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Old 07-01-2019, 05:55 PM
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I don't know about where you are, but it's HOT here.

And so are our writers! If you think you found a hot piece of gaming related posting, why not nominate it here? We have Air Conditioning, so take some time, write up why you like what you saw, and nominate it for Post of the Month!
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Old 07-12-2019, 01:38 AM
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Player Nominated: wodine

GM: Silk

Game: An Untimely Encounter

Reason for nomination: As I read wodine's post for his character Xōchipilli, I could not help myself as I grinned throughout the entire reading. A second read through had a similar effect on me, and I thought to nominate the post as I felt it was an Iconic representation of a Shadow runner getting home after a stressful day on the job.

For Context: A couple of Halloweener's rode into the job area with flamethrowers intent on burning down the park where the job was located at. Xōchipilli took one of the ganger's bikes and just got it home but needed to enter the matrix to change ownership. He is confident no one is tracing his location as the Halloweener's in question are in Kight Errent custody.

Link: Chapter 1a: Intermission(1 Week)


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Old 07-16-2019, 04:41 AM
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Player Nominated: Gaijin

GM: wodine

Game: Outplay 2019 - PF Rd1 The Life Gate

Reason for Nomination: When the curtains were first raised on the other threads after Round One drew to a close, one of the first threads I read was the other Pathfinder group(mainly to compare how well we had done within the same system) and not too far in quickly became hooked on this personal side-arc Gaijin's character Dr. Alexander Drudge(Ph.D) pursues to save the life of a small elfling girl that has for all intents and purposes already been all but declared dead by our PF GM wodine in a previous post. It quickly became the thing that, despite being in a thread with other well written characters and difficult circumstances, I first looked for in each subsequent in-game round. I just couldn't not know how it ended and Gaijin's writing really sold the story from his character's perspective, including moments of doubt and second guessing, as well as sacrificing his entire haversack worth of belongings so as to be able to move fast enough. In all likelihood and honesty exploring this path cost him potential rescue points off his score in the process. The specific post I'm nominating is something of the climax of the arc, and my personal favorite of Outplay's Round One.

Link: here

Note: Due to the round one threads being closed, the below is a mostly reconstruction copy.

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Old 07-25-2019, 09:50 AM
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Player Nominated: Crocodile

GM: Hound

Reason for Nomination: Recently our group was given an interesting gift from Hound in this game: design and kill two mutant goblins, using whatever methods would be the absolute coolest for your character. This was complete freedom, and a few of our characters took this in stride.

Enter Zug. This grippli barbarian has time and time again proven himself to be a paragon of violence and destruction, and this was his opportunity to really let loose in a campaign where more often than not we are forced to try and reign in his reckless tendencies. Crocodile took the chance in stride and forged an epic encounter for his little amphibian. The enemies he designed were highly creative fit perfectly in the scene. All in all, it was a great read worthy of recognition.

Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...84#post8453784

Way of the Wicked | P6 Arena
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Old 07-25-2019, 12:55 PM
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Player Nominated: oztk

GM: Roekahs
System: FATE

Reason For Nomination: First there should be an assist here for Wynamoinen because his character's speeches set up many of the references and, most importantly, the punchline. oztk was given a compel to have his character (a goblin whose entire clan was displaced from their homeland) steer the airship onto the island where it would stir up some angry griffons. oztk covers a lot of ground before ever getting to that tiny tidbit, but even more impressive, went back to grab speech components that set up all of his character's thoughts and supported the action. The OOC block is priceless too...

Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...84#post8470384

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Old 07-27-2019, 01:31 PM
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Player Nominated: Karhald
Game: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, 5E (Hoard G)
GM: Chocoladevla
Link: Link to post
Note: thread is private, so presumably only the admins can see it, others can used copy posted below under the spoiler.

Reason for nomination: I’ve been playing with Karhald in this game for about half a year. The game is known for being a rough, brutal campaign where every move and encounter is made under pressure and stress, which actively stretches the player characters to their limits. In the first chapter of this campaign we’re trying to save a town from invasion. The PCs must make hard choices and accept the consequences when lives are inevitably lost. The first chapter climaxed with a duel, for which Karhald’s 1st-level character (a Dwarf Cleric named Greta Silverdeep) bravely volunteered to duel a foe that she had no chance of beating so that prisoners would be freed. The final post from the character is essentially her death scene, which beautifully summarized the life of Greta the Dwarf - who she was and what she lived, fought and ultimately died for.

Old 07-29-2019, 10:14 AM
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Player Nominted: Jim Faindel
Game: The Fall of Tal'Dorei
DM: Jim Faindel
Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...64#post8455264
Context: The story began with our group of detectives investigating the aftermath of a vicious terrorist attack against a magic university during its graduation ceremony, seemingly targeting a member of the city's council and casting a shadow of dread over the entire capital of Emon, from Matthew Mercer's Tal'Dorei campaign setting.

Reason for nominating: This is a bit of a long one, sorry for rambling.

I've been running this game for the best part of a year now, and not a single post goes by without me being surprised, thrilled, and fascinated by my players' unexpected antics, brilliant theories and astonishing role-playing. But this time around, it was my turn to up the ante, drawing on several story threads connecting backstories, revealing several secrets they had been chasing after, and for the first time disclosing the scope of the puzzle they had been working with from the very beginning, all the while setting the stage for an action sequence several players had been working towards in hopes of pursuing their goals.

My usual DM posts require me to focus attention in at least two different scenes happening at once in different parts of the enormous city that's the heart and soul of this campaign, a juggling act I've been trying to pull off while managing a complex agenda of events, institutions, and NPCs for my detectives to discover and interact with as they explore the streets and stores. I like this system because it allows for organic interactions to occur without being entirely planned, even if it can be a bit of a headache to keep track of, but this time around all the effort finally paid off as the party simultaneously bumped into one of the biggest surprises I had kept in store for them, while artfully navigating around a series of traps and counter-measures I had readied against them in ways that had me cackling with glee and anticipation.

But first I need to tell you a little story about that first part. Years ago, when first joining the Crossing, I like many others played in a game of Hoard of the Dragon Queen DMed by the fantastic Chocoladevla. It was a thrilling and formative experience and my main inspiration to finally take a shot at DMing myself. Imagine my surprise when two of the players that accompanied me through that journey applied for my game, both with amusing and unique characters I was dying to explore, almost as much as I wished to enjoy playing with them once more.

What they didn't know at that time, however, was that I had conceived my campaign from the start with all our characters from the HOtDQ game deeply intertwined with the plot, and now, after months of careful planning on my end and a series of clever choices on theirs (not to mention quite a bit of serendipity), it was time to pull the plug and have the new characters face the old.

The final result: the party gaining a set of powerful allies that held answers they had been chasing after for weeks and opening new and exciting opportunities for them to pursue, one of the main threads connecting the game's story and many of the PC's backgrounds all coming to the forefront, the balance of the socio-politic game behind the scenes of the city irremediably shifting from now on, and the two players I wished to surprise thrilled to find their old characters turned into heroes and now aching to find the rest of our original party. (I was on a discord chat with one of them at the time, and his initial disbelief and sudden excitement upon realizing what I had pulled off will likely remain as my proudest accomplishment as DM for a long time to come.) All the while the rest of the group was rewarded for their efforts tracking one of their main suspects with a chance to take the upper-hand and turn the tables on the whole investigation. (Something that has taken quite the interesting turn after this post, and that I am currently working on following up on!)

What fascinates me the most about the whole affair, is the idea that this entire situation could easily not have happened at all! It required the right PCs making the right deductions and following the right leads in order, acting in just the right way while successfully interacting with three different groups of interest in order for this final encounter to be possible. I am humbled by my players' skills and insight, and thankful for the chance to continue DMing for them. Boy do I have some surprises in store for them next!

Game Post:

If I could be an expert in just one arcane
and madness inducing field of study,
it would be you.

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Old 07-29-2019, 08:37 PM
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Player Nominated: Verdant Glitter

GM: Hound

Game: Back to Basics: Sandbox Edition

Reason for Nomination: Verdant Glitter took to the challenge we players had been given with gusto, to create unique encounters against a newly introduced enemy of goblinoid horrors. They have always been sure to inject their posts with some amount of flavor, ensuring that their character remained fun and memorable over the course of the adventure, and with the added freedom of writing their own take on the given scenario, the poster took that energy and put it towards conjuring a wonderful fight with menacing opponents, all while keeping us in the head of the swashbuckling tengu, Adalicia.

Really, I just found it a fun read for a fun bit of freeform scenario making.

Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...87#post8458687

Old 08-02-2019, 07:19 PM
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Player Nominated: WhovianBeast
GM: WhovianBeast
Game: Arbiters of a New Age

(sorry for being self congratulatory...)Reason for Nomination: The resurrection of the vampire king Dracula to rule the vampire nation is something the game has been building up to for well over a year, and would not have been possible without the direct assistance of the PCs; while it isn't here quite yet, this post delivers only the second prophecy encountered by the players, and the first revealed to the players directly. Given that the only other such prophecy was delivered two thousand years ago and resulted in the release of an immortal Horseman of the Apocalypse, the content of the post is something of great importance in game. Between the vivid descriptions and cryptically pervading symbolism -drawing on both Biblical and popular imagery- the post is crafted to both draw the reader in and instilling a sense of dread in the players (and player-characters) about whether resurrecting Dracula to lead the vampire nation against their own enemies is a wise decision, given that it seems a messiah-like figure will soon rise against him. While I clearly wrote the post myself as part of my ongoing original campaign, I feel that it accomplishes both goals without forcing an interpretation upon those reading it.

Link: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthre...81#post8476581
Originally Posted by Shylocke View Post
Becoming a Champion means bringing mythology to life and have it scheme against you.

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