

Way back in the day, Gridlock helped pull an emergent A.I. out of the fire, when it's first probing into the meatspace world led it into an armed security drone. And the probing continued down the control wires of the primed MMG. Gridlock took out the drone for the corp, but also helped pull out the A.I. undetected. In the time since, SEEK has become somewhat more successful than him, becoming a small time, semi global infobroker.

Trunkline - Human - Smuggler

Byzantium to his parent's Rome, Trunkline managed to escape their fate and continue with a full half of their smuggling business. She moved base to Australia and spent the years since rebuilding the small empire to it's former glory. She still runs often across the Pacific to Seattle and San Francisco, mostly to feed her habit for all the fine things of Tir Tairngire. She'd more than a little disappointed Gridlock didn't just take up smuggling to maintain the lucrative business.
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right-aligned image
Name: Minato Hamasaki
Alias: Seishin
Physical description: Small, lightly-built Japanese girl in her late teens or early 20s, with black hair dyed green, and elven ears. Seems very perceptive, and also holding in a lot of anger, though she tries not to show it. Wearing an old armor jacket and carrying a nice duffelbag.
Personality: Very sharp young lady, observant and intelligent. She's got a chip on her shoulder, though she's not overtly hostile to most. Doesn't seem to react to things with much surprise or emotion, usually just watching with eyes that look older than the rest of her.
Backstory: Her father was a sarariman for Iris Firmware, a subsidiary of Renraku, who did corporate programming; Seishin grew up learning decking, planning to eventually get a job as Corp security. One day, however, she and her elven boyfriend, Quinn, were targeted be the Night Hunters when they saw an elven man holding hands with a human female, After beating the couple for a bit, they began torturing the boyfriend, cutting off his ears, while advising Seishin to "keep to her own kind". She eventually recovered, physically, then went on a hacking rampage against the gang. After destroying most of their financial assets and accounts, the Hunters called in the Big Guns. The gang had Yakuza ties, and the Yak stepped in. She had to go underground to save herself and her family, and began making a living hacking, supplementing her income by making fake IDs and licenses.
Blurb about contacts and PC's relationship with them: She's still friends with her boyfriend's brother, Hirion, who managed to work past his resentment over his brother getting killed over a human girl. Also friends with the bartender at the elven club she and Quinn used to frequent. Knows a fixer whom she's only met in the Matrix, never in person. She also still keeps contact with the responding officer to Quinn's murder, Sgt. Gould, as well as an ork squatter who happened to be nearby and pushed the Panicbutton. Seishin still stops by to drop off a bottle of Redeye.


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Harris Parnell the III, Science! guy
Alias: ShockDoc

Harris is a man in his late twenties, average of height and a bit on the lean side. He's got brown eyes and black hair, the tips of which are colored dark purple. Despite his fascination with all things tech, he dislikes pain too much to have any implants or augmentations added to his body. Harris was born to a cold-hearted corporate bitch to be raised by an automated nanny. It's never been proven, but he has a strong suspicion that his distant and uninterested father is not really his biological father at all. Showing a strong inclination for the sciences, as well as mechanical aptitude, Harris was soon picked up by the company as a blossoming talent. The boy was content for a while, allowed to tinker on a rather generous budget, but he started to find the company's demands more and more unreasonable or distasteful. Moreover, he was forced to put up with assistants whom he found to be more of a hindrance than an asset. The last straw came when the company, concerned with his drop in productivity, strongly suggested he should stop spending so much time communicating with Abby, the AI in the system. Fed up with how he was being treated, he blew up his lab one night when he was alone, escaping with Abby's databox and a few pieces of small equipment. In hindsight, he considers that this may have been a rash decision, as his life since then hasn't had quite the resources or the luxury which he is used to, along with the new danger of being caught/punished for his actions. Still, he enjoys the relative freedom to do as he wishes.

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"Yes, indeed. On Earth, you gave this terrifying monster the name of ‘Geedorah’. Everything is numbered here; the monster is Zero."
- Controller of Planet X

right-aligned image
Name/Primary Alias: Gretchen Rosenthal/Zero
Metatype: Human
Age: 27
Archetype: Bio-Sammie


Background: Gretchen Rosenthal died six years ago. Collateral damage of the never-ending shadow war conducted by the mega corporations against each other. Her father, Edward Rosenthal, had been a Saeder-Krupp R&D scientist who specialized in biotechnology. While the field wasn’t a priority for the heavy industries juggernaut it still permitted the Rosenthal family to become corporate citizens of the Saeder-Krupp company. That was all Gretchen needed to excel. From the beginning every aspect of her life was managed by the corporation: education, vocational training, constant evaluations. Gretchen managed to thrive under the overbearing conditions where many washed out to become simple wage-slaves. Twenty-one years later she was en-route to finishing university early and joining the corporate hierarchy with opportunities to climb the ladder. All the while Edward had been working on his life work. Some advancement involving the combination of artificial intelligence and biotech. Gretchen had never paid much attention to her father’s work.

When one of the higher-ups learned of the breakthrough they sought to seize his work aiming to take all of the credit. Since everything Edward worked on was considered the proprietary property of Saeder-Krupp it was quite easy to do. Of course, this made Edward beyond irate and he immediately began planning for his and family’s own extraction all without their knowledge. Unfortunately, Edward was not as versed in the way of the shadows as he should have before attempting such a thing and was quickly discovered. The ensuing firefight during the escape attempt was confused and harried as no one except Edward knew what was going on. It ended decisively when their escape vehicle was targeted by an explosive. Gretchen was heavily maimed and probably should not have survived. The rest of her family was not so lucky. She likely would have if SK’s agents hadn’t bothered to check for lingerers.

After Saeder-Krupp recovered her body they saw it as a prime opportunity to apply Edward’s findings and got to work on Gretchen who was in medically induced coma. The results would turn out to be a resounding success as the Gretchen’s father had been using his own genetic material in his research. He father had turned out to be quite the mad scientist. She would serve as Saeder-Krupp’s prototype; their project zero. It would be how she named herself when she awoke; the medical garb she wore bearing the label being the only clue to her identity.

After she was reborn as the ascended being known as Zero it would take her long after the fact to figure this all out. Large segments of her memory had been intentionally altered to make her easier to control. This would work out horrendously for her handlers as Zero was no longer a simple woman with a personality to base her decisions of off. Functioning purely on her baser instincts she deemed her handlers a threat and proceeded to eliminate them all. Unprepared for this reaction they offered her little resistance.

Years later Zero would emerge from the shadows as one of the prime runners of the Seattle sprawl; memories mostly intact. A tale for another day.

ContactsJonny Bones: When Zero first settled down in Reston the Halloweener known as Jonny Bones was the first ganger to ever try her in an attempt to raise their clout. As such he was the beneficiary of her genuinely being confused about the confrontation and survived with only a fedw broken bones. After that they actually grew somewhat close - Zero often finding amusement from the outgoing ganger in varied ways - and Bones seeing her as potential weapon to be used against his enemies. Also he is pretty scared of her and has been known to be a recipient of what is known as a "fear boner". C3/L3

Bloody Mary: Another Halloweener Zero met through Jonny Bones, Mary has been acting as Zero's street doc for a while now. Although they were introduced later the two of them are much closer than she and Bones. Zero has had her skin saved a few more times than she would care to admit by the ganger and Mary is fascinated by the bio-sammie's anatomy every time she gets to see it. Mary also played a role in recovering her memories. Leave it to say, there is not much Zero wouldn't do for the painted up ganger. C1/L5
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Name:	df91a14f2a669cdf98fcdbc426fee1db.jpg
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I Have Strings, and Now I'm Free
Mari Onette

Name: Mari, was Mary
Metatype: Human
Archetype: Cyberadept Technomancer
Age: 25

Physical description:


Background: Mary was born in 2055. Probably. She had the luck to be born in downtown Chicago, and she was still there when the bomb went off and the walls went up. Mary was an infant thrown into hell too early.

In the CZ, anything was up for barter, and that included humans. A child, no less. It's probably what let Mary survive the first three years, as the Chicago Anarchist Collective scooped her up and took her in. Began raising her and even got her out to the corridor when the walls came down. Even the corridor wasn't safe or stable though, and Mary threw herself into trying to help her family. But with few skills, she had to rely on her natural abilities and a lot of luck. Luck that nearly burned itself up in one hot streak that won her a suite of corp cyberware at too young of an age. It didn't slow her down, and she had it implanted by a reluctant CAC doctor the same day.

Her luck faded a bit but it mattered little. The machine, a fiendish cram habit, and the little chips that now slotted into the base of her skull gave her all the abilities she needed. It wasn't until years later that she wandered further out from the Corridor and got hit with a face full of matrix, stumbling into the wireless world where before she was too isolated to pick up on her innate tech-talents. Talents that could not be controlled by the machine that puppetted the young Mari, but ones that could help the CAC.

Training was harsh, harsher than just surviving had been. But she was good at it. Lucky, too. The wires interfered at first, but she adapted quickly, using her talents to boost her ever-present gear to new heights, not worrying about how it took control of her body away from her own nervous system or how it frightened people, made them uncomfortable around her. Mari was the 'ware, and the 'ware was Mari. And Mari was better than ever, and continued to improve as she threw herself at these new challenges.

Within a few years, before she turned 20, she had become a member of Black Star and had left Chicago behind, running the Bug Zapper and ending up in a place much worse than where she had been born. Seattle, home of all that Mari was against. A different beast, one unfamiliar to Mari, but one that would be handled just as well. It's what she was trained to do.

Relationship with Doc Terr:

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I'm not just a 10. I'm a NATURAL 20

Name: Ami Kuroraikou
Online tag: [Q] Tee
Alias: Criti-Gal
Metatype: Elf
Archetype: Illusionist Sorcery specialist
Age: 20


Physical description: Coming later

Personality: Coming later

Background: Coming later

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File Type: pdf CritiGAL 3-14.pdf (63.3 KB, 10 views)

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right-aligned image
Name/Handle: Aliya Stone/empyrean 1a : the highest heaven or heavenly sphere in ancient and medieval cosmology usually consisting of fire or light.
b : the true and ultimate heavenly paradise.
2 : firmament, heavens.
Physical description: A woman entering the slowed and extended years of dwarven middle age, Empyrean has nonetheless a strong presence about her. She has a sort of exotic beauty from her heritage but more than that, she seems to have a glow about her like pregnant women do. She is always clean and well kept and eschews cosmetics though she loves jewelry, particularly natural stones and raw, lightly worked metals. Her style is eclectic and her clothing/armor tends toward high fashion. One thing you never see on her is a gun.
Personality: .
Backstory: There was no mistaking Aliya Stone's awakened nature. Her first memories were in the Astral. floating in that plane of emotion. In some ways, she is more an astral being than a physical one. Lighting up like a bonfire in that space, she feels a rush like a drug whenever she abandons her body for the freedom of it, much like a Decker jacking in hot. Indeed, she has a sort of strange kinship with those Deckers and Technomancers who feel their meat bodies are an unfortunate necessity.

Growing up in astral space and drawing attention the way she does toughened Aliya up to its less friendly aspects, like living on the streets does for a ganger. She learned to fight before she learned to cast or summon, like an innate defense mechanism. Her early obsession with projecting took a toll on her body, but her culture supported her in her addiction. The Romani group in Atlanta had a mythology around metahumans like her. Mages in her culture trained her from a young age, indoctrinating her in thier queer tradition. It all made sense to her, the not misspelledRromano, and the things her brothers and sisters touched emanated like a feeling of home in the astral.

Romani are never really embraced wherever they are, and in Atlanta was no different. They were harassed, persecuted, and even hunted. When there were not enough left of their family group to remain together safely, they dispursed and that is when Aliya fell in to shadowrunning as Empyrean. Though most runners didn't share her beliefs and codes, they nonetheless shared her outsider nature and in that way they were a sort of family.

On a run extracting a Renraku employee, her trajectory changed. She brought down a powerful Mana barrier and the Corp mage maintaining it made the mistake of fighting her in the astral, thinking that together with the Spirit he had bound he would easily defeat her. But Empyrea was faster than he was and killed him before he could marshal a defense. The Spirit of Man, unbound, was grateful to her, and he communicated what she had done to other spirits of his kind. Though Romani do not summon Spirits of Man they began to float around her astral beacon like moths around a flame, considering her a kindred spirit. Later, when she spent time in Berlin, initiating with the Zentrairat, she learned the way to summon them and later channel the spirits into her body. She spent time in Russia and China and Japan before ending her roaming, for the last few years, in Seattle.

Crunchy bitsSheet

Spirits along for the rideRebecca F9 Spirit of Man, 9/9 tasks, Bound, Extra Powers: Spell Power(Increase Willpower), Spell power(Increase Reflexes), Fear

Kudzu F8 Plant Spirit, 7/7 tasks, Bound, Extra Powers: Accident, Search
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