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The Lake Hemet Survivors

Here is where you'll post your original application, along with information on your character, and a link to your character sheet. I'd also like you each to add an extra FIELDSET box at the bottom, titled Quirks. As we play, I fully expect to find out They hate snakes, they love the Beatles, they're allergic to shellfish, etceteralittle things about your character that will add to them as people. You'll note those in this box.

Stats will be 27 point-buy. This Modern 5e conversion only adds a single new skill, Technology, governed by INT, and any of you may swap out a proficiency for it so long as you make a not of it somewhere. As far as starting equipment, I'll list below in SECRET tags what each person has on their person at the start of the game. Just like any D&D game, you're free to pick up gear along the way. Don't worry too much about encumbrance; keep it reasonable, and I'll do the same.

Current Status: ON SABBATICAL

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right-aligned image
Name: Apollo Williamson
Race: Human
Class: Tough Hero (with Field Medic in mind)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Emergency Services - EMT
Personality Trait: I face problems head-on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success. I have a crude sense of humor.
Ideals: Greater Good. Our lot is to lay down our lives in the wellbeing of others.
Bonds: I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. I have no idea if they're even alive. One day, I hope to see them again.
Flaws: Secretly, I believe that things would be better if I were in charge of everything.
Appearance: Crowsfeet have started showing on the corners of his eyes even though he's hardly in his thirties. His shortly trimmed peppery black finally giving into the stress of everything as small strands of "salt" have begun to show despite his best efforts to hide them. A stocky man with olivy skin and thick hairy arms that have helpped him many times holding down combative patients. Loose-fitting blue shirt and faded black jeans was all he seems to have that doesnt have tears and/or someone else's blood on it. Never a good sign to have blood stains on your clothes when the weepers are about.

Personality: Apollo worked hard to get where he is and has a wry sense of work before play mentality. Although the outbreak has made him jaded over his inability to save pretty much anyone he nevertheless feels a sense of duty to put his skills to work and help those in need. The hope is the more he can rescue the more he can rescue the better odds they can collectively find an answer to this whole ordeal.

History: Born on the southern edge of Louisiana Apollo never thought too much of his families predicament of being impoverished. His father and mother both worked long hours just to keep them in a house together. As he got older he started to get a grasp on how things were and threw himself to work hard, often under the table, to bring what he could to help them. His dream to one day become a doctor helping others and making more than enough to send home to his parents dissolving before his eyes as his days as a teenager neared their end with highschool.

A stroke of luck came his way when he received scholarships to attend schools off in Los Angeles. His eagerness at a better life overtook his cautiousness as he left his parents behind promising to return a doctor. Fast-forward five or so years; school - didn't pan out as he had planned. Health classes were damned near impossible to balance when working a full-time job as a EMT hoping the on-site experience would translate over into his school work.

Now his scholarships have run dry and things were getting scary out in the field helping patients. His partner, Leroy, and he often times had to leave bodies lie over fears of them being weepers or already infected. This damned Blood Flu has made their job almost a suicide wish. Things got worse and worse as the others in the station began falling like flies.

Leroy and Apollo only knew it would be a matter of time before their ticket was called to join the bloody calling of death. They heard of the Lake Hemet Safe Zone - often shorten to the "LZ" between the two as they questioned when they would finally abandon everything and go. That time came for Apollo when Leroy was finally hit by a mob of weepers that seemed to come out of nowhere. With his partner gone he clung to the only place of safety left in his mind.

Theme Song: "Keep the Wolves Away" by Uncle Lucius


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WIP - Keeva
left-aligned image
Name: Pronounced "Keeva Casey" in EnglishCaoimhe Cathasaigh "Keeva"

Race: Human

Class: Smart hero

Aligment: Chaotic Good

Personality Trait: I am incredibly slow to trust. Those that seem the fairest often have the most to hide.
Ideal: Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it. (Chaotic)
Bond: My life’s work is a series of books and articles related to a specific field - wolves of North America.
Flaw: People who can't take care of themselves in the world, adults, not children, get what they deserve.

Background: Adventurer - Park Ranger/Field Scientist

Description: Keeva is at first glance a "not so old" unassuming young woman. Those that have been along with her, or know her, fully realize she is something else entirely.
She is a 35 yr old "go-getter" standing at 5'8" tall with an athletic build and weighs about 140 1lbs. She has the complexion and Red hair fully indicative of her Irish lineage. She's almost always wearing cargo style shorts, calf-length gray socks, hiking boots, and fatigue type shirt, or a tank top if it's warm enough. She carries a ruck on a frame w/ assorted survival gear, a .45 cal semi pistol (if possible), and a large "Rambo-style" survival knife - all in full view.

Personality: Keeva is somewhat jaded against people. She's polite and nice, and helps those who want to learn how to survive and get by, but has little to nothing for those who don't. She's quick to help and protect children. Part of her believes people as a whole deserve what has befallen them.

Backstory: Keeva is a published Animal Biologist and Field Scientist, along with a Federal National Park Ranger - or she was. Her specialty and published work is all about wolves. Their ability to survive, and take care of their own, and be loyal to their own family to their death has aided to her jaded feeling towards people at large.
Early on, she grew up in the Ozarks of Arkansas to a transplanted Irish family of outdoors people, who both live off nature, and fought for it. It didn't take much for her to jump into her degree field and start on the path of looking after her most beloved and misunderstood animal - the wolf.
She's been divorced, bitterly, some 10 years back, and lost her daughter of 11 in the madness of the world killing flu. This has added even more to her calm demeanor in her outlook towards what is going on currently. She's a die hard survivor, and her skills in the wilds doing her research for months and months at a time, is what got her to still be alive to date.
She's been leading excursions out of the Lake Hemet zone when they are going into the Forests and wilds, not so much in civilized areas - though this is changing as mother nature starts to encroach on what was once civilized.

How I got here: The whole thing was over a month in before she got down off the ridgeline and found out it was even going on. First thing she did was respond to voicemails from her Sister about her daughter. She finally got through only to find both had succumbed to the virus by her Sister's husband, her brother-in-law. They said quick goodbyes, and he left to see to his parents, and Keeva... well, she knew there was no way she could get to her own parents and extended family, and it didn't matter as they'd either make it or they wouldn't whether she was there or not.
She had spent a few days watching a convenience store from several miles out atop her ridgeline blind and knew that was out too.
So, she crossed I-10 against her better judgement to see what this Lake Hemet encampment was all about. Her instincts said to head north to the Redwoods, but she didn't.
She wants to leave and set out on her own, but isn't quite sure how to do that yet.

Theme: - It fits Keeva, though not from a "Party" aspect.
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right-aligned image
Name: Sergeant Elspeth Logan

Race: Variant Human

Class: Fast Hero (Daredevil)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Background: Military (British Army)

Personality: Elspeth is a hopeless romantic, viewing the world in the best possible light whenever she can, and always hoping the best of people. As the youngest child, she's never too appreciative when people try to talk over her. She get's a little... Punchy.
Despite that, Elspeth is a constant flirt. With everyone. Even if she's already dating someone (which she's not currently).
Elspeth has an odd ability to keep calm and collected during moments of high stress, but a tendency to freak out over inconsequential things going wrong. About to be shot in the head by people stealing their supplies? In the zone. Eggs have been on the stove 5 seconds too long? Time to freak.

Description: Elspeth stands at about 4'11, with a slightly stocky figure. She has pale skin covered in freckles from head to toe, with an oval face framed by bright red hair, and emerald green eyes.
She can commonly be found wearing tight jeans and a green shirt, with a pair of black knee-length steel-toe boots.

Backstory: Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Elspeth was the youngest of 12 children, with 9 elder brothers, and 2 twin sisters. As such, she grew up constantly getting into tussles with her brothers, and quickly learned that once she was done, the best way to avoid retribution, from them was to be faster. So she practiced and ended up being one of the fastest runners in the family.
Her school-life was fairly easy, with the exception of a singular bullying incident in the 7th grade. The boy in question came to school the next week with a cast on his arm and an apology. Bike accident, was the official story, but her brother's did have a bit of a guilty look for a while afterwards. She ended up graduating at the top of her class, followed close behind by her sisters, Iona and Shona. While they went off to college, Elspeth decided to join the British Army.
While not the most interesting part of her life, Elspeth graduated from basic training and quickly rose in status, if not in rank. She became a Sargent after only 6 years of service as a member of an Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon, at which point she was selected to join the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, a mostly classified branch of the UKSF.
She graduated from training around the same time as her sisters graduated from college. As a celebration, the three Logan girls decided to take a trip to the United States, and visit the great city of Las Vegas. They were there for one week.

When they woke up in the morning of the final day, the city was being hit hard with the infection. Not being idiots, the three quickly payed their dues in the hotel and left the city, headed away from the Blood Flu. As both airports were already shut down due to quarantine, they decided it was best to find somewhere else to try and get home.
The sisters were too late, unfortunately, as many airports were already shut down by the time they reached it, leaving them stranded in the United States.

Two months of running passed before the sisters arrived at Lake Hemet, having survived purely due to Elspeth's SRR training. Elspeth herself was an obvious proof of usefulness, as was Iona, who had been in college to become a Veterinarian, while Shona was a tougher sell, with an education degree, until someone pointed out that they needed an archivist.

And there they stayed.

Theme: So Alive by Random (Feat. Aliya Sachi)

Image Source: Commission: Aubrey by JuneJenssen


If I don't post in a game for a while, feel free to poke me about it. It's possible I went to post and got distracted.

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Kyle Morring
right-aligned image

Name: Kyle Morring
Class: Tough Hero
Background: Blue Collar
Alignment:Neutral Good
Personality:Friendly but sort of aloof. Enjoys hard work. It's meditative to him.
Ideal: Community. This is never going to work if we don't all help each other out. Im willing to give my all.
Bond: Lost a lot of people I cared for. But I have a few left and before I die Im going to help make something for them to last.
Flaw: Stubborn. It takes some convincing evidence or some very good points to make him change his plans.
Appearance: A slightly handsome man in his mid 20's Kyle has dark blond hair, greyish eyes and sturdy build earned from years of work and sports. He has a few scars he has earned in recent months and he dresses practically.

Personality:The type of introvert who managed to make friends relativly easy Kyle is the sort of guy who doesn't avoid company but enjoys being alone. Not that he doesn't like people. The opposite. It's just that he is a contemplative and quiet sort. Most of the time. He can get set on something and when he does it usually takes some good convincing to get him to change his mind once he decides what he is doing. He hates arguing though and will just try to end the conversation and go do his own thing. But aside from that he is usually pleasant to be around. He no longer drinks do to not liking who he is when drunk. Seeing so many die while he has lived has given him a sort of quite gratitude for what they still have but with fatalistic undertones. He sort of thinks he is going to die sooner rather then later but he wants it to be worth something for those left behind.

History: Kyle is from a small country town. He was the sort of kid who played varsity but never well enough to go pro or get a scholarship. Which was fine for him as he spent most of his time helping his father out in their mechanic shop. Sure it was mostly cars but his old man taught him to fix pretty much anything mechanical. Never had the money for school or anything anyway. He did that for about five years after graduation before he decided he wanted something more. So he joined the army. They educate you to right? He could be one of their engineers and fix their tanks or whatever. It was about about half way through Phase lll of basic that things sort of fell apart in the world. His camp was overrun mid evacuation. One road trip later and he had managed to pick up his die hard father and make it to Hemet. Crazy old man had tricked out an old van in to something out of a Mad Max movie. They picked up a few other survivors on the way and Kyle has come to care for them.

Relationships: His Father: Jason Morrings is a good humored man. Lived in a small town his whole life and never wanted more. A skilled mechanic he got to Lake Hemet in a tricked out doomsday van he made himself. It made it almost to Hemet.

Richie: Kyle's friend since high school Ricky was one of the people Jason Morring was able to grab when things went south. An aspiring ladies man. Other then that a decent enough sort. Not handling the outbreak as well as his friends though.

Character Sheet
Quirks TBD

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right-aligned image

Name: Arthur Bishop

Race: Human

Class: Dedicated Hero

Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: Automotive Mechanic (Technician)

Personality Trait: I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can't help it — I'm a perfectionist.

Ideal: Generosity. My talents were given to me so that I could use them to benefit the world. (Good)

Bond: My son is the only thing that matters anymore. I will protect him, whatever way possible.

Flaw: I drink often to "settle my nerves" and smoke for the same reason.

Description: Arthur stands at just below 6' (closer to 5'11") and weighs roughly 180 lbs. His hair has grown shaggy and his beard is unkempt. He's grateful that his wife bought him a sturdy all weather coat before she passed and he wears it daily. Arthur was never overly concerned with his appearance and these days, it's even more about practical clothing than ever before. On the verge of could go either way depending on where the story leadsalcoholism, his hands have a slight tremble and his eyes have begun to become bloodshot. Because he smokes (cigarettes or weed, which ever he can get his hands on), his teeth have yellowed and he smells like smoke. Thankfully, that smell is usually lost in the mix of gasoline, oil and grease.

Personality: Arthur tends to throw himself into his work in order to avoid thinking about what the world has come to. He loves his son more than anything but is often cold and distant towards him. He wants to be happy again and he truly enjoys people but he has become a broken man. After losing his wife to the so called Mexican Blood Flu, he took his son and drove directly to the closest quarantine zone. Despite both of them being cleared, he still worries about the state of the world. Drinking whiskey and smoking seems to take the edge off but he is still struggling. He is beginning to think that sitting an waiting for the world to crash in on them isn't enough. He needs to find others that can help to secure the area around the quarantine and possibly even work on finding a cure.

Backstory: It seems like just yesterday, Arthur had it all. A loving wife, a healthy and growing young son, a small house, and a small automotive repair shop (that was getting close to being paid off). Sarah, his wife, should have been finishing her shift at the hospital (where she worked as an E.R. nurse) when she had called. Apparently, the hospital was being overrun with patients. She asked that Arthur take Steven (their son) with him to the shop since she was going to have pull another shift and the schools were closed due to sickness. That was the last time that they would ever speak to one another.

Arthur was trying to keep his son busy, working on a customers car, when the National Guard burst into his shop. Apparently, things had gone from bad to worse. The sick had turned violent and those deemed healthy were being sent to quarantine zones. The two were loaded into the back of a military cargo truck and driven to a fenced in area, filled with tents and heavily patrolled by soldiers and law enforcement. All of his requests to go find his wife were immediately denied and he was repeatedly promised that they were doing everything in their power to save whomever they could. He was also told that, because the hospital was across town, she may have just as easily been transported to another camp. "Communications are down but once we get them back, we can ask about your wife." That was at least three months ago...

Theme Song: "Why Blues" by Chris Thomas King


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left-aligned image
Name: Rep. Lucinda "Lucy" Martinez, of California's 40th district (formerly).

Race: Human

Class: Charismatic Hero

Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: Blue Collar

Personality Trait: The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity.

Ideal: It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.

Bond: I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.

Flaw: I have trouble trusting in my allies.

Description: At 28 years old, Lucy Martinez has been described in some circles as "the hottest Congresswoman ever elected", a title she rolls her eyes at. She is a fairly attractive woman, boasting a lithe frame and short black hair that perfectly frames her face. But her eyes are those of a soul many years her elder, burning with a fire of intelligence and passion. She generally tends towards simple modest fashions, a testimant to both her upbringing and her constant goal of wanting to stay in touch with "her people". She also uses minimal makeup and tends to only sport a pair of simple earrings, when she is wearing jewelry at all. However, even the best of us make questionable choices during our college years, as proven by the tattoo she has on her right shoulder-blade, a simple yet detailed angel's wing.

Personality: Lucy is a kind and good soul at the heart of things, a rarity for those who walked the halls of Capital Hill. She understands that life isn't always fair, and has taken the famed Gandhi quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world" to heart in order to make the world a better place for those generations that come after her. The recent plague-ridden apocalypse hasn't diminished this at all; to the contrary, it has merely focused this view to a razors edge. The people need a leader now more than ever, and the changes that need to be made are no longer empty policy in a law but real physical actions.

Backstory: Firstborn daughter of a single immigrant mother on the border of East LA, Lucy Martinez didn't have much in the ways of hope and future when she first came into this world. Her mother and her family taught her the importance of hard work and being true to yourself, and the somewhat rough neighborhood she grew up in taught her the importance of community. She was never on the front lines of things, for many years just keeping her head down and her nose in the books. It wasn't until she was in high school that the reality of the world as a whole started to become evident to her, when one of her childhood friends was arrested on bogus charges, only to end up dying in a prison riot shortly after. While others were angry at the police officers themselves, Lucy was smart enough to realize the problem was much, much bigger and set her sights much, much higher. Focusing herself with the white-hot fire of righteous indignation, Lucy pushed herself to graduate salutatorian of her high school and then go on to obtain a degree in Political Science from UCLA.

But this was only the beginning of her story. The moment she got out of college, the young Latina took to the streets and social media. Her education had only shown her earlier hypothesis to be true, the problems she wished to fix were systemic on a grand scale. In her eyes, there was only one way to fix the fundamental problems tearing her city, state, and nation apart; get in the system and blow it up from the inside. With a mix of family connections, grassroots campaiging, and her own natural charisma that she had finally decided to unleash, and a little bit of political scandal on her opponents side of things, Lucy Martinez was elected to the House of Representatives as one of it's youngest members. Now she was finally in a position to do real good and change the world.

Then, eighteen months later, all hell broke lose. Lucy had come home to East LA to start her campaigning for her second term. Annoyance that plans had to be canceled while she was stuck in her hotel room quickly turned into terror as she watched the death tolls rise on the news, only made worse by the fact that she was unable to make contact with her own family during the chaos. Naturally, as a government official and member of Congress, Lucy was on the short-list be shipped off to Lake Hemet for what was supposed to be kept safe. That lasted for a bit, but it was only a matter of time before "gunboat diplomacy" took over as the official rules crumbled away, the very things she swore to fight against becoming solidified into the official stance. Lucy has spent the last several months doing what she can for the people there and trying to protect them from the monsters inside the wall, but she knows it's just a matter of time before something happens that not even she can protect her fellow citizens from.

Alicia Martinez-Sullivan - Lucy's mother, who raised her on her own for many years.
"Mia Familia" - Lucy's several other siblings and various cousins of various degrees that treated her house like their own growing up.
Candice Walker - Lucy's college roommate, best friend, campaign manager, right hand, and (during one three day trip to Cancun) part-time lover. She is the shadow to Lucy's light, and to date has done things that not even Lucy knows to make the Representative's dream come true.

Theme Song: "What We Need Are Some Heroes" by Steam Powered Giraffe

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