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Old 10-14-2018, 05:58 PM
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The Misfits

Everyone should post their heroes here.

Start by posting all the choices for your playbook. Then follow up with you character background. Fill in your Relationships choices, but don't answer your "How our team first came together" questions yet. We'll do that after all the characters are set up. Feel free to discuss your choices with the group in the OOC thread.

In addition, I'd like a little extra info about each character relating to the following items:
  • Does your character still live "at home"? If not, where does the character live?
  • Does your character still go to school, or has he/she dropped out?
  • If your background doesn't already include this, provide some information about the character's parents and siblings, and how involved these people are in the character's life.
As you are making decisions about your playbook choices, I encourage you to use the OOC thread to discuss things with the other players - especially with regards to the Relationships choices.

For easy access, the Masks playbooks are available at this link.

Editing to add Roekahs' great table of relationships:
-- Benny J.D. Naia Dewayne Suzi
Benny -- Friends <3 Confidant
J.D. Respect! -- Friends  
Naia Rival - - <3 Sibling
Dewayne Friends Watchful -- <3
Suzi <3/Friends Friends --
Mal: "Well, Zoe, you were right about this being a bad idea."
Zoe: "Thanks for saying, sir."

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Old 10-15-2018, 11:37 PM
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right-aligned image
Character Name - Jacob David Allen Jr. (J.D.)
Character's Offense - Trespassing. Burglary (Aiding and Abetting). Specifically he was serving as lookout while some other guys broke into a electronics repair shop. He thought he had found some friends, somebody who wanted him around. But they just wanted him along for a specific reason: to outrun the cops, you don't need to be faster than the officer, just faster than the other guy.
Masks Playbook - Legacy
Look - Man, White, Comfortable Clothing
Character Overview - Hero. It's a word I heard a lot growing up, even before I knew what it meant. "Your father was a hero." Jacob David Allen Sr. was a firefighter. First responder. He was inside the north tower when it collapsed, still trying to evacuate people to safety. I wasn't even born yet. Mom packed up her bags and came back to Baltimore and her family.

But dad wasn't the only hero. Turns out my family has a tradition of doing this kind of stuff. My dad's brother, Uncle Mike is still a New York Firefighter. Their dad, Grandpa David was in Vietnam, got hurt real bad saving his whole platoon. Mom's brother, Uncle Victor, he's a cop, been shot a couple of times. His daughter, my cousin Elaine is on her way to getting her EMT license. There are even more, but suffice to say both sides of the family are full of heroes. But not me, see I'm the screwup, nobody's hero.

Back to 2001. My mom was pregnant with me, newly widowed and upturned her whole life, coming back to Baltimore where she grew up. She got herself a job waiting at a greasy spoon down the street. Money was tight, but leftover food was plentiful. Helped a lad grow up big and strong. Well, big anyways. My asthma's pretty bad, too. I don't run much, or play any sports. I like to read, and spend time on the computer. None of these things made me many friends growing up. By the time I hit highschool, I pretty much kept myself. Less attention that way, less trouble.

That's why I was surprised when Hector and his buddies asked me to hang out with them that night. We weren't exactly friends, and they knew my uncle was a cop, which didn't exactly make us close, either. Still, I went along. Mom was always telling me I needed to get out of the house more. It didn't take long for me to figure out what their plan for the evening was. But I went along with it. Kept my mouth shut and tried to seem cool and experienced.

When the alarm went off they booked it at high speed, ditching me. I was the only one caught, so I sat in that police station alone for hours. They kept asking me questions, but I had my pride. Sure Hector had set me up, his friends had ditched me. But at least I'm not a snitch. Eventually they left, and the next time the door opened it was to let in my Uncle Victor.

He read me the riot act for forty-five minutes. How I was such a pathetic excuse for a nephew, how I had disgraced my father's memory. It went on and on. He yelled, I cried. When he was done he told me that he had pulled some strings to get me into this experimental probation program, and that I had one last chance to straighten up and make something of my self for once.

I will say that he was right, the program has changed my life. I still look the same and I still have no friends, but I can bench press a car and fly, so... I have that going for me, which is nice.
Your Willingness to switch playbooks - Sure. I can see J.D. working with a few, depending on what aspects I emphasize. Legacy and Nova are my first thoughts. Protege could work if I improved his relationship with his uncle, etc.
What caused The Mr Trash Wheel Incident? - Gotta be something chemical, right? Like a gas canister got caught in there, punctured and the fumes caused us to all black out, right? That would explain the hallucinations and stuff. Not so much the other... side effects? I tried to talk to Uncle Victor about it, but he just thought I was trying to back out of the program and wouldn't even listen to me.

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Old 10-16-2018, 09:07 AM
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SuziCharacter Name – Susan “Suzi" MacMillan
right-aligned image

Character's Offense - What crime hasn’t she committed? She has been living on the streets for the majority of the past 2 years. Most of her crimes have been simple theft in order to survive, but she had been trending toward some more violent tendencies before her induction into the program.

Playbook: The Beacon

Character Overview
History. Suzi was born North of the city to a sprawling rural life. When she lost her parents at ten, she was transported to the city and placed with a decent enough foster family, but it never felt like home. On her thirteenth birthday she ran away. Nowhere in particular, just away. Living on the street it didn’t take long before she fell into the life of crime. Suzi has been arrested more times than her record shows. Most times she is returned to her foster family and they try to make things better, but it just doesn’t ever work out. Unfortunately, Suzi's crimes have begun to escalate and her last arrest – for aggravated robbery – left her foster parents and the police in a desperate position. With a new program starting up in the city, everyone who has ever cared for Suzi leapt at the opportunity.

Somehow, by some miracle (as her foster mother would say), the kids in this diversionary program began to get to Suzi. For the first time in a long time she looked forward to going somewhere. Everything was going so well for her for a brief time. Then the day of the Trash Wheel almost derailed everything.

Suzi still isn't entirely sure what happened the day of the incident. Sure, she was there and she saw the flash, but then the others started talking in whispered tones about the things they could do. Suzi was included because it was assumed that she must have gotten something 'cool' too. The only problem? She couldn't do anything like the others - she didn't even feel any different. There was no way that she was going to be left out of something like this, however, so she quickly adapted her street skills to the task. Was she actually better at hiding than before? That part was unclear, but the others bought it and she was accepted as a part of the group.

Personality: Quiet and reserved most of the time, Suzi is often overlooked. She often follows others which usually leads her into trouble. A rough exterior hides a heartbroken child that just wants to belong somewhere, but has yet to figure out where.

Appearance, etc.: Suzi wears her long brown hair down most of the time - in part because it is often a tangled mess. She generally keeps herself clean despite living on the street, but dirt has a tendency to accumulate quicker than she can clean it. Suzi wears the same clothes every day, even when she is at her foster parents' home. Her foster parents have provided her with plenty of options, but the clothes are the last thing she has from her parents. They barely fit anymore and she fears it won't be long before she can't fit in them anymore either. Suzi has always been a bit small and still hasn't hit the typical teenage growth spurt - the only reason her old clothes still fit - standing at 4'8". Despite her appearance, Suzi is quite agile and fast for her size. More importantly she knows how to use her size to go places that others can't.

Residence: Suzi lives at her foster parent's house. As part of her probation, she is actually required to reside there, so she is currently spending more time at that location than she ever has. Interestingly, since the events of Mr. Trash Wheel, she feels slightly less wanderlust

School: For the past 3 years, Suzi has only gone to school on days that the police found her and took her to school (which was more often than she would have liked, but not nearly as often as administrators would like). As part of her probationary status, she is currently required to be in school every day and since it is the easiest thing for her to get busted on, she has been in compliance, but she is almost hopelessly behind and struggles through every day.

Family: Suzi's parents are dead and she was an only child. Her foster parents try to be involved in her life as they actually do care about her, but they have two other foster children to worry about and often get overwhelmed. Suzi is not at all close to the two other foster boys, both younger than her.

What caused The Mr Trash Wheel Incident? - "I ain't telling! It don't matter what you do to me!" - at least that is what she says when first asked. If pressed enough Suzi is convinced it was the "mechanics" working to fix the wheel. Maybe they were actually aliens or terrorists, but it was them. They pulled something out of their bag and then - FLASH!
So far she hasn't been pressed hard enough to spill her secret.

Character Sheet
Status: game on ...
DM: The Family Business (5E)
Playing: Garvyn, Druid of the Moon | Suzi MacMillan, super-powered!
a whole bunch of meatsacks | Randall Smith, mending fences

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Old 10-16-2018, 12:50 PM
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BennyCharacter Name - Benjamin 'Benny' Donovan

Character's Offense - B&E, Trespassing and Vandalism. Benny fancies himself a graffiti artist like Banksy, Ron English, Lady Pink or dozens of others from around the world. Whether or not he really is, is open to debate.

Masks Playbook - Doomed

Character Overview
  • History -Benjamin ‘Benny’ Donovan was born and raised in Phoenix MD, an influential suburb of Baltimore. His father, Strait Donovan, is a doctor, and his mother, Charlotte, a realtor. He currently attends High school at Baltimore School for the Arts with a visual arts emphasis. However, it was his extracurricular ‘street art’ activities that got him in trouble with the law.
    His introduction to street art began when he would see graffiti and tags on subway cars and city walls. He personally became involved with it when he started to do drawings on skateboards and T-shirts in middle school. When he was 13 his parents divorced and he went to live with his father in the city proper. However, his father who had already been a bit of a workaholic threw himself more and more into his job, leaving Benny increasingly abandoned at home. Benny turned to the streets to fill that void and achieve the attention that he felt he deserved.
  • Personality - Benny tries really hard to give the impression that he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him or his artwork, but he just isn't that good of an actor and his insecurity continually slips through the cracks.
  • Appearance - Benny is a 6'5" & 150Lbs, 196 cm & 68 kg or 11 stonetall gangly boy with an unruly shock of bright red hair and milky white skin that looks like it might spontaneously combust when exposed to sunlight. He tends to dress in loose fitting jeans and dress shirts, often with a mismatched vest as an accessory. He normally finishes his look with an old worn pair of combat boots. In all, it looks like he takes a lot of time trying to make it look like he doesn't take any time worrying about his appearance.
What caused The Mr Trash Wheel Incident? - It was aliens! The aliens somehow opened a portal to earth and their tech interacted...poorly with earth tech. Benny has been seeing weird stuff ever since the incident (as a result of his doom) and is convinced that the reason is that aliens are trying to communicate with him.
small image


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Old 10-17-2018, 11:00 PM
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ApplicationCharacter Name: Dewayne "The Bomber" Brown
Character's Offense: Receiving stolen property and harboring a felon. (Pled guilty, 1st offense)
Preferred Masks Playbook: The Protege. Can switch to The Bull or The Nova if needed.
Powers: Shared: Impossible Fighting Skills (Boxing), Mentor: Intimidation and Fear, Own: Elemental Control (Electricity, due to The Incident)

Description: Even at 16, Dewayne is a mountain of a man, standing 6'4 and weighing in at 240 lbs, mostly of rippling muscle. A young man of African-American descent, he keeps his hair in a tight fade and is usually wearing something that promotes his precious Ravens. Even with his impressive size, Dewayne is a kind and down to earth kind of guy, always willing to help out those close to him, even if that ends up getting him put in the firing line.

Background: Dewayne's story was one all to common in the inner cities of the US. The younger of two brothers, Dewayne never really knew his father as the man had left when he was only 6 months old. His mother worked as a waitress at a diner near their apartment in Cherry Hill, often working long hours in order to keep food on the table and roof over their heads. This resulted in Dewayne spending a large amount of time with his brother Marcus, two years his senior. The two were practically inseparable growing up, with Dewayne always following his older brother into whatever trouble the pair got into. While Marcus ended up being smaller than his "little" brother as the two grew up, he was also the more wily of the two, and had a habit of not telling the full details on what the pair were getting into until it was too late.

It was one of these incidents that changed Dewayne's life forever. At the age of 14 he was already a big boy, and Marcus used his presence as intimidation while pushing over a few locals for whatever cash they might have on hand. Then Marcus made the mistake of trying to pull off something even bigger and try the same stunt on the corner bodega along with a couple of his fellow goons. In the store at the same time was an elderly black man with a cane, who instantly got upset when he heard what Marcus was trying to do to the poor owner. This lead to a confrontation between the old man and the gang of goons, and within 30 seconds the only two people still standing were the old man and Dewayne, who had wisely kept back, just watching in awe. Once the shock wore off, he followed the old man, begging to know who he was and how he was able to fight like that.

It turned out the old man was one "Marvelous" Maxwell Clemmons, a former boxer from years ago. He was on the path to welterweight glory before he ruptured his ACL, forcing him to become nothing more than a small footnote in Baltimore's boxing history. For the past few decades, he ran a small gym where he trained new boxers, but most of them didn't amount to anything. Recognizing Dewayne's honest desire to learn and his obvious size advantage, Old Max begain to teach the young man the sweet science. Pretty soon, Dewayne was spending a lot of time at the gym, not only with boxing lessons but just helping out around the place. Old Max's stern teachings proved to be a guiding point in Dewayne's life, keeping him off the road his brother had fallen on.

That is until one night where Marcus came to his brother asking for help. By this point, the elder brother had gotten himself involved with a gang and was wanted in connection with an armed robbery at an electronics store. After giving his little brother a stolen XBOX as a gift, he asked Dewayne to hide him until things blew over, which he did for a short period of time. However, guilt began to overtake the youth and he turned in his brother to pay for his crimes. As part of the plee deal for his own charges in the incident, Dewayne landed as part of this group where the whole incident went down,

What caused The Mr Trash Wheel Incident? - To Dewayne, it was obviously some type of terrorist attack. Some bomb planted in Mr Trash Wheel to blow the poor sucker up and strike at the moral of the city.

Now with 20% more dopamine.

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right-aligned image
Character Name: Naia Boutros

Character's Offense: She had a history of minor offenses, getting into fights and skipping school and participating in riots where things sometimes got violent. There was something in her that couldn't be quenched, a fire that burned hot and bright no matter what she did to try and sate it. If it hadn't been for all the previous trouble she'd been in, she might've been able to talk her way out of it, but being physically thrown through a shop window during a midnight riot was judged to be breaking and entering due to her record of delinquent behavior.

Playbook: The Bull

Look: Woman, white/indigenous, calloused hands, casual clothing, no costume

Abilities: Super strong, tough, and good at fighting. Her powers manifest as her turning into a clawed, wolfish version of herself.

Starting Labels: Danger +3, Freak +1, Savior -1, Superior +1, Mundane -1
Current Labels: Danger +3, Freak +2, Savior -1, Superior +1, Mundane -2

-Thick and thin skinned: Whenever you have Angry marked, take +1 ongoing to unleash your powers.
-Physics? What physics?: When you unleash your powers to barrel through an insurmountable barrier, roll + Danger instead of + Freak.

Character Overview:
Her home life wasn't bad. All things considered, her parents were pretty cool, even if a little neglectful and a little stupid and way too lenient. They told her not to do things, but she figured out early on that it was very easy to sneak around behind their backs, and even when they did find out she'd broken their rules, she never really got punished. As someone constantly looking for a way to push boundaries, a lack of boundaries was arguably the worst thing for her.

She always had a hard time sitting still, and would often stay up late into the night and sleep late into the day or be all but unconscious the first half of the school day. She managed to pass her classes, but was constantly getting in trouble for starting arguments with students and teachers, being disruptive, and not being able to keep her mouth shut during class. She had detention more often than not, and very few friends. When she finally did make friends, they were decidedly of a less reputable type.

She joined some groups online and started attending protests, caring less about what they were fighting for and more about the fact that they were fighting. It was a way to release all the pent-up rage and chaos she held inside, for no other reason than she was a teenager filled with hormones and lacking in direction. When the Incident happened and she changed — becoming tougher and stronger — it felt right, like a natural progression in her evolution. If the adults in her life want to pretend like it never happened, that suits her just fine.

She has two younger sisters and a younger brother, though she always was a poor excuse for an older sister. Her brother is the youngest, and the closest to her, possibly because of the age difference, but also because they're very similar. But where Naia's brother was diagnosed with ADHD and given medication, Naia's symptoms slipped under the radar just enough to get her yelled at and punished both at school and at home. She feels for her brother, who hates his medicine, but they have their own problems and haven't talked in a while.

Her sisters are as different from her and each other as night and day. Her closest sister isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, and loves babies, and has it in her head that the best thing she could do is get pregnant and drop out of school. Luckily for the rest of the family, so far no boy has risen to the challenge. Naia's youngest sister is a snitch and hyper judgemental, and the reason Naia got in trouble 50% of the time. Needless to say, they hate each other.

Naia still lives at home, though things between her and her parents are incredibly strained. The thought of dropping out of school has been tempting her for a while, but she's scared of not knowing what the future holds. As of right now, school and probation are almost better than the tension at home. Something has to break, and soon.

She'd always felt a connection with nature. The wilds were in her blood, native ancestry traced back through her mother's father's side of the family, a spiritualism that resonated with her on a deeply personal level. She loved raging thunderstorms, loved ferocious beasts, loved the idea of flying, of fighting tooth and nail. Happiness always came strongest and hottest when it was filled with adrenaline, when she could taste the chaos like blood on her lips. She loved and hated fiercely; for her, there was no in between.

Disheveled and heavily freckled, it's her intensity that's the most striking, her muscles constantly primed for action, every tendon tight and held at the ready. Even when relaxing, she looks as though she could fling herself up at any hint of trouble. She gives an air of born into the wrong time period, pulled from a world raw and unfettered and forced to (badly) attempt to conform to the modern standards of social decorum. It's hard for her to keep her mouth shut, resulting in facial twitches, and she wears her heart on her sleeve, making her expressions very easy to read and often getting her into trouble for her "attitude."

What Caused the Mr Trash Wheel Incident?: She thinks it was some kind of ancient tech, probably stolen or lost and dumped in the river, maybe from a museum or something. It's enhanced what she views as her natural abilities, and she figures that was its purpose. She hasn't yet mentioned to anyone her theory, though. In her opinion, what happened is amazing, and she doesn't want anything to jeopardize it.

The Bull

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