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Old Feb 26th, 2018, 12:27 PM
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Character Sheets and frequent NPCs Group One

Prince Tay To Wei of Taytomac, Duke of Kangomac's elite Squad:

  • 'Mad' Mali, Female Rak'Ari; Tetsubo, Long Knife, Layered Leather Medium Stomach down
  • Keshtar, Ux; Large Scimitar, Layered Leather, medium over chainmail, light and Layered Cloth Light

  • Nkasa, Female Human; Shortbow, Whip, Daggers, Layered Cloth Light
  • Sheedi, Ux; Repeating Crossbow, Falchion, Layered Cloth Light

  • Wahka, Female Albino Bullywug; Dart Sling, Hatchet, Kukri, Layered Cloth Light
  • Tsehin, Male Getta; Shortbow, Shortsword, Layered Leather, medium

Crew of the Sunfish:

  • Captain Brantford, Male Ilder, shipscaptain of the Sunfish - amber fur - from Poyne
  • Nayanua, Male Tsin Goun, First mate and navigator of the Sunfish - from Poyne
  • Panebay, Male To'Ari, Purser and cook of the Sunfish - fat, beige dull scales, crosseyed - hails from Djeba
  • Babo, Female Getta, Second mate of the Sunfish - black fur - from Ezen
  • Young, Female Ilder, Carpenter of the Sunfish - reddish fur - from Heabury
  • Saiho, Male Getta, Chaplain of the Sunfish - missing left arms, tall - from Poyne

  • Dhanda, male Raz'Ar - yellow scaled and red shelled, ancient - Shipwrecked with Ba'at and Galun, now part of the Sunfish
  • Gauward, male Gracan, young - Shipwrecked with Ba'at and Galun, now part of the Sunfish
  • Dee, male Getta - auburn fur

The "Sapphire Fox", advanced Cog

ST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ. DR Locations Draft Notes
0/147 -5/5 13c 0.05/3 350 250 +9 40 5 3M2S 30 [1]
[1] Unreinforced decks; can’t mount cannon. Draft = Depth in the water. Hnd: Handling. SR: Stability Rating. Move: Acceleration/Top Speed (MpH = 2x Top Speed)

Crew (Officers):
  • Captain - Hima Oshin, female Getta from Ezen (tattooed, brown-furred, scarred)
  • Carpenter - Chao-Kan, Male Getta from Yepac (black-furred, short, calm)
  • Quartermaster, Purser & Cook - Monou, Ux from Urarj (yellow-skinned, warty, sensitive)
  • Martu-Mogh (Ship's Mage) - Clio
  • Captain of the Marines - Empty

Crew (Sailors):
  • Bertio Lylley, Male Gracan from Urarj (grey-furred, one-horned, jokey)
  • Marger, Female Gracan from Taytomac (grey-furred, tall, quiet)
  • Burga, Female Gracan from Taytomac (brown-furred, heavy-smoker, friendly)
  • Rytha, Female Gracan from Lutheya (black-furred, short, boastful)
  • Ikansh, female Raz'ar from Zahoy (Yellow-skinned and green-shelled, young, insightful)
  • Riffolk Elys, male Ilder from Heabury (red-furred, pipe-player cocky)
  • Collque (Wheel), female Human from Hinazco (bronze skin, black-blue straight hair, aloof)

Crew (Marines):
  • Inkith, female To'Ari from Djeba (yellow-scaled, dignified, armed with Khopesh)
  • Senefer, female To'Ari from Haze-Lo (orange-scaled, cynical, armed with Spear)
  • Shou Bo, male Getta from Poyne (ochre-furred, dramatic, armed with Dao)
  • Katsai, female Getta from Ezen (grey-furred, guarded, armed with Katana)
  • Pionia of Atilius, female Keita from the Dramor Kingdom (Purple-skinned, cheerful, armed with Morningstar)
  • Filth, female Norker from Magarha (red-skinned, stinking, armed with a spiked club)
  • Bobart, male Human from Taytomac (pale, fat, armed with a two-handed sword)

  • Aurranda Meleroso, Female Human Refugee from Cerdena (in Saurolo) (olive skinned, black hair, owner of the ship)
  • Sir Vindo of Alangon, Male Human Knight from Saurolo (hairy, bushy eyebrows, Aurranda's Bodyguard)
  • 3 of Aurranda's Servants and the 2 other PCs

Total Occupancy: 27/40

  • Food & Water for 100 days.
  • 2x Jian (Fencing) (Gettan Make)
  • 10x Thrusting Broadsword (To'Ari Make)
  • 10x Long Knife (Ilder Make)
  • 10x Composite Crossbow (To'Ari Make)
  • 500x Bolts
  • 10x Small Shield, medium (hide over wood)
  • 10x armour of heavy leather, head to toe, fitted to the Marines or to humanoid sizes
  • 10x pot helmets

Sheets and Character Descriptions below:

V Character Sheets below V

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Here is what I have so far.
Any suggestions? Obviously, I need to add more details.

Jo'Seph Character Sheet

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Old Aug 15th, 2018, 06:10 PM
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Character Sheet for Atale: (pronounced Ah-tah'-lay)

Part I, Racial Origins:

It was 2,000 years before the Cataclysmic War, that would expend the world's mystical energy. In the Vinjan swamp, the Uxian witch Azawi’ya worked her lonely animistic magics, her solitude only broken by the occasional visit from far away villagers seeking fortune-telling or healing. Household implements, furniture, and even her dwelling on its stilt-like legs were enchanted with life spirit to move about, amusing her and doing her bidding. But she yearned above all for a family, and one day set to work shaping a crude human-form daughter and son out of ingredients in her kitchen: flour, water, brown sugar, ginger root, yeast. She decorated her creations with brightly colored icing and sweets to create handsome clothes, and infused the figures with her magic. But although she was delighted with the creatures, the happiness did not last long as the Ufan (or flour golems) as they became known fell into dark depression and became listless. When the source of their discontent became clear, Azwai'ya cast one final spell that drained away her own life, granting the Ufan the ability to create new replicas of themselves. They are slow to reproduce and never numerous, but are surprisingly tough and hardy and are endlessly inquisitive and energetic, often getting themselves into mischief. They possess some innate resistance to magic but no ability to use it themselves except to reproduce.

Part 2, Atale:

Atale was baked 2,000 years after the death of Azwai'ya, into a clan of 10 Ufan in the jungles of Vinja. It was difficult for flour golems to avoid perilous moisture in the rainforest, but the flour golems of the region had learned to make dry shelters and protective clothing out of animal skins, and Atale herself was one of the most gifted hunters and trappers her clan had seen in 200 years, and she took great pride in her own prowess. It was 35 years after her Rising that the flour golems first saw the world's magic falter, when the attempts of a mage to heal a grievous wound suffered by Atale's father completely failed. With only one new Ufan produced approximately every 20 years in a clan, the flour golems could not afford to live in a world where magical healing was not an option. Thanks to a prophecy left by the Witch Mother herself, the Ufans throughout Vinja had prepared places of hiding. Atale's clan emigrated from their home ground in the jungle to a hidden cave in the foothills near the sea, where they went into a 180-year period of withdrawal from the world known as The Long Boredom. Two years after magic began to flow again, the semi-dormant tribe was discovered by denizens of the Sage Coast, who were expanding their settlements throughout the seacaverns. The Ufna witnessed the magic-lit lanterns of their discoverers and to the wonder and initial terror of the explorers they erupted into wild celebration. The clan soons trekked back to their ancestral homeland. All except one, Atale, whose fascination with the Raz’Ar and their novel way of life was insatiable. From the turtle-men she learned stories of the wide world beyond Vinja and became inspired to see as much of it as possible. Wanderlust and curiosity overcoming any concern for her own safety, she cajoled her way onto an Argali merchant vessel that came to port at the Sage Coast (after the Raz’Ar helped persuade the goat-people that she was neither a demon nor a dessert) and spent the next year with the sailors, disembarking at ports throughout the Broken Bridge and hunting semi-feral mammals through the village streets. During this year she discovered something she loved even more than tracking and skinning animals, which was dancing. Inspired by the mesmerizing sinuous performance of a troupe of gypsy skinks in Vinione, she abandoned the seagoing life with its constant watery danger and apprenticed herself to the To-Ari performers whose fortunes improved greatly at the addition of the “Wondrous Pastry Girl” to their show. All was as she could have wished, until one day near the north of Vinione when the troupe played for a mostly human crowd. When Atale stepped out onto the floor and began to dance, the audience began shouting in fear and outrage, crying out that the human-like animated girl was an abomination. When a few drunken hooligans rushed at the stage, the flour golem fled out the back of the tent and into the night. Confusion and terror hunted her as she hid by day and crept across the landscape at night, lost and alone.

Atale stands 4' tall and is uniformly molasses brown with an exterior that looks like soft-baked gingerbread, although it is firm to the touch. She is recognizably shaped like a stocky adolescent female human with a well-defined head on a short neck, as golem-created Ufan are more carefully sculpted than their original two ancestors. Her hair is crafted to be shoulder-length, and is highlighted with yellow strands of hard-caked icing, which also makes up her narrow eyebrows. Her eyes are purple candy-like beads that seem to have a glint even when light levels are dim, and her nose is sculpted to be buttonlike and prim. Red icing lips frame her sculpted mouth. She wears a dark green jacket of reptile hide, under a fur cloak that is suspiciously tabby-colored. Her breeches are dyed-blue leather lined with fluffy fur at the waist, and her feet sport yellow-dyed hide boots also lined with white fur at the rims. Atale usually totes a sharp-tipped spear or a short, stout wooden cudgel.

She is poised and self-assured, and quite amiable although her high-pitched singsong voice seems to disturb people for some reason. Atale identifies what she wants and goes for it with exuberance, sometimes oblivious to the reactions of people around her so she can be seen as pushy especially because getting her to change her mind or admit being wrong is difficult. Like most Ufan, she was made to be childlike and they don't mature out of that. As such she is very credulous and exudes an air of wide-eyed innocence. That can be endearing but to some it is off-putting, as it seems to clash with the fact that she likes to hunt down cute animals and turn them into outerwear. But she is adventurous and usually willing to try new things, which can make her a fun or useful companion.

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Character Description
Name: Cassius Philippos
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Character Sheet:

Appearance: A 5’10’’ wiry human stands enfolded within black academic robes. His face is heavily obscured by his hood, drawn down almost to his nose, with glimpses of grey eyes underneath. He does not appear to have any facial hair and his skin looks quite pale. His body is also typically obscured by his robes, but at times one notices cloth armor and leather boots worn underneath. On the rare occasion that his hood is thrown back, his face appears pale but not sickly, common by human standards, forgettable in fact. His black hair is drawn into a tight ponytail at the rear of his head.

Personality: Upon first meeting Cassius, one would immediately notice his calm demeanor and precise language, befitting a master philosopher from Myrna. However, this exterior precision is balanced on a razor’s edge with interior chaos, of which Cassius is only partially aware. The more one gets to know this philosopher, the more they subtly notice Cassius’s fight against himself, his struggle against his inner urges and desires. His driven nature and fierce loyalty help balance out this inner struggle. Cassius is driven to find answers to life, to the world. This is what originally led him to become a natural philosopher, and has also led him to seek out answers for his current inner demons. This obsession to find answers leaves him typically researching, reading, and thinking. This can result in a somewhat aloof persona, at times. However, Cassius's aloofness is countered by his loyalty to friends and colleagues. A loyalty that has found him come to physical and intellectual blows with others for the sake of his friends.


Myrnish Narrative: Cassius Philippos was a tenured master of Natural Philosophy, Occultism, and Xenology at the southern Myrnish Academy. To be a master of one field of study was to be esteemed by one’s colleagues. To simultaneously be a master of three was considered an oddity. Cassius, however, was not intentionally odd, he just easily remembered things. His memory was so large, in fact, that it was said he could remember anything after reading it once, and this was true. This is why Cassius was also known as “the bookless,” because of his penchant to carry around an entire library in his head and nothing in his hands.

Cassius was a devoted natural scholar, so devoted that he was open to questioning widely held Myrnish assumptions. One such assumption Cassius quietly questioned was the assumption of Myrna being the center of the universe. Cassius’s study of Occultism and Xenology gave him the intuition that the actual center of the universe was the Broken Bridge, with its many non-human races. Similarly, Cassius questioned the widely held Myrnish philosophical assumption that non-human races lived without a “soul.” Cassius’s study of other races - specifically the Ux and the Gracan - led him to view non-human races as containing a soul, even if that soul differed in unknown ways from the human soul.

Cassius was devoted to the Southern Mynish Academy, and largely benefited from his tenured position as master lecturer of his chosen fields. For example, it was the academy that stood beside him when he ordered books on the occult and Broken Bridge races to continue his studies. While this was viewed strangely by other masters, it was supported nonetheless. In return, Cassius viewed his duty to the academy seriously, and generally exceeding expectations placed on him for research, service to the academy, and teaching.

Cassius’s devotion extended to his friends and colleagues. He would selflessly put their well being above his own, almost to a fault. This selflessness balanced out Cassius’s studious nature. In fact, Cassius was not above engaging physically to protect a friend’s honor or person. As Cassius was not physically gifted, he did not typically come out “on top” of these skirmishes, but his friends appreciated his selfless loyalty.

His service to the academy at times called for him to travel to other human nations to discuss and debate pertinent topics, such as his positions on Natural Philosophy and Xenology. It was on one of these voyages, a trip to Saurolo, that his ship was lost at sea.

Shipwreck Narrative:

Cassius would later write to his colleagues back in Myrna about his ship wreck, his apparent rescue, and subsequent need for a sabbatical and continued research into the Broken Bridge. He would obtain an academic robe from an Uxian academic in Kashmar, and begin his journey southward, searching for answers and understanding.

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Male Ari'mut
Age 25

Ba’at grew up in the jungle of Vinja, where his people had fled in ancient times, and his childhood was full of love and attention. Raising the children was the job of the entire village, so Ba’at was surrounded by love and attention while never forming strong familial bonds with his parents. The Ari’mut live off what the jungle provides, so fairly early on Ba’at was taught to hunt and fish. For the most part the jungle provided everything they could want, but there were lean times when the herd animal population dropped and hunting became difficult, but the adults always made sure the children had enough to eat. The entire community shared resources, so for the most part no one suffered too badly. It was not uncommon for nest mates to form strong bonds, since they were all the same age and they were educated together. Such strong bonds were formed between Ba’at and two of his nest mates, a female named Lanmet and a male named G’tan. The three of them became inseparable, making sure they took their classroom lessons together and learning to hunt and to survive in the jungle together as well. Most adults believed that Lanmet would eventually mate with one of them.

When Ba’at was a teenager a sickness swept his village, affecting mostly the very young. The Ari’mut healers had never seen anything like it and none of their medicine was much help. While the disease was hardest on the very young, some Ba’at’s age caught it as well. Most of the older children recovered, but Lanmet was not so lucky. She lingered for weeks, but nothing helped and she eventually died. Watching so many of the children die had a profound effect on Ba’at and G’tan, but Lanmet’s death broke their hearts, and they reacted in very different ways. Sesamet is the mother goddess of the Ari’mut people. She is the goddess of the hunt, of the community, and children. Prior to the sickness Ba’at gave thanks to her after a successful hunt by burning a choice part of the meat, as was right and proper, but he had never given religion too much thought. Afterwards, however, he was drawn strongly to her. It wasn’t that he thought she had forsaken them, or that her priests didn’t do enough to help the sick children. It was because Ba’at had felt helpless and he wanted to learn how to protect and nurture his people, especially the children, so he began the process of becoming a priest of Sesamet. Unfortunately, G’tan went the other direction. He lost all faith in Sesamet and her priests and he turned to Anemkhen. He began to believe that, since death couldn’t be fought, it should be worshipped. He couldn’t understand why Ba’at turned to the very goddess who couldn’t help them when they were in need and before long they grew distant. By the time Ba’at became a full priest of Sesamet, G’tan had become to hate him.

Ba’at spent the next several years learning the rituals and theology of Sesamet. He was taken into the jungle and his hunting, tracking, and survival skills were honed. He assisted the other priests in performing birth and death rites and he was given the honor of watching over the eggs. His service and prayers were answered when magic returned and he felt her divine touch as she bestowed her magic upon him. The Ari’mut people had an agreement with the Ux to send bodyguards to serve for a period of three years and every priest of Sesamet was obligated to perform this service. It was felt that this would be good service and it would be good for them to see more of the world. So Ba’at was sent to serve his time among the Ux after becoming a full priest of Sesamet. Given that no one knew what kind of dangers this service would bring, each Ari’mut sent to serve was given money to buy whatever armor and weapons they felt were necessary.

Ba’at enjoyed his time among the Ux. He had never seen such a bustling community before and he was fascinated by all of the different peoples he saw. He had never felt constrained by his life in the jungle. He was always comfortable there and he had a good life, but he had just never considered how much more of the world there was to see. Even though the Ux had wondrous magic, Ba’at wasn’t seen as just a dumb bodyguard. He was able to help out with his physical skills as well as his magic and feeling useful gave him a tremendous sense of satisfaction. When his service was ended Ba’at went back home for a time, but he was not content. Sesamet’s teachings were about helping and nurturing the community and Ba’at felt that she wasn’t just meaning he should help his own people. He started to believe that she meant for him to travel the world and help wherever he could. He wouldn’t proselytize, but he could share knowledge of her through his deeds and maybe he could gain knowledge that would in turn help his people. Sharing his feelings in a dumb moot, he received the blessing of his people. So Ba’at began his travels, seeking to do good works and learn about the world.
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right-aligned image

Name: Clio
Race: Neidos
Gender: Female

Standing as shorter than most human women and weighing even less, Clio's small frame is clearly humanoid but just distinct enough to not allow her to pass without notice. A paled "underbelly" quickly deepens into a light greenish-blue befitting the seas of which she comes. With webbed hands and feet, long fins extend off the woman's forearms and calves, allowing her to glide through the water as easily as a fish. What some would consider "hair" is the deepest of the green-blue hue across her form. Unlike that of other humanoids, Clio's is much more like thin, wavy seaweed that always seems to be heavy with dampness. Instead of drying, it tends to get slimy and produce a pungent 'fishy' smell. Neidos aren't the greatest bunkmates when away from the water for too long.

Curiosity and Enjoyment - those are two major things that drive Clio. Unlike many of those back home that believed the surface to be filled with dangerous savages that only sought to destroy, the Neidos's wanderlust brought her to within their realm. Clio's always there to ask a question or to pick up and examine anything and everything that isn't fastened down, much to the chagrin of others. Looking far more fearsome than she really is, those that give the woman a chance soon discover she has very few limits in regards to what she'll do to amuse herself. Practical jokes aren't always done in the best of circumstances and give others the idea that she's not as dedicated as some think she should be. When it comes down to it, though, Clio is Neidos, and you don't grow up without having to learn how to fight and survive their deadly rivals; the Grauhn.

Specific Personality Traits
  • Clio doesn't understand why surface dwellers eat what they do. It's always so dry and smelly. She's gotten better about not openly cringing and gagging when others eat around her. She does tend to cause that reaction in others, though...
  • Due in part to her curiosity, Clio will often pick up and fidget with small objects she finds interesting in some way. Sometimes she pockets these items. Sometimes she breaks them. Sometimes she doesn't cause any trouble, but those days are very few and far between.
  • Sense of Adventure - With home no longer being an option, Clio decided to "Carp-e Diem" and try to embrace the exciting, new world she found herself in. She finds it (mostly) awesome.
  • She's not sure how, but one day Clio will find a way to go home again. She heard of this 'Special Trident', but she's not counting her pearls before she's coaxed her oysters.
  • If there's a plan, Clio will have forgotten that there was ever a need for a plan to begin with. She feels 'plans' are for those that can't enjoy the adrenaline rush gained when everything that can go wrong, does.

Character Sheet
A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.~Douglas Adams
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