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Old 11-08-2019, 12:39 AM
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The Crew Manifest

For the characters that will venture to the stars.

TO DO List

1) Answer Your Question

2) Let me know who you're going to meet

3) Get me your suit wish list

4) Starting gold

DM Notes

PlayerCharacterQuestion ChoiceContacts
LordWarryn “Nicknack” NickelnackerExpungedExpunged
ParzivalFairRorik Thunderoakxx
WynamoinenOurra Temperthirst *Infinite PowerReligious Leader/Ship Smith
HippoGin *Build Ourselvesx
The Rat QueenIara HalloraCrewDockmaster/Guard Captain
KnightfallFeylin L'Ithaniel *To SeeWeapons/Xenos/Travel
KshnikJavern OsmapliteReliableLand Vehicle/Garage/Ship Repair
UngainlyFoolBlizz'rt Shady Type/Retired Aethernaut
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Straight from the application thread. I am sure there will be cleaning up and lots of actual character building here as well.

Gin - Warforged Artificer
right-aligned image
Name: Short for Engineering Unit 13Gin Sheet
Race: Warforged Envoy
Class: Artificer

Background: Gin is the last of the first generation of Engineering constructs created for the lunar Aethernautic shipyards. For over 40 years he alloyed steel and adamantium to form the skeletons of ships; warped wood and magically bonded it to the ships’ frames; and melted alchemical glass to withstand the rigors of the aether. Various propulsion systems were wedded to the hulls. After completion, Gin watched longingly as the ships departed for parts unknown. Then he returned to the shipwrights and started the process again. Over time the other constructs of his generation were decommissioned or destroyed after construction accidents. They were replaced by subsequent generations of constructs, each generation more capable workers, but with lesser minds - more automatons than sentient beings in fact. Rather than being partners in the great enterprise, the units became mere extensions of the artificers themselves.

At long last, Gin was retired from service: a relic of the past whose independence no longer fit the needs and designs of the shipwrights. He now roams Footfall looking for a ship willing to take on an able engineer.

Description: Forged of living steel, alchemically enhanced wood, and rune-carved stone, Gin towers above many in Footfall. His elongated body mimics the typical humanoid shape, but well outside of normal proportions. A telescopic eye provides a focal point for his otherwise featureless face. His monotonic voice is magically projected toward whomever he addresses, regardless of direction.

Personality Traits: When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in my way. I am willing to listen to every side of an argument before I make my own judgement.
Ideal: Inquiry and curiosity are the pillars of progress.
Bond: I am the last of my generation, and it is up to me to ensure our names enter legend.
Flaw: I am easily distracted by the promise of information.
Goals: Acquire a commission on an aethernautic vessel as engineer
What Gin can bring to the common cause: A deep knowledge of Aethernautic ships and their construction. Arcana and 8 tool proficiencies. Flexible combat configurations depending on party construction. Ability to survive outside an atmosphere. Ability to always stand watch.

right-aligned image
Medium construct

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Perception
14 12 14 4 10 6  
+2 +3 +2 0 +2 +2 +4

AC: 15 HP: 30 (5x level25 + Gin Int bonus3 + ID-1 Con bonus2)
Immunities: poison, charmed, exhaustion, poisoned
Senses: Darkvision 60ft, passive perception 10
Vigilant: Can't be surprised

Require Gin's bonus actionActions
Jab. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target you can see. Hit: 1d8 + 2 piercing damage.
Repair (3/Day). The magical mechanisms inside the iron defender restore 2d8 + 2 hit points to itself or to one construct or object within 5 feet of it.

Defensive Pounce. The iron defender imposes disadvantage on the attack roll of one creature it can see that is within 5 feet of it, provided the attack roll is against a creature other than the iron defender.
hippo has returned! (October 2019)

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right-aligned image
Ourra, Unimpressed
Name: Ourra Temperthirst

Race: Half-elf

Class: I expect to have 3 or 4 tools proficiencies, in addition to the Channel Divinity creation power of the Forge Cleric. Ourra is a mechanic, in addition to a warrior and a cleric. Forge Cleric (of Sekhmet is Egyptian goddess of War and the Sun (and sometimes disease). I really like this flavor, but I am willing to adjust as any pre-defined pantheon dictates. Pelor would be the standard D&D pre-fab world god of the Sun.Sekhmet)

Description and PersonalityFirst impressions: Ourra is tall and stern. She is relatively pale-skinned, with straight auburn hair tinting towards black. She usually keeps it pulled back to prevent it being caught by armor, flame, ne'er-do-wells, or other hazards of her chosen path in life. She generally wears an outfit that is something like a uniform, with crisp lines, stiff collar, and insignia of her order (a radiant sun over crossed swords, reminiscent of a militant skull-and-crossbones).

Ourra wears an eyepatch. If someone asks why, her usual reply is "An accident at the forge when I was an apprentice." She then gives an unconvincing grin and changes the subject of conversation. She is an unconvincing liar, in part because she is quite earnest. She will tell you her honest opinion, regardless of the appropriateness of this opinion. She is almost never intentionally funny, but her driven seriousness can put her in ridiculous situations much more often than she'd like.

What can Ourra Bring?Who is the Sun?

GoalsTo the Moon

Ready for action!

OUTPLAY X is live! I'll be one of your friendly neighborhood D&D GMs. May my other games forgive the distraction...

GM of Uncaged: Our Fair Maidens, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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right-aligned image

Name: Feylin L'Ithaniel
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger

Background: Feylin has spent the majority of his life as a scout and guide to some of the more dangerous parts of the world. The money if fine, and living in the wild is no problem, but after decades of seeing the same parts to the same forests, the scenery gets dull. To be honest, Feylin didn't want a change in career as much as he wanted a change in scenery. Hunting, exploring, guiding, these were all things he loved to do.

So naturally he was intrigued when he heard that people had ventured into the aether. He was even more intrigued when he heard that he too could go to see the stars. The worlds that could be, no, would be out there.... He had to see them....

That was a little while ago.... A little while ago that he booked fare on a ship heading to the moon. Who knew that interstellar travel was so expensive? But no matter. He had a set of skills, a set of skills most valuable to people travelling in unknown worlds. After all, what is the point of going if you don't know that you can survive once you're there? All he had to do was find a way to get out of here... Find a way to get... Out there... Maybe if he could find a group going on an expedition?

Description: Feylin is about 5'9 or 10 depending on if you ask him or someone else. He has long brown hair and stormy grey eyes. A slender frame compliments an equally slender face. The only other notably striking feature perhaps may be his pointed ears, but nothing abnormal from your typical elf.

Personality: He smiles often, laughs frequently, and thinks of himself as humorous, but being used to seclusion in the wild he does also have a tendency to be a bit of an introvert. Not unfriendly, he just enjoys his "me" time. Notably, he thinks of himself as a master of anything that shoots anything. Deep inside he has a passion for anything that fires projectiles. If you need something shot, he is there. Count on it. He is a natural survivalist, but this makes him less proficient in the finer things of life. He doesn't give much to frivolity. He is kindly and trusting, but wary of anything that he "doesn't have a good feeling about."

Goal: To explore the putter reaches of the world and, should the opportunity arise, to explore new and foreign forms of weaponry.

What they can bring: Honestly he may not be great at building, but he has a knack for navigation. He is also a gifted explorer and survivalist, so being thrust into new hostile atmospheres might not phase him as it would most. In addition, being of Fey descent he is accustomed to strange creatures and plant life, some of which defy even the normal laws of nature. But he is also an excellent marksman. If there is any need for a ship to use anything projectile related ... Count him in.


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A Damned Handsome Dwarf
right-aligned image

Name: Rorik Thunderoak
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Background: Guild Artisan

Description: Rorik is a simple dwarf, preferring simple clothing that is tough and practical. He keeps his beard and hair long, does his best to stay clean, and generally smells like sawdust. He is about as tall as the average dwarf, and is possessed of powerful arms and a burly visage.

Personality: Humble and reliable, Rorik is in charge of Rorik, thank you very much, and can only try to help others as best he can. Because of this, Rorik tends to possess a sort of wise calm, a quiet attentiveness that makes for a good listener and friend.

[Backstory:[/B] Rorik doesn't talk much about his life before journeying to the moon. Still, one can surmise a little information; raised in a small family, Rorik's father, also named Rorik, taught him carpentry at a young age. As he got older, Rorik opened a simple furniture shop that nonetheless became well known due to the dwarf's craftsmanship and honest demeanor. Eventually, somebody offered him a contract working to put together aether ships at the shipyard on the moon, and as he had never married and had a number of journeyman craftsman that could run the store on the world below, Rorik took to the stars and has spent the years since toiling away quietly, building aether ships and learning the ins and outs of the trade.

Goal: Rorik has few goals; perhaps someday he'd find a wife, but until then, he was content with his lot in life.

What they can bring: Rorik has spent the last few years helping to build and maintain aether ships, and so would make an excellent addition to any crew.

Aethersuit: Rorik has an aethersuit made of flexible fabric, overlaid with hardened leather plates across his body including a breastplate, pauldrons, vambraces, cuisses, greaves, as well as heavy leather boots. These plates have protected him from numerous dangers, including spars of metal that would have punctured a normal suit, and sparks from welding rigs that might've burned through the fabric otherwise. He recently used a year or so's wages to order a customized suit that would allow him to join a crew as their resident engineer, but it has yet to be delivered.

Current Status: ON SABBATICAL

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Application Status - Submitted for Consideration

Misery's application
left-aligned image

Character name: Misery
Race: Feral Tiefling
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: Misery is your standard tiefling with protruding horn-like structures atop his head. His black hair and red eyes give many people the shivers as it quickly reminds them that devils walk among them. He has an average height - about 5 feet, 8 inches and a small build. His stature allows him to hide among places that people would generally overlook. His darkened, ash grey skin is also a functional asset of his birth furthering his skills in stealth and subterfuge.
Background: Urchin
What Can He Bring: He's quite adept at collecting things that originally belong to others and not getting caught. He has contacts with a like minded nature in Footfall to further aid this pursuit
  • To get as far away from his pursuers as possible.
  • To see the universe as very few have ever done (queue Star Trek music)
History: Misery is his name, and he comes by it naturally. Nobody, not even he, knows what his real name may be. Misery was orphaned when he was just a babe suckling at his mother's breast. Born in Baldur's Gate to a simple merchant who dealt in leather goods, Misery lived a hard life. His parents loved him unconditionally even though their heritage was often met with disdain. One night when Misery was about two years old, some of the local ruffians from the the thieves guild tried to extort money from his father for 'protection.' Misery's father refused. In the early hours of predawn they returned and killed Misery's mother and father. Perhaps they did not have the heart to kill a baby or Asmodeus stepped in and saved the young tiefling, who knows.

Found by the city watch a few days later, Misery was alone and scared. He was turned over to a local orphanage where he would spend his childhood. There, he learned the harsh reality of the streets. Misery was a survivor and became adept at hiding and stealing whatever he needed, whether it be food, clothing, or trinkets. The orphanage kept him clothed and somewhat educated, but he knew that eventually he would be turned out. So, he prepared himself for the life ahead. He was recruited by the Twin Daggers, unknowingly the ones responsible for Misery's parents death. He quickly climbed the ladder within the nefarious organization and became one of the more profitable recruits for the guild. He was looked upon favorably as being a reliable contribution to their underhanded causes.

Then, he had learned the truth about his mother and father when one of the guildmasters spoke of local townsfolk refusing to make their 'protection payments.' He joked about the killing of the tiefling that ran an old leather shop so many years ago. Misery connected the dots and knew right away that it was this man who was responsible for the years of torment, punishment, and chiding that he had received as an outcast.

Misery snuck into the man's stateroom one dark night and executed him. He stood over the guildmaster's lifeless body and and just spat in his cold, dead face. Knowing that he would be tied to the murder, he fled Baldur's Gate to the South. He had to find his freedom from the menace that would be stalking his every turn.

After a fortunate run in with a Yuan-Ti, he wound up in Chult among the slums of Mezro. Here, he honed his talent of thievery and magic. After years of milking the city to his delight, Misery became interested in the growing buzz around the Aethernauts. The snakelike people had learned to hone their evil scarifices into a way to enter space and leave Toril. This intrigued Misery, and at his first available opportunity, he joined the next flight out.

After what would be described as a harrowing journey, he found himself in a new city with eager young faces around him. Footfall was only a stepping point in his journey, though Misery had spent every last coin to procure a flight aboard the ship to the moon. The city was ripe for fleecing, and so he went to work on utilizing his specific skillset to earn more coin from the fool hearty dreamers in Footfall.
In character sample writing:

Posting Rate: Multiple times during workday(M-F); once to none on weekends

To DO List1) Answer Your Question - To be Forgotten

2) Let me know who you're going to meet - Misery would have gained access to the thieves guild, smugglers, and fences. Anyone who dealt into clandestine procurement of goods and services.

3) Get me your suit wish list: Ordered
  • Does your character have a suit already? Not ordered yet
  • Buy a base armour with GP - Only clothing as armor. Assume Mage Armor spell still applies to AC
  • Upgrade life support- 4hr Life Support Tank 200GP
  • Helmet Upgrades- a permanent magical force field that is generated from the suit's neck, which in addition allows eating and drinking while in the suit. - 1 SP
  • Communication Upgrades - Two Way, 500 ft - 1 SP
  • Movement Upgrades - winged boots for 2 hours, would be 30ft/turn and total Delta V of 360 ft/turn - 1 SP
  • Other upgrades - A) Spellcasting Gloves - 1 SP, as long as I still use Booming Blade and Green Flame Blade cantrips effectively in space; B) Basic Tether, launched by small crossbow, hemp rope, 100ft long, 25 pounds. 100GP; C) Long Range Target Assist Illusion, permanent on the helm, +2 for all ranged weapons, and +2 for ship piloting to intercept a distant target. For One Ship Point.
Total Cost - 300 GP, 5 SP

4) Starting gold - Taking 1700 gold

5) Additional Skill - Aethership Piloting

left-aligned image



Stat Block

Character Sheet
Posting Status (July):Multiple times per workday (M-F); Maybe once to none on weekends. July 3-12: family vacation, so very little to no posting

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Iara Hallora, Starfarer
right-aligned image

Name: Iara Hallora
Race: High Elf
Class: Fighter

Background: Sailor - she was never content to dwell among the trees and forests like many of her kin. Instead, she had always felt a pull toward the sea. As a young girl, she would travel for days to reach the coast that bordered the deep elven forests, and watch the waves crash in, straining her eyes to find the ships passing by just off the horizon. Rather than the perfume of blossoming flowers, she enjoyed the sting of salt in the air. Instead of leaves brushing her skin, she longed for the invigorating spray of the ocean. She had less love for the call of the birds and beasts of the forest than for the piercing wail of the seagull and the crack of the flapping sails above.

She left her home before she had officially come of age, not even a century old...still a child, by elven travel to the nearest port city. Most of the jobs she was offered had less to do with sailing, and more to do with fending off "amorous" advances. Fortunately, she had not neglected her self-defense training, and was able to dispatch many a would-be attacker. This, and her impressive presence, eventually landed her a berth on a trader's ship. Luckily, the captain was a good man, and the crew not as lecherous and base as many other crews, and she learned her duties quickly to earn the respect of the crew and captain. Eventually, after years of sailing experience, she moved up the ranks to captain a ship of her own.

Since she only needed to trance for four hours a day, she was often on deck at night, where her elven sight made for an excellent lookout. With most of the crew asleep in the small hours, and the ship quieter than the bustle of the day, she often had time to reflect. She watched the waves rolling in the dark, and the shadows dance before the lanterns. But, most often she would cast her eyes upward toward the heavens. Far out at sea, with no city lights to block the sky, she stared at the uncountable stars that seemed so close, she could reach out her hand and scoop up a handful. Eventually, she came to enjoy sailing at night more than during the day, for she had seen all there was to see of the colors of the ocean. Now, she longed for the light of the stars, blazing against the stark blackness of night. And she felt like she had as a little girl, stuck on land while staring out at a vast, empty world of adventure, and wondered if she would ever reach her new ocean of light and dark.

Description: A far cry from the traditional formal or woodland dress encountered with most elves, Iara sports the garb of a ship's captain, with a broad-rimmed hat covering a scarf to keep her long hair tied back, a greatcoat faded with years of sun and salt spray, loose tunic and breeches for easy movement on deck, and a wide sash that can be easily cut free if she falls overboard. She's of middling height for an elf, weighing in at about five-and-a-half feet, with the light, quick build typical of her race, though a bit sturdier, due to her seafaring background. Her long blonde hair is usually tied back into a ponytail that reaches her waist to prevent interference by the sea breezes, and her almond-shaped blue eyes are shot through with speckles of violet. Compared to the smooth, sometimes porcelain skin of her kinfolk, her skin possesses a bronze glow from constant exposure to the sun, her heritage working constantly to heal damage to her skin. Her eyes, whether by coincidence or influenced by her usual surroundings, are the deep blue-green cast of the ocean she's spent years of her life sailing. Somehow, she manages to make the "sea-legged" walk of a sailor look graceful, and her stance is wide-spread for balance, giving her an air of confidence and stability.

Personality: Iara is friendly and extroverted, accustomed to keeping ragtag sailor crews together by sheer will and force of personality alone. Rejecting the patient demeanor of her long-lived kin, she is determined to wring every drop of life from her centuries that she can manage to squeeze out, though she can display her traditional elven patience, and even aloofness, when she needs to. When it's time to get serious, however, she's all business, and makes decisions quickly and with the expectation that her commands will be obeyed.

Goal: She's sailed the seas for decades. Now she wants to sail the stars.

What they can bring: All these geniuses and experts, mages and tinkerers...and nobody to actually use the ship once it's actually built?

"Yeah, but who's gonna fly it, kid? You?" - Han Solo

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Javern Osmaplite

Politics: Careful when you steal; the Nobles hate competition.
Life: It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.


Race: Hill Dwarf Sex: Male Role: Healer/Battlefield control Age: 51 Height: 4'3" Weight: 178

Class: Life Cleric 1 / Circle Coast Druid 3 / Fighter 1
Background: Caravan Specialist
Skills: Perception, Arcana, Animal Handling, Survival
Tool Proficiency: Smith’s Tools, Vehicles (land), Herbalism kit

Cleric Spells:
Cantrips: Guidance, Sacred Flame, Word of Radiance
Spells (lvl 1 (2)): Detect Magic, Healing Word
Life (2): Bless, Cure Wounds

Druid Spells:
Cantrips: Create Bonfire, Mending, Shape Water, Thorn Whip
Spells (lvl 1 (4)): Create or Destroy Water, Entangle, Faerie Fire, Healing Word
Spells (lvl 2 (3)): Healing Spirit, Lesser Restoration, Moonbeam
Mountain (lvl 2 (2)): Spider Climb, Spike Growth





Hide armor
4hr Life Support Tank 200GP
Gem Dome 300GP
Sippy straw """water""" skin is 50GP
Two-way communications in 20ft - 200 GP
Basic Tether, launched by small crossbow, hemp rope, 100ft long, 25 pounds. 100GP
Wing boots for 2 hours 30ft/turn and total delta V of 360ft/turn 1 ship point

Decanter of Endless water

Goblins !!! If you are allowing or want a goblin sign me up.

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In space, no one can hear you rage
right-aligned image
Name: Blizz'rt the White Dwarf
Race: Duergar
Class:Barbarian, Path of the Zealot
Background: Hermit

Description: What could be considered resting dwarf face of a particularly ugly specimen is just the result of years of repeated abuse, both internal and external. Blizz'rt (he goes by that one name) is missing an ear, and an eye, and two fingers on his left hand. Scars cover the pinkish-purple skin like the dwarf never bothered to seek a healer or drink a potion in his life. On the moon, people have taken to calling him the White Dwarf, something he doesn't react to positively or negatively. He keeps to himself, mostly, pulling himself from a chair at the tavern and from a hard drink rarely and with an effort, it seems, like Atlas lifting the world. You know, he's a dwarf, so there is a warhammer. And a beat up shield that matches its owner, hangs at the ready. Blizz'rt shakes involuntarily, both his hands and his body, leading many to joke that he is perpetually cold. The truth is sadder.

Personality: Everything is a chore to Blizz'rt but like most of his kin, he endures it. His god and his brother both conspired together to curse him. Blizz'rt has died and been raised more times than he has fingers left on his hands. That torture of not being given a rest has left him weary of life. He drinks, not like a Dwarf, but like a true alcoholic, furtively and destructively. That his liver was half pecked out by a vulture on the battlefield doesn't help his processing of it though a normal person might not even know he is perpetually wasted. He is introverted and disgruntled. But despite all that, Blizz'rt knows he is only the vessel of a greater power and knows that wherever he goes or wherever he hides, his God's destructive rage will be channeled through him again and again, and his soul raised when that mortal body is not up to the task.

Goals: Blizz'rt has seemingly given up the underdark for the overdark. He is running away, but from what he won't say.

What he brings: Someone has to do the heavy lifting. Buncha wizards.

Blizz'rt's suit is definitely on order. His positioning in space is not planned in any way and so he has been playing catch up on the needs of his new environment.

In the meantime, he has a cheapo suit (clothing with minimum life support)

On order is:
Wrecking Ball suit: Breastplate (450gp base+ 4 SP + 500gp)
  • Gem Visor + Flippable Sun Visor (removes his sunlight sensitivity) 200gp
  • 4 hour life support 200gp
  • Alchemist jug (drinkable liquids only)with sippy straw. 1SP
Propulsion: 2 hour winged boots 1SP + emergency air jets (100gp).
Communication: two-way 500' 1SP
Giant powered: +2 STR. 1 SP
I should have been a pair of ragged claws
scuttling across the floors of silent seas

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