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Old Dec 2nd, 2019, 03:48 PM
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Those Who Walk Through Shadow and Flame

Post your character apps here with links to your character sheets! Thanks.
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Old Dec 2nd, 2019, 05:22 PM
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left-aligned image
Name: Bethrynna Liadon
Race: Sun Elf
Class: Wizard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Scholar

Character Appearance: Bethrynna ("Beth") is middling height, about five-and-a-half feet tall, with a thin, yet sturdy build. She wears her golden, shoulder-length hair loose, with strands that fall across her green elven eyes.

While not a great beauty, by elven standards, most consider her "cute but serious", especially when she's involved in study, consuming books with her thirst for knowledge and love of reading. Her slender, dexterous hands seem to be made for the intricacies of spell-weaving, and her normally soft-spoken voice takes on an edge of command and power as she calls forth spells.

Character Personality: Beth is shy, but not particularly awkward. She doesn't feel uncomfortable around people, she just usually lets others do the talking until she has something to say. She has a strong practical side, with somewhat less frivolity than the stereotypical elf, though she does find beauty in patterns and complex processes. She dislikes violence, but understands the need for it at times. In general, her magical studies tend to focus more on controlling the battlefield and supporting her allies while hindering enemies, rather than direct damage and destruction. Rather than moving the pieces, she manipulates the chessboard.

Two Personality Traits: Beth has a history of remaining calm and level-headed, even during stressful or dangerous situations. She also tends to observe behavior far more often than she contributes, which may seem standoffish to others.
One Background Ideal: Magic is like music, a very intimate, personal form of self-expression that demonstrates who you really are.
One Background Bond: Beth considers her instructor to be like a father to her, and would do anything to help or protect him.
Two Character Flaws: Beth tends to rely on logic and learning to the point of neglecting or disdaining impulsive, emotional, or "gut" feelings. Also, her seclusion and arcane studies have left her somewhat naive to the way the "real world" works.
Summary: Bethrynna is a studious, scholarly individual who has trouble relating to anything that can't be explained with facts, logic, or reason. She's far closer to her books than to other people, with the exception of her instructor. While her knowledge is vast, she has a long way to go to develop good instincts and strong relationships with others.



Oh, after all the folderol and hauling over coals stops, what did I learn?

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Old Dec 2nd, 2019, 05:49 PM
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Will Develop the cantrips/spell list after a bit

The Grizzled Veteran
right-aligned image

Name: Unferth Thanagor

Age: 112

Race: Hill Dwarf

Class: Warlock

Alignment: LN

Background: Mercenary Veteran (Vilhon Mercenary Corps)

Character Appearance:

Unferth stands at a stocky 4' 2" with full framed shoulders and a bit of a belly from enjoying a touch too much ale when the mood strikes. His face has deep lines through his cheeks that disappear into his well kept beard. His leather armor looks to be worn from years in mercenary service with adjustments and buckles in different places to stitch together old tears. A large battleaxe hangs from his belt while daggers are hidden among his effects for closer encounters.

His hood covers a shaved head marked with tattoos spanning from simple foul language in different dialects to bold geometric designs that also appear on his hands, forearms, and chest. He is rarely seen without a mug of ale or cigar of dwarven tobacco. His eyes can feel like they are boring holes into your mind, expectant and searching. The dwarf speaks with short, clipped sentences forcing others to get to the point quickly and efficiently.

Character Personality:

Personality Traits
- I keep my personal possessions in secret places which are known only to me

- I do nothing, move no finger or blade, unless I hear the jingling sound of coins

One Background Ideal
- Unsullied Honor: I never break my promises or my contracts for anyone or anything.

One Background Bond
- I seek to reclaim something of great importance to me, and it requires a great deal of coin and blood.

Character Flaws
- I would send an innocent to face his death if it means I will win the fight

- I have crippling debts that my work barely pays off

Summary: Unferth is a dwarf driven to earn as much coin as he can without breaking his word, even if that means a few civilians are hurt along the way. He keeps his reasons for such a ravenous appetite to himself, though it seems as if all the coin he gains is immediately vanished. The dwarf tends to be quiet, but when he does speak he tends to state things in a very "matter of fact" manner leaving others to assume he is just a cold, calculating merc.


Unferth was the second son to a minor dwarf noble within Citadel Sundbarr, though his family was forced to flee after the War of the Silver Marches. For the last few years the younger dwarf has found work among the Vilhon Mercenary Corps and has proven himself a capable, albeit unorthodox, fighter. He tends to stand directly in the melee with the other front line warriors, hacking away with his broad battle axe just as any normal trooper though odd occurrences seem to happen around him. His axe bites deeper than his wiry muscles would imply and on more than one occasion his foes have had their cuts cloaked in unnatural shadow, but his captain is pleased with the his performance and the company cares little how a job is done as long as they get paid.

As the years continued on, he continued with his grim resolve. He accepted ever more dangerous assignments and saw plenty of the young warriors placed under his command die, but the job was always completed despite the odds. He had even gained a minor reputation among his company that those assigned to him got all his bad luck. His team had just finished a job and were returning to Baldur's Gate when they came upon the stream of refugees starting a brawl with a dozen or more Flaming Fist members in the Blackgate district north of the Upper City. Unferth sensed an opportunity for some extra gold for he and his troops.

RP Sample:

Crixus cried out in pain as an arrow punched through his buckler and embedded itself in his hand. "Blasted greenskins, I will wring their filthy little necks!" The ambush had definitely not gone to plan compared to what the dwarf had seen it in his mind. Crixus and he were supposed to cut off the goblins escape route while the other five flushed them out of the thicket the raiding party had camped in. Obviously the oaf of human Unferth had brought along had not quite picked up on the idea of stealth, clomping through the high grass and not even trying to crouch down to blend in with his environment. A few goblins had begun to fire sporadically at the two mercenaries while a half dozen others rushed out to encircle them. "Time for plan B." The dwarf aimed his axe head skyward to fire a green blast of eldritch energy, signaling the others to attack. "Hopefully they get here in time..."

As the skirmish wore on, the rest of the Corpsmen had begun to hack away at the rear lines of the little raiders. First the archers were cut down then they crashed into the melee engulfing Crixus and Unferth. The warlock caught sight of their quarry, the goblin "chief" with a tiny red cape and one ear missing, attempting to flee the battle. The dwarf could slip through the greenskin line to run him down, but doing so would leave Crixus alone and surrounded. The job comes first. He slipped past a wild swing of a dagger and broke into a run so he could catch up with their target. He closed the distance and fired another blast of eldritch light, blowing a hole in the small creature's form. Unferth patted down the corpse, finding the locket and gold ring their employer had stolen from them as well as some extra coin in a hidden purse.

The mercenary veteran returned to the others as they dispatched the last of the goblin creatures. "Losses?"

"Just Crixus, sir. Two knife wounds to the back as he was strangling one of the buggers to death."

"Gather up his valuables and personal effects so we can see them to his family, contract now splits six ways instead of seven."

"Aye, sir." Unferth could tell Shani didn't like the order, but she complied just the same. Unferth's Corpsmen set about piling the bodies to burn while the dwarf wrote a small report. Crixus Lahgman, owed 1/7 of a 150 gp contract. Fell in battle when completing the job, family resides in Baldur's Gate.


"We are sons of Durin, and Durin's folk do not flee from a fight. I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me one last time?"

Descent into Avernus | Odyssey of the Dragonlords

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In a Nutshell
right-aligned image

Name: Erna Luckschild
Age: 18
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Cleric (Tymora, Life Domain)
Alignment: CG
Background: Acolyte

Character Appearance:

Erna stands half a head above the crowds of humankind, her half-orc ancestry gifting her with a rugged build. Her grey-green skin and fangs likewise come from her orc blood. Her expressive blue eyes stand out in contrast to this brutish heritage, twin sapphires that reflect vulnerability and tenderness. In general, her features are very much human: a crisp, thin jaw; a narrow nose; full lips. Overall, it is the human side of her that dominates her appearance; she is more delicate than is common for her heritage.

Erna has a certain haphazard energy about her; her actions evoke words like "flounce" and "swoop" and "gesticulate". It's a good-natured, happy-go-lucky kind of haphazard, though. Some might find it endearing.

Character Personality:
  • Trait: Erna has an ebullient, bubbly personality that gushes over with enthusiasm.
  • Trait: Erna has been taught generosity and kindness since her infancy.
  • Ideal: Good. Erna believes that all people deserve dignity and respect. Her life is in service to that end.
  • Bond: Erna is sworn in service to the church of Tymora.
  • Flaw: Erna cannot take a compliment gracefully and can even be offensive in the way she evades praise.
  • Flaw: Erna has little patience for planning and can be dismissive of others' plans.
  • Flaw: Erna struggles to maintain positivity in the face of failure and rejection.
Summary: Erna's effusive energy brings sunshine to mind. She's got a half-full glass for every situation, and an abundance of compassion for people who are hurting. She's not the deepest thinker, maybe even obtuse at times. But she makes up for it with a good nature and an earnest eagerness to help.



he/him — Erna | Jamir

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right-aligned image

Name: Sarillar
Age: 35
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Fighter (Psychic Warrior) / Sorcerer (Aberrant Mind)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Background: Faction Agent (Red Wizards of Thay)

Character Appearance: Sarillar always wears armor and clothes in black. Horrible burns cover much of his body, including his face. As such, he never removes his helmet or armor unless in private, and even then, for brief periods of time. Like a glacier, his movements are usually slow and methodical. He does not rush or run. His belief in his mandate is such that he cannot comprehend any eventuality where he does not enact his master's will. In the end, he will always succeed in what he came to do.

Character Personality:

Two Personality Traits: I will not tolerate those that defy the rule of Szass Tam or declare alternate faiths and worship of other gods. I have accepted my death and do not fear it. My master's own had has shown me there are far worse fates than death.
One Background Ideal: My master's word is law. None can resist him and I shall find success in championing his cause.
One Background Bond: I owe my life, such as it is, to the grace of Szass Tam and wll do anything to protect him and his interests.
Two Character Flaws: I am inflexible in my thinking and will not consider anything that runs contrary to the will of my master. Like my master, death is inevitable and preys upon those of week will.

Summary: Sarillar possesses an unshakable loyalty to his master, Szass Tam. His master's word is law and he will not be deterred by anything from carrying it out. This however, has made him very single minded in how he handles people and situations and has, on occasion, worked with those that might otherwise have been his enemies, to accomplish a task where their goals alligned.




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right-aligned image
Name: Solas Harann
Age: 24
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Courtier

Character Appearance: Angular, clean-shaven face with close-cropped black locks and slightly pointed ears frame Solas' unnaturally purple eyes. To some they were a feature of great mystery and therefore, attraction; to others, a reason to fear and suspect darkness. The perks of youth gave the half-elf strength and vigor, which coupled with broad shoulders and a tall, muscular build made him often a popular topic amongst maidens from noble families. His smile bore the promise of secrets most succulent, or perhaps a mischief left undone. Solas preferred dark and plain clothing, albeit still made with rich material and embroidered in the elegant elven styles. He almost never wore armor and was seldom seen with a sword or other weapon on his person, but it was rumored that Solas once beat Iriaebor's Captain of the Guard in a quarterstaff match, making several soldiers a little bit poorer in the process.

Character Personality: Throughout most of Solas' young life, the half-elf considered himself incredibly lucky. For one thing, as the second son of prominent a horse merchant in Iriaebor, Solas inherited a life of comfort and luxury. As he grew to maturity, it was discovered that he had quite a magnetic personality, mingling easily with all sorts of individuals. Unfortunately, he did not inherit his father's talent for horse breeding; that privilege was his older brother Sadarr's, heir-apparent to the equine empire. Solas instead served in the Iriaeben court, mostly getting by with his easy charm, good looks, and sharp wits; Trait 1: I'd rather make a friend, as being my enemy is usually a poor choicehe made friends quickly, enemies rarely, but was still invited to all their parties. Solas himself thought of his duties in court to be simply another form of entertainment, but he was Bond: My family made me who I am today.loyal to his family and was always concerned about preserving the family reputation. His reputation, not so much.

However, despite this privileged life, Solas hungered for adventure; he Trait 2: I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick.was always interested in what made the heroes of old great, or how empires fell from the most insignificant events, yet understood the nature of his magical talent so little. He knew that somewhere out there he would find answers about how he was the only one in his line with this arcane heritage, and what his real purpose was in the world; surely it wasn't simply to waste his life away in the next entertaining spectacle at court. If there was a way for Solas to Ideal: Aspiration. When you're from the City of a Thousand Spires, there's nowhere to go but up!enhance both his skills and craft while also building on his family's legacy, then he was willing to go out of his comfort zone to accomplish it.

That said, Solas isn't without his faults. His father always berated him for being Flaw 1: I like the pleasures and comforts of life a little too much.too distracted, often chasing after petty things like women or baubles and not hunkering down to gritty, hard work for what really mattered. Flaw 2: Money is only good when you spend it.His spending habits have also been a matter of jest by his father and siblings; Solas would never stoop himself to beg, but his predilection for gambling was only tolerated because most of the time, it was what kept him out of actual debt.


RP Sample:

Head is full. Taking it slow.

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left-aligned image

Name: Bethani Johansdottir
Age: 28 years
Race: Half-Wood Elf (Momma's Side)
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Outlander (Origin: Hunter)

Has taken the Oath of Sangus.
Ask a pixie almost any question,here!

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Relena Goodknight

Relena Goodknight
Ne'er-do-well Daughter of Torm

"Don't let the holy symbol deceive you. I pray often, but I bite frequently."

VariantHuman (Damaran)
Baldur's Gate Variant FeatureAcolyte
Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude. I can find common ground between the fiercest enemies, empathizing with them and always working toward peace.
Charity: I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)
Despite my lack of faith, I cannot remove how important religion of any kind is to me.
I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely. My irreverence is often enough to make soldiers blush.
1 2 3 4 5
At a Glance:
A billowing cloak of navy and purple, held together by a turquoise gauntlet clip. Short black hair shining in the sun, cloaking overly large ears and dusky eyes behind custom-crafted spectacles from the Church of Gond. Willowy and tall with heels, if not for the blade, she might seem a noble. But Relena Goodknight is neither soldier nor sellsword: she is a fallen daughter of the Loyal Fury, Torm himself. A grin with a smell of lavender on the wind, a grin from full lips that seem naturally and deeply red, inviting a touch of chaos. A good heart marred by inhibitions and bad judgment. Relena is many things. Loyal and furious are neither of those things. Her loyalties belong to many gods, many churches, yet none at all. Her fury is reserved for none: she sees the good in those that have none. Neither naive nor jaded, she falls between, and walks that line with grace.

How much is a persona of certainty, and how much is truth hidden behind offsetting eyes?

In Repose

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