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Character List

Repost your character sheets here
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The Bull Guard

Age: 21
Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler
Alignment: Lawful Good
Traits: Battlefield Surgeon, Anatomist
Drawback: Haunted
Eastern or Western?: Western
Physical Description

Scathach stood out in her home country, and she now stands out in the country of Fhang Zhi.

She doesn't hide her foreign origins, wearing the traditional tartan of her home country, and the fur-lined leather armour that is standard in Poiladunn. But she has some hints of her heritage from Fhang Zhi in the dark hair and her pale skin. She is an athletic young woman, blessed with a flattering frame. If there is one thing that stands out about her, it's the off-colour streaks in her otherwise black tangled hair.

These colours can, and often do, change, and everything about Scathach seems to change with it.

When her hair is blue, she is measured in all of her movements, as if every move she makes is carefully planned. Her voice is soft, rarely rising above a shout. Much of this is true when her streaks are purple, but at this point her moitions gain an implacable confidence and control, and she seems to always wear a smug smile. When her hair turns gold, Scathach becomes full of energy, talking at a mile a minute and being unable to shut up. All of the control in her motions are lost, like an excitable child. When her hair turns red, the control becomes back, but the energy stays. She is always twitching and fidgeting when her hair's red, like a wild animal about to strike. Usually her fists don't unclench, and her voice becomes an aggressive bark.
PersonalityScathach is a stranger to Fhang Zhi's shores, but Fhang Zhi is not difficult for her to navigate. If there's one place she struggles to navigate, it's her own mind.

Scathach's mother came from Fhang Zhi originally, and Scathach has done her best to fit in. She is subdued, polite and, most surprisingly, quite shy. She functions better alone or with small groups of people than with large crowds, and has taken to meditation for her nerves. Despite being a skilled warrior, she doesn't like to pick fights, instead preferring diplomacy to get out of trouble. She can be very full of herself at times, but otherwise she is the model guest, and is a great believer in the importance of personal honour and good manners. She is selfless, noble and always putting the needs of others past her own. She is a healer, not a fighter, and keeps to a strict code of ethics, primarily that she doesn't hurt anyone who isn't about to hurt her, themselves or someone else.

Her upbringing in Poiladunn becomes more obvious when she's comfortable and especially if and when she gets drunk; at that point, the boisterous barbarian that she looks like comes forth. Her measured pleases-and-thank-yous give way to jovial and playful teasing. She always seems like she is stopping herself from having fun, but Scathach has a very good reason for keeping in control; there's more than one person in her head.

Scathach tangled with a yokai long before she landed on Fhang Zhi. The trauma fractured her mind like a broken mirror, and she developed three separate personalities quickly manifested. She is yet to give the personalities names officially, though they tend to go by "Red", "Purple" and "Gold", and in turn tend to refer to the true Scathach personality as "Blue" based on the colour her hair changes to depending on who is in control.

"Red" is the personality that takes over when Scathach is unable to fight. Completely unlike Scathach, Red is violent, undisciplined and deadly. While not malevolent, Red is a spiky ball of rage, and is always ready to throw the first punch. She relishes the chance to fight, and will often provoke a fight when one doesn't come her way.

"Purple" is a much more disciplined and controlled personality, and is the smartest of all of them. She is a highly effective strategist, and usually takes over when Scathach is overwhelmed with a mental challenge of some kind, or if her emotions are starting to overwhelm her. Purple is nearly emotionally dead and logical, but is also incredibly smug and often lets that smugness get Scathach into trouble.

"Gold" is by far the friendliest of Scathach's personalities, and usually takes over when Scathach simply needs a break. Gold is a charming joker with a knack for fast-talking, lying and wordplay, and is very charismatic. However, she is absent-minded and easily distracted, and can put the others into trouble.

The original Scathach, or "Blue", tries to keep the others in control, but in reality the others protect her. Scathach is highly damaged, and the other personalities take over when the trauma becomes too much for her. For now, as strange as the personalities can make her seem, she needs them while she heals.

Now whether or not the personalities leave once she is healed is another question entirely, and not one they are eager to answer.
BackstoryScathach was born of the most unlikely of unions. Her mother was Fuchizaki Satsuki, a merchant's daughter originally from Fhang Zhi. Her father was Jarl Eamon Taurus, an infamous naval commander, and one of the major players in the bloody civil war that had enveloped the frosty, windswept isle of Poiladunn for centuries. It was a harsh, bitter land, and the war was a bitter, harsh one, but Eamon and Fuchizaki had somehow found love in each other. This did not protect them from their enemies; in fact, Fuchizaki was in labour below deck during a pitched sea battle, while Eamon's enemies assaulted his ship. Eamon often claimed to his children that it was the moment that Scathach was born that the tide of the battle was turned and the day was saved. This is extremely unlikely, of course, but the people of Poiladunn are a superstitious lot.

But Scathach was not the only child of this unlikely union. There was her twin sister, Aife, and the two twins were inseperable. However, the two were very different. While Scathach was a quiet, thoughtful girl when she was growing up, Aife was brazen, bold and outspoken. Aife would always bring Scathach out of her shell and get her to have fun, and Scathach would always reign Aife in when the fun went too far. Aife was definitely much more like their father, a dangerous swordsman in his own right. Scathach, meanwhile, took more from their soft-spoken mother, and instead found herself preferring to learn how to heal than how to hurt. Scathach decided to learn how to be a medic, and Aife supported her even when their father questioned this decision.

In wartorn Poiladunn, family was the only thing one could count on, and the Taurus family was very closely knit. Eamon often took his daughters on his flagship, "The Bull of Poiladunn" when he was on naval missions, and the two found roles to easily fill. Aife was one of Eamon's greatest warriors, and became known as "The Bull Guard" for her reputation with a sword. Scathach, meanwhile, learnt the craft of the ship's medic, and also learnt from their mechantile mother how to use the tongue as a greater weapon than the sword.

Then came the day that would change their lives forever.

The Bull of Poiladunn was blown off course in a stange wind, and without warning they were assaulted by a horrific monster. None of the crew knew what it was; at first they thought it was a giant, but unlike any they had ever seen or heard of. Without fear, Aife immediately took up the blade and hurled herself into the fight. The crew were struck down one by one, and Scathach was running across the deck tending to the wounded, when she looked up to see the monster preparing to strike her, with her sister trying to lunge in the way.

There was a flash of light, then Scathach was in bed with Aife by her side. Her sister told her that three days had passed, and explained that during the attack, Scathach suddenly picked up a sword and dove at the beast, fighting and wailing like a demon, all the while grasping at the ropes of the sail to steady the ship's course. All of the while, her hair had flashed with different colours, from red to purple to gold, swirling like flames as it did, before the monster was driven away. The moment the monster had cleared the horizon, Scathach collapsed. Scathach looked in a mirror, and found a streak of blue hair running from her crown to her fringe, and she felt a pit of shame and fear in her belly.

The crew got home without any loss of life, but all were shaken, especially Scathach. They noticed the streak of her hair change in colour from time to time, and with it her entire personality shifted. She became unpredictable, and all but Aife were afraid to be around her. They suspected that spirits had possessed her, or that the monster had replaced her with a changeling of some sort, but when Fuchizaki heard the story, she went pale, and explained her own theory.

She believed that the monster was a yokai. Specifically, an umi bozu. But she couldn't explain how it had fractured her daughter's mind, if that even was what was happening, and if it even was an umi bozu, what was it doing so far from Fhang Zhi. Aife didn't care. She vowed to go to Fhang Zhi, determined to find out what had happened to her twin sister and if it could be cured.

While her sister was gone, Scathach took on the role of the Bull Guard, and while she was no replacement for her sister, she found that she could best all of her father's other swordsman with ease. Or rather, her new, alien personalities were accomplished warriors, when they were in control. The Red one was violent and strong, the Purple one was cold and calculated, and the Gold one was charming and funny. Their voices buzzed in her head and plucked control away from her, giving her a new name. "Blue". Surprisingly, they always seemed on her side, trying to protect her from what she found herself doing, but the experience terrified her all the same. She didn't know if she was cursed, or possessed, or simply going mad. Still, she knew that it was only temporary, until her sister came back from Fhang Zhi.

But the weeks rolled on, and became months, and became seasons. An entire year had passed without Aife, and Scathach began to worry. Red, Purple and Gold told Blue that she should go and try and find her sister, while the tempered Blue tried to ignore them with increasing difficulty. When the call for warriors to fight yokai reached Poiladunn, Scathach had the excuse she needed to go to her mother's ancestral home, with two goals in mind;

Find her sister, and find out how to fix her fractured mind.
Notes from Krow
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Out of Character


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Basic InfoName: Izumo
Race: Kitsune
Class: Bard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Eastern or Western?: Eastern

Character Concept Theme Music Alternate Theme
Traveling bard based off the KoMuSou monks of ancient Japan. Plays the Shakuhachi (flute) with overall somber and calming effects. Primarily relies on the effects of his magic, specializing in enchantments and illusions. Also carries a traditional Naginata (Japanese pole-arm) for melee combat, if necessary. Has a tragic past where he lost his wife in an attack by Yokai, and thus devoted his life to battling the Yokai while sharing his musical gifts with as many others as he can along the way.

right-aligned image
As a traveling bard from the far east, Izumo wears the traditional attire of a traveling monk, consisting of robes covering his torso and legs, with additional coverings of soft, leather bracers for his arms and the back of his hands (called Teko). On his feet he similarly wears the traditional Tabi-socks and traveling straw sandals (waraji), native to his homeland. From his neck hangs a pouch, displayed prominently on his chess, decorated with emblems of protection. Arguably the most striking feature of his attire is the basket hat, which covers his entire head, allowing for vision through the slits opened in front of the eyes and conveniently hiding his fox-like appearance from the non-Yokai inhabitants of the world.

Izumo comes across initially as an enigmatic character, since his face is frequently hidden behind his basket hat. This is to hide his fox-nature, since the general population typically distrust such creatures as they are considered the same as Yokai or monsters. Often quiet and reserved, he is caring and good-natured, exuding a serene calmness, which allows others to trust him. The somber, almost sad overtones of his musical performances produce calming effects, which cement the reaction of others towards trusting him. However, though he may thus gain the trust of others, he himself is typically distrustful of strangers, initially. But then Izumo's lonely nature usually pushes him to eventually opening himself to trusting others, at which point he will start to remove his hat and show his face when in relaxed environments. Even still, this is usually done with the activation of magical disguise to take on the appearance of a human male. Only those that truly get to know him learn of his true nature as a Kitsune fox.







Traits(2) & Drawback
Trait #1: Benefit(s): You gain a +1 trait bonus on caster level checks for your racial spell-like abilities as well as those from the Magical Tail feat. Additionally, you can select Magical Tail as a bonus feat whenever your favored class grants you a bonus bloodline feat, combat feat, or metamagic feat instead of the normal type of feat granted by that class. You cannot exchange specific feats granted by a class or race for Magical Tail in this manner; for instance, a monk cannot exchange his Stunning Fist feat for Magical Tail.Nine-Tailed Scion - You are talented with kitsune magic.
Trait #2: Benefit(s): You gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks.Reactionary - You were bullied often as a child, but never quite developed an offensive response. Instead, you became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly.
Drawback(Flaw): Effect(s): You take a –2 penalty on Sense Motive checks and on Perception checks to see through disguises, and on saving throws against charm spells and spell-like abilities.Lonely - You are far too easily convinced of the friendly intentions of others.

Izumo was born and grew up in the woods of Azuma, in the north-eastern area of Fhang Zhi. It was not until he had reached the age of 25 that he first stepped into a human settlement - the city of Jiaozou. Izumo had spent his life until then inhabiting the forests and meadows of the hills and mountains surrounding the city, never venturing near human civilization. Such was the way of the Kitsune, or fox folk, to shy away from humans and their distrust of the supernatural.

It was a warm, spring day - a little after his 25th year - when he encountered his first human. That day, he was in full-fox form and had ventured beyond his normal range, to the very edge of the forest where the pine trees gave way to a vast meadow. Picking his way carefully among and over the fallen logs buried within the wild grasses, Izumo froze when he suddenly found himself face to face for the first time with an actual human! The Lady Miyako had ventured just into the edge of the woods to gather some of the wild berries, which grew there. At once, Izumo was intrigued by this beautiful creature, the likes of which he had never before seen. At first he scampered back to the forest edge, and hid among the trees. His curiosity got the best of him, however, and so he followed her for a while, watching her from a distance, keeping just out of sight so that he could see her, but remain himself largely hidden. As the evening drew near and she prepared to leave, he sat and waited to see where she would go. "I live just beyond the meadow," she called out to him. Why did she speak to him? How did she know that he would understand? Overwhelmed with curiosity, he paid her a visit that night - the first of many.
The Lady Miyako lived in a dwelling, with her ailing mother, which was located on the rural outskirts of the city of Jiaozou, bordering the forest. When she was younger, her mother had told her stories about the fox folk. The people of the city were afraid of the supernatural creatures, calling them Tricksters and “evil spirits” - Yokai. But those that lived in the country-side, closer to nature, knew otherwise. Her mother taught her that foxes were sacred guardians, Kami - humanity’s protectors against the truly horrible monsters that dwelled in the dark and sought only to harass good people... or worse. Thus, when she saw the fox that day at the edge of the woods, she knew it was a good spirit when it chose not to attack her. Seeking the favor of such a charming Kitsune, she decided to invite it to her house, that she and her mother may gain its protection. After some time, Lady Miyako and her mother came to accept Izumo for what he was, a Kitsune. As their relationship blossomed, and Izumo revealed his true self to her, the two were wedded in ceremony with Izumo adopting a human disguise so as to avoid the distrust and persecution of the surrounding villagers. Izumo became adept at maintaining his human visage when in the presence of anyone except his wife or her mother, for the human population of Fhang Zhi would not otherwise allow a Kitsune to roam the city streets, fearful and distrustful of their nature as kin to Yokai.

Izumo adopted the profession of a Bard, gaining accomplishment as a master of the Shakuhachi (flute). His performances, augmented with his innate magical abilities, would often take him on extended trips away from his home. During one such trip, he chatted with the patrons of a local inn and heard the stories of a Nue - a Yokai that has the face of a monkey, the legs of a tiger, the body of a Tanuki and the front half of a snake for a tail. The Nue was said to have been recently attacking the nearby area surrounding the city of Jiaozou. A wave of dread overcame Izumo as his thoughts flew to his wife, in their home on the outskirts of Jiaozou. He quickly departed to rush back to his home, to ensure she was safe.

What he found was devastating. His wife was in their home, which was all but demolished in an apparent attack by a large beast. Izumo found her body, cradling her mother in her arms, both having been mauled viciously by the tell-tale claw marks and snake bites of the Nue. That evening he dressed their bodies in the white robes reserved for the departed, and with the cremation of their house along with their bodies he sent their souls to rest peacefully in the next world. As he watched the house burn along with the body of his lover, he wished desperately that he also could cross over and be with her! It was not yet his time, however. He needed to attend first to a little matter of the earthly realm of Fhang Zhi: to track down and kill the monster responsible for his personal tragedy and to ensure that no others would suffer the same fate as he did at the hands of such evil Yokai. Adopting the attire of a KoMuSou, he vowed vengeance against the demons and monsters, seeking solace only in what little comfort his music may bring to those fellow-victims and weary travelers he'd meet along the path on his quest for vengeance.


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right-aligned image

Race: Elf

Class: Alchemist

Land of Origin: Eastern

Alignment: TN

  • Firebug
  • Student of Philosophy

  • Family Ties


I have taken the Oath!

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Kamehn Skala
left-aligned image

Name: Kamehn Skala

Race: Oread (Granite Skin racial variant)

Class: Druid (Rot Warden variant)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: No matter what establishment Kamehn enters, chances are rather good that he will draw attention –whether it be the fact that the green cloak and hood he wears hides any facial features from view, that the person underneath it is almost seven feet tall and built like a boulder even with most of his body hidden from view, or (more than likely) it is that when he sits down, a large dire rat scurries out from the sleeve of the rope with an adorable pink ribbon wrapped around her neck and loudly demands service for her and “the boss” in Common.

While no-one in civilised lands has ever seen what lies underneath the cloak, the occasional flash of skin between the druid’s gloved hands and the sleeves of the cloak reveal a rough, grey skintone that seems almost rocky in the light. Anyone who gets close to A spear is strapped to the tall man’s back, along with a battered brown backpack that holds the essentials for any journey.

Traits: Stoic Dignity

Drawbacks: Attached

Eastern or Western?: Western

Background: WIP

right-aligned image
“You mess with the boss, you mess with me!”

Name: Harl

Race: “Half-goblin changeling…What does my adorable furry self look like?”

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Background: WIP
"How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some higher principles in his nature, which interests him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it." - Adam Smith

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