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Old 12-19-2018, 11:22 PM
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The Big List of 2018 Membership and Charity Drive Rewards

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TL;DR You can do a lot of good, and get a lot of good swag, by supporting our drive. Just do it. For yourself, or as a gift.

One-click options: Buy a 1 year membership for $25 ($5 goes to charity) OR Donate directly to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (recommended: $10+, see below)

Ok, folks, it's time to put all the good news in one place. This year, in addition to all the extra goodies along the way, we have two categories of ongoing rewards. First, there is a collection of PDFs and membership extensions that all participants will get. Second, there are the prizes from Kobold Press for the biggest direct donors to the BBR Foundation.

Summary Of Rewards Pack For All Participants
A participant is someone who renews their own one-year membership, receives a one-year membership as a gift, donates $10 or more through our team donation page, or donates matching funds.
  1. Straight Classes and Adaptive Armory from Straight Path Games
  2. Hero Kids from Hero Forge Games
  3. Invaderz: Pocket Edition and Pinup Dungeon 1 from Postmortem Studios
  4. Amazing Tales by Martin Lloyd
  5. The Temporal Clock Tower by Adventure A Week [email address required]
  6. $1000 raised for charity: +1 month membership extension to every one year Community Supporter membership purchased during the drive
  7. more than $1571 raised for charity: +1 month membership extension to every one year Community Supporter membership purchased during the drive (stacks with the first bonus month)

The total value of the package so far is $24.89, and that goes up to $29.05 to CS recipients if both extra months get added. Also, recall that the site is donating $5 of every $25 membership to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. So that all adds up to $24.89 of rewards for a $10 donation to charity, or $34.05 of rewards for a $25 one year membership. And that, of course, assumes you didn't pick up any of the bonus offers along the way, or win one of the following extra prizes:

Rewards For Biggest Direct Donors To The BBR Foundation
Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Press has donated four outstanding prizes in support of RPG Crossing's membership and mental health charity drive. (more details)
  1. set of 5 Kobold Guides, retail value $75
  2. set of 4 Setting and Adventures, retail value $90
  3. set of 3 Monsters and Lairs, retail value $105
  4. PRINT rarities, set of 3 items, retail value $200+

If you haven't donated yet, and all this isn't enough to get you off the fence, please consider the important positive impact that the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is having on lives around the world. A donation to this foundation on behalf of another could also make a great gift.

Thank you to all the donors and supporters who have made this drive successful so far, and I look forward to seeing what we accomplish by January 1!

- Mark/Birched
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