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Old Jul 4th, 2018, 04:26 PM
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Denizens of the Dales

Here is where we will collect the Character Sheets.
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Deng ApplicationCharacter Name: Banger Deng
right-aligned image

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Class: Fighter 3

Background: Folk Hero


Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: Banger is as stout as most of his brethren, if a bit portly around the midsection. He wears his fiery red hair and beard wild and long. Even though he is obviously short he has been told that he walks tall and it is true. When Banger walks into a room, the room takes notice. Upon gaining everyone's attention, the first thing that they would notice about Banger is the eyepatch covering his left eye, the result of an orc arrow.

Personality Traits 1:Me friends know they ken rely on me, nae matter what.

Personality Traits 2:I'm confident in me own abilities and do what I ken ta instill confidence in others.

Ideals: People. I'm committed ta tha people I care about, nae ta ideals. Me girl...Laurena, I'll tell ye about her in a moment.

Bonds: Me honor be me life.

Player Goals: The classic Forgotten Realms is the setting of epic battles between heroes and villains and the everyday people caught in the middle. That’s how I see my character...caught in the middle. He is a hero...but for Banger that was another lifetime. I want to see him interact with an amazingly robust setting full of magic and mayhem but at the same time, be free to actual live a life of his own.

Character Goals: Me name be Banger. I’m a Dwarf and because of this I’m supposed ta be rough and ready ta fight. But I’m nae. Nae even close. I like flowers... and kittens...and...and Laurena. I like Laurena a lot. But she be gone now. She left and she will probably get herself killed in some fool way. She is always spirited and ready ta fight. Nae a hard girl ta fall for.

Ahhhh...but i git ahead of myself. I be tha owner of tha Double Fist Tavern. It be me retirement home of sorts. I hung up me battle axe and settled down for a nice life of steaks, ales, and brawlin'. And let me tell be good...damn good.

Like I said I’m nae tha fightin' least i'm nae anymore. Nope, I be tha cookin' type. Give me some fresh game, harvested correctly, and some herbs and spices and I will whip up some grub that wou' make ye drown in yer drool. Nae foolin' at all. I be that good. But they say all good thin's come ta an end and so it might.

Me Laurena is on some fool mission, some inspired nonsense about good versus evil. I didn’t much care ta hear about it. I tried ta teach her about tha natural cycle of thin's. Ye ken...tha swin's back and forth. But she is a stubborn lass for sure.

Bio: Banger grew to adulthood amongst the steadfast dwarves of Clan Battlehammer far to the north. He was lured away to Shadowdale by the promise of unending adventure and brawling by his friend, Boots the Lucky, a decidedly unlucky halfling thief. Together they both became prominent members of the mercenary crew, Mane's Band. After the crew was disbanded, Banger became a respected sergeant in Shadowdale's city watch. Banger has seen it all. To his ever living shame, he was there when Aumry Obarskyr was assassinated and to his credit, he fought against Zhentil Keep alongside Mourngrym Amcathra.

Due to his honorable service to Shadowdale, Banger was given the choice of a small allotment of land or the monetary equivalent. Banger, lacking a family to return to, chose the money. He opened up the Double Fist Tavern and he whiles away his day greeting what the dust of the road brings him. His adventures now consist of listening to the tall tales of his patrons and cracking the heads of the belligerent.

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
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Jessup Holiday:
right-aligned image

Name: Jessup Holiday
Race: Sun Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 120 years old
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: College of LoreBard
Background: InstrumentalistEntertainer
Personality trait:
-I’m a hopeless romantic, always searching for that “special someone.” Jessup wants to prove to himself that despite his past, there is someone out there that is his duty to meet and fall in love with. He wants to prove that he deserves a happily ever after as much as anyone.
-Honesty. Art should reflect the soul; it should come from within and reveal who we really are. (Any) Through jovial music and dance he is trying to alleviate the shadow that hangs over his soul. A 'fake-it-till-you-make-it' scam that he attempts to play on himself, through sheer force of will he will become a better person.
-My instruments are my most treasured possessions, and they remind me of someone I loves. His instruments remind him of his brother, the person who sparked a love of music in Jessup at a very young age.
-A scandal prevents me from ever going home again. That kind of trouble seems to follow me around. Jessup's first love was extremely forbidden, he charmed and wooed her in secret and when he finally found himself in her arms, he got caught.

Personality description: Jessup is a laid back individual who never gets his dander up over anything. He enjoys music, good food and good company as well as the attentions of a beautiful woman. Every town or city that he visits he finds himself inadvertently finding a 'special someone' whether he was looking or not and therefore ends with more than a couple 'Special Someones'. Jessup often passes the time, strumming on his lute, diddling on his shawm, whistling through his pan flute or blowing on his harmonica, There isn't a free moment where he isn't making some sort of noise and that noise usually mimics his feelings as he pours his very heart into every tune. He isn't often seen without an instrument in his hand and he has his selection, each one devoted to one of his great loves. Jessup always seems to end up devoting something to some woman just like the time he ended up in that Lady's bed chambers, The look on her husband's face was priceless...but that thing is bound to happen, right?

Appearance: Jessup favors light clothing, a leather vest and a ragged blue riding cloak. Sometimes, during less casual times, he dons leather armor over the common clothes of a traveler. He is attached to his black, wide-brimmed hat and blue cloak, though. Despite being a high elf, Jessup adorns himself with random jewelry from his travels, He boasts two necklaces around his neck from some secret treasure horde found by him and his companions as well as an earring in the earlobe of each of his pointed ears. He also adorns the second and third fingers of his right hand with silver rings that resemble twisted vines. Aside from the somewhat outlandish fashion compared to most High elves, he fashions the angular, sharp facial features of his kin as well, as glimmering green eyes, long black hair and soft, pearlescent skin that has tanned from exposure to the sun, but still takes on that glow found common in most Sun elves, as if a little sun itself shines out from underneath. Jessup stands just under six feet tall and weighs about a hundred and fifty pounds, This feature, like his facial features, is very much like his kin despite his other traits that he has inherited from the road.

History: Jessup Holiday was born Celadon Undantil, second born of House Undantil of Silverymoon City. At a very young age, he started following in his brother's shadow every chance he got. His brother, Ealadon was only eighty years older than him and was definitely a good influence. Everyone loved Ealadon, especially women for he could play any instrument and when he did, it seemed like the very gates the Celestial Plane would open up and Aasamar would play trumpets in accompaniment to him. This sparked a flame deep within Celadon and brought to him the realization that many youths with older siblings realize, He wanted to be just like his brother. Now, while these two were inseparable in their early youth, the first fifteen years, Ealadon started to pull away, as older siblings do, He was becoming more of an adult and more concerned with adult things such as getting married and ascending to the head of the House someday. Ealadon's parents chose a bride for their son, Sylvary Shaendil, a woman of good standing with strong bonds to her own noble family. Well, Celadon, wanting to be just like his brother as well as being an impetuous young lad who didn't understand how the world he lived in worked, also gained eyes for Ealadon's potential wife. It wouldn't have been so bad if Lady Sylvary hadn't also began to fancy Celadon. For five years, their secret love blossomed and remained a secret but all good things must come to an end and the first time that Celadon had gotten a little too drunk, he made a mistake. The night of his brother's wedding, Ealadon had been called away to an important family meeting and Celadon was left alone to court his drink. He had fallen drunkenly into the wrong bed and when Ealadon went to join his wife he found his impetuous brother had already beat him to it.

Well, that was the end of everything for more than one person, Sylvary was shamed before her family, Ealadon's love for her was dowsed and Celadon was cast out of the family, disowned and completely erased from any document that linked him to the Undantil noble house. He was even stripped of his name, forbidden to ever call himself anything that would relate him to this family and that he agreed with happily. He wandered for some time, aimlessly and namelessly, his only thought was to get as far away from Silverymoon and his 'family' as possible. Once his head had cooled somewhat, days later, and through several circumstance that made not having a name awkward or difficult, he came up with the name of Jessup.

From what Jessup talks about, he was born in Silverymoon among one of the noble houses yet, due to his complete opposite nature from most noble houses of Sun elves that reside there, it is hard to believe such a tale. He tells stories of how he had disgraced his family, or at least in his parent's eyes, he had and therefore was disavowed of having said parents. The name 'Holiday' was chosen by him because of the bright cheer and good feelings he brings when he puts his mind and hands to his instruments.

From the tales he has shared with his companions, Jessup has been wandering the highways and byways of Faerun since the young age of twenty years old. Although, that doesn't sound young by human standards, it is a far shot from being an adult as far as elves are concerned. In his travels he has entertained the company of several wandering minstrels which helped to rekindle his love of music that he had taken early on in life and even taught him the use of several instruments. He never shied away from learning a new instrument, how he adored the sounds he could make. He has gathered many tales and songs in his travels, as well, having traveled from one end of the Sword Coast and down the Trade Way until letting his feet carry him more towards the North towards Cormyr. Even among his traveling companions of late, whenever asked about his past, he gets only as far as being related to a house of nobles in Silverymoon then gets distracted.

Jessup met up with a band of wandering adventurers during a raid of Zhentarim on Shadowdale. Inspired by their bravery, Jessup wrote many songs and gathered tales of their exploits and hasn't deemed to leave their side yet. Although he seems somewhat flighty, he has found true friends among these adventurers and deems them a good alternative to wandering alone.

Player Goals: I love the forgotten realms setting, I have read almost all the Drizzt books and have enjoyed just getting lost in the world of Faerun. I want a chance to play my first successful bard concept. Woe to the women of every village of the Dales!

Character Goals:
Long-term: Jessup wants to make a name for himself, To attribute some fame to the name 'Jessup Holiday' and to someday find his happy ending.
Short-term: He wants to live the thrilling life of an adventurer alongside others of like mind, collect magical knowledge and musical knowledge. He also doesn't mind the occasional pit stop at every tavern where he can woo the beautiful women of Faerun.



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left-aligned image

Name: Charlene 'Charlie' Granger

Race: Human

Class: Paladin 3 Vengeance - Red Night, Lady of Strategy

Background: Mercenary

Age: 24 or 25

Gender: Female ( Confused, but probably a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey Scale)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Physical Description:

From first to last glance, Charlie is the quintessential mercenary. A black tabard is worn over chain mail - proclaiming her availability. Sword and shield display her skills. With her muscular build, small breasts, short cut blond hair, and scars; many would at first mistake her for a man. This is a mistake that Charlie does not correct. Charlies normally pale face is browned by years outside training and fighting. However, the rest of her skin is still a pale white.

For those who see her with her gloves off, she has two set of tattoos on her forefingers. One hand says 'H-E-A-L' and the other hand 'H-U-R-T'. Rumor has it that she has the tattoo of a red chess piece - the symbol of the Red Knight - on one of her breasts, but no one will admit to having seen it.

Stories: The Blooding, Charlie the Paladin



Mounted Combat Tactics
A couple of keynotes about mounted combat. First, Horses can move 60ft. Second, the mount can take an action (Dash, Dodge or Disengage) while the rider takes a different action. As well, these tactics have not yet integrated with a Paladin's abilities and spells.

Skirmishing. This tactic is designed to allow the mounted combatant to engage targets at will across the battlefield. Basic strategy is to move to within 10' of an enemy, attack with a lance and then move back. If necessary, the mount can dash giving them a total of 120 ft of movement.

Hold the Line. This tactic is designed to restrain or funnel a group of attackers. The mounted combatant moves to within 10 ft of the group and either attacks a member of the group or readies an attack. The mount has a 10ft x 10ft area it occupies. Depending on the weapons uses, the mounted combatants reach will be an additional 5-10 ft. So covering a 20 (longsword) to 30 ft (lance) square.

Fighting Retreat. This tactic is designed to hold a group of attackers while the rest of the party retreats. It will likely be preceded by 'Hold the Line'. Mounted Combatant and Mount both take the Dodge Action for a round or two to slow pursuit of the rest of the party. Then Mount and Mounted Combatant take Disengage Action and the Mount moves 60ft. Next turn, the mount begins dashing (120ft movement).

Pursuit. This tactic is designed when enemies are attempting to flee the field of battle. The Mount Dashes (up to 120 ft movement) to catch up with an enemy. The mounted combatant then attacks and is in position to deliver an Opportunity Attack should the opponent move on their turn.

Dismounted Assault. This tactic is utilized when the enemy is using obstacles and or structures that will not allow a mounted attack. The mount moves (up to 120 ft with Dash). The mounted combatant dismounts (cost 1/2 movement) and then moves to engage the enemy.

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Where the North Wind Blows
left-aligned image
Name: Ka'ina
Race: Air Genasi
Class: Monk
Background: Entertainer
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic good

Traits: I have trouble staying focused sometimes. Though I try to stay on task there are times when ooh! Shiny! Ka'ina is the definition of a free spirit and there seems to be no buffer between thought and action with her. Her moods and motives change with the wind. Having a good time is usually near the top of her list of priorities though.
Ideal: Everyone should be free to pursue their own destiny. Ka'ina has never felt true constraint in her life and believes no one else should either. She can be an instigator, prodding others to act on their desires and throw off whatever constraints are holding them back. However this is tempered by the belief that everyone is entitled to the same courtesy, and that exploring ones own freedom should not come at the expense of another. The "good" in her alignment is a reflection of this more than a guiding principle.
Bond: The voices on the wind guide me to my destiny. Though I may live for the moment, those whispers are my center. Despite her wild and unpredictable nature, Ka'ina stays focused on her overall goal. She feels her wild and free-spirited nature is a part of her goal.





I had a very rough week topped off by a death in the family and another in the ICU. I've been out of state dealing with family matters and needed to get back to normalcy but I'm back home and ready to get back to things. I'm sorry to have disappeared so suddenly but it was a serious emergency.

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Kahlan Application
right-aligned image

Character Sheet

Name: Kahlan Ackerman a.k.a. "Mara Searus"
Race: Scourge Aasimar
Class: Divine Soul Sorcerer
Background: Charlatan
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral





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Lady Galim

right-aligned image

Name: Lady Galim
Concept: Highborn Loremaster
Gender: Female
Race: Sun Elf
Class: Cleric (Mystra/Knowledge) 2 ; Wizard (Diviner) 1
Background: Noble
Alignment: Lawful Good
Origin: Evereska




RP writing sample


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left-aligned image
Christina Applegate
Name: Christina 'Chris' Applegate
Race: Human
Class: Cleric 3 War Domain - Tempus
Background: Knight of the Order - Order of the Steel Fang
Rank: Stalwart
Birthplace: Eveningstar, Cormyr
Ordination: Shrine of Tempus in Suzail
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Skin: Fair
Alignment: Lawful Good
left-aligned image
Name: Ivory
Race: Riding Horse
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Coat: Dominant white

Player Goals: To play in the sandbox? Purplerook indicated that a player had left the game and asked if I might be interested in joining. I know a bit about the concept behind Charlie and think she is an interesting character. Creating a potential love interest for her is an opportunity I'm inclined to pursue. I don't often play a full spellcaster, but when I do I like for them to be able to hit stuff in the head and do significant damage. I'm looking forward to playing the mechanics of a war domain cleric and bringing the character concept I have in mind to life. I respect that I'm asking to join an existing campaign already in progress. As such, I'm interested in doing what I can help further the party's goals.. At this point my personal goals aren't very well detailed, thus the game world is a sandbox and I aim to play in it.

Character Goals:
  • Overcome shyness
  • Learn to be more assertive when I need to be
  • Follow the tenets of Tempus to the best of my ability
  • Fall in love with a girl who actually likes me back
  • Continue to prove myself in battle
  • Ascend through the ranks of the Order of the Steel Fang

Biography:Christina Applegate was born in Eveningstar, a pastoral village surrounded by fields and orchards situated in an elbow of the Starwater River just north of the King's Forest in Cormyr with a population of 954. By the time she turned 13, considered to be a woman grown, life quickly became about career or marriage. Her father was a brewer for The Lonesome Tankard Inn and Tavern where her mother was a wench. When they proposed that she could marry the proprietors son, Chris was about ready to run away from home.

Chris convinced her parents to send her instead to Mirna's riding academy. There she fell in love with the art of war and fond a fondness for equestrian sports. She took the training seriously, while many of the women there were uppity and mainly there to find a husband. Several of the young ladies that Chris began to develop feelings for spurned her by taking up with a man from a wealthy merchant or noble family while she was still trying to work up the nerve to ask them if they maybe liked girls instead.

Graduating with neither a marriage nor a career, Chris followed a friend that she wished she had the nerve to ask to be more than her friend to Suzail. She and her friend enrolled in divinity school, pursuing ordination through the Church of Tempus. She excelled there. Her friend did not, suffering an injury and ending up getting married to the physical therapist who nursed her back to health. That physical therapist was a woman and Chris was beside herself for never having made a move because she could have had a chance, but not it was too late.

Chris threw herself into her studies, earning herself ordination as a cleric and proving herself worthy of being accepted into a knightly order within the church, the Order of the Steel Fang. Recently promoted from Acolyte to Stalwart, Chris has been awarded a signet recognizing her position as a knight of the order and ceremonial chain mail armor appropriate for rank among the Hammers, as which all clergymen of Tempus were known.

An assignment brought Chris to the Dalelands. There were reports that a shrine of Tempus located deep within the woods in Mistdale had been vandalized. The mission was considered dangerous, so a member of the order was being dispatched. Eager to continue proving herself, Chris volunteered. When she was chosen, Chris mounted her white riding horse, she had named her Ivory, and set out, beginning the long journey to the breadbasket of the Western Heartlands.
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