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Old Nov 2nd, 2016, 10:15 AM
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Name: Garvyn Jerenar
Race: Human
Class: Druid (Circle of the MoonPrimal Guardian)

Description: Garvyn’s hair is long and dark and appears largely unkempt. Beneath the dark locks is a boyish face which remains without a hint of facial hair. Garvyn is a burly young man with a broad chest and thick legs. He wears furs crudely sewn together at (apparently) useful locations to keep them confined to his body.

At first glance he appears quite formidable, but one prominent feature lends some doubt to that initial assessment. Garvyn’s right arm is less defined than the left and seems to hang uselessly at his side. The arm is not completely useless, however, as he holds a strangely writhing implement in its grasp.

Personality: Garvyn is as wild as the forest where he calls home. While he is generally quiet and reserved, there are times that his emotions will erupt – often in odd moments – and his convictions will be strongly voiced. Garvyn tends toward peace, but does have a violent temper. Often, there are obvious signs of his displeasure before the eruption, like thunder warning of the approaching storm.

Garvyn rarely shows his emotions while in human form, preferring to transform into an animal he has observed exhibiting the emotion. Even when he does show an emotion in human form, it is often disjointed and confusing since the vast majority of his time has been spent around animals rather than people. Perhaps because of this lack of connection, Garvyn is fiercely loyal to anyone he deems a friend.

Backstory: Garvyn’s shoulder got stuck during birth and when it broke free the damage was irreversible. He was always burly, but his decrepit arm left him vulnerable physically as well as emotionally. The other children picked on him constantly and he received little sympathy from adults who viewed him as a pox on the tribe. His parents still loved him, but only in secret.

Over time, Garvyn began to predict where the blows were coming. He didn’t have the strength or quickness to get out of the way, but he could adjust his body to take the blows in less painful ways. One day when he was just eight years old, the other kids cornered him. He had always taken the blows without even crying out, but this day was different. The children who witnessed the events claimed that a bear appeared where Garvyn had been and attacked the largest boy beating him. While the stories were largely taken as an exaggeration by the adults, the strange scratches on the boy made a few wonder. When a similar event happened just a week later, the adults made a decision: Garvyn would be exiled from the tribe.

So, at just eight years old, Garvyn was chased from the village and left to fend for himself in the wild forest. His survival instinct was strong and the magic dwelling in him was even stronger. Left to fend for himself, Garvyn found he was stronger than even he imagined, not in body but in mind and spirit. His fury over his exile lasted for a few years until he really found his way with the nature magic raging inside. After that, Garvyn was one with his surroundings and roamed the forest freely, able to disappear and appear whenever he wished.

A Unique Find: When Garvyn was first chased to the wild, he was angry and would lose his temper and become destructive quite often. While some of the occasions were justified, Garvyn would feel awful afterwards. After one especially severe outburst directed at no one in particular, he slaughtered an entire family of weasels, Garvyn ran into the forest weeping. He fell to his knees in a clearing sobbing at the unnecessary destruction he had wrought. As his knees hit the ground, the right one fell on a gnarled piece of wood causing it to jut up from the foliage. His tears fell near it and the dense foliage of the forest floor seemed to reach out and curl around the gnarled wood. Amazed, Garvyn watched momentarily before intervening. He gently plied one of the straining vines from the dirt and wound it about the wood. Much to his amazement, the vine stayed in place and pulsed with a strange energy. Without knowing why, Garvyn was compelled to return to the site of the weasels’ destruction. Filled with shame, he turned to leave but as he did a gentle rain began to fall despite the dense canopy above. Garvyn heard a rustling behind him and turned to find a whimpering pup clinging to life. The small creature looked to him for help. Without knowing what to do, Garvyn stood there with the stick in hand as the rain continued to fall. It took some reflection before he realized that the rain only fell in the clearing that day. Every time Garvyn has lost his temper after that day, he has found new growth in the forest and added it to the gnarled wood. The plants on the wood – of which there are many now – all flourish despite a bizarre fluctuation: each plant on the totem slowly dies beginning at one end of their length only to rejuvenate later, creating a strange mixture of life and death on the gnarled wood.
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Old Jun 6th, 2018, 11:42 PM
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right-aligned image
Ireena Kolyana

Ireena is a striking young woman with auburn hair. Although she appears mild, she has a strong will. She doesn't remember her early past, nor where she came from before being found alone in the woods.

She hails from the small village of Barovia, where her adoptive father was the burgomaster...until last week. He died, and her and her adoptive brother, Ismark, had to see to his funeral arrangements.

All her known life, others have been looking after her, as if she were fragile, a thing easily broken. Thus, Ireena has focused on honing her skills - strengthening herself not just to be able to defend her own person, but those around her too. But even now, her brother wants to see her to safety.

As the strangers passed through the village, Ismark asked for their aid. They were to travel to Vallaki, to seek safety within the town's walls...but Strahd's forces were at work even then, so they had to keep on moving. Of course, she isn't looking for safety - she's looking for a fight.

<human fighter (Battle Master)>
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Old Oct 30th, 2018, 06:46 AM
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Application - Nessima
right-aligned image
Name: Nessima Khidell
Race: Human (variant)
Class: Bard 2 / Warlock 2 (Celestial)
Patron: a Lillend named Thireahl, called "Iri"
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Overview: She's much more of a storyteller and orator than a musician/singer/dancer. She uses stories and speeches to entertain, encourage freedom and autonomy, and try to lead others to lead good lives. She prefers to use stories and allegories rather than overt political rhetoric. She's made her peace with just authority, at least somewhat, but hates tyranny and oppression.

Goals: The world is full of stories! So many are lost or forgotten, and Nessima is driven to rediscover them. So many are happening as we speak, and Nessima is driven to chronicle them. The great and the humble both have something to teach us - this is something she knows very deeply. Stories uplift, stories transport, stories change the world. That's why those who would oppress others often seek to hide, change, or destroy stories that give hope and light to their victims. Quietly and calmly, Nessima will work to undermine those who hold power unjustly, who use it to crush others.

History: Nessima Khidell was one of the first babies born in the restored Halruaa, growing up in a place that was simultaneously ancient and brand new. The daughter of a minor cleric of Mystra and an archivist in the great Library of Mount Talath, her earliest memories are deeply embedded with the smell of old parchment and her father's musical laughter as he and her mother discussed philosophy and history. Magic was as common for her as snowfall in the northern reaches, and she grew up loved, indulged, and encouraged. She was enrolled as an Acolyte of Mystra at an early age, and while Mystra's yoke is gentlest of all, still Nessima chafed.

In her spare moments and whenever she could conveniently absent herself from her duties, she'd be found in the great library, immersed in legends of old. By the age of seven, she could recite long passages of lyric poetry by rote, and by ten she would regularly enthrall hordes of young children with her stories and myths.

"She's not called to serve," her father often remarked to her mother. "And she'll tire of these dusty stacks soon enough," her mother observed in kind. Her inclinations clear by now, Nessima was allowed to leave Mystra's service and set to study with those who understood the subtle magics that connected people - the magics of mind, voice, and motion; story, song, and dance. From the beginning, she excelled.

There are few bards who lack wanderlust, and her parents understood her better than she did herself. As her early training drew to a close, Nessima found herself drawn to chronicle the stories of others - great and small. So many deeds go unnoticed every minute. So much good forgotten, so much evil ignored. To be out in the world, living amongst those who strove and struggled, sharing their lives and stories...this became her driving passion.

After a time of wandering, Nessima found herself in a tidy little house in the village of Juniper's Bend. It's the perfect home base - ignored by the world around it, self-sufficient, and close to Baldur's Gate, one of Faerun's preeminent cities. Here, she can write and reflect, yet still have access to all that the world has to offer.

Meeting her Patron: Iri revealed herself to Nessima late one night, when Nessi was hard at work translating some fragments of heroic poetry she'd found in a bazaar in Waterdeep on one of her travels - a poem written in an old Mulhorandi dialect. "You humans," Iri had said, "It's so hard for you to understand anything." She flew over to Nessima and rested a hand on her shoulder. The ancient words shimmered before her eyes and resolved themselves into clear writing in the common tongue. "I could help you, you know," the strange creature said.
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Sulla Einarii
left-aligned image
Sulla Einarii
right-aligned image
Corvus (familiar)

Name:Sulla Einarii
Race: Human (variant)
Home Plane: Forgotten Realms; Thay, Ravenloft (past 50 years)
Class: Wizard, School of Divination

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Background: Sage/HermitRed Wizard of Thay
Ideal: Power. Knowledge is the path to power and immortality.
Bond: My life's work is a series of tomes related to a specific field of lore; The mysteries of Barovia
Flaw: Secretly, I believe that things would be better if I were a tyrant lording over the land.

Sulla is a human male of advancing years with full grey beard and cold violet eyes. His silver locks now disguise the tattoo sigils of his former life. His face is often stern and dour. He favours ostentatious clothing, finely embroidered silks and embossed leathers, yet he disdains jewellery and gaudiness of all forms. His wardrobe is of beautiful craftsmanship; regal yet functional and befitting his place within noble circles. His avian familiar often sits upon his shoulder.

Posting rate: Wrapping up games May 2021

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left-aligned image

Name: Mikayla Smith

Race: Human

Class: Artificer

Description: Standard beauty seems to have missed this average height woman with little in the way of curves. Her face is a deep tan and her brown hair is a bit sooty in addition to being colored by the sun. She wears a leather outfit that might clearly put her at a forge if one were nearby and she smells much the same. She holds a wooden staff in hand with an artistically rendered cap on it's top showing an anvil.

Background: Mikayla is a smith and an alchemist as well. Give her a forge and some time and she will make you armor or weapons, give her chemical components and she'll brew you a potion. Whatever it is that might be needed Mikayla is there to either craft it on the spot or figure out where it can be crafted. She comes from a family of smiths so old that their surname is Smith. Unfortunately she's the daughter the girl who wouldn't bake bread and who wasn't interested in dolls or toys. She watched her father and begged and pleaded for his attention and to learn the trade. When she didn't get it she experimented on her own time with etching and acids trying to show her worth and ending up with a rather gruesome acid burn on her back.

She ended up learning everything that her father could teach and more. She's a prodigy in her home town and has only decided to go out into the world because her brother will inherit the business. She may be a smith and she may have the skills, but without a shop full of tools she won't get anywhere. That is what puts her on the road and she is determined to make her fortune. Her only fear is disappointing her father. Her biggest flaw is her ego the stubborn belief that she can build it, that she can make it, that her artistic abilities are the best. She was a big fish in a small pond and the world might just be waiting to show her up.

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