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Old Nov 27th, 2018, 06:36 PM
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Pisst! Who'r you?

The Application Thread is here.

And you can Insert your Character Dossiers right below this post!

The beginning of this explains character building better than the book in my opinion. This is also listed at the bottom of the non-dice 'Mechanics Thread'.

"arE yoU ReAdy To PlaY a GaMe?"

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Cinch ApplicationStreet Name: Cinch
right-aligned image

Real Name: Alicia Tillsley

Metatype(Sex): Human (f)
Intended Role: Shamanistic type magic (aspected magician) with a fire-bringer mentor spirit and above average combat abilitiesHealer that kicks like a troll
Appearance: Lissy is a fairly plain, average size young woman of 22. In the two years since 'that night' she has tried a variety of options to hide the scar running across her face, but none have done a lick of good. Finally she gave up and embraced it, which is much easier to do in the barrens than in the shackles of high society. She wears her dark hair short and no jewelry - except a recent addition of a nose ring (Neene said it might help with the headaches). Her clothes are always plain, usually a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up and ragged jeans. She refuses to do any enhancements to her body - tattoos included. Her build is slim, but a few unlucky degenerates mistook that for weakness and learned the hard way that her strength is far greater than her frame would suggest.


RP Sample:

  • Khalan Mathis (Loyalty 3, Connection 3) – [See backstory for brief glimpse] High ranking security at Ares Macrotechnology. Khalan is a veteran member of the security team for Ares in Seattle. Of course one does not spend their life guarding one of the major corporations without seeing – and doing – some things. Khalan is viciously scarred from many encounters including one that took the sight from his right eye. He always has his ear to the ground and is quick to address any relevant situation - usually head-on with spittle, profanities, and lead flying. Somehow a professional relationship with Sebastian and Elizabeth turned friendly and the troll became superficially involved in the girls’ lives. Then, he became their guardian angel. The relationship is tense because of the repercussions for Khalan, but he looks out for them when he can.
  • Joeli "Joey" Gibson (Connection 4/Loyalty 1) - Fixer (Female Dwarf, Smuggler - Shadow Services)
    Joey is a fan of Trid's and Simsense and works out of her Yacht. While cold seaming at first Joey can warm up to you given enough time or the right circumstances. Most of her contacts are in the smuggling racket around the Seattle Metroplex area. Though she does have contacts in the other countries port's that surround Seattle.
  • Elisha Chuffey (Loyalty 1, Connection 4) - Grifter (Male Orc) Cinch has only been in Chicago for a short time, but it doesn't take long to run into the shady people. How exactly the two met is not something that Cinch is particularly forthcoming about... which does not seem to indicate an amicable introduction. However, there is no hint of animosity between them now. In fact, there is a working relationship. Information flows back and forth between the two. Who better to have feeding you juicy rumors than someone who sees all the dark corners of the city?
  • "Bones" (Loyalty 3, Connection 2) - Ganger (Female Human) The ganger life is a pile of drek heaped on an even larger, stinkier pile of drek. Sometimes, those 'friends' turn on leadership. Cinch found Bones on fire in an alley. With quick work and a level head Cinch managed to save her life, and then slowly over weeks put her back together. Turns out the gang turned on Bones for what was actually nothing. She wants revenge and is busy working to get it. Cinch can relate since she is in Chicago for exactly the same reason. The two bonded a bit over shared goals.


Status: Shaking off the rust ...

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right-aligned image
Should be more tusky and less pointy, but you get the idea
Street name: Mortar
Real name: Duranté Williams
Metatype: Orc

Intended Role: Metahuman mobile assault unit (Body- and strength- enhancing chrome, lots of armortank with a lots of ranks in Automaticsmachine gun and Control rig with some mediocre pilot and mechanic skillssome gun-drones)

Appearance: Mortar is on the short side for an orc. His family is of African-American descent (and have been heavily goblinized). He’s dark-complexioned and wears his hair in dreadlocks. He is build like a brick drekhouse, but generally has a friendly expression on his face. Most people assume he’s recently been hitting the deepweed. Often they’re correct.




Other stuff


Old scummy sheet
he/him - MC of Shadows of the City, an Urban Shadows (PbtA) game.

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Sin/Street name: Charles "Chuck" Berger/Stranger
Metatype: Ork(m)
Team Role: Combat DeckerDecker/Decker(Kapow!)

We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves. - Rouchefoucalt

right-aligned image
Chuck's current tech. Sad.
If you didn't see him always plugged in it'd be easy to see Chuck as just another sammie from the Underground. Where he got that arm is anyone's guess and it could just as easily have been designed as hyper-typing accessory as it could a face puncher. He seems to let his size and bulk keep the riffraff out of his biz. Is he a Decker or a poseur? That pointy little skull of his surely couldn't hold a brain capable of a real hack...could it? You never know in the Sixth World. His head is always bouncing along to some music and occasionally smile will play across his massive mouth for no reason, as if he just saw something in the digital world play its way across the meat one.

Chuck's matrix persona, Stranger, looks very much like The Son of Man but with a question mark instead of an apple. It is a distinctly human shaped persona and his imagined form had he never goblinized.


Role Play Example:


Now, 2075Stranger 2075

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The Elven Exile
right-aligned image
Rebel Girl

"This is the life I chose, not the one I was handed. I gave up a lot to be here, put up with so much drek. Now hand me that gun and let's go make a fraggin' difference, chummer!"

Tamwyn Oto'Alaiet
AKA Rinelle
Elven Guns, Bombs and a Boisterous PersonalityRabblerouser / Forbidden Arcana pg. 47, Chaos TraditionAspected Apprentice

Rinelle carries the average elven build, narrow at the shoulders and waist with wiry limbs, and the average elven haughtiness, her smile always more of a smirk. Her highlighted hair, straightened and braided, rebels against the efforts by curling at the ends in an effort to reclaim its natural state. She has dark skin, smooth and free of blemishes, which clashes heavily with her street wear; Metal and leather battle denim and cotton for space in the wardrobe, mostly baggy pants and sleeveless vests and heavy boots. It is punk, but taken two steps too far and drenched in overdone jewelry and body paint. She often acts before thinking, her hands and mouth too often a step ahead of her brain. She hasn't managed to shake the accent, all upper crust Tir with clipped vowels and flowing consonants, and has taken to overusing runner slang to try and direct attention away from it.

left-aligned image
In Wealthier Times

You ever feel like your life may have been doomed from the start? It's kind of freeing once you get over the crushing doubt and nauseating self-loathing. It started out so easy for me. First born to a real blueblood family in the Tir, all I wanted through my childhood was to make my father happy. Society training, gymnastics, languages...all studied at his command and all easily learned. My first problems popped up in my early teens when he started me on hermetic magical studies. Magic was a point of pride in my family and sure, I got pretty good at masking and disguising but all the books and incantations just didn't click. My parent's disappointment was heavy on my shoulders. They brought in a shamanist tutor, a druidic mentor. They even called in favors to get me instruction in the Path of the Wheel. I took what made sense from each of them but continued to struggle.

I started hearing the whispers then. A soft sound that came to me when I was alone or uncomfortable. They stoked the anger in me, sure, but they also clued me in on how to summon spirits. I needed what they offered, I couldn't close them out. It was only spirits of father loved that little quirk...but it was something. I was always good at anything I tried and now I couldn't look my father in the eye as he lavished my younger brother with his attentions. When Aldrist was engaged to the daughter of a powerful family I was outright forbidden from attending the ceremonies. That's when the whispers got really bad. I was better than this, they told me. I deserved better than this. And they were right. I went ballistic at dinner that night, throwing plates and screaming while my mother wept. My father hit me for the first and final time that day.

That is why, in the course of a single evening, I torpedoed my entire life. The night of Aldrist's engagement party I followed nova-coke with a 80,000 nuyen bottle of Tir sweet wine. Then I set my father's study on fire and watched his art collections burn. I snuck into the party and seduced my brother's fiancee in the bathroom of the venue. Then I left him a recording of it. Mom, well...she was already living her own personal hell so there wasn't anything I could do to make things worse. Now sure, the whispers told me to do it but frag if I didn't want to and even today I get fluttery when I think about it. They burned me back, of course. I got word of the banishment while on the road to Seattle, and my accounts turned up empty hours later.

When I hit the Barrens I had nothing. I ate soy ramen for the first time in my life and I choked it down to quell the rage in my heart. I scrounged and I scraped and I did the drek work that nobody else wanted, all with the whispers still soft in my ear. I studied the hard skills in my off time: how to shoot, how to sneak, how to lead. The things that the shadows made valuable. I found mentors in the gutters, in the bars and alleys, and I took from them what made sense. Now all that work is gonna pay off. I'm gonna get my money, make those connections and one day...oh, day I'm gonna kick down the door to my family's estate and take back what's mine. Let me tell you, it's gonna be swag.



Playing - High Risk, Heist Reward | The Grand Tour

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Street Name/Real Name: Whisper / Ebony
Metatype(Sex): Elf (Female)
Intended Role: Adapt Infiltrator
left-aligned image
Ebony is rather short for an elf, only standing five foot seven with black hair and green eyes. Her skin has a natural light tan to it and if she spends too much time in the sun, freckles appear across her nose and shoulders. She has an uncanny resemblance to the Trid star Lucy Louie.

Ebony Prefers practical comfortable clothing that does not overly restrict her movement. These clothes also tend to be quite modest and bland, helping her blend with the environment. She tries to avoid wearing anything with a logo or memorable pattern. She doesn’t have any tattoos, piercings or wear any jewellery maintaining a bland and boring appearance.


In the years after the Griffin job, Whisper did other jobs for the man called Fox and other small runs for "friends" of "friends" it paid the bills. She worked up the courage to hit up Rinelle about learning about magic and elves, both subjects she knew really nothing on despite being both. She wasn't a spell slinger, her magic was passively always on, and most people unless super observant thought she was human, didn't help that she was short by human standards, let alone the taller elves.

She made time to visit gyms and improve herself or hang out with the friends she had made. But one by one they disappeared, a lead in Chicago. Too hot to stay. Just gone without a word...
She felt alone, perhaps even abandoned...
She was sitting in Freeway Park the site of their first job, as had become a dangerous habit. Letting the mix of feelings just flow over her as she stared out into the middle distance.
"They are your pack, go find them" It made a crazy amount of sense. She needed them and they might need her. She nodded to the wolf sitting beside her and soon had her meagre things packed and making a hasty, "I'll stay in touch, Love you!" to her family and was off.

She doesn't quite remember the trip to Chicago, she stowed away, hitch-hiked and bartered passage, there was even a vague memory of riding on the back of a huge wolf though a dark wood, but there are no woods between Seattle and Chicago? Are there?

Once in Chicago, in the hope that they had not changed their contact details, she reached out. Mortar was the one who responded and even had a spare room... Now to find the rest of the pack.

Link to Character Sheet (dropbox)
  • Harriet Jones - Journalist - Connection 3 / Loyalty 3
    Human Female, Middle Aged, Divorced
    Type: Leg work
    Payment: Infomation or Money, in that order.
    Hobbies/Vice: Ballet / Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, a bit of a thrill seeker.
    Harriet Jones is an Independent Journalist after losing her job and spouse due to her zealous commitment to reporting the "true story" and following leads at all costs. These days she operates around the Chicago QZ trying to get the story out about those who still live there. While she has many enemies she has proven herself a capable spy and survivalist. After coming across her in a firefight with some gangers, Whisper helped her out and anyone not trying to kill her must be a friend. Or had no idea who she was, as was Whisper's case.
    She always has her ear to the ground and keeps herself afloat by trading in information.
  • Soloman Grunge - Lone Star - Connection 5 / Loyalty 1
    Troll Male, Middle Aged, Single
    Type: Personal Favours
    Payment: Money, Hard Cash in particular
    Hobbies/Vice: Riddles and whistling out of tune / Pretty ladies
    Soloman should have been an actor, he's not as dumb as he looks and has a very good memory. That said pretending to be the big dumb troll people expect him to be has served him well over the years. He runs a lucrative side business of letting people in and out of the QZ without any questions for the right price. For a better price, he might let slip some details of Lone Star operations in the area, though not if he thinks you're going to hurt Lone Star personnel. His captain, who he affectionately referrers to being "3 days from retirement for the last 6 years" takes a cut of Soloman's profits, hence why he has been left to do his own thing.
    While he dreams of one day being a family man, he defenly got the Even by troll standardsugly end of the stick and all too often tries to chat up the wrong type of ladies.
    Whisper met him through Harriet, who refers to him as Roadblock.
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