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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 08:07 AM
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Niyaga's Silver Marches

SystemDungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
ThemeA determined party against a gritty sandpit world based on the Forgotten Realms 'Silver Marches' region
You’ve heard the tales.

Silverymoon, the crown of the Confederation of the Silver Marches fades from prominence under the incessant Orc raids of the past eighteen months. The trade routes from other parts of the Savage North, particularly the Evermoor Way and the Fork Road have become dangerous; caravans go missing as often as they bring their much needed supplies to the region. The Confederation itself fails as leaders dare not leave the relative safety of their crumbling keeps to renew old alliances. Even the staunch dwarves retreat to the safety of their citadels and warmth of their forges. The handful of smaller settlements become tougher, embittered. Survival becomes the sole function.

The enemies are many; Orcs, Goblins, Barbarian Tribes. Underdark marauders sense the increasing weakness of the confederation settlements. Trolls and Giants stalk, looking for humanoid food. Perytons, Wyverns and Dragons patrol the skies. Rumours spread that the enemies of the Confederation are now marshaled by a mysterious force for evil.

Will the Confederation survive this latest threat?

Your characters stride onto this stage of fading glories. They have traveled to Newfort in the eastern Marches to learn what they might of this region and plan their next move. Their motivations will determine how they came to be here and what their reactions to the Marches folk will be.

Why would any sane folk come here?

Wealth. Earning a fading monarch’s favour. Dragon hordes. Ancient dwarf delves; gold, platinum. Mithril! An impossibly heavy gem encrusted giant’s helmet. The exquisite art of the ancient elves. Many fortunes have been won by the brave and bold in this harsh land and now the time is ripe to capitalise.

Power. Imagine finding a crashed Netherese flying city? The scrolls on which those ancient defilers recorded the fundamental secrets of magic. The artefacts of ancient heroes lost in mountain fastnesses waiting for a new hand to wield them. The perverse enchantments of the ancient races of the Underdark. The mighty craft of the dwarves. Or forging an army from the divided forces of the free folk. There is might to be taken by those who wish to rise up and never be subjects again.

Fame. For those with a passion to make their name; be remembered forever. The Silver Marches offer this in abundance. The history of the Marches is peppered with great heroes, impossible quests and epic cloud top struggles against god-like foes.

Noble Ideals. The people of the Marches are struggling. If only a group of heroes could come and bring order and safety. Make the roads safe again for the caravans, rebuild the city walls. Slay the ancient evils that prey on the population. A champion to inspire and uplift the people.

You might choose to help the free folk and ensure their safety. You might strike out on your own searching for great treasures. Choices make the basic mechanics of this game.

Whatever your reason, you’ve assembled a party and have taken the lonely dangerous roads to Newfort and the beginning of your adventures in the Marches.

More Detail
Character Creation
Opening Scene
Player NameCharacter NameRaceClassMotivationApp complete?
ExampleBruenor BattlehammerDwarfFighterGlory?
Begon UgoValkurHumanBarbarianAtonementcomplete
GallupsMirrorLeolan RavaxidorHalf-ElfPaladinJustice/Vengeancecomplete
NorthOfOrdinaryKrysthiaWood ElfCleric of AurilPower and Noble Idealscomplete
LazerRufin KheldornaHumanFighterPowercomplete
RylusValen SwiftwindElf (high)RangerRevenge-
TinuvielValdr BragrsonHalf-elfSkald BardNoble Ideals, Fame, Wealthapp withdrawn
WatcherLindal DewbranchHalflingRogueFame & Noble idealscomplete
TorackDarthos TayHumanWizardTo Prove his worthcomplete
WyromDuegen GilgamalMountain DwarfClericRiril Berdanapp withdrawn
Tommyk382Catherine WardHumanPaladinNoble Ideals with a hint of Famecomplete
DrachenspiritHollystine LoyalarHumanCleric of TymoraAdventurecomplete
BallingrayCaryss El’VarHumanWizardNoble Intentionscomplete
MIniSchnauzerMartin deBois-MoonshadowHalf ElfRogueAchievementcomplete
Classic GamerJaemin StormHalf ElfWizardPower, Noble Idealscomplete
Numen WraithAnders FoundlingsonHalfling (Lightfoot)BardSelf-preservationcomplete
TomBombadilEldon LoopwocketGnome (Forest)WizardNoble Ideals & Love For Exploringcomplete
VatheGurren HalfhaftShield/Mountain DwarfFighterDwarvish Pridecomplete
MoldyNoldsRolf da MinekDwarfRogueCoincomplete
Applications Closed
Applications are now closed. Thank you all for your interest and effort.
Successful applicants will be contacted directly by PM.
If new players are required in the future I will revisit applicants here.

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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 09:19 AM
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Posting interest. Just to confirm, the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide is not available for use? I ask because it's specific to the forgotten realms setting you are using so I thought it might be fitting.
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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 10:58 AM
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right-aligned image

Player's Name: Begon Ugo
Character's Name: Valkur
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Motivation: Atonement (Overcompensation)

Personality: Valkur is a massive bombastic yet jovial man with long fiery hair and a face hidden behind a bushy unkempt beard. He has a tendency to look quite severe, easily accomplished due to his missing right eye, and the resulting eye patch that he sports. Valkur tends to approach problems head on, with little forethought or planning. If asked, the barbarian would chalk it up to an abundance of bravery but the truth is much more complicated. Valkur suffers from amnesia. The man knows how it occurred, a ship wreck, and unfortunately not much else.

The barbarian walks through his new life profoundly sad and at times petrified. He silently mourns that which he cannot remember and he shakes in fear of one day finding out a truth about himself that he would then wish he could forget.

Background: Magnus was shipwrecked off of the Swoard Coast during an epic tempest. Swept into the frothing salty sea he had fought to stay afloat but to no avail. The last thing that Magnus saw as his head dipped below the waves for the final time was a tremendous flash of lightning that seemed to burn the sea. With that, he made peace with his fate and drifted into the endless depths.

Magnus awoke being pulled ashore by a traveling sellsword named Jak Kiro. Kiro had seen Magnus drifting in the waves and had salvaged his body not knowing the huge man to still be alive. Magnus may have survived but he was quite scarred by the experience of near drowning. Magnus looked down at the ground and saw that a great maul had washed ashore with him. He did not recall owning a maul. In fact he did not recall much of anything previous to his brush with death, including his name.

The one vision that stood out in his mind was the massive lightning bolt that had split the sea. He looked at the maul again and it suddenly all made sense...he had been resurrected by the god of lightning himself, Valkur! He took his deity's name in homage and dedicated this new life to the battle of evil...as long as that did not include crossing large bodies of water. Valkur now found himself petrified of drowning. The renewed barbarian pledged his first act of service to his rescuer. Kiro, seeing the unbalanced but earnest and heartfelt desire to do good evident in Valkur, sent him towards the Silvery Marches, with the mandate to help in any way that he could.


Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
I have taken The Oath of Sangus
Gm: Curse of Strahd, Way of the Wicked, Call from the Deep, Dragonlords, Edgewatch, and Masks of Nyarlathotep

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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 11:06 AM
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Leolan Ravaxidor of Wisreth
right-aligned image
Player's Name: GallupsMirror
Character Name: Leolan Ravaxidor of Wisreth
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Paladin

Motivation: Justice/Vengeance (See background)

Personality: Ravaxidor has a liquid personality. Once poured, he takes the shape of his social containers, except when he overflows the smaller ones. On his own terms, Ravaxidor is a serious person with a dry sense of humor, a 17 Charismastrong opinion, and a Lawful neutralpersonal code of conduct.

Background: Faction Agent (Retribution's Hammer)

Faction: The inspiration for Retribution's Hammer comes from a combination of
undercover CIA agents and the Gilbert & Sullivan opera The Mikado:
"My object all sublime, I shall achieve in time, To let the punishment fit the crime".
Retribution's Hammer, a secret faction founded by elves, is dedicated to punishing wrongdoers. The preferred (but not necessarily required) method involves a turning of the tables. Rob the robber. Slay the murderer. Cheat the cheater. Burn the arsonist. Deceive the liar. And so on. Faction agents, known as Retributioners, are autonomous roamers, venturing where they will, on lifelong quests for the power to realize their aims on bigger sociopolitical stages. A new Retributioner deals justice in lowly places--towns, shops, back allies, wilderness roads--while the most seasoned do their work in higher places--cities, throne rooms, mansions, and armies.

Backstory: Leolan Ravaxidor is the bastard son of an extramarital union between the human Baroness Ziza Vos of Wisreth and her elvish bodyguard Qindan Ravaxidor, a secret Retributioner. The Barron Vorkos Vos, a notoriously unfaithful husband and the abandoning father of fourteen illegitimate children, upon returning to Wisreth Keep after a year abroad fighting in foreign wars, challenged Qindan and was slain in the resulting duel. The Baroness, souring on the affair and wary of damaging her aristocratic standing, sent her infant son away to be raised among the elves by her former lover and seducer, never realizing Qindan's true occupation.

Young Leolan was an apprentice Retributioner almost from birth. His faction, after providing Leolan a lifetime of training and education, only recently awarded him a rank high enough to operate independently. Never really fitting in among the elves, Ravaxidor was glad to leave them.

Ravaxidor has returned to the Silver Marches, his birthplace, after being away for 41 years, seeing an opportunity in the collapse of the old order. He hopes to reunite with his elderly mother, who still rules the Barony of Wiswreth. Ravaxidor wears his hair long to hide his pointed ears, which, aside from his sharp features, are the only indicators of his mixed ancestry. He has connected with the local branch of his faction's secret network of operatives to take up residence in a hidden safe house with free room and board, and to get information about recent events in the area for planning his next moves.


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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 11:18 AM
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This looks like an awesome game! Application is finished, feedback is always welcome.

Krysthia of Ruathym
right-aligned image

Player Name: NorthOfOrdinary
Character Name: Krysthia
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Cleric of Auril (Tempest Domain)
Motivation: Power and Noble Ideals

Personality: Krysthia, or Thia as she prefers, is a small woman of mixed Northman descent. Often
bubbly and lighthearted, her serious outward appearance usually suggests the contrary to those she first meets.

Thia is quick to anger when confronted or betrayed, changing moods like an unexpected storm. She channels these emotions into completing tasks with determination. Not opposed to violence nor subterfuge, Thia strives to grow in strength so that she may provide for those in need.

Krysthia is a firm believer in both fate and the natural order. Only the strong survive, and likewise, she only helps those that have already made a valiant effort in trying to solve their problems themselves. Laws, she believes, are only worth following if they allow the weak to grow strong.

It was fate, she further believes, that led to her exchanging Valkur for Auril as her patron deity. Cold is hardship, and hardship breeds men and women who survive. Thia represents a better side of those chosen by the Frostmaiden. She doesn't believe in the malice and brute intimidation most of the clerics in her faith use to bring non-believers, and sometimes even believers, to heel. Instead, she offers an appeal to all those that will heed it. Those that offer sacrifice to Auril and follow the Frostmaiden's dogma can be saved from the coming winter.

Background: Krysthia wasn't supposed to end up in the Silver Marches, or at least that's what she told herself at first. Born in Ruathym to a tribe of Vikings, she dreamt of one day serving Valkur and supporting her people as they supported her.

Right before her coming of age, Thia was allowed to travel aboard a longship with her cousins and their crew on their way to Waterdeep to trade both the treasures of their last raid and the fruits of the harvest. During their journey across the Sea of Swords a thick fog set in, making navigation near impossible. Krysthia prayed day and night to Valkur, that the fog would part and they might find their way.

The crew came close, but somehow the longship rowed passed Waterdeep on up the River Surbin into the Frost Hills until it came to rest in the shallower stream. It's hull gave away on the rocky river bed. Togather, the crew and Krysthia attempted to walk out of the hills but their path proved treacherous. No one knew where they were in order to navigate, and nobody was prepared for the winter storm that appear after the first night. One by one the crew would shrink. Some were defeated by the elements. Some were taken by wolves or giants in the night. Some were even killed by one another. By the end of the week only Krysthia remained, guided by visions of a lady made of ice until she reached civilization in the form of the hamlet of Winter's Edge. It became clear to her what had happened, after talking with a strange old man in the tavern as she warmed up. The Frostmaiden had saved her life, and now, Thia's soul belonged to her.

It didnt matter whether or not it was also Auril that had caused her friend's deaths. Krysthia had prayed to Valkur and in her mind either he had forsaken them, or he was to weak to stop the Goddess of Winter. Regardless, it was made clear the strength of Auril's power. The only way to survive winter and save one another was to join her.

Thia found herself in Newport for the same reason she found herself in many villages. She needs to save as many people as she can by uniting them under the Frostmaiden, lest they be swiped aside by her wrath.


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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 02:08 PM
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Application - Rufin Kheldorna
right-aligned image
Player's Name: Lazer
Character's Name: Rufin Kheldorna
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Motivation: Power

Personality: Most of the other Lords of Yartar would tell you that Rufin is a typical youngster; naive, headstrong and idealistic. But what they wouldn’t be able to tell you, because he consciously hides it, is that he is also very ambitious, or that he is very much aware of his own strengths and weaknesses.

His strengths are relatively few, at least if you are comparing him to the other Lords, which is the only fair comparison to make. His family holdings have suffered from years of neglect after his father passed away, and his youth means he hasn’t had time to acquire the wisdom or respect that the other Lords enjoy. But he is an able warrior, having trained under a masterful tutor.

So his big question had always been this; how do I channel that one strength to allow me to achieve my ambitions when Yartar is at peace?

Background: Born the only child of Lord Kheldorna, it seemed that Fate had an easy life in store for young Rufin. Alas that was not to be. At the tender age of five he was orphaned as both of his parents died in a fire while inspecting one of their properties in Yartar. Rufin inherited his Lordship far too early and had to quickly come to terms with the fact that there were very few people he could trust. His first regent, who had been his father’s right-hand-man, lasted three years before he was caught funnelling money to pay his own debts. The woman who caught him became the next regent, but two years later she was implicated in the activities of a secret society which had been infiltrating Yartar. After her execution ten-year-old Rufin appointed his aunt, Bella, as Regent. Unfortunately for all of her loyalty and kindness, Bella didn’t really have the skills required to run the family businesses.

When Rufin came of age, and following a decade of neglect or outright malicious handling, the family finances were in a sorry state. He had never excelled in his financial studies but Rufin was clear of purpose and knew he needed to find some way of adding to the family coffers. But even that would not be enough for young Rufin; he wanted not only to put the businesses back on a sound financial footing, but also to put the family name back at the centre of Yartar politics. He vowed to one day become the Waterbaron. But how?

The recent rise of chaos in the Silver Marches came to his attention when a cleric of Helm from Everlund passed through Yartar trying to find adventuring bands to take up the challenge of the orc hordes. Against the advice of his closest retainers, and at the prompting of some of his rival lords, Rufin declared that he would take up the call. He knew it was a gamble but he didn’t really see that he had any choice if he wanted to stand any chance of achieving his dreams.


Current status: Good to go.

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Originally Posted by Contagious View Post
Posting interest. Just to confirm, the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide is not available for use? I ask because it's specific to the forgotten realms setting you are using so I thought it might be fitting.
Thanks for your interest Contagious. I'm not using any source material apart from the Players Handbook.
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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 04:11 PM
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Thanks all for the interest. Some good applications already
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Old Dec 15th, 2018, 11:58 PM
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Posting interest
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Player's Name: Rylus

Character Name:
Valen Swiftwind

Elf (high)

Personality: For the most part Valen is a kind hearted man who has kind words for everyone, the only time this really changes is when someone offends/attacks/degrades one of his friends, brings his family into it, or the person has clear orc blood evident.

Background: Valen's family is gone, once silent protectors of the silver marches keeping the more dangerous creatures away from civilized areas and now Valen is the last due to an Orcish war party attack during the night. Valen has taking the somewhat recent deaths in stride, using the rage he feels to propel himself onward and finding the one responsible for organizing the orcs is his sole driving force.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Valen.jpg
Views:	708
Size:	11.2 KB
ID:	78701  

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right-aligned image
Player's Name: Watcher
Character Name: Lindal Dewbranch
Race: LightfootHalfling
Age: 17
Class: Path: Arcane TricksterRogue
Alignment: Neutral Good
Motivation: Fame & Noble Ideals

Personality: Lindal is a cheerful, optimistic individual. He finds peace and comfort in the simple things, such as a warm bed or a hearty meal or a conversation with friends. Unlike others of his race, who enjoy the 'quiet life', Lindal is a very curious sort that wanted little more than to travel, to become a nomad interested in learning and discovering new things. For reasons he reluctantly discusses, Lindal has a need to earn fame and reputation for his family name, in order to see the Dewbranch's regarded as a name in legend.

While not one to seek confrontation, Lindal refuses to turn away from a fight if his friends are in peril. In fact, when those he cares for are in danger, Lindal can become quite ferocious and would do anything to protect them or see them to safety. Beneath it all, the Halfling is a kind soul, often willing to help strangers in need however he can, even when his own resources are lean. It's not uncommon for him to share his portion of reward with needy townsfolk, in an attempt to leave a place he has visited in better shape than when he arrived.

Lindal is also practical and has a knack for finding the most straightforward solution to a problem.

From his travels, Lindal has discovered a fondness for Elves. He finds their kind simply beautiful, has learned their language, enjoys their melodic songs, finds their magics wondrous and wishes to know more about them. On the other hand, Lindal has a very real and distinct hatred of Orcs, due to past events that resulted in the deaths of his brother and sister, and has learned their language so he can use it against them at every opportunity.

Similar to other Halflings, Lindal is usually unassuming and unobtrusive. He is patient, considerate, and willing to go out of his way to make things comfortable for his friends. Sometimes this means he can be used by those with less scruples, which has happened in the past, but Lindal remains cheery and happy regardless of how some have treated him... or so he says. In truth, Lindal holds grudges against those that insult, mistreat or otherwise wrong him, and his patience allows for his revenge to be a long time in the making.

Lindal likes bright clothing, playing the pan flute, and trying interesting foods.

Background: Custom 'Far Traveler'Curious Nomad

Background SpecificsSkill Proficiencies: Insight, Perception
Tool Proficiencies: Pan flute
Languages: Elvish, Orc
Equipment: One set of traveler's clothes, any one pan flutemusical instrument you are proficient with, poorly wrought maps from your homeland that depict where you are in Faerūn, a small decorated gold ringpiece of jewelry worth 10 gp in the style of your homeland's craftsmanship, and a pouch containing 5 gp.

Feature - Wanderer: You have an excellent memory for maps and geography, and you can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features around you. In addition, you can find food and fresh water for yourself and up to five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth.

Traits: I’m driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home; I once ran twenty-five miles without stopping to warn my friends of an approaching orc horde and I’d do it again if I had to.
Ideal: Glory - I must earn glory in battle, for myself and my family name.
Bond: I am the last of my family name, and it is up to me to ensure their names enter legend.
Flaw: I remember every insult I’ve received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who’s ever wronged me.

History: Lindal was born into a small family of Halflings known as the Boyd, Selmas, Merric and TashaDewbranch's, who made a modest living as a merchant family for their community. As the youngest of three twins, Merric and Tashasiblings, he was usually picked on or made to do the dirty work. Lindal's childhood was fairly usual for one of his kind, filled with home comforts, hearty food, lavish festivals, countless celebrations and stories from the elders. These stories were what caused the Dewbranch siblings to begin wanting more, to develop a sense of adventure and excitement. The games they played turned from collecting flowers and skipping stones in the lake to dungeon delving and fighting the troll; and as usual, Lindal ended up being the troll, chased and swatting away sticks wielded by his brother and sister.

As the three children grew, so too did the twin's need to do something. Lindal was mostly content, but found his excitement and willingness to follow his siblings drawing him into their dreams of greater things. Before long, Lindal was also dreaming of grand adventures, of fighting dragons in distant lands, of being a shining hero in armor. Yet, Merric seemed to want that more, with the eldest twin often claiming to be the knight in their games, while Selmas fancied herself as an archer, using a small toy bow and arrow and leading the sibling's expeditions; and this left Lindal to float in between, playing out the varying roles handed to him by his siblings, which could explain his capabilities with numerous skills in later life.

Some years later, a tragic accident claimed the lives of their parents, who were caught in a collapsed hill for a neighbor's home. Both Boyd and Selmas had been assisting with the digging, when tremors began and the tall oak on the hilltop proved too heavy for the amount of earth removed beneath. Brought together by grief, the Dewbranch siblings were left at a young age with a burden of responsibilities, such as providing for the family, with Merric having to take up his father's merchant business, often making distant supply runs for the store back home. Selmas and Lindal cared for the house and surrounding gardens, doing their best, but ultimately the Dewbranch's were still young and weren't interested in settling into a boring lifestyle like their parents.

Merric decided they were going, leaving the community, and were going to be explorers. Selmas agreed. Lindal had no choice, really.

At the age of fifteen, Lindal followed his brother and sister into the wide unknown world. They sold the house, but were cheated on the price if they were honest, before taking the family wagon and venturing outward. For the first year they did relatively well, the siblings traveling the west coast. Lindal found the wanderlust his siblings shared, falling in love with the sights, sounds and new experiences. He found a real enjoyment in discovering new cultures, tasting new foods, drinking new wines and listening to new music. Everything that was new was pure excitement, and Lindal couldn't get enough, especially of the Elvish culture.

It was during this time that the siblings fell in with a traveling band of mercenaries, simply out of need to have some protection against the more dangerous northern regions. Lindal and his siblings performed tasks and worked for the outfit, earning their way, while also picking up on experience and lessons. Lindal found a friend of sorts in a mature Half-Elf named Elathius, who had skill with lockpicks and shadows; the Halfling took to her quickly and before long was learning some tricks of the trade, proving he was capable with similar skills. The pair formed a close bond, with Lindal showing a keen interest in absorbing anything Elathius had to offer, and Elathius happy to have someone willing to listen and learn.

While on the Evermoor Way, the band were set upon by Orcs. Caught by surprise, the group suffered heavy casualties. Lindal watched as his brother and sister were killed, struck down by Goblins, and most of the fighters were slaughtered in the melee. Elathius took several arrows, dying not far from the wagon she rode. Lindal managed to conceal himself, moving between the dead like a shadow, his training from his departed friend assisting his way. The Halfling reached his siblings, where he found Merric barely breathing. The pair shared a moment, where Merric asked Lindal to do something wondrous with his life, to earn a name in legend, to have their family remembered by the elders in the Halfling village and others.

Lindal vowed he would, knowing he would be completing a dream his siblings shared; one they could not do themselves now.

As the fight began to die down, Lindal said his final goodbyes to his brother and sister, before collecting what he could from their wagon. Almost seen on several occasions, the Halfling knew it was too risky to stay, and he disappeared into the nearby forest. From that moment on, a deep hatred of Orcs was lodged in Lindal's soul. And over the course of the next year, the Halfling perfected his skills with lockpicks and shadows, learning as much as he could about Orcs and their language, while moving from place to place. Along the way, Lindal rediscovered his hope and optimistic nature, able to mourn for his family and come to terms with their passing with time. It still hurt, but the Halfling focused on doing well for others, to provide strangers a chance his loved ones never had.

It came as no surprise, at least for him, when Lindal arrived in Silverymoon. Now, two years after losing his loved ones, Lindal had heard of Orc raids that were prevalent in the area, the possibility of reward and renown promising, and it was all Lindal needed to fulfill his vow. In the savage north, around the city of Silverymoon, the Halfling would make a name for the Dewbranch family, he would take part in epic battles and defeat wondrous foes, so their names would live on. And in the meantime, Lindal would continue to strive for goodness and overcoming evil with kindness, no matter how futile it seemed...

About MeHow long have you been playing role-playing games? I'd say on and off for about 15 years.

How many games do you currently play in? Currently in three (3) games, each with varying levels of activity. I have no trouble maintaining a post a day schedule between them all (though most posts occur every few days, determined by game speed).

What mediums do you use? Traditional table-top, online, virtual table-top, play-by-post? I've played all variations (except LARP), enjoyed the experience and kept playing with various friends/clubs over the years. Older age and family has resulted in a shift to the pbp format in the last 5 or so years, purely due to playing convenience.

Do you regularly Gamesmaster or only play? Player; I've run several GM sessions in the past but it wasn't for me.

Describe a highlight from your gaming history. Entering an evil wizard's castle, He was lying, we were lying, we all knew what was going to happenunder parlay of one member and no weapons, with the rest of the party concealed in a magically altered bag of holding (our wizard did the crunching/prep and found a way for them all to fit - I was just the short straw). Wizard tried to take me hostage, I opened the bag, and the other four party members emerged attacking. We won.
Contrary to popular opinion, the plural of anecdote is not facts.

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Thanks for the completed and new applications

Note that I plan to provide feedback in the New Year as we approach the end of recruitment and that the end of recruitment date was chosen so we can start the game after the holidays.
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Quick question before I start on my application. You're going somewhat old school with this RP so I felt it appropriate to ask, since imps can be used as a familiar, can my character have an imp familiar? It fits with the theme I'm going for with this guy, but if not, I totally understand.

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Massive apologies for the double post! I think I got my application done, though!

Darthos Tay
right-aligned image

Player's Name: Torack
Character Name: Darthos Tay
Race: Human
Class: EvocationWizard
Motivation: To Prove his worth.

Personality: Darthos is a calm and collected individual, if somewhat bookish. Ever since he was a child he loved reading books and investing himself into tall tales and old legends, but despite that part of him, he's also known as a very charismatic individual. Being the heir of a noble family, he was taught all the social graces from a young age, and his somewhat curious and bookish nature was nurtured by his mother who saw this a boon to perhaps lead the Family to greater heights. He's an individual that smiles easily and can carry conversations about almost any topic, investing himself into conversations and those he's talking with.

He's also rather curious. Often, before he set out to find a name for himself, he would travel with some of his father's caravans to distant lands just so he could seek out knowledge and satisfy his curiosity. It was, in fact, that curiosity that burgeoned his love for magic and led his father to hiring a private tutor.

Darthos is also somewhat spoiled, more from his upbringing than any sort of personal fault, and because of this he seeks to always look his best, always going out of his way to clean his clothes and make sure that they're not dirty from travel or have any sort of muck on them. And when he gets news of a new fashion trend, he automatically jumps on it, sporting it wherever he can. Besides this however, life on the road has taught him a bit of humility. He goes out of his way to be friendly with those he meets and to be as hospitable as possible.

Deep within him however, is a rage that he can't necessarily control. He angers quick, Derathos, and although he's been working on it, he can't always seem to control it. One wrong word can set him off into a tirade; but just as quickly as he angers, he can lose it and calm down as if nothing happened. He forgives easily, but holds grudges and will eventually pay back those that have crossed him.

Bakckstory: Darthos was born as the first child to a noble family in Neverwinter. As the first child, he was given special privileges that his other four siblings never got, that is to sit with his father during his meetings with other noblemen, or to sometimes even follow him to somewhat official meetings. He understood early on that it was meant to groom him to become the head of the Family, and once the realization hit, Darthos went inside himself trying to escape. He started delving into books, engrossing himself with the various tales and legends of the heroes before their time, his mind racing as it imagined him in those very scenes.

But his father wouldn't have it. As he grew older he began attending more and more meetings and even being sent out to travel with his father's trading caravan to distant lands and cities in order to get a sense of the world. When he came back from his third trip, his mother hired a tutor, telling him that he would learn magic since he loved to read so much. He didn't like the idea at first, but soon began to grow into it, finding that it was a great medium to satisfy his curiosity as he slowly began learning the intricacies and the science behind the fabric of the universe. Magic came to him easily, as easy as magic can come to anyone. He would spend hours after his tutor left in study, going over countless books and often spending nights in their personal library and using his Family's influence to get books from the wizards in the city.

A couple months after his sixteenth birthday, his father told him that they were going to Silverymoon and when he asked why, nothing was offered. Instead, he witnessed all of his father's retainers follow them to the city, as well as men-at-arms and mercenaries. All of them flying the colours of House Tay. It was when they got to Silverymoon that he understood why his father had gone through all the trouble to make such a show of strength. He was to be betrothed to a member of a noble family within the city, and what better way to impress that family than by showing all their wealth and strength? His mind raced up to the point of meeting Hollystine, and when they finally did meet, he decided it was as good a betrothal as any could get. Several days passed and the papers were signed and everything made official.

At the age of eighteen, during a masked ball in one of the noble's estates, he met a young woman and the look of her nearly blew him away. They talked and danced for most of the night, the connection between them strong, and when the time came for the members of the ball to reveal their faces, Darthos was shocked to find that he was talking with Elizabeth Duvante, an heiress to a Family that had been rivals to their own for generations. Knowing that people were undoubtedly looking, he kissed her hand politely and walked away, knowing that the nobles would talk about it for weeks, but to him it mattered little.

The two of them would meet in secret whenever they could and Darthos was slowly beginning to fall for Elizabeth, and after nearly two years he was beginning to consider whether he should finally end the feud between their families and ask for her betrothal. He knew she would accept, as she'd denied all other proposals from other powerful heirs and lords, but to do so without their parents' knowledge would be scandalous. He did it anyway, and when it was complete before a cleric he presented the evidence of betrothal and the proposed dowry to his father.

The Lord of House Tay was furious. He told Darthos that he wasn't ready for the real world and that in order to learn he must be thrown to the wolves. Under threat of disownment, Darthos agreed to leave the Family and relinquish his title as heir, to seek his fortune and come back as someone his father found worthy of his heir and not the stupid boy that was before him. Gathering his things, Darthos left the manor and travelled south seeking an adventure and to make a name for himself. Shortly after his departure, he came upon a group and travelled with them to Newfort.

What Kind of Player Am I
How long have you been playing role-playing games? Specifically table-top RPGs for the past six or so months, but general forum based RPGs for the past six or seven years.

How many games do you currently play in? None currently

What mediums do you use? Traditional table-top, online, virtual table-top, play-by-post? Online and play-by-post.

Do you regularly Gamesmaster or only play? I've never GM'd but I do plan to some time in the near future when I have the time.

Describe a highlight from your gaming history. We were doing a low level survival campaign and our characters came upon a troupe of travelling kobolds, one of them with some sort of magically powered flame-thrower. Apparently the DM had rolled for a mini-boss to be in this encounter and he told us that we'd have to work really hard if we were to prevent a TPK. My character, a fighter with a crappy weapon, picks up a rock and throws it at the kobold mini-boss. With a nat 20 roll, the flame thrower short-circuits and kills the boss and a few of the other surrounding kobolds. Effectively did a fireball at level one with a rock.

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