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Old 09-10-2019, 01:09 PM
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Dwellers in Darkness

Post your character here, in whatever format you wish. Images are optional, secret text encouraged if you want to keep things secret.


BuppidoGregarious and cunning Derro
Prince DarendilElven prince cursed to be a Quaggoth
Eldeth FeldrunDwarven Scout of Gauntlgrym
JimjarTalkative Svirfneblin with a gambling problem
RontCruel Orc bully
Sarith KzekaritHaughty Drow prisoner
Shuushar the Awakened"Enlightened" Kuo-toa sage
Topsy and TurveyAntisocial hair Svirfneblin
StoolPuppy-like mushroom-thing
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Old 09-10-2019, 03:59 PM
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Aurgus the Thick
right-aligned image

Character Sheet

Name: Aurgus "the Thick"
Race: Rock Gnome
Campaign: Out of the Abyss

The gnome before you is only slightly above average in height for one of his kind, but is an exceptional example in his degree of girth. A remarkably broad chest and hard, but rounded, belly give his torso a barrel-like appearance. His massive core appears precariously supported by thick upper legs that rapidly taper into thin calves and tiny feet. Strong, muscular arms end in calloused hands that appear better-proportioned than his lower extremities.

His large eyes, of red-flecked amber, typically peer about with a patient and genuine concern but alight brightly and easily with jest and humor. Vivid red hair contrasts with light tan skin, with his beard grown long and, uncharacteristically for a gnome, left to its own free-flowing devices. A plump lower lip pulls his resting expression into a near-frown but, like his eyes, readily expresses delight in lightened moods by inverting to a broad, toothy smile.

He expresses little grace in his movements, propelling himself with more of a clumsy strength as his short legs pump rapidly. His standing posture takes a natural lean rearward, compensating for his top-heavy musculature.

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Old 09-10-2019, 05:53 PM
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Rollo Runewood
right-aligned image
Character Sheet

Name: Rollo Foxilon Runewood
Race: Tiefling

Rollo is a tall, able-bodied Tiefling with lithe muscle and an athletic frame. His skin is purplish-blue and has a pair of unsettling, dark purple eyes that lack any sort of pupil. His hair, strangely the same color of his eyes, is cropped shorter on both sides and lengthens at the top. Two obsidian-like horns, while small, are obvious against his otherwise monochromatic tone. His nails are black, thicker and longer than most around him would feel comfortable with, and his tail ends with a sleek, sharp barb.

His canines are wickedly pointed, but for some reason you'd get the feeling he'd never use them, at least, not without a good reason. He doesn't appear to be the aggressive sort-- although the way he slinks around under the cover of shadows, eyeing his surroundings, he might work in an evasive and wily sort of way. His ears are noticeably large and pointed, almost a bit exaggerated in shape.

Rollo seems to be in a state of confusion, seemingly about small things and questions that wouldn't faze many people. Though, he doesn't get frustrated because of it, he tends to withdraw as if trying to puzzle something out for himself. Despite gloomy times, he can be charming and has an affinity to wise-crack now and again, either to lift spirits or to prod at some-- either way, he is rather witty.

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Old 09-11-2019, 08:01 AM
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Aryka Finnister
right-aligned image

Character Sheet

Name: Aryka Lynne Finnister
Race: Human (Variant)

Not everyone was born to be a star. Aryka was, though. She knows it, and she loves it. That exuberance — be it confidence or arrogance — infuses every glance, every gesture. That's what draws the eye about Aryka: she seems to assume that she will be the center of attention, and so she is.

Long, blue-black hair is Aryka's most distinguishing characteristic, and she wears it to effect. Sometimes she braids it and lays it across a shoulder; sometimes she leaves it in a shimmering wave, to be tossed around to scatter the light. Sometimes, she pulls it back or ties it up: these are her serious looks.

Behind her hair, Aryka has olive skin and large brown eyes. Her nose is long and straight, and her mouth is wide with thin lips. She is of average height and a build that trends thin rather than athletic.


Roleplay Sample:

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Emdal Daerdahl
right-aligned image
Character Sheet

Name: Emdal Daerdahl
Race: Shield Dwarf

A slight hunch to his normal stance makes him seem shorter and a bit stockier than he truly is. A messy head of brownish-red hair that stretches down and seemingly merges with his thick long beard. With a thick low brow he has a constant look of being agitated or upset with something, the only clue that he is not is the soft droopy moss-green eyes affixed to this always scowling face that seem to beg for understanding that he's not truly mad at you - or anyone.

Thick arms that seem to be racial traits than actual muscle coated in his rust colored hair with hands that appear to be less calloused than one would typically expect of a dwarf, begging to ask what trade he was in. He has a weary and cautious look about him as he doesn't seem to be fully use to the other races - mainly going on hearsay more than anything. Many times he can be seen opening his mouth wanting to say something then closing it feeling his chance to speak has passed entirely.

Currently, while still trying to wrap his head around all of this, he seems to be in a state of defiance. He is too new to this bleak life and the flame of hope still burns bright in him. He tends to feel most comfortable when speaking in his native tongue and speaks a bit slowly when talking in common. While he may look mean or mad he is generally friendly in nature and tone.

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Old 09-11-2019, 10:02 AM
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Laudan Khotz
right-aligned image
Character Sheet

Name: Laudan Khotz
Race: Air Genasi


Everything about Laudan is foreign. Even without the sky blue skin, cloudy white eyes and black nails, she has the features and mannerisms that mark her as from somewhere else. But let's be honest, those are the most eye-catching. Her skin is smooth and youthful, and there is no hair to mar it save for on her head. The black locks seem to move on their own at time, swirled on some breeze that seems to affect only her and at other times the air around her. Short for the taller races, she has an almost birdlike frailty to her limbs. She walks with a fluid grace, not of a noble woman but a creature completely at home with her femininity. At times she almost seems to float and when she speaks she uses her hands in a strange manner, the fingers and wrists dancing at times as if casting a spell or held aloft on the wind.

Her voice is deep but soft and carries with it a hollow sound as if coming from within a cave or through the whisper of cupped hands at the ear. Her accented common is unlike anything found in Faerun and she sprinkles it with foreign words that feel clipped and harsh but more poetic than the disturbing language of the Underdark. When speaking with one person she has the unnerving habit of getting very close where it becomes difficult to focus on a single feature of her face and her own head and eyes move around as she reads her companion's social cues. Even at that distance her voice seems to come from somewhere else.

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Old 09-11-2019, 01:50 PM
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Isarrel Brythana
right-aligned image

Character Sheet

Name: Isarrel Brythana
Race: Moon Elf


Like many of her kin, Isarrel stands tall with a natural grace not found in other races. Stormy blue eyes stand out against her fair skin, while hair so blonde it almost looks silver cascades in soft waves down her back. She's never seen in anything other than the finest silks and chiffon that gold can buy, with numerous pieces of jewelry of the highest quality. She prefers vibrant colors that will help set her apart from any crowd.

It is easy to see that Isarrel was groomed for a life of elegance and luxury. She glides across the floor that she walks upon, typically drawing the attention of everyone in the room. She has a cheerful laugh and inviting smile which she offers often and without reservation - always looking to make those around her admire her for both her outer and inner beauty. She's a natural in conversation and will often going significantly out of her way to adhere to social norms or perceived expectations.
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