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Old 06-05-2019, 04:07 AM
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*OSIRS Notation Start*
File Number: 19-06-73164
Status: Probationary Agent, Second Class
Rank: 1
Band: 09 01-18
Clearance: Restricted
*OSIRS Notation End*

María Fernanda Moreno
Archetype: (Hacker/Believer) The Power of Christ compels IT

Senses normal
Awareness 13/18/23
Initiative 10/15/20
Action Points: 1
Speed 20 meters
Str 3, Agi 5, Vit 5, Int 5, Foc 5, Per 3

Vitality 5 Durability Track
Severity Wounds Effects
1–3 [] [] [] No ill effects.
4–6 [] [] No ill effects.
7–9 [] [] –1 step penalty to all checks
10–12 [] [] –2 step penalty to all checks
13–15 [] [] –3 step penalty to all checks
16+ [] Incapacitated

Combat Skills: 7pts
Resilience (Vit) 1 14/19/24
Dodge (Agi) 2 13/18/23
Willpower (Foc) 2 13/18/23
Firearm Combat (Agi or Foc) - Pistol 2 13/18/23

Noncombat Skills: 18pts
Academics (Int) - Computer Sciences 1 14/19/24
Awareness (Focus) 2 13/18/23
Computer (Int) - Hacking 4 11/16/21
Culture, Colombia (Per) - 1 16/21/26
Deception (Per) 1 16/21/26
Endurance (Vit) 1 14/19/24
Engineering (Int) 2 13/18/23
Misdirection (Per) 1 16/21/26
Security (Agi or Int) 2 13/18/23
Stealth (Agi or Foc) 2 13/18/23
Survival (Vit or Foc) 1 14/19/24

Arcane FX: 6pts
Hemomancy (Vit) 3 12/17/22
- lifeblood * 2 13/18/23
- stigmata * 1 14/19/23
- thicker than water +1

Faith FX: 4pts
Monotheism (Per/Foc) 4 11/16/21
- aura
- blessing +1
- cure
- demon ward
- guidance
- signs and portents
- vision

Alertness, You gain a +2 step bonus on initiative checks.
- Hit the Dirt, when an attack is first declared, go prone as a reaction.
Drone Expert, When you issue a command to a drone, it takes half the time to respond.
- Overclocking, When you issue an attack command to a drone, you can grant a +3 step bonus to its attack, but it takes 1 box of damage (lowest available wound band) after the attack is resolved.
Gearhead, ou gain a +1 step bonus on any technical skill check you make to maintain or repair a machine, vehicle, ship or installation you’ve worked on before.
- Built These Myself, When you take this talent, you can give yourself two free weapon, armor or tool upgrades. Each upgrade must be applied to a different weapon, armor or tool.

Weapon Skill Type Speed Damage Special
Unarmed Hand Brawl 3 1d4 + 0/3 physical
Combat knife Hand Knife 3 1d4 + 1/5 physical

Weapon Skill Type Rg Mag Speed Damage Special
Custom Glock 26 Light pistol Firearms Pistol M 10 3 1d6 + 1/5 physical +1 Step when used by Maira "Built This Myself"

"SLB (San Luis Beltrán)" the GridCaster, Excellent Quality
Customize Glock 26, 9x19mm semi automatic

Character Notes:
I first felt the presence of god when I was five years old. My mother had taken me to midday mass and then to see el Señor Caído, the icon of our lord in Monserrate sanctuary in Bogota. When I fainted they said it was a dizzy spell, possibly epilepsy. But I had felt the blood of Christ within me. The next time was when my father was gunned down by the Medellin cartel. I knew the evil that walked the earth then. Hollow people - Angels of death. My fathers morality had corroded too, but this one time that was a blessing, because with his ill gotten savings that he had hid from the cartel my mother took me to america. That it was Corpus Christi where we had family seems ironic now, but you take what you can get I guess. There I tried to forget for a while. We still went to church, but I didn't feel anything for a time. I thought his presence had died with my father. I went into IT - maybe because suddenly everybody seemed to be an atheist or at best a sceptic. I was good at it. But ultimately the blood was still there protecting me, cleansing - opening my eyes to evil. I react to it, and it appears that it showed. When the institute approached me I thought it was for what I do with computers, and maybe that was part of it. But they knew. It did not seem to startle them. Most of all, they didn't make my blood boil. Means they are not evil, doesn't it?
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Old 08-12-2019, 05:06 PM
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Department 7

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