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Old 08-03-2019, 04:30 PM
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This thread is to contain the character roster in a public space. Please secret anything we have discussed to be treated as such.

Post your characters below.

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Angharad var Elwyn, Human Sorceress
right-aligned image

Appearance and Character

Angharad appears as a petite and pretty young woman. She has a cute face, and while she is in no way tomboyish, her appeal is more that of adorableness than opulent feminine beauty. Her exterior is tidy and elegant without being intimidating or stern. She generally wears her hair pinned up and dresses not without finesse and a certain playfulness, preferring breeches over skirts and dresses, and not shying away from colours that would rarely be seen in her homeland. Her free and lively body language fits the picture. A beautiful and elegant amulet, a disc of nacre framed in gold, seems always present around her neck, regardless of the presence or absence of other articles of clothing.

One might not think her a foreigner by the looks of her, but there is no denying of it once she opens her mouth to speak. While she is fluent in the common tongue, she has a noticeable Nilfgaardian accent. Her voice has a slight raspy quality that gives it a sort of crotchety tone.

She has a sprightly nature, pert, and sometimes petulant, but overall with a gift for being loveable. She is approachable and has little prejudice in terms of social class as long as people behave with some decency, making her something of a favourite among the servants of the house. At times she appears oblivious, even naive, but the next moment, she astonishes people when it is as if she had plucked a thought from someone's mind and were uttering it before they had time to put it into words.

In her personal affairs, she is surprisingly orderly - her rooms are not kept in the inspired chaos of a genius, but are tidy and, at first glance, not even identifiable as a sorceress', at least going by what you might imagine and expect. The servants are quite convinced that she's hiding something interesting somewhere, but they would be, wouldn't they?

Angharad is not mean-spirited or cruel, but she is no saint. You might say what she displays is simply the healthy and natural egocentrism of an attractive, and relatively speaking powerful, young woman. Curiously, a reasonably observant person will soon notice that sex is a touchy topic with her, and any sort of lewdness or allusion in her presence will quickly sour the mood.

Life Path

It is probably safe to say that Angharad is relatively young - for a sorceress, that is - though hardly quite as young as she looks. She makes no secret of the fact that she is from Lower Alba in Nilfgaard and graduated from Gweision Haul, but you do not know when. The stories she occasionally tells do not paint much of a coherent picture of her life, except perhaps that she did not spend most of it in Nilfgaard proper - it appears you would have to pry to learn more.


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Old 08-05-2019, 07:11 AM
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”Four Arms” Tymek Cralgard – Personal Witcher to the Segert Family
left-aligned image

Apperance: A lot of people would say that if you’ve seen one Witcher, you’ve seen them all – yellow eyes, scars and most importantly, two swords strapped to their back. The latter is what makes Tymek stand out from the rest of his bretheren – while a pair of yellow eyes indeed peer out at his surrounds from under a messy mop of black hair, and an otherwise passably-attractive face is marred by a deep fleshy scar across this nose, this Witcher does not carry two swords. Rather, he carries four – one steel and one silver longswords across his back as well as two daggers hanging from his belt – though this seems to only be when he is out on duties for the Segert family, either as a Witcher or as an escort for the children or another member who may require his services. When out on his own business, either at the estate or in town, Tymek defaults to the more traditional two swords.

His choice in clothing, despite having serving at a noble’s pleasure for near-on two decades now, is still rooted in his previous life as a travelling monster-slayer and while they are a great deal cleaner now than they previously were, the Witcher is still often found wearing a rough white cotton shirt under a reinforced brown leather jacket, battered and with numerous poorly-made repairs done over years. A Witcher medallion, that of the Viper school, hangs over the jacket, and its silver chain also holds a plain golden band upon it as well.

Lifepath: Tymek has been with the Segert’s longer than some of their children have been alive. Stories surrounding how the Witcher ended up in the employ of its patriarch vary wildly, though the common thread seems to involve the Witcher saving either the noble himself, his wife, his mistress or one of several of the children while out on an unrelated contract. Since that time, Tymek has been a recurring feature at the Segert estate and outside of it, sometimes standing in the main hall when the Lord is receiving guests, but more often shadowing behind members of the family when they’re outside the walls of the estate. All most people can say is that the old adage of “You don’t need a hero, you need a professional” relating to Witchers applies to Tymek himself – he’s quiet, respectful, and fulfills his role as is expected.

Those who know the Witcher slightly better, such as the other workers or servants at the estate describe him as a quiet man who keeps mostly to himself, though he’s not unfriendly – in fact, he’s usually quite happy to join in on a game of Gwent, dice poker or even just an evening of drinking (though he has been banned from drinking contests for obvious reasons) and is usually good for an amusing story from his hunting days, or a drily-humorous remark. Those who have asked him about his past usually hear a fairly straightforward story of an orphaned boy who was taken in by a Witcher from the Viper school named Kacper and after completing his training, he spent his life travelling the Path, hunting monsters where they needed hunting, occasionally taking an odd job here and there where there were no monsters to slay, and spending the occasional winter at the Keep with his Witcher brothers. All-in-all, not all that exciting for a mutant monster slayer…


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Country's currently on lockdown due to COVID-19 but still working away - posting to be sporadic at times. Please NPC my characters where needed so I don't hold anyone up :)

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right-aligned image

Name: Annika Segert

Appearance: Dark and fierce eyes, unblemished fair skin, long hair that straddles the line between golden brown and blonde; Annika is a beauty of the North, though her Lady mother despairs of ever convincing her to use it to her advantage. Annika has ever preferred rugged and practical garb to the preferred dress of her station. Soft leather or double-stitched doublets and trousers don't impress at ballrooms no matter how snugly they fit her lithe athleticism, however suited they may be to running wild on the family grounds.

Personality: Blunt is the word that comes to most people's mind when asked about Annika Segert. Where courtly grace demands words to be wielded with grace and finesse, like a fencing blade...she prefers the technique of mace and hammer. Though she's capable of playing the part of courtier, she has little respect for it. Possessed of keen insight and perception, she despises the game of manipulation and lies...a game her sister plays very well indeed, and often to her detriment. Ever since her mother's death she wants very much to be 'hardened' and tough, to be someone who can catch whatever the world throws at her, chew it up and spit it back in the world's face. She is, however, still young enough to judge her abilities on what she wants to be rather than what she is. That, plus her growing conviction that she should hunt monsters, is of great concern to her father...and rightly so.

Annika spent long years as the youngest of the Segerts, and a girl at that. Her father and elder siblings either paid her little attention or found her annoying at best. Rather than endure, she looked for something better, and quickly took a liking to any excuse to spend time outside on the grounds, where her family seldom followed.

One advantage to being the 'last in line' was that she had more freedom in deciding how to spend her time, so long as she didn't attract attention. She used that latitude to wheedle lessons from indulgent household soldiers and one of the excellent pretext for staying away. Her father quickly quashed any lessons in swordplay, not wanting ANY daughter of his to be encouraged to tussle with men far stronger than she. Archery though, he agreed was more or less suitable. With supervision. That victory came a cost though; she had to agree to tutoring from the Lady Segert as well, teaching her etiquette and what was expected of a young Lady. Despite what one might think though, Annika and her mother got along well; she was not a harsh taskmistress and had sympathy for her daughter's wild streak. It was her argument that even a lady of the north should be able to defend herself if need be that convinced Lord Segert to let Annika learn the bow.

Alas, nothing lasts. The Lady Segert died to the attack of a foul monster. Annika took it very hard, feeling that if she'd been there...despite her tender years...she could have stopped it. It was here that she turned even more away from ladylike manners, and sought to become tougher and more 'soldierly' in her outlook. The sole exception to this was her younger siblings, the twins, whom she cared for almost as if she were their mother herself.

Recently though, against the will of her lord father, Annika has taken to trying to hunt monsters with her bow. Clearly this is incredibly dangerous, though she's only managed to stick a few drowners for the moment. However, driving home that danger was a scrape she had recently where she stumbled over a different kind of monster entirely out there in the wild. A small coven of cultists who were preparing a site for blood magic. Annika shot one, and drove another two off, but the leader got a good look at her before he too left before he got skewered. It's certain that he and whoever he can get behind him will want to take out their frustrations at losing all those preparations on her when the opportunity presents itself.


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Doc ReinerDoc Reiner
Doctor. Human (barely).
right-aligned image

Doc Reiner is not a pleasant man. In his early forties, the doctor is often found inebriated. He is known to have chased would be patients out of his shack because he was 'not ready'. He is only tolerated because drunk or sober, he is bit of a prodigy with the scalpel. Or perhaps someone took pity on the sad little mook.

Doc Reiner is short, at five and a half feet, and scrawny. He is more fuzz than face, with a thick, disheveled mop of hair and beard. He wears dark glasses to hide darker circles under his eyes. Then there is the unmistakable aroma of burnt tobacco about him at all times. It keeps most folks away, unless they really, really need him. Which of course, is how he prefers it.

The doctor doesn't venture out much from his tiny hovel a little off the Segert manor. Occasionally, he is asked by the patriarch of the Segert family to accompany men and women, fighter and hunters, in their various 'endeavours.' Reiner complies. For one thing, he owes the family for taking him in and letting him be in relative peace. For another, he is not averse to a little fighting. He served in the second Nilfgardian war as a combat medic. If anything, these skirmishes are a good way for him to release some of that constant, pervasive anger. When he does step out, he wears his old army issue armor.

Reiner doesn't talk about his past. Heck, he barely talks. Very few know that he was born a noble. He grew up in Vizima's Trade Quarters, among the city's elite. The first Nilfgardian war however, did not go very well for his family. Let's just say they made the wrong bets. To maintain the facade, they turned to a life a crime. Specifically, art forgery. It went well for a while, until they were discovered, and disgraced. They lost everything.

That was twenty years ago. Not much is known of the intervening years. Reiner trained in surgery, though he won't be able to produce a certificate if you asked for it. He went to war. He met Josien there, who now runs the Segert family forge. She is one person in the estate who Reiner manages to have a conversation with.


Bryllyn | Quest | Reiner
DMing To Slay a Dragon |
Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts

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Marsilia of VerdenMarsilia of Verden
Human Doctor
right-aligned image

Appearance and Character

There was a time that Masilia was considered desirable. Perhaps she still would be if it weren't for the hardness in her eyes, the disheveled state of her hair and clothes, and the blood that often clung to them. Her face, while young, bore the expression of someone seasoned by trials far beyond their years and scars appear along her body in numbers far more frequently than one would expect in someone who can barely wield a dagger.

For the rare few who are able to push beyond the stark warning that her appearances render, they find a gentle, though firm hand to help tend to their needs. She is truthful, almost to a fault, a subconscious rebellion against the lies and deceptions that her family harbored and those hurt by them. In fact, rebellious is probably the most accurate way to describe her. She rails against those trying to control her, the expectations that life has imparted on her, and even her own instincts at times. Where a streak of compassion drives her to help those who are less fortunate and persecuted by others, so too does she push back against the instinct, silently chastising herself for being so weak. In the times that she softens and opens up to someone, it is like a brief glimpse into another life, one that could have been had things been different. However, generally she'll keep people at arm's length - or further - even so far as to retreating from public and business for days at a time.

A nomad, whether by heart or circumstance, she never stays in one place long, often leaving in the middle of the night leaving nothing behind but hushed rumors of a monster who terrorized her.

Life Path

The first few years of Masilia's life were as pleasant as could be expected for the youngest daughter of a northern family. She was sheltered from her parents' work within one the cities most notorious criminal organization, even though her older siblings had been brought in at an early age. That was, until her younger sister was born when Masilia had just finished her first decade of life. The arrival was one of joy and hardship, pressing the family to its financial and emotional limits. Masilia became rebellious, seeking out the attention she'd lost to her younger sister by leaving for days at a time without word to spend time with a budding bard, Savaric, who'd become a friend to her.

It wasn't much later that her parents found an answer to their problems. In one fell swoop, they eliminated a mouth to feed and found a reliable supply of Fisstech, elevating their standing within the organization in the process. Masilia was given over to be raised by a mage - which was to say she was left alone to fend for herself the vast majority of the time while her guardian was away. Sifting through the mage's archives, she found an interest in alchemy and medicine. She dove headlong into her studies, memorizing anatomy and experimenting with different formulas, never quite finding what she was looking for. Word spread of her talents, and when they mage was away, she was sought out to offer services to the wounded or intoxicated. Word soon got back to her family, who exploited her guilt and feelings, involving her in gang activities, often involving bringing members back from the edge of death or finding ways to make poisons more difficult to detect.

Through her time with the mage, she remained friends with Savaric, who was pretty much the only one that seemed capable of tolerating her moods for any length of time - until he couldn't. After an event that she won't speak of, he turned on her, vowing for revenge - a sentiment that her eldest sister echoes.

She told herself she was moving on, but if anyone close enough had witnessed it, they'd have known it for what it was.


Whether we know each other or not, if you are going through a tough time, need someone to vent or talk to, or have something amazing to share, please feel free to message me.
We're all in this together <3

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