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The Fallen Pantheon

Please post your character applications here after you have been accepted and add the following:

Characters: Bartholomew Orthis of Priestess, Henry B. Scroggs of Learning Curve, Kargai of New Beginnings. DMing The Great Exile.

I have taken the Oath

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right-aligned image

Name: Torm
Race and Class: A half-elven Swashbucker (rogue). While it may widely be accepted that Torm came from the humans of Faerun, his mission to forever be the balance between justice and mercy, the mid-way point of his other triad members, the struggles could be compared to the dual-nature of half-elves, who are constantly seeking to understand where in society they belong, and how they shall forge their futures. Torm’s natural leadership comes through his skills, his charismatic bold approach and ability to read the field of battle is what endeared him to fellow gods such as Bahamut and the Red Knight.
Background: God
1) There is a time for battle, for when justice is required and mercy must be revived, but after the battles is the time for reconciliation, understanding, and diplomacy; today’s foe may become tomorrow’s ally, so respect must always be observed.
2) So many images of war, fighting, horrible and devastating powers at work, impossibly large arenas of war: they haunt my dreams, and I have no idea how anyone can have the power to face it all.

Bond: Through a person’s own power, however small or large, they can make the future just a little brighter despite all adversity.

Ideal: Duty exists because of individuals who are courageous enough to act in interests larger than their own; Loyalty should be earned or granted by virtue of just acts and minds; Obedience is not domination, it is an agreement that safety will exist should we treat each other benevolently and mercifully.

Flaw: 1) Duty, Loyalty, and Obedience can serve the greater good, but there always has to be someone watching the watchman to make sure the law does not become subservient to personal gain and power… but it is difficult for Torm to not recognize the reality or truth in this sliver of doubt that must always exist. It can serve as a weakness to him if he allows it, casting doubt on everything… or perhaps his greatest strength if he can come to acknowledge it. However, being a leader of men and gods can leave one a touch… arrogant in their beliefs.
2) The measure of a person comes through understanding all aspects of themselves. It can be difficult for Torm to recognize anything redeeming in those who follow his enemies. He can understand coercion, and be merciful to desperation, but to willingly follow Bane, Cyric, or Shay? It’s difficult for Torm to find understanding or mercy for these individuals.

Personality: Maintaining a wide-scope of the entirety of a battle, whether it is on the field or at a negotiation table, is where Torm thrives. To see how the ebb and flow of a battle must dictate the appropriate response and timing is the level of sophisticated fight that Torm developed as a leader of men, and then amongst the gods where the stakes were the highest it could be. But in his new mortality, Torm finds himself fatigued of the war… fatigued of battle. He holds his virtues to be truth… but he now feels the fragility and exhaustion so many mortals go through battle after battle. Torm is in a crisis upon this mortal plane… not just from what he’s been through, but now considering what it all ever means to those who worship him.

Appearance: The ears were slightly pointy, his hair a deep chestnut, almost black, and long around his shoulders. His appearance was dark, but warm and charismatic. Youthful vigor, but with eyes that held a wisdom defying his outward appearance. At first glance there was something intimidating about his presence, but the more someone looked, the more they saw someone who they could be friends with.


1) Kaylie Eaglekeep (Female Human): Kaylie is a humble farmer now, but once was a renowned adventurer in her younger years. Settling down only to lose her husband to illness, she raised her son as best she could before he grew old enough to travel and seek his own fortunes elsewhere. She is predominantly why Torm feels such a crisis at this moment… his perspective now, much smaller than as a god, is very uncertain; How can justice and law be observed, when someone who has followed such tenets, so precisely, with little to ask for in return, is met with such tragedy, so loneliness, when so much self-sacrifice and courage had been shown earlier in her life. There are too many factors at play to guarantee a prosperous life with such sacrifice, which means that someone may sacrifice so much without any guarantee of reward or gains. So what motivates the sacrifices to be made? Torm’s dilemma and uncertainty comes down to this: Does he embrace the bias that would inform how he represents Law, to seek out a karmic balancing of justice’s scales; or should he ignore any biast so that the Law can rule without consideration for anything other than the strict interpretations of what is done. It is a hard thing for him to work out.

2) Aelen Daeatril (Male Elf): When Torm was a mortal king, he forged a friendship with an elf of similar station to himself, Aelen Daeatril, who taught the young noble about the rule of law and justice, and how such aspects must be protected at all costs. Their friendship withstood the test of time, but when Torm ascended to a more deific station, Aelen was left on the mortal plane to work in the name of his people, and became a worshipper of Torm… at least, that’s what it appeared. Aelen coveted the power Torm gained, especially as he saw himself as Torm’s mentor. How is it then, that the human should be elevated to godhood, his own abilities ignored by the powers at play. The jealousy was never acted upon… and Aelen eventually passed as all mortal beings must do, even elves. But the righteous jealousy within his soul may have been enough to gain the notice of another god, one who saw an opportunity to lay Torm low. The opportunity was the only thing required, and gods could be very, very patient for the right one…

3) Ketizur (Female Half-Orc): Where Aelen represented the dangers of following the written word of law, Ketizur was the example of following the spirit of the law. Protecting her people, she is the chosen chieftain of her diverse tribe. She may not be a follow of Torm in name, but the descended god recognizes her nobility and power of diplomatic relations, but upholding the safety and security of her tribe in combat if needed.

4) Ilmater: If Tyr was like a father to Torm, then Ilmater was like an uncle. Guiding the young god, and teaching him much of the values that ended up tempering Torm’s views of justice, and thus tempered Tyr’s zealotry in turn. Ilmater showed Torm what self-sacrifice truly meant, to endure, and to preserve in the face of adversity. It broke Torm’s heart when Ilmater left the Triad for a time, but he understood his reasons. It could be said that Ilmater’s influence is responsible for Torm’s decision to hold off absorbing his followers who were younger than 14 when he faced Bane’s avatar, for children are precious to the future. Torm did not do it for Ilmater, he did it because it was the only honourable thing to do, and the best way he could honour those who gave up so much to try and vanquish an evil from the world, even if it meant Torm’s own death.

5) Tyr: If the newly ascended deity was searching for guidance, he saw no one greater to aspire to than Tyr. Growing in the god’s footsteps, and then becoming greater than even his mentor, Torm learned the meaning of justice and law, and how it could lead to acts of tyranny if left unchecked. The death of Helm changed many things for the Triad, including Torm’s growing sense of unease at absolute power going unchecked. Tyr’s sacrifice to save their home of Celestia was sorrowful for Torm, but his recent resurrection has created an unforeseen situation: Is Torm being disloyal to Tyr by not stepping aside and allowing him to retake the position he once held within the Triad? Does Torm even want to remain in that position?

Backstory: How does one clarify the position of law, duty, loyalty, and mercy? How does one decide when a law becomes in service to a tyrant rather than the benefit of its people. Duty to a superior is lawful and honorable, but if that superior’s interests are against the people the law states they must serve, then the law has been tainted. A punishment for a thief who steals food to feed the family that starves because laws keep them in a position subservient to rulers of a land? The law is corrupted. So, where does the judgement of the law come from? For me it must always be for the benefit of the people’s the law is meant to serve. Those in power are guided by this principle. The law supports this position for the benefit of all in society. That is my stance. It must be, lest I become like my enemies.

Bonus Background: Ah, the time of troubles is such a tame title for a period of time that saw so much violence, and sacrifice. Bane is who kept my focus during that time. Finding and then keeping the tablets safe away from his followers, and then battling with his avatar to rid the world of his tyranny… for a time. So many people had to die in order for him to fall… so many souls. I made sure they wouldn’t be lost in vain… even my life was lost by the end of that battle, but I would gladly lay my life again if it meant the end of fear and tyranny in the world.

RP Sample: The war camp was orderly, as much as any hobgoblin camp can be with other goblins running around to their hovels. Most importantly, the organized chaos also spoke to consistency in tactics. The hobgoblins kept their slaves and captives deep within the camp, surrounded on all sides by warriors from their horde.

Maglubiyet was mistaken for pushing his followers to take these captives, to invade this land, and to believe his forces and power so great that nothing would be done. That no consequences for the actions taken would fall back on them.

But justice and mercy do not let such actions pass without consequence. I will not let such actions pass. The goblin god may send a horde to do his bidding, but all I need are a small group of adventurers who need just a little help on their side to tip the scales in their favor.

A seed of intuition, a path less difficult than others, and a combination of heroes that can work together to achieve the desired outcome. It’s satisfying to watch a group of individuals band together and make their way through the goblin camp, quietly defeating all who stand in their way until the captives are reached, liberated, and removed from the war camps oppression. Obedience is integral to society and civilization as a whole. But oppression, outright slavery, is imposing one's will upon another without their consent. It perverts the notion of duty, and I cannot let it stand.

The captives are lead away from the camp, still quietly, and without the camp any wiser to the situation. It is hard at times like these for my mirth to not be known… for in arranging this liberation I saw an opportunity for my dear Red Knight to expand her game. Within a few hours, the forces of Ilneval shall be marching through this region and heading straight for Maglubiyet’s forces, and likely erupting in a conflict suitable for the goblins and orcs.

When proposing the idea to Red, the mirth in her eyes seemed to light up the night sky. Justice will be served, even if it is by proxy. Tyr would have found my tactics somewhat, subversive. But duty, self-sacrifice, and loyalty do not discount the clever use of enemy resources so that your own can prevail in the end. Self-sacrifice is not to just willfully throw one’s life away. It is to make sure that your sacrifice garners the greatest benefit to those who remain, otherwise it is not honoring the life that is lost. Above all, we must always honor life.

All life.

The Worst of Maglubiyet: Torm has known Maglubiyet has been obsessed with the fertility aspect of many god’s portfolios. The need for goblins to procreate and spread would be less of a concern if they were not driven to such bloodlust by Maglubiyet. While he may not have the almost infinite depths of mercy and belief in redemption that Ilmater does, Torm does feel as though goblinoids are capable of greater achievements than Maglubiyet allows in his madness. As such, Torm does believe that the worst thing Maglubiyet has done is enforced his iron will upon the goblinoids of Abeir-Toril. The hobgoblins have something noble and honorable within their race which is refined and sharpened by Maglubiyet’s desires to wage war, where guardians, warriors, and honour-guards could stand instead. The ingenuity that some goblins find given the scarce resources they have could be recognized as a renaissance of intellect and efficiency, but is squandered and reviled by even their own goblin-kind. Bugbears could be guardians of the natural world, but are instead twisted into vile beasts that seek to earn favor from Maglubiyet in terribly disastrous ways. It feels unjust to Torm, and it feels disloyal on Maglubiyet’s part to his own worshippers.

Bonus RP: A dragonborn cleric finds himself swearing an oath to his god to reach success.

Player Goals for this campaign: I am fascinated to explore how a god thinks when they are imprisoned as a mortal. How do they cope with being all powerful only to become fragile, and mortal. I want to interact with players, NPCs and the world in a meaningful way, with consequences and benefits, and have actions affect the world in some way, large or small. I want it to be a heroic story and help everyone feel like their characters matter in the story.

CompanionsBahamut: Perhaps the most like a brother than any other. When he was in his most desperate need, Bahamut was there. When the Triad needed to be formed once more, Bahamut was unflinching in his duty. When trials and tribulations continued to press against those who stood for justice, Bahamut stood firm. There is no one that Torm could wish for by his side more than Bahamut, except perhaps Red.

Selūne: While he would never say or admit it, he feels as though she is a mother to his godhood. Where others sought to challenge, befriend, or train him, she kept her distance, allowed him to learn, and offered respectful observance. While he know there may be tensions with opinions, he’s always been thankful to her for that.

Sune: Torm will forever be grateful to Sune, for she provided a place for Ilmater to reside when he could not stomach the proximity to Tyr. Often Torm finds Sune’s opinions and beliefs to be naive… but recently he can’t help but feel that she at least has a cause which can be considered pure, whereas he is often uncertain about his role or powers within the cosmos. Viewing her more as a sister… and a bratty one at that despite her being a deity long before he, there is a deep respect he holds for the goddess of beauty, even if he tries his best to irritate her for his own amusement.

Akadi: A force of nature, Torm has always been bewildered by her flighty nature, but has to respect the power that she holds together. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say he is wary of her, and often tries to consider how to remain on her good side.

Red Knight: It’s hard to put into words what Torm’s opinion is of Red. Bottomless respect and admiration, her intuition, insight, strategy, power, grace, intelligence… However, sometimes she can be quite cold. He’s come to see past this, but he does acknowledge that at the level of sophisticated war-planning she is renowned for, just about everyone will look like a pawn for her game… probably even himself.
PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Kayne Cyire / Torm / Donovan Whistler
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
Real Life hitting harder and harder. Working on updates as soon as I can, please have pity (patience) on me!

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Think I'm done with the updates, please let me know if you need me to make any changes, especially to the character sheet

Name: Bahamut

Race and Class: Silver Dragonborn Paladin - As the draconic god of justice it is perhaps no surprise that Bahamut would be cast out upon the mortal realm in the form of a race widely regarded as his children, the dragonborn. It is speculated that he has manifested in the form of a silver dragonborn, rather than the perhaps more expected gold, as this colour is actually more akin to his own spectacular platinum hue and it comes with the ability to breath forth a cone of cold, an attack for which his deific form was renowned. And it also came as no surprise to anyone that the lawful good god of justice, protection, nobility and honour should be granted the skills of a paladin, not least as one of his titles is Draco Paladin.

Trait: I abhor violence in all its forms but my great strength and power means that I am often forced to employ it to combat evil and enforce my code of justice. If you threaten or hurt those who I care for I will give you the chance to redeem yourself but if you fail and leave me with no other choice then your death will be swift and without mercy, although I will mourn for you, no matter your crimes.

I hold myself to strict standards and ideals and I expect the same of those around me, even knowing that inevitably I will be disappointed.

Bond: The concept and ideal of merciful justice as described in that paragon of honour and virtue, the Ptarian Code.

Ideal: My domain is justice, nobility, protection; all that is right and good in this existence and summarised beautifully in the Ptarian Code.

Flaw: Mercy in the face of evil. I will kill when I deem it necessary but all, even the most reviled creatures, should be given a chance at redemption, no matter the cost to myself. This also makes me open to manipulation by those I would otherwise be forced to slay, for if they fall on my mercy and promise to change it is hard for me to not offer them the chance, even when I should know them better than that.

Personality: Bahamut has an uncompromising, innate sense of justice, honour and nobility that he adheres to in all things. He is a merciful being and is always looking to give those on the wrong path a chance to right their course and take the first steps towards their redemption, for he believes that few beings are truly, irreversibly evil, particularly mortals. When his mercy is exhausted, however, he metes out justice of a final kind without hesitation but with a burdensome amount of remorse.

Appearance: Bahamut is a tall, heavily built silver dragonborn with noble bearing and eyes that seem to shift in colour, dependent on his current mood. He moves with apparent purpose and projects an air of certainty and confidence, even if his reduced form. Still, to those few beings who know him well enough they would detect a subtle shift in his usual demeanour. There is an uncertainty, a hesitancy that lurks just beneath the surface as the god within adjusts to the mortal shell without, a shell he neither chose nor understands how to escape.

Secret: I am haunted by every death I have been forced to cause, no matter how evil the being I slew. When it is quiet and no one else attends me I recite their names to myself. Every. Single. One.

Secret #2 Your Talons of Justice? Those elitist, rigid do-gooders who fight for the code you so espouse? After they were nearly crushed in the Rage of Dragons and sought to rebuild they were infiltrated, compromised. There are still those in the order loyal to you but many now serve at the whim of your beloved sister.

1) Daardendrien Balasar, a Thymari dragonborn of a... Unique disposition. He has done much to bolster those who fight in my name, whilst not becoming one of my followers in the process. He is a very interesting one, insightful and successful and a joy to debate with when I pay him the occasional visit. Not that he knows who he is speaking to of course. Perhaps one day I can bring him truly into my flock.
2) A young, impressionable priest of Lathander from Waterdeep whose name I have deliberately not learned. I like to sit an listen to his sermons as he has a wonderful way with words and a genuine understanding of what it means to be and do good in this world.
3) Graven of the Mountain, a hobgoblin of all races, who has taken the oath of a paladin of devotion and seeks to prove those who fear him and his people wrong. I sometimes appear to him, in different guises, to provide him advice and guidance and to help keep him on the path of good he walks, no matter how precarious his footing may become.
4) My relationship with my brother, Null, is... Complicated. His role is an essential one and he has his place fulfilling it, yet he oversteps the bounds of what is required and of what is right and with it he allows the worm of evil into his heart, there to sit and gnaw on the marrow of his soul. He is not seemingly irredeemable like our sister, yet he is prideful and arrogant and sure of himself in a way few others, even gods, can be. If I could but pull him away from his dalliance with the realms of undeath and the anathema that represents I am certain that he could be brought back to the light and to his true purpose.

Backstory: To kill or not to kill, that is the question. It is not one with an easy answer, for to take a life comes with a finality that is difficult to recant, although the evidence is, time and again, that it can be done if an individual or their companions are determined enough or well resourced enough. Still, for most it represents and ending from which there is no way back. It is an end to possibilities, including the possibility of redemption, self-sacrifice and repentance, all of which almost any being is capable of, given the right circumstances. So where did I end up drawing my line? That is a case by case basis. I will kill if I deem it both just and necessary and when I do my justice is swift and unyielding but I will only kill as a last resort, although I admit that being a god and having the powers of such does give me a certain amount of leeway and ability to indulge my convictions that it may be harder for mortals, however much they strive to follow the Ptarian Code, to live up to.

Bonus Background: Ah, The Time of Troubles, or the Era of Upheaval as I believe the mortals call it now. That was a difficult period for me. I was still reduced in aspect when the Troubles began, a Celestial Paragon in Mount Celestia and no longer a god due to a battle hundreds of years before, where my sister and I fought and killed each other in another pantheon, ripping our divinity from us. I regret the act but would do so again in a heartbeat to save the life of a fellow good aligned deity as I did that day. During the start of the Troubles I was diligently performing the duties of a Paragon but a year into that terrible period a mortal, a king indeed, one Gareth Dragonsbane, returned me to my rightful place. An ironic name I suppose, as it was he who returned the Tree-Gem from The Abyss and reignited mortal interest in my tenants and worship, returning me to godhood. It was a short-lived victory though as I soon found myself trapped in a prison of high magic from which I could not escape. Once again my fate was out of my hands, a galling fact for a divine being I'm sure you can appreciate. And once again I was freed due to the efforts of others. Upon my escape I discovered that my sister had also regained her divine spark and with it had begun again her usual despicable activities. I immediately set out to stop her, as is my duty, and to do so imbued chosen mortal followers with my power, reigniting the war on the mortal plane. This was not something that I revelled in doing but it was necessary to mete out justice and stop her evil in its tracks.

RP Sample: Tiamat... My sister, my burden, my responsibility. She is ever a thorn in my side, and in the side of all good folk across the realms. Our enmity has been going on for so long I don't think I can truly say where or why it began. Perhaps it was simple sibling rivalry, amplified by our deific natures to proportions that defy mortal understanding. Or perhaps it is that our natures are so opposed, so misaligned that we could never be aught but enemies. She is the yin to my yang, the dark to my light, the evil to my good. Balance in all things they say, yet did the universe genuinely need to balance my sister and I so perfectly that we have been set against each other for as long as either of us can remember? I would redeem her if I could; she is my sister and I still hold love for her in my heart regardless of what she has done but she has proven time and again that she has no desire to be so saved. She revels in her infamy and her abhorrent creations and seemingly lives to outdo me and see me cast down. Maybe she finally has her wish but regardless of what she may or may not have done to me to put me in this position I will persevere and regain my rightful place in the pantheon with my brethren. And I will thwart whatever evil machinations she is currently indulging in. It is my duty, justice will prevail and, regretfully, the war between us will rage on as it always has and always will do.

Bonus RP: Not been on these forums for too long but feel free to look at my introductory post for Jakkit Redeye, my goblin ranger in The Everlasting Unknown Westmarches game, plus anything else I've posted by him in that thread: Intro post for Jakkitt.

Player goals for this campaign: A sense of mystery, maybe tinged with despair, as the fallen gods come to terms with their much reduced position and try to determine how they can get back to their rightful place in the cosmos. Plus just a general chance to do some RP!

Additional informationCharacter sheet:

Other PCs:

Torm: Torm is my brother god in arms, a good friend and a stalwart companion when the last recourse of the just cannot be avoided. He also makes a surprisingly good drinking buddy when wandering the mortal plane together. He is, however, sometimes indecisive as he always feels that he needs to know everything about a situation. There are times when he needs to learn to trust his gut a bit more but there is no one else I would rather have by my side in a fight, or a tavern.

Selune: Selune is someone I respect, as she values life as highly as I, possibly even moreso. Yet she is unpredictable, flighty and fickle, and although it is never in a malicious way it can make her difficult to contend with at times and means that she does not always live up to my expectations of a fellow goodly deity. She does, however, probably understand the nuances of my relationship with my sister Tiamat better than most, as she is similarly afflicted and conflicted in her relationship with her own sister. She has a great love and respect for knowledge, which is a trait that we share. All of this makes her a valuable sounding board and confidant.

Sune: Sune is a conundrum. On the one had she is usually on the right side of things, and she prefers to solve situations diplomatically rather than with violence, on the other she can sometimes seem a touch... shallow, and she is rather dismissive of the tenants of law and order, which I obviously hold in high regard. She is obsessed with beauty over all else and there is much more to life than just beauty. And yet her obsession is more about the beauty within rather than the beauty without, even if sometimes it seems like outward beauty is what she most values. A complex creature without doubt but one who, on balance, I am glad to know.

Akadi: Akadi is something of an enigma to me, as I have had few dealings with her over the span of creation, although as a goddess of air her domain has overlapped with mine in the past and I have had no complaints or conflicts with her, nor do I bear her any ill will.

Red Knight: Red Knight is stalwart and true and something of a tactical genius. She isn't the most diplomatic of people but her honesty is refreshing and well intentioned and she had a high regard for law and order. There are few better people to have on your side whether preparing for war or in the thick of battle.

The Ptarian Code:

◾ Justice and Good above all.
◾ Honor and Fealty to the King.
◾ Honor and Respect to Righteous Innocence.
◾ Honor and Duty to the Balancer (Lendys), to Her Mercy (Tamara), and to the Justicemaker (Bahamut).
◾ Honor and Protection to the Lesser Races.
◾ Honor and Correction to the Enemies of Justice and Good.
◾ Honor and Forbearance for oneself.

What is the worst thing that Tiamat has done?

My sister has committed many heinous crimes in her time but the worst atrocity has to be the creation of The Spawn of Tiamat. The deliberate birthing and propagation of evil, begetting more evil and unleashing it on the world, is almost unforgivable. Were I not so merciful in nature I would probably remove the 'almost' from that sentence.
Characters: Jakkitt - The Everlasting Unknown | Ixtli - West Marches | Jayce - Dungeon Dive | Bahamut - The Great Exile

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I think I'm done. Let me know if anything else needs to be added or adjusted.

right-aligned image
elūne. Goddess of the Moon, Lady of Silver, and She Who Guides.

Class and Race: Water Genesai - Druid.

Selūne manifested in the body of a water genesai giving her just the faintest influence over the water around her. It felt almost like a taunt contrasting the sway she once had over the vast oceans of the world.

She also manifested with the abilities of the druids, those who watch over the land and its most vulnerable inhabitants. Her abilities seem to be extremely weak at the moment. This fact was perhaps less surprising, considering that those who identify with the Circle of the Moon were some of her most avid worshipers.

  • My moods ebb and flow like the sea itself. Or rather, the tides ebb and flow like my moods. They are varied: predictable to those familiar with them, yet occasionally dangerous to those who aren't. Ranging from joyous and impulsive, to calm and motherly, to forlorn and wistful, my moods often share one thing in common - I am rarely angry. However, be it the right person or the right situation, I will make an exception.
  • Despite residing in darkness, I value light in every form. I seek to shine brightness into the dark places in the world and enlighten the dark places of the mind. I hold to the night so as to provide light in an attempt to keep evil at bay for those residing on the land.
  • Surprising to many, I am often found with my nose in a good book. I value knowledge, believing it is my responsibility to keep every weapon in my arsenal sharp in this never ending battle against evil. I also find the tales of mortals fascinating and long for the sense of adventure and excitement that their novels often reveal.

  • I value life above all else. I was there then life first blossomed, and fought for its existence - losing a part of myself in the process.

  • Evil has no place in this world. There must be those who are willing to fight for those unable to stand up for themselves.

  • Once my rage is released there is little that can stop me. This maelstrom of emotion shows no discrimination, and friend or foe are equally as likely to be torn apart like a ship in the storm.
  • After several millennia of existence, I find myself bored easily. I will seek out adventure and excitement with little regard for practicality or safety. Being newly mortal secretly delivers a rush that she was unable to find among her godly duties.
  • I hold out hope that one day the feud between my sister and me will end in a peaceful resolution and our family reunited.
  • I have a hard time adjusting to the normal rhythms of mortal life, finding myself distracted and forgetful for much of the day and energized at dusk.


Her name is Selūne. She is worshiped by many, loved by most, and vehemently hated by the one she was once closest to. There are still days that she hopes to find happiness with her twin sister once more, a desire once held to with the fervor of child-like naivete. Those days are becoming fewer and fewer as the centuries creep forward and Selūne would now be likely to admit (perhaps if she were to get drunk enough) that she's not even sure how such a reunion could ensue given the bad blood and horrific acts between them. They've raged vicious wars against each other, both with the intent to destroy the other, and such things are not easily forgotten. Still it is a wish she clings to, for few things cause one to abandon reason like family and love. The conflicting nature of this hope doesn't stop her from seeking to irradiate Shar's influence in the world or mitigate the intensity with which she battles her sister. To everyone but Selūne, it's painfully obvious that this resolution will never come to pass.

In the wake of the love that the sisters once shared, Selūne clings desperately to the life that she helped create in hopes that it will fulfill her. Before her banishment to the mortal realm she could often be found traveling the outer planes, searching for knowledge - both to quench a personal thirst and as a means to battle evil or subdue her sister. She collects books telling of the marvelous adventures of mortals and yearns for excitement and a break from the often mundane life of a god. As she travels, she finds many opportunities to be kind to her followers and generous to all, especially those in need.

Still, to those who bring her blood to boil, no mercy can be found. She fights evil with a persistence and vehemence that betrays how deeply she cares for the living and will gladly put herself in danger for those she cares about. Unfortunately, her anger can sometimes be as turbulent as the seas which she influences, uncontrollable, and catching innocent bystanders in their wake. Due to this she will often go out of her way to avoid confrontation, as the voices of her past still haunt her. More often, she is slow to anger even as her moods change with the cycle of the moon.


Selūne is no stranger to the mortal form, though to actually be mortal is quite an uncomfortable feeling. Although, if she were being honest with herself, she'd admit that it also delivers a rush that she's secretly yearned for. Currently, she looks like one of the avatars that she has used on multiple occasions: a young woman with long, dark hair and pale shimmering skin. A faint blue aura radiates off of her skin in the darkness, but no longer provides the light it once did. A close look will reveal a blueish undertone to her skin betraying the water genesai body that she's currently inhabiting.

Her Secret:


A secret kept from Selūne:


People of Importance:

Akadi - Selūne's best friend and most trusted confidant. One of the few who can calm her rage or prevent it from escalating too far.

Valkur - While they didn't always see eye to eye, they were friendly towards eachother, and often spent time together enjoying the sea. Often enough they worked together to thwart Umberlee, who worked hard to send those she could to its cold depths.

Chauntea - Early in the mornings, when the moon still lingers in the sky even as the sun assumes it's position above, Selūne will lay staring up at the burning sphere with Chauntea, basking in its warmth among the grass and speaking of life. Selūne assumed no domain over the plants that Chauntea cares for so expertly (she doesn't even use plant domain spells,) but these humble residents provide sustinance and even shelter for the animals and sentient beings for whom she feels responsible.

Lorna of Waterdeep - Now and again, Luna still makes her way back to Waterdeep. When she does, she frequents the inn that she once ran, though the ones who knew her as Selūne are long since dead. She sits and listens to the bards tell of great adventures and enjoys the drinks the inkeeper serves. It was there that she met Lorna, an middle aged woman and once servant to the Kormallis household. She currently runs an orphanage that she started about 10 years after her own daughter died when a young orphan was dropped off at her doorstep. Selūne helps her when possible, bringing gifts, gold, and securing funds from the church to help with funding.

Raynier Ward - A Fallen Aasimar Paladin/Warlock, Raynier used to worship Selūne. After all he's a descendant of one of her Shards and a mortal woman and thus a wielder of her power. Or was anyways. After his parents were brutally murdered, he took it upon himself to find their killers - a quest that led him to morally questionable tactics and further from Selūne's light. Eventually he strayed far enough that he became one of the fallen, his power tainted. He has since found himself with a weapon of the Shadowfell, and sworn an oath of conquest with the sole intent on driving evil from the land and establishing an order that will keep those like his parents safe. His power has warped into a weapon of darkness, decaying wings sprout from his back while he conjures fear in those he fights. While Selūne has tried to coax him back from the edge of darkness many times, he is simply resolved to do whatever it takes to make the world a safer place, including damning his own soul and forsaking his own faith. Raynier still prays to Selūne for the soul of each criminal he takes down... before setting them upon a post as a example of what will happen if you harm innocent people. While he is still estranged from Selūne's power, and they have different boundaries as to how far it is acceptable to go when driving evil from the land, Selūne will still go to him with certain tasks that she cannot perform herself - inadvertently furthering Raynier's belief that his way is in the right.

Ranier's a hexblade warlock - linked to his sentient warhammer whose influence over him is growing. He's also sworn an Oath of Conquest, determined to lead and army that will conquer the known world and instill an order that will be feared those who seek to take advantage of innocent people. Unlike Selūne, he sees collateral damage a neccessary, albiet unfortunate, side effect in the war against evil and doesn't shy away from the hard decisions.

Kern and Allison Morningstar - The last living descendants of the demigod that she killed during the Time of troubles, Selūne watches over them to ensure their safety. What started out as a chore of guilt has blossomed into a great friendship. Selūne is almost a second mother to the now orphaned teens.

Moral Quandry - Selūne's biggest challenge is often toeing the line of morality when it comes to how far she is willing to go to eliminate the threat of evil. She values life, all life, and situations that make her choose whether to sacrifice a life to save another can sometimes leave her paralyzed. One such situation arose when she found herself stuck between Valkur and Umberlee, as she often did. A warlord who was responsible for the genocide of hundreds had stowed himself away on a ship, hoping to find safety on a foreign shore. When she happened upon the two gods fighting she was quickly beseeched by both gods. Umberlee pointed out the crimes of the man and how he deserved to die. Not only that, but his death would mean safety for those in the nation which he landed in. Valkur pleaded with her to take his side. There were sailors and other passengers on that ship that were innocent, not knowing who the man was or even that he was on board. The two gods were closely matched in power and her sway over the tides could tip the scales. In the end, she sided with her friend Valkur. That man went on to lead an army that pillaged a small city state, not even sparing the women and children, before he was finally killed and the cries of those souls weighs heavily on her decisions to this day.

The event itself was a catalyst to her self-banishment to Waterdeep before the Crisis of the Avatars, in which she assumed the form of a middle-aged innkeeper. She has since come to accept that inaction and the forsaking of her duties can easily lead to even more catastrophic consequences. She realizes now that decisions of life and death are not easy ones to make and shoulders the weight of her mantle with more caution than before. She sees herself as a martyr of sorts when involving herself in these decisions - saving others from the consequences of the decision and the guilt that comes with it.

RP Sample -



Player Goals: Oh man. To participate in a great story with great characters who evolve and grow even as they are written. The idea of beings that are centuries, if not millennia, old roaming the earth learning about themselves as they go feels like a gold mine. I love opportunities for heavy role play and the opportunity to play an established piece of the D&D world while making it your own seems like an amazing, and rare, opportunity. I guess my goal is just to live up to that haha.

Additonal Information Requested
1. A short opinion (one or two lines is fine) about every other character:

Akadi: What is there to say about someone that you've known for almost three millennia. Akadi and Selune have a friendship that has weathered the tests of time and conflict. Akadi is everything that Selūne wishes that Shar was - a trusted confidant, an unwavering companion... a sister. While both Akadi and Sune play major roles in pulling Selūne back from despair, Akadi holds a sway over her that places the responsibility of being only one that can be sure to tame her rage on her shoulders. Akadi's role in Selūne's life changes much like her moods. When Selūne is feeling impulsive they often find themselves in unexpected places, when Selūne is more subdued Akadi's whimsical nature is there to remind her of the joys of being free, and when Selūne is whistful Akadi reminds her that life is fleeting and not to be wasted in mourning. Of course there are little things that annoy her, such as Akadi's tendency to leave people on the wayside while she flutters from whim to whim, yet what friends do not have differences.

Torm: Selūne has a... complicated view of Torm. She admires his rise to power which, like Red Knight, was based solely on merit and great accomplishments in the mortal realm. She also respects his strong sense of right and wrong, and even more so his unwavering loyalty. However, she worries that, as someone who used to be the hand of justice, he might have a hard time remaining impartial in his newer title of the God of Law. She also believes that his intense desire to know absolutely everything about any given situation can be paralyzing in times that swift action is a necessity. She can become almost claustrophobic when faced with the rigidity of some of his beliefs.

Bahamut: Selūne holds Bahamut in high regard, yet expects just as much from him. As the god of Justice, she fully expects that when the time comes, he hold her sister accountable for her actions. As slippery as Shar is, she worries that Bahamut will fall for empty promises of change, or be tricked into his own destruction in an effort to save another. She admires his steadfast personality and conviction to principals, but finds that he sometimes extends his personal code to others expecting them to act the same which makes her feel trapped and inclined to rebel against, whether there is a reason to or not.

Sune: Sune holds a special place in Selūne's heart. She finds the goddess trustworthy to the point that she invited Sune to stay in the Gates of the Moon during the Spellplague, helped Sune to restore Sharess, and even before that served under her when her own power waned. Sune has always been an ally in the fight for good and isn't afraid to stand up to Selune's sister, unlike many others, leaving Selune to admire the bravery hidden behind perfectly clear skin and gorgeous hair. Their long history doesn't come without troubles though, as she sometimes finds Sune's vanity and obsession with looks to impede other more pressing issues.

Red Knight: Selūne has a warm respect for the Red Knight. While their followers are vastly different,Selūne's being mostly common folk and those of more peaceful lives and Red Knight's being more those of military strength and tacticians, they have run into each other on several occasions as Red Knight often worked with Valkur. While their interactions were brief, Selūne finds Red Knight very competent representation of feminine potential and her wit compelling. Depending on her mood, Selūne views Red Knight's adherence to customs and protocol with either amusement, a mother like approval, or finds them stifling.

2. What does Selūne think is the worst thing that Auril has done?

Auril has not forgotten the embarrassment that she faced at the hand of Selūne. Auril waited for an opportunity for revenge, yet Selūne kept close watch over the town. However, at some point the young girl that Selūne spared moved to another village and Auril saw her chance. Not to kill the girl herself, that would have been mercy in comparison. Instead, she killed her daughter, a bright-eyed girl about the same age she was when Selūne spared her. Auril also vowed to kill at least one from every other generation in her lineage. The girl moved back to the town for protection and her family has lived there since. Still, many generations have passed, and as is the way with most legends, people are beginning to doubt its truth and considering venturing from home. Auril considers the lives of those who escaped death, as well as their children and grandchildren, hers to take if they leave. It's hard to say what she will do with Selūne not in power anymore. She put magical protections on the village, but it's unclear if they would still be active while Selūne is mortal.

3. Please tell me about Kern and Allison Morningstar. What are their passions? What are their hopes? What do they love? What do they hate? What have you come to love about them? (It doesn’t have to be any of those questions and it certainly doesn’t have to be only those questions) WIP

Kern Morningstar- Kern is a young man in his mid teens. While he is younger, he very much makes the safety of Allison his top priority and would easily give his life for her. They've been on their own for the past three years and they've become very close in that time. He idolizes his great-great-grandfather and dreams of one day becoming a great warrior deserving of the title his ancestor once held - demigod, and often spends his time training with a guard that he's befriended. Over the last year, he's become quite captivated by another girl in town but hasn't approached her yet as he feels like he has nothing to offer her, yet another thing fueling his tireless practice and studies. Every now and then, while watching him train or laugh with his sister, Selūne sees something in him that reminds her significantly of the main she slayed - almost like watching a ghost come to life. While that scares her, it also makes her proud in ways that she can't quite explain.

Allison Morningstar- Allison, who usually goes by Ally, is a bright soul who enriches the life of everyone she meets. Quick with a laugh, and equally quick with a witty comment, she's usually found with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. She loves dancing and is a talented singer, though she's very self-conscious of the latter and doesn't let many hear her. She does however, sing for Selūne whenever she visits and is a devout follower who often prays or meditates beneath the light of the moon on almost every night. She prayes for Selūne's guidance for her brother who she worries will never find peace if he follows the life he is headed for. She wants more than anything to see him wed to a nice girl and settle down to have a family, rather than go off on adventures and come back injured - whether in body or mind. She makes coin as an apprentice with a local surgeon and cleric who is teaching her to care for the wounded, which only serves to deepen her fears with each wounded that arrives. She's proving to be a talented medic and is beginning to show some magical healing attributes, hinting that she may be on her way to becoming a cleric in her own right one day.

Stat InfoCharacter Sheet
*Taking You may speak to any creature who can understand a language in its native language. You know what you’ve said and you never make a mistake, but you cannot understand the language you speak.Godly Speech for Sliver of Divinity

Going through all games today to catch up.

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Name: Sune (Character Sheet Link)

Race and Class: Human Mage - Theurgy Tradition: Domain of Life

Trait: I take great pains to always look my best, which isn't easy as a mere mortal now. It's tough being beautiful. My genuine flattery and ability to see the beauty in almost everyone makes others feel like unique and irreplaceable.

Bond: My Beauty.

Ideal: Putting beauty on display and drawing attention to it is of utmost importance. It is the only true way to offset evil and its devices. True enlightenment of the heart not only comes from beauty, but it is the beauty within.

Flaw: Sune tends to overlook organization and order as an asset, or a good thing when it can be. Tending to speak so intimately to people has her falling in and out of love, or infatuation with others often. It can also mean that she'll put off something to look at the beauty of someone's hair blowing in the wind, or a drop of water flowing down someone's arm in the failing twilight.

Personality: Sune lives on showing off beauty, mostly hers. She is happy when others display their own beauty and bring attention to it as well. She loves flattery and will give it often as such words are oh so sweet nectar to the soul. She is protective of being cut so she doesn't scar and tends to remind others to take it easy as bruises aren't flattering.

Appearance: Sune's new mortal form is a young, Auburn haired beauty, who only tends to dress protectively when danger may be present. Otherwise she dresses rather suggestively.

Secret: During the Time of Troubles, she spent a good deal of time hiding out (though some might call it 'shacking up') with Lathandar. She is the reason he encourages his faithful now to greet the sunrise in the nude.

Secret #2 One of her most trusted allies is the reason or cause she fell from her immortal status to be confined in her current human form.

People: 1)A faithful mortal named Clarice Sunar is often blessed with her appearance in her Avatar form so the Heartwarder can comb and wash her hair.
2)A simple fisherman on the Sword Coast was raising three beautiful daughters and keeping them beautiful and unblemished as he faithfully gave offerings to Sune daily. She appeared to him every few seasons in her unclad form so he could paint her image. Being a gifted painter he was allowed to sell his work as long as he claimed he painted from memory. She reminded him that any mortal seeing her unclad form could simply die by her wish if she so desired.
3) She appears often to an old blind priest of Torm to listen to his wisdom of the true beauty he has seen in his life. She continues to do so as he has never asked her for anything, though he knows full well who she is.
4) She has a close relationship with Sharess. Some think it's because she likes Sharess' favor for saving her during the Time of Troubles, but it's more than that. They are kindred in their love of things such as the Grand Revel, and are rarely without a laugh when in each other's company.

Backstory: She watched the young mother and newborn as they both rested. She had come across this information almost by accident. There was this dancer in Waterdeep who was just beautiful and she had slipped in to watch when she overheard what she wished she hadn't. Seems this woman's husband, the actual father of the child was about to sell the babe to a newly formed 'cult' or Shar worshipers. To make things worse, they were going to sacrifice more than the life of the child, but a great deal of works of art and artifacts representing Lliira. Death of the child wasn't the goal for the cult, rather dedicating the child and her upbringing to Shar, raising her in the way of... ugliness.
Sune couldn't allow it, furthermore, she couldn't tell Lliira as she feared not only would Lliira not do anything, but make things difficult for all involved, which included Sune herself of course.
So, she did what she had to do. She charmed the few that wouldn't draw attention to her by Shar into taking the father's life and pointed them at some more of Lliira's shrines to destroy to divert them further from the mother and child. This... beauty, simply could not be marred. On some level, it could be argued that she could have done things differently, saving the father, but his disdain for the beauty of mother and child couldn't be overlooked by Sune.
And as always, another secret muddling in the affairs of those in Faerun by a Deity was added to a long and continual list.

Bonus Background: What were you doing during the first Avatar Crisis (The Time of Troubles)? - She was trying to hide out as much as possible until the whole thing blew over. Once it didn't blow over so quickly, she took an interest in what was going on and this is when she stepped in to restore Sharess to her original state.

RP Sample: It is little known that Sune and Loviatar crossed paths during the Time of Troubles. Sune took issue with Loviatar's manner of dress that suggested beauty, but instead gave scars to her patrons that worshiped her. Loviatar mocked Sune with her own phrase that Beauty isn't just skin deep, and they actually had a brief fight. It ended quickly when Loviatar's whip struck Sune and she became almost enraged at the wound that might cause a scar. Sune turned Loviatar's faithful gathered 'round against her, but it was Loviatar who believed she had the last laugh as she escaped with the knowledge she had quite literally gotten under Sune's skin.
Fortunately, the wound didn't scar, but Sune has not forgotten the encounter and will not do well if they cross paths again. She won't react well around Loviatar's followers either.

Please add the following information to your character thread:

1. A short opinion (one or two lines is fine) about every other character:
Akadi: One the one hand, Sune feels like she understands the idea that Akadi passes on to her followers in that, if you lose interest, any chance of spiritual growth has left the place, so one should move on. Sune chalks this up to those not seeing the beauty in a person or place anymore, or perhaps that person or place has actually lost it's beauty. On the other hand, the notion that Akadi shouldn't concern herself if her faithful follow her doctrine or not as they'll be worn down in time, is something Sune just can't fathom. The time is now. Cherish the beauty within and on the outside and do so now. Love and beauty is what can change the world, not simply moving where the wind blows you.

Torm: She supports Torm, though she isn't fond of his methods all the time. Given that Torm respects Lathandar, this moves him up a notch in her eyes. Also, the fact that he went up against Bane puts him on a pedastal for her, given she hates those under the sway and 'umbrella' of Bane's way of doing things. Believing wholeheartedly that love conquers all, it is certain that they have disagreements on things and will have many more in the future.

Bahamut: Sune has great respect for him due to his alliance with Torm. The main reason she holds him in high regard is his preference for Diplomatic skills over fighting and thus, possibly damaging the beauty or potential for beauty others may find in themselves or display proudly.

Red Knight: She also gets a huge 'pass' due to her alignment with Torm. Sune disagrees with her ideas that strategy and tactics will always win the day. She, Sune, expressed her ingrained belief that Love will always win the day in the end.

Selūne: Selūne holds a special place in the heart of Sune. It goes beyond the fact that she served Sune for several centuries as their will and ways were aligned almost perfectly during that time. Sune loves the enthusiastic, vivacious, joyous, side of the moon goddess, and will do everything in her power to pull her back to that mindset when she wanes to the opposite. Opposition to Shar is the main reason that Sune sees Selūne more as a sister than a companion deity.
2. What does Sune think is the single worst thing Loviatar has done? - This would undoubtedly be how she is running with Talona as of late and falling under the sway of Shar. This combines her love of pain and marring the beauty of people's forms with Shar's want of keeping said Beauty in the dark. This makes it difficult for Sune to thwart Lovitar's crusade against convincing followers that there is some kind of sick beauty in destroying one's beauty since Shar (in Sune's mind) is everything that is bad about darkness.

Bonus RP: My Gladiator working up the crowd to join into the adventure.

Player goals for this campaign: The opportunity to portray and bring to life a "God" involuntarily thrown into a mortal shell is something I cannot pass up. The opportunities to RP situations that challenge Sune's stand on things, and put her in situations she's quite literally never known will be quite enjoyable.


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1. You are the Goddess of wind, and wind has the gentle breeze but it also has the tornado. How does that difference manifest itself within your personality?

The wind is neither always gentle nor constant. It is ever-changing, embracing, a whirlwind or the messenger of secrets, tidings and forthcoming. The wind changes when it see's fit to and can be relentless in it's journey, just as Akadi is. She is adaptable when she needs to be and "steady as the wind blows". She can be the calm before the storm, the eye of the hurricane or the crack of the whip. Her history suggests neutrality in alignment, though her personality holds an element of chaos as she tends to suit her own whimsical desires and needs.

2. What does Akadi think is the single worst thing Grumbar has done?

For Akadi, Grumbar hasn't only done bad things, he embodies everything she is not and despises. He is closely associated with solidity, unchanging forms, and the earth.The Earth elemental plane,is a solid mass of untraversable material, a solidified realm where nothing can move. He represents binds and chains and threatens Akadi's very nature with his static nature and persistence against her ideals.
Grumbar is the immovable while Akadi is the ever moving. A natural opposition since the beginning of time.

Specifically, the rampant destruction of her own church at the hands of Grumbar's followers, really holds a sour taste in her mouth. While Akadi has been known to leave an area of structure of worship to go elsewhere with her disciples, she can not condone Grumbar's ways of destroying other churches for the sake of his resistance to change both passively and aggressively. She also believes the last attack on her clergy was more of an open threat against herself, rather then the change she represents. This will not go unpunished.

3. Please list a short (one or two sentences is fine) description of every other player's character.

Selūne- My dear friend, the Moon Maiden, where do I begin. I can not recall a time in which Selūne and I were at irreconcilable odds. Her sister, Shar, and I yes... fell apart shortly after the Dawn War, though my friendship with Selūne only grew deeper and closer after such chaotic conflicts had ended during that time. Selūne and Shar depended on me during that situation as I had stayed in Toril during the Dawn War, maintaining my position and not interfering with the primordial conflict against the gods. In the end, not only did I keep my position, but gained the friendship of Selūne and for a short time, her sister as well. Throughout the vast progression of time and staying true and unwavering to my nature, it was only Selūne that could keep my pace, change with with my whims. And while my desires and nature may seem fleeting and flighty, she never once denounced or belittled who or what I am and encompass. She proved she could change with the wind and I with the tide.

Sune- I, like anyone else, admit to the Goddess' beauty. Indeed, Sune in any form she chooses was always a sight to behold. I knew of many occasions where her beguile had been needed and appreciated throughout our immortal lifetimes. For quite a long time, I had believed it to be simply a matter of using charm and appearance to get what she wanted or needed, though her vanity and narcissism was much deeper then I had first assumed. I tend to simply ignore, however, these more annoying traits, for the sake of her friendship with Selūne, and if she were to ever join their walks across the plains land, I made sure she didn't feel like a third wheel and faked interest in her attention to my friend.

Bahamut- While I greatly admire Bahamut for his fierce protection over those he cares for and loves, his strict adhesion to what he expects from others and himself what he believes are the "better" ideals and ethical standards, is not something I care to entertain. What I respect most of Bahamut, however, is his ability to grant mercy and give those who wrong him, a second chance. In honesty, I welcome the opportunity to get to know the great dragon on a better level then I have let on in the past.

Torm- While I hold great respect for Torm, I often wonder and find discord in how easy it appears for him to hold fast in obedience and law. While I have nothing to complain about in his righteous code and ethics, admiring honestly his ideals and accords, I shutter at times thinking of how bound Torm may be in adhering to his structure of morality. Time hasn't afforded us ample opportunity to truly know one another, though Lathander would sometimes talk of him during our morning rituals together.

The Red Knight- The Red Knight and I share some similarities when it came to the Time of Troubles. Both she and I remained in Toril, undertaking other various efforts to secure the safety and sanctity of the world. Her technique of applying intellect and strategy into all she does, intrigues me. Though she and I can be complete opposites in what our ideals and nature are, I tend to see strings of similar simplicity in the way we go through life.

*Character Sheet
*Taking Prayerful Understanding as my Sliver of Divinity


left-aligned image

I am named Akadi, Goddess, Queen and Lady of the Air. I am born of the wind and fly on the back of true freedom, there are no chains that bind me, no reins to pull. I move across plains and city alike, no bounds, no restraint. (Name)

For the second time in my known history, I was forced to abandon my place in immortality. When my position was undermined, I was cast into mortality in the shape I had been currently using on the Elemental Plane of Air and conformed to the body of the Air Genasi. This form is not unfamiliar to me, as I am the Mother of those that are birthed and ride on the wings of wind and air. As a neutral entity, and as my history has shown, my nature was generally carefree, the heart of all Gypsies across Toril. Those that most often sought my guidance, were Clerics faithful to my ideals, those that ventured to incorporate my manifest into their work, whether it be through creation or alteration, these faithful followers wished to enhance life, and thus I have returned to this plane to not only honor those that put their faith in me, but to reclaim my position within the Immortal Pantheon and cast out those who have yet to see the tumultuous wrath of my hurricane. (Race and Class)

Throughout lifetimes, millennia and eons, I have remained steadfast and true to who I am, what I am and the role I was entrusted to deliver. Through this marriage of self awareness and enlightenment of celestial responsibility, I have neither felt the desires of physical flesh, the intimacy of what mortal beings call Love or been consumed by it's counterpart, Hate.(Trait 1: I express affection or contempt in ways that are unfamiliar to others.)Within the long stretch of time that immortality has to offer, I found comfort in routine and order that contrasted and balanced the wistful nature of my being. Within the early mornings I would fly to the highest, coldest peaks of the mountain tops to pay homage to the Lathander-God of Dawn and Light,Creativity, birth, renewal, spring,vitality,etc.Morning Lord , thanking Him for the promise he kept with me, that all mornings would be allowed to renew after the depths of night had it's agreed to time. And thus, in the evenings, I would walk the plains from coast to coast, conversing withGoddess of the Moon, stars and wanderers. Selūne. The Moonmaiden always gave me an open platform to discuss the creation of life and how the tides beckoned to her whim. (Trait 2: I begin or end my day with small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around me.- maybe not so much a ritual but routine)

My nature is whimsical, a slow waltz across the sky, I am felt within the chords and strings of wind that whip through the open plains and gently stir the small hairs at your neck within the valleys. I am often silent though my presence is often felt first before my words. (Custom Trait: I speak no louder then a whisper without the aid of spellcraft/thaumaturgy).

There is nothing more sacred to me then the sanctity of life. To live and let live. To roam and to dance. Never to settle too long, never to become stagnant. To let our hearts become full with wonderment and awe. (Bonds)

I am the embodiment of Air. The Lady of the Winds, Queen of the gentle gusts, Lordess of the billowing breeze. But now, my position has changed, and I will bring the wickedness from the eye of the storm and shatter the glass throne those now sit at when they banished me from my rightful place. (Ideals/Domain)

My existence is nomadic, a free spirit that never stays too long in any one place. Because of this nature, there's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest. (Flaw 1)
I ere on the side of a creative, unbound mind. I will try almost anything once and sometimes... something will stick with me in the form of a bad habit from the perspective of others. (Flaw 2- Enjoys smoking herbs that enhance creativity and a carefree mind)

right-aligned image

This body, lithe and fragile, traverses the material plane with the grace and fluidity of an eagle's flight above the windswept plains. The slightest hint of translucent blue tones dance and speckle buttermilk flesh and silver eyes glitter when the sun beams kiss her face. Vibrant cerulean waves tumble down to her waist, while they billow gently behind from an ever-constant wind that seems to encompass her entire being.


People: Lathander (God of Dawn) Selune (Goddess of the Moon)-Immortals
The Whisper This sect worked quietly, trying to discreetly bring about change.
The Roar This group dedicated to Akadi were those who openly preached the Lady of Air's dogma.
The Azure Guard This elite guard of a dozen female air genasi fighters served as Akadi's proxies on the Elemental Plane of Air.
Arch Bishop- Asterius Silvermane of The Roar,
Sir Calin of The Azure Guard
Lady Esos. leader of the The Whisper..

These are three different mortal connections she has through her Orders in the Material and Air Elemental Plane. (Only the Azure Guard is on the Elemental Plane, though the Guard is capable of travel to the Material)

A Thousand years before the Time of Troubles, I was apart of a secret coupe that imprisoned someone close to me. The entropy and utter devastation they had caused, toiled on my heart.. I bared this burden for far too long and when the opportunity was right, I and my Azure Guard sealed away this person for eternity in the ninth layer of hell, Nessus. There they were bound to Asmodeus under a pact that would or could not ever be spoken about in details. There were only a select few of us that knew of this pact and to this day, it has been forgotten on the tongue of man. (Moral Quandary)

During 1358, Selūne is taken captive by Shar and imprisons her. My confidant, closest friend, the one I walked the endless plains with, brought to heel and hidden by a jealous twin sister. Of course, I had taken care of my own similar issues centuries before, and often Selūne and I discussed previous to her capture, of how to keep Shar at bay, though none of our conversations ever went any further then simply wishful thinking and daydreaming. She regretted not taking action even up until the last night we walked through the plains land. So, during the Time of Troubles, I could be found with a secretly formed coalition of her most trusted followers and had been working to free her from the prison in which Shar had been keeping her. After her rescue, we sent Shar's followers deep into Waterdeep beneath the Undermountain, where they only grew in strength and power under the leadership of the DeathKnight, Vanrak Moonshar. (Bonus Background)

RP Sample: Grumbar, or the Earthlord, is the elemental embodiment of earth. He is Akadi's polar opposite. Uncaring for mortal circumstances, distant to the woes and suffering of others, Akadi and Grumbar often found themselves in discord and disagreement over the happenings of the Material and Elemental Planes.

Short Rp SampleAs it was at every congress the four Primordial Elementals converged at, Akadi and Grumbar took center stage, whipping insults, shouting obscenities, dramatically enacting a full-on battle of wit, debate and disagreement. In the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals, the most recent agreeable place to hold conference, the air was filled with intense bickering which brought tiny, jeweled scarab type insects out of their homes to listen in on the meeting of the Elemental Gods. Akadi's voice echoed against the cavernous walls while she darted and whipped through and within the area they were in. "You could show a bit more compassion, Grumbar! These aren't insects or worms that you so carelessly use to your whim! In fact, your followers deserve a reward for even remaining as such, seeing how you've never met any of their prayers or wishes. Your blindness to their plight is as large as your thirst within the Underdark and the Earth Plane."

Bonus RP:{In Secret} But feel free to scroll through my Profile if someone's very interested = )

Player goals for this campaign: Exploration of the Material Plane, possibly other planar travel, depth of character progression as a new mortal. I thrive on heavy role play, mixed with intrigue and character driven objectives and interaction. I'm always open ended when it comes to Epic or High Fantasy and prefer an organic progression of story line whenever possible.



Status: Game On
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The Lady of Strategy
left-aligned image
Art by Kent Floris

Name: Red Knight

Race and Class: Human (Variant) Fighter. A child of man she was before and a child of man she would be again. Even in godhood, the Red Lady was sparing with her divinity. Magic was a tool for children. As a mortal, her means and methods would remain mundane: A simple blade or two and the mind of the Crimson General.

Appearance: A lithe woman adorned in impeccable red face-paint with beautiful, slim eyes that are so dark as to appear bottomless. She moves slowly and intentionally, rarely running and always, always watching. Tall for a woman already, her height is extenuated by her tall posture.

Personality: In her first life Red was no great warrior, but a thinker. She was a student of the great minds that came before her, occupying her time with study of the writings of the masters of war long before she learned to properly wield a blade. Her mind remains curious and respectful towards mastery in all shapes and forms. As a social companion she is pleasant and honest, if blunt and lacking in skills of wordplay.

i. Propriety and a warm demeanor hide the spirit of a fierce competitor. The Lady of Strategy is no fool, but she will never balk from a martial challenge. There is a lesson even in loss. And she will not lose.
Method in all things. In social settings, especially those of cultural significance, The Red Lady follows all forms and customs, respecting the norms of polite and high society. Do not expect her to deviate except under the most dire circumstances.

Bond: Tempus. Beyond her duty as the Lord of Battle's Exarch, the Red Lord sees him as the father that life failed to give her. Finding him and restoring him to glory is her main aim.
Ideal: Strategy and battle tactics. Each battlefield is a new puzzle of the mind where all beings, mortal and divine, may be tested. Mastery of sound tactics is the path to the ultimate elevation of self.
Flaw: Every matter is a matter of the mind and nothing else. The Lady of Strategy approaches every problem with the analytical mind of the tactician, often failing to connect emotionally to the pain and needs of others. Matters of the heart mystify and make her uncomfortable.


  • Jigil Gorgeous- A street urchin who also happens to be a savant at dragon chess. Red often plays games with the boy, finding his instinctive and unusual tactical moves refreshing and educating.
  • Tall Bron - An elderly half-orc with one ear. He is a skilled and talented blacksmith, but most of all Red enjoys the ceremony with which Tall Bron forges his blades. When Red has need of a tale or the itch to share war stories, she finds him at the forge and they share a deep brown ale that the blacksmith brews himself.
  • Malos - A young assassin who crossed blades once with the Red Lady and recognized the gulf of difference in their skill. He has dedicated his life to her teachings and styled himself her disciple (he is no such thing). Often found tracking the Red Lady from after she skips town to avoid him.
  • Amaunator - The God of the Sun was known to be harsh diety obsessed with the rule of law, order and the fulfillment of oaths. He was also a brilliant player of games and strategy, and he and the Red Knight spent many eternal evenings engaged in lively matches accompanied by lively philosophical debate - though they both agreed on the rule of law, Amaunator harbored what the Red Knight viewed as a romantic view of life, while the Sun God found the Goddess of Strategy clinical in her machinations.

Backstory: The point of the game is the game itself. Victory on its own means nothing, the process by which one achieves victory is what truly matters. In her youth the Red Lady was obsessed only with victory, now she is obsessed with victory over herself and her limits.

Bonus Background: During the Time of Troubles the Lady of Strategy rested her blade and acted as counsel to cities and nations that were bastions of peace in those chaotic and violent times. In disguise she advised war councils and those individuals responsible for defense, instructing them in ways to ensure their capacity to keep innocents safe and reduce bloodshed was maximized. Though she never went into battle herself, countless lives may have been saved by her actions.

RP Sample: On the third night the hordes of Ilneval once more broke on the ramparts of the City of White Walls. It was then that he knew someone of equal power opposed him. The War Maker, they called him. Ilneval, The Horde Leader, whose hordes take all in name of the bloody blade. And indeed, until that day, the mass of orcs and orogs and tanarukks that served him broke and pillaged all the lands that they'd swept through. The ruler of Manass, Prince Jad, foresaw the arrival of the horde and beseeched the Red Lady for council. In the form of a swallow, the Lady of Strategy directed his defense. The hordes were broken after seven days and the Game, a web of proxy wars and skirmishes between Lieutenant of Gruumsh and the Crimson General, began.

Bonus RP: A medic comes to terms with her blood magic and enters a dangerous meeting with the brass of an organization of assassins, thieves and smugglers.

Player goals for this campaign: Growing into the world and the setting around me, and building a rapport with the rest of the divine-turned-mortal. Figuring out what makes the Red Lady tick and hopefully having some moments of genuine tactical supremacy!

Additional Info.Views of the Party

Akadi - The Divines who held dominion over nature were already difficult to understand. Akadi, with her breezy, ephemeral nature and lack of grounding frustrated the Red Knight. The unpredictable was exciting on the battlefield, but difficult to deal with in individuals. And what is less predictable than the wind?

Bahamut - There were few Gods whose command the Red Knight would willingly defer to on the field of battle. Tempus was one. Bahamut was another.

Sune - In many ways the Goddess of Beauty was the Red Lady's opposite. Sune operated in a dimension that wasn't accessible to a mind like the Red Knight's. Matters of beauty, love and artistry were alien to the mind of the tactician and the Goddess of Strategy found herself on-guard around the ever-gracious Sune. Though The Red Knight didn't understand her, she has a vast amount of respect for Sune's mastery of the arts.

Selune - The Red Knight views Selune as she taught her own naval followers to view the sea - Beautiful, vast and beyond dangerous if underestimated. The interactions between the two have been fairly few, but the Goddess of the Moon never fooled the Red Lady with her serene demeanor.

Torm - Among all the divine the Red Lady sees Torm as her true comrade-in-arms. A brilliant warrior with few exploitable weaknesses and a flexible mind. There have been hints of a different type of relationship between them, but it was never pursued. Perhaps for the better. In times of trouble there's no one she'd rather have by her side.

The worst thing Red Knight thinks Ilneval has done: The swamping of Ridgemont. On the eve of losing a great battle to the Red Lady, the Horde Maker employed the magic of another deity to magically teleport most of his hordes to the plains surrounding the city of Ridgemont. This had been a previous site of battle between the two, wherein the Red Knight had gone to great lengths to ensure the survival of the city. Ilneval ensured it's destruction this time by employed powerful veiling magic with the help of yet another evil Divine. Before the swamping of Ridgemont there were two rules that both the Red Lady and the Horde Maker tacitly followed - the game was to be played only between them, with no help from other gods and once a site was contested and won, it was left be.

Nothing remained of the city, but ashes.

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