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Old Jun 2nd, 2019, 12:05 AM
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Please place your character applications and stats here. Private text is acceptable.
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Oh, I liked the stat block, so im stealing it hehe...

right-aligned image

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Celes_closeup.jpg
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ID:	80490  
Sorry all, but thing still crazy and I'm going to go on a hiatus for a bit. Hopefully be back on in a few months at this rate. Feel free to replace my characters. Thanks for all the fun thus far, I'm looking forward to coming back soon and hope to game with you all again.

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CharName: Galahad of the Dawnson
Race: Human/Elvaan hybrid
Class: Paladin
Crystal: Light



"Defending your homeland and people, what higher, happier calling could you ask for?"
"Even children know that there are monsters. I remind them that there are also knights who slay the monsters."




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"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon."
-G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles (1909), XVII: "The Red Angel"

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Character Application
left-aligned image
Name: Kayleigh Thorne
Race: Human
Class: Dragoon
Crystal: Earth

right-aligned image
Physical Description:
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 1.9m (6'3")
Weight: 88.4kg (195lbs.)
Hair: Brown (with purple streaks)
Eyes: Grey/Blue
Kayl's frame is tall and lithe, but when she removes her plate armor her stature reveals that her long legs and arms sport well-defined muscles that allow her to soar through the air and wield her lance with the practiced ease of a seasoned warrior. She keeps her straight, dark brown hair medium-length and streaked with subtle hues of purple throughout, always finding the time to chop about six inches off once it reaches her shoulders and re-dye some new lines. She tries to keep it swept back and out of her eyes, but when her styling wax runs out or after some intense physical exertion it will often fall in front of her face to her consternation. Her grey-blue eyes are intense and piercing and she keeps dark eyeliner applied to emphasize her gaze when in full battle armor. With high cheekbones, an angular nose, and full lips she often comes off as rather intimidating and exotic at first glance.

Quote: "The mistakes of a past life drive me to redemption."
Victory Pose: Kayl twirls her lance planting it blade first then takes one knee, placing both of her closed fists onto the ground,head down.

Through the haze of near-amnesia Kayl can't shake the ever-present yet unexplainable feeling that the world is approaching a precipice from which it can't return, and the sights she has seen over the past few weeks only serve to reinforce that feeling. Death, despair, crime, poverty, ruin... All of it weighs on her shoulders and she bears responsibility that she has no recollection of taking on. Nevertheless, underneath it all burns a devotion to honor and duty and righteousness that could consume all the bad in her heart... if she could only unlock its source in her past.

In public Kayleigh comes off much as her appearance suggests: withdrawn and moody. As she continues to piece together her shadowed history she is reluctant to open up to anyone after several attempts resulted in her being run out of various establishments or town squares with calls of "Traitor!" or "Dragon-lover!" echoing after her. So now she keeps to herself, only doing odd-jobs when necessary for coin and survival. Kayl retains a store of culinary knowledge and finds a surprising amount of solace in cooking and sourcing unique ingredients for the dishes she can inherently prepare with skill and intuition.

Though she doesn't yet know it, Kayl has the potential to open up quite a bit in the company of those she trusts. Her personality warms and compassion shines through, despite her embarrassment at its appearance. She would do anything in the defense of her friends and the goals and dreams they hold dear.




Kayleigh's Cookbook


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Name:	Capture.PNG
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Name:	oil steamed fish.PNG
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Name:	Ring of True Dragoon.png
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ID:	86942  
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Old Man Ingo
left-aligned image

Name: Ingo
Aliases: Old Man Ingo, the Lynx Knight, General Belesarius, Gabraeus Vulmo Belesarius
Race: Hume
Class/Job: Red Mage
Crystal: Water, Naut

Physical Description:

Age: 60
Height: Taller than average
Build: Lean
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Crystaline blue
Memento: Fine chain circlet adorned with a brilliant opal

He seemed ordinary. So overwhelmingly ordinary. In the flow and chatter of the street's daily foot traffic, he was just an old man passing through. A nobody, really. He'd a worn cloak like anyone and hunched to submerse into the crowd, but only barely. He walked slower than the rest, but should anyone have cared to watch, he was peering at all passerby with much purpose. He turned to peer at you. Into you. Searching, almost. With eyes clear and blue like the last of a passing rain. The skin around his eyes had been recently reddened and puffy, but beneath that skin was a seeping shadow that traced into nearby veins, betraying his seeming mundanity. You forgot yourself in that moment, never having felt so... seen. And then the moment was over. He tore that fiercely tranquil gaze from you and cast it upon the next stranger, then continued his walk, returning himself to the crowd entirely. He was gone.

Ingo is and looks like an old man. He's slightly taller than average, and though he is lean, his slight hunch hides his height and build. He has strong cheekbones from which his skin hangs. His pale, searching eyes have begun to droop, giving him a perpetually sympathetic look. There is a faint darkness around his eyes, as if tattooed under his skin and flowing into nearby veins. Ingo's once-raven hair is now vibrantly silver, fine and falling long past his shoulders, though it tends to plaster to his face. In his youth, Ingo sported a perfect goatee, but despite all attempts to keep clean-shaven in his old age, he seems to always have several-day-old stubble. The red mage tends to huddle himself under his drawn, hooded cloak of what may once have been deep crimson, but has long since been soiled in dirt and dust.


Goals: Ingo seeks to discover his late wife's destiny. He seeks to expand his gift of seeing the darkness in others into something more. In order to rediscover himself, find a purpose worth committing to, and learn what doing good looks like, Ingo must first: find in others what he seeks in himself.
Quote: "I'm such a fool..."
Victory Pose: Flourishes his weapon into its sheathe as he looks to the ground, forlorn, before looking upwards at the sky, longingly.

Ingo can tend between brooding and weepy, however well-intended. He tries to find value in all others and imagine the world through their eyes, making him curious and something of a sentimentalist, but he is inexperienced in this regard, sometimes resulting in awkward exchanges. He clings to his late wife's beliefs that life is beautiful even in its ugliness, but struggles to own that belief as his own. A lifetime of misdeeds makes it easy for him to fall into guilt and self-deprecation when he wanders too far out of his shell. Ingo disdains the warmongering and dogma of greedy men. Ingo is drawn to those who are unsure of themselves and exhibit patience and compassion.


He would have been happy dying quietly as a nobody in that little nowhere village. The villagers could have known him simply as old man Ingo, the widower, who never rushed to or from his little fig orchard, who only wore the same three outfits of grey and brown, who never had an ill word for anyone, if any at all. They didn't have to learn that he used to be known as General Belesarius the Lynx Knight, one of the Grand Republic's most infamous killers and heroes. But they did learn these things. And the cost of learning it was their destruction.




right-aligned image
Instant Action:
Status Effects:

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Ingo small.jpg
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Size:	9.7 KB
ID:	80500   Click image for larger version

Name:	carbuncle profile.jpg
Views:	417
Size:	10.5 KB
ID:	80798  
Attached Images

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Name: Aria Deepchasm
Race: Mithra
Class: Thief
Quote: “What use is being a thief if you can’t steal some hearts along the way?”

Description: Aria is a fairly ordinary looking Mithra. She looks neither young nor old and is on the shorter side for a Mithra at 5 feet. She has feminine curves but is lean and wiry rather than muscular. Her dark brown hair is not quite shoulder length and held back from her forehead by a dark purple headband. Her eyes are not quite black, although most people don’t notice since she usually avoids direct eye contact. Her only jewelry is an earring in the shape of a dangling teardrop that sometimes looks like it holds glowing embers and at other times a flame. Her skimpy clothing reveals tan skin, although she does have arm and leg guards and soft leather boots that are surprisingly sturdy and perhaps not so surprisingly quiet. The amount of pockets on her clothing is truly marvelous because only a few are obviously visible. People have often exclaimed, “Where did that come from?!” when she pulls something from off her person.

Backstory: Aria grew up in a traveling merchant family. It was a big family to begin with, lots of aunts and uncles and cousins, and eventually 12 siblings. Aria was in the middle, and although her parents loved all their children, there were quite a few of them and there were many demands on her parents attention besides the children. Unlike most of her siblings, Aria’s response to this was to sneak away and learn something “fun.” Her definition of fun changed daily. Sometimes it was learning to juggle or do gymnastics from the performing troop that had joined their caravan for a while. Sometimes it was to listen to the adults haggle over merchandise. Sometimes it was to explore the city they happened to be staying at that day. Sometimes it was to seek out classes for magic users and listen with rapt attention until someone finally noticed her and asked where her parents were. The world was full of wonders and Aria wanted to discover them all.

When Aria reached adulthood, she bid farewell to her family and set out to have adventures of her own. The first year or so was rather disastrous because although Aria had learned many things, life on the road on one's own was rather unforgiving. Luckily, she happened to run into an experienced thief who taught her how to steal and not get caught, and more importantly, what to steal and how to sell it. The thief taught her how to be a lover as well, and how that could also be used in thievery. Her motto was, “What use is being a thief if you can’t steal some hearts along the way?” which Aria happily adopted. This came in very useful in her continuing adventures.

Aria enjoyed a challenge, sometimes stealing something just to prove it could be done, but she never stole from someone who couldn’t afford it and she never destroyed what she stole. It was from one of her lovers that she learned of a mysterious mountain and the rumored treasure within, for those brave enough to scale its heights. Little did she know that this challenge would alter the path of her life irrevocably. The flame haired man she met in the surprisingly warm cave at the top of the mountain seemed quite amused and impressed by Aria as she told him of her trek to the top of the mountain and her adventures thus far. He declared that she was fit to be his knight and from then on she wielded the emblem of fire. Her adventures for a time became even grander than she could have ever imagined, but then came the dark time of the war, and she sensed the magic and wonder slowly leaving the world. Desperate to try to save some of the history and majesty of the world, she started stealing and preserving artifacts and records of the races and cultures she had encountered, storing them in the cave of the fire crystal, in hopes that one day balance would be restored and people would want to know about the world that was.

She knew of the other crystal knights, even met one or two in passing, but hadn’t had much to do with them. Even so, she was deeply saddened when she learned that one of them had sinned, and horrified when he began murdering the others. Through stealth and guile, she managed to avoid his attempts to kill her. Until one day she learned of a wonder from before the war; an entire library within a slim book of gold. Too late she realized the trap he had set for her, and her dying thought was regret that she would see no more wonders, and face no more challenges.

When she woke, she knew something was wrong. Very wrong. The world didn’t feel right, she couldn’t remember who she was, and she felt as though she’d lost something she could never get back. When she found the Fat Chocobo, and the avatar of the crystal of light, she felt as though she’d been given a second chance to protect her world, and a fierce sense of determination to bring back wonder and magic. Who better to steal them back than a thief?

Character stats:
HP: 80/80
MP: 24/24

DEX 13+2

Force: 2
Finesse: 5

ACC: 4
AVD: 9

Destiny: 3
Gil: 425

Weapon: Tier 3 Ranged/SmugglerConcealed: Sleep TouchDream Dagger 45+2d6 damage
Armor: Tier 2 Medium: Concealed Leather Armor (ARM 8, M.ARM 8)
Accessory: Flame Earring: Fire Proof

Innate: Steal
Treasure Hunter
Sneak Attack
Limit Ability: Master Thief
Limit Break: attack: Weapon 3 Status: Stop, Poison, Blind, Sleep (8) Power Item: weapon (-1)Malboro Venom



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Felix Clovus
left-aligned image
”Only a fool believes the odds are against him – the odds are what we make them!”

Name: Felix Clovus

Age: 48

Race: Hume

Class: Gambler

Crystal: Fire

Physical Description: Felix is not a hard man to pick out in a crowd, due to standing at a good 6”3 and with a broad chest and shoulders to match. His jet-black hair has started greying slightly at the temples but he refuses to hide it in any way – both because he believes in aging gracefully, and less admirably, because he believes it adds to his looks by making him appear more stately. His tanned face is lined with several days’ worth of stubble and is always set in a winning smile, no matter how bleak or dire the situation may be, dark brown eyes always alert and glinting peering out from it at the world around him. Felix’s choice in clothes is always brash and loud, but never garish – the man seems to always tip-toe on the fine line between the two, favouring bright reds and blues, and his boots are always polished to a shining gleam. The only item of clothing that appears to be a bit out of place is the black cloak bearing the symbol of the crystal of fire that he wears, which is always kept clean but is riddled with inexpertly-fixed tears and rips.

Personality: There seems to be no middle ground when people describe Felix’s attitude, some either believing him to be a loud pain in the rear who can never let a dare, bet or woman go un-taken and those who believe he is a lively, charming man who lives life to the fullest and is generous to a fault with those he considers friends and strangers alike. That being said, Felix is definitely not a quiet individual and is perhaps a bit too fond of wine, women and song, but underneath the lively dandy exists a man with a steely streak of courage a mile wide, which is cemented in his willingness to play the odds no matter how bad they seem, whether it be a particularly long bet or fighting an impossible fight to protect something precious. And while he is always happy to catch the eye of and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman, he would never take advantage of one, and seeing someone else hurt a woman in his presence is sure to trigger a painful response from the seemingly-carefree gambler.

Background: There are some who are born to a great destiny and some who blindly stumble into it by pure luck, whether it be good or bad luck. Felix was an example of the latter. Born to a fairly wealthy noble family of the Grand Republic, his life was one of leisure and luxury and he was never motivated overly-much in order to excel, coasting through the Republic Academy despite several teachers noting he could be brilliant if he merely applied himself, instead of merely coasting by on luck and natural talent. Despite his middling marks, he was accepted into one of the prestigious universities of the Republic (mostly due to his family name) and soon set about being completely average at…Whatever it was that his father had expected him to study. Frankly, Felix was much more interested in the roaring student life and a fair number of his classes were missed due to him recovering from the previous night’s festivities. It was during this time that the young noble discovered his proclivity for games of chance, and a love of wine and woman was bolstered by an almost deadly-curiosity to see how far he could push his luck.

The young man almost always won more than he lost, but his father was less-than-impressed at the fact that the money for his son’s studies were instead being funnelled into both socialising and gambling, and Felix soon found himself cut-off, with the solemn promise that he would not see another gil until his studies got back on track. This proved to be a mistake as Felix realised that the only thing keeping him at university was the night life. The next his family heard, Felix had dropped out of his studies and departed for parts unknown

Felix took the money he had left from his father’s last stipend (along with all the fancy items he could hawk and pawn from his university dorm room) and immediately set to work turning it into more. Entering a high stakes poker tournament after securing the rest of the entry fee from a very eager gentleman who also added the addendum that failure to pay him back would result in broken legs, Felix made it down to the last round and on the final hand, he went all-in with an absolutely terrible hand, but between the bravado and gusto that he was consuming the free champagne, his opponent lost his nerve and folded out. This first, big win, cemented Felix’s ongoing duel with Lady Luck, courting the young lady by frequently going against the odds and just as frequently incurring her wrath when the odds turned against him…And yet, it seemed he always made it out in the end with his life, if not always with the money, so perhaps she had some kind of fondness for him.

The next 25 years were a whirlwind of utter carefree living. Felix became something of a fixture in the Republic’s gambling scene, both the public, glitzy one and the smokier, underground gambling houses. Felix did take his old family into account though and when he began becoming well-known, gave a fake last name to not associate them with him, for both their sakes. Life was not stable in the least – some days he went from waking up in a luxury hotel and ordering the most expensive breakfast and others he was escaping out the window of a pirate ship docked in the bay when the captain took umbrage with being cleaned out – but it was never boring.

This all changed when, during a friendly game of Craps with a seemingly-innocent Underworld boss, a heavily-armoured form crashed through the door using the large bouncer outside as a battering ram. The other men around the table all drew weapons while Felix politely backed into the closest corner and watched as the armoured figure took on all of them, easily knocking down the first two. In the process, her helm was struck off her head, revealing a fiery mane of red hair that was tossed aside in an almost irritated manner before the woman almost-casually cracked the third man into unconsciousness. Their eyes met, time slowing as one of the man’s teeth arced gracefully between the two of them and Felix felt his heart skip a beat. The woman was in her early-40’s, maybe a year or two younger than him, and though one eye was shut by a rather ugly-looking scar across it, the remaining one was bright-green and currently narrowing at him. Her face was lightly-tanned, and the fine lines starting to form only seemed to enhance her beauty, rather than detracting from it. She opened her mouth, and he imagined the sweetest words coming from it…

”Quit staring, fancy-pants, or I’ll club you as well,” Alright, perhaps only the voice was sweet, if not the words. She straightened up and flicked her sword over one shoulder, eyeing Felix with a mixture of suspicion and disdain. ”I’m only holding off on doing it because you didn’t attack me when I came in, and frankly, you look about as dangerous as a chocobo chick.”

That dented the moment just a tiny bit and Felix pulled himself up to his full height as he walked around the table and up to the woman. ”Excuse me, miss, I’ll have you know that the great Felix Clovus can be a highly-dangerous, deadly individual when the urge strikes him – I am the bane of those who would welch on their wagers or threaten those who cannot defend themselves! Now, explain yourself – I trust you had a good reason for interrupting a gentleman’s game?”

”Uh…Huh…” She said disbelievingly, eyeing the slight paunch underneath his well-made clothes. ”Your ‘gentlemen’ friends here were plotting with a foreign power to steal the Fire Crystal. Anyone who would threaten the crystal, no matter how unlikely, I deal with them. So, ‘the great Felix Clovus’, were you part of this little plot?”

In her withering dismissal of Felix, she failed to notice the bodyguard stirring behind her and drawing a dagger from his belt. In a flash, he was up and lunging at her, only to suddenly be intercepted by something hard and square striking his forehead and knocking him straight back down. The woman glanced behind her, then back at Felix, who was busy expertly-shuffling a pack of playing cards between his hands – she noted the cards seemed thicker than normal, and there was a slight metallic clink every time they came together. The broad-shouldered man gave a wide grin, and she had to admit, there was something just a little charming about it.

”I trust that answers your question, madam. Also, I hope you know that in saving your life, I can never show my handsome face here ever again, let alone clean these gentlemen out. You, dear lady, now owe me.”

“I don’t owe you squat, fancy-pants,” She said with her own grin as she turned around, a cloak bearing the symbol of the fire crystal waving dramatically…And as someone who had a flair for the theatrical, Felix mentally applauded. ”Now if you’ll excuse me, some of us have proper duties to return to.”

Felix watched her leave, a part of him wanting to call out and learn her name while educating her about the double-negative, while another part told him it was easier to let the woman go and preserve the brief but oddly-lovely moment as it happened. In the end, he chose the second option, and made his own exit…But only after clearing the table of his winnings, though he made sure to leave the gil he had not earned untouched – he was a gambler and a scoundrel, yes, but no thief.

Both he and the Knight thought that there would be no more than a chance encounter between the two, but Felix’s eternal lover, Lady Luck, saw fit to ensure that this would not be the case. Several times over the next 5 years, Felix and the Knight (whose name he eventually learned was Karina, during a particularly-heated battle between the two of them and a group of gnolls) ran into one-another, either with her protection of the crystal leading her to another place where Felix was simply trying to dandy about in peace, or else one of Felix’s misadventures leading to him blundering into another situation that Karina was trying to resolve with her usual judicious application of violence.

Despite the bickering and often deadly circumstances of their meetings, the pair started falling for each other, the attraction always there but unsaid even if both were well aware of it. Even after Karina saved Felix from a group of mercenaries who had been hired to bring the gambler to heel for the “theft” of a very valuable motor vehicle (one that Felix had won fair and square) and the two had a very intense “reunion” in the back of said vehicle, their feelings always went unspoken though the warm smiles and brief affectionate touches were enough for the two of them.

Sadly, things such as this were not meant to be. One night, Felix had left the inn room they were sharing for a friendly game of Blackjack with some old friends of his – he had initially wanted to cancel, but Karina insisted he go. They were halfway through an enjoyable game of cards, cigars and good brandy when Felix was struck by a feeling of unease and he excused himself from the table and hastened back to the inn. It was darkened and the front door seemed to have been ripped off, which only made the ball of unease turn into a thick layer of dread as he dashed up the stairs and into their room, the door of which had similarly been kicked in.

Inside he stopped as he saw a dark-clad figure standing over Karina, whose sword was at her side, the intruder’s own blade pierced through her chest. Ignoring the anguish, Felix drew the flintlock pistol from the back of his belt, which he kept for dire emergencies, and fired at the Dark Knight. Surprise seemed to be on his side as the round struck the knight’s side, but he seemed unhurt. Instead, he simply stared at Felix before escaping through the window.

Running over to Karina, Felix cradled her in his arms, coming to her just as she was taking her last few breaths. She seemed to want to say something to him, her last few moments wanting to express the words they had never said out loud. Felix shook his head, gently pulling her against his chest. ”I know…You don’t have to say it.”

They spent the last moments together in silence that seemed almost warm. As he felt the last bit of her life ebb from her, Felix quietly blinked back the tears as he gently lay her back on the floor and picked up her sword, placing it in her hands and posing it on her chest. She had been a Knight to the end, and she deserved to be remembered that way.

Rising up, he stared out the window the Knight had fled from and his eyes hardened. Reloading his pistol, he started out the door, but paused as he saw Karina’s cloak, the one she had always worn as the crystal’s guardian, on the chair in the room. He didn’t hesitate, pulling it up and over his shoulders and fastening it before departing the room and the only woman he had truly loved.

It didn’t take him long to track the Dark Knight – he seemed to be waiting for Felix, at a small stone monument outside the city. Turning as Felix approached, the knight looked him up and down, before giving an almost-disapproving grunt at the cloak he wore. ”You do not deserve to wear that.”

“No, but you killed the person who did. You wagered your life when you took her…I’m here to collect.”

Felix pulled his cards out into one hand while the other held his pistol, and the knight drew his own scythe, still slick with Karina’s blood. ”You know, you cannot win this fight…Ah…” The knight saw the look in Felix’s eyes, knew that the gambler was well-aware he could not win where Karina had failed, even with all the luck in the world. ”…You wish to join her.”

”Shut your mouth and fight, fiend…”

“Very well.”


The body of Felix Corvus was discovered the following day, bearing the wounds of a battle that either lasted a long time or was over in seconds. No-one knew truly who he was, as his friends had all departed the previous evening. But those that found him found the cloak of the Knight of Fire wrapped tightly around his body. Tales of the Knight had long been told, but all anyone knew was that it was someone in bulky armour with the only distinctive mark being the cloak. Then surely this man must be the Knight, their Guardian, and he had fallen.

There was grieving and mourning for the fall of the one they knew as a great hero, and Felix was entombed with the greatest honours, with whispers of a legend that had become his, unwanted and unasked for. All he wished for was to be with the woman he loved.

But, Lady Luck, it would seem, had other plans for him…


Back home after a brief hospital stint - apologies for the silence and busy catching up!

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