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Old 03-18-2019, 08:21 AM
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Character Sheets

The character sheet file cabinet. Please file your sheets here.
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Old 03-18-2019, 08:34 AM
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Seamus O'Malley
right-aligned image

Name: Seamus O'Malley
Job: Mob enforcer
Description: 6 feet and 10 inches of mostly muscle, Seamus has eyes like a shark: predatory, but dull. A scar runs across one cheek, the result of a knife fight from his younger days. His head is kept neatly shaved to hide a bald spot, but he covers it up with a cheap hat most of the time.
Background: Born and raised in the slums of Boston, Seamus got everything he has through violence. By 14, he was bigger than most grown men, and already cracking skulls on behalf of the Irish mob.

"Da boss says I gots to keep an eye on these detective types, an' keep 'em outta trouble. He says he gots some kind o' int-o-rest in this haunted house. I don't know nuthin' about no ghosts, but if there's troublemakers, I ain't broken no kneecaps in a while. I could use the practice."

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Old 03-18-2019, 11:13 AM
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Randal P. Calhoon

Name: Randal P. Calhoon (A.K.A. The Great Wumbo)

Age: 49

Job: Retired Stage Magician and Spiritualist Defrauder

Description: 5 feet and 3 inches tall. White, short hair with a salt and pepper moustache. Usually seen in his leather elbowed, tan professor coat. Randal also sports a set of sentimental non prescription glasses. At a casual glance, Randal seems better fitted for an easy life at a college or manning a library counter than doing the sometimes dangerous job he does.

Background: Randal was raised in rural Boston with a stern Christian upbringing. Naturally for a boy existing in such a rigid family system, sneaking out at night was more necessity than a pastime. One of his late night excursions out into the less structured world lead him to a impromptu carnival tent, where he witnessed his first stage magician. The show beset his mind with so many questions that he used his boyhood skill and tracked down the magician's wagon. Before speaking with the magician, a peek through his unguarded window revealed more than one of the performer's second hand miracles. This changed Randal's line of questions that he had been practicing in his head to just one: Who taught you how to trick people like that?

Years passed and the boy became a man, and a magician himself, despite his overtly religious families requests to repent and give up this charlatans lifestyle. Randal had a love and a passion for stage magic, however; that reflected in his weekly shows in town, and the delighted children and baffled adults are, what he claimed, kept him going for his almost ten year career as The Great Wumbo. As Randal grew old and his body began to succumb to old age, he retired his cape and hat to teach other aspiring magicians the trade.

During one of his classes on light effects a student asked him his opinion on the newly reemerging field of spiritualism and occult ritual. Randal then shifted his lesson on different ways to use lighting to create apparitions, making one believable enough to earn a gasp from the class. The class was dismissed and all the students left accept for one. She needed Randals help. The student believed her parents were being tricked and extorted for large sums of money in exchange for contacting her dead brother, and thanks to Randal's class she was sure of it. The problem lay in convincing her parents, a task which Randal was more than happy to assist with. Randal out preformed the charlatan and exposed him a fraud to the dismay of the students parents, but to the gratitude of his student.

Months later and word had traveled across New England that The Great Wumbo was back and taking the wind out of the sails of false mediums across New England.
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Old 03-18-2019, 02:13 PM
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Character App
left-aligned image
Name: Domenico De Santis
Basics: Male, 26
Occupation: Painter (Artist)

Intense, would be an adequate one word summary for Domenico De Santis. A handsome enough young man of Italian descent with this head of black hair that is meticulously groomed and is swept back away from his face, combined with intense brown eyes that have all the passion of an artist. His height and build are decidedly average being a couple inches shy of six feet, with a somewhat toned physique that is neither muscular nor frail. While he wears a buttoned up shirt its often a black or darker color and forgoes any form of tie with the top button open, a beaded rosary can be seen around his next of dark polished wood, but otherwise he wears little of note or distinction.

Domenico is passionate about his art which is often of a darker nature with religious undertones, who is looking for meaning in the world around him since his mother died almost a decade ago. He is rarely one to rush into a situation, but when committed to a cause or course of action he generally sticks with it. He is respectful of others, and has a great deal of patience, but is not afraid to stand up for himself or his beliefs in what ever way is needed. He has always been fascinated by that which can not be explained, and if there is a chance to delve into such matters he often finds his way into such an event.

Domenico is relatively new to the streets of Boston having only arrived three or four years ago at the suggestion of an art patron in Italy who said Boston was ripe for someone of his talent. Those familiar with the art scene of likely heard of him or possibly seen his work in some of the smaller galleries or showings, while he hasn't taken off as of yet he certainty has caught the attention of a few people and who knows what the future might hold for him. For now he bides his time between painting, social events and indulging in his fascination of the unknown.

RP Sample
Domenico sat quietly for a moment listening to the tale being spun by the older gentleman, a story of a book and the ill fortune it brought to those who kept it in their possession. The cursed book was an interesting course of conversation among their little gathering, and as the man came to the conclusion of his story the spell was broken. Domenico slid the battered silver cigarette tin from with his pocket and proceeded to light one, taking a long pull before settling back contently, followed closely by a drink of the wine in his glass. He could not tell easily if the story was true or a lie, but even if a lie there felt like there was enough of a kernel of truth in it that he wanted to know more but he would wait and let one of the others say something first while he contemplated on it.

Character Mechanics

Posting Status: I'm behind, see below...
Life Update - June 22nd: Laptop issues and been sick, please bear with me

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Absalom Guthrie
left-aligned image

Name: Absalom “Slim” Guthrie
Age: 28
Occupation: Preacher
Birthplace: Pottersville, TN

Born in the Appalachia of East Tennesee in 1899, the son of a meek god fearing mother and a violent drunken tyrant of a father. Slim would attend Sunday services with his mother, listening to the church’s fire and brimstone preacher, Rev Theophilis, who would invariably ascribe the wickedness of man to the work of demonic agency.

As such, Slim’s father rarely attended services.

When his parents perished under mysterious circumstances, Slim took to the roads and boxcars of the Eastern US with the few possessions he could salvage: including a battered, damaged Bible with vast sections burned beyond reading, with a vow to cleanse the world of the demons that took his mother and inhabited his father.


6 foot tall, tall and gaunt but not without the strength that comes from a man who looks after himself. Bown facial hair and deep dark eyes.

Laconic and gruff (though with a sprinkling of Southern manners), Slim can be quick tempered when the sins of others are on display. When in full flight during a sermon, he might seem as possessed as those he exorcises as he rails against the Devil’s work. But in quiet company, Slim can usually contain himself.

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Name: Anne Ritter

Age: 35

Occupation: Doctor of Medicine

Background: Anne Ritter was born in Pennsylvania at the turn of the century. After her mother's death due to Smallpox and her own near death from the same she was raised by her father, Dr. Henreid Ritter and spent most of her young life trailing behind her father as he made house calls in and around town treating the wealthy and the indigent alike.

By the time Anne was a young adult she was fully committed to the path of medicine. Her father enrolled her in the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. She graduated at the top of her class and took her residency. Since that time she has been a phenomenal doctor and has recently been asked to Boston to help teach at the New England Female Medical college.

The Ritter family itself has a history that dates back to the American Revolutionary war. The Ritter name comes from Anne's few times Great Grandfather who was one of the Hessians that surrendered to George Washington. After surrendering he settled down in Pennsylvania and converted to the Quaker faith. The Ritter family itself has a number of people in the Quaker community or "Friends" as they call themselves. Anne herself is quite devout in her faith. This is especially true since the Quaker religion has always placed women in roles of leadership for their communities and thus her role as a Doctor is seen as a good thing by many "Friends".

Personality: Anne is a gentle caring soul with a certain amount of cast iron in her spine. She is more than capable of ignoring the sexism that is prevalent in her chosen profession and works twice as hard to prove herself.

Appearance: Anne has short cropped black hair and fair skin. Her eyes are a deep brown and she stands just above five feet. She would smell clean and wear the minimal amount of makeup and even that would only be when she is not working. She doesn't wear any perfume and would most likely smell of the soap she is often using to ensure cleanliness. When not at work she would wear slacks, a blouse, and sensible shoes that are good for walking in.

Additional Information: I played Anne back in 2015 in a different Cthulu game. I miss playing her.

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Old 03-20-2019, 12:10 AM
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Name: Thomas Daniels

Age: 28

Occupation: Foot Soldier

Background: Thomas grew up in a military family. His father retired as a General and his mother a Nurse. Thomas always knew that he would be following in his fathers’ footsteps. He joined JROTC in High School and decided to join the Army at the age of 17 when he graduated. Thomas was 24 when he was deployed over seas to fight the Central Powers in WW I. As part of the U.S. 1st Division Thomas was part of the Battle of Cantigny. He was also apart of many other Battles of WW I. During these battles Thomas has seen many terrible things, some of which still haunt him to this day.

Personality: Thomas is a quite person who carries himself with a military bearing, honed from years of use. His years in the Army has taught him not only how to move but also to notice things that most other people might not see.

Appearance: Thomas stands at 5'11" tall and is well built from his military career. He has close cropped red hair and green eyes with flecks of gold in them.
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