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Old Nov 12th, 2018, 10:07 AM
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Dead Flesh and Dead Men Walking

This is for our illustrious heroes, villains, or the intrepid Merc.

This will be where character applications are submitted.
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Old Nov 16th, 2018, 01:58 PM
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HistoryThe parents of the baby girl looked down with beaficent visages as she cooed and fussed to get comfortable in her bassenette. Named Bareea, which in their tongue translated to innocent; blameless; guiltless; or chaste, the little lady quickly quieted into peaceful slumber.

Life was generally easy for the little girl, and she got along quite handily with everyone else in their town, as well as visitors. Her father was lucky, instead of tilling fields he was able to setup a small market selling general odds and ends such as horseshoes, tacks, nails, different tools, feed, grains, vegetables, basically anything you would need to live your daily life. They were well liked by the townsfolk, and that made life easier for her.

Bareea's brothers grew to be tradesmen, mending roofs and fences, or doing other odds and ends jobs. Meanwhile, Bareea was being groomed to follow in her mother's footsteps as a needlepointer, home maker, and mother.

None of this ever seemed in doubt. Even at the young age of 13 she had suitors from which to choose, each trying to be more pious and gentlemanly than the last, some even succeeding. Of course, she knew her own value was diminished if she ever dallied with one of the lads without proper escort, which put many of the lads at quite a discontent. None of this, of course, stopped the little harlot inside her from flirting mercilessly with any she found remotely cute.

That ended one night, shortly after her 15th birthday, when a small band of murdering outlaws decided to rob the store in which the family lived. Slaying all but her, whom they had intended to rape.
She fought with all her strength, but she was young and frail. Easily over powered by the men, yet still she fought until she felt something inside her break. An icy chill grew inside her, running like waves down her arms as it grew in intensity. Without foreknowledge or awareness of how, blasts of, what she now knows, necrotic energy slammed into the ruffians' chests as a beastial rage escaped from her chest.

Standing over the corpses of those who had wrought so much ruin did not abate her lust as she stomped, kicked and destroyed the bodies. In the corner, unseen but heard, sat a being chuckling softly.

"Ah, little one. So much hate, so much power." chuckled the lord of insufficient light. "These are but a few of those who require justice. Swear fealty to me and I will give you power over all men. Power to mete out justice as you see fit.

"You need only to give your body over to me and I will unlock the power of the universe for you.

"Do no tarry long in your decision. I am busy and only the uniqueness of your raw aptitude caught my attention."

It did not take her long. With rage boiling inside her like an untamed beast, she agreed to the beings request. His first trick was to teach her how to mentally go somewhere else while her body was being used - to preserve her mind, the Vampiric Incubus intoned. His name, well what she was told to call him, was Princeps Daemonium Polluamini. Though neither creature spoke their true name to the other, theirs was a transactional relationship. She attained knowledge of how to use her power, he was able to siphon sexual energy from her when he was too weak to force a victim.

To Princeps Daemonium Polluamini, she was referred to as Adrasteia, or the inescapable. A name she also gave others by which to refer to her. Names, true names that is, held power over the spirit of a being. It was always wiser to use a pseudonym to prevent blood magics and other compelling spells from influencing you.

The trick she learned helped later in life, as she moved to Waterdeep and traded the use of her body for gold. Though it was knowledge she was seeking, knowledge of those she needed to 'apply justice' to as she inflicted her vengeance upon the lands of Faehrun.

Eventually rage began to cool, she no longer had need to trade her body after two and a half centuries. Instead her pool of resources had grown, her methods honed, and her skills of charm and persuasion mastered. One of the gems in her crown of achievement was when she infiltrated the followers of the Blood Dragon.

Her fortunes seemed double blessed by the gods Waukeen, Mistress of Merchants whom allowed her family to be slaughtered as well as Cyric who gave the gift of the silvered tongue.

Though she had meant to apply justice in the Followers of the Dragon, the longer she remained, the friendlier she got with other members, the more she became attuned to their mission and lifestyle. Her patron, the fiend, was willing enough to let her stay and still train her, even going so far as to present her with her own book of shadowy, firey magicks with which to cause mayhem with. He was quite pleased with her performance, or at least, as much as was necessary to bestow favors upon her.

Now fully vested in mind, body, power, and spirit, the Lady of the Night, the Necrotic Lady, prowls the night to lay waste to those she deems unworthy of continued life. Often times torturing them slowly before blessing them with the kiss of death as she sinks her fangs into the neck of the target, draining the life from them.

She has been offered the blessing of becoming a true vampiress, and while tempting, has refrained. While she would enjoy true immortality, she also enjoys being seen enjoying the sunlight. It has often dispelled rumor that she is a vampire, allowing her to seduce a target into complacency to be fed upon at a more opportune time.

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Old Nov 17th, 2018, 01:35 PM
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Reserved for Character Details**

Application Information
left-aligned image

Renard the Quick

Class: Rogue

Age: Around thirty years.

Background: Orphaned as an infant he never knew his parents. He never talks about it but he grew up on the streets of Waterdeep, he left it behind long ago because of a bit of trouble. He eventually found his way to Luskan several years ago and has done his best to help thin the evil undead that plague the city.

Faction: None
Status: Ready and willing.
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Old Nov 20th, 2018, 03:51 PM
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Name: Payton Kinderwrought
Race: Human Revenant
Class: Paladin of Vengeance 6/Rogue 2
Alignment:: Lawful Neutral (G)
Bonds: My son was slain by the Lich Lord. Eventually I will see justice done.
Ideals: People have the right to live well, guarded by laws. Criminals should be punished and brought to justice.
Flaws: I am unrelenting in my pursuit of wrongdoing and adherence to the law.

Personality: Payton speaks glibly and acts quickly. He is very quick to make judgement, and depite his life as a revenant adherent to the law he has regret over being so inflexible. Payton pontificates frequently over the justice of the laws he defends, but overall he is a creature of order. Payton still enjoys fine wine, meticulous clothing and finely tunes equipment.

Description: Kinderwrought could be mistaken for a human, with dark balck hair and a lightly scarred face. Most women would consider him very handsome, and he has a lopsided grin that is endearing. When he is in battle his face stays calm, and he frequently will make distracting winks and other facial gestures to throw his prey off guard. Payton enjoys puns and bad jokes from his time as a devoted father.

Background: Faction agent. WIP.

PC: Curse of Strahd(5e), Eberron Escapades(5e), Masks(CoC), Odyssey of the Dragonlords(5e), Out of the Abyss, To the CallHill(5e), Way of the Wicked(PF1e), The Third Imperium (MgT2e) DM: Horror on the Orient Express, Under Otari (PF2e), To the StarHill:Dead Suns (SF)
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Old Nov 20th, 2018, 09:28 PM
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Name: Za'akat Nurad
Race: Githyanki Pale Stranger
Age: 208
Class: Brute fighter 8 / War Wizard 4
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Faction: Villain / Factionless

Bond: I know evil. I am evil. We were made evil, and entered into a deal with evil. Our slave-brothers are not evil. They know not evil. They focus. On pity, mercy. Weakness.
When mind-bender comes, they will not know. They will die. When evil comes, we will kill all, only evil will remain. Only evil will be free. We are evil. We are not slaves.
Ideal: I'm a monster that destroys other monsters and anything else that gets in my way.
Traits: I expect danger around every corner. I'm driven by a blinding rage.
Flaw: I talk to spirits that no one else can see.

Description: Tall and gaunt, even for a Gith. His skin is dusty and faded, and his eyes glow red, burning with hate and rage. He has adopted human-style plate made of once-beautiful mithral, but the armor is now dull and lifeless, though meticulously maintained. Wields two Githyanki longswords, mage-wrought and ancient.

History: A Githyanki gish, part of a detachment of troops sent to the Prime to guard a hatching ground. They were either betrayed or the illithid were very lucky and got the drop on them. While the rest of the squad were having their brains devoured, Za'akat managed to shatter all the eggs and rip his own throat out with his claws, quickly bleeding out and denying the illithid their feeding.

Some days later, he arose from a refuse pit, neither alive nor dead. Crept out of the outpost, and over the next several months managed to assassinate all of the enemies. Roamed Faerun hunting illithid until he discovered Luskan, where he stays for both access to the Underdark and the plethora of undead found there. Hates the flesh eaters almost as much as he hates illithid.
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Old Nov 21st, 2018, 06:07 AM
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Bernard "Biff" The Smith
Human, Male, approximately 30 years old
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Old Mar 29th, 2019, 12:15 AM
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Sobayei Kaz

right-aligned image

Name: Sobayei Kaz
Race: Human
Class: Monk 5
Alignment:: Lawful Neutral
Age: 25
Bonds: Though I had no choice, I lament having to leave my loved one(s) behind. I hope to see them again one day.
Ideals: Reserved. As someone new to these strange lands, I am cautious and respectful in my dealings.
Flaws: I don't take kindly to some actions and motivations of the people of this land, because these folk are different from me.
Traits: I begin or end my day with small traditional rituals that are unfamiliar to those around me.

Personality: His persona could be best described by an old proverb from the wisdom of the far lands. "Let one walk alone, committing no sin, with few wishes, like elephants in the forest.". He is reserved, calm, thoughtful in both action and deed. He weighs the situation accordingly, considering each side before deciding on cold, calculating action. He distrusts those that are proponents of good or evil ideologues, believing them to be followers of a narrow, extreme view on existence that is, in reality, multiple shades of grey. He has learned the order of existence to be the lone constant in the universe, and keeps the destructive forces of anarchy and chaos at bay



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Old Mar 29th, 2019, 09:33 PM
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Beldroth Gentoris
Name: Beldroth Gentoris
Race: High Elf
Class: Mystic
Alignment: Not Nice

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Old Jul 13th, 2019, 12:28 AM
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Faolan Grada

right-aligned image

Name: Faolan Grada
Race: Human
Class: Scorcerer 15
Alignment: Unknown
Age: Looks to be in his mid to late 40's. Real age unknown
Bonds: I owe a debt to someone that can expose a dark secret. I haven't decided if I'll repay the debt or not.
Ideals: I will rise to the top of the local hierarchy.
Flaws: Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.
Traits: I've enjoyed fine food, drink, and high society. Rough living grates on me.

Personality: Faolan is one that tries to plot five steps ahead, although he's not always as successful as he'd like to think. He always weighs every action in what he can gain from it, be it prestige, platinum, or power. He speaks little, and thinks much, measuring his words in the dangerous games that he plays. HIs gift of charisma has helped to win influence and make friends, strongly blunting his views of those not gifted with the blessing of natural magic. In his mind, those with more power are to be respected, and after all this time, there are few more powerful then him. He prefers to enjoy the finer trappings of life, be it quality smoke or drink, but doesn't indulge to excess like many in Faerum.

Description: A tall, thin man with a shock of greyish hair, he would, at first glance, look more like a lawyer or noble then one of the more powerful wizards of Thay. He is always clean shaven, with a slightly larger nose then most. HIs eyes are thin and piercing, complementing the chiseled hard features of his face. His attire is one of fine quality fabrics, designed for comfort in most climates, but in muted colours, almost blending in with the background that he finds himself in instead of standing out like most in his circle. A black cloak with red trim covers his left arm, where he keeps the bastard sword gifted to him long ago upon joining the order


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Lin-Kuei, Genasi Monk

Ninja Assassin
right-aligned image

Name: Lin-Kuei
Race: Genasi (Ice)
Age: 35
Class: Monk (Way of the Elements)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Faction: The Dead Mens' Society is the most famous mercenary group in Luskan. They are renowned for their gusto, strength of arms, and their absolute loyalty to their employers. They accept living or dead members of any kind, and use the motto 'Death is no bar to our Call'. They are expensive, but will take the secrets of their employers to their graves and beyond, and will take any job regardless of who it is for or what the details entail. Need to kill a school filled with innocent children? They'll do it. Need them to build a new school afterwords? They'll do that, too (though poorly, crafting isn't their strong suit).The Dead Men's Society
Char Sheet: Link

Appearance: Lin-Kuei stands at 6'2" with a strong, athletic build, which has been toned by years of martial arts training. Fair in complexion with a skin tone almost bluish in its paleness, his once bright, blue eyes have seemingly "iced over" and exhibit a pure whiteness that seems to match his elemental abilities.
For his garb, Lin-Kuei departs from the traditional style of his clan's warriors and adopted a more combat-oriented outfit. In addition to switching the traditional Green and Yellow colors of his outfit for a color palette of Blue hues accented with black trim, the ninja-hood he wears is supplemented further with a distinctive mouth guard, which covers the majority of his face.
Various other accessories adorn his wrists and and legs for housing knives and other weapons and tools, which combined with the light armor that he wears completes his rather unique 'ninja outfit'.

Personality: Lin-Kuei no longer accepts the teachings of Bahumut, believing that the Temple monks that worship him are only sycophants and hypocrites. Venturing into the outside world has hardened him, as he sees the evil that is pervasive across the land. Still, there is honor within him as he understands that order is needed to avoid total chaos. But he believes that skill, strength and power ensure survival at the top of the order as opposed to being crushed beneath it.

Traits: Cool headed - I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
Loyal - To the faction hierarchy, none else.
Bond: Revenge - Against Rai-Jin and the Order of the Iron Fist. One day, once he is strong and powerful enough, Lin-Kuei will bring about the destruction of the Temple, when they least expect it....
Ideal: Power is order, and order is power!
Flaw: Callousness - as Lin-Kuei's powers grow, he is increasingly disregarding of human, and non-human, life.

Backstory: Raised in the Temple of the Iron Fist, Lin-Kuei was trained by his clan of fighting monks to battle in service to the great Dragon God, Bahamut. However, when Rai-Jin, his brother-in-arms, became the "favored son" due to the emergence of Draconic sorcerer abilities, jealously of Rai-Jin's 'favored status' gradually overtook Lin-Kuei and set him on his path to darkness. One day during practice, his rebellious streak took him too far and he would have beaten the life out of his Kun-Lunfellow monk, had his masters not intervened and stopped him. Faced with expulsion from the temple monastery, Lin-Kuei vowed to develop his emerging abilities of elemental manipulation and avenge himself against the Order of the Iron Fist.
Lin-Kuei's ability to manipulate elemental power manifested itself when he reached the age of 20, while still living and training at the Temple. At the time, he and his fellow monks were shocked by what was happening. While there were those among the masters that had similar elemental abilities, they were not quite the same as Lin-Kuei's, whose Ki energy for some reason manifested itself as Ice.
After he was banished from the temple, Lin-Kuei vowed to hone his fighting skills and increase his new elemental power in his quest for revenge against his former Temple. It was during a fighting tournament, which he had entered to win money, where he met an untimely fate at the hands of an opponent. The strange abilities he displayed did not go unnoticed, however, and though he fell in battle, agents of The Dead Men's Society quickly swooped in to claim the body and resurrect the slain Lin-Kuei. Upon his resurrection, Lin-Kuei swore allegiance to the faction and joined them as an assassin for hire in the forsaken town of Luskan.

Secret #1: Known Secret = Lin-Kuei knows the secret of his old Order’s Temple, which is that it is located in Planescape (the monastery actually phase-shifts completely in and out of Planescape into other planes, sometimes randomly, but also controlled). Although he no longer has any loyalty to the Temple Order, he continues to uphold the secret location, for his own reasons.
Secret #2: Unknown Secret = Genasi lineage.


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