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Old Jul 24th, 2019, 09:05 PM
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The Band Lineup

When you are ready, please post a character writeup using the following format:
Format[IMGL](A picture of the character, if you want one. If not feel free to delete this part. You are also welcome to use IMGR tags.)[/IMGL]
[b]Name:[/b] (Character's name; when you have a character sheet ready, make this a link to the sheet)
[b]Theme Song:[/b] (Preferably with a link, but if you identify the song name and the artist that's fine. This doesn't have to reflect the character's actual musical style--just the sort of vibe you want them to give off)
[b]Race:[/b] (Your character's race. If they are an advanced race, eg half-breed, aasimar, dhampir, include their parent race(s).)
[b]Class:[/b] (Your character's class, including any archetypes, as well as options like domains, bloodlines, etc.)
[b]Star Talent:[/b] (Which subskill of Perform does your Rockstar campaign trait apply to, and which attribute do you use for it?)
[b]Culture:[/b] (Which of the setting's cultures did your character grow up in?)
[b]Key Concepts:[/b] (A list of personality traits, habits, and experiences that you think are important to the character concept. At least five, but as many as you would like.)

It doesn't have to be perfect; what you put here isn't set in stone or anything.

Below is a sample for reference (this is also an NPC you may encounter).
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Old Jul 30th, 2019, 02:08 AM
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Name/Stage Name: Aria Cadenza / The Faceless Ace

Theme Song: Little Wing (On mandolin to show both style and a bit of her personality.

Race: Half-Breed (Human/Halfling)

Class: Vigilante (Warlock)

Star Talent: Mandolin Virtuoso (Int).

Culture: Ascana League

Key Concepts:
  • Laid Back Aria has a laid back personality, one who most often goes with the flow. She can seem a bit weird and spacey, but she is quite intelligent.
  • Maverick She's considered a bit of a maverick in her homeland, as she loves to push boundaries, in magic and in music. Beyond music, she's usually found with things she thinks might improve her business overall, especially magical amplifiers.
  • Technician On stage, The Faceless Ace usually exudes a more intense vibe. She doesn't try to take the spotlight often, but she's a technician who loves to push the boundaries of her instruments, in quite a few styles. Though, as preferred by The Ascana League traditionalists, she's also adept at setting rhythm and tempo as well.
  • Privileged but Complicated Family Aria was born and raised in Veratuna, the only daughter of her mother Elodia. It was her mother and step father, a human named Leandro, who raised her and her three younger half brothers: Luis, Pancho and Tulio. She knew her own father, the famed halfling engineer/sorcerer Roldan, though he never married Elodia and rarely traveled to her hometown. Her mother held a great deal of social status in The League. She wasn't a noble, but she was in charge of the Beacon of Veratuna. Through her connection with the Tower, as well as her mother's contacts, Aria grew up closely with the music and culture of Ascana as a whole.
  • Pivotal Meeting An old virtuoso violinist named Carlos Garcia visited the Beacon and Aria found herself fascinated. She asked him many questions, and they talked for hours on the notion of pushing the boundaries of music, and how traditions can change over time. He helped to teach her how to use the mandolin in different ways.
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Old Aug 8th, 2019, 12:14 PM
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Name: Falk Onazi
Theme Song: The Nearly Deads - My Evil WaysRace: Ifrit (Human Descendant)
Class: Unchained Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)
Star Talent: String: Bass Guitar (Cha)
Culture: The Galsic Clans

Key Concepts:
  • Forward, Fiery, Fierce - Falk is not subtle. If she doesn't like you, she will let you know. If she likes you, she will let you know. She is barely acquainted with the concept of shame and generally considers it an odd notion that would only hold her back.
  • Gregarious - If left alone for too long Falk will find a crowd to whip up into a celebration or competition of one kind or another. Being cooped up for too long can drive her stir crazy.
  • Manic Mode - Falk's 'rage' doesn't focus anger. It focuses euphoria. She becomes giddy and prone to laughter even in the middle of a life-threatening fight.
  • Aesthetic Ascetic - Falk loves fashion and extravagance. If something catches her eye she'll gladly fork over everything she's saved to own it. The concept of hoarding abhors her, though. If you can't use it then there's no purpose to owning it.
  • Legacy - Falk's clan has some minor notoriety for it's longevity among the chaotic Galsic clans, and she is able to trace her lineage through several Elders. The current elder, her grandfather Awok, was an infamous pirate king in his youth before returning to the clan for retirement. No one from his children's generation has yet proven worthy of holding together the clan in his absence, although Falk and her younger brother Kirus have the potential.

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Old Aug 8th, 2019, 09:00 PM
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Name/Stage Name: Mercedes Plata / Countess Canción

Theme Song: Set Fire to the Rain - Adele

Race: Aasimar (Human)

Class: Paladin (Silver Champion)

Star Talent: Singer (Cha)

Other Perform Skills: Strings - Rythm Guitar

Culture: Ascana League

Key Concepts:

Scion of a Noble Lineage: The city of Masana is one of the multitude of city-states which comprise the Ascana League, situated primarily in the foothills of the Spine Mountains. For countess generations (though not truly, as the family has been rigorous in maintaining a very detailed genealogy) the Plata family has governed Masana as its counts and countesses. While never one of the great cities of the League, Masana prospered from mining the various deposits found in its territory, primarily silver but a handful other valuable minerals as well. In more recent decades the city's status has fallen somewhat from even its modest stature, owing to changing trade routes and a troubling reduction in yearly yields from its more valuable mines. Still the Plata family clings tenaciously to its noble heritage, even if the realities of the present don't quite measure up.

The current Countess of Masana is Mercedes' grandmother, making her second in line to one day receive the title after her mother.

Divine Blood: One of the more notable (and until recently widely disbelieved) pretensions pushed by the Plata family is that their line is descended from divine outsiders, often claimed to be the city's own patron deity. It had been many generations since these claims were taken seriously by anyone outside the family, until Mercedes was born. As as Aasimar her very existence lends a rather good deal of credence to these old claims. The Plata have taken this as an omen of family's rising fortunes, though perhaps they should have taken more care in repeatedly expressing this sentiment to Mercedes herself.

Diva: Proud, arrogant and exceptionally vain, even by the standards of nobility, Mercedes has an almost obsessive desire with style and glamour and will stop at nothing in the pursuit of recognition for her (to her at least) extraordinary talents. Still, while occasionally prone to melodrama, she ultimately means well. The duty of the nobility is to care for the needs of the lower classes, after all, and what better service could she provide than by spreading the joy of song?

Spendthrift: A life of privilege has left Mercedes with little understanding of how money works, and even less of the value of saving. She has an unfortunate tendency to spend freely on whatever catches her fancy, with little regard for where her money comes from or the future. Coupled with her expensive tastes, this has occasionally gotten her into trouble though her insurmountable self-confidence always seems to carry her through.

Runaway: While the family always encouraged her musical talents, it had always been made abundantly clear by her grandmother that while as a hobby it was all well and respectable, her dreams of world-renown as a songstress were firmly out of the question. First and foremost were always her responsibilities to the family. As such, when she left her home to pursue a career of wandering musician she didn't actually get permission to do so, and she spent much of her first year abroad watching over her shoulder as if expecting to find her stern, disproving grandmother there ready to forcibly haul her back to the family estate. Even now, the worry has not entirely abated, though that doesn't actually stop her from flouting the family name nearly everywhere she goes.
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Old Aug 9th, 2019, 04:32 AM
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Name: Antonia Faustus

Theme song: Whispers in the Forest

Race: Spiderfolk

Class: Cleric (Evangelist)

Star Talent: Keyboard Instruments (Wis)

Culture: Underground Commonwealth

Key Concepts:

Born in the Empire: Antonia knows she was born in the Jicarti Empire, but she only the barest memory of the place and the confusing journey to the underground realm. Her father brought her south only a scant few years after she was born. Her past may be to the north, but her future was shaped by the Undercommon. Nevertheless, she does try to inform herself on as much of the Empire's history as possible, whether it be through textbooks, her father's stories, or the accounts of the settlers in the encampments. So far, her opinion of her historical homeland is not a very positive one.

Former Hypocrite: Before the lure of musical stardom was a twinkle in Antonia's mind, she spent a brief amount of her youth as a Hypocrite, doing her holy duty to ensure that the founder's anarchic dream was never compromised by the ambitions of mortals. She took great pleasure in tearing down any systems deemed too restrictive to the freedoms of the people. It also helped that she was not expected to do much of the talking during those days, which suited her more appropriately compared to the negotiations required by the Bridgebuilders and the Exilers.

Macabre: Antonia has a deep fascination with the depraved, the ghoulish, the grisly, and the grotesque. Any art which involves tragedy and violence, any stories which share gruesome details of a uniquely violent ends, or just about anything that evokes a sense of horror and dread will tickle her brain, and she will surround herself with as much of such iconography as she can. She has also taken work tending to the bodies of the dead when such skill was called for, doing a very poor job of hiding the fact that she very much enjoys routing through corpses.

Mistrust of Authority: Antonia was raised on her father's stories of the Jicarti Empire. Between demanding all the bloody details of the campaigns he participated in and the backstabbing which took place among the nobles, she also seemed to pick up on the fact that the totalitarian regime may not have been the most pleasant place to live, which would explain why they had ended up in the Undercommon rather than remain in the Empire, or even among one of the Jicarti encampments on the surface. In any case, despite mostly having secondhand knowledge of a homeland she barely remembered, the contrast with the freedom of the Undercommon was enough to further reinforce the value of an individual's freedom in the world.

Mother in the Empire: Antonia's father spoke very little of her mother, and seemed to find it difficult to speak about her at all. What he has mentioned is that she was a close confidant to some noble family or another, that she was beautiful, strong willed, cunning, and loyal to a fault. So loyal, in fact, that she had chosen her duty over her family. There was always an undercurrent of bitterness whenever he spoke of the matter, so the topic doesn't come up often. But Antonia was still curious about the duty-bound woman who had apparently decided to stay behind when her father had taken her south.

Shrinking Violet, Hidden Zealot: Antonia, as a general rule, despises crowds, and feels drained by social interactions of any kind. This was especially a problem growing up when she joined the clergy, and was expected to give sermons of her own and spread the virtues of the Empty Throne. Her solution for getting around this impediment was simple enough, all she did was ramp up the energy of her rhetoric to astronomically unnecessary levels and start spouting scripture and philosophy with such conviction and vigor that nobody could tell that it was the only thing keeping her from screaming in absolute terror. This had the side effect of giving her a reputation as a crazy, pulpit thumping fanatic, but that small humiliation was much more bearable to her than puking out her dinner all over the crowd.

Unfortunately, she has been unable to improve her situation when it comes to dealing with people face-to-face, where she is prone to freezing up, fumbling her words, and shying away from any sort of personal interaction. Despite the fervor with which she defends her beliefs, she can be frustratingly non-confrontational when out of her element of expertise, making her prone to talking around issues instead of facing them directly, making it difficult for her to get her intentions across clearly. This also means she is slow to making new friends, as she hardly gives others a chance to interact with her long enough to form a lasting relationship, and even with people she is more accustomed to she still sounds uncomfortable when holding up a conversation.

Connecting through Music: The only time she doesn't have a problem with crowds, or people in general, is when she is playing her music. It is a cool comfort to wrap herself in the safety of her own melody, and when she plays, that is when she feels the truest kinship with those around her, because she recognizes them as people who also share in the enjoyment of the song, and the prospect of being in a sea of such people is infinitely less frightening. Harmonizing her tune with other musicians is an even more satisfying experience, seeming to speak directly to her soul, and such an act of collaboration feels liberating in a way beyond her ability to describe.

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Name: Sassara Sparktail
Theme Song: Not Evil - Tiffany Haddish
Race: Kobold
Class: Rogue
Star Talent: Song (Cha)
Secondary Performance: Dance
Culture: The Undercommon
Key Concept:
  • I Survived: Raised in a kobold commune that made the decision of focusing on banditry after a bad turn of leadership, it was rather quickly stamped out by a force of adventurers who only spared noncombatants. When they finally found her, she was in the back of the most lavishly decorated cavern with actual locked doors, half-dressed in gaudy slivers decorated with gemstones and feathers (she opted not to mention this to be her normal form of dress) and bawling her big scarlet eyes out - The perfect damsel in distress. She praised the heroes for saving her from such cruel captors. Surely only tyrants and sadists would bedeck her so and keep her locked in a backroom, right? It was fortunate they hadn't realized that the door locked from the inside too.
  • Opportunist: She hadn't really cared about her clan's fall; after the leadership change, many of the less-reputable and less-respectable sorts took over anyway. The big city above ground that the adventurers took her to had a much better and wider clientelle, it was almost overwhelming how much larger it was, so much to see - And steal. She had always made a living with her suggestive dance and wicked charm, sparked by the first time several courtiers had just given her valuables in the hopes she would grace them with attention; pitting them against each other made it easy to ply even morevaluables out of them, and a deft hand made it easy to filch things people didn give her (her growing arrogance made it an outrage they wouldn't gift her these things, how dare they!) It turned out even non-kobolds could be easily charmed in a similar fashion, and she quickly established herself as a skilled entertainer and heart-breaker flitting from one tavern or inn to another with a trail of missing jewelry and coin behind her. Adorable as she is, no one really suspected the sweet and perky reptile.
  • Sweet on the Outside, Sour on the Inside: Some might call her 'two-faced' - To the world at large, she is the most charming of little creatures, chirpy and energetic, wide-eyd and innocent, sweet and endearing. This is, of course, a facade: Lazy, indolent, a fair bit selfish, and with the miens of someone far more wealthy than any kobold (and most people, for that matter) has the right to be, she would do some Dragons proud in that regard. There is nothing she would rather have than an abundance of riches, the finest of food and lodgings, slavish attendants for her every whim, and all the delightful vestments one could ever hope to have - And, of course, she'd rather not have to work for any of it, which might make her less-legal practices to acquire any coin at all make sense. She isn't unpleasant, of course - You can't charm gifts of precious stones and coin from people if you aren't - but she can rapidly lose patience or interest with people who cannot serve her interests; they simply won't hold her attention for long. She will never be mean or cruel or violent, but if the necessity arises she has no real qualm with sticking a knife in someone, either - Or, better, charming someone else to do it for her.
  • Narcissist: Of course, the problem with being so desired and adored, is that it also nurtures one's ego. Even when she had been underground, she had been doted upon and her attention enviously sought from others; when a fight had sparked up because of her, she realized how easy it could be to create rivalries and make her would-be suitors try to one-up the other. This was only nurtured as time went on, leaving Sassara with something of a diva's personality - She loves being the center of attention. She is a bit of an egotistic lizard, and thinks better of persons that think better of her, but not by too much. But, if you can prove to be beneficial towards her desired station in life, she just might let you call her 'friend.' Isn't that delightful? You're welcome.
  • A Wicked Set of Pipes: Sassara had always been a very skilled dancer. Coupled with an envious physical build, it's how she's always charmed people. But it turned out that she's something of a natural when it comes to singing too; this is something that surprised her as much as it did anyone else, when she was convinced to sing along with some group of bards playing in one of the places she was working. Evidently she could sing better than their lead, which the man took in good stride and even gave a few suggestions and methods of practice to cultivate the ability. This was a pleasant discovery - Dancing is enjoyable for her, sure, and it certainly entices people on a physical level and commands their attention. With a melodious voice and captivating song, however, you can enrapture an individual's heart and soul. Now if only she could get it out to a larger audience...

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