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Old Aug 26th, 2019, 12:49 PM
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Outplay 2019 Final Judgements

left-aligned image
"We have come to an agreement." the Archmage Rostamoinen says as this throne rises into the air.

"This choice was not easy. We would have been disappointed, had it been. Well done. And yet..." he snaps his fingers and two glowing portals appear behind the competitors. "only one shall remain. We may call again to the other two. But there will be more trials. We are constantly tested, and must be ever ready. Without further ado..."

He snaps his fingers again. There is a flash, and two of the adventurers feel the portal's light wrap around them, lighter than a feather and stronger than a chain. It pulls them through the portal. Time and space lose all meaning to them.

Only one remains in the room with the other seven:

GM of Uncaged, a 5e campaign of one-shots inspired by folklore

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right-aligned image
credit Peter Klijn
Behind their soundproof dome, Cuchulainen scoffs and grumbles at many of the other judges' assessments. A constant low wheeze and rapid-fire quiet coughing comes from his seat. When he gets a chance to speak, he adds "So much cleverness, so much cleverness. I dun know what to make of most of this. I dun care none for parlor tricks and philosopher's puzzles." He interrupts himself by hacking a gob onto the floor. The looks to the Druid, with a small approving nod. "Hear a folk's story and you hear them, though, I ken to that. That's what we need to know. Give them power, do they use it RIGHT? Are they trying to do right by the world? We dun need another maniac cleaving a score of necks for a tyrant's decree.

"At least they all passed that test. Low bar. Here's how I sees them, thinking thoughts about what we actually DO here at the Table..."



WynamoinenLet me thank you all one more time for the pleasure and privilege to co-GM this game. Outplay is long, it's painful, it's frustrating, but I really do think it is something special. And we have disappointment to deliver to the majority of you, so pre-apologies for that.

I am a different kind of doddering opinionated codger than Cuchulainen, so I have my own judgements to share. I hope everyone can find a nugget of productive wisdom in there. It's a bit presumptuous to give advice about how to role-play better at such an elite level, but that's apparently my job.




The tiebreaker


GM of Uncaged, a 5e campaign of one-shots inspired by folklore

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Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew

Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew
left-aligned image
Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew
Underneath the soundproof bubble, Mifflewerf addresses the group, a serious look on his face.

"I asked them a serious question. And how did they respond?

A couple tried to break the rules, using things like spell triggers, curses and hyphens to meet my requirements. They told poems and sang songs, jumped up and down, threw glitter, mocked my voice and finished with a tear-jerking cliche."
Mifflewerf says with a scowl.

"It was GLORIOUS!" he shouts, unable to hold his delight in the responses.

When the Lord Commander looks at him with disapproval, the gnome responds by lifting his leg and passing gas in his direction. "Oh, stuff it Kok-ey, you'll get your turn. Now it's MY turn to talk." he snaps.

"I was impressed. Any of these guys would be worthy of a seat at the table. But you'll never hear me saying something stupid like 'we're all winners', because that's ridiculous. Only one person is going to win, not all of them." he explains to the others.

"Ikol had serious talent and I'd love to have a few drinks with him. But he wasn't all there. I mean, I like crazy as much as the next guy, but it was more than that. The technique on his poems was flawless, but there wasn't any meat on it. I asked him a question and he didn't answer it. And if he was to get rid of his Niblog side, I don't know what would be left.

I must say that his back flip was a nice touch and his grandmother sounds like an awesome lady. But he didn't answer my question, so I'm giving him 3rd place."
he clarifies, submitting the first of his verdicts.

"Tobias had a bit more meat on the bones of his response, but the technique fell a bit flat at the end. On the plus side he cheated with his word count and tossed glitter into the air, which I liked very much. His response was something I'd hear in a beauty contest though, saying what I wanted to hear. I can't believe he said he wanted to be part of the Nine for "compassion" and the "greater good". I'm surprised he didn't ask for "World Peace". What a crock of horse-puckey.
Still, he answered the question I asked, so earned my second place vote."
he explains.

"Now Berthe's response was a gods-awful cliche. She really said she wanted to do this to make a world the better place for her daughter. <gag>

Normally, I would call BS on something as hackneyed as that, but I've been watching her and she really does feel that way. She wasn't making up the cliche, she WAS the cliche. She felt 'real' to me and more than any of the others, had a real reason for being here. Towards the end of her sonnet, I even started to tear up - and anyone who can tug on my heartstrings like that deserves my top vote."
he finishes.


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The Druid
right-aligned image
The Druid of The Coast

Behind the bubble, The Druid is perhaps as animated, and unpleasant as any other of the Nine, as there are clear arguments between them about who should get the nod.

"Nobody properly answered the question. What? We can’t send them all home as failures, and start over again? I guess I’ll have to sort this mess out then."

"Ikol, the goblin. His insanity and psychopathy are as predictable as his rhymes. First, he tries to guilt us into a decision based on racial diversity. Then, when I ask for a story where they had to go along with a decision they didn’t agree with, for the sake of unity, and he tells me a splendid story about how he enjoys pyromancy, murder, and taking credit from anyone who will give it. No, that did not even begin to meet the criteria of the question. He got lost on the semantics of the details around it, picking out words he thought we would like to hear. I mean, Goblins, of anybody, should understand the greater good over self. They hardly value their own lives, throwing them away for the sake of their clans all the time. Now, that doesn’t rule you him out just yet. We have to compare to how the others met my criteria before making a decision."

"Tobias told a clasic tragic love story. He certainly presented a situation where he had to make a hard decision. I’m not convinced he actually disagreed with it though. And was it for Unity? It sounds like he spent more time trying to convince everyone else it was the right decision than he spent actually making it. Killing a werewolf should have been an easy decision, and hesitating to do so, by my estimation, shows a clear lack of focus and judgement. I can’t give him full credit for that, but he was certainly closer to the mark here than Ikol was. "

"Berthe’s story was as predictable as the Goblin’s. So, she delayed her adventuring for a short while, but really it was a story about being patient in order to get what she wanted. She mad a rash decision, regretted it, then tried to make things right. Not that patience and repentance are bad things, they are certainly a better asset to possess than pyromancy. Perhaps partial credit is due here, as she did put aside her wants for a short period of time."

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The Lord High Commander
left-aligned image
The Lord High Commander was as devoid of emotion as ever as he sat, shielded by the soundproof bubble.

Though several of the contestants had grown accustomed to the deep, scathing voice, others had only just encountered it. It was a voice that emoted more than most faces were capable of, even though there was no matching facial expression from behind the Commanders shadow visage.

I had suggested sending them all home after the applications came in, before we even started this verkakte tournament. But alas, we must have nine – it is so written.

The Lord High had been grossly unsatisfied by the answers to his question, and he would share his concerns one by one.

I asked them a simple question – requiring a complex answer, and I got… blathering incoherence.

It wouldn’t have taken a genius mind to realized that Kokabiel was of course, a fan of law. He was, in fact, the incarnate force of law in the group – and so he did not care if they had chosen the right or wrong. What had mattered was the reasoning and in their reasoning, they had all fallen flat.

The first who answered me, Berthe, spent as much of her time defending against a perceived gender sleight than dealing with the question – on that was not present mind you. I never spoke of the gender of the beloved, only their wife. Then prattled on about her own thefts before emphatically deciding that the man was right to steal – but didn’t establish the why.

The armored man tapped his fingers on the table. And for the record – my armor is not lubricated with oil, I use the tears of those trapped in perdition, like any self-respecting HellKnight.

Then the goblin spoke. There was a noticeable tightening of the jaw when Kokabiel spoke of Ikol.

He decided, after no short amount of rambling, that he would have stolen the elixir himself; wholly failing to answer the question. The Hellknight scoffed, I don’t know which of you have been guiding him through this tourney, but he should be glad it wasn’t me. I’d have left him on the side of the road somewhere, my mace gagging his mouth.

Then came Tobias – the last of my bracket. He was surprisingly… adequate. And when compared against the others, it would appear the best we can hope for is mediocrity. Shall we cast our votes and move on? I’m sure there has been at least one mad grab for power in the Inferno in my absence, and I must see to putting everyone back in their places.
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right-aligned image
Kalas looked tired when the wall of force came down. Less like a vortex of thundering fury, more like the clouds after the rain. The debate had taken it all out of him. All that was left to do now was deliver his verdict, add his judgment to the pool and tell them why. That's what he would want, were he in their position.

When it was his turn to speak, Kalas stepped lightly off his cloud and onto the ground. With his power spent, he looked more like the young man who had grown up watching the competition from the stands, drinking with his friends and wagering on the results than he did a storm lord. He leaned against the table, his arms making a pensive x across his chest.

"Look." Kalas blinked, startled at the roar of his voice. "Sh-" The sorcerer waggled his fingers and flicked at his Adam's apple. "That's better. Tobias!"

He turned his head to the contestant he was least familiar with. "I've heard good things. You made it all the way here. That's something. And you've got power! Don't know where it comes from. Heard some weird things there." Kalas opened his arms up, giving the man a wide shrug. "I'm not one to judge. About that, anyway. My power isn't all above-board either, but I've got it. Which means it's my responsibility to use or not use as I see fit."

"That," Kalas said, "Is your problem. You're scared of being wrong. We're powerful, not omnipresent. We can't always be there right when it happens, which means we've got to make some tough decisions before it happens. Dunno if you're ready."

Kalas raised his white-stained eyebrows, then moved on to Ikol. "100% would be nice, huh?" Kalas huffed out through his nose, amused at the notion. "50% too. Nice round, even, easy to deal with numbers. Hell, if it ever came out to 50%, I might flip a coin too. I'm not above rolling the dice once and awhile."

Someone in the crowd laughed. One of Kalas' old mates. Probably someone he owed money to. Let him try to collect, the youngest member of the nine thought ruefully. "The problem is, the numbers never line up like that. Trust me, I have people for this." He gestures vaguely over his shoulders. "That's when a coin flip isn't enough."

Damn, he was tired. Kalas hopped up and onto the table. His legs dangled, but it felt nice. He wrapped his knuckles on the table's hard surface. A moment later, two mugs of ale appeared. Probably weak by Berthe's standards, but he was only human. A gentle cloud lifted the mug from the table and floated it over to where the dwarf sat. "Sounds like you've made some hard decisions just by coming here. You're scared of making the wrong one, but that hasn't stopped you yet. Don't let it, and you'll do fine."

Kalas raised the mug to Berthe, miming a toast. When he put it down, there was none left except for the thin film above his upper lip. "And yeah, drinking helps."

His vote made, he hit the table with the bottom of the mug. It made a hollow thunk and then refilled. Kalas hopped off the table and back onto his cloud, then floated wavily back to his seat.

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