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Founding Members

Here is where the founding members will list their descriptions.

Please place your applications below, but more fleshed out with the completed character sheet linked.

Player Characters
PlayerNameRaceJob DescriptionSpouseChild(ren)
OneDarknessFynn OakenHumanCarpenterCaitlín Oaken 
mjbAlvan LorelayElfAlchemist ApprenticeEster Lorelay 
FatherDondoTam FigaroHumanBarber/LaborerRossa Todd Figaro 
RoekahsBukhurn "Buk" BittermantleDwarfDung Carter/Sanitation workerKezda Goldarm 
Treble83Milo GoodbarrelHalflingFarmer/StonemasonBree Goodbarrel 
OdysseyGavin ShisaroHalf-ElfDoctor/SurgeonNone 
SalmonMaxWhisperChangelingClerk/Scribe/Wizard's ApprenticeNone 

Non-Player Characters
NameRaceJob DescriptionSpouseChild(ren)
Caitlín OakenHumanWoodcarverFynn Oaken 
Ester LorelayHumanHunter/TrapperAlvan Lorelay 
Bjorn FellironHumanMercenary/GuardKora Felliron 
Kora FellironElfDruid's ApprenticeBjorn Felliron 
Gutrun StonesheathDwarfHerbalistFerenz Stonesheath 
Ferenz StonesheathDwarfMinerGutrun Stonesheath 
Geillis AtterburyElfVillage PriestessBishop Atterbury 
Bishop AtterburyHumanTavern Owner/BrewerGeillis Atterbury 
Rossa Todd FigaroHumanLocksmith/MinstrelTam Figaro 
Kezda GoldarmDwarfMerchantBuk Bittermantle 
Bree GoodbarrelHalflingFarmer/LeatherworkerMilo Goodbarrel 

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left-aligned image

Name: Theldan Dûnhark
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Spouse: Jynlinn Dûnhark
Job/Background: Fisherman
Personality: Protects the innocent, and is loyally protective of his family.
Flaws: Easily jealous, especially while drunk
Fears: Losing his wife and future children
Background: Unknown
What would they provide as a member of the town? Food and safety
What would they want to see provided to the town? A tavern

left-aligned image

Name: Jynlinn Dûnhark
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Spouse: Theldan Dûnhark
Job/Background: Cook
Personality: Extremely friendly, mothering figure. Will look after the entire party and be a shoulder to cry on in their darkest times.
Flaws: Stubborn, and likes to do things her way.
Fears: Not being able to feed all the children
Background: Unknown
What would they provide as a member of the town? Home cooked meals
What would they want to see provided to the town? A school

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Your Name
left-aligned image

Name: Fynn Oaken
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Job/Background: Guild Artisan (Carpenter)
Personality: Friendly, Out going, loyal, are just a few of the traits one could associate with Fynn, and is the type to have grand plans and likes to keep busy. He expects a lot from others but even more from himself, in short he prefer to spend his time with those who pull their own weight and in return he can be called on for whatever is needed.
Flaws: Work's too hard, never gives up, he pushes himself more than he should and will do whatever it takes even if he shouldn't.
Fears: Failure, as young talented woodworker with a woman disapproved by his family, Fynn's biggest fear is that this will all end badly and it will be his fault as his parents said it would.
What would you provide as a member of the town?: Fynn is a builder of all things wooden, furniture, walls, houses, there is no end to what his skill set can provide a new village starting out.
What would you want to see provided to the town?: While he can dovetail wood as needed to build a structure, a worker of metals would be largely beneficial for spikes, blade sharpening or even new blades as needed.

right-aligned image

Name: Caitlín Oaken
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Job/Background: Guild Artisan (Woodcarver)
Personality: Caitlin is a no nonsense woman who doesn't take crap from anyone, she doesn't shy from the tough conversations and you can be sure that she has an opinion on just about everything. She tends towards being more practical and reels Fynn in a bit when he gets a little to grandeur and is more likely than not to provide a counter for Fynn's more generous nature.
Flaws: Outspoken, Rebellious, Caitlin speaks her mind openly and is not always diplomatic which can raise tensions but in the same token ther eis never any doubt what is on her mind or what she thinks.
Fears: Drowning as she can't swim

RP Sample & Background
"Its a bit of a story how we wound up here, but it has all the makings of a good story, assuming this all ends well for us." Fynn shrugs with his typical easy smile as they continue following the others in hopes of finding the ideal site to make a home. [say]My family name is Oaks, and we have a long history in <<Insert city name here>> of being masters of all things wooden, for at least four generations and my two older brothers are firmly following in the family's footsteps. While I am on that same path, don't get me wrong, sometimes you just want to be out from under that shadow and make a name for yourself that is not a result of what your family has done before you. If that was it though I probably would have still been toiling away in the family shops, but like any good story there is a love interest as well.[say]

Caitlin looked back at her newly minted husband with a smile and an eye roll. "Sure paint me the temptress who seduced you away from you family, forced you out into the world to find yourself."

Fynn chuckles. "You have to admit Caitlin you game me a kick in the arse to strike out."

Caitlin arched an eyebrow. "Ha, somebody had to, but lets hear the rest of your little story."

Fynn smiles. "Alright. So love interest, alright so then we have the fair maiden Caitlin Glen, and her family's efforts to compete against the Oaks in the quality furniture business. Its without a doubt that Caitlin has one of the finest eyes for carving and most talent hand with a chisel that I have ever seen, but the Glen's lacked the same connections that the Oaks had built up over the years in the city. Words had been said, grudges had been formed and the competition has been fierce. Its not surprising that in the heat of competition that sometimes more than anger can spark from the flames."

Caitlin laughs. "Good gods Fynn, you fancy yourself some sort of Bard now."

Fynn continues on. "When I first laid eyes upon Caitlin it was at Miller Thren's, there had been word a fresh shipment of fine cherry had arrived which has been more rare as of late, and I had been sent to secure the needed wood. Gods she was the prettiest woman I had ever seen and the fierceness of her bargaining made her even more attractive, needless to say I was enthralled and the bargaining did not quite go in my favor and she had secured at least half the consignment of cherry despite my connections. While my father would be furious I didn't care, and when Thren offered us a mid day meal, I quickly accepted in hopes of learning more about her."

Looking up at the mountains in the distance, Fynn is quiet for a moment. "Despite what she says, there must have been something about me that she liked, as when I proposed we share a meal later that week she accepted. Now under normal circumstances nobody should have cared, and in fact they would have been happy for us, but our families were less than thrilled when word filtered back to them our budding relationship. Thats putting it mildly as well, and despite our efforts to keep our meetings quiet and private, it just never seemed to work out, and before long my father threatened to disown me and Caitlin's family was ready to do the same. It was just all too much."

Caitlin grinned. "My father considered how could he make your death look like an accident, doubt he would have gone through with it but my mother, with her cousins, who knows it could have very well come to happen."

Fynn eyes widened a bit. "You don't say. Well as you can see it was a bit of hostile space to work in, and in the end we made our own choice and decided some peace and quiet, with a fresh start, was just the thing to let our families calm down. So in a private ceremony we sealed our union and hopped at the opportunity to get a little space from things, and when we heard about this endeavor it sounded just the thing."

Fynn stretched. "What about you friend what brings you on this little trek?"

Thoughts on the others
The Lorelay's: Alvan and Ester were welcome additions to the expedition, bringing some much needed healing expertise and skilled hand at hunting who could put food on the table. There were bound to be other benefits such as Alvan being able to mix resins, stains or glues if need be and the furs and skins from Ester's hunting would come in handy on the cold nights. They appeared happy enough, though Caitlin worried Ester was a bit quiet, and there was something unnerving about your healer frequently joking about death.

Miratris & Erazin: Neither Fynn nor Caitlin had met a minotaur personally before introduced and were properly awed by their stature, and Fynn's mouth was watering at the thought of fresh breads and pies. Caitlin was more than pleased that Miratris was a skilled smith, for a carver without her tools would be in dire straights indeed. Truthfully there was only so much a good carpenter could do with an equally good Smith, for hinges, nails and fasteners would make my projects so much easier. They appreciate Erazin's generous and easy going attitude, and respect Miratris's work ethic.
Posting Status: Posting is slower than usual, less free time, bear with me.
Life Update - Apr 29th: work is busy, posting delayed...

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right-aligned image
Name: Miratris

Race: Minotaur

Gender: Female

Job/Background: Blacksmith

Personality: Mira loves shaping metal, and making tools and instruments that make life easier for others. She mostly loves that she is getting paid for doing this, and thus fully supporting herself and family.

Flaws: She tends to stay too long at the forge in the evenings, and is sometimes hard to wake in the morning. Sometimes, she'll have to be roused out of bed if it's early in the morning, or even mid morning on occasion.

Fears: That it will all be taken away from from her and she'll go back to being indentured, or slave. Not as outgoing as her husband, but when in his company she tends to let her guard down.

Background: Miratris is from a distant town and community where she was an indentured servant for many years, moving up from a slave only slightly. With everything being charged against her, even the hay she slept on, she never had enough coin to do anything except eat.
Her husband, Erazin, is from a family of civilized Minataur in a more civilized but equally distant town. They met in the market square one day and after several months of secretly meeting, they ran away together. He has a skill and affinity for baking, and is far from the warrior type. She has been Smithing for years. They were recently married, right here in town and have a small home herein.

What would you provide as a member of the town? Access to basic weapon stores, metal repairs, perhaps a town bell, etc. Mostly, stability as she could cater to locals and travelers alike.

What would you want to see provided to the town?: Town coffers, slowly of course, a local hall perhaps, and shindigs on occasion so all can get together.
Name: Erazin - Character Sheet

Race: Minotaur (+1 CON, +2 STR)

Gender: Male

Job/Background: Baker (+5 CON, +1 to All other) +2d10 Gold for Background

Personality: Erazin is a big teddy bear and softie. He loves cooking and baking in particular. He always bakes a few small cakes in the shape of things children will love and will give them away when they come in with their parents.

Flaws: Kind-hearted, almost to a fault.

Fears: That his business will fail and that he'll let down the love of his life, Miratris.

RP Sample:
Erazin telling a friend who hasn't heard the full tale how he came to the town and how he came to be the town baker. "Yeah, folk tend to get us confused all the time. Oft think I'm the Smith and she's the baker. Not a good idea to say that to her though.
I don't think it upsets her coz' she's a female, I think it's coz she can't imagine having to cook all day and get up that early."

He chuckles.

"She's a free spirit alright. I can't believe she lasted as long as she did under the boots of those cruel people. She was sold as a young pup into servitude, says she doesn't know by whom and never found out. Learned to hammer steel at an early age, and when they found she was good at it, they took all the coin from her work. Even charged her for room, board, tools, food and everything so she remained indebted and couldn't leave.
Here I come along, from a family of warriors, but with a family who loved me enough to let me choose my own path. Still, you know how hard it is to get work as a Baker when you look like I do. Yeah, I got blessed by the Gods with the size, stature, and strength of my kin for doing battle, but it makes people think I can't churn butter right, or mix a good berry pie sauce. I know, right?
Anyway, we met at a local festival, far, far from here where she was buying food on a rare day off, and I was shopping for ideas on baking. We both couldn't believe what the other did, and it met with a lot of laughs. For me, I'll tell you, it was love the first moment I laid eyes on her.
Didn't take long to see she was never getting out of that servitude, and I would never have the coin to buy off her debt, so... we ran away. Far, far away to here.
I set up shop as a Baker, and she set up her Smithy forge. We couldn't wait and got married a week after we got here. You were there. Nice, wasn't it? "

Possible Tie-ins/Relationships

Alvan & Ester Lorelay: Miratris would take up quickly with Ester and try and make the best weapons for her hunting skills. Being the 'more physically formidable of the marriage would be something they have in common as well. Erazin would take to Alvan and do back and forth trading of herbs and spices for cooking and what not. In fact, it may be Alvan who is the friend he is speaking to above in my RP sample.

Flyn and Caitlín Oaken: Miratris would work with both of them for their woodworking tools, and like feedback as well as word of mouth on how good they are. She'd make anything custom they like. Just like the Lorelay's, she'd take to Caitlín being more aggressive, and only friends of Miratris would know she's that way as well due to her more quiet demeanor in public.
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right-aligned image

Name: Alvan Lorelay
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Job/Background: Alchemist Apprentice
Personality: Optimistic and clever. He is willing to make the most out of what they have and appreciate it for all it is worth while displaying an almost contradictory fatalistic sense of humor. Perhaps not the best for an aspiring physician. It's his coping mechanism for how he knows he will likely outlive all these people. Ester included. And their kids. While a brilliant man, with a tendency to go off on various different topics, this is out of genuine passion for the knowledge as opposed to any desire to place himself above others by his intellect.

Not aggressive or confrontational by nature many people may just write him off. These same people would be surprised when he enters 'Doctor mode'. When trying to take care of another person he can become quite formidable.

Flaws: He tends to get distracted fairly easily.
Fears: He is a young elf married to a human and they plan to have a bunch of half-elven babies. Not hard to figure out.
Background: Alvan was born to a proud elven lineage. He had many expectations to live up to and was quickly apprenticed to an Alchemist. When your an elf that apprenticeship takes decades. But it did involve a wide field of study. Chemistry, medicine, various herbs, sciences, etc. He had almost made it to the point where he would learn some magic too. Until he met his future wife. See one of his tasks included gathering the various different herbs and reagents for his mentor. He was out in the forest doing this one day until he was set upon by wolves. He beat one off with his staff but the others circled around him. Only to be shot by a local huntress. A young lass who saved his life. Got quite the nasty bite from it as well as (by her own admission) she usually just hunts rabbits and deer. Wolves were new. Alvar tended her wounds in gratitude. Love came pretty quick. After courting in secret for a year or so she proposed. Alvan accepted immediately. To bad his family would never approve. Oh well. Guess it was an elopement. They had heard of another nomad caravan setting off....

Also he is about 57. As far as Elves are considered he is a child.

What would you provide as a member of the town?
Alvar would largely be the herbalist and physician to start. He would spend most of his time looking for and cultivating useful plants and ingredients to see to the health and maintenance of the people themselves. He knows what is poisonous to so if they ever have troubles with pests (Of any sort) he would help out there to. Also a total nerd he probably brought a lot of books and stuff like that with him. Some helpful like encyclopedia's of plants and such and some not so immediately useful when they start. Like History books. He could probably be a good school teacher if they had no one else...

What would you want to see provided to the town?
An apothecary and large herb garden. Also a library.

Character Sheet:

right-aligned image

Name: Ester Lorelay
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Job/Background: Hunter/Trapper
Personality: Quiet and perceptive but spirited, Ester was born to a poorer family with a lot of kids. She took to hunting smaller game to help feed them. She found she liked the quiet of the wild almost as much as she liked the noise of her large family. While usually content to people watch she can become quite incensed when loved ones are threatened. She also has a spontaneous and adventurous streak to her.
She tends to act on impulse. Sometimes this works out well as she has good instincts. Like when she saved her future husband. Other times not so much.
They plan to start a family. She is quite anxious about being able to provide for them in the wild.
Character Sheet:


Opinions on others
Oaklins: Seem like the good sort. Both have skills that are going to be essential as neither Alvan nor Ester know a thing about carpentry. Ester and Caitlyn could talk shop a bit about proper woodcarving (mostly for bows and arrows) and Flynn occasionally has to deal with Alvan chiding him about overworking himself.

Miratris and Erazin: The couples get along quite well. Miratris and Ester got on quite quickly. Both have an interest in weaponry and both have husbands who tend to be less physically inclined then them. Alvan and Erazin became good friends almost as fast. Alvan likes the friendly giant and they can talk at length about cooking and herbs. Albeit with Alvan from a more scientific perspective then Erazin's more practical one. It balances it out quite well. Both couples can relate to the fact that they both ran away from their previous lives to be together.

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Name: Kora Felliron
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Job/Background: Druid's apprentice
Personality: Kora is a cheerful person, trying to always see the bright side of everything. Her mood never seems to darken even during what seems like horrid circumstances. She has kind words for everyone and sees everything that happens as fate or twists there of.

Flaws: She is a little to trusting, being as young as she is most people think its just inexperience and they would be right.

Fears: Losing touch with nature, more specifically the moon, and becoming something unknown.

Background: Kora was born in a small village that was not prosperous as some other villages
due to the fact that the closest trade route was miles away and so no one had
any reason to come to the village of Augth. Her parents had moved to Augth to
find a fresh start and raise there daughter away from what they called the evils
of city life. Her father a priest of the god of nature became a farmer and the
leader of the villages faithful. Her mother, a priest of the god of magic in the city
became a shop keep and although money was never in abundance her skill with magic
made sure her family and the other villagers never went hungry. When Kora was born her childhood
was that of a typical country child, she learned to live off the land and her knowledge
of her natural surroundings were amazing.

When she turned fourteen her parents began to teach her the arts the gods had granted to them.
She not only grasped the practical knowledge required but excelled in casting even spells that
should have been to complex for her young untrained mind. But the gods are cruel and in exchange
for the prodigal abilities her street smarts were nearly none existent. She was a very naive girl
and trusting as she had lived with good people her entire life and knew nothing of evil...
but she would learn.

The night of her seventeenth birthday she was out alone in the forest near a pool in a clearing
dancing as she always did on her birthdays. The spot glimmered in the moonlight and always made
her feel safe and secure but this night halfway through her dance she noticed an unusual flicker
of red light on the pool. The smell of smoke perfumed the air along with a sickening scent she had
never smelled. it frightened her and she ran home, unerring and barefoot she moved through the
night with the smells getting stronger. When she broke through the tree line to her village a
horrible sight assailed her.

Her village was burning, no screams echoed through the crackling of the fires and she knew in her
heart that no one had survived. She walked through the streets, her feet being burned by the coals
and embers produced by the flames, and saw that everyone had been killed. When she was about to
throw herself into the flames that engulfed her own house something stopped her... the sound of
someone sobbing.

Following the sound she found its source in the town center, there surrounded by bodies skewered
on spears and hung in a gruesome display in the very center of the village was a massive man on
his knees sobbing into blood soaked hands. She watched, knowing that this was the being behind the
murders, and heard him curse the gods for his affliction....his rage. She walked to him and placed
a hand on his muscular shoulder "The gods have not forsaken you..." she said as he spun and stood,
towering over her by at least three feet, his eyes blood shot and tears rolling down his face.
Without thinking she reached up and placed a hand on his cheek "They have sent you to me to help."

She could feel the white hot rage within him begin to rise. "Follow me." she stated and then without
looking back she ran back to the pool. She knew he was following her because she could hear the large
man crashing through the brush and breaking the small trees that tried to bar his path. She keeled
near the pools edge with her back to the man as he busted through the last of the foliage into the
clearing. She could hear his heavy foot steps stalking towards her and she began to whisper a prayer,
A soft blue glow began to shine on the pool and then gather on her hands and just as the man reached
her she stood and spinning around placing one hand on his heart and the other on his cheek. The man
was holding a large axe ready to cleave Kora in twain and his eyes had turned black but when she
touched him the blue energy entered his body and mind calming him, the color came back to his eyes
and he dropped the axe which made a heavy thud as its blade sank a few inches into the ground.

As moments passed the man fell to his knees allowing Kora better access to his face "Thank you." he
uttered as he looked upon Kora's smiling tear filled eyes. The sun rose before the energy completely
left Kora's hands. She doesn't know why she saved the butcher who killed her family but he pledged
himself to her from that point on and has served as her bodyguard, best friend and over time Lover and husband.

What would you provide as a member of the town?: Natures bounty, help with farms, possibly help with hunting, light healthcare and spiritual guidence
What would you want to see provided to the town?: Peace, security, growth


Name: Bjorn Felliron
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Job/Background: Mercenary/Guard
Personality: Quiet, brooding, always seems to be contemplating something.
Flaws: He is quick to anger, and if Kora is not around his anger quickly turns to rage and it comes to blows.
Fears: Losing himself and hurting Kora or worse.

RP SampleThe moon shined brightly on the small pond as Kora danced in the cool night breeze, Bjorn sat on the wagon sharpening his axe while watching. Kora's fluid movements suddenly stopped as a blast of wind kicked up and vanished just as suddenly, she turned to look at Bjorn who had stopped sharpening his axe and had it ready as soon as his wife had stopped dancing "Whats wrong, is something there?" his eyes trying to pierce the darkness but failing Kora smiled "No my love, i just had a thought." Bjorn sheathed his ax and joined his wife near the edge of the pond, his arms wrapping around her thin form as hers did the same to his large frame. "I think we should find a place to settle down and start a new life." the words his Bjorn like a brick smacking the side of his head. He had never thought about settling down, never thought of himself as settling down material especially to someone like Kora but the more he thought about it the more he liked the idea. If they settled down he would know where Kora was and could protect her better. "I think that's a good idea." he said as his lips pressed to hers in a moonlight illuminated kiss.

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Ferenz Stonesheath

left-aligned image

Name: Ferenz Stonesheath
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Job/Background: Miner

Personality: Ferenz is a gruff dwarf with a distatte for social niceties and peoplehe'd deem to be idlers. A man of actions rather than words, his close friends know that an approving nod from Ferenz is among the highest forms of recognition one can hope to receive. That's not to say that Ferenz is secretive or anti-social - a few pints of mead will have him regale "interested " listeners with tales of his mining exploits. If you really get him hammered, you'll also discover that Ferenz has a passable baritone he mostly wastes on ancient dwarven drinking ditties.

Ferenz is of the belief that everyone is responsible for their own destiny. Not one to be flustered by life's setbacks, he is contented to start anew and shape a tiny corner of the world to his liking. As long as Gutrun is by his side and his arm is strong enough to wield pick & shovel, Ferenz is a contented dwarf.

Flaws: Ferenz is slow to change his opinion of people once his mind is made up. This can lead to heated disagreements which are exacerbated by Ferenz's high opinion of himself and his abilities. While he will defer to the experience of another craftsman, Ferenz has little patience for scholarly types and other layabouts who can't tell the difference between a miner's pick and an ice climbing tool


Ferenz is accustomed to hard labor and an active lifestyle. Thus he has developed a high constitution which he is proud of. His biggest fear is not being able to provide for his family due to frailty or illness. He isn't exactly a hypochondriac but develops concerns bordering on the paranormal if he i afflicted in some way. The common cold is enough to make his mood sour, while serious injuries, poison, or other afflictions fill his heart with dread.


The Stonesheath clan was never a household name in dwarven society, yet they managed to quietly carve out a living by carving out the bowels of their ancestral mountain home. It was during the time of Ferenz's grandfather Androsh that things started going awry. Ever deeper shafts had o be built to reach profitable ore deposits. The neighboring surface kingdom's civil war didn't help either, leading to dereased trade and a drastic increase in the population of highwaymen that couldn't regain their place in mormal society once the dust of battle had settled.

After a few more decades of fruitless struggle, Ferenz's father and uncles decided it was time to disperse the clan. Each family as given their share of the meager funds that were left and went to pursue other opportunities. Some of them became engineers and blacksmiths. Dania's father decided to hold true to the family business and start up a mine elsewhere. It took him a few false starts, but Dania Stonesheathe managed to establish a small yet well-run iron mine what he felt was a good distance away from their tumultuous

Ferenz was old enough to remember the scattering and took much of his father's perseverance and stoicism to heart. Things settled down enough for Ferenz to learn everything his father could teach him about mining and the myriad associated tasks that kept a successful mine afloat.The regional instabilities had managed to spread by the time Ferenz assumed his father's duties. When Dania Died of consumption, a grief-stricken Ferenz started contemplating his own mortality for the first time. His father's frail body and coughing fits left a deep impression on him - Ferenz knew he would end up like his father one day, yet hoped to stave fate off with grit and hard work.

Falling in love with and marrying Gutrun restored his vitality, yet their happiness was to be short-lived. The kingdom Dania purchased a mining concession from was going to war against their neighbors and began demanding ever larger ore shipments. Ferenz and his workers did the best to keep up with the demand, but it quickly became apparent this was merely a pretense to gain back control of the mine.

Gutrun watched with trepidation as it became clear that the mine was a lost cause. Ferenz, on the other hand, knew what to do - pack what they can carry and start anew.

What would you provide as a member of the town?
Even though he's a miner by trade, Ferenz has no qualms about getting his hands dirty. He'd eventually like to run a full-fledged mining operation, but realizes that this might not be feasible right away. His keen eye is able to spot stone and mineral deposits which will surely be of use during the early stages of construction. The time he spent down mining shafts has also left him with a working understanding of cranes, pulleys, elevators, and wooden support structures.

What would you want to see provided to the town?

A smelter where ore would be refined into ingots. A blacksmith's forge that owuld provide the townsfolk with items fashioned from said ingots. A trading station to sell the excess and supply the people with things they can't make on their own. Bigger dreams will have to wait for now.


Name: Gutrun Stonesheath
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Job/Background: Herbalist

Personality: Gutrun is the Ying to Ferenz's Yang. She's a cheerful, contemplative woman who has a knack for settling disputes and judging both sides of an argument impartially. She puts up with her husband's outspoken prejudices, all the while chipping away at some of their rougher edges. Gutrun's temper is slow to heat up, but when it finally does boil over, you'd better not be its target.

Gureun was an adopted child who spent her maiden days learning about the royal forests and their rich ecosystem. She knows her way around flora and fauna and could easily survive with nothing but the knowledge in her mind and a canopy above her head, a practice she engages in from time to time when the bickering of neighbors and her husband's idiosyncrasies become too much.


Gutrun isn't exactly lady-like. She'll butcher a rabbit, offer you a tea that remedies... youthful indiscretions, or drink you under the table without batting an eyelash. This may cause the prudish women in her new community to shun her, especially once they realize she doesn't much care for religious ceremonies.

Gutrun is struggling with one of her greatest fears right now - the fear of change. The forest near the Stonesheaths' last mine was the only home she knew, and her tranquil life was uprooted when she was already of marrying age. utrun didn't build up the mental resillience that shaped Ferenz into the stoic dwarf he is and will adjust to their new circumstances much harder.

Ironically for a dwarf, she's also afraid of being trapped. Living in the open has left her suspicious of cramped spaces, especially if no exit out of them is apparent. She insists on keeping at least one window open at night, much to Ferenz's chagrin. She can function normally in buildings and will even brave the depths of a mine shaft if there's a breeze to reassure her, but if Gutrun ever feels like she can't get out from somewhere, she freezes up and starts hyperventilating.


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The Atterbury's
left-aligned image

Name Bishop Atterbury
Race Human
Gender Male
Job/Background Tavern Owner / Brewer
Personality I'm well known for my work, and I want to make sure everyone appreciates it. I'm always taken aback when people haven't heard of me.
Flaws I'm never satisfied with what I have - I always want more.
Fears Bishop shares his wife's fear. His greatest fear is losing her, and he would give anything (and has) to make sure it doesn't happen.

The son of a tavern owner, Bishop grew to fill his father's shoes, but Bishop has greater aspirations. As the sole owner of Atterbury's Alehouse after his father died, Bishop started experimenting with new recipes for his ale. He wasn't happy to continue serving the same slog that his father had to the same slogs that'd been drinking it for ages. He wanted to be known far and wide for his offerings. He wanted people to come to his tavern specifically for his brews, for his name.

Unfortunately, businesses typically don't fair well in the seas of change. The Alehouse's patronage wasn't fond of Bishop's new brews, so eventually the rough and tumble crowd that frequented the tavern found a new home. Fortunately for Bishop, change was good for him, twofold. His ales were good. Good enough that a higher class of customer heard the grumblings of the old guard, and curiosity being what it is, decided to try Atterbury's. Eventually, as the tide went out, a new tide soon returned. A new clientele started to frequent the tavern. They were quieter, or maybe that's the wrong word. While they were far less rowdy than the previous crowd, they couldn't tell enough people about Bishop's brews. Change was good for the Alehouse.

Twofold. Change was also good for Bishop. As word spread about his unique take on ale, new clientele came to his tavern. Instead of sailors and adventurers, they were nobles and scholars. One such scholar was no other than Bishop's future wife, Geillis. She had come in, nose buried in a book, ordered Bishop's recommendation, and quietly read. There had been mutual glances, over the pages of the book, and in a few weeks time, Geillis had tried the entire menu at Atterbury's. She was quite taken with the place, the ale, and the man, and he was also quite taken by the woman.

What would you provide as a member of the town? A communal hub. A reason for travelers to stop and stay awhile.
What would you want to see provided to the town? An Inn, to make the town a proper hub.

right-aligned image

Name Geillis Atterbury
Race Elf
Gender Female
Job/Background Former Sage / Village Priestess / Seer
Personality I'm willing to listen to every side of an argument before I make my own judgement.
Flaws I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others.
Fears The vision of her own future coming true, nothing but darkness.

Geillis was a scholar in a previous life, before they were forced to move. It was an uneventful life, pouring over page after page, book after book, but it was a life she loved. She was researching ancient religions of the lands when 'it' happened. There had been stories, accounts, of people researching religions and being contacted by demons, angels, devils, and gods. That wasn't her fate.

She was busy reading a particularly interesting account one day when leaving the library, nose in the binding of the pages when she stepped in front of a wagon barreling through to the village doctor. A local farmer's wife had been injured and the farmer was frantic. Geillis was first trampled by the horses, then the wagon. She was thought to be dead, or atleast dying. But after months of lying in bed, being tended to by Bishop and the nurse, she finally regained consciousness. As she came to, her first words were asking about the boy. Repeatedly and incessantly until she got her answer. Bishop was just as confused as the nurses, until Geillis asked about the farmer's boy, for the farmer's wife was pregnant. The wife died from her wounds, but the doctor was able to save the son. Geillis had no way of knowing any of this, except for the visions that her injuries had cursed her with.

She soon discovered that whomever she came into contact with, actual physical contact, she could see into their future. Her visions could be of tomorrow, or decades from now, she had no control over that, but nevertheless, they always came. Unfortunately, as she discovered her abilities, it wasn't long and others also learned of her curse. Soon, as her abilities became her curse, the other villagers considered her their curse.

What would you provide as a member of the town? Assurances of the future, and guidance into it.
What would you want to see provided to the town? A proper house for a doctor. A shelter for the downtrodden.

RP SampleYou can count on a gossiper to always gossip. Unfortunately, the same rumor mill that enabled the tavern to flourish years ago also brought it burning down around the couple. After Geillis' accident, the gossip surrounding her abilities quickly spread. At first, there was an influx in people visiting Atterbury, then people started leaving. Days had gone by without a single customer, and Bishop was at a loss of what to do. He knew that Geillis had an idea of what was happening, but he could see the pain on her face, and didn't have the heart to ask her.

It was the weekend, the second without customers. As they went to bed in the loft above their tavern, Bishop looked out the window to the street corner. Two men stood there, silhouetted by the moonlight. It was tough to see them, but he could see enough that they were two different men than the ones that were standing there the night before. Glancing to Geillis, his heart sank and his stomach knotted when he saw the pain and fear in her eyes. He knew that she knew, and she knew that he now understood their fate. "Shite," Bishop cursed under his breath. Geillis, more calm than he, simply replied as she pulled out bags she'd been stockpiling for this very occasion, "Where shall we go?" He looked at her then, the men outside disappearing from his mind momentarily. He took her in, he took in this moment. He loved that woman. She had changed alot since the accident, and while it scared others, it only made him love her more. He grabbed some things off his nightstand, and of course his book of recipes, ran around the bed and hugged her, "It doesn't matter. Let's go." It was then that he finally heard the yelling. Not the words, there was too much commotion to make out specific words at this point, but there were far more men outside than two now. They ran towards the back stairs that emptied into the back alleyways. These were less frequented by the upscale customers that had most recently visited the Alehouse, and as he followed her down the steps, he looked once more into their loft. The flames had caught fast and were licking the edges of the window he was just looking out of. A cringe, and a moment's hesitation was all he could afford at that point. Turning, he followed his wife into the alley, and they ran.

They ran away from death, and ran towards a new life.

Torn City
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Name: Tam Figaro
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Spouse: Rossa Todd Figaro
Job/Background: Barber/Laborer
Personality: Tam is very observant, compulsively sizing up whatever happens to be in a new area, or checking for changes in his environment. He does this to price valuables, plan escape routes, or identify threats. He maintains his calm demeanor so long as he feels he has a handle on his situation.
Flaws: He can be nervous and defensive by nature, but tries diligently not to act on these tendencies. However, too much stress can draw it out of him.
Fears: He's always at least a little concerned about his wife's health & safety, and can be overprotective.
Background: The shouting and a woman's cries drew Tam's attention to a house down the street. He crept around the corner to see a young woman, then a 16 year old Mrs. Rossa Todd, crying out as her husband Jarek took a leather belt to her. Tam waited for the brute to be out of the picture to go inside to see the poor girl on the floor. He held out his hand to help her up. As a last minute insult, Tam impulsively took the nearest item at hand, a razor off of Jarek's washbasin, before leading Rossa out into the night.

One night, as Rossa was walking home from work, she was spotted by a stablehand. It was a member of her first husband's family, and he quickly recognized her. He attacked her, but she was able to get away with substantial injuries. Tam tended her wounds as best as he could, but it was clear that the time had come to find a new home, especially if they wanted to have a family. They grabbed as many of their things and their savings as they could quickly pack and headed off into the dawn in search of a new community.

Tam sacrificed some heavier weapons in his haste to pack, but found that he didn't miss them much. His rough upbringing had taught him to improvise in a scrape, and found that he enjoyed the versatility of lighter blades. Over the course of their journey, Tam became well-versed in using his razors as weapons. In addition to the one he keeps as a memento, he uses one of his others from his kit in his off-hand. Many of the threatening encounters they stumbled upon in their travels were resolved bloodlessly. A large man slowly advancing with two razors, a deadpan face, and a sufficiently intense stare can be very intimidating.
What would they provide as a member of the town? Given that this new town might not have the size to support a full time barber, Tam intends to lend his strength as a laborer til fill the odd hours of the day.
What would they want to see provided to the town? Law enforcement, order.

left-aligned image
Name: Rossa Todd Figaro
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Spouse: Tam Figaro
Job/Background: Locksmith/Minstrel
Personality: Rossa came into her own in the years since Tam took her away from Jarek. She's personable, confident, and slightly sassy, and she provides her husband with a calming voice when he's feeling paranoid. She was happy and healthy for the first time in a long time.
Flaws: Her smiling, happy nature, for many years, was a facade to help her cope. When her parents passed, her landlord offered her a deal: marry him, or be homeless. It didn't take long for her to collect scars on mind and body.
Fears: She's secretly afraid of what would happen if she were to be on her own, or if her first husband's family somehow found her again.
Background: Between Rossa playing her mother's fiddle at the tavern and Tam keeping customers in his chair, they were starting to come up in the world. They started trying for a family, confident that they could provide for children that would never know cold or hunger.

Unfortunately, Rossa was injured by one of her former in-laws. She gave as good as she got, since she wasn't as helpless or as unarmed as she appeared, but that was a cold comfort. The battering of her torso and new breaks in her legs, on top of the remnants of her abusive first marriage, did no wonders for her strength and general state of health. Tam had only had so much experience with the medical aspect of his trade; sadly, the breaks didn't heal quite right. At that point, he was more used to leeching and pulling teeth, but his skills have improved since then out of practice and necessity. Rossa mostly kept to the wagon while she recovered, but her blade did get a bit of exercise when a bandit tried to sneak in the wagon.

Although Rossa didn't receive proper education, having to work at a young age, she had a natural talent for language. To pass the time on their journey, Rossa taught her husband some Dwarven she'd learned in the tavern. It was something of a dive, so there were no high elven ballads or sonnets, but she learned her share of Dwarven and Orcish tall tales and drinking songs.
What would they provide as a member of the town? Before she lost her parents, she'd begun her apprenticeship as a locksmith in her father's shop. She knows enough to provide services in locks and traps, and she's practiced in the fiddle and storytelling to entertain the community.
What would they want to see provided to the town? A school, policies to help orphan children
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The Star-crossed LoversName: Bukhurn "Buk" Bittermantle
right-aligned image
, aka “The Master of Manure”

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Job/Background: Dung Carter/Sanitation worker

Personality: Fairly reserved most of the time, Buk has been scolded often about his lingering stench so he gives people that repeatedly bring it up a wide berth. Enough psychological damage has been done that his current default is to live a slightly hermetic existence although what he really wants is to belong and rise above his servile past. To anyone willing to get past his profession, Buk is fairly gregarious and is a staunch and loyal friend. Or, at least, he thinks he would be if anyone ever got past the stench. Even though he stinks to high heaven, he can be expected to appear at all town events. Unfortunately for everyone else, he is fairly intelligent and a very hard worker so it is not always beneficial to exclude him.

Flaws: Filthy at all times. The only times he washes is when he empties the town cistern. Animal dung is one thing...
Fears: Baths… (just kidding). Ending up back at the bottom of the social ladder. And bears.

Background: Buk grew up oppressed and used by the aristocracy. His family was locked in servitude to a cruel lord. Fear held them in thrall. Fear for what he would do to the others' in the family should any one of them get out of line. Buk was forced into humiliating and horrid jobs, primarily revolving around clearing feces. One day, an accident in the mine where many of his kindred worked left Buk without any immediate family. It had been Kezda's idea to escape. At the time Buk had only thought of her as a friend; he had been oblivious to her feelings for him. The time they have spent in the wild together has forged a much stronger bond, and Buk is finally understanding why she encouraged him to escape and then came with him ...

What would you provide as a member of the town? Sanitation. Animal dung? Turn that into fertilizer or dry it and create bricks for fire or buildings. Resident dung? Yep, that can be dealt with too … just don’t ask what happens to it …
What would you want to see provided to the town? Animals and crops where the fertilizer can be used most effectively. Strong laws that prevent anyone from persecuting another and upright people to enforce them.

Spouse/PartnerName: Kezda Goldarm
right-aligned image

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Job/Background: Guild Artisan - Weaver (really just an artisan's daughter, but she picked up a few things)

Personality: Extremely stubborn and strongwilled. She is very much Buk's rock. The abuse from his former master has taken a toll, but Kezda is now always present to remind him of his value. Kezda is incredibly naïve in this new setting, but she is a fighter and works hard to try to do her part.

Flaws: Naïve. Kezda has no real-world experience until the last few months. She lived a heavily pampered life and is just trying to figure out how to survive outside the clutches of her high society.
Fears: All of the great outdoors. Kezda left her life of luxury for love. She had no idea what it was really like out in the wild. Oops ...

Background: Kezda was the only daughter of a wealthy guildsman. She was raised within the elitist culture of her home and taught that those below her were barely better than animals. The problem was that Kezda could never understand what actually separated her from those she was supposed to disdain. Whenever she brought it up, though, the answers ranged from incoherent to absurd. Finally, she stopped asking. And then she saw Buk. She was drawn to him for some inexplicable reason and found herself sneaking off to sit outside the stables where he was locked at night. Through the barred window they conversed. Kezda slowly drew her own conclusions about the 'lesser' people and they did not fit within the society that she existed in. Helping Buk escape was one of the simplest decisions she had ever made. Going with him was the simplest. Of course her life of luxury has left her poorly equipped for a life in the wilds. But at least she has Buk.

Details can be found here

RP SampleThe pale moonlight shines through the barred window, landing on a pair of gruff, stained hands clasped together.

"Buk?" The quiet word barely stirs the silent night air. "Buk?!" A little louder this time, a silken voice dares to pierce the night. The hands fall out of the moon beam. "You ok, Buk? I just heard what happened. I'm so sorry!"

There is a long pause. Then a deep, tear-choked voice rumbles out of the window. "They're all gone. I ... I don't know what to do. Except pray." The hands appear in the moonbeam once more.

"No, Buk! You have to leave! I know you are hurting, but this is your one chance to start a new life. Away from the misery and humiliation of this life. We ..." The silky voice trails off, but only for a moment. "I will help you get away, but we have to go tonight! The watch is in disarray."

Buk's deep voice can barely be heard. "No, this is my life. My famil -"

"Your family is dead!" the silky voice is replaced with a strong, bold edge. "They don't even care, Buk! They already have replacements on the way. They barely even tried to form a rescue! They killed your family! He killed your family as surely as if he had swung the executioner's blade himself!" A snort comes from the darkness. Kezda's words had stirred Buk's bedmate, Elly. The soft gray nose of the donkey appears in the moonbeam, snuffling at the window. Soft footsteps can be heard on the cobbles outside. Another snort and the nose disappears back into the dark.


The hollow sound echoes in the stable. Soft footsteps deadened by carelessly strewn hay. "On your feet Buk. You're getting out of here. Right now." There is no room left for argument with the last words. Buk is unceremoniously hauled to his feet and dragged, half dazed, into the courtyard and the brilliant moonlight. His uncomprehending eyes miss the fact that another equine stands silently, watching the events with a detached indifference. His dazed mind does not register the sounds of the cart hitching nor the leather strips fastened around the wheels to deaden their passage across the cobbled street. In fact, it is not until the next morning, when he is miles from his former home that Buk realizes that he has left and that Kezda is with him. She has not glanced behind once.
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Name: Milo Goodbarrel
right-aligned image

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Job/Background: Stonemason/Farmer

Personality: Milo tries to remain positive, even when times are hard. He does his best to spread this positive attitude. It's not that he's in denial of the current nature of things... He simply doesn't see how things will ever get better if all anyone does is to get angry or sad.

Flaws: Sometimes his efforts to appear optimistic lead to him lying to friends and family about how he is really feeling. He doesn't want to share it but he often feels that he's carrying more weight than he can bear on his shoulders.

Fears: Aside from what he considers to be natural/reasonable fears (Orcs, Ogre's, Goliath's, or any other giant angry humanoids); Milo constantly worries that he won't be able to meet expectations and/or needs of others.

Background: Milo grew up in a rather upbeat Halfling village, near a human town that they often did business with. He can't quite remember when he started but he was always told that he began working the land the day he learned to walk. Although he always dreamed of exploring far away lands, he never actually believed that he would or could leave his home. However, as the land grew more and more barren, he was forced to move on. Milo knew that this was no place to raise a family and that if he and his young wife were going to make it than they would have to pack up and start over somewhere new.

What would you provide as a member of the town? Proficient in setting up/operating livestock pins and gardens. Well trained in Stonemasonry. Proficient in building and demolishing stone structures (e.g. walls)

What would you want to see provided to the town?: Some sort of social hall, a market, and basic defenses (walls and roaming guards).
Name: Bree Goodbarell
right-aligned image

Race: Halfling

Gender: Female

Job/Background: Leatherworker

Personality: Bree has a big heart. She's far more shy than her husband Milo but she is every bit as kind hearted. She has always been drawn to help others.

Flaws: Her compassion will not allow her to bring harm to others (people or animals) unless she is absolutely forced to.

Fears: Given that she's been forced to leave the home that she's always known (and assumed that she always would), basically everything has her nervous. Tanning, molding and crafting leather offers her an escape. The work gives her purpose and offers a good distraction.

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Gavin ‘Doc’ Shisaro
right-aligned image

Name: Gavin Shisaro
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Job/Background: Doctor/Surgeon (rumored to be a witch doctor)
Personality: Cordial and sympathetic, often soft-spoken and can be flustered in most social situations outside of his chosen career.
Flaws: Gavin can be hyper focused on his work, and keeps to himself due to his shyness.
Fears: Letting people down. Not doing his best.
Background: WIP

What would you provide as a member of the town?
Health and vitality. People shouldn’t neglect their health and well being, and for any community to thrive there needs to have someone who will fight against sickness and injury.

What would you want to see provided to the town?
Safety, long life, healthy children, a general thriving population safe from disease.

Spouse/Partner: Perpetually single, though hopeful someday he’ll find the right one.

RP Sample
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Name: Whisper
Race: Changeling (from D&D Beyond) (appears as human female)
Gender: Female (usually)
Job/Background: Clerk and Scribe / Wizard's Apprentice
Personality: Warm and gracious, kind...or calculating, shrewd, secretive
Flaws: Can be overly cautious, reluctant to take action unless sure of results
Fears: Being forced to leave the community
This is Whisper's second chance. She was born and raised among a primarily-human settlement some ways off. Her parents introduced her to her more unusual gifts when quite young, and constantly hammered home the lesson that she needed to pick a face and stick with it. Don't let anyone know she can change. Other people wouldn't understand. She got a long way before breaking that taboo. Maybe almost far enough. Love made her sloppy though. To this day she's not sure if had been wrong about him and his feelings...or if her true nature was just that bad...but when he found out, he was visibly affected and left her alone, saying he needed some time. A little while later, guards came for her. She eluded them and ran home, only to find it already empty. Whisper had no idea if her family had been taken, or if they'd fled...but she knew she was out of time.

Taking the place of a caravan worker (whom she'd found passed-out in a tavern), Whisper left her home. One of the other travelers seemed to see through her though...a man of aged features and piercing eyes. Fascinated by her, he struck a deal. He would keep her secret and even teach her...and in return she would use her abilities on his behalf, and perhaps even allow the odd experiment to determine their nature and function.

Over time, Whisper realized the old man was perhaps not so far from her, fleeing a past he wouldn't speak of save that it was 'full of mistakes.' He had his eyes set on a new life in a quiet corner of the world, far from prying eyes. It didn't sound bad to her at all.

It's her second chance. She doesn't expect a third.

What would you provide as a member of the town?
An organized mind, studious, meticulous, to keep track of agreements, arrangements and record them faithfully. A talent for planning and the consideration of future concerns. A certain talent for...underhandedness that could benefit a community that was either ignorant...or willing to look the other way.

What would you want to see provided to the town?
Security. Prosperity. Justice. Fair dealings, fairly adhered to. Foreknowledge of dangers and threats. Information to give it, and it's people, advantages in any conflict that might arise.

Spouse/Partner: None. Whisper will not lightly open her heart again.

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