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Old Nov 10th, 2018, 12:35 AM
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left-aligned image
Danelli Driftwood
Race: Wood-Elf
Class: Fighter (Rogue)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Outlander

Trait: I’m driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home, though still nothing can shake my optimistic attitude.
Trait: There's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.
Ideal: Life is about fun, adventure and excitement.
Bond: The people I adventure with are my friends and friends are worth fighting for.
Flaw: I am overconfident in my abilities. The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't

Appearance: Just over 4 feet tall with a youthful gate and expression Dani could almost be mistaken as a child. She wears supple leather armor in a myriad of muted colors. Her handmade longbow is nearly as tall as she is. Always prepared she carries the gear needed for nearly any adventure.

Personality: Cheerful and energetic, Dani is an optimist and romantic. She views life as one great adventure and is happiest when there's action to be had. She rarely sits still tending to pace and fidget when bored. Although fearless and impulsive she can usually keep a level head to get a job done.

Backstory: Danelli grew up in the elven forest, part of a closed community. For as long as she can remember she wanted more out of life, she craved adventure. She joined the rangers as a scout hoping to find something there but found military life too constricting. eventually she set off on her own and found the Gilded Compass.

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Old Nov 10th, 2018, 09:45 PM
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Application ready for review. Approved, just needs to pick a feat.

Ticus Tellerum
right-aligned image

Name: Ticus Tellerum
Race: Hafling
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
Background: Guild Merchant
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Posting: 3 times a week

Character Sheet

Personality Traits:
Ideal: To free Perusia from its tyrant, to help others the way the Guild helped him and his family
Bond: Family comes first, then the Gilded Compass Guild. Everything is else is of little importance.
Flaws: Rules will not stop me from doing what needs to be done.

Appearance: Ticus is a slender, rather tall Halfling. He smiles a lot and seems to be always playing with something in his hands. He dresses in simple, dark leather clothes and has a knack to avoid drawing attention to himself when he chooses to. He cuts his hair short and shaves often.

Family Backstory: The Tellerum’s of Perusia


Personal backstory: about Ticus




RP Sample:


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Old Nov 11th, 2018, 08:49 PM
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left-aligned image
Name: Vydera
Race: Vedalken
Class: Wizard
Personality: Calculating. Cold. Ruthless and willing to make great sacrifices in the pursuit of her ultimate desire. Vydera makes little concession to others, and rarely does anything without angling for returns on her end. She is fond of nature and the natural world.
History: Exiled from her ancestral home, Vydera has journeyed from afar and found a new home in the town of Lenloth. The Gilded Compass opened its doors to her and she found the guild perfectly suited her needs, both in finding customers for her alchemical skills and creations, and allies for exploring the rich lands surrounding.
Post Rate: 3+/Week

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Old Nov 12th, 2018, 10:54 PM
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left-aligned image
Name: Jair Gwedraven
Race: V. Human
Class: Paladin

Appearance: Jair is a picture of age and experience, with a hefty chunk of muscle. The years he spent with the Twin Rooks are evident in the lines of his face, but he still can still intimidate many a young warrior with his solid build and implacable expression.

Personality: Jair prefers swift deed to flowery speech, and has a reputation for being impolite in the best of times and downright sour in others. One can tell that the man has a chip on his shoulder, though as to why, no one really knows. He disdains "civility" and is most at home in the battlefield, with fellow soldiers or warriors. His loyalty to his crew, even going so far as to stand in harm's way for the sake of a wounded ally can ease the sting of his gruffness, however.

History: Working under the chain of command can chafe if you do it long enough, and Jair has had enough (for now, at least). Years spent serving under the mercenary band Twin Rooks earned him no significant ranks, only scars. After leaving his unit, the man finds himself answering the call for adventurers for The Gilded Compass, but this time with the intention of carving his own path to glory. Perhaps here with the Gilded Compass in Lenloth, Jair can garner for himself the power and glory he craved but failed to achieve when he was with his old group.

Post rate: 5+/week, 0-1 on weekends
Tired of the grind yet?

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Old Nov 13th, 2018, 01:13 PM
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Messaged about needing a character sheet.

Kargon Stonestrider
Race: Kobold
Class: Sorcerer(Draconic Heritage:Red Dragon)
Appearance: Kargon is 3' tall, and weighs just over 60 pounds. Feebly weak, He uses 'his' staff as a crutch as often as he uses it as an arcane focus. Wearing a dark cloak to hide his identity, his red scales shine dully. He has a light crossbow and two daggers on his hip, and a burlap sack over his shoulder that looks to hold everything he owns.
Feat: Magic initiate: Wizard(Mage hand, Prestidigitation, Find familiar: Owl[reskinned as a miniature red drake, if that's fine])

Post rate: 2+ per day, more often during weekdays but i can still play on weekends.
The inheritor background is a bit of a stretch so if you or any of the other DMs have concerns about it please PM me.

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Old Nov 14th, 2018, 03:31 PM
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Please Review | Approved
Golden Compass Dossier
right-aligned image

Name: Cyara
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Bard




Post Rate: Multiple times per workday, little to none on weekend

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Old Nov 14th, 2018, 10:28 PM
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Character: Nia
Race: human
Class: Rogue
Appearance: A small and petite inconspicuous woman with tanned skin, black hair and hazel eyes. But don't judge her from her size, she has more bite and tend to give you a fight.
Personnality: She's a friendly woman, but keep her guard up for anything that may sound suspicious. And if you become a true friend of her, be wary, cause if you ever are in trouble, watch your purse closely, cause it's going to empty fast. She loves money more than friendship and if you betray her, then watch... no, don't watch your back, just expect misfortune to fall upon you.[/U]
Here again, the ablity score modifiers are only there for reference sakes.
Scores have been adjusted with the 27 points rules. Funny I didn't notice it in my player's handbook at first.

Can post everyday except maybe the weekends. And I will take the time to play here before playing any of my switch or smartphone games. Will usually post in the evenings.

Note from self: Planning to write the adventures and post them on the forums. Of course, I will request the permission from their creators to the characters if I can use them in my writings (which I do only for the fun of it). Credits to the characters creation and actions will be given to their respective owners.

Small edit: both characters have been created using only the Player's Handbook.

Edit 2: So yeah, choosing Nia here cause she's a simpler build and I will keep Fham for when I will be more experienced.

Edit 3: Arranged the ability score modifiers and added the feat to the character sheet, added it's campaing name. Should normally be ready to play now, just point me out if there's anything that needs to be changed.
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Authors are by defininition sadists. They love torturing their characters.
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Old Nov 15th, 2018, 06:27 PM
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Application ready for review Approved.

right-aligned image
Name: Alaeris
Race: Valenar wood elf
Class: Ranger

Appearance: Tall and lightly built, Alaeris moves with a quiet confidence. Scars from a century of warfare cover his skin, which still reflects his relative youthfulness for an elf.

Personality traits: I'm always respectful and polite. I keep my face covered whenever I can as part of a religious vow.
Ideal: When people obey orders blindly, they affirm a kind of tyranny.
Bond: I miss my homeland in Eberron and wish nothing more that to return with my ancestral double scimitar.
Flaw: I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink.

Background: Mercenary veteran

I was a mercenary captain, of the Silver Skirmishers, a band of humans under my command. We fought for those who paid, but only if they were of a suitable moral character. We were fighting in Cyre, when a blinding flash shot from horizon to horizon, followed by the loudest roar I ever heard, culminating in my loss of consciousness. When I awoke, I was on a hillside clearing in an utterly unfamiliar forest, with my ears still ringing, and my treasured heirloom double scimitar gone.

Whilst I am at home in forests, I needed to find out more about where I had found myself, and made my way towards a town visible in the distance, the town I found to be the one known as Lenloth.

Post Rate: 1/day
I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Current characters: Alaeris, Dotkod

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Old Nov 15th, 2018, 11:50 PM
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Thaumilda Greyguard (Work in Progress)

Ready for review Approved

left-aligned image
Name: Thaumilda Greyguard
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Class: Cleric

Appearance: She is a ruddy-skinned, auburn-haired young dwarven woman who is earnest and friendly, but who eyes don't belie much of a sense of humor.

Personality: Thaumilda believes that she has let her faith down and works hard to attempt to repair the damage. She won't return to her clan until she has made things right in her own mind. She will fight for causes she believes are right and strives to live within the tenets of her faith. She does not suffer fools easily.

History: Thaumilda was an initiate of a temple of Tyr, having traveled there to study from her birthplace in the mountains. She was skilled in her cadre, but left the college after defusing a potentially deadly hazing situation between one of her classmates and a senior student. In doing so, she had to break some of the rules of the Temple and was asked to leave. She is ashamed of being of kicked out of the Temple, and is reluctant to return to her clan's hold, even though the incident wasn't her fault. To survive, she has joined the adventurer's guild. While not terribly friendly or full of humor herself, she is taken by those who are cheerful and easily sees herself as their protector.

Post rate: 4/week

Other information: I'm a pretty dedicated and active player who is up for almost any type of adventure. Looking forward to playing with everyone.

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Old Nov 16th, 2018, 04:22 AM
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Application ready for review Accepted

Application: Qeldaar MyastonnishName: Qeldaar Myastonnish
Race: Dragonborn (Blue)
Class: Fighter
Background: Gladiator

Personality Trait: I'll settle for nothing less than perfection.
Ideal: Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold action.
Bond: Someone stole my precious weapon, and someday I'll get it back
Flaw: A scandal prevents me from ever going home again. That kind of trouble seems to follow me around.

Appearance: Qeldaar (Qel for short) is a 6'3" burly blue dragonborn. While he is quite thick around the middle, it is clear that he is muscle to his core, due to his days in the fighting pits

History: Qeldaar started working as a stable boy for a well-known fighting pit boss. In order to make a little money on the side, Qel would be a part of the less dangerous fights as a planted heel. As he grew older and stronger, the boss put him in more and more dangerous fights as part of a fighting pair with a gnome who was conscripted as a fighter for payment of a crime. Due to the gnomes small size, he would have been killed in the first fight if not for Qel's use of a broken door as a shield to protect him. From that day, Qel began doing anything in his power to protect those close to him.

Personality: Qel is cocky and self-confident, truly believing that he is Io's gift to the world. He understands, however, that he cannot stand alone, and in a fight, will do anything to protect his companions from harm.

Post Rate: At least 1/day

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Old Nov 16th, 2018, 11:28 PM
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Application ready for review Accepted

JelicaName: Jelica Waersa

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Bard

Appearance/Personality/History: "Well if you have a problem when a lady has some some meat on her bones, then I'd suggest you find somewhere else to be." The short, chubby red head placed her hands on her hips, a slight smile playing across her lips. With her shoulder length red hair and freckles splashed across her face, Jelica looks like a lively and merry young woman, but the slight point to her ears give away the elven ancestry somewhere in her past.

Always quick with a story, or a song for most occasions, she sees the world as a sculpture created by some celestial artist with a great eye for beauty. As someone that is honest to a fault, her true feelings are exposed for most to see and her tongue has often landed her in trouble. Talkative and open, the only thing she holds back is most any stories of her past.

Post Rate: about 5 or so times per week

Any additional information: Jelica's background is a bit slim at this point, but I've always found that my characters never really seem to go where I'd like. For that reason, I'm hoping to flesh it all out as we play. Also, I haven't found a picture, since most all available pictures of D&D female characters are overly sexy. Just try finding a chubby red-head .

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Old Nov 17th, 2018, 06:22 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Bo'quillian
Post Rate: 1+ times per day
Race: Hobgoblin
Class: Fighter
Background: Guild Artisan (Blacksmith)
Appearance: Bo is short, stocky, and all muscle. Chisled from a lifetime of battle, he cares little for hygiene and lets his hair grow long and greasy, his skin dirty. He likes to weave bits of bone, feathers, and personal effects from the strongest of his opponents into his hair and clothing. Despite all this, he makes sure to keep his armor well-oiled.
Personality Trait: My honor is what defines me.
Ideals: I have sworn an oath to the Gilded Compass. First as an apprentice, then as a soldier. I *will* not break my word.
Bonds: I have no family. No friends. Tempus has seen fit to grant me a second chance and I will use it to serve the Compass.
Flaws: Many mistake my bluntness and temper for rudeness.
History: The sole survivor of Tribe Quillian, Bo fought to the last man... and then kept fighting. The company of Gilded Compass sent to wipe out these marauding hobgoblins had Bo completely surrounded, and still he fought, defeating their most skilled warrior in single combat.

Afterwards, Bo could barely remain conscious, let alone stand up under his own power. The Commanding Officer saw something fierce in Bo'quillian and couldn't take the hobgoblin's life. Brought back in chains, Bo spent several years in isolated captivity. It wasn't until the Gilded Compass' master smith, Dondolin Metalgut, came through the prison looking for laborers that he was given a second chance.

The next decade saw Bo'quillian taking quite naturally to smithing. He became Metalgut's most prized apprentice and it was with a heavy yet proud heart that when the Compass put out the general call for recruits, he gave Bo his blessing. Bo'quillian jumped at the chance and took the oath in word and blood without question. Despite his now middling age, his time spent at the forge had only served to harden his physique and his stamina. Weapon in hand once again felt right to Bo, even if he served different leaders. Tempus had given him another chance to prove himself in battle. He was sent off to the edge of the kingdom; the frontier town of Lenloth.

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Bo level 1.jpg
Views:	317
Size:	62.6 KB
ID:	78369  
Posting Status: Current and ready for new prompts!
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Ready for review Looks good.
right-aligned image

Class rogue
Racehalf orc
background Born to half-orc royalty he was raised as such until the time of his pilaging began. Rather than through direct means Ganur turned to the shadows using great fear and understanding of people along side quick hands. This eventually caused the problems he faced leading to his exile and a new life.

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Old Nov 20th, 2018, 06:27 AM
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Ready for review

right-aligned image
Name: Jon Fletching

Race: Human

Class: Ranger

Age: Seventeen

Description: Jon is a young man who has light hair, green eyes, is fine-featured, and often wears a deep and thoughtful expression. He stands at average height, with a trim athletic build, capable of moving through forest and across plain with speed and agility.

His usual attire is composed of tan and green tunics and pants, typically light leather, with comfortable boots and bracers. Often Jon can be seen carrying his bow and quiver, as well as a pair of shortswords on his belt, while also wearing a hooded cloak.

Personality: An honest young man, Jon was raised to respect his elders and remain polite to those he meets. Some could call him quiet or reserved, but that wouldn't be accurate, as Jon isn't a shy boy, and is more than willing to strike up conversation with those he meets. Quick to laugh or offer a joke, Jon is an easy-going young man who enjoys opportunities to hear about the world beyond his home. However, when hunting, Jon's focus deepens and he tends to remain silent unless something vital needs speaking.

When alone, Jon tends to think a lot, mostly recalling lessons his father has taught him, or pondering about events surrounding his life. He is content with his home, his family, and enjoys being a hunter for the family of farmers. Often he will day-dream about becoming a world-renowned adventurer, of making so much gold that he can own his own lands, and raise a family in his mansion. But, knowing such aspirations are unlikely given his family status, he simply gets on with life and providing for his loved ones who work the farm.

Ambition: Jon is still young, he hasn't really worked out what he wants in life. Yet, if he had to speak of ambition, he would likely say to do well by his family, honor his father, and to earn a comfortable living for a wife and children in the future.

While other boys his age speak of becoming Kings, Jon has always felt that his place was on his family farm helping as he can by providing food for the family. By hunting and gathering, he is able to feed, clothe and protect those he has grown up with, and feels his lot in life is a worthy one. At worst it gets him out of farm chores, and Jon would rather hunt rabbits any day of the week.

In secret, Jon has dreams of becoming a legendary hero, living a wealthy but honest lifestyle, so he can best provide for his family in the years to come and share grand stories of his past adventures with his grandchildren.

Background: Jon Fletching was second child of three to a low-born family, being the son of a farmer. Being the second eldest meant that from a young age Jon was groomed to support the family, as his older brother - Caleb - would inherit the farm and responsibilities from their father Leon. Eager to avoid being a servant to his brother, Jon opted to become the family gatherer, learning the ways of the forester and bow. Through determination or luck, the young boy seemed capable of his vocation, proving to be a swift hunter that had a strong aim with an arrow. Along with other small groups of hunters, Jon ventured into the forests surrounding their home, bringing back game that was used to feed members of the family. And while Jon didn't range far, due to the increasing danger surrounding the city, he always managed to come back with food everyday.

Unfortunately, when Jon was ten, his mother died through childbirth. The child - the third in the family - survived, leaving Loen distraught and a single father. Charged with raising his children by himself, Caleb placed more responsibility on Jon's shoulders, making Jon range and hunt unaccompanied more and more often in the years that followed to bring in additional wage with pelts and furs. By the age of fifteen, Jon had effectively become the Fletching's main source of income, earning a wage that supported his siblings and their father - whom had become something of a drunkard, unable to cope with his wife's death.

By the time Jon was seventeen, Loen was an old-hand, skilled and capable, but unable to offer the village much beyond frequenting the tavern. In the months before constant danger threatened the land, Jon had earned himself a strong reputation as a capable ranger despite his age. And when more and more heroic types began to appear, Jon began seeing the possibility of becoming one of them increasing, and the young man decided to put his lot in to seek fame and fortune, for himself and his struggling family.

The next day, Jon signed up with the Gilded Compass Guild and prepared for adventure...

Background OverviewBackground Type: Outlander
SpecificsSkill Proficiencies: Athletics, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: One type of musical instrument
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A staff, a hunting trap, a trophy from an animal you killed, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Origin: Hunter-Gatherer
Feature: Wanderer

Other- Character Link
- Posting Rate: 3+ times a week
- RP Experience: High
- Group Preference: Any; I am open to any and all adventuring RP with any character/s
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Ready for review please.

Name: Beln Brunn
Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Cleric 1
Appearance: Beln looks like your average dwarf. Burly and bearded, non-dwarves would be hard pressed to pick him out from a lineup of other dwarves. His hair is black, his skin is ruddy, his eyes are brown and he rarely smiles.

Personality: But under his gruff exterior is a gentle soul who truly believes that amazing things can be accomplished when people work together in community. He is serious about his work and doesn’t take kindly to people teasing him about it. He respects others for the work they do but can become irritated when he sees people giving into sloth and not living up to their potential. If you spend enough time with him you will see in the briefest of windows something magical. When he completes a project and he feels it was a success, Beln let’s his guard down and revels in his accomplishment. That is when the fun happens. (Also He is rather fond of elven craft goods, but don’t you dare mention it he will deny it)

History: Born to a small but prosperous clan it wasn’t long before Beln was accompanying his father to the forges everyday. Keeping the fires hot and pumping the bellows became his routine and he loved it. But as he grew older his incessant questioning began to bother his father and the other smiths. He was sent with his mother to learn from the priest at the temple. From then on he learned theology and Smith work equally. During his studies he came across an old story about a star that came crashing down from the heavens far to the west. Only the general location was listed and not much else. Beln dreamed about the work he could do with the metal of a fallen star and began to plan in earnest his quest to find it.

Beln left home several weeks ago to find his star metal and forge a masterpiece. He found himself in the village Lenloth running low on funds and having just misplaced his mule during a freak thunderstorm a day out of town. Like all dwarves Beln has centuries of life yet. He has decided to play the long game, the star metal is out there and he will find it some day. For now he will settle in this town and ply his trades. Equal parts priest and smith, Beln will arm the citizens and guild members of the town, he will teach them the ways of The Soul Forger. When he is ready he will find his start metal and fulfill his destiny.

Post Rate: 5-7 times per week. Mostly weeknights and weekend mornings. Less around the holidays but still regular.
Any additional information: I won’t bail, if life intrudes you all will be warned. Like Beln, Derek believes in the power of a community looking out for one another. So if we team up I won’t flake out

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