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Old 04-26-2019, 10:20 AM
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Resistance Dossiers

Post your character sheets here. I prefer a Google Drive (or similar) link to a Chummer or HeroLab PDF, but as long as it's easily readable, any format is fine.
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Old 04-26-2019, 04:12 PM
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Draft of:Name: Mathias "he often goes by 'SlideLandslide" Drossel
right-aligned image

Metatype: Human (m)

Archetype: Gun and explosives nut/Skill monkey/Face
Build: ... with a small arsenal of guns and explosives ...Just a guy and ... a couple drones named Midnight (Doberman) and Shadow (lynx - but he swears it is misnamed and is really a great dane) ...his dogs trying to ... lots of skills ...survive any way they can
Current Job: Smuggler/well … he used to be! now all his paranoia is about to be confirmed … all that hoarding has to count for something!Paranoid Old Wackadoodle

Physical Description: Slide is tall (6'3") and well built for a human. He isn't muscular, but he can take a few blows (and has on occasion). He wears a black coat that falls about mid thigh at all times and has his RCC strapped across his back. Midnight, his doberman drone, is always at his side. In fact, people that know him would be concerned if she wasn't. Slide's hair is neatly trimmed, but otherwise unpredictable: sometimes slicked back, sometimes falling loosely about his ears. In general, he wears a calm half-smile that sets people at ease and he can talk about almost anything - for a brief while. Slide's generally relaxed posture and tone usually provide a strong first impression - of course subsequent impressions often display his more zealous side.

  • Positive: Ambidextrous (4), First Impression (11)
  • Negative: Gremlins 1 (4), Social Stress (Doubters) (8), Reduced Sense Hearing (5)

What are you doing in Lundstrung's?: Just looking for work. Its a good place to hang out and compete for smuggling - or just standard transportation - jobs. Slide is actually in the middle of a discussion that looks promising!


Role-play Sample:

Status: Long-term outlook: Good, Short term: through the worst! (w/ updates)
GM: Sky Realm (FATE) | Magic Rising (FATE)
Playing: Cinch (SR) | Bazziox, Imperial Advisor (13th Age) | Cassia(13th Age)

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Old 04-27-2019, 01:08 AM
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OzCharacter Sheet
right-aligned image

Name: Oz (aka Mr. Ted aka Tristan Wentworth)
Metatype: Human
Archetype: Magic Decker
Current Job: Teacher




What are you doing? He came upstairs to shop for a new suit.
Taken the Oath of Sangus

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Old 04-27-2019, 12:20 PM
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Klara Werner
right-aligned image
Name: Klara Werner

Metatype: Troll (f)

Archetype: urban survivalist / street sam

Current job: odd jobs, mainly as a dock or warehouse worker



Girlplay is a creative spinner who roleplays on Earth.

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Old 04-28-2019, 04:20 AM
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right-aligned image

Name: At the GM's request, Serenity's name changed.Auri.
Metatype: Twentysomething female; bark-brown hair, leaf-green eyesDryad.
Team Role: Her skills are solid, and her pedigree is top-notch, but frankly, she's a bit of a noob.Mage, Face
What are you doing: Buying some new threads!

Chummer Link

Role-play Sample:
Commercial lifestyle, garage (Body 5+), Yard, Obscure, Private Room.Panther's is a hard-to-find dive bar in an otherwise unassuming neighborhood. The nutrisoy is nothing remarkable, but the liquor is fairly priced. Styled as a speakeasy, the awkward location and don't-ask-don't-tell gestalt attract a fiercely loyal clientele who value their privacy - including more than a few shadowrunners. Panther, the bar's namesake, was one of them. Auri - the owner, and now also the bartender ever since she had to let Contact(Bartender): Connection 2, Loyalty 4. After she had to let him go, Mac opened up his own place across town selling steak sandwiches and homebrew. He's real popular with magical types.Mac go - is her daughter.

It's a slow night. A dozen or so of the usual patrons are here, keeping lubricated. The bigscreen is tuned to Urban Brawl, with the sound muted and English closed captioning. Auri has her contact lenses set to replace it with Sperethiel.

The externals show that the same Mitsubishi Nightsky has passed this location three times. Another Mr. Johnson having trouble finding the place. Auri chuckles, then looks at her regulars with a different eye. Four of them are pacing themselves. And the way Contact(Lone Star Detective): Connection 3 Loyalty 3. Nick's a regular, and comes to Panther's because the liquor is cheap. He's not a big shot, but he knows pretty much everybody and that's not a bad sort to have around.Nick Ryder keeps looking the other way... Smells like a meet.

Contact(Shaman, Shadowrunner): Connection 4, Loyalty 2. Spends a lot of time in the garden.Dines on Ashes, a Lakota shaman, approaches the bar. "I trust the room is available?" he says. Dead giveaway. If he just wanted some privacy, Ashes would use the garden - it's one of the things they have in common, one of the reasons he keeps coming back. If he wants the Faraday cage, there's a meetup for sure.

"How long do you need it?"

He books the room for an hour just as a well-tailored Japanese businesswoman enters. "Konbanwa, Ashes-san," she says. That catches Auri's attention more than anything else so far. Ashes is the bagman for his crew, but not the face; if he's the contact for this run, that means it's something a little unusual. She picks up a glass, polishes it so she doesn't seem to be staring, and opens up her third eye. Taking a longer look at the businesswoman, she almost drops the glass.

She positively reeks of magic. She's no Johnson... she's a wagemage. Auri's curiosity wars with her professionalism. Whatever the job is, Ashes will be more than able to handle it... and her clientele don't come here seeking her Auri is a Vodouienne, and should be starting play with a few services from a bound Guardian spirit.spirits. Well... except maybe K:Alcoholic Beverages 3THOSE spirits...

If Panther hadn't died, that'd be me taking that job. I'd've paid my dues and then some, by now. But her mother is gone, and no matter how sweetly she asks, Contact(Decker): Connection 1, Loyalty 5. A retired shadowrunner turned software security consultant. Used to run with Auri's mother, but hasn't been able to keep up with the state of the art. Her skills are still good but the tech costs a little more every year...Sea Moss isn't talking about what happened. And at the end of the day... Auri can't bear the thought of losing her garden. So instead of running the shadows, like her mother before her, she tends the bar and keeps the lights on and provides the cool kids with a safe place to meet up.

But as Ashes and his team file into the back room she can't help but catch his eye. "Stay low, chum," she says.

When all is said and done, more is generally said than is done.
Join the fight against inflation!

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left-aligned image

Name: Ami Miasawa
Handle: Librarian
Fake SIN: Mercury Marvel
Metatype: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Team Role: Investigator, Magical Support

Description:Ami has silvery blonde hair and unnatural violet eyes. She has long pointed ears, but is certainly short for an elf coming in at only 1.4 meters in height. She wears a pair of corrective lenses and can usually be seen with a book in her hand.

Personality: Ami is a bit shy at times and not very outgoing. She likes her books and is a bit addicted to Astral travel from her childhood. The real world is often hard to interact with and understand for her. Even so, she is smart and confident in her skills as a mage and an investigator. When she is working she is a lot more confident than when she is in a social situation.


What are you doing: Ami is at Lordstrung's Department store on a job. They called her in because they were having an issue with ghosts and her connection to the Astral is pretty well known in many circles. So, she's basically looking around the store trying to find which areas might be weakened and if a ghost is really in the building or if they are being pranked.

Role-play Sample: This is Silanea one of my current faves.

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	ami.jpg
Views:	6
Size:	11.8 KB
ID:	80189  

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right-aligned image

Name: Bo Liu

Metatype: Ork (Oni) (M)

Archetype: Melee, Sniping and Secondary Mage (Mystic Adept)

Theme Songs: The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu (When chillin') ~~~ Beast in Black - Die By The Blade (When revved)

Current job: Student attending Seattle U, part time hooligan wannabe

Physical Description:
Bo is a red skinned asian featured Oni standing Standing 6'3" in height with a clean cut appearance. His dark hair is worn in a style that would be right at home in ancient Middle Kingdom China and his beard / mustache combo would do Ming the Merciless proud. His own version of dress for success includes ‘combat wear’ style suits, or alternatively open neck silk shirts matched with more rugged pants. If all that screams triad member, or maybe triad poser, then Bo considers that message successfully delivered.

Bo is the product of an Asian crime family up bringing. He is loyal to the family and those he considers worthy, but can be disdainful or even a bit callous towards those who do not measure up. He respects education, success, hard work and determination, and tries to live up to all of those traits as best he can. He is also a bit of a romantic in the sense that he has bought into the triad mystique more than is practical, is more honorable than is advisable, into looking cool, and also an adrenaline junkie. These later qualities have given both his father and mother pause, and are one set of the reasons they are reluctant for him to enter the family business. Despite all that, Bo is determined to take 'his' place in the Yellow Lotus and succeed. And, maybe if he can grow up a bit more, he will do be able to do so.

He does have a few quirks. Most notably he likes fine fashion, and places a bit of his judgement on appearance. Bo also gambles a bit more than he should, and once in a blue moon ends up in trouble with debt that takes a month or two to pay off. Thankfully its not a true addiction for him, but it could become one if he is not careful. He is also a fitness junkie and frequents the gym and sparring rings. Intellectually? He likes reading, but only likes crime stores, tactics, magical theory and history. He is also a reasonably accomplished Weiqi (go) player, although not quite professional level.

Bo is the son of a high-level Yellow Lotus Triad mage whom he idolizes. As a child he grew up exposed to ‘the life’, and he quickly latched onto the idea of becoming a high level triad member himself, and maybe even surpassing his dad one day. However as his parents aged, and found out they would be unable to have more children, they went from encouraging his ambitions to discouraging him. It was just too risky for their only child, and his father was unsure he could hack it. The only easy part of ‘the life’ is slipping into it, it is not actually that easy to prosper at it. No, it was better his son seek a more normal life and live long enough to enjoy it.

This obviously presented a problem for Bo. He tried to go along with his parents’ wishes, but normal life just did not sit well with him even as a kid. He was not a bad student. Indeed while he was no genius, he was usually in the top quarter of his class, although more due to hard work than top ability. Still academia and after school activities held little allure for him, and he was always getting into, and sometimes out, of mischief. There followed a period where his parents tried different things from private schools all the way to a military boot camp for kids for a summer to find something that would work. But, none of it could bring joy to a lifestyle where he was determined there was none.

Finally his father and he had heart to heart talk and they agreed that he would try college first. He could even study magic if he wanted, which was the lynch pin of the Yellow Lotus. However, he could never follow in his father's footsteps unless he could prove he could handle it first. After which Bo's fleeting feeling of victory and hope was blunted a bit further by his father adding that he could not join a criminal organization until then, or it would cost his father and mother face with the Yellow Lotus. They had made their position known already to the organization. Dirty pool for sure. Since Bo was no loaner, or rebel without a clue, he was now bound by this as surely as if he had promised it himself. Still there was hope, so off to Seattle U it was.

Aliens: Besides just muscling in where they are not wanted. If he could be the first ‘in’ the organization to beat them, or get leverage on them somehow… Why then that would make his dad and the rest of the organization finally acknowledge him.

Qualities: Not sure just yet as I am coming from 3rd, and that was a good long ago. But, any sort of mob connections would be appropriate. I also saw one quality that I can't recall atm that that granted a lifestyle and an allowance which would also fit his character.

What are you doing in Lundstrung's? Bo is simply here to shop for some new clothes that fit with his style and maybe get a haircut if he can find someone whom he thinks can do a good job. And, although certainly not his priority, if he can pick up a cute bit of fluff while he is at it all the better.

Roleplaying sample:

Bo shooed away buzzing winged vermin with a flick of his head as he focused on his quarry outside the Stuffer Shack across from the alley he was hiding in. An ignored drop of sweat slowly traced its way down his face as he watched the three targets through the shimmering summer heat that rose off street between them. The Red Dragons were on relatively new bikes. So they were not low level scrubs. Check. One stayed outside on his ride while the other two got off their bikes, one punched the other good naturedly and they said something to each other, then the pair went into the Stuffer Shack. So they had at least some situational awareness to leave a lookout behind, as expected if they were not trash. Check. They were outside of Red Dragon territory, just like his informant had said, and that meant they had a reason to be coming back here fairly often. Bo wanted to know why. He might be young but his father had drilled into him observe first, think, and only then act, so often it was pretty instinctual. That lesson, and also that you had to know the enemy and their goals if you wanted to defeat them were practically his gospel.

So here he was, standing in a puddle of 'he did not want to know', in this stench filed alleyway three days after having chasing out its 'inhabiting' vagrant. He was leaning against the wall shoulders slumped with a ragged coat, also curtesy of the vagrant, over his clothes. But the payout should be worth it. He watched the time tick away on his AR contacts. Two... three.. five... Ah seven minutes later and the two Red Dragons left the Stuffer smiling. One had his arm around a reasonably attractive if somewhat street worn red headed girl whom was carrying a bag. He zoomed in and noted the edge of a Stuffer Shack uniform just visible in the bag and he smiled. Bingo. The rest went as he expected. The matched pair laughed and then they all made their way to the bikes before riding off with the girl double with the triad member who was clearly her bf or whatever. Excellent. Bo made note of the details and waited about ten minutes to be sure they were not coming back. Satisfied, he opened his com as he left the fetid alley and made a call to some local Yellow Lotus triad members he knew. He would get someone to hack the Stuffer, id her based on the imagery he had captured, and get her shifts. He smiled with a nasty little grin. Next time she was scheduled to work there would be a little surprise party waiting for all four of them when she got off shift.

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