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Old Dec 24th, 2019, 07:34 AM
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Zoe "Banshee" Mylie
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After a moment of silence Zoe pushed herself out of her seat. She would have time to mope later but right now she had some packing to do. Her eyes got caught on the solar panels Ruiz had comissioned and she frowned. Why on earth had he made her build this stupid thing when it wouldn’t be used anyway? All this time could have been spend on something way more useful. A flamethrower for example.

Walking over to her work bench Zoe let her hands wander across all the different part she had already put together. It was a shame, really. All this preperation of nothing. Unless…

She threw a glance at her watch. They would leave for some hours. Maybe she could make it just in time. A grin crept across her face.

I know that she will probably be interruped before she can finish her work but Zoe doesn't know that „Hey, Cyper, could you already start packing? I want to try something…“

Zoe „Banshee“ Mylie
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Old Dec 28th, 2019, 11:10 PM
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Garrett ‘Rett’ Kovach
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Boy, had it got interesting real fast-- and this time, it wasn’t even because of something he had stupidly done. It was a nice change of pace, for once.

Gerrett didn’t agree with everything the doc said. He sounded like a drill sergeant without the metal to prove it, so it just sounded insulting and belittling. Of course, every point the doctor had made was valid and had been on his mind, but Rett had decided one step forward was better than three steps back.

Regardless, as Rett stood with crossed arms, watching it all unfold. He had to admit to himself the doc had some balls. Even if it had just sounded like frustrated venting of an old man. Rett could respect No in saying what was on his mind-- even if he didn’t share the same sentiments.

Rett, however, cocked his brow when No tossed the bottle toward Lincoln. Rett’s lips pressed for a flat, annoyed line. It was always the intellectuals that were the most dismissive of those who weren’t interesting enough, or someone they thought little of.

Garrett’s gaze flicked to Lincoln and watched the man calmly place the tossed bottle of liquor back onto the desk, and remained calm as he agreed with the time frame. He had to give the Maple Leaf props for staying collected. He, personally, wouldn’t have taken that so well.

With a nod, Rett dropped his arms. “Two hours. Let’s go see this Zoe.”

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