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Old 09-06-2019, 12:20 PM
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right-aligned image
Character LinkName: Karantalsis
Race: Half-Drow
Class: Rogue
Personality: Karantalsis is a liar, whatever he tells you is at best a half-truth and almost always a blatant fabrication. It's usually highly entertaining however and that is enough for most people to get along well with him, despite his quirks. Karantalsis is highly intelligent as well as charismatic and always has a dozen schemes running just under the surface. His primary question on seeing a new person is how they can be used to his advantage.

Description: Charming and affable, Karantalsis' manner is noticeable before his physical appearance, standing a modest five and half feet tall and dressed in unremarkable leathers the half-elf gives off an aura of upbeat friendliness.

Background: Charlatan
  • Favourite Scheme: I cheat at games of chance.
  • Personality Trait: I lie about almost everything, even when there’s no good reason to.
  • Ideal: I am a free spirit—no one tells me what to do.
  • Bond: A powerful person killed someone I love. Some day soon, I’ll have my revenge.
  • Flaw: I can’t resist swindling people who are more powerful than me.

Backstory: Karantalsis was born to a human druid living in a community of wood elves and one of their drow attackers who swept from the Underdark in a horrifying raid. His mother died in childbirth and it wasn't until he was in his adolescence and his natural magical aptitude began to show that he learned the truth.

Upon discovering what had become of his mother and the nature of his father Karantalsis set out on a quest to find and kill him. He's had little success so far, travelling the world and looking for clues, but what little he's gleaned indicates an uncle who traveled to the matches. An uncle that probably knows of his father and an uncle that deserves to die.

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OODMNeed to use the RPG Crossing Character Sheet. Please copy over your information from D&D Beyond into the RPG Crossing Character Sheet and then repost for review

right-aligned image
Name: Maorani
Race: Aereni High-Elf (Elf-Variant)
Class: Artificer
Background: Clan Crafter
Personality Traits: I like to talk at length about my profession.
Ideals: I work hard to be the best there is at my craft.
Bonds: One day I will return to my guild and prove I am the best.
Flaws: I'll do anything to get my hands on something rare and priceless.

Appearance: Maorani is lithe and graceful, but somehow with his blank lilac eyes this doesn't translate into beauty, but rather an otherworldy quality that most find off-putting.

Backstory: Born in the Feywild to a mother who had gone to live with her Eladrin ancestor's Maorani was horribly unprepared for the real world when he stepped through in search of his maternal grandparents. He found himself in a warm glen on a mountain where the temperature quickly plummeted as night fell, a phenomenon completely new to him. A friendly clan of dwarves found him and took him in from the cold. Living with the dwarves he learnt his craft of armour making. He decided he could afford a few decades to learn the ways of the world before setting out in search of his grandparents. After many years amongst the stout folk the natural wanderlust of a fey took over and he could no longer stay in the hold, bidding them goodbye he set out on a life of adventure in search of his grandparents.

Character Sheet

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Ready for review.
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Dooley Crank
right-aligned image

Name: Dooley Crank
Race: Deep Gnome
Class: Artificier
Background: Cloistered Scholar
Personality: "My what an awkward little gnome you are..." is a common expression muttered around Dooley. He has a knack for loosing his trailer of thought, but also of finding 10 minutes later and injecting it into conversation like no time had passed. It is usually much to the annoyance of those around him, but when you are thinking of 100 different things at the same time, well... it is difficult to keep track of them all. Half of which are about alligators and crocodiles. Magnificent creatures...
Appearance: At 160, by Deep Gnome standards Dooley is starting to push on a bit. His face looks particularly weather worn, but most of the damage was caused by a medley of explosions, chemical spillage, and alligator attacks.
Backstory: Perhaps it was time to start thinking about retirement...Perhaps he should step out of the laboratory and see a bit of the world...But he was so close to a breakthrough! He could feel it in his bones! The prototypes seemed fine. The tests in the lab had given somewhat useful results...but there was something missing...what was it?....ah ha! Field data! Yes! it was time to step out into the (frankly quite scary) sun and put his work to the test!

I have taken the Oath of Sangus!
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OOCRushing this out to fit the adventure needs; tried to make the most of sub-point-buy rolls. ):

Name: The Stinger
Race: Human (variant)
Class: Ranger
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
Personality: Silent guardian, watchful protector, the hero Westhaven deserves. Lots of edge; hold the angst. Not much fun at parties. More than a little off.
Appearance: Slightly above average height and build. Wears a wide-brimmed hat and a cape, and all black other than the crimson of his cape lining and the scarf wrapped around his jaw. Eyes are stuck on "glare." Seems to always be standing in fog.
Backstory: Nice try! He holds his secrets dearly in order to protect his loved ones, should he acquire any. Before coming to Westhaven he faked his own death, though no one noticed.
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right-aligned image

Name: Tsolmon
Race: Variant Human
Class: Fighter
Personality: Raised by her warlord father, four older brothers, and a litany of tutors, Tsolmon is confident and outgoing. She has no problem saying what she thinks needs to be said, doing what she thinks needs doing, or simply doing what she wishes to do, but she also lacks a tactful, delicate hand for situations where it is called for. Generally irreverent, Tsolmon is always serious about her devotion to her people’s god, The Horse Lord.
Description: With an athletic, powerful build, Tsolmon is not a traditional beauty, and the perpetual, mischievous smile she wears can also be off-putting to those seeking easier game. She walks with a soldier’s bravado, speaks loudly, and turns a hungry eye on anyone she finds attractive or noteworthy.
Background: The daughter of a powerful chieftain, Tsolmon was raised by her father to meet higher expectations than any other girl in the camp. She had to ride better, fight harder, and think faster to prove herself to her father and earn even the smallest acknowledgement of his respect. Now, grown to a woman, Tsolmon has been sent out into the world to prove that she is worthy of leading the clan, even if she will never have the chance with four older brothers ahead of her in the line of succession. Out from under the oppressive thumb of her father, and the judgemental eyes of her brothers, Tsolmon is free to indulge herself on all the wonders of the world beyond the clan.

Link to Character Sheet
Link to Dice Roller with Stats

OOCNo rush, since I have another character headed out on an adventure.
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First attempt; please be gentle if you need to correct me!

Name: Aerion Cloutt
Race: half-elf
Class: wizard
Personality/Description (May be broken apart as desired. Want both parts): Aerion is a tall and wiry male half-elf just out of adolescence. He wears dark common clothing with a hood shaves his head, but his sleek eyebrows are silver. His eyes are plum-colored, and his complexion is pale rose with a scattering of faint freckles. This is a bitter young man from a disadvantaged background who didn't much like the Old World. He has survived by being smart and being careful--he's unflappable, and he always has a plan and a backup plan and a backup to the backup. He sees himself as a freedom fighter, and joined a gang of bandits because they were working to overthrow an unjust regime. He thinks freedom should be the norm, and will fight to free even those who detest him for it. He thinks he knows what's good for everyone, and doesn't understand that some people can't see what he's talking about. He does, however, concede their freedom to be wrong. More background in the "Other Notes" field on the character sheet.
Background: criminal (highway robber)
Link to Character Sheet:
Link to Dice Roller with Stats:
Yeah, I probably shouldn't have done that.
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All new characters have been approved or contacted for changes. If I somehow missed you please bring it to my attention.
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name: Thorn
race: Warforged (Envoy)
class: Druid

right-aligned image

At a little over 7 feet tall, Thorn is a slender and willowy 327 pounds. Bone-white alabaster and wood the hue of mahogany twine together in a rugged, sinewy form. Its eyes glow a dim yellow, and rack of wooden antlers sprouts tiny ash leaves. It wears a long fur cloak but no clothing — the cloak is more for blending in than any protection.

When it speaks, its voice is the soft crackling of autumn leaves, and it moves with the swaying grace of a juniper tree in high wind.

For decades now, Thorn has wandered the wilds, tending groves around a fallen city to the south. It has nurtured the trees, calibrated the biomes, and husbanded the animals. For decades now, Thorn has wandered apart from the realms of man. This has changed, now: it has found its way back to civilization, and it is not quite sure whether it likes it.

Thorn does not speak much, but when it does, it is blunt as a rhino up the backside. It either does not care or cannot comprehend the conventions around tact and diplomacy. It ignores nonverbal cues and will interrupt to correct an error or even to simply voice its opinion. Thorn is well-meaning, but it is often a jerk.

background: (Hermit)
Decades ago, Thorn was created in a town south of Westhaven. It was an agricultural project; a warforged grove keeper to defend and nurture the orchards around the town.

The town itself has long fallen, but Thorn has faithfully kept up its work, ranging farther and farther from its original charter. As it travels, Thorn sought to shape the wilderness around it into glades and meadows. Groves of pines, thickets of dense brush, brackish bogs, and gurgling streams were all part of its great work.

The further Thorn drifted into the wilds, the more it was changed by them. Its caretaking changed from a manicured orchard to something wilder and more organic. Its thinking changed, too. Where once it sought to civilize and cultivate, it now sought to nurture and correct imbalances.

At the heart of the wilderness, a stand of proud oaks knit their branches into a high green canopy; the ground beneath them is clear. It resembles nothing so much as a grand cathedral in the forest, sunlight slanting through leaves in the forest's rendition of strained glass.

There, in that holy grove, Thorn came to understand the interconnectedness of all things; how even the massive changes wrought by mankind were a part of the natural order. But also in this epiphany, Thorn recognized that this fine lattice of interconnections was in constant peril, and that civilization's tenuous foothold on this continent must be protected as if it were itself a grove of struggling trees.

With some regret but an urgent sense of duty, Thorn made its way back to civilization. This took time; Thorn was surprised to discover that its town of origin had been overrun. Eventually, Thorn found its way to Westhaven. Its arrival went largely unnoticed, but Thorn has plans to change that.

character sheet:
original rolls:

DMs NotesGood to go. -TB

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OOCRushing out this replacement for The Stinger, above, using the same bad rolls, since I never used that character and an adventure needs something different.

left-aligned image

Name: Prrup-tik
Race: Grung
Class: Ranger (revised)
Background: Outlander
Personality: Prrup-tik is physically mature and mentally competent, but at only 18 months of age, he is very naive and often just plain dense. Have you seen The Jerk? You should. It has held up surprising well.
Appearance: He looks a LOT like a frog. Very amphibian indeed. Rainforest tree frog, that is, not those lumpy swamp guys. He's a pretty mottled sea-foam green, with dark red eyes.
Backstory: When Prrup-tik was scarely more than a pollywog, his clan came on the wrong side of a border dispute with the yuan-ti. A passing tortle hermit, himself in his last years, rescued the infant grung and raised him the best he could, teaching him right from wrong and some minimal survival skills. It was fortunate that grung mature very quickly, because Prrup-tik's adopted father passed soon afterwards. The old tortle could see that his ward would never make it on his own, so he did the only thing he could - he sent young Prrup-tik to the big city, to make some friends and build his life there.

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Application for Alistair Strikt
right-aligned image
Name: Alistair Strikt
Class: Fighter
Race: Human (Variant)
Age: 29 Years

Personality Traits: I can stare down a hell hound without flinching. I’m always polite and respectful.
Ideal: Responsibility. I do what I must and obey just authority. (Lawful)
Bond: My honor is my life.
Flaw: I obey the law, even if the law causes misery.


Despite his best efforts to become an investigator, Alistair Strikt just never really had the brains for it. He was strong, charming, but often fell ill and his ability to discern clues from nonsense was non-existent. He was a polite fellow, having being taught to respect those who you wish to respect you. And it was his devotion to the Law that saw him start on as a City Watch member.


There is no real story to Alistair Strikt, he is an average, run of the mill male who went into law enforcement after he was sick of being mugged as a child. His thoughts were if he stepped up and started keeping an eye out on the streets, he would save another kid from the same fate. He trained hard, although being so prone to illness made it a long and arduous process, yet he kept at it and managed to enter into the City Watch. His parents had always thought him to respect others, although they had passed away from old age a few years ago. Now he lived in the city watch barracks, sharing a room with 16 others. Single beds lined the walls and their routine kept him going. He wanted more, to be more than just a man walking around the streets keeping the criminals at bay with his Greatsword and stern words. But he just needed to find someone to travel with.


His goal is to eventually become Commander or Knights-Captain of the watch. His aspirations for becoming an Investigator have fallen by the wayside to leaning into his strengths.

Post Rate: +1/Day (During the week)/~1 on weekends
A monster you'd like to see in this game: Vampire
An item you'd like to see in this game: Sentient Greatsword to be his partner.

[Link to Stat Dice Rolls]

DM NotesFor Class features there are several items that need to be added to your character sheet.
1 - Add Armor Proficiencies
2 - Add Weapon Proficiencies
3 - Add Equipment from City Watch/Investigator Background -TB
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App Complete!
left-aligned image

Name: Ludra | Rolls
Race: Ghostwise Halfling
Class: Druid, Circle of Spores
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Personality Traits: I've been isolated for so long that I rarely speak, preferring gestures and the occasional grunt or telephatic message. Growth and decay are two sides of the same coin.
Ideal: Resourcefulness. Nothing should ever go to waste; there is always a use for all things.
Bond: My tribe was displaced and wiped off of the face of this earth by warring mages. One day I will make the corpses of those responsible into my mushroom garden.
Flaw: I tend to take things without asking.
Description: Wrapped almost from head to exposed toes in a thick brown cloak is a three-foot tall halfling of dark mossy-green eyes and unkempt nut brown hair named Ludra. Underneath her cloak is some sturdy leather armor that she made herself from some curious material; it certainly didn't look like the usual animal hides. Around her neck, tied on a piece of black twine was what looked like a half-mummified shruken head of a bird. On her back is a bag - also handmade by Ludra - with two straps, containing provisions wrapped in leaves and some other supplies she had gathered while on her way to the West Marches; most of them were scavenged or looted from dead soldiers, adventurers, or even savage tribes. Atop the pack is a round, wooden shield. Resting on her hip is a scimitar that looked a tad too big for the halfling.

Backstory: Ludra lived with her small tribe of nomadic halflings deep in the swamplands, far south of what is now known as Westhaven. Their patron was the goddess Zuggtmoy, the Lady of Decay. It was She who taught them of the power of madcap mushrooms, both for nourishment and magical wisdom. It was Her who taught them to honor the dead by fostering life; they buried fungi and other spores together with their departed, and harvested its fruit in a ritual feast. Ludra's elders thought that even though that were stories from generations ago, She was still protecting them from any and every enemy.

They were wrong.

The halfling girl barely escaped with her life; she remembered only fragments of a heated battle between two powerful arcane practicioners. All she could recall afterwards was that one had pointy ears, while the other was a pale-skinned human with raven-black hair. When she fully came to, her whole village was razed to the ground, leaving only a handful of bodies to bury. Ludra did what any decent member of her tribe would do; she honored her dead, and planted what little shrooms and fungi she could find in their graves. She vowed to herself that she would never eat them until their deaths were avenged.

Ludra eventually found herself in Westhaven, in an attempt to seek answers, shelter, and sustainable income for her planned hunt.

DM NotesYour character sheet is missing your character name. Please add it.
Ghostwise Halflings get a +1 to WIS ability score.


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Samara Ved
left-aligned image

Name: Samara Ved
Race: Aasimar
Class: Bard
Background: Noble

Personality: Samara is self-assured, friendly, and forthright to a fault. Her sheltered upbringing has left her blind to many of life's harsher realities, and though she is perceptive and intelligent her absolute faith that she has been chosen for a higher purpose means she remains oblivious to the many dangers an adventurer must face.

Appearance: Although short and slight, Samara is surprisingly robust. Her slim figure conceals impressive strength and resilience, and her penchant for finely-made clothing (hardly suitable for the adventuring life) belies her endurance and skill in battle. Samara often dresses to emphasise the contrast between her dark skin and pure white hair, but there is some other element in her appearance that tends to strike passers-by, something that is difficult to pin down. It's as if she catches the light more than she should do...

Backstory: Samara always knew she was special, and not just because she grew up in a palace. Her many siblings seemed to think that being minor royalty made them very special indeed, but Samara knew that there were rarer, stranger things to be. She knew that none of her siblings had the dreams that she had. Every night since her earliest youth, she dreamt of the same place – a place that defied her attempts to describe it, a vast airy realm full of lights and colours, resonant and harmonious with countless murmuring, musical voices.

Outlandish as this place was, she never found it frightening, and while for many years the dreams were only dreams she found as she grew that she began to understand them more and more. The whispering voices began almost to be speaking to her in a tongue she understood, and she found that certain patterns or melodies she heard in their realm stayed with her in her waking life. Sometimes she found herself humming them, and as Samara reached adulthood she found that by doing so, she could make things happen...

By now, Samara knew that the dreams meant she had some great destiny in store. The voices were still unclear, but she had begun to understand something of what they meant, and one phrase in particular she now heard as plain as day. “Go West,” they told her. So Samara did.

Link to stats roll.
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OOCKhat is built on the Shifter Swiftstrider race from Ebberon. However, I flavored in a bit more exotic background to account for Khat as having a bit of divinity from a minor deity - Mafdet. It remains to be seen whether Khat will manifest sorcerous skills.

Name: Khat
Race: Shifter(Swiftstride)
Class: Rogue
Description: Khat is lean and wiry, tall and thin, but blessed with preternatural grace. Khat has a dusky brown skin covered in long but loose clothes. Her long black hair is almost always braided up. Khat has an exotic face with a short nose and slitlike amber eyes.
Personality:For Khat, the joy of the hunt drives her. She prefers to hunt alone and to strike from ambush. However, she has learned that sometimes the hunt requires a pack. Khat normally hunts the trails and forests of the urban jungle. A place where social skills take the place of survival skills.
Khat, Blessed of Mafdet

Blessed or Cursed, Khat was never really sure. What was sure was the changes she underwent, and puberty shattered her life. Her skin shifting from a dusky brown to silky black fur was enough to terrify her family. Even more disturbing to her was the presence she felt inside her. Khat found herself becoming more nocturnal and with an urge to hunt things.

Where most saw a Khat as a barely human monstrosity, Sirrus, called the Rat Catcher, saw a creature of beauty, or at least an opportunity. The rats that Sirrus hunted were the two-legged kind - ranging from urchins that would cut a purse to thugs that would roll a person in a back alley. Sirrus would act as a decoy, or lie in wait, for a criminal to show up. Apprehending the criminal, Sirrus would finagle a reward from the grateful victim and then turn the criminal over to the watch for a fee. Sirrus was initially attracted to Khat's speed and grace, envisioning that she could catch the elusive urchins that were becoming more difficult for Sirrus to run down.

Khat was a quick study and blossomed under Sirrus's tutelage. Khat augmented her natural abilities with the social skills of an urban hunter. Sirrus and Khat quickly outgrew hunting the lower-class criminals of Baldur's Gate. As their reputation grew, so did demand for their services. The pair soon found themselves killing more profitable and more dangerous foes.

Unfortunately, the line between hunter and hunted is a thin one. As Sirrus and Khat closed in on a particularly vicious band of extortionists, the band began hunting Khat and Sirrus. One night, the group cornered Sirrus in a tavern while Khat was out searching for clues. Sirrus died in the resulting fight.

Insensed, Khat swore vengeance and began hunting down the member of the extortionist ring. Khat was not particularly discriminating about who were members of the band and who were merely their associates. After killing several of the group of extortionists, the remaining members fled to Westhaven, hoping to avoid Khat. Unfortunately, people one both sides of the law were more than happy to see Khat go as well. So, Khat was pointed to the West Marches and encouraged to pursue her vengeance there.

Now in the West Marches, Khat seeks the killers of her mentor Sirrus and continues the hunt for dangerous predators.

Character Sheet:
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A hobgoblin is ready for review: done already

see application Nr. 4.

was reviewed and approved by SecretID on 20191113. Thanks.

PS: I also understood now that Arcane Traditions (Abjurer) are only chosen at Wizard class level 2

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