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The Hetairoi of Heliandria

The Hetairoi of Heliandria

NamePlayerRaceAgeAlignmentProminenceCharacter Sheet
AristidesOsseHuman - Centaur23NG14
AshayetMairienDune Elf597TN12
EvanderElanirSylvan Elf37CN13
KariakosNasrithHuman - Siren29CN14
KassiaDaysUntoldEmpyrean Elf28NG15
TarchonPhinarHuman - Sphinx42?14
XimanteusOghainDune Elf284LG15
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Basic Character DetailsName: Aristides a.k.a. The Zephyr
Race: Human (Centaur)
Age: 23

left-aligned image
Aristides looks like a god, if said god had his back to the sun and the light’s glare made it hard to see his asymmetric and borderline ugly face. Some would say that it’s tolerable. Almost none would say that it’s aesthetically pleasing. It could be, if his nose wasn’t broken early in his life and his jaw didn’t become uneven when he lost 4 molars—all on the right side—after a pony kicked him.

Aristides has short wavy hair as black as ink, and dark green eyes that look emerald in the right light. His complexion was light brown, made darker by years spent under the sun. He wears his beard short, always neat. On his right shoulder are two brands. The first is the Heliandrian royal family crest. The other is the name Travok, in Dwarven runes.

His physique is muscular, though not so big that it hindered his movement. He stands tall at 6 feet and 8 inches. His long legs, powerful thighs and large calves give him the speed that earned him his nickname.

Aristides is often seen wearing a plain-looking linen chiton, with a himation over it, and sandals to match, usually in the earthly colors of ash, coal or wood. He dons no jewellery nor any other ornaments. In the arena, when he’s racing, he wears boots, a knee-length skirt, bracers and a helmet that covers his entire head and neck, with slits for the eyes and mouth. The audience recognizes him by the stags painted on each side of his chariot.

BackgroundPersonality Trait 1: Most of my free time is spent practicing athletics. One will often find me in the training grounds.
Personality Trait 2: I am a direct man. When I say something, I mean it.
Character Flaw 1: I am too new to court. I know not how to navigate it well. I had only recently learned to read and write. To scheme like the others is beyond my capabilities and my desires.
Character Flaw 2: I have great difficulty hiding how much I detest slave owners, especially those of human blood. Elven masters I understand better, for it is in their nature to be entitled and feel superior, but I avoid them just the same.
Ideal: Improvement. One can always be better than one’s past self. Ceilings are only for those who stop striving.
Bond: My horses, Since we're using Greek gods, but not their names, this wouldn't be blasphemous, I think.Hermes and Nike, are closer to me than most of my friends. They were with me during my greatest victories and my most crushing defeats.
Trinket: In a pouch, I keep a small wooden stag figure, a toy given to me by my mother as a gift. It is the only thing of hers that I have left.

What People Know
  • The first thing that one would know about Aristides is that people call him The Zephyr. He earned it a little over two years ago, when he emerged as the winner of not only the chariot race in the year’s biggest sporting event, but also the marathon the day before. This is something that no one else has done in recent history—maybe ever—for athletes tend to focus on one sport. Aristides repeated the feat the year after. The princes Matthaios and Melas were in attendance during Aristides’ latest big chariot race win. On that day, Prince Matthaios bought Aristides and his horses from their dwarven master and gave the racer his freedom. He had been a guest at the palace ever since.
  • Those who have been in Sunveil long and have good memories would know that Aristides had spent the first half of his life (11 years) as an errand boy for the palace complex. He mostly worked in the stables, under a man called Old One-Eye. This would explain the oldest brand on his shoulder. He used to sneak off to play with Matthaios in the gardens. The queen had him sold off to a foreign master, upon finding out that the prince was spending a lot of his time with a slave.
  • More recently, Aristides is seen as a curiosity in the Heliandrian court. Some nobles show him off at parties, like he’s an exotic animal. Aristides begrudgingly attends these things in exchange for their patronage. He needs their resources to fund his training and his new lifestyle.

Character ConnectionsAshayet - Recently, once or twice a week, Aristides can be spotted at the library, reading slowly and audibly like a child does, to the annoyance of the people working and studying there. He had somehow managed to make one of Ashayet’s scribes, Qithea, to teach him reading, grammar and arithmetic. Aristides remembers Ashayet from his youth. She hasn’t aged a day. She’s as intimidating today as she was back then.

Briaerys - Aristides first met Briaerys when she was brought on as the king's ward. He was 9 then, a snotty little boy who used to follow Prince Matthaios around. Briaerys and Aristides were never particularly close, but Matthaios and Kassia's fondness of her made her trustworthy in the stable boy's eyes.

Evander - Evander is one of the rare elves that Aristides likes spending time with. They are both competitive in nature, and the two of them share a disdain for dishonesty. They spar. They drink together. They talk about dumb things.

Kassia - Of all the people in the prince's council, Aristides has known Kassia the longest. She has always been kind to him. She was never apprehensive about conversing with him, whenever she came to the stables to check on her horse. Aristides sees Matthaios and her as the siblings that he never had. Aristides sees how Kassia treats those around her as something to emulate.

Luvon - Luvon is everything Aristides is not. One is flamboyant. The other is modest. One can charm a crowd. The other scares them. Despite their differences, they joke around with each other. Luvon calls him Chariot Boy. Aristides calls him Ambassador Fancy Pants.

Marcus - Aristides sees Marcus as the ideal soldier. The little folk speak of him as a hero. The man is true to his word, ever polite, practical and obedient. Aristides comes to him for martial training, when the veteran has time to spare. The old man has since become sort of a father figure to him.

Ximanteus - The foreign prince is one of Aristides' patrons. Ximanteus surprisingly remembered him as a boy. Since Aristides started living in the palace as a guest, almost two years ago, he has been going to Ximanteus to ask the prince to bless his chariot and his horses with holy water, incense and prayers before the local races begins.

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IntroductionName: Ashayet (Empyreanised: Assaia)
right-aligned image

Race: Dune Elf
Age: 597


Age does not mar an elf as it does man. Wrinkles do not disfigure the ancient creature's features, and while the flexibility of limbs may not be what it once was, the body is far from frail. It is only a dulling, a slight greying, of the once pitch-black hair, and most of all the look of the green eyes that have seen so much over the centuries which now forestall the illusion of youth. Though the woman is below average height for an elf of Aurelian stock, her dark complexion makes her origins evident.

Ashayet is a very dignified appearance. She holds her head high, her look is stern, though mellowed by age, and an indulgent smile is no longer such a rare occasion these days. Her manner of dress betrays taste and wealth, but not extravagance. She wears elegant, long-sleeved tunics from fine fabric, in the Celestial style, embellished at the edges with fine geometric patterns. She appears to prefer white, but has been known to wear red as well. She does not despise jewellery either, most often seen in the form of a golden choker and a turquoise gemstone necklace, as well as a handful of bracelets of a similar fashion.

She belts her tunic not under her breasts, in the manner of the older fashion which, for obvious reasons, has remained in favour among younger women, but around her waist, as she prefers for the belt to serve a practical purpose as well: numerous pouches and small satchels are affixed to it.

Personality Trait 1: Ashayet is used to being surrounded by people who do not share her knowledge or views, and is apt at appeasing those who think her unreasonable and explaining to those who are interested.

Personality Trait 2: It is difficult to make Ashayet lose her calm and composure. She has seen much and thought about more.

Flaw 1: Ashayet is ruthlessly utilitarian: if she thinks that sacrificing you will unlock a piece of knowledge that could turn the whole world for the better in centuries to come, she will do it.

Flaw 2: Ashayet is an incorrigible schemer and likes secrets. She is not malicious in this, but she will not tell you things she doesn't think you need to know.

Ideal: The path to power, self-improvement, and a better world is through knowledge.

Bond: Ashayet is a champion of humanity, and in particular of the state of Heliandria, holding high hopes for the younger species in general and the royal house in particular.

Trinket: A receipt of deposit at a bank in a far-away city in the Obsidian Empire.

Public Knowledge

Assaia was not only Matthaios' mentor and teacher, she was already his father's. She has been in Sunveil for a good two centuries (or, as far as many of the younger ones will be concerned: forever), but has, in all that time, never occupied a position of nominal political power. For well over a century, she was the head of the Library of Heliandria - at first this was a remarkable state of affairs, her being both a woman and a foreigner, but it turned into normality and eventually she became something of a living embodiment of the institution in many people's eyes. Now that, too, is the past, as she passed on these duties some twenty years go. Now she is merely a senior scholar there - and Matthaios' instructor in all things intellectual. Still, she is not a rare sight at the symposia hosted by the political and cultural elite.

Factoid 1: At the last symposium held on the occasion of Prince Matthaios' nameday, Assaia made rather a fool of a guest who had asserted that it was not desirable to live forever. Pointing out that any man, any day, wished to live to see the next day, she argued that it follows that the guest should not object to being slain right here and there. She demonstrated that he did, however, by convincing another of the drunk guests to put a sword to the first one's throat in a rather convincingly threatening manner on the grounds that it would be perfectly honourable for someone to die in defence of his integrity, whether intellectual or otherwise. In the laughter that followed the relief upon resolution of the unexpectedly tense situation, the argument and demonstration were widely lauded as conclusive.

Factoid 2: You may remember seeing Assaia among the Prince's company in attendance at a recent debut performance of a new tragic play. In her scarlet red tunic, she was a dignified, but seemingly removed apparition, and you cannot recall her speaking a word to anyone. After the performance, she withdrew in quiet. It is difficult to tell what might have been going on in her mind, but her demeanour was not that of a person who disapproved of the event.

Factoid 3: For any sort of official purpose in the Celestial-speaking Sunveil, and in general with all those whose native tongue it is, Ashayet empyreanises her name as Assaia (perhaps because Celestial speakers are notoriously unable to distinguish the foreign consonant sh in her name from s). However, for some didactic reason, she appears to insist that the Prince should use the original foreign version of her name. He sometimes gets confused about this, especially when mentioning her to other people - which, given her position as his teacher, he is likely to do on occasion -, and he may even have spoken to you of "Ashaia" once or twice.

Inter-Character RelationshipsEvander: He was the unlucky man who expounded on the virtues of mortality at the symposium and since holds a grudge against Ashayet, which doesn't faze the old elf in the slightest.

Kassia: Kassia grew up as Matthaios' peer and was likewise tutored by Ashayet, who has taken a liking to the young woman and become her trusted mentor.

Briaerys: As a perennial satellite of the Prince's, Briaerys was also treated to the benefit of his education, at least in part. Ashayet finds herself holding a curious sway over the young half-elf that she doesn't quite know herself what to do with. Briaerys was the one who was drunk enough to be convinced to hold the knife at the symposium.

Imendjeref: The two Aurelian intellectuals have been constants in Sunveil for a long time and share a friendly relationship even if they disagree - though rarely publicly - in a number of ways in their opinions and outlook on the world.

Marcus: Ashayet knows little of the foreigner, but he gives off an air of competence in his domain, which is very much disjoint from her own. She does not know where he stands in the wider context of the court, but she regards him with quiet acceptance. She is either unaware of his more intellectual aspirations or simply doesn't take them seriously.

Aristides: Ashayet regards his athletic pursuits as frivolous and is wary of his influence on Matthaios. The question of slavery, in particular, exercises her - clearly support for the practice is waning as humanity gains prominence, but it may be premature and dangerous to abolish the institution altogether in such a time of turmoil and further antagonise those who would cling to the old ways, but she would not expect Aristides to have regard for such considerations.

Luvon: As the Prince's teachers, the two are of course well aware of other, but for some reason they appear to be keeping a measure of respectful distance. Perhaps it is for no other reason than that their temperaments are plainly misaligned.

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left-aligned image

Name: Evander
Race: Sylvan Elf
Age: 37

Evander resembles the heroes of song and legend. He is tall for a Sylvan elf, his body well-toned and his arms and legs quick and agile. His blonde, shoulder length hair frame his handsome face, while his emerald green eyes and comely mouth are especially attractive.

A newcomer to Sunveil and civilized lands in general, his clothes are strange, rugged and mismatched, more suited to hunting in the wild forests of his homeland that visiting the theater or spending time at the agora. Even when presented with garments and jewelry of fine quality for some official celebration or ceremony, he lacks the refinement to combine them properly, the result usually garish and betraying his poor taste. His eccentric looks often attract the glances of others, though they usually only briefly rest upon him for Evander is quick to take offense and will not hesitate to educate the offending party about the latest fashions with his fists.

The Sylvan elf is as quick to laugh as he is to grow angry, letting emotions rather than reason guide his actions. He is very passionate about everything he does, from hunting beasts to fighting in the gymnasium or courting a beautiful young girl. He is quick to discard anything that doesn’t serve his -or at least a- purpose, seeing no use in fostering the weak. His views about life’s goals and ideals are archaic and equally eccentric with the garments he wears, though he has a certain authenticity and charm usually not found in the finer circles of Empyrean society.


Personality Traits:
1. I live to acquire immortal glory like the heroes of old. The greater and more fearsome the enemy, the greater the glory gained from the enemy‘s defeat. Conflict and constant challenges is my chosen way of life.
2. I care nothing about rules, social structures and the so-called civilized world. Such things are signs of weakness and unnecessary burdens. What matters are the strength of one’s arms and legs and the commands of the heart beating in one’s chest. If one wants me to respect her or him, she or he will have to earn that trust, usually in combat.

1. Proving myself a hero, meaning to stand out from the rest, is my goal in life. There is no purer or nobler goal than becoming as great as the gods will allow. So-called civilization has weakened elves and non-elves alike, making them forget what is important in life. Now that the world has changed and civilization is about to collapse, the time for heroes has once more come.
2. Morality is an invention of lazy, idle, old men and women, who are not able or willing to lead a true life of adventure and heroism. I seek honor and glory, in this pursuit everything is allowed. Those weaker than me are however worthy of protection and to be shown the true path in life, at least those who are willing to learn more than how to bow before their masters.

1. Having been banished by my tribe for not conforming to their rules and regulations, I owe my allegiance to no one. Only those that prove my match have my respect and friendship. There is one however that has won my heart by her beauty and the fire of her spirit. I will not mention her name, but there is nothing I wouldn’t do to show her my worth. A kiss from her lips is like eternal bliss, a paradise neither mortals nor gods can deny me.

1. I will never lie, for I care nothing about the opinions of others and I have nothing to hide.
2. I live as I see fit and those unwilling to accept this fact will have to teach me to respect their laws… the hard way.

1. A „lucky“ boar tusk from the very first animal Evander killed. Though he denies it even to himself, it is a fond reminder of the life Evander had as a member of the „frenzied boar“ tribe, a time where he wasn’t alone.

Public Knowledge

Factoid 1: The Sylvan elf has been at Sunveil’s court for only a short time, acting as Prince Matthaios’ tutor in the skills of the warrior and the hunter. When asked where he came from, Evander vaguely answers “the north”, unwilling or unable to name his homeland. Though very different in their character, manners and beliefs, Matthaios and Evander seem to share a certain connection that is not understood by most people, especially since the barbaric elf often fails to show the Prince the reverence he is due and is rumored to have never sworn himself to Matthaios, an action, which -if true- would be without precedent.

Factoid 2: Though Evander usually disapproves of the Empyrean civilization for causing the once god-like elves of ages past to become weak and lose sight of the things that really matter, he very much enjoys one of ist features: the theater. The triumphs and tragedies of the heroes, kings and warriors of old fascinate him so very much that he is heard to passionately discuss the characters and their actions days after he watched the play. One would be hard pressed to find another one in Sunveil that enjoys the theater as much as Evander does.

Factoid 3: Evander was believed to romantically pursue a noble lady close to Prince Matthaios (possibly Kassia Nefeli Angelis), though his love interests ceased abruptly. The reason for this is not known, but most speak of another that has conquered the Sylvan elf’s heart.

Relationships with the other characters:

1. Briaerys Daefyr:
Briaerys is distrustful of Evander’s motivation and proximity to the Prince and in turn Evander is distrustful of the woman’s influence over Matthaios. The two have only rarely spoken more than a few words however and at least Evander’s opinion could change, were Briaerys to prove her worth in his eyes. Despite being angry with Briaerys for threatening him with a blade at the symposium, Evander believes that she was manipulated by Ashayet just as he was. Perhaps the two of them could teach the old one a lesson of their own. The fact however that the Chimera seems in awe of the Dune Elf makes this rather unlikely.

2. Ashayet:
Ashayet is the one person in Sunveil that Evander holds a grudge against, one that he is not likely to let go. At a symposium Evander had claimed that one should live only as long as one is in one’s prime. There were countless stories about legendary heroes who had lived too long and had perished ignominiously at the hands of a deceitful usurper or traitorous lover. A complicated net of false, but still convincing arguments from Ashayet confounded the Sylvan elf, who was unable to prove his point even though he knew it was the truth. Had the situation not been timely resolved by the Prince, Evander would have broken the arm of Briaerys for daring to raise a blade against him. Since however there was no glory to be gained either by attacking a drunk or an old and obviously defenseless woman, the Sylvan elf swallowed his pride and departed early. He now waits for Ashayet to make a mistake, any mistake. He will never let her forget it.

3. Marcus Lucretius Cybano:
Marcus is one of the few people in Sunveil Evander actually respects. The veteran is a clear cut above the rest of the warriors in the kingdom, his skill and experience obvious for the Sylvan elf to see. Moreover Marcus is one of the few people that accept Evander’s otherness, a fact that makes him even more endearing.

4. Kassia Nefeli Angelis: Rumors speak of Evander’s temporary romantic interest in Kassia, though it remains unconfirmed. If asked directly, Evander will neither confirm nor deny the claim, either making a joke and changing the subject or growing angry at the indiscretion. He certainly has a soft spot for the young woman and is eager to protect her from all he perceives as dangerous, including those spinning webs of intrigue at court.

5. Aristides: Aristides is a kindred soul and Evander’s closest friend, often accompanying him to the palaistra or the hippodrome. The Sylvan elf has learnt to appreciate the beauty and power of horses and would love to race like his friend, who has promised to teach some of his skills to him.

6. Luvon Eladan: Luvon is nothing more than a fop according to Evander, a man claiming to be great only because of his noble blood. Still, Evander has heard of the ambassador’s famous -or rather infamous- symposia that are unlike any in the whole kingdom. Though he dislikes the man, he would not decline an invitation to attend. Luvon knows how to live intensely, Evander will grant him that much at least.

7. Imendjeref / Ximanteus: Imendjeref’s strength and beauty make Evander both admire but also envy the elf’s perfection. The Sylvan elf is convinced that Imendjeref possesses the blood of the gods, after all many are the tales that speak of the gods’ dalliances with mortal men and women. If he truly is the scion of a god, Evander would love to face him in (friendly) combat. What greater glory could be gained than by besting a demigod?

OOC: About myselfI can usually post once a day at the very least, but I am also comfortable with waiting a few days for everyone to have a chance at posting. I love roleplaying, storytelling and character-shaping most of all, though I have nothing against a good combat scene. I especially enjoy it when a DM takes the time to create a more personalized scene that allows my characters to grow, I find however that all characters deserve some time in the spotlight. Achilles is my inspiration for Evander and he is my most arrogant, passionate and non-diplomatic character so far (I usually play lawful/neutral good, very sensible and diplomatic characters), though I hope I will give him some redeeming qualities at the very least.

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Luvon Eladan
right-aligned image
Description: Hazel eyes peer through a natural mop of honey brown hair as a smirk stretches knowingly up his high cheeks. The Chimera folds his hands and places his chin upon his thumbs as he waits for an answer to the question he put forth. Beneath the fine cloth shirt one easily notices the strikingly chiseled and slim physique with crushingly beautiful angular facial features that this particular half-elf sports. These things are unsurprising when one learns what Ambassador Luvon Eladan's lineage is. His particular Chimera mix combines the natural beauty of the native Empyrean and the advanced human breeding techniques of the seafaring Tempest Elves.

Delving back into the Ambassador's eyes reveal a coldness within that many attribute to the experience of a full life lived as Luvon is at a typical Chimera's middle age. His elven heritage still holds back most of the signs of aging except for tiny crow's feet at the corners of his eyes. When in public, especially when at the young prince's side, he is immaculately dressed and is always garbed in the latest fashions. Upon his person Luvon always carries a small black box of jewelry that he uses to help accentuate his outfit, status, and natural beauty.

Public Knowledge: The Ambassador from Silverwell was sent to Heliandria five years ago as a personal favor for King Therison to instruct Prince Matthaios on various diplomatic matters to include political etiquette of the Celestial City-States. It is no secret that Luvon is a bastard of House Eladan, one of the top three noble dynasties vying for political power in the capital of Silverwell. His father, Lucien, is a known hedonist with multiple bastards of which many are never claimed. The fact that Luvon, a bastard, represents such a prestigious dynasty as its ambassador to arguably the most powerful island state speaks volumes about not only his ability but also his standing within said dynasty.

Factoid 1: It seems that the apple didn't fall far from the tree for at the last symposium, the one celebrating the Prince's nameday, Luvon was seen lavishly dressed in the latest Empyrean style while surrounded by human and half-elven concubines. His "guests" spent the evening doting on him, feeding him fruit, holding his wine, and putting their hands all over him and each other. As they drank more than their share their laughter at his jokes grew obnoxiously loud. Egregiously pointing and giggling as they gossiped with the Ambassador about seemingly every lowly patron of the party. Anyone without some kind of status wasn't safe from their flippant remarks and snooty attitude.
Factoid 2: Despite five years of hedonistic activity not once have you seen Luvon court or attempt to fraternize with any female that holds any kind of power.
Factoid 3: While giving political advice to, and even in his harsh teachings of, the young Prince Matthaios Luvon can't seem to help but give off an aura of pride. This is especially evident when the boy picks up his complex teachings or when he finally understands a concept he'd been trying to convey. And despite his best efforts to hide it you swear you can catch a sly smirk upon Luvon's face when the Prince is being political and using the skills he learned from the ambassador.

Relationships to the other characters:
1. Briaerys Daefyr: “Who?”
2. Ashayet: "The Intellectual. Anyone that smart, which in of itself is scary enough, AND stays out of proper politics? Dangerous. Honestly, I can't stand her or her ancient ways. That being said, I won't discount her and I'll definitely have my eye on her."
3. Marcus Lucretius Cybano: "The newcomer? So long as he keeps to the military side of the Council's needs I have no quarrel with him. It's when he opens his mouth on political matters that grates my skin."
4. Kassia Nefeli Angelis: "Ah yes, the Disciple of Ashayet and cousin to the Prince. I see some potential in the political realm though she could use some, no, a lot more experience. Perhaps I'll be the one to advance her career?"
5. Aristides: "The dwarven pet? No decorum, no political aspirations, no threat on the council. I suppose he does make a useful guard for the Prince and it is easy to rib with him. Lil' Chariot Boy is more than welcome on the Council if only to keep the riff-raff away."
6. Evander: "Barbaric Elf unworthy of his presence on the Council. Though... I suppose he does have his uses."
7. Imendjeref "Ximanteus": "A curiosity he’s been since I arrived. He and his odd religion fascinate me and I found myself now attending his services regularly."
OOCWIP until deemed otherwise.
"There's a slope down toward evil, a gentle gradient that can be ignored at each step, unfelt. It's not until you look back, see the distant heights where you once lived, that you understand your journey." - Prince of Thorns

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Briaerys DaefyrPublic Knowledge

left-aligned image
Briaerys Daefyr - Was brought to the palace as a ward of the King at the age 13. Not much more is known about her. Speculation abounded for the first few years regarding her presence. Some of them claims that she might be a distant relation of some sort. None of the many rumors addressed to a satisfacorial end.

A quiet young woman of moderate stature she is rarely seen in public outside Matthaios' and Lady Kassia Angelis' company when in public attendance of any affair. A constant, loyal companion to him and his trusted cousin she has spent half of her life at their side and never far from the Prince. When not together she is often seen engaging in quiet philanthropic pursuits among the orphanages of Heliandria or simply under the shade of a tree in the royal gardens reading.

Long brown hair, the typical waves - a subtle indicator of her Dune elf bloodline - is often worn loose. A flat diadem of simple looping design is the only adornment she wears in it. It is a symbol of the King's guardianship, ensuring that all treat her as a member of the household. Round and deep set eyes, resting somewhere between chartreuse and forest green with a few stray specks of hazel & blue, bear no open judgement. Her thoughts hidden by a well-schooled expression of neutrality learned from watching the Prince. The ward's wardrobe varies greatly according to her needs, but is always well crafted and tailored. Rys is never without her silver toned pendant occassionally around her neck and always wears wide cuffs or stacks of bracelets around her right wrist. They are the only other pieces of jewelry she will consistently wear.

Her trust is difficult to come by, but once given it is given completely. A woman who prefers silent contemplation when not in the company of those she trusts implicitly. Those outside her circle of trust see her as either kind and polite, or distant and reserved. Often mistaken for stand-offish or shy few truly know the woman who tends to keep to herself. Those with a keen eye for observation would find it more difficult to dismiss her as do most.

Greeting those at court with a soft smile and polite words, Briaerys Daefyr takes great care to practice the courtly manners and ways painstakingly taught to her. Not a vapid woman the chimera still prefers to listen rather than engage directly in intellectual or political discussions unless prompted for an opinion by Matthaios. Her response usually given with a blush and few words.

Even though Kassia and Matthaios treat her as family Briaerys' private manners have occasionally become fuel for speculation, rumor and innuendo. Greatly aware of each and every one of them, she still refuses to leave off keeping company with the Prince. The only truth that anyone can be certain of is that the he has placed his full trust in the woman, her judgement and advice.

Briaerys is pointedly aware that she is here by the will of King Theramis. Not wanting to take her luck for granted she took it upon herself to always thank and show open appreciation for assistance rendered. Whether it was from servant or slave her gratitude is given with humility. Those attentive enough to pay her any mind will occasionally catch her in quiet conversations with a select few servants on the grounds. In addition she will often tend to her own needs whenever possible and is often seen in whispered conversations with her personal servant, Griet, who is just as often onserved being sent off on errands outside the palace in place of waiting on Rys.

Relationships To Others
Kassia: Sister, friend, confidante. One of those few people Briaerys trusts completely. Determined to helo the chimera feel welcome, Kasdia did her best to help Briawrys integrate into the palace as quickly and seamlessly as possible. They soon recognized the potential for a great friendship together. Note , not even the prince's own siblings know as much about their father's ward as the elegant Kassia does. Also, one of the few the Prince entrusts Briaerys with. Or is it the other way around?

Evander: A shared mistrust of each other sits between the two waiting for any sign to the contrary. A man just as shrouded in the unknown as the chimera ward. Rather than encouraging her understanding it only feeds her desire for caution. Regardless of his status as Matthaios' trusted instructor and friend. His penchant for arrogance, in her opinion, simply irritates her heightened awareness of him. Matthi's full trust in the man baffles her, but absolute trust in the prince keeps her lips sealed. Now she waits to see if his true colors will prove her right. Perhaps the is hope hope.

Ashayet: A great scholar, teacher and mentor. Briaerys admires and respects the elven elder. Having had the pleasure of benefiting from the woman's teachings and mentorship along side the noble cousins, the elder is viewed as a wonderful example of Aurelian grace and intellect Briaerys holds the woman in high regard. Often engrossed in absorbing all she can of the other's wisdom, Rys rarely has had the nerve to engage the elder in conversion beyond their areas of studies.

On one occasion, her teacher and mentor, Ashayet, engaged in a philosophical debate with Evander. After having imbibed a bit, Briaerys lent her aide to the Aurelian's case going so far as to wield her personal akinakes dagger for the demonstration. It didn't hurt that this was a chance to openly oppose Evander himself without putting Matthaios in the middle of their shared mistrust. She may or may not have exaggerated her level of inebriation as an excuse for her actions. Maybe.

Aristedes: Memories of the charming stable boy playing in the gardens with a Matthaios often come unbidden when she sees him about Sunveil. The quiet woman was pleased when Matthaios came with the news that he had found, bought and subsequently freed the nearly unrecognizable man. She has watched his progress from then with keen interest though she maintained that civil distance.

Puzzled by his friendships with both Evander and Luvon Eladon, for she holds little regard for either, Briaerys still sees in him the engaging boy from long ago. She is quick to offer a warm greeting and fond words on those occasions that their social paths cross, though they are few and far between.

Luvon Eladon: Happy to leave him in Kassia's company, Briaerys rarely shares more than a few socially acceptable greetings before excusing herself from his company or discussions. Diplomatic topics were never her cup of tea. Now it seems she will need to learn how to deal with the enigmatic ambassador. Eventually.

Marcus: A man spoken of with respect and held in high regard by both princes and her royal guardian, Briaerys does not know much more about him. Word has it that he is a warrior of honor and worthy of the royal men’s friendships. She has never met him and does not know much past what the princes have shared.

Imendjaref/Ximanteus: A familiar face within the palace walls, Briaerys has become used to the Prince-Hierophant's ways. Time and a shared link to her elven past has allowed her to overlook some of these ... quirks in some the royal's views. Despite this, she has developed a grudging respect and affection for the elf which has led them to share an interesting bond.

Kariakos- Coming Soon

Tarchon- Pending

Cronan- Pending
Game and Play
I will always do my best to let you know if I will be unable to post at any particular time. Would prefer to be consulted before you post anything of significance about how my character reacts if you post before I do. Otherwise I am flexible. Likewise, I appreciate being informed if I have accidentally made an RPG no-no. We can't grow if we don't know, right? ;D

Always feel free to point out any errors in my submissions at anytime. Or ask for clarifications on anything I may have been unclear about. I welcome the assists as I tend to work off of my cell phone and tablet and can easily miss those details.

I really enjoy PvP and tend to lose myself in a good story or adventure. Character growth and good story arcs are some things that help make an adventure special. Anytime a DM can take something from a character's backstory and weave it into the adventure is like a fIt's comparable to finding a nice curly fry mixed in with your regular fries.un little surprise for me.

Posting rate can very for me. It can be anything from 1/week to multiple times per week. Rudeness of any kind between players will irritate me. I really don't enjoy anything that will sour a game for me. So far, that hasn't been an issue so far.

Let Me Know...Feel free to correct me if there are any discrepancies, typos or redundancies changes that need to be made up here. No factoids to share yet. Just know that if Matthaios is there then Briaerys was probably there, too. She is either at his side or taking on the role of his shadow. Present, but silent. Only times she would not join him would be when he is safe upon the palace grounds. Am flexible about making any changes you would like me to make within game posts about your PC.
"Well-behaved women seldom make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich ;
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Kassia Nefeli Angelis
Character Basics
right-aligned image
Name: Kassia Nefeli Angelis

Race: Empyrean Elf Age: 28
Relation to Prince: Cousin

Description: Kassia is a young noble-born woman who was brought up with an intimate knowledge of the internal workings of the court and senate. She takes great care in regards to her appearance, not simply for reasons of pride, but also as a tool to garner respect and admiration. The garments that drape her slender frame change based on occasion, but are finely made and often white or dyed in shades of light blue, gold, or violet. She will usually be adorned with some jewelry, but has a particular preference for bracelets of various design.

Her shy and caring smile compliments her innocent demeanor in a way that leads even the most guarded individuals to feel comfortable confiding in her. Soft brown hair cascades across her shoulders and back, but is just as often pulled back in elaborate braids. She carries herself in a way that alludes to a quiet confidence and her large green eyes show a spark of intelligence hidden behind them for anyone who cares enough to look. True to her Empyrean heritage, chaos seems to still around her and few are the times that anyone, other than family, will see her rattled.

Character Background
Personality Traits
  • Quiet Strength: Patience is a virtue that I have worked tirelessly to perfect. I believe that being impulsive is a weakness that leaves even the strongest among us vulnerable, while a well laid plan ages like a glass of the finest wine.
  • Nuance and Context: Many describe me as sweet and gentle, even so far as to think me tractable. However, I'm often manipulating situations to my own end and their assumptions work to my benefit. I do my best to do so in ways that make a positive influence on those around me and feel that I know what's best for everyone. I prove that it is possible to be cunning and self-serving while also showing genuine compassion to those around me.
Character Flaws
  • Best Laid Plans: I have been a part of courtly affairs for so long that I have a tendency to overestimate my abilities or underestimate those around me, sometimes not realizing so until the fallout is upon me and those I care about. My young age deprives me of the wisdom needed to circumvent such pitfalls.
  • No, let me: I think I know best for everyone around me and don't see anything wrong with my manipulation of others. If someone gets hurt in the process, I will not necessarily go out of my way to fix the situation, especially if it could negatively impact my family in any way.
  • Lines in the Sand: While I am ambitious and even manipulative at times, there are strict lines that I will not cross. I realize that such beliefs leave me vulnerable and give enemies leverage against me, yet I sleep well knowing I do not engage in the nefarious games that others do.
Background Bond
  • Bound in Blood: Family is everything to me, and I will do everything in my power to make sure they are safe and successful. Together, we will ensure a bright future for our people.
Background Ideal
  • Sow a Thought: Kindness and generosity are often overlooked tools in accomplishing one's agenda or gaining influence. At the same time, a sharp word can cut deeper than a blade, leaving a wound that never heals. In most situations, one or the other will achieve results faster and cleaner than a drawn weapon.

  • On Kassia's 16Palatino Linotype"]Sow a Thought:[/FONT][/b] Kindness and generosity are often overlooked tools in accomplishing one's agenda or gaining influence. At the same time, a sharp word can cut deeper than a blade, leaving a wound that never heals. In most situations, one or the other will achieve results faster and cleaner than a drawn weapon.

Additional Information and RelationshipsPublic Knowledge:
Kassia's mother is sister to King Therison, making them first cousins. Her father has passed but mother is alive and involved in courtly affairs, though usually very much in the background, advising Kassia and her brother Philip.

Though they are only first cousins, Kassia and Matthiaos act more like siblings, spending much of their time together ever since they were very young - most likely a result of their proximity in age. Even though they are older now, they can often be seen walking through the gardens, riding horses, or spending other leisure time together. As another benefit of her station and proximity to Matthiaos, she received an excellent education. She was taught much of her formal education by Ashayet alongside Matthiaos.

While Kassia often presents herself in a very feminine and composed manner, hints of a restless spirit can be seen when she disappears for long horseback rides. Anyone old enough to be in court when she was just a child would remember some tomboyish qualities that now only rarely peek through. If there's a cultural event going on, it's likely that she'll be found there and she feels at home in discussions of diplomacy.
Mother - Dianthe, Full sister to King Therison.
Father - Leandros, Nobleman married to Dianthe, now deceased
Brother - Philip, 25
  1. Kassia has a habit of 'bringing in strays,' as many refer to it, a practice generally looked down upon. While many slaves work in the palace, Kassia's personal servants are all free men and women who were either ex-slaves or refugees from other city states.
  2. Although her mother is still alive, and her brother is technically the head of her house, Kassia has assumed the duties of the position and is generally regarded as such. She's turned down several marriage proposals with the reasoning that she is waiting for one that will strengthen her family's position, but some rumors exist that she's worried about the state her family would end up in were she to leave.
  3. Kassia has no problem sharing personal stories about herself as a way to make others feel comfortable around her and open up. One of the more common ones is that when she was a child, she went on a diplomacy trip to a neighboring city state with her father. The princes of the state locked her in the stables for the night and told her she couldn't leave until it was spotless, as was fitting of 'watered down blood.' While the details of the story are fluid, enough of it is consistent that there is undoubtedly at least some truth to it. The incident has left a lasting impression on her and most assuredly affected how she sees and treats others around her.

  • Ashayet: Kassia's academic teacher and one of the few who took her seriously from the very beginning. Kassia will often seek her out when needing advice on personal or academic matters. She values her teacher's intellect and wisdom. In addition to academics, Kassia learned much in the way of courtly presence and patience from the elf.
  • Briaerys: A constant companion to the prince and ward of the king, Briaerys developed a friendship with Kassia over the last 15 years. One would think that under such conditions the two would share many secrets. However, if that is so they are good at keeping them, as neither has ever breached the other's confidence in the past.
  • Evander: Rumors of Evander's interest in her, sometimes going as far as insinuating the two engaged in a brief tryst, swarmed the court for a brief period before (mostly) dying down. When asked, she would respond with laughter and a reply that she's flattered to have had an imaginary fling with such an impressive warrior and wished she had been there to see it. The two remain friends, not letting petty court rumors affect their relationship.
  • Marcus: Marcus is still an unknown to her. A friend of Matthiaos and sometimes attendant of courtly events, he stays at a distance from her for one reason or another. Still, she knows of his befriending of a slave and that he watches over Aristides, both of which garner him a great deal of respect from Kassia.
  • Aristides: It's odd to see a scraggly 11 year old that used to tend her horse and follow around Matthiaos turn into a man who's something of a living myth, but that's exactly what happened with Aristides. They'd always been friendly and Kassia considers how he took his fate into his own hands an example that all should learn from. After he attained his freedom, she gifted him a small wooden horse that she played with as a child.
  • Luvon: A brief cohort of her father's in the political landscape, Luvon is someone that her father both lauded and warned her to be wary of. She greatly admires his savvy and understanding of how to manipulate diplomatic relations, though sometimes disagrees with his methods. He has been kind enough to offer some of his knowledge, which she values. Still, few make her feel like a child in the way he does, but she doesn't have the luxury of showing such weakness.
  • Imendjeref "Ximanteus": Xi has been a constant in Kassia's life since she was born. She grew up to think of him as an uncle of sorts and has sought out his opinion on several occasions in the past due to his comfort navigating the royal courts and his seeming permanence in Heliandria. She sometimes disapproves of his haughty disposition and the way he treats those below his class, but has a lot of respect for his wisdom and how much he means to everyone in the family.

Play Style: What kind of D&D player are you in a PbP setting? A: Umm, I'm pretty much all about roleplaying. I think the ability to RP and create a story in this setting is unlike anything you could accomplish in a face to face game so I try to take advantage of that. I'll often make sub-optimal decisions if it would be more fitting of the character and have been known to make characters with less than ideal stats if it will make the character more interesting. That being said, I take combat seriously and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the team.

House Rules: Everything looks good to me.

Going through all games today to catch up.

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Basic Character DetailsName: Prince Imendjeref "Ximanteus" the Hierophant
Age: 284
Race: Dune ElfAurelian
AppearanceLike all Aurelian Elves Ximanteus draws attention wherever he walks as much for his height and near phantasmagorical grace as for his alien appearance. Standing literally head and shoulders above most others, Ximanteus's scholarly seeming frame and robed mode of dress obfuscates a strength of back and arm that would be the envy of Empyrean champions and earning of a begrudging respect from most Amaranthine soldiers. Many would describe him as intimidating were it not for the gentleness of his presence. An almost soothing aura of calmness seems to follow Ximanteus wherever he strides - though many scoff at the idea that it is some divine gift as market gossip continues to claim it is.

Under the sun of the Lucent Sea Ximanteus's skin seems to almost change in colour in accordance to the time of the day; when seen walking about the marketplace at noon he shimmers with a ruddy amber hue while in the cool shade of his cult's shrine in the afternoon he could be described as being a more gentle honeyed bronze. Said to be the colour of the petrified wood of the highly prized nehet tree of his native land, his darkly hued almost silken ringlets are the cause of many a noblewoman (and no small number of noblemen) and famed dancers clamouring enviously behind closed doors. Often unnoticed are his eyes, a vibrant but humble green of fresh nehet fruit flecked with brown.

Often garbed in a mixture of his own Aurelian garb and Empyrean styles, it is rare for much of Ximanteus' body to be available to the casual voyeur; at most part of his chest and up to halfway up his arms at any given time. The height of summer occasionally sees him clad only in one of his native kilts. Hence, few have a true grasp of the musculature that lays beneath.
Public Knowledge & FactoidsMuch like Prince Matthiaos' tutor Ashayet, Ximanteus typically uses an Empyrean approximation of his native name Imendjeref in public. He has been and remains something of a permanent fixture of the royal court, albeit not a widely understood one. He is a close companion of the royal family, variously treated effectively as family by most and is often seen training in the mornings with the royal guards and Prince Matthaios himself. Although Ximanteus' presence can be felt in various ways throughout the city, only those in certain circles would with any certainty know the station of his birth matches that of Matthaios. Whether verbally sparring with dignitaries and philosophers or going about his business as the Hierophant of the Cult of They Who Brought Shadows and Colour to the Underworld or simply wandering the city, Ximanteus enjoys an unusual level of freedom for one so highly born. Beyond simply his age and span of time at court, the enigma of his exact duties and role have aided in his freedom. This has, however, not stopped him from becoming the object of much gossip and interest. Some have accused him of being standoffish, hard to make friends with, but none have ever questioned his politeness. Many have remarked behind closed doors at the fraternity of Ximanteus and the Prince, but little has ever been made of such rumours.

Factoid the First: The fishermen and sailors of the docks have a saying: the winds come and go, the tides in and out; fortunes rise and fall and all in the city will change and ever does the golden one stand by the Throne. Though he is not the oldest or wisest to serve the court, the greatest military commander nor soldier, nor even the only priest. He is among them for certain however it is his proximity and relationship with the royals that he is best known for. Few others present can boast a more intimate a standing with the family in general nor with Matthaios himself - although some equal it and indeed are almost as well known to Ximanteus in their own right.

Factoid the Second: As the Hierophant of the Shrine of They Who Brought Shadows and Colour to the Underworld, Ximanteus occupies a somewhat scandalous position within religious society. As the chief priest of the Shrine, he is afforded the respect deserved by a cleric but at the same time draws the ire of Empyrean clerics and priests who find the strange powers of the Aurelian cults dangerously close to heresy. Though the powers of the Aurelians have never failed to hold up to stringent investigation of their veracity, Ximanteus has often had to publicly defend his own Shrine goers and by extension the wider religiosity of the Aurelian kingdom, from accusations of heresy and worse by the Empyrean temples and philosophers. In this capacity he was invited to attend a symposia on the Prince's name-day where, had the event not devolved into ridiculousness involving swords he would have raised the Aurelian concept of the afterlife whereby living ones life justly and rightly can earn you a greater station in the afterlife and therefore when one has lived a good, proper, life there is no need to fear death.

Factoid the Third: Ximanetus will often be seen around the city of Sunveil. Despite his celebrity among the locals he enjoys an almost alien degree of freedom of movement for a personage of his standing. It is not unusual for his peers and associates to utilise this 'aura' of his and accompany him on his walks and ventures around the city as a peculiar form of recreation.
Character Connections

Aristides: Although Ximanteus' native home greatly utilises slaves, he finds the Empyrean treatment of slaves markedly different in principle and practice to his own peoples. This dissonance has led him to patronise the boy-now-man that he once passingly knew, in the form of official patronage of the competitor and the blessing of the mans horses and chariots before competitions.

Ashayet: Though not strictly speaking friends, Imendjeref does consider the older Aurelian a close companion. Among the eldest members of the court, they are none the less themselves separated by both age and rank. Shared interests and a mutual respect have created something resembling friendship.

Briaerys: Briaerys is as familiar a face to Ximanteus now as Prince Matthaios' own. Years together have created a strange but powerful bond though their shared relationship with the Prince

Evander: A curiously young elf to be teaching the Prince combat techniques, Evander is both interesting enough to catch Ximanteus' curiosity drawn eye while remaining low enough in station and socially distant enough that he has not yet had cause to engage the young warrior. He is however aware of a rumour surrounding the Sylvan's desire to cross blades.

Kassia: A sweet young girl. A constant companion of Matthaios' and consequently well familiar to Ximanteus. Though not truly family, their relationship is markedly similar to that of family. Between her youth and his age, their different cultures and other such contrasts their relationship isn't as smooth as it could be at times but nonetheless there is a bond there that, while not what many would assume it is, is certainly well developed and rich.

Luvon: Though outwardly a problematic figure, the bastard of a decidedly un-kingly father has given Ximanteus numerous occasions to be quietly surprised. No more so than the aged half-elf's first and then repeated appearances at the Shrine. Though by no means the only Empyrean to be drawn to the Aurelian mystery cult, his interest in the practices of They Who Brought Shadow and Colour to the Underworld are vastly more profound and developed than the commoners who frequent the ceremonies. A remarkable peerage has developed between the two, with a curious semi-apprentice/master nuance underlying many of their discussions and Ximanteus represents a rare friend of the often combative ambassador.

Marcus: As the King of the Underworld combats the demons of the lower realms so too does Ximanteus often find himself in conflict with this scarred pup of a wild desert scavenger. A worthy opponent albeit an audacious and irreverent one, a part of Ximanteus relishes the scintillation the experiences when facing the half-born. Whatever else they may feel towards each other, Ximanteus begrudgingly acknowledges an appropriately combative respect building for the one who so frequently speaks out against the esoterica rich Aurelian religious practices.
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Character Basics
right-aligned image
Name: Kariakos
Race: Human (Siren)
Age: 29

Description: Anyone thinking back on Kariakos' time in Heliandria will remember a copper-skinned, gangly boy with features too pretty for a young man to be proud of. Age and a decade and a half at sea have had quite an impact.

His skin has darkened and pulled taught across his face, giving his elegant cheekbones a predatory bent. His left ear sports a half-dozen piercings of varying shapes and sizes, and his broad nose bends sharply at the center of the bridge, evidence of at least one break. There is a prominent scar canyoning his eyebrows and another, smaller one stitching his lower lip. At one time, he kept his hair short in the style of the prince. Now, salt-infused cords tumble down his back and wind over his shoulders.

Muscles wrought of swimming, fighting, and scrambling through the wrigging of ships have sprouted up where there was once only supple flesh. He wears a light, loose shirt and pants secured by a worn but sturdy belt. Two blades are slung across his back, the first a dull, many notched throwing axe. The other is a shotel sword, mesmerizing with its exotic, curving blade. Kariakos keeps a pair of high laced boots handy, but most of the time, he prefers to be barefoot.

Not everything has changed about the man, as his childhood friends can attest. The right side of his face is still more expressive than the left. His brow on that side still quirks up when he's entertained or in disbelief, and the right side of his mouth has a tendency to rise when he's scheming. Even when he smiles wholeheartedly, the left side of his face lags behind. He has always suspected that it was this imperfection, more than his demeanor, that brought the Tempest Elves to send him out of the Stormfall Hegemony and onto a merchant's vessel for trade.

Character Background
Personality Traits
  • Seeds of Chaos: I garner a certain amount of pleasure from causing confusion, and I've grown quite good at taking advantage of the chaos that ensues.
  • Storm-Tempered: I've seen more of the world than most. I am equally comfortable in the thick of battle and at the center of a debate.
Character Flaws
  • Reckless: I am reckless to a fault. Between life and death, one does not always seem preferable to the other.
  • Defiant: I don't do well with authority figures and they don't do well with me. I do what I want, and sometimes that means breaking the rules.
Background Bond
  • Ties to the Ship: Even though I'm home now, my mind wanders to the fate of the Eel and her crew. I always have an ear turned towards news of her exploits.
Background Ideal
  • Fill Your Glass: The best thing to do for those around you is to do what's best for yourself. If you aren't taken care of, how can you take care of them in turn?
  • Lucky Dice: I have a set of dice with symbols in place of numbers. They came from the captain's quarters of my first big score, and I'm still not sure what they are used for.

Public Knowledge
  • Public Knowledge #1: Kariakos spent a period of his younger life on Heliandria. He was given to Kassia's family as a gift, freed, and kept on as a retainer and friend for the Angelis children. During those years, he was often seen in the company of Matthaios, Kassia, Briaerys, and to a lesser extent, Philip.

  • Public Knowledge #2: The young Kariakos had an inclination towards mischief. Whenever one of his childhood friends was in trouble, he was the one that took the blame (usually rightfully so). He stole wine, caused mischief, played pranks, and ran roughshod over the rules. The capers were often ill-conceived, but never ill-intentioned. His final escapade, the one that enraged King Therison so thoroughly that Kariakos chose to flee the island instead of face the man, was to free an ivory bull slated to be sacrificed the first day of Storm Song to appease Anemoia. It escaped, but not before charging Matthaios and nearly goring a number of the nobility.

  • Public Knowledge #3: Kariakos is, or at least was, the captain of a pirate vessel called The Eel. While the ship itself is treated with a great deal of caution by merchants and sailors alike, the people of Heliandria have little reason to think poorly of Kariakos. As savvy observers will note, this is because the pirate captain has never joined in a naval venture against the city, nor has the ship ever struck a merchant vessel headed in Heliandria's direction.

  • Kassia: The reason he hasn't spent the majority of his life feeding grapes to some fool nobleman in Helliandria. She freed him but was kept on as a retainer and friend to her and her brother. Kass is responsible for exposing him to a great deal of culture, as well as the young prince Matthaios and Briaerys. While he owes her a debt, that never stopped him from causing a fair bit of mischief in his younger years.

  • Philip: Kariakos remembers Philip as a young boy, trying desperately to keep up with himself and Matthaios. Kariakos has been accused of negatively influencing Kass's younger brother, but he always responds with a shrug and a smile. The mischievous former slave attests that he was headed down that path with or without him. He just gave him a nudge.

  • Cronan: Fate is a fickle thing, especially on the ocean waves. Before he had a ship of his own, Kariakos served beside Cronan on another vessel. He remembers their adventures with as much clarity as he remembers everything else from that period of his life. After one such venture involving a bar, two dozen sailors, and at least as much ale, Cronan let the young pirate in on a very special secret...

  • Tarchon: Always a thorn in Kariakos' side. Tarchon was the one that caught him and Matthaios stumbling drunk under the veil tree, the one that suspected him of filling the woman's bathhouse with rock lizards, and even the one to accuse him of stealing a sacrificial bull for the harvest festival. The last of these wasn't exactly a theft - he had freed it thanks to inspiration from a young Philip. Kariakos thinks his constant philosophizing is a better fit for a classroom than a council-chamber.

  • Briaerys: He has always seen Bri as a kindred spirit, insomuch as they were the two least royal of Matthaios friends. He spent a good deal of energy in his younger years trying to draw her out of her shell, always poking and prodding to get just the right amount of rise from her. Upon his return, he is pleasantly surprised to find she has developed into a self-sufficient young woman.

  • Luvon: When Kariakos called the Prince's council soft, he could have come up with no better example than Luvon. Politicking won't get you far outside the palace walls, and Kari could knock this one out for days with a swift butt of his head. On a more personal level, he likes Luvon's style and would very much want to spend more time carousing with the man, given the opportunity.

  • Aristides: Kariakos isn't the only former slave to have done well for himself! Aristedes was too young for Kari to consider him a close friend, but he always kept a fond eye out for the stableboy, including him in some of his tamer schemes. It brings him pride (deserved or no) to see that kid that used to chase after he and the Prince has grown into a champion of the stadium.

  • Imendjaref/Ximanteus: There are about a hundred different reasons why Ximanteus made the young Kariakos uncomfortable, and they're all still valid 15 years later. From his alien grace and calming aura to the literal cult following, everything makes Kariakos' skin crawl whenever he finds himself in the man's presence.

  • Ashayet: No surprise that she's still alive, and the Prince is better for it. Ashayet is directly responsible for what little formal education Kariakos possesses, and indirectly so for the sense of wanderlust that he acquired as a child. He has fond memories of her tutoring, sometimes learning about faraway lands in a seat beside Kassia, other times looking in through the open window at a severely hungover Matthaios when the topics took a less exciting turn.

  • Evander: Fate has a funny way of doing things, and sometimes it acts through uppity elves who fancy themselves heroes. If it weren't for Evander, Kariakos wouldn't have traveled halfway across the Lucien Sea to come to the Prince's side. He's glad to see the elf on the Matthaios' council. The sylvan can fight!

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Character Details
BasicsName: Cronan

Race: Chimera Tempest/Sphinx

Age: Unknown

left-aligned image
right-aligned image
Description: The mixing of blood can have unusual outcomes. Cronan is one such oddity even among fellow Chimeras.

His irises are the deepest black, as if staring into the bottomless waters of a raging tide; the light often catching and glinting in strange, unnatural ways. His complexion is ashen, and it's always a surprise when he isn't cold to the touch-- Cronan is actually pleasantly warm. While he has an unsettling gaze and a discomforting aura at first, he is a calming person once someone has gotten to know him.

Adding to his name's sake, Cronan has matching raven-black hair that touches mid-back when not tied up. The sides of his head is shaved short-- which is a rather unusual look and only adds to his strange presence.

Due to his Tempest Elf heritage, Cronan is lithe and slender in build. He wears fine but simple clothing dyed in deep sea greens, dark browns and blues hues.

Character Background
Personality Traits
  • Eccentric: Cronan is unconventional in his approach to most situations. No one knows how he'll proceed in any given setting-- not even himself.
  • Devious: Mischievous and cunning at heart, rarely is anything done in a conniving way; it’s merely his wit and his brand of humor setting the tone of his wily actions.
Character Flaws
  • The Shrouded One: Cronan could be considered odd, to say the least. His many secrets tend to keep people at a distance, and because of that, Cronan has minor difficulties connecting with people, but he tries his best.
  • Heart of a Rebel: Cronan has stubborn, far-fetched ideas that span many different topics from politics, religion and the structured hierarchy-- especially the relations between Humans and Elves. He isn’t quiet about taboo topics and his heretic views. In fact, he's very outspoken about his opinions and it has never ceased getting him into trouble.
Background Bond
  • Balance: There is order in chaos. Like twilight is the balance between light and dark, we all play a part in it.
Background Ideal
  • Sides of a Coin: As twilight gives way to the dawn, so does it bring the night. Cronan’s lives his life the same as his dualistic existence. Life and death. Land and Sea. Elf and Human. Good and Evil. Each are one and the same, but exist on opposite sides of a coin. None can exist without the other.
  • A dagger made of a large sea beast’s tooth Cronan seldom talks about it.

Kernels of Knowledge:
Kernel 1: It isn't uncommon knowledge that Cronan is a sly trickster and fiercely independent. Any time a question arises about him or his personal history, Cronan is quick to spin a different answer. His age is thirty-five one day and well over three-hundred the next. He plays his secrets close to the chest. Cronan revels in mystery and the unknown in all forms, even enjoying the frustration or annoyance some might feel in attempting to unravel him.

Kernel 2: Simply by talking with Cronan, it doesn't take long to realize that the man has traveled extensively in his time-- however long his time happens to be, that is. He loves to tell stories about the places he's been, the people he's encountered, and the strange situations he's found himself in. It's a clear indication that he is rather knowledgeable about the world.

Kernel 3: For those who know him well-- or as well as one can, there are few people Cronan genuinely dislikes, and few who dislike him in turn. Becoming the center of Cronan's ire is a feat, and it's uncertain where such fury would lead. Cronan is generally calm and thoughtful, preferring to listen to others speak. When he does speak, Cronan's words hold sprinkles of wisdom. Unless, of course, he is feeling particularly impish in which case he throws a witty remark instead.

Kernel 4: Nyx, Tempest goddess of Night, Lady of the Veil and daughter of Khaos. Cronan is a follower of the goddess, and he holds her in great regard. Cronan isn't bashful in displaying her power she has gifted, clearly blessed by the deity with strange abilities and skills.

Character Connections
Kariakos is an old friend who brought out the wilder side of the Chimera. Their time together on and off the sea were legendary-- If only Cronan could remember all of it. Kariakos could match Cronan's mischievous antics, and it seemed they only fed each others fire. In a strange and fitting twist of fate, Kariakos is only one who earned a Truth outside the rules. Cronan doesn't regret it. It was fun.

Tarchon helped tend to Cronan when he arrived on Heliandria both wounded and distraught. The fellow philosophical oddity has been reprieve among the mundane thinkers Cronan has encountered. Tarchon is the source of some of the more likeminded, thought provoking debates and conversation. Tarchon's 'low-born' status only serves that perspectives from all walks of life are needed for a more compete picture of the future.

Briaerys Daefyr:
Cronan owes the fellow Chimera a life-debt, even if she insists otherwise, he will never forget all that she's done. Though secrets still run deep between them, and their friendship slow growing at first, Briaerys's inclination for discretion, secrets, and understanding has gone a long way in building trust that runs both ways.

In Cronan's eyes, Ashayet is a woman of principle and calculation. She seems to have out-grown the things of youth, such as concerning herself in petty squabbles. From what the little he knows of her, he respects her tempered realism in optimistic matters.

Kassia Nefeli Angelis:
Cronan met Kassia through Briaerys, and he's richer for it. Her compassion sometimes overwhelms even him, and she never fails to put a smile on her face. She is young, but Cronan thinks she is deceptively cunning. Those who view her weaknesses as weaknesses are the true fools. He can only see her achieving great things.

Cronan didn't get a chance to meet or know much about Aristides prior to the eruption.

While exploring the lesser traveled places over a decade ago, Cronan met the Sylvan far from civilization. Cronan told stories of his adventures, and others like him, to Evandar while the Sylvan guided him around the unfamiliar territory. Cronan encouraged Evandar make his own stories someday, and as Cronan had done for his Elders, Cronan gave Evandar a gift of mysterious importance and cryptic words.

Luvon Eladan:
Cronan doesn't mind the Ambassador, however, he only knows Luvon in passing. Their interactions have been limited to the meetings in council. Otherwise, he can't find a reason to engage with him outside daily life.

Imendjeref / Ximanteus:
Cronan met the beautiful man in a dark time in his life. Though, they have a bit of a juxtapose relationship, Cronan is friendly wit him-- but maybe a bit reserved with the Hierophant. Imendjeref sensed Cronan's general unease, and after a discussion about it, the Prince invited Cronan to give him a name. Cronan only ever uses the name 'Anatolios' in reference to the Prince-Hierophant. Some of the meanings behind the name hasn't told anyone, nor the reasons why. They're secrets, after all. Maybe he'll part with them someday.
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I took the Oath of Sangus

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Public Knowledge
Factoid 1: Born a slave. Tarchon was born a slave and remained in bondage until he was twelve. His former master, Erxandros, was a priest at the Grand Temple of the Sun. Tarchon was freed when it was demonstrated that he was able to channel the light of his patron deity, Andromados.

Factoid 2: The Prince's tutor. Like so many others, Tarchon mentored Prince Matthiaos. Tarchon's focus was the prince's religious education; he instructed young Matthiaos as to his role in rites and temple doctrine. Tarchon may have shaped the prince, but he was shaped in turn by exposure to a broader world of people, faiths, and ideas.

Factoid 3: Fallen from favor. Tarchon's growing independence of thought earned him censure. Just years before the Fracture, he was reassigned to a new role. Now he brought messages to shrines in outlying cities and performed healing "miracles" for the believers there. For every month he spent in Heliandria, he spent six away. This dangerous duty had the additional benefit of diluting his influence in Heliandria. It also kept him out of the Temple on the fateful day of the eruption.

Character Impressions
Imendjeref: He owned my grandparents and sold my mother. While I have much to learn from him, this fact will always shine brightly in my mind.

Luvon: The hedonistic Ambassador is a master of secrets, which suits me fine so long as he keeps mine.

Kariakos: That mischief-maker? Whenever Matthiaos stumbled into trouble, Kariakos was there at his elbow, generally doing the nudging. Do you remember the lizards in the women's bathhouse? Yes. When the sacrificial bull for the harvest festival went missing? Yes. Even when Matthiaos was drunk, retching beneath the veil trees, Kariakos staggered alongside.

Briaerys: Almost a sister to Matthiaos, but tethered to his shadow. What will emerge when she feels secure in her place? She shows some spark of that when she thinks no-one is watching, and it is a marvel to behold.

Ashayet: A great mind, if intimidating. While we may share a place in the Prince's heart, I fear she alone lives in his head.

Kassia: For a decade, we met in passing but never truly connected. I know the princes are fond of their cousin, but I don't know her myself.

Cronan: An unexpected delight; my counterpart in darkness. I owe this new friendship to Briaerys, and a more fascinating set of conversations I have never had.

Evander: He arrived after my partial exile began, and I have scarcely had opportunity to meet him.

Aristedes: What further proof is needed, that we are all born with the seeds of greatness within us? When a stable slave can become the most celebrated athlete in the kingdom, any slave may be able to choose more suitable work.
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