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The Tourists Dossiers

For Character Descriptions and Sheets.
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right-aligned image
Name: Selivanova Valentinovna
Handle: Nomad
Appearance: Nomad is a Nocturna Elf whose origins lay within the Russian borders. Nomad has a black-red In the hair color world, ombré is a dramatic, two-toned hair color effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom.ombre mane of fur that comes down to the bottom of her neck and between the shoulders. Nomad also has a pair of cyber eyes she's specifically had toned to a red hue. Nomad's previous line of work has left her with an adjustable bustline, an engineered physique, and a chromed right forearm.

Personality: Nomad is, for the most part, a casual person, never happier than when they're working on a vehicle or taking a ride through the midnight streets going from club to club, bar to bar. A drink, some loud music, and a little company are what makes an evening worthwhile for Nomad nowadays.

Unless of course, there's a job to be done. If the clock's ticking and there's a sizeable payment involved, the gloves come off and it's down to business. No nonsense, no half-assing it.

Mechanic C4 L4 ""Storm" is a female Troll that looks wrinkled and weathered enough to have been goblinised in the first wave. All the hair between her horns, one of which is half broken off, has been shaved away, but to make up for it she has a good stubble going on her chin and upper lip. Since she is built like a truck it's doubtful anybody has ever suggested a salon. In addition to all that she has a lot of old school chrome going on around her head, the kind that is all unsubtle and shiny, but all of her limbs seem to be her own. To top it all off she is generally not very nice to strangers that don't flash enough cash to pique her interest, especially not when they don't know a thing about cars or drones. A bit of know-how can thaw the ice a little, but it does take some work to get to know her really. Evidently she'd been running in the shadows for too long, which will turn anybody into a cynic. But she's made it out alive, something that rarely happens. Which also makes here a valuable person to know, not only for her ability to procure drones and parts, but also for her stories and experience.Storm", Female Troll in Ottakring - Former Rigger and owner of the Chop Shop "Amoiumanblock"
Arms Dealer C3 L2 ""Obersteyrer Charlie" (Obersteyrer meaning person from upper Styria, a heavily forested and mountainous region of austria - at least it used to be forested) is a loud dwarf that runs his own gunshop up in Liesing, selling Euro-Wars antiques to violent Trogs. He presents himself as somewhat of a traditionalist, what with wearing lederhosen most of the times and a hunters-green traditional jacket of pressed sheepswool. The man is not that old looking, especially for a dwarf, even though his ginger hair is starting to thin up top. Of course his beard is still luxurious and long, braided a little to make it a little neater and fashionable. His traditional look goes with his second hand down to earth wares - cheap but reliable - which are appropriate for the district he operates in. He is not above dropping hints that he might have some newer stuff to people that look like they need a little oomph. Sometimes it seems like bravado when he assures a customer he can get a highly illegal item, but it's been whispered that not that rarely it is also true.Obersteyrer Charlie", Male Dwarf in Liesing - Owner of the Weapons Shop "Ak 47"
Fixer C3 L2 ""Catastrophe" Karl is a seriously tall Elf with a gangly and unkempt appearance that is unlike the stereotypical appearance of the archetypical member of his metatype. Having seen maybe too many bad crime trids he likes to walk around town in a beige trenchcoat that documents the last month of cheap meals that he has had in the stains that run down its front. Not that he looks like he eats all that much - he has been suspected of being a Banshee, a ludicrous idea that is easily dismissed by any awakened customer. So what that he's model thin and has dark rings around his eyes? But most remarkably his face is pretty badly scarred up, most of his nose and one entire ear missing - the thing that mostly relates to his nickname. Apparently he never had any interest in reconstruction. Additionally one whole leg has been replaced with cheap gunmetal ware, as has his left hand. He will be the first to tell you that somebody with no scars and all limbs has not been in enough fights - nobody stays the best forever. Karl probably was a pretty bad fighter to begin with, and people keep their mouths shut about what kind of fighting the Ottakring native had been doing in his youth. So there is Katastrophen Karls looks, but when you push past that you realise he is a pretty nice fellow, maybe even surprisingly softly spoken to be in this business.Everybody knows him - especially Doktor Nowaks. So he's got the info, and if he does not then he knows somebody who has.Katastrophen"-Karl, Male Elf in Ottakring


Short Story

Short Biography: Selivanova was raised in an engineering family, surrounded by a variety of engines and questionable figures trying to buy or sell them. It really didn't take much for Selivanova to develop a passion for automotive vehicles, this engineering fixation turned to modding cars and before long she was arriving on the drag racing scenes of Russia. Selivanova made quite a name for herself and her popularity saw a skyrocket (though by all intensive purposes, she was a relatively minor public figure during her career) when EVO offered her a sponsorship. The excited young drag-racer took this offer practically immediately and was provided a number of paid-for augmentations. Some for marketing, others for practicality and one or two for personal gain.

Things were looking up for Selivanova, but unfortunately for her, a happy ending is rarely such a thing in the sixth world and the world of luxury that was coming her way quickly took a different course. Selivanova lost her minor celebrity status in a controversy that cost her not only her career but her fortune as well.

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right-aligned image
Name: Iev Sokolov

Handle: Leshi

Appearance: An Ogre from the Russian Federation, the only things that set Leshi apart from any other portly old Russian are his pointy ears and big Ogre jaw. However, those are things he's learned to hide over the years to avoid the stigmas that come from being an especially rare meta. Besides that he often grows out a thick beard and dresses in plain clothes fitting for a man of his girth, though often he chooses to forgo a shirt entirely. He's a little older for an Ork and so is balding a bit on top, his face similarly weathered and etched with the first signs of wrinkles.

Personality: Leshi is a proud Russian, often stoic and silent, possessed of a peaceful self-surety. Others might call him dim-witted and stubborn. Either way, he knows what he believes is right and is both confident and decisive in following his internal guidance. Though usually at peace with the world around him, as a follower of Bear he can at times fly into a rage. But ultimately he is driven by respect and reverence for nature, life, and the spirit world, and feels a sense of kinship with all beings that respect the same. As this often puts him at odds with megacorps he finds good company in the Shadows.

Capabilities: Shapechanger Druid

the disposal"I ain't afraid of some fat old Shaman." The ork pushed past the younger human, wearing the same gang colors. He hugged a big barrel marked with faded "toxic" symbols and dragged it towards the edge of the dock. "We got a job to do. Easy cred." The young man continued with a worried look on his face. "You don't get it man. He's everywhere. Every bird, every rat, every stray dog, it's him." The ork tipped the barrel onto its side and it began to drain its sickly green contents into the river. "Ah you're just being paranoid."

The man pleaded further. "He's got spirits, man. The animals. And they say he can turn into anything. I heard he turned into a bear, and that's what ate Collins!" At this the ork stood upright and raised an eyebrow. He looked left and right quickly, then narrowed his eyes. "Bah..." he said dismissively, "I'll be fine." He patted the heavy pistol under his coat and went back to work. "You gotta listen to me," the human started again, "He doesn't care about your gun. He's not just some backwoods mojo slinger. He'll eat that gun before he eats you!"

The ork scoffed as he wrestled another barrel to the edge of the dock. "Alright smart guy, if he's so scary, why don't you just clear out? I got this. I'll take your cut and you can just stay at home with your mamma, crying about the scary magic man. That sound good to you?" He stood and put his foot up on the barrel as it drained. But the man didn't answer. He looked around. "Uh... hey. I was just kidding man." He stared down the dim-lit dock and saw something moving. "Is... s'that you?" But from the shadows sprung a snarling wolf instead, poised to pounce and barking ferociously. The ork fumbled for his gun and pointed it clumsily at the wolf, but before he found the trigger a huge weight fell on his back, flashes of claws and teeth obscured by shadows and brown fur. The last thing he saw was the open maw of a great brown bear.

Short Biography: Though he's originally from the Russian Federation, Iev mostly grew up in the Allied German States. He was born in an obscure farming village in Western Russia his family was driven to the Ork and Ogre communities of the AGS by extreme poverty and mounting fears of oppression. When Iev manifested as Awakened it was the final straw; they had to escape or lose him to the Red Army. It was in the AGS he got his first fake SIN and started work as a warehouse laborer near Leipzig under the name of Iev Sokolov. Over time he worked his way up to security at a wildlife preserve a dozen klicks from the city, a position that suited his talents and interests quite well. For years he lived happily in the AGS. But that was before he was found out.

It all started with pollution. It was always pollution. Corporate drones trashing the natural world to cut costs. It was the cold reality of the sixth world, but it always left a bitter taste in Iev's mouth. He never thought to do anything until he caught a toxic shaman practicing his sickly magic in the preserve. He didn't try to scare him off or arrest him, he just killed him on the spot. From that point on he started moonlighting as a vigilante purifier. He went after toxic shamans, sure, but also poachers, corporate lackeys, and even processing and manufacturing facilities. But one night he was almost caught and nearly got himself killed. He wasn't identified, but amidst a cloud of suspicion he fled west to Vienna. Short on cash and needing to lay low for a while, he started looking for work in the local scene.

CannisOrk, Middle Aged, Male, Rasputins Capo - C3/L3
Cannis grew up in a poor part of Vienna and, although he was awakened, his magic didn't get him far. He spent his youth protecting gang turf and being a trog rights radical. At some point he mellowed out and settled down in Föhrenberg. He has a cabin with a big yard where he raises a mixed pack of dogs for illegal dog fights. Besdies that he likes to spend his time drinking with the other Rasputin members and clubbing a few heads if someone does something stupid.
Though he can create a few elemental effects, Cannis can't actually call strong magic. In fights he mostly relies on an armored cyber forearm and an old metal baseball bat.
He has a particular taste for Russian liquor and thus gets along well with Leshi.

RouletteOrk, Female, Fixer - C3/L2
Roulette is a Fixer operating mostly out of the Badner Megacasino, but which also has her finger in many pies in mödling and laxenburg. She's a young ork with a sidecut, her black roots showing within the bright red dyed hair she has left, and cybernetic mirror-lense eye replacements. For her metatype she is built relatively thin but well curved in the right spots, a fact that is clearly visible, since she generally forgoes bulky armour in favour of bright dresses and outfits. Her skin is covered with a plethora of tattoos, most of which thematically revolve around gambling, luck and related imagery. The majority of it lights up under blacklight, which is not the only thing that flashes on her, since she has her eye implants programmed to display various gaudy neon patterns on occasion. Her personality generally goes with the appearance - fun and over the top - unless she is talking business. Because with all of this showmanship she is still a hard worker, well connected and fairly intuitive about who to drop her runs and info onto.

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Name: Dr. John Russo

Handle: Doc

Origin: Imperial Japan

(Dr. John Russo: Professional look) Wears light gray slacks with a gray vest and white long sleeve button up, hair is semi-short and black and well groomed, observers may notice the ware he has on his hands and peeking out the top of his shirt, his eyes are clearly cybereyes with a deep blue coloration, the cuff links on his shirt have a small Red Cross on them, his left vest pocket seems to have a small flashlight and pen stuck in it.
(Doc: Runner look) All Black Full body Urban Explorer Jumpsuit with small red crosses on the back, right arm, and left leg of the suit, it is complete with a full face helmet, a taser sits in a holster strapped to his chest and a backpack is secured tight to his body for effective running

(Dr. John Russo: Off the job) The good doctor moves with a practiced grace of a conductor leading an orchestra. He never smiles more than a slight grin. Some just chalk him up as an introvert. His words are kind full of empathy while his eyes seem inquisitive. He does his best to make his patients feel at ease and safe in his care. His curiosity about cyberware and the extent of what the human body can take are a driving force in his research. Some of colleagues would call him obsessed and his practices somewhat unethical. He greets everyone with at least a nod because he knows that many people just want to others to acknowledge their existence.
(Doc: On the job) Doc on the other hand is cold and unfeeling. His methods precise, brutal, and swift. Every enemy is approached as if they were a biology cadaver meant to be dissected as he pleases. One does not weep for those who are already dead in his eyes. He obeys the orders of the team leader without question even if it seems risky for his own health. Lies are rewarded with an eternal hatred. His main priority is the health and safety of the team whether it’s providing cover fire, patching them up in the field, or long term care in his facility. However, Doc believes in quick executions and is against unnecessary death. To illustrate, blowing a hole through someone’s skull resulting in instant death is totally fine. If he knocks someone unconscious and they will slowly bleed to death, he will slap a trauma patch on them to keep them from dying. He sees opposing security forces as just people doing their job and following orders just like him. No need to allow more death to happen than necessary. If a bullet to the hand keeps a guy from shooting back at him, he’ll prefer that over one to the brain.

Recreational Activities: His morning routine includes practicing Tai Chi and meditation. Lunch is laid back with making sushi and miso soup. Afternoon tea is actually a traditional Japanese tea ceremony that lasts the whole 45 min to an hour. This is normally the time that he has guests over as a laid back way to honor them and introduce them to his heritage. He has a small bonsai tree that he prunes daily for the past couple of years which is the centerpiece for his dining room table. One activity he does socially outside his house is finding a local shooting range of some sort to practice at. He is prone to getting to know the other shooters there and indulge in friendly competitions. This also serves a dual purpose of meeting up with other runners and fixers as well as explaining why he has a gun license and is so good at shooting. The other is he goes to car shows to see both the latest and classic cars. This stems from when he was a kid still in a powered wheelchair spending time doing his father’s favorite American passion, working on and admiring classic American muscle cars. They would go to the shows and look at all the cars while comparing notes about which one was their favorite based on performance, features, and style.

(Concise) Human Combat Medic with Heavy Weapons and Pistols
(Selling Himself) I’m an experienced combat medic who knows how to bring the hurt and stop it. One of my specialties is mobility and able to get where I need to go quickly. My arsenal is diverse to where I can punch a hole through a troll with my assault cannon, lob a volley of grenades on a clustered gang, riddle someone with bullets from my heavy pistol as I’m dragging a hurt teammate away, or knockout out a target with some Narcojet for easy extraction. Because of my cyberlimbs, I can get my pistols past all but the most cautious security as well as smuggle out goods. Sometimes big jobs mean walking away with some bullets still in you or cuts from a Monowhip. I’ve got some hospital beds set up in my facility where a runner can safely rest up while I provide extra medical care to get them back out there as quick as possible. Because as we all know time is money.

Arms Dealer (Connection 4/ Loyalty 1)
Pharmacist (Connection 4/ Loyalty 1)

Short Biography:
John’s Father is a North American transplant that came to Imperial Japan when he accepted a job offer to work for Shiawase in their Cybertech and Biotech department. He was a prodigy in making alphaware and even betaware. The man eventually married one of his Japanese assistants becoming fully engrossed in the Megacorp interfamilial power struggles.

John was born as their only child. Unfortunately, he was born with a very aggressive version of muscular dystrophy. By the age of 10, he had lost all mobility in his legs and significant weakness in his arms. Lack of physical ability only pushed him further into ho studies. He studied to be a doctor that could help other people who suffered from chronic illness. After he reached the age of eighteen, his father had saved enough Nuyen to design his son a completely new body by replacing his arms, legs, and most of his torso with cyber versions.

His father was on the verge of a breakthrough in biotechnology by creating injectable Delaware nanobots that could enhance or completely replace a person’s immune system. They would proactively attack disease, cancer, toxins, and eliminate scar tissue. Such a implant would essentially increase not just person’s lifespan, but also the quality of their remaining years. What Megacorp executive wouldn’t want to live the healthy high life for several more decades? Wind of this got to the EVO Corporation and as you can imagine they wanted it bad. His father had a constant military guard of no less than 4 guards in full military spec armor and the best weaponry/tech money can buy. Not to mention the fact that Shiawase had put him on lockdown in the research facility until his project was complete. No team of shadowrunners no matter how skilled would even consider going after the man directly. The only option was to coerce him into a “new change of scenery” at EVO. His wife was on lockdown with him in the facility, so their only other option was to kidnap his son who was practicing medicine in a less secure hospital. His father had told him that people might come for him and prepared an “extended vacation package” for him to use at the first sign of trouble.

John was now thrown into the shadows to sink or swim. He could never go back to his old life or contact his parents again. To do so would bring the hammer down on him. He used the tech his father had implanted in him along with his savings to buy some weapons to make a modest life as a Street Doc and shadowrunner when funds were tight. He kept on the move to get as far away from Japan as possible. Sometimes he would set up shop in a city for a few months to a year. This led him to Vienna. Finally, he felt as though he had ran far enough away from his demons to settle down somewhere for a few years.

First things first which was to set up a home-based clinic he could operate out of. Next would be to get the lay of the land and get his name out there. Most people in the shadows couldn’t afford proper medical care. He was their lifeline as well as a skilled doctor to implant ware. His clinic was set up behind his middle class home. He couldn’t stand slumming it in some sprawl. He was from a distinguished family after all and he needed a sterile environment to operate in.

Arms Dealer: Connection 4/ Loyalty 1
Pharmacist: Connection 4/ Loyalty 1
Local Gang Leader: Connection 4/ Loyalty 1

Character Sheet:Attached
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Doc Character Sheet PDF.pdf (52.5 KB, 4 views)

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Little Mako
right-aligned image
The armor covers her stomach and the pistol she's carrying looks quite similar to the Altmayr SPX2 shotgun, minus the clip :)
  • Name: Mako Chen
  • Handle: Germin for mancer(turns out it means Thin)Dünn (her old Handle was Manderin for ThunderLéi)

  • Appearance:
    Her first name comes from her Japanese heritage, and her last name comes from her Chinese heritage, and if that didn't tell anyone her nationality, Mako looks classically Asian. She keeps her long black hair in a loose ponytail and it is her main vanity in life right now. While she likes following Retro and Cyberpunk trends to fit in with her friends, being on the run has Mako dressing in the same common everyday brands of clothing that the working-class locals of Ottakring in Vienna wear. Only time will tell if she will be able to keep that fashion for long. She loved her Hong Kong Cyberpunk look, but it's too distinctive. At 5' 2" she is short with a lithe build. Mako's jade green eyes are a genetic gift from her mother, and she has no qualms about using her exotic looks to get what she wants. Her only weapon in meatspace is an Altmayr SPX2 shotgun pistol. Though she prefers to use an HK DMR 11D sniper rifle whenever she can, which she keeps broken down in her backpack with several other pieces of tech scrap. The farther away from the action Mako can get, the happier she is. Thanks to her past, Mako also prefers commlink's that can clip to her coat collar and be detached and put into her coats Faraday Pocket at need. Her look is finished off with a pair of jade green
    normal image without text wrap
    less transparent
    visors the color of her eyes.

  • Personality:
    So contrary to how this is often done do not describe your contacts in great detail right out the gate, but tell me what kind of contacts you would want for the character when you are getting to that stage. < Note: I am quite bad at getting a character's personality typed out and then playing the character accordingly. It's my one weakness when it comes to roleplaying pbp style. >
    • This is the part I'm usually bad atMotives:
      • To keep her mother safe, Mako has to stay away no matter how much her heart aches to see her mother again.
      • To survive and find a purpose.
      • Mako wants to be liked, though her fear usually controls Mako more than her wants.
    • Desires:
      • To be accepted for who and what she is and to fit into normal society even though she is SINless and a runner that works on the edges of society. So yea, Mako's desires are imposable except in certain circles.
    • Habits:
      • Mako has a habit of tweaking how her Matrix Persona looks, never satisfied with the result. The tweaks are minor though, over time, it will add up to something that looks only vaguely like the original.
      • Mako likes sucking on suckers while she's hacking. It's not an oral fixation or anything, and she will kick anyone in the shin who hints otherwise. There is a reason Mako wears steel-toed boots with the steel on the clechie, I know, but when I started thinking about habits for Mako, this popped in my head, and I went with it outside.
      • Mako derides most Deckers when they complain about the cost of upkeep on their Decks. She still remembers when the price of a cheap deck could feed her and her mother for years.
    • Mannerisms:
      • Mako has a haughty attitude with those she meets on the street. It's a defense mechanism on her part. If she doesn't let anyone close she won't get hurt.
      • With friends, she's more down to earth and surprisingly shy.
      • On the job, Mako gets quiet and focused. She speaks with only enough words to get the job done. With a group that she does not know, this mannerism is even more pronounced. It's all an act to hide and manage her fear.

  • Capabilities:
    "What am I good for?!? While I may not look like it, I can hack as good as any up and coming decker out there. And I can do it without any of the standard dreck a decker has to lug around to boot." Pulling the wicked little shotgun up from her side where it hung on a strap, the Chameleon Coating trying to adapt to its new surrounding's making the weapon look more intimidating caused the Johnson to take a step back, "This here is the second most expensive piece of tech I got besides my sniper rifle. Deckers are expensive because their expensive toys get damaged and they whine about a bonus to replace them. If my sniper rifle gets damaged I'll whine about it in private and eat the cost." Letting the weapon slide back on its strap under her coat, Mako crosses her arms and leaned back against the wall. "I'm your girl if you got the nuyen. And I'll even do the job without complaining about needing a bonus like a Decker will when his expensive toy gets shot."

  • Short Biography: < Note: There is no information about the KowloonWalled City in the Almanac so I used a wiki for helping me to remember the plot of the Shadowrun: Hong Kong It's a good game if you haven't played it, though its old that gave me the idea for Mako. I'll be only using it for flavor. >
    Mako could still remember the nightmares she had back then. They said it was a drug lab accident that caused the mass hallucinations, but her mother maintains that it is a coverup for the truth. "You were only six years old and too young to understand, but everyone that lived in the Walled City of Kowloon back then knows better, they didn't say so, but they knew." To this day, Mako is unsure if she wants to believe her mother. For years before she was even born, the dreams and nightmares had wracked the residents of the Walled City, each year worse than the last and by 2056 even the residence of Heoi living beyond the wall are affected by the nightmares. It all came to a head during a nasty It's not in the wiki, but there was one in the gamehurricane that struck the island of Hong Kong, and people became insane as the nightmares racked people while they were awake. Mako remembers that time vividly as her mother locked her in a dark closet and ran out into the city as the whole place went insane, her mother among them.

    To this day, Mako can not stand tight, dark spaces as it reminds her of that closet and the hallucinations and nightmares that wracked her mind during that terrible night. After the hurricane abated, the nightmares stopped and never came back, but Kowloon was still a Walled City. Whatever was causing the nightmares was gone, but the horror of living hand to mouth in a slum was still there. Every day was a struggle, and her mother never really recovered from that night. She tried her best to take after little Mako, but the nightmares still lived inside her head. For the most part, Mako herself was fine. She had nightmares, of course, but nightmares of the horror she experienced, not ones of a spiritual nature. Her mother looked after her and did the best to educate Mako while partially insane and impoverished. Mako was always being told to hide what she had and cover her face in grime, or they would take her too. So, after getting over a slight fever one day Mako woke up and found herself able to see the ARO of her mother's commlink without any technological aids, she kept the discovery to herself.

    Like any teenager, Mako wanted to fit in and show off. With fashions being more leather cyberpunk than cloth in nature, she was able to follow the fashions by scavenging and occasionally stealing. She started hanging out with a group of kids that were full of ideals and she latched onto their cause. The little group didn't have a name or even one central cause, they just took up whatever injustice was popular at the time. To fit in, she found a crappy radio shack deck that was bricked to hell and back. It was surprisingly easy to fake being a decker amongst her friends as none of them ever met one in real life before, not in the Walled City. She was instantly popular and the center of the group's activism. For years she plied her trade with her group of friends and did actual runs as a runner named Léi occasionally. Slowly they expanded their activism to higher and higher levels. It all came to a head when they tried to sabotage the brand new Executive Council building. They were only going to destroy or block all the elevators and stairwells and then turn on all the water faucets in the building. As a prank and an act of disobedience, it was awesome. But there was supposed to be no one there, and all Mako had to do was bypass the security. It all went south shortly after Mako got into the system and activated the water systems. She was in the process of bricking the water control system when the shooting started. She didn't know what to do at first, but soon the little experience she had gained on her runs kicked in. When the Run was blown, run! So she screamed for everyone to jet and destroyed her commlink before followed her own advice. To this day, Mako does not know what went What went wrong was someone found out about her little group's plans and aided them in carrying it out. They added nerve gas to the water pipes on the executive level to kill the group of the Executive Council that was having a clandestine meeting on the top floor and then aided the security forces in the effort to capture or kill her friends.wrong.

    Mako went home; it took her hours with the city on lockdown, and she knew it was stupid, but she ran back to her mom, where she collapsed into the woman's arms crying. The woman knew as there were already reports of a failed assassination attempt by a Kowloon terrorist cell, but yet she hugged her daughter and wiped away her tears. It was her mother who told Mako that she was listed as one of the ringleaders of the terrorist cell, Just her name, and description, no good picture. Mako was surprised when her mother shoved a surprising amount of nuyen into her hands and told her to go to the Star Ferries docks and get to Macao. From there, she was to find a man named Austin and pay to get smuggled far from here. She smiled down at her daughter and said, "Don't you worry about me. I'm a crazy old woman. The HKPF won't waste time on I imagine Mako's mom is smart enough to move instead of wait for the HKPF to show up me." It was an emotional journey for her as she found out nearly all her friends were killed, and she had to run away, leaving the few survivors to their fates.

    The journey to Macao was like a dream, but by the time she finally found Austin and paid for a boat ride half a world away, she was calm. Scared but calm. While Seattle was the obvious destination for a displaced runner, it was a little too obvious. So, taking up an old invitation from a Decker she met in the matrix several years ago, she had the boat of smugglers drop her off at a town called Trieste in Italy near the Italy-Slovenia boarder. She was pretty sure the Decker that gave her the invitation was just trying to get into her pants, but it was a place to lay low, not like he would get lucky or anything. It took a good portion of her remaining nuyen to make her way across the border into Slovenia and then north to cross into Austria. But once she arrived in the city of Vienna, Mako tried to relax. Finding out the Executive Council of Hong Kong had put a fifty thousand nuyen bounty on her head to be captured alive put a nix to that. She had already thrown the bricked radio shack deck into the ocean, but now she would have to leave her name behind. Mako Chen had to die and just become Mako, and that was easy as she was SINless. But they were looking for a Decker. To help aid in her survival, Mako decided she would embrace her abilities as a Technomancer. No more hiding what she truly was, and it was surprisingly uplifting and feeing for the young woman. Even hinting at being a Technomancer presented its own problems, but she figured it was better than being hunted for fifty thousand nuyen. Letting her hair down and tieing it at the nape of her neck letting the rest of her long hair flow free was another good switch. But Mako needed something more, a new handle and a new persona. The persona was easy, gone was the female warrior women in the scantly clad clothes, and in its place was a gender-neutral figure made up of 1's and 0's. It took her some time, but Mako settled on a name. Dünn. It meant mancer in Germin, hinting at her Technomancer nature or so she thought. Much later she discovered her commlink's translation software glitched. It actually means thin. A new identity and a burner SIN, Mako was ready to take Vienna on, not as a notorious runner, just new meat to the Shadowrun market.

  • A Note on Contacts:
    So contrary to how this is often done do not describe your contacts in great detail right out the gate, but tell me what kind of contacts you would want for the character when you are getting to that stage.
    • Fixer 4/2 - "Brand" (Which as Dünn could look up means Fire, as in a building set on fire rather than the flame itself), which she's only ever seen on trid but who is a male human.
    • Decker 3/2 - "Houdini", local Decker/Shadowrunner with a top-hat icon.
    • Infobroker 3/1 - "Argos", an icon of a large eye.

  • Lives on the corner of Kulmgasse & Lobenhauerngasse in Ottakring. A thirty-story apartment building.

<<< Dünn's Matrix Persona and her
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One mark
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Two Marks
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Three marks
Mark's >>>

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Damien Forcier
right-aligned image


Physical Description:
Standing at 4'5", Damien is fairly tall for a Dwarf, with dirty blonde hair atop his head cut very stylishly, and a well trimmed beard covering most of his face and ending in a large braid in the centre. He wears a business suit which has been tailored to best fit his lean body. He has ruggedly handsome written all over his face with eyes the same shade as emeralds, and they seem to look past you, as though he may just know every secret you've ever told. A smile typically covering his face revealing dazzling white teeth.

As Damien speaks, if you didn't know any better, you'd swear there was magic laced jnto the words he says, intermingling with his regular speech to create a sort of music, a dance of words and the arcane. He likes making people happy, especially when he is getting paid to do so, using magic to soothe someone's fears, or sending them into the spiralling realm of pleasure.

But when you piss him off, you had better believe he will make you pay in blood. Many a dealer has come onto his turf, only to never be seen from again. But stay on his good side and he can hook you up with whatever you might need or want, and honestly, it's pretty hard to get on his bad side considering how easy going he is.

Wants to create a drug empire here in Vienna, or destabilize the current one to create a foothold.

Left Toronto in order to escape Knight Errant forces that were on his tail, entire warehouses and workshops destroyed and near a decade of work wasted. Barely escaped with his life.

Found evidence that his Mentors killer may be here

Mild Addiction to Stimulants

Taps his fingertips against objects hard enough to be heard when he's uncomfortable or bored.

Loves to be the center of attention, slightly narcissistic tendencies

Capabilities: Chemist Street Mage

Specializing in manipulation and Illusion spells, Damien can manipulate people on the battlefield, causing them to lose concentration on what they are doing as they are being wracked with terrible pain, or lost in the pits of pleasure. He is a pretty good shot with his revolver, and carries doses of drugs in order to keep everyone in tip top and beyond

Outside of combat, Damien is a chemist, having a very good working understanding of how different chemicals will react with each other and how to craft drugs of varying types, and how to make alchemical creations.

Short Backstory:
Born to a pair of Dwarven parents back in 2035, Damien ended up on the streets by the time he was 12, his parents, deciding it was better that he not be raised by them as they were too poor to feed all those mouths, and he was the runt of 4 other kids. After living off his wits and charisma for several years, managing to eke out a meager living through cons, or just befriending people with a place to sleep, eventually he found someone to help him learn more about his burgeoning magical abilities, and his interest in Chemistry. This man's name was Robert Forcier, a trained chemist and Magician, kicked out of the magicians college due to a lack of discipline on his part (he stole from a bunch of the students and teachers). He took a liking to Damien, understanding that he had some latent abilities that could be fostered and a very analytical mind, he could pass on his knowledge, and create a successor. After several years of tutoring, one day Damien came back to their base of operations to find that Robert had been killed in the streets. Damien began investivating the brutal murder of his mentor and friend, but found no real leads, only a symbol he couldn't place.

While he was investigating the death of Robert, after going through a few of Roberts things, found an old fake SIN, along with the keys to an apartment in Vienna, the SIN lead him to an abandoned chemical lab, which had very obviously had been used for making drugs, and among the rubble, he found his Mentor spirit, a spirit of seduction, temptation, taking the form of a woman. She taught him and in turn, he realised magic was a tool to be used to control others, and he began to use his powers, to find new ways to create street drugs, and found new people to push them on. In Toronto, he found a huge supply of materials, and people to sell his products to, making his way up ladders until he started mingling with the rich and the famous, giving them what they need and what they want.

One of his clients saw the usefulness of Damien's abilities and Equipment, and offered him a few freelance jobs. His aptitude with Manipulation and Illusion, made getting into secure areas a bit easier.

After several years of mingling, Damien hit a bit of a snag, you see, a Knight Errant commanding officer started using and abusing, and when he was found out, named Damien during the interrogations that ensued. Forcing him to find a new placce to live, a new place to unfortunately start over.

Which brings us to Vienna, a new home, a new start.
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