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Old 10-03-2018, 10:02 AM
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Get to Know Yourself

Please put your Character Here.
Monty of the Westmarches.
Baeshra the Gladiator.
Ploq the Dungeoneer

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Rogue Isol
left-aligned image
Character Name: Isolnesia Lianeiros (Ease-ul, for short)
Race: Half-elf
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Faction Agent - House Rosznar

Appearance: Isol is slim and 5 foot 8 inches in height. She looks more like her elven lineage and few non elves or those living with elves their whole lives note that she's a half-elf. With fair skin, red hair, and pointed ears she doesn't try to hide, she's quite attractive. Those who mistake her beauty for naivety or a harmless young gal, do so at their own peril.

Personality Traits: She is always calm, no matter the situation. She rarely raises her voice, no matter the situation.
ideals: She is loyal to her friends, not to ideals. Anyone else can hug a cannon and jump in the bay with it. She is determined to make something of herself.
Bonds: She has ties to a noble family and dreams of one day reclaiming her rightful place, taking it from those who robbed her of it; sharing in the wealth of this position is, or course, a bonus.
flaws: She is often too greedy for her own good and can't resist taking a risk if there's favor or treasure involved.

Why in water deep:
She has a connection to House Rosznar, and was born and raised in the city.
Isol was raised in and around the servants and courtesans of the house Rosznar. She has been told from an early age that she is the bastard daughter of one of the nobles (she believes a woman) and an elven agent working for the house who hails from Amn, or the area thereabouts. He was serving those relatives from Amn, and it could be because of this falling out that those from Amn were no longer allowed into the city.
She has been told that she looks a lot like Lady Estrip, though she herself has never met her or seen a drawing or painting.
It didn't take much for the pretty, lithe, lover of mischief that Isol is to get into doing all manner of things for the House. Even at an early age, she dressed as noble children, urchins, and even shop or guild assistants or apprentices. She's gained many a contact along the way.
She was trained in weapon use by a local thieves guild in return for 'services' from time to time. As is often the case as a bastard of a noble house and a Faction, or House agent to boot, she's had to do things she would have preferred not to do at the time. This has led to a kind of carefree life that doesn't have her dwelling on things that don't last.
She's had a lover or two along the way, and isn't above using wiles to get what needs to be gotten, or for herself.
Being a native of Waterdeep, she knows the city all too well, and wouldn't be one to praise the goodness of it, over its other notable qualities.



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Old 10-03-2018, 10:48 AM
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OODMShould probably add the number of Bardic Inspirations you have per day. Other than that I think you are good.

EinrichName: Einrich Elenwydsson
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Bard (College of Valor)
Background: Outlander
Alignment: Chaotic good

History: Einrich was born as the result of a dalliance between an elven merchant, travelling in Icewind Dale, and a local maiden from Ten Towns. When he realized his indiscretion had yielded a son, Einrich's father chose to do the honorable thing, and stay to raise his child. However the harsh climate and hard work of making a living in the North took its toll, and he died in his second winter.

This proved the source of much derision for Einrich from the other children as he grew up, mocking him for his thin frame and his father's delicate constitution. Burning with indignation, Einrich pushed himself, training his body and mind to withstand anything his homeland could throw at him. Equally skilled with sword, spell, and song, he soon found his skills in demand in Bryn Shander. While successful there, he longed for bigger things. Finding his way to Neverwinter, he worked for a time there, then began traveling the world to find his destiny.

Personality: Einrich is a driven man, constantly pushing himself to new heights and never backing down from a challenge. Sometimes this leads him to foolhardy mistakes, but he uses those experiences to push harder and farther.

While he has fond memories of his mother, little else ties Einrich to his home village, and he does not expect to find his way there again. Perhaps if he ever comes into a fortune, he would send for her to come live in the city with him.

Once he left the confines of his home village, Einrich found others who matched his skill and accepted his as an equal. He realized he had a knack for making friends, and not just enemies.


Pale-skinned but heavily scarred, Einrich is clearly the veteran of many battles. He wears his hair long and pulled back, displaying his elven heritage with pride. Having trained his body to withstand the frigid cold, he frequently forgoes the furs and skins normally required in the harsh Northlands, preferring instead to intimidate foes with his physique and resistance to the ever-present cold.

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OODMCan you please add all the weights to your possessions

MorganName: Morgan Phylund
Race: Human (Variant if allowed)
Class: Cleric of Helm (Life domain)
Alignment: Neutral good

History: Born the youngest son of the patriarchs brother of house Phylund wasn't bad, it afforded Morgan respect from most people, the money to be schooled, and the ability to do mostly as he liked. However his disdain for chaining magical creature for sale grew and grew as he got older until it came to a head and ended with him being exiled from the house for striking his eldest brother. Morgan held life in the highest regard back then preaching that even non-humanoid creatures had feeling and deserved basic rights. But after living on the street for several years his conviction on that has started to waver, he still doesn't like creatures being bought and sold but he understands the necessity of it now. He knows he came to this realization to late but he is determined to reclaim his place within his family one way or another and has settled on fame. If he can garner enough fame his family might just let him come home.

Personality: Living on the streets has hardened Morgans heart slightly, he does not show his emotions as much as he did when he was younger but still holds tightly to the belief that life is a treasure worth protecting. He is stalwart in defense of those he calls friends and those who cannot protect themselves but will not put up with lies. He is quick to laugh and slow to anger and very, very slow to forgive.

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OODMLooks pretty good. At a quick glance I don't see anything. Did you get all the skills that you are entitled to? It seems like there is not enough but I could be mistaken.

OOCSurprisingly yes. The guild artisan background gave me a tool proficiency and a good connection to allies in the city, but no skills.

Tourmal SwiftscaleName: Tourmal Swiftscale
Race: Dragonborn, Green
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Guild Artisan, Stone Mason

Tourmal is a green dragonborn with clean, shining scales. She wears full chainmail that is equally clean and shining to her scaly skin. Over this she wears a blue cloak with the mark of her clan. Her warhammer is a plain, steel instrument of smashing, and her shield is a shining, unadorned tool.

Tourmal comes from a dragonborn enclave north of the Lurkwood. There, she learned the value of hard work. Not only does her clan value her excellence at stone work, but she is a formidable fighter as well. She has defended her clan alongside its best warriors against the monsters of the Lurkwood. She has recently exhausted the knowledge of her Mason Tutor, and has traveled to Waterdeep to seek further instruction.

Unfamiliar to the world outside of her clan, Tourmal has a seemingly off-putting personality at first. She is very friendly, but has a stark intensity when engaging someone in conversation. She rarely moves at all while listening, and she absolutely does not break eye contact. Strange? Maybe. For her it is a sign of respect to pay rapt attention to the speaker.

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OODMI have taken a look, I think your damage on your sickle is wrong (str so +1?) Can you also Add the weights to your item's and split out the Pack to its individual items? Also What kind of Arcane Focus do you have?

OOCDone all of these plus put a gold spending log in to account for equipment. I ended up with two crowbars from background and dungeoneers pack so swapped one out for other stuff if you don't mind.

ApplicationCharacter Name Maluk Xargu
Race Half-orc
Class Warlock
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Background street urchin/ criminal, grew up in water deep.
Personality Traits slow to trust authority, loyal to true friends
ideals wants to elevate himself above poverty and discrimination
Bonds his demon patron, the poor people of the city
flaws Has made a pact with a demon for powers, can't handle discrimination against him being half-orc
Why in water deep As a half-orc he grew up in an orphanage within Waterdeep, until he was kicked out at age 8 for fighting. He then grew up on the streets and got involved in street gangs. He was a runner for a gang selling spice as part of the crime network of Xanathar, but was caught by the city guard. He served two years in prison from the age of 16-18. Whilst in prison he was visited by a otherworldly demon who offered him patronage and powers to get out of his situation in return for obedience when the time comes. He took the offer and the next day his 6 year sentence was suddenly over. He was freed. Now hes out of prison he is looking to find riches and powers as a mercenary/adventurer; slightly nervous of the bargain he has struck.

Appearance image/ description pending...

stats were rolled in the initial application. I'll get my character sheet up as soon possible, sorry for the delay. My life has been busy past two days.


character sheet : https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=77531

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ok first draft of my character sheet up, still need to add some detail, such as weights. Just been really busy past two days....also warlocks having so many fun spells and you can only choose 4! took some thinking
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