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Old 07-30-2019, 11:18 AM
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For accepted players to post bios.

Player Character Race Archetype(s) High Concept Trouble Captain? Discord
hafrogman Tarren Hephite Human Everyman, Innocent Bonded to a baby dargon Wet Behind the Ears No Yes
Rukellian Davien Tide-Strider Hephite Human Outlaw, Jester, Hero Swashbuckling rogue w/a penchant for theatrics and anything that shines/glitters His mouth has gotten him into a fair amount of trouble and he hasn't learned to shut up yet. No Yes
purplerook Aurora / Zebbediah Zeddian Human Sage Caregiver, Magician Reluctant Paladin On the Run No Yes
davide15 Vivven Gosh Sundraki Human Ruler, Explorer, Magician A vivacious and jaded windcaller A polarizing personality Yes Yes
All I need now is my tower defense game.

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Old 08-19-2019, 07:57 PM
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right-aligned image
right-aligned image
Name: Tarren
Species: Human (Hephite)
Age: 16
High Concept: Bonded to a baby dargon.
Trouble: Hunted by an avaricious collector. Wet behind the ears.
  • Tarren is a gangly, awkward young man with lank brown hair and deep green eyes.
  • Mortimer is a blue-grey winged lizard currently the size of an overgrown iguana.
Archtypes: the Everyman / the Innocent
Captain?: He might aspire, but he doesn't currently have any of the experience or skills. Way in the future.
Discord?: Yes
Posting Rate: 3/week (more accurately I tend to post within 48 hours of having something to react to)


Character Sheet
Tarren, our Colm's boy. (AKA: Tarren Colmsby) Fate Points: 5 / Refresh: 5
Tarren and Mortimer have spent all their time together since the dargon hatched. This level of bonding might come into play anytime Mortimer could conceivably assist in a task, working along side Tarren, distracting someone else, etc. However, walking around with a dargon is highly memorable and attracts attention as well as inspiring greed or jealousy in some unscrupulous types.Bonded to a baby dargon (High Concept)
Tarren is new to a lot of things. He never left his home village until a few weeks ago, making him quite unworldly. He has little to no experience in many of the things that are going to become part of his new day-to-day life. He's also more than a little bit gullible and trusting. All of this could make some people underestimate him.Wet behind the ears (Trouble)
Tarren grew up on a farm, and is familiar with their workings. Herding goats has given him plenty of experience with both holding onto uncooperative creatures, and dealing with extremely stubborn and ornery personalities. His upbringing and social status are pretty obvious, which might cause some hard working types to trust him more, while simultaneously ostracizing him from high society.I've wrangled more than a few goats in my time
From a young age, Tarren was always reminded how his father's brother came to a bad end on account of him being a liar or a backtalker or not taking things seriously etc. Whatever behavior his family was trying to dissuade at the time, Davien embodied. Tarren is at his best when living up to the ideals instilled in him by his parents: being honest, forthright, and open. However, if he tries to be sneaky or deceptive, the guilt can be overwhelming, causing him to give up the game far too easily.Don't want to end up like your Uncle Dav, do you?
The farm was pretty self sufficient, and so there was always building and repairing to do. However, he was always just a little too impatient. He's at his best when rushing, or working under pressure. But if your goal is fit and finish, maybe find yourself a professional. But because of his 'good enough' approach, he has a lot of experience with fixing mistakes (especially his own) and second chances.Measure once, cut twice
Not exactly a real weapon, but handy for snagging arms and legs during a fight.
+2 when using fight to create an advantage.
My hand-carved crookstaff (Equipment)
Superb (+5)  
Great (+4) Physique
Good (+3) Athletics Drive Lore  
Fair (+2) Crafts Fight Shoot Will
Average (+1) Empathy Notice Rapport Stealth
+2 to create advantage or overcome with Lore when you try to calm or communicate with animals.Wild Empathy (from wiki)
Your extensive field experience helps you operate in the wild. You may roll Lore instead of Stealth whenever you are in the wilderness, and may also roll Lore instead of Investigate for tracking in those areas.Outdoorsman (from wiki)
+2 to Physique rolls made to create advantages on an enemy by wrestling or grappling with them.Grappler (Fate core)
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ]
Characters: VerdigrisGwarcMincemeatDel CorganIris KetteringCaleb ShawOtis von Hoyt

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Old 08-21-2019, 08:55 AM
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"Davien Tide-Strider"
left-aligned image
Race: Hephite Human

Age: 28

Birthdate: January 5th

Description: see photo for reference. Standing 6 ft tall and always sporting a pearly white grin, Davien fancies himself a swashbuckling pirate and dresses the part. Bandana, loose garments of mismatched variety and a rapier hanging on the side of his belt are some of his more distinguishing features if his handsome charms haven't drawn you in yet to his almost scarless face. Close inspection will reveal that he has a tasteful knick near his right eyebrow.

Color requested by Humble Athena: Green Blue

  • High Concept: Over the top swashbuckling rogue
  • All that glitters and shines...
  • Trouble: Doesn't know when to shut up
  • Can still feel the shackles on his wrists to this day
  • Honeyed words on a silver tongue, what could go wrong?

Temporary Aspect: "A Lingering Debt to Cap'n Gosh"

Non-Aspect Phase Trio:
  • Cap'n Gosh, Davien at one point in his early seafaring days worked along side her before a job went south fast. She blames him, he took the hit for someone else. A familiar face, a strained relationship. (Recent)
  • Tarren, Davien grew up on the same island as him, Davien actually being his uncle, a blood relation. Davien was known as the town trouble maker, the black sheep of the family that everyone warned Tarren who NOT to be. He often spoke of setting out to sea to find his own fortune. At one point, Davien returned and met him at a port. He ultimately helped the young lad get off the island. (about 10 years ago when Davien came of age at 18 and left his home)
  • Aurora, he helped Davien escape a slaver ship during a slave revolt. He owes him one. (recent)
Equipment: Personal deck of lucky playing cards in an ornately carved box of fine wood!

Notice +4
Decieve +3 Fight +3 Burglary +3
Provoke +2 Athletics +2 Stealth +2 Rapport +2
Resources +1 Physique +1 Shoot +1 Contact +1

  • Body Language Reader (Notice stunt that allows Davien to use Notice in place of Empathy)
  • Rapier Wit (Provoke Stunt that adds a +2 to provocations made while wielding a weapon; custom stunt)
  • 'You'd be surprised what people just leave lying around...' (Burglary stunt that adds a +2 to any attempt to filch items; custom stunt)
  • 5 refreshes available
Physical Stress: 0/3

Mental Stress: 0/2

Mild consequence:

Moderate consequence:

Severe consequence:
“Remember the lesson, not the disappointment.”
– Holo The Wise Wolf

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Old 08-21-2019, 11:25 AM
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WIP I am using this to flesh out my character.

Application Zebbediah/Aurora
Name: Aurora (formerly Zebbediah)
Species: Human/Zeddian

2) High Concept: Reluctant Paladin
Aurora did not set out to be a Hero; he did not want to be a hero. However, a Pact with a supernatural being seems to place him in just the right - or wrong - place to make a difference, rescuing the imprisoned, championing the underdog, unearthing lost knowledge.

3) Trouble: On the Run
Several different groups would like to 'have a conversation' with Aurora. They include his master Casimir and the cabal of Alchemists in the Zedat cluster, the owners of the former slave ship that Aurora helped free or capture depending on your perspective and various authorities looking for slavers and or pirates.

4) A brief physical description:
Aurora usually has his hood up, and so a person's first impression of him is his clothes. Clothes that look - and were - pulled off a heap of second clothes. He wears the hooded cloak of an alchemist but raggedly cut to waist length. He has a mismatched and weather tunic and breaches of an ordinary seaman. He wears a pair of fine seaboots - secured from his late and unlamented captain.

Aurora's hands give him away - he is no sailor or warrior. his hands lack the callouses and scars from working a ship's rigging and or wielding a cutlass. However, there are several burns and stains from potions gone awry. Pushing his hood back reveals Aurora' face is pale and his hair a milky-white blond. His features have paled from their initial grey in the time spent away from Zedat.

Thin lipped and thin nosed, his face is pale and without merit. However, his eyes - should one catch them are striking - a crystal blue so pale as to be almost white. Should one stare into his eyes a bit too long, they will get the impression that something is in there staring back at them.

5) What literary archetype(s) fit your character best? (1 Primary, 0-2 Secondary influences is fine).
Aurora is clearly 'The Sage,' with a splash of 'Caregiver.' Although he is at the start of a journey to become 'The Magician.'

6) Do you or your PC aspire to be Captain? "Captain, gracious no. I am too busy studying to worry about things like a ship."

7) Are you available to communicate via Discord? Yes. I use Discord for other RP games

8) How often are you available to post? Daily, except Saturdays.


IC Aurora
right-aligned image

Preferred Pronouns: he/him/his | Posting Distracted/Slow |Location:Eastern US. GMT-5
Oath of Sangus | Shared World (new players welcome) The West Marches

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Name: Vivven Gosh
Species: Sundraki Human
Age: 32

High Concept: A vivacious and jaded windcaller (ecomage)

Trouble: A polarizing personality

Physical description: Vivven is a petite woman with long dark hair, olive skin, full lips and dark brown eyes like pools of black coffee. She has been described as having a "fine figure" by friends and enemies alike. She tends to wear clothing that allows her freedom of movement while remaining highly decorative and chic. She is also no stranger to ornaments on her wrists, hair, fingers and elsewhere, enjoying shiny things so much some particularly presumptuous acquaintances call her "Magpie".
left-aligned image

What literary archetype(s) fit your character best?
Primary: Ruler
Secondary: Explorer, Magician

Does your PC aspire to be captain: Yes (but first mate would be fine too )

Discord availability: Yes I am on discord and would be happy to be in a channel for this game.

Post availability: I can reasonably post twice a week.

Character Sheet
Vivven Gosh Fate Points: 3 / Refresh: 3
Vivven's natural talent with wind and air ecomancy earned her the vaunted title of Windcaller, a profession in high demand among seafaring folk. Though she is still relatively young she has also seen a lot in life, and enjoys the good, but doesn't take things for granted.A vivacious and jaded windcaller (High Concept)
In a world full of toughs and ruffians Vivven has adopted a larger than life persona. There are some people who find this very irritating and Alienating.A polarizing personality (Trouble)
Though she didn't leave an enemy, the circumstances of Vivven's departure from the Tawny Flag still leave a sour taste in her mouth. She may still have some friends and allies in the organization, but there will be those who have a much less favorable view of her.Resigned from the Tawny Flag
Vivven has experienced more than her fair share of disappointment in her time, and has built up emotional walls to deal with it. However, underneath that she is still a compassionate person who wants to help those around her, even if it means making them hate her to get there (see a polarizing personality).Hard shell, soft heart
Reserved, something for relationship to the rest of the group I think.????
Beautiful jewels and clothing that is the height of fashion help with making a good impression. You get a +2 to gain access to or Create an Advantage with high status individuals and groups when using Contacts.
Resplendent Finery (Equipment)
Superb (+5) Ecomancy  
Great (+4) Provoke Empathy
Good (+3) Will Contacts  
Fair (+2) Rapport Athletics  
Average (+1) Physique Resources
(Requires: Any discipline that allows animation) When you animate something, your animation now starts with one skill at Average (+1) and a 1-point stress box. You can also exchange any free invokes received for both a skill at Average (+1) and a 1- point stress box for your animated being. If an animated being has multiple skills at Average (+1), they can be combined to increase their power, as can stress boxes. So, if you exchange two free invokes, you can receive one Skill at Fair (+2) or two skills at Average (+1), along with one 2-point stress box or two 1- point stress boxes.Animator (from Fate SRD)
You are very skilled at calling upon the winds to aid you. +2 to create advantages for Air sphere ecomancyExpert Windcaller (Homebrew)
People's emotions are pretty damn obvious to you. +2 to create advantages with Empathy when using it to read a person's emotional state.Read you like a book (from wiki)
You may, when you bluntly speak your true intentions in a social interaction, immediately gain a +1 bonus on all subsequent Provoke or Will rolls in that scene. However, if you do this, you may no longer use Rapport with the same audience, as you have peeled away the façade of civility.Iron Determination (from wiki)
[ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Effect: Little Dust Devils spring up where she steps, they can be consciously suppressed
Air You have mastered control over the air. This discipline allows you to fly for short bursts (Athletics), push and pull the air (Physique/casting skill), and even attack with it (Shoot). You can create an advantage to allow yourself or someone else to fly for longer periods of time (casting skill). The difficulty for creating an advantage to allow flight should be around Fantastic (+6). You can also animate the air into a creature capable of following commands (Provoke), starting at a Good (+3) difficulty.

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Name: Fèith Ní Róisín
right-aligned image

Species: Ginger (Melith Human)
Age: 32
High Concept: Soulbound Shaman
Trouble: Touched by Darkness
Physical descrption:
Tall, lean, and muscular. The body of one whose life has known many hardships. Bright red hair, usually tied in a topknot that falls to a ponytail of dreads, braided on the sides.

Normally wears the regalia of her office, that is to say shaman. A hide tunic decorated with beadwork made of amber, sheashells, and stones precious or otherwise. Most notable jewel is an obsidian brooch, set in amber, lined with bronze. Feathers, bones large and small, bird skulls are common, woven into the tunic.

Most often wears warpaint covering her face, either all of it or the forehead and eyes at least.

Blue tattoos cover almost her entire body. Abstract spiral patterns, bird and wing motifs.
Literary Archetype: The Explorer / Magician

Aspire to be a Captain? No. She's a healer more than a leader.


Character Sheet
Fèith Ní Róisín Fate Points: 1 / Refresh: 1
A spiritual leader and a healer by calling and trade, Fèith nonetheless found her fate tied to a supernatural patron. Be it boon or bane, she is yet to find out.Soulbound Shaman (High Concept)
Yeah, it's badTouched By Darkness (Trouble)
Despite a life surrounded by violence and bloodshed, a life lived mostly on raiding vessels, Fèith has always been a healer at heart. It took her perhaps too long to realise what her role in life ought to truly be, and at a great cost. She is determined to make up for it in any way she can. But no knowledge of herbalism has found a way to wash blood the off one's hands.I'm a healer, not a fighter
Despite being born in another land, and having been a slave for all of her formative years, Fèith is nonetheless seen as a spiritual guide, a trusted healer, and a holy woman. Sacred in a way, revered, and with a host of responsibilities - which she chose to shirk and run away from, all to fulfill a foolish feat of redemption. One does not simply quit being a spiritual leader, though, and this flight may cost her dearly.Shaman, raider, leader, fugitive
First it was her master's family. Then it was her village. Later it would be the crew of the longship. More and more people came to rely on her for healing and guidance. The truth of it is that Fèith is used to her word being law, and people counting on her. She will always feel responsible for those under her care. Woe to whoever would harm her nestlings.Nest mother
AKA the bat belt of the shaman.Medicine pouch (Equipment)
Superb (+5) Sorceries   
Great (+4) Lore Will  
Good (+3) Notice Empathy   
Fair (+2) Physique Athletics  
Average (+1) Rapport Crafts  
(AKA Psychologist from FATECore) Once per session you can reduce someone else’s consequence by one level of severity (severe to moderate, moderate to mild, mild to nothing at all) by succeeding on an Empathy roll with a difficulty of Fair (+2) for a mild consequence, Good (+3) for moderate, or Great (+4) for severe. You need to talk with the person you’re treating for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits of this stunt, and you can’t use it on yourself. (Normally, this roll would only start the recovery process, instead of changing the consequence level.)Medicine for the soul
Can make physical recovery attempts with Lore. (FATE Core)Healer (Homebrew)
+2 to Lore rolls related to gathering plants suitable for treating the sick or injured.Herbal Remedies (from wiki)
So far as social skills are concerned, you do not exist. You cannot be swayed, befriended, intimidated, or otherwise moved. Your speech reveals nothing about you or the veracity of your words. (If another character has the stunt The Inner Eye Sees Inner Truth, for the purposes of that stunt, your Deceive score is higher than their Empathy.) (Fate System Toolkit)The Mind Is The Greatest Mountain (from wiki)
Sorcery (Nature)
Sorcery (???)
[ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Effect: Birds seem to follow her wherever she goes, and her hair has a rainbow sheen whenever the light catches it at the right angle.
The Map is not the Territory.

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