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Old Jun 2nd, 2019, 08:52 PM
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Please post character sheets here. These can be WIP while we go through the Phase Trio.

'Thorners is the endearing name for the crew of the Rose-thorn (coined by one of the players )
Status: Fell behind this week; catching up as I can.
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Old Jun 3rd, 2019, 12:03 AM
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Constantly updating my custom pathfinder races for my Ascana setting, would love thoughts, suggestions, and constructive criticism!

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Old Jun 3rd, 2019, 07:26 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Pembroke Aurestes Catullux Smythe-Smithendowne, the Lord Chivahhani
- Often goes by Broke, or Brokey on ship.
- "Lord Chivahhani" is the most proper name in most circumstances. In his social circles, either "Pembroke" or "Chiv" are most common. Pembroke or "Pebby" to family.
High Concept: Broke is first in line to The Barony of Chivahhani, a reasonable slice of land in the Empire of Varsha.Blue-blooded owner of the Rose-thorn
Trouble: Broke is effectively estranged from his family (for now?), which leaves him exposed to the winds of fate (and mana). The only things he has left is the mortgaged ship, and a few mana-infused artifacts, which he relies on heavily for any taks that involves lifting a finger. If he loses those, he is in trouble...Without my inheritance, I am nothing

Aspect 1: Broke is fundamentally a spoiled lazy brat. He doesn't want to lift a finger to achieve life's goals. He is a dandy in every sense of the term. Having spent so much time in indolence, he is well versed in virtually every game, past-time, and trivial pursuit known to the Six Empires.A life of leisure would be just dandy
Aspect 2: Broke had to sell almost all his property (save a few mana-infused heirlooms) and take out a huge high-interest loan to buy <the ship>. They know how much power they hold over Broke, and how much MORE they'd hold if he defaulted on his loan. They'd get their ship back, and have a Lordling at their mercy. Broke does all he can to avoid them, until he can pay them back (he's already missed a few payments), and they are watching, following, and looking for paths to his downfall.the Emerald Dragonfly holds a claim on the Rose-thorn and they want it back
Aspect 3: There's always a deal to be made

Fate Points: 3? however many I started with, +1 for ineffectual fighting vs shark people

+4 deceive
+3 provoke, contacts,
+2 notice, fight, burglary
+1 lore, empathy, stealth, will, Picked up at chapter 1 milestoneshoot

1. Use decieve to defend against Fight attacks. Can do this until I deal stress using my mana-weapons.Easy to Underestimate

2. Use notice for investigations that can rely on keen sight or hearing.I say, isn't that interesting

3. Use Burglary for craft that involves relatively delicate operations (sewing, small repairs, etc)Lord help us

Skills and stunts discussionNotice, fight, and burglary are item-powered. Each uses a unique type of mana-infused gear to raise above +0. Each item type has its own stunt. Since these skills and stunts come from gear, they are vulnerable to compels to his Trouble about inheritance. These are literally his last remnants of the material wealth of his aristocractic background.
  • The Fight skill & stunt come from a pair of mana-infused blades, a rapier and a short dagger.
  • The notice skill & stunt come from a set of mana-infused spectacles, attached by a delicate chain to an earpiece. The spectacles can deploy as monacle or pince-nez The pair of lenses can adjust thickness and convexity to see closer and further. The earpiece is basically just a hearing aid, but is adjustable like the lenses.
  • The burglary skill & stunt come from a delicate set of tools - a cross between a dentist's, surgeons, burglar's, and mana-engineer's tools. Scissors, scalpels, needle-nose pliers, hammers, wires, etc. Bound in a velvet roll like an expensive set of chef's knives.
GM of Uncaged: Found Family, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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Old Jun 5th, 2019, 03:13 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Ani (AH-nee)
Primary Ship Role: Deckhand
Race: Human
High Concept: Inscrutable Kekilli Stowaway
Trouble: Crap, I know that guy

Aspect 1: Walking mana magnet
Aspect 2: Money means nothing to me
Aspect 3: The captain's orders must be obeyed

–Great: Will
–Good: Deceive, Stealth
–Fair: Athletics, Crafts, Drive, Notice
–Average: Burglary, Contacts, Lore, Shoot

Topsman's Grit. Use Will instead of Athletics on rolls to overcome physical obstacles and other relevant situation aspects.

Auxiliary Mana Injection. You can add +2 to Crafts rolls to create an advantage when using any machinery that requires mana to operate.

Just A Little Rain. It does not cost you a Fate point to prevent the compel of aspects that relate to bad weather, and such aspects cannot be used as an advantage against you in a conflict.
"That's MY endearing character trait!"

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Old Jun 5th, 2019, 03:46 PM
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-Name: Habakuk Panosian
right-aligned image

Intended Primary Ship Role: Chef, Quartermaster

Race: Mennoam, a slothlike mammal race.


High Concept: Ex-Alchemist Master-Chef

Trouble: Slow as a Sloth

Aspect 1: Drink and Food is my medicine.

Aspect 2 : Explosive Clumsiness

Aspect 3 : A friend to all animals


+4 Crafts (Alchemy)
+3 Empathy, Rapport
+2 Lore, Athletics, Stealth, Burglary
+1 Investigate, Notice, Will, Fight

Best Foot Forward. Twice per session, you may upgrade a boost you receive with Rapport into a full situation aspect with a free invocation.
Nose for Trouble. You can use Empathy instead of Notice to determine your turn order in a conflict, provided you’ve gotten a chance to observe or speak to those involved for at least a few minutes beforehand during this scene.
Doctor: Your alchemical studies include treating the ailments of the human body. You can roll Alchemy (Crafts) to allow another character to begin recovering physical consequences. Characters who have Alchemy (Crafts) at Average (+1) or higher can provide you with teamwork bonuses on recovery rolls, even if they don’t have the Doctor stunt.

Backstory: Habakuk wanted to become an Alchemist, which in this setting (I would propose) would probably have the ultimate goal of transforming matter into mana, or at least finding out how to put mana to use more effectively, amongst the more "mundane" applications. Yet timing is everything with these arts, and he was as slow as the slowest of his kind. Something that he did find was that he was well suited to preparing concotions that require patience, not speed, like brewing his own beer or mead, fermenting grapes, distilling mashed plums and peaches, cooking a stew.

He was doing one of the above as a more serious alchemical preparation blew apart his university. Knowing this was the one time in his life to be quick he vacated the premises and pretended he had never done anything but cooking in his life - getting himself hired as cook and quartermaster on the ship. In fact he has some idea about the inner workings of a ship due to his studies (he was not bad at learning, per se, after all).

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Old Jun 5th, 2019, 05:29 PM
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Old Feb 24th, 2020, 04:54 PM
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Ollinar, the Giant Explorer
right-aligned image
Name: Ollinar Aidhazi
Race: Muspeli (Jotunn)
Possible ship role: Rigger/Carpenter

+4 Physique
+3 Crafts, Notice
+2 Provoke, Sail, Rapport
+1 Athletics, Lore, Fight, Contacts

High Concept: Venash sailor, last of his crew
Trouble: Forgetful of social etiquette
Aspect 1: Poorly organised, but handy with a hammer
Aspect 2: I make mistakes, but I'll always try to fix them
Aspect 3:

* Amateur shipwright: +2 to Crafts when repairing shipwork.
* Tough to bruise: use Physique to defend against Fight attacks.
* Stare down: use Provoke in place of Empathy when reading someone's emotional state.
* I've been there before: spend a Fate point to recall details about an otherwise unknown island/location, provided there's some inciting detail (island name, general location, etc.). This cannot be used to determine an exact sailing course.


There aren't many jotunn in Varsha; Ollinar stood out from the start - although being 9 feet tall helps with that. Feeling out of place in his supposed 'homeland', he threw himself at every opportunity to join a sailing crew as soon as he hit 16. After menial work and a stint as a mate in the merchant navy, working his way towards becoming a respected member of the venerated Imperial Aeronautical Society (a drummed-up institution of the Sellainian ruling class), he got his big break aboard one of the new wave of voyages commissioned through the society to chart the air currents and expand Varsha's economic opportunities.

Ollinar was the bosun for the skiff Cunning Pigeon, a ship with an experimental version of traditional Varsha's vaunted long-range engines, reverse-engineered by the ruling nobility's resident engineers. Ollinar was terrible at the administrative side of his job, and not especially popular with the crew, but he came to know the ship's workings and was good at getting in among his charges to help with the dirty work himself, keeping the temperamental ship afloat as the volatile engines blew out decks and forced corrections in steering. During one fierce storm, Ollinar was up in the rigging when the ship pitched and he was flung overboard. He landed on a bobbing isle, a fall that would have killed a human but still left the jotunn crippled for months.

The Cunning Pigeon made a nominal search but the islands had been scattered in the storm. So the skiff continued on, striking towards the Ethereal Strait, a stormy region said to be home to an undiscovered nation of non-humans. She never returned.

Ollinar slowly recovered and hitched rides on unmarked vessels here and there, and even living alongside his own people for a while on a muspeli fleet of scavenged ships - gradually making his way back closer towards the civilisation he knew. Then he stopped, wondering why he was so desperate to return only to be the same as he always was - a hand on a crew ship, a lower-class labourer, a jotunn barely considered a citizen.

He's kept to the fringes since, occasionally working aboard ships desperate for crew and hopping from island to island, not always making a great impression and often getting into trouble, but always keeping on the move. He's become an enthusiastic adventurer, and keeps notes on his expeditions and travels, hoping to make his reappearance in Varsha not as a straggler of a sailor, but as a celebrated explorer.

RUNNING: Omega Blue [SWN], Ronin of the Rebellion [Lancer] | WORLDBUILDING: Ethereal Lands

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Old Jul 18th, 2020, 03:39 PM
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The One Who Has Come to be Known as Khyyra-zvon
right-aligned image

Name: Khyyra-zvon
Among her people there are no names as we know them.
However, Khyyra-zvon is what she has come to be called by the “mouth-speakers,” and she recognizes that being able to refer to her by this name simplifies things for those who cannot “think-speak” as she does.
High Concept: For her people she has volunteered to serve in the outside world to help bridge relations between her folk and the outsiders. To the outsiders, she is exploited for her empathic abilities to assist in negotiations and sniffing out lies.Esteemed Emissary
Trouble: She looks and acts different and often draws attention for her quirky behaviors even if people know nothing about her mana abilties.Exotic Outsider

Aspect 1: Her People have a hive mind, so everyone works for the common good of the community since they can literally feel each other's pain. However, her human employers expected her to serve as a human lie detector, bringing about her double disillusionment as she was not only constantly presented with people lying (a horrifying concept for her), but also was rooting out these lies so that her employer could swindle and manipulate people himself. Among her People, it would be considered a great dishonor to abandon her post, particularly if it risked bringing about the ire of powerful outsiders, but Khyrra just could not take it any longer.Dishonored Idealist
Aspect 2: Former Emerald Dragonfly Negotiator
Aspect 3: WIP

Fate Points: ?

+4 Empathy
+3 Rapport, Will
+2 Lore, Stealth, Notice
+1 Athletics, Investigate, Provoke, Contacts

1. Cold Reading: You may use Will to create advantages on the scene or someone else by discovering secrets that they think are locked away inside their head.

2. Lie Whisperer. +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else.

3. Psychologist. Once per session you can reduce someone else’s consequence by one level of severity (severe to moderate, moderate to mild, mild to nothing at all) by succeeding on an Empathy roll with a difficulty of Fair (+2) for a mild consequence, Good (+3) for moderate, or Great (+4) for severe. You need to talk with the person you’re treating for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits of this stunt, and you can’t use it on yourself. (Normally, this roll would only start the recovery process, instead of changing the consequence level.)
"He looked to the Kender for wisdom. If there was one thing she was good for, it was pearls of wisdom. Wisdom buried beneath twelve hours of stories about obscure relatives." -- Imveros
Help Me Find a Home for These Characters

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