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Old Jun 1st, 2019, 11:05 PM
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Please place your character applications and stats here. Private text is acceptable.
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Oh, I liked the stat block, so im stealing it hehe...

right-aligned image

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Name:	Celes_closeup.jpg
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Sorry all, but thing still crazy and I'm going to go on a hiatus for a bit. Hopefully be back on in a few months at this rate. Feel free to replace my characters. Thanks for all the fun thus far, I'm looking forward to coming back soon and hope to game with you all again.

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CharName: Galahad of the Dawnson
Race: Human/Elvaan hybrid
Class: Paladin
Crystal: Light



"Defending your homeland and people, what higher, happier calling could you ask for?"
"Even children know that there are monsters. I remind them that there are also knights who slay the monsters."




Going out of town 7/22-7/24. Posting will slow.
"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon."
-G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles (1909), XVII: "The Red Angel"

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Name:	oil steamed fish.PNG
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Name:	Ring of True Dragoon.png
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Old Man Ingo
left-aligned image

Name: Ingo
Aliases: Old Man Ingo, the Lynx Knight, General Belesarius, Gabraeus Vulmo Belesarius
Race: Hume
Class/Job: Red Mage
Crystal: Water, Naut

Physical Description:

Age: 60
Height: Taller than average
Build: Lean
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Crystaline blue
Memento: Fine chain circlet adorned with a brilliant opal

He seemed ordinary. So overwhelmingly ordinary. In the flow and chatter of the street's daily foot traffic, he was just an old man passing through. A nobody, really. He'd a worn cloak like anyone and hunched to submerse into the crowd, but only barely. He walked slower than the rest, but should anyone have cared to watch, he was peering at all passerby with much purpose. He turned to peer at you. Into you. Searching, almost. With eyes clear and blue like the last of a passing rain. The skin around his eyes had been recently reddened and puffy, but beneath that skin was a seeping shadow that traced into nearby veins, betraying his seeming mundanity. You forgot yourself in that moment, never having felt so... seen. And then the moment was over. He tore that fiercely tranquil gaze from you and cast it upon the next stranger, then continued his walk, returning himself to the crowd entirely. He was gone.

Ingo is and looks like an old man. He's slightly taller than average, and though he is lean, his slight hunch hides his height and build. He has strong cheekbones from which his skin hangs. His pale, searching eyes have begun to droop, giving him a perpetually sympathetic look. There is a faint darkness around his eyes, as if tattooed under his skin and flowing into nearby veins. Ingo's once-raven hair is now vibrantly silver, fine and falling long past his shoulders, though it tends to plaster to his face. In his youth, Ingo sported a perfect goatee, but despite all attempts to keep clean-shaven in his old age, he seems to always have several-day-old stubble. The red mage tends to huddle himself under his drawn, hooded cloak of what may once have been deep crimson, but has long since been soiled in dirt and dust.


Goals: Ingo seeks to discover his late wife's destiny. He seeks to expand his gift of seeing the darkness in others into something more. In order to rediscover himself, find a purpose worth committing to, and learn what doing good looks like, Ingo must first: find in others what he seeks in himself.
Quote: "I'm such a fool..."
Victory Pose: Flourishes his weapon into its sheathe as he looks to the ground, forlorn, before looking upwards at the sky, longingly.

Ingo can tend between brooding and weepy, however well-intended. He tries to find value in all others and imagine the world through their eyes, making him curious and something of a sentimentalist, but he is inexperienced in this regard, sometimes resulting in awkward exchanges. He clings to his late wife's beliefs that life is beautiful even in its ugliness, but struggles to own that belief as his own. A lifetime of misdeeds makes it easy for him to fall into guilt and self-deprecation when he wanders too far out of his shell. Ingo disdains the warmongering and dogma of greedy men. Ingo is drawn to those who are unsure of themselves and exhibit patience and compassion.


He would have been happy dying quietly as a nobody in that little nowhere village. The villagers could have known him simply as old man Ingo, the widower, who never rushed to or from his little fig orchard, who only wore the same three outfits of grey and brown, who never had an ill word for anyone, if any at all. They didn't have to learn that he used to be known as General Belesarius the Lynx Knight, one of the Grand Republic's most infamous killers and heroes. But they did learn these things. And the cost of learning it was their destruction.




right-aligned image
Instant Action:
Status Effects:

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Name:	Ingo small.jpg
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ID:	80500   Click image for larger version

Name:	carbuncle profile.jpg
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ID:	80798  
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Name: Aria Deepchasm
Race: Mithra
Class: Thief
Quote: “What use is being a thief if you can’t steal some hearts along the way?”

Description: Aria is a fairly ordinary looking Mithra. She looks neither young nor old and is on the shorter side for a Mithra at 5 feet. She has feminine curves but is lean and wiry rather than muscular. Her dark brown hair is not quite shoulder length and held back from her forehead by a dark purple headband. Her eyes are not quite black, although most people don’t notice since she usually avoids direct eye contact. Her only jewelry is an earring in the shape of a dangling teardrop that sometimes looks like it holds glowing embers and at other times a flame. Her skimpy clothing reveals tan skin, although she does have arm and leg guards and soft leather boots that are surprisingly sturdy and perhaps not so surprisingly quiet. The amount of pockets on her clothing is truly marvelous because only a few are obviously visible. People have often exclaimed, “Where did that come from?!” when she pulls something from off her person.

Backstory: Aria grew up in a traveling merchant family. It was a big family to begin with, lots of aunts and uncles and cousins, and eventually 12 siblings. Aria was in the middle, and although her parents loved all their children, there were quite a few of them and there were many demands on her parents attention besides the children. Unlike most of her siblings, Aria’s response to this was to sneak away and learn something “fun.” Her definition of fun changed daily. Sometimes it was learning to juggle or do gymnastics from the performing troop that had joined their caravan for a while. Sometimes it was to listen to the adults haggle over merchandise. Sometimes it was to explore the city they happened to be staying at that day. Sometimes it was to seek out classes for magic users and listen with rapt attention until someone finally noticed her and asked where her parents were. The world was full of wonders and Aria wanted to discover them all.

When Aria reached adulthood, she bid farewell to her family and set out to have adventures of her own. The first year or so was rather disastrous because although Aria had learned many things, life on the road on one's own was rather unforgiving. Luckily, she happened to run into an experienced thief who taught her how to steal and not get caught, and more importantly, what to steal and how to sell it. The thief taught her how to be a lover as well, and how that could also be used in thievery. Her motto was, “What use is being a thief if you can’t steal some hearts along the way?” which Aria happily adopted. This came in very useful in her continuing adventures.

Aria enjoyed a challenge, sometimes stealing something just to prove it could be done, but she never stole from someone who couldn’t afford it and she never destroyed what she stole. It was from one of her lovers that she learned of a mysterious mountain and the rumored treasure within, for those brave enough to scale its heights. Little did she know that this challenge would alter the path of her life irrevocably. The flame haired man she met in the surprisingly warm cave at the top of the mountain seemed quite amused and impressed by Aria as she told him of her trek to the top of the mountain and her adventures thus far. He declared that she was fit to be his knight and from then on she wielded the emblem of fire. Her adventures for a time became even grander than she could have ever imagined, but then came the dark time of the war, and she sensed the magic and wonder slowly leaving the world. Desperate to try to save some of the history and majesty of the world, she started stealing and preserving artifacts and records of the races and cultures she had encountered, storing them in the cave of the fire crystal, in hopes that one day balance would be restored and people would want to know about the world that was.

She knew of the other crystal knights, even met one or two in passing, but hadn’t had much to do with them. Even so, she was deeply saddened when she learned that one of them had sinned, and horrified when he began murdering the others. Through stealth and guile, she managed to avoid his attempts to kill her. Until one day she learned of a wonder from before the war; an entire library within a slim book of gold. Too late she realized the trap he had set for her, and her dying thought was regret that she would see no more wonders, and face no more challenges.

When she woke, she knew something was wrong. Very wrong. The world didn’t feel right, she couldn’t remember who she was, and she felt as though she’d lost something she could never get back. When she found the Fat Chocobo, and the avatar of the crystal of light, she felt as though she’d been given a second chance to protect her world, and a fierce sense of determination to bring back wonder and magic. Who better to steal them back than a thief?

Character stats:
HP: 80/80
MP: 24/24

DEX 13+2

Force: 2
Finesse: 5

ACC: 4
AVD: 9

Destiny: 3
Gil: 425

Weapon: Tier 3 Ranged/SmugglerConcealed: Sleep TouchDream Dagger 45+2d6 damage
Armor: Tier 2 Medium: Concealed Leather Armor (ARM 8, M.ARM 8)
Accessory: Flame Earring: Fire Proof

Innate: Steal
Treasure Hunter
Sneak Attack
Limit Ability: Master Thief
Limit Break: attack: Weapon 3 Status: Stop, Poison, Blind, Sleep (8) Power Item: weapon (-1)Malboro Venom


Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Mithra Face 8 Art - Final Fantasy XI Art Gallery.jpeg
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Size:	13.7 KB
ID:	90403  

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The BasicsName: Charon
Race: With Unusual Species, planning on taking Arcana to represent what her parents did when she was a child to keep her alive.Hume
Age: 23
Job: Black Mage
Crystal: Fire
right-aligned image
Slight in all respects, Charon doesn't cut an imposing figure, far from it. The young woman is short by most standards, and looks as though she could do with a good meal. None of which helps to make her look less like an apparition, as with fair skin, dark hair, and vibrant blue eyes many do a double take to confirm she isn't in fact a ghost. Charon does nothing to counteract this assumption keeping her posture near perfectly straight and moving with surprising grace almost appearing to drift along with little to no effort.

In general her attire is simple but well made, a commoner's clothes but with a noble touch. Golden embroidery, velvet lining, and white fur trim are just a few of the notable additions that distinguish Charon from the crowd. Another, and perhaps the most recognizable for those in the Republic, is a silver amulet emblazoned with the crest of the fallen house Dorrett. The most notable part of the young lady's outfit however is the oddity of her wearing both a cloak, a simple cream colored affair whose hood is perpetually up, and a cape, a much shorter deep navy bit of fabric embroidered with golden thread and trimmed with fur.

Nearly every inch of the young woman is covered by some article of clothing the exceptions being her hands and face. A tell tale sign she's used to the colder climates of the north, and a quirk that makes her stick out in warmer climates often looking less like a ghost and more like a fool. Yet she's never seen without each and every one of her layers, and for good reason for beneath all the cloth spreading across her skin like roads on a map are thin scars that, at a glance, look as though they were made with surgical precision. The thin lines tell a story Charon never will, and so they remain hidden from the world.
"Fire is unpredictable. You think you have it beat and it comes back ten times stronger, or it's all bluster and a drop of water turns it into a sputtering mess. How are people any different?"
People say a person's surroundings shape who they are, yet there are some who can push past the chains of their lives and become something else entirely. Charon would consider herself to be one such individual. Despite the harshness of her homeland, the eccentricities of her parents, and the general populace's dismal view of her family Charon stands as a bright, cheerful, and kindhearted individual. She's a soul seemingly unperturbed by all the darkness in the world and one that focuses on bringing warmth and light into the lives of the people she meets, and tackles each day with optimism, exuberance, and a can-do attitude.

Friendly and soft-spoken, Charon is a surprisingly gentle soul who continually puts others before herself, even to her own detriment. Add onto this a reckless bravery, and a willingness to throw herself into harm's way in place of others and you have a seemingly selfless young lady but everyone has their secrets. Charon’s involve her seeking the approval of others and a selfish want to feel like she belongs somewhere. On top of that she's a brick wall with anything concerning her own history, feelings, or desires swiftly changing the subject or simply refusing to talk about it.

Add onto that a constant sense of self-doubt and you have the basis of Charon. A young woman who hides her fears behind the guise of an eternally cheerful and optimistic individual.
Goals and Esoteric Information
Character Build and Statblock


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right-aligned image

Name: Dwaigo, The Silver Wolf
Race: Hume raised by Galka
Class: Ninja
Crystal: Earth, Gaia

"When times are as dark as this one must find a way to laugh at the misery or become part of it."

Physical Description
Dwaigo has bright golden eyes that contrast heavily with his silvery-white hair. He is never caught without wearing the garments of his trade, a loose black gi that is worn by the ninja. On each of his arms he wears a pair of bracers engraved with the history of the Earth Knight champions and have been passed down from generation to generation. They help him control the earth and protect him from harm from it. He has two swords strapped to him at all times as well as other weapons and he almost always keeps his face covered behind a black mask. Despite the mask however its is often easy to tell that his 'eyes are smiling' as their bright nature often betrays his light-hearted side. Dwaigo is not tall in stature and often is dwarfed by the Galka he grew up among his build is athletic but not bulky or stocky. The Earth Knight is very limber and can move as smoothly as the sands.

The Knight of the Earth is known for going with the breeze. Dwaigo loves a good joke and always tries to bring the levity out of a situation often times using his skills to embarrass his enemies and make them say foolish things. Knowing that he often faces insurmountable odds he uses humor as a veil of protection against the despair that would surely follow. Although many might align his trickster attitude with that of Gaia's sister Zephyr, the Knight of the Earth is not malicious but a kind-hearted soul with a soft spot for those who are downtrodden or in need of help. He would gladly give his last piece of bread so a child could eat and risk his wife for a stranger.

The First Earth KnightAges ago in a time that has fade into countless memories there was a great war. That war lasted for many generations and was so fierce that the crystals themselves had to intercede to finally bring peace to the land. Each of the crystals chose a divine champion, one that embodied their values and would peace to the land. Gaia as the crystal of the Earth chose his champion from the vast desert nation of Ebanara. In the capital of Ebanara, by the same name as is nation , there was a great temple dedicated to the crystal of earth. Painted on the walls were murals distilling Gaia’s values Endurance, Strength, Secrecy, Modesty, and a Strong-Will.

The prince of the nation at the time instilled in himself all of those qualities proudfully and when the time came it was he that Gaia had named as champion. The hero took on the mantle of the Earth Knight and served in brining justice to the land. It was said that the enemies of the Earth Knight often did not see him coming but instead were onset by a storm of sand and great wind and when the dust settled those with malicious intentions against the world or who threatened peace were in one way or another no longer a threat.
It wasn’t until the Dark Knight came looking for the Earth Knight that the peace in the world began to dim into darkness. There had been rumors, stories of what the Dark Knight had done with the Light Knight, but at this point no one was sure. The idea that one of the knights would turn on their own was so profane it was almost unbelievable, so it was ignorance in the end that did the Earth Knight in. A refusal to believe the threat was really out there. Gaia’s champion was not easy to pin down so the Dark Knight had to lure him out. Being one of the few people who knew the knights origins it wasn’t long before he found himself in Ebanara.

The Earth Knight had held the Dark Knight in high regard, had trusted him as a friend and brother so when the Dark Knight slayed the royal family and laid Ebanara to ruin it was a profound betrayal. The Earth Knight came upon him home with a wrath and anger unbecoming of him. Falling into the trap of the Dark Knight he was unable to think clearly and fought with anger and haste instead of taking advantage of his own strengths. A great battle followed and in the end the defeated Earth Knight fell at the ruins of Ebanara.
In the years to come the ashes would be covered with sands and the once great nation would be forgotten as the Dark Knight made sure that any record of it was erased from history.

The Forgotten BoyDwaigo’s history is almost has tragic. It is the story of sorrow from a boy without a name or a memory to serve him. It took place in the lands that are now claimed by the Lord General and the Federation, a once prideful place that took great care of its people and respected the earth above all else. There was a great temple in the middle of their city that Dwaigo remembers vividly in his dreams, but never when awake. It was a place of beauty where the people would come to barter and tell stories and where his parents, the rulers of the kingdom, fell in love.

Dwaigo’s memories are a bit foggy. They are full of patches and holes as a great trajedy locked his memories deep into his subconcious mind. From what he remembers all of that peace was destroyed when the Lord General came to ‘unite’ the lands. The warlord refused any offer of peace as the pulled the people out of their homes and laid siege to the peaceful kingdom. When the dust had settled no one was left standing either brought away as slaves or murdered for their ‘rebellion’. The Lord General had purposefully been ruthless in their destruction to set and example to the other kingdoms he wished to conquer under his banner in the name of unity.

Only Dwaigo was left, all that remained of a once proud kingdom. The light of the temple had gone out and all that was left was a shell of who he had been before shocked into a traumatic state wondering through empty streets trying to find someone, anyone, to care for him. The formerly prosperous kingdom was now a ghost town. Dwaigo wandered from one area of the capitol to another trying to find food and shelter as the days went on. Eventually he was forced to move on and made his way into the desert. It was there that he first met the Galka. Never having seen them before he first thought they were monsters who were taking him away to eat him. When he would encounter them he would run and hide. From what Dwaigo remembered he ran into many different tribes of Galka but over time they changed and opened up to him. They welcomed him into their villages with open arms.

In time he was able to understand their tenderness and even speak their language. They were the people of the earth, tied heavily to the earth crystal from the temple in his memories. In time his memories of his old life faded, and he began to replace them with a new family one that was not conquered by the federation in the harsh desert. Dwaigo was an outcast and a runaway, but he didn’t know from where or why and purposely locked away the secret he carried deep inside of his subconscious. No one was ever told where he came from or what his name truly was before he wandered the desert. Dwaigo mentioned nothing about the temple of the earth crystal or any of his memories of the place until they faded into his dreams.

The tribe of Galka and raised as one of their own. The chief named Gehlvik was the one who took him in teaching him the ways of their people and instilling in him the responsibility of doing right in the world and respecting the sands from which they came. The Galka taught him their ways and traditions but over time it became more and more clearly he physically was not one of them. Dwaigo of course had a unique set of talents as soon began to find his own way. Growing up he always loved the stories by the elder known as Black Mud. Black Mud would tell him tales of the Earth Crystal Gaia and her champions and how they moved withing the desert sands unseen. Black Mud insisted on telling him these great tails repeatedly and the importance that the Earth Knight had in the world. The most secretive of the crystals Dwaigo used Gaia’s tactics to build upon his own. The knights of the stories would come upon their enemy’s unseen and the young boy was raised on stories about the Gaia’s knights and their great deeds on behalf of her followers and people. The knights were never seen within the sands of the desert Dwaigo began to value such attributes and adopted them into the skills he practiced.

Redemption and the FutureIn time Dwaigo realized that he could not fulfill his own destiny staying within the safety of the Galka. Stories of the Federation were spreading and there was something itching inside of him at the back of his mind that told him he must do something about it. That alone was a question he wanted answered, what was his history with the Federation and why must it be stopped? Who was he and where did he come from? What was he meant to do with it all?

Dwaigo often met the seriousness of the questions weighing on him with humor, but they weighed on him all the same and it finally lead him to act. Dwaigo took to the road again this time old enough to fend for himself. First he roamed the desert doing good deeds for the followers of Gaia and picking up stories of the Federation. Eventually such stories lead him to a group known as the Redeemers. Their goal was to Redeem he past wrongs done by the Federation and to stop the Lord General from persecuting other nations.

The Redeemers were aligned with the Grand Republic and acted as a saboteur force within the borders of the Federation to aid the war effort and resistance to the republic. Identifying with their cause Dwaigo spent years in their ranks serving under an Elf by the name of Alpex Lagane. Alpex was a good commander and their unit became very close knit. There was a dwarf that served with him known simply as ‘Mac’ and three other humans as well, Biggs, Wedge, and Hodge. They all completed more missions successfully than any other unit putting a serious delay in much of the Federation’s plans. Dwaigo spent many years with them until one mission where the Lord General had found their position and simply overwhelmed them throwing wave upon wave of soldiers on their position. They all would have died if Mac hadn’t taken the initiative and collapsed a tunnel while the others got away. It was the last they saw of the dwarf and after that things were not the same. It was then that Dwaigo moved on seeking to answer more questions about himself and his mysterious past. Unbeknownst to him his dreams lead him back to the desert, but he was unable to find what he was looking for, Gaia however found him.

It was then that he would rise to power as the Earth Knight easily making the choice to follow in the footsteps of the Galkan stories he had grown up on. Dwaigo’s heritage had somehow tied him to the Earth Crystal giving him a stronger connection to the element than most. Adopting the mantle never seemed like a choice to him, it was a destination. As the Earth Knight he travelled about the world as a nomadic hero. Some would see evidence of his deeds without ever seeing his face while those who abused their power or took advantage of the weak cursed him as a criminal and coward of the shadows. Dwaigo cared little for his reputation however, it was his duty to be what the world needed, not what they wanted.

Despite all of his success however something still ate away at him from the inside. Who was he? Where had he come from and what were his ties to both the Federation and the Earth Crystal? One day Dwaigo hoped to answer all those questions and more.


Character stats:
HP: 80/80 MP: 20/20

PWR 7 |RES 6 ||DEX 12| MND 5
Force: 3 |Finesse: 4
ACC: 3 |AVD: 10
Destiny: 1 |Gil: 300

Weapon: Tier 2 Earth Strike, Reliable Katana (blade) 700
Tier 1 Reliable Tanto (blade) 100
Armor: Tier 1 Medium: Ninja Gi (ARM 4, M.ARM 4) 100
Accessory: Earth Bracers: Earth Proof

Innate: Throw
Tool Mastery
Grim Reaper

Limit Ability: Execution
Limit Break: EarthBreak (10) - Attack: Weapon (3) Area Effect (5) Break Arts (Speed) (4), Immune: Aerial (-1) and Power Item: Earth Bracers (-1)

Athletics (3)
Acting (1)
Awareness (3)
Escape (2)
Inquiry (2)
Language (1)
Lore History (1)
Scavenge (3)
Stealth (7)
Synthesis: Weapon (3)
Thievery (2)

DwaigoName: Dwaigo | Race: Hume| Job: Weapons: Blade, Concealed, Dual Wield
Armor: Light, Medium
Ninja | Level: 4
HP: 80/25% for SOS: 20
20% for Regen/Poison: 16
80 | MP: 20/20 | PWR: 7 | RES: 6 | DEX: 12 | MND: 5
Force: 3 | Finesse: 4| AVD: 10 | ACC: 3 | ARM: 4 | M.ARM: 4
Skills: Athletics (3) | Acting (1) | Awareness (3) | Escape (2) | Inquiry (2) | GalkanLanguage (1) | Lore History (1)| Scavenge (3) | Stealth (7) |Synthesis: Weapon (3) |Thievery (2)

Abilities: Innate: Throw, Tool Mastery, Chambara, Grim Reaper, Ninjitsu
Limit Breaks: Execution
Limit Break: EarthBreak (10) - Attack: Weapon (3) Area Effect (5) Break Arts (Speed) (4), Immune: Aerial (-1) and Power Item: Earth Bracers (-1)

Equipment: Right Hand: Tier 2 Blade Weapon | Earth Strike | |
Earth Katana | Left Hand: Accurate Tanto| Armor: Tier 1 Medium Armor |

ARM: 4 | MARM: 4
Concealed Ninja Gi | Accessory: Tier 3 Accessory | Earth Proof

Bearer enjoys immunity to fire elemental damage.
Earth Bracers
Pack: Empty
Gil: 300 | XP: 0 | Destiny Points: 1
Status Effects: Immune: Earth
Quote: "When times are as dark as this one must find a way to laugh at the misery or become part of it!"

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